Please note: All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this story, some of which are dangerous or illegal.
Please keep in mind the difference between fantasy and reality.

Mackenzie’s Humiliating Vacation: Day Three
by Janus
Copyright 2005

Mackenzie stood sullenly in the hotel room as she waited for Allison to get her “surprise”. The ten year old girl had reason to be unhappy. Today, Allison had chosen for her to wear a slim fitting dress made of a sheer fishnet material. The dress was meant to be worn with extra layering pieces underneath but Mackenzie had none. Her flat chest was on diplay, her nipples poking through the mesh fabric, and her butt and little girl slit were putting on a show for anyone to see.

“At least this is the last day that Allison gets to blackmail me,” Mackenzie thought to herself. She still inwardly blushed whenever she thought of how her older sister caught her masturbating with a tampon. The young girl had felt a little guilty about doing such a thing but it the sensation of having something inserted was too pleasurable for her to resist. Her girl parts had always been sensitive that way.

“Okay, Mackenzie,” Allison said, stepping out of the bathroom. She sized up her younger sister. “You look great. Now I have the finishing touch.”

Warily, Mackenzie bit her lip. “Finishing touch?” she asked. “How can I be any more revealing?”

Allison shook her head. “This will be something for you alone to enjoy, Mackenzie.” Allison held out her hand and presented Mackenzie with two metal spheres, each about the size of a large marble.

“What are they?” Mackenzie asked distrustfully.

“They’re called ben wa balls,” Allison beamed. “I know how much you like putting things in your little pussy so I got them for you.”

Mackenzie flushed red. She picked up one of the metal spheres. It was surprisingly heavy for its size. Mackenzie could sense something inside the sphere itself that made the entire thing vibrate gently as she rolled it in her palm. “You mean this is supposed to go inside me?”

“You bet!” Allison chirped. “No one will know you have them inside you.”

“I can’t walk around with those inside me!” Mackenzie objected incredulously.

“Yes, you can,” Allison said very matter-of-factly. “Women do it all the time.”

“I don’t want to!”

“You don’t have a choice. Lie down on the bed and spread your legs.” Mackenzie pouted for a minute before doing as she was told.

“Pull your dress up a little bit.”

The ten year old girl hiked up the dress and spread her legs open for her older sister. Her hairless slit unfolded its pink lips, revealing her immature labia and mini clitoral hood.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got some lube,” Allison told her. She knelt down. Mackenzie felt something cold pressing at her small vaginal opening. She sucked in her breath as the metal sphere was admitted by her tight vaginal muscles.

“How does that feel?” Allison asked her.

“It’s cold,” Mackenzie complained.

“Don’t worry, your body temperature will warm it up in no time,” Allison informed her. “Get ready, here’s the next one…”

Mackenzie felt the second ball, cold like the first one, pressing against her privates. Her vagina resisted for a second before the second ball slid inside her, clinking against the first one.

“Oh!” Mackenzie gasped, unaccustomed to having so much inside her. The ben wa balls were much large than a tampon or her finger.

“Just relax a bit,” Allison advised. “I have to push them further up…” She slid her finger inside her little sister’s pussy and gave the second ball a good shove.

“Ahh!” Mackenzie yelped. “Be gentle!” Allison pushed a bit more until her finger slid two inches inside Mackenzie’s pink cunny before encountering the metal balls.

“Okay,” Allison announced. “All set! Let’s go!”

Mackenzie stood up unsteadily and straightened her dress. Tenatively, she took a step forward. The balls didn’t shift position inside her but her movement made them vibrate a bit. Another step. Another vibration inside.

“Come on, come on!” Allison gestured impatiently at the door. Mackenzie followed her sister. They headed for the beach again. It felt odd walking with something inserted inside her. Her vaginal walls held the spheres tight so they didn’t move but the vibrations they produced made the ten year old girl feel a bit funny.

Mackenzie was so preoccupied with the ben wa balls that she didn’t notice the people staring at her. There were lots of raised eyebrows and double-takes from passers-by as this preteen girl walked past wearing a sheer fishnet dress. Allison noticed however and she smiled mirthfully at her little sister’s predicament.

“Come on, Mackenzie” she said over shoulder, “let’s go into this bookstore.”

The two sisters entered a secondhand bookstore. It was empty except for the owner who sat in a rocking chair, stroking a cat that was napping in his lap.

“Hello, ladies,” he said warmly, smiling at Allison. His eyes then moved to Mackenzie but he stopped short when he saw her sheer dress. His eyes bugged out as he stared at the preteen girl’s bare chest and slit beneath the nude fishnet material.

“Uh, can I help you?” he asked, stammering. His eyes flicked away from Mackenzie’s body but immediately returned to her assets on display.

“Oh, we’re just browsing,” Allison told him. Her eyes twinkled as she noticed how he couldn’t stop staring at her little sister. “That’s a cute cat. Can I pet him?”

“Sure,” the man said, looking at Allison only second before returning his attention to Mackenzie. “How are you today, young lady?”

Mackenzie shifted uncomfortably under his penetrating gaze. She kept her distance, partly because of her uneasiness and partly because she was allergic to cats. “Fine,” she said as Allison scooped the cat up in her arms and began petting it.

“That’s a pretty dress,” the man told her. Mackenzie felt sickened by his leering. He was probably old enough to be her grandfather. His hair was a salt-and-pepper mix and he wore an old man sweater and corduroys, even though it was summer.

“Mackenzie loves that dress,” Allison announced as she stroked the cat’s ears. “Why don’t you turn and let the man see, Mackenzie? Come closer.”

The young girl glared at her sister before grudgingly taking a step forward and turning in a quick circle. The man stared at her slender ass beneath the mesh material. Allison noticed with amusement that there was a bulge in his pants.

“Here Mackenzie,” Allison said, “why don’t you hold the cat awhile?” She dumped the purring cat into Mackenzie’s arms.

“No! I’m allerg-“ Mackenzie began but it was too late. Allison shoved the cat into her arms and Mackenzie had no choice but to catch it.

“Are you girls on vacation?” the man asked, his eyes roaming up and down Mackenzie’s willowy frame. As the cat squirmed in her arms, Mackenzie could feel her allergies kicking in. The little girl wrinkled her nose as the telltale itchiness began.

“Yes, but we’re getting bored,” Allison said nonchalantly.

“Really?” the man said. “I can’t believe two pretty girls like you wouldn’t have boyfriends.” He looked directly at Mackenzie’s hairless slit as he said it.

Allison laughed politely at his joke. Mackenzie, her eyes starting to water, quickly set the cat down and rubbed her nose. She felt a tremendous sneeze approaching.

“Ah… Ah-choo!” Mackenzie sneezed violently.

Then something awful happened. The second she sneezed, Mackenzie felt her lower muscles tense and release. One of the ben wa balls shot out of her tight pussy like a cannonball. There was an unmistakable sound of metal on wood as the ball hit the floor. Mackenzie watched, horrified, as the ball rolled right up to the man in his rocking chair.

Shamefully, she looked up and saw an expression of amazement on the man’s face. Then he picked up the metal sphere and examined it a moment, before handing it back to her.

“Uh, I think you dropped something,” he said, his eyes lusty on the young girl.

Red as a beet, Mackenzie took the ball and headed for the exit. She could hear her sister following behind her. “Thanks, it was nice meeting you!” Allison called politely.

The girls left the bookstore and rejoined the crowded boardwalk. “You jerk!” Mackenzie exploded. “You did that on purpose! You know I’m allergic to cats!” She punched her older sister several times.

Allison was too busy laughing to defend herself. “Ow! Stop hitting!” she giggled. “I wish I had a video camera so we could watch that ball shooting out of you in slow motion!”

Mackenzie scowled in fury. Allison wiped a tear from her eye and spoke. “Before we go, you better put that ball back where it belongs,” she told Mackenzie.

“Okay,” Mackenzie muttered, “let’s find a bathroom.”

“No, no,” Allison said. “I want you to insert it here.”

“On the boardwalk?” Mackenzie said frustrated. She had enough of all these exhibitionist games her sister had made her play in the last two days. “There’s too many people!”

“Face this store window then,” Allison said. They were still standing outside the bookstore window. Mackenzie peered inside and she could still see the old man staring at her through the window.

“Allison!” she protested.

“Do it, Mackenzie. Or I’ll spill the beans about the ‘tampon masturbating’ incident,” Allison reminded her.

Inside the store, the old man watched the little girl turned to face the window. Then, flabbergasted, he saw her raise the hem of her sheer dress. She squatted a bit, bowing her legs, and then her hand moved between her legs. The man saw the glinting metal of the ben wa ball. His cock went rock hard as the girl fiddled between her legs. When she took her hand away, the ball was gone.

Outside, Mackenzie let her hem fall back down. Through the window she could see the man rubbing his eyes in disbelief. Humiliated, she shifted her torso uncomfortably, feeling the two spheres shift minutely and vibrate inside her. Mackenzie was terribly mortified at what had just happened but she also felt very ashamed that, deep down, she actually liked the sensation of the balls inside her. Slipping in the second ball just now was quite easy but she was producing a generous amount of lubrication.

The two girls began walking down the boardwalk again, Mackenzie attracting considerable attention with her sheer dress. “Allison,” Mackenzie pleaded, “can we please go somewhere less crowded? Please?”

“Fine,” Allison relented. “How about the arcade? That will be fun.”

They ducked into an arcade filled with dozens of video games, pinball machines, and skiball lanes. Mackenzie breathed a sigh of relief. It was slightly darker in the arcade and less crowded. The air was filled with the noisy sound of beeping and exploding video game effects.

“Want to play some games?” Allison asked her.

“Um, okay,” Mackenzie replied. She wondered if Allison was going to humiliate her here as well.”

“How about this one?” Allison asked. “Dance Dance Revolution?”

Mackenzie’s heart sank. The game was a dancing game. There were six large touch-sensitive pads on the floor of a console. The objective was to mimic the dance moves of the computer by stepping on whichever pad lit up. Allison stepped up to a change machine and exchanged a five dollar bill for quarters. The change jingled loudly in her hands.

“You’ve got a lot of games to play, Mackenzie,” she told her sister, handing her two quarters. Groaning inwardly, Mackenzie took the change and started the game.

It was tricky at first. She lost the first game rapidly but the second was a little better. By the third game she had noticeably improved. The difficulty wasn’t necessarily in the game itself but rather the ben wa balls inserted in her tight pussy. Each of Mackenzie’s movements magnified the vibrations of the metal spheres, causing their interior balls to throb as well as clang against each other. The ten year old started to feel a bit turned on as she danced with the computer game.

Allison watched as Mackenzie’s slender butt jiggled with her movements. A small crowd of guys was forming, eagerly watching this preteen girl dance in her sheer mesh dress. Allison hid her smile as they stared at Mackenzie’s flat chest and plump crotch.

The latest game ended. “Allison,” Mackenzie panted, “can I stop now? I’m getting tired.”

“Not yet, dearie,” Allison said, counting the change in her hand. “I still have two dollars left.” She put two more quarters into the machine. Mackenzie began dancing again on the touch pads. The preteen girl was feeling considerably horny now as the balls mercilessly teased her wet pussy. She was aware of the crowd watching as well so Mackenzie took great care to make sure the balls didn’t slip out of her by accident again. Unfortunately, this meant using her vaginal muscles to clamp down hard on the metal spheres which only served to magnify the pleasure they were giving her.

“Ohhh,” Mackenzie moaned, unable to help herself. The ben wa balls were massaging her in the most delightful way. She shuddered as a slight tremor shook her body, causing her to miss a dance step. Mackenzie heard the group of guys watching encouraging her on.

Allison could tell that Mackenzie was getting distracted by the ben wa balls. Unfortunately, she was down to her last fifty cents. “Last game, kiddo,” she told her panting sister. Reluctantly, Mackenzie started up again, the pleasure evident on her face as she tried to concentrate.

Allison scanned the crowd watching Mackenzie dance. Mostly guys, mostly in their teens. There were one or two adult men who stared for long moments before guiltily moving on. “Pedophiles,” Allison thought contemptuously. Suddenly, she noticed a lone woman standing in the crowd watching Mackenzie. The woman appeared to be in her thirties, well-dressed and not quite belonging in the arcade. But she watched Mackenzie with such great intent that Allison wondered if she was a lesbian.

Mackenzie finished her final game. The crowd of guys cheered and asked for more. The young girl was too tired to acknowledge them. Once it was clear that Mackenzie was done, the group began to disperse.

“I’m tired,” Mackenzie said, her brow glistening with sweat. “Can we go?”

“Just a second,” Allison said, searching the crowd. She saw the the well-dressed woman heading for the exit. “Come on,” she said, grabbing Mackenzie by the arm.

“Where are we going?” Mackenzie asked as her sister puller her along. Allison ignored her. They were on the boardwalk again. She spied the well-dressed woman entering a restaurant bar several doors down.

“I’ll get you something to drink,” Allison told her. They entered the restaurant, a dimly lit place adorned with dark stained woodwork. The woman sat down at the bar and ordered a drink. Allison pulled Mackenzie to a table in the corner of the room. The exhausted girl ordered a Coke and began sipping happily once it arrived.

Allison, meanwhile, eyed the well-dressed woman at the bar. A plan was slowing taking shape in her mind. “Stay here,” she told Mackenzie. The little girl nodded. She was still feeling very horny after playing on the dance machine. She found that crossing her legs and tapping her foot would make the metal spheres vibrate deliciously inside her vagina.

“Excuse me,” Allison said, approaching the well-dressed woman. “I was wondering if you could help me out. I’m in sort of a jam.”

The woman looked at Allison in surprise. The teenager could tell the woman recognized her from the arcade. Her expression was slightly guilty.

“My little brother isn’t feeling well,” Allison lied, “and I have to take him back to the hotel. But the problem is my sister Mackenzie,” Allison pointed to her in the corner. “She got her first period a few days ago and she needs help changing her tampon. Do you think you could help her while I go take care of my little brother?” Allison held her breath as she waited for the woman’s response.

The woman blinked. “Oh,” she said, surprised. “Why, sure, I can help.”

Allison beamed. “Oh, thank you!” she exclaimed. “Here,” she said rummaging through her purse, “here’s a tampon.” The woman followed Allison to the table where Mackenzie sat. She was still tapping her foot, enjoying the little waves of pleasure emanating from her midsection. She stopped however when Allison approached with this strange woman.

“Mackenzie,” Allison said, “I have to go back to the hotel room. This woman will help you out, okay?”

“What?” Mackenzie said, confused.

Allison pulled her to her feet. “Just do what she says and I’ll be back in twenty minutes, okay?”

“Allison, what are you talking about?” Mackenzie said as Allison steered her in the direction of the women’s restroom. The balls throbbed pleasantly inside her, making Mackenzie shiver. The woman followed them as Allison shoved Mackenzie into the restroom.

“Be good!” Allison told her brightly before closing the restroom door.

Mackenzie stood alone in the restroom with the woman. She was a pretty woman with blond hair. She wore a nice summer dress that left her tanned shoulders bare.

“Don’t worry, Mackenzie,” the woman said, smiling at her. “Your sister asked me to help you.”

“Um, okay,” Mackenzie said with uncertainty. She couldn’t help but notice how the woman looked her up and down. “Help me with what?”

“It’s okay,” the woman said, patting her shoulder. “You’re a woman now. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about.”

Mackenzie was very confused now. She could feel the woman’s eyes on her body and one of her fingers was twirling a lock of Mackenzie’s dark brown hair.

“That’s a pretty dress,” the woman told her. “Why don’t you lift it up and let me help?”

“What?” Mackenzie said. She took a step backwards and found herself against a wall. The woman knelt before her, paying no heed to her summer dress touching the restroom floor. She stared at Mackenzie’s puffy slit beneath the sheer fishnet for a long moment.

“Um, miss?” Mackenzie began. But the woman ignored her and lifted her dress up, revealing her hairless crotch. Mackenzie blushed furiously. She watched as the woman unwrapped a tampon.

“Just relax, sugar,” the woman told her. She probed the tampon applicator along Mackenzie’s slick privates, searching for her vaginal opening.

“Uh, no! Wait!” Mackenzie protested. But the woman’s hand held her tummy and pressed her against the wall.

“Spread your legs for me, sweetie,” the woman directed, letting the tampon applicator glide along her immature labia. When Mackenzie didn’t comply, the woman took hold of her ankle and slid her feet apart.

“Please don’t…” Mackenzie pleaded. But it was too late. She felt the applicator slip inside her. The woman gently eased it in further until Mackenzie felt it tap the first metal sphere. She saw the expression of surprise on the woman’s face as the applicator encountered the foreign object. The woman tapped the ben wa ball with the applicator several times.

“Hmm, that’s odd,” the woman said. “There appears to be something in there… Did you put something inside you, Mackenzie?”

“Um, uh… I don’t know,” Mackenzie stammered lamely, not knowing how to explain the ben wa balls.

“Well,” the woman said, withdrawing the applicator, “I better see what it is, shouldn’t I?”

“No!” Mackenzie exclaimed desperately. But it was too late. The woman slipped her finger inside the ten year old girl’s slippery pussy. Mackenzie held her breath as she felt the woman probing inside her.

“What’s this?” the woman said, tapping the ben wa ball with her finger. “Why don’t you relax, honey, and I’ll try to get it out of you?” Mackenzie could feel the woman pushing at the slippery ball, trying to dislodge it.

“Um, I think it’s okay,” Mackenzie breathed. “It’s probably nothing…”

“I don’t know,” the woman said, not giving up. “We should really try to get it out. Do you want me to help relax you?” Without waiting for an answer, she began to rub Mackenzie’s erect clit.

“Oh!” Mackenzie gasped with shock. No one else had ever touched her sexually before. Her body was already supercharged from walking and dancing with the ben wa balls inside her. Her body responded uncontrollably to the woman’s touch on her clit.

“Oh!” Mackenzie said again, her hips bucking with a surge of pleasure. Each wave made her vagina clench hard on the metal spheres, thrilling her even further. The woman watched intently as the ten year old girl became more and more sexually excited. The scent of her innocent musk filled the room. Mackenzie tensed. Her body was just on the verge of an orgasm. The woman fondled her swollen clit hard, pushing her over.

“Oh! Oh!” Mackenzie moaned as the orgasm slammed into her body. The woman relentlessly stroked her engorged pleasure nubbin, enjoying the sight of the preteen girl’s orgasm. Mackenzie felt her vagina dilate as she came. She pushed. The first ben wa shot out and fell to the floor. She heard it rolling on the tile as she pushed the second ball out from her slick vagina.

Finally, exhausted and spent, Mackenzie collapsed in a pile, her feet giving out from under her. The woman watched the young girl bask in the afterglow of her tremendous orgasm.

“You’re quite a special girl, aren’t you?” the woman smiled at her. Mackenzie was too tired to respond. The woman picked up the ben wa balls and sniffed it, relishing the scent of Mackenzie’s youthful musk. She handed the metal spheres to the young girl.

“Your sister should be back soon,” the woman said. Then she turned and left, leaving Mackenzie alone in the restroom.


Mackenzie and Allison were sitting in the backseat of the family van. The vacation was over and it was time to return home. Idly, Mackenzie gazed out of her window and watched the passing cars. Allison elbowed her.

“That was a pretty nice vacation, wasn’t it?” she asked her younger sister.

Mackenzie didn’t answer. She only gave her sister a withering glare.

“Oh, come on,” Allison said, rolling her eyes. “It wasn’t that bad, was it? Admit it, you had a much better time this way.”

“Don’t talk to me, Allison,” Mackenzie said, looking back out the window.

“Mackenzie,” Allison prodded, “don’t be mad at me. Hey, you never even told me what happened yesterday afternoon when I shoved you into the bathroom with that lady.”

Mackenzie turned her head and gave Allison a curt stare. “Nothing. I told her you were just being stupid and then we left.”

“How come you didn’t come back to the hotel room right away?” Allison asked. “You were gone for fifteen minutes.”

“I wanted to finish my Coke,” Mackenzie replied simply. Then she looked back out the window and put on her headphones, ending the conversation. Allison gave up and started reading her magazine. Mackenzie turned up the volume of the music and re-crossed her legs, tapping her foot in rhythm with the music as the ben wa balls slowly stimulated her.

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