Please note: All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this story, some of which are dangerous or illegal.
Please keep in mind the difference between fantasy and reality.

Mackenzie’s Humiliating Vacation: Day Two
by Janus
Copyright 2005

It was the afternoon of the second day of vacation. Mackenzie and Allison had just arrived at the beach, Allison in search of some afternoon fun and Mackenzie wishing she could go back to the hotel room. The sun was out today and the beach was quite crowded with hordes of vacationing suntanners. She felt much trepidation about today’s “clothing” Allison had chosen for her.

Both girls we dressed in swimsuits. Allison wore a conservative black one-piece suit. Mackenzie’s suit, however, was a little different. Inspired by yesterday’s events, Allison had purchased some body paint that morning. Mackenzie’s top was nothing special, just a bright red bandeau that covered her flat chest. The bottom meanwhile was a matching red bikini bottom that had a mini ruffled skirt around the waist.

Or so it appeared. Allison had painted on the bikini bottom part, using a bright red paint to make it appear as if Mackenzie was wearing swim bottoms. The skirt component around her waist was actual cloth but it covered very little, reaching only halfway down the ten year old girl’s butt.

Mackenzie was completely on display for anyone who looked closely. From far away she appeared to be wearing a proper swimsuit. Closer up though, Mackenzie’s ass cheeks, though painted red, were clearly visible from behind. Her crotch had been painted red as well but her hairless little girl slit was discernible if one looked closely.

The embarrassed young girl felt completely on display as she walked along the beach with Allison. She was certain her cheeks were flushed the same shade of red as her swimsuit. Many more people were noticing her nakedness today, much more than yesterday with the poncho.

They walked by a couple lying on the sand. The couple had been chatting but suddenly fell silent just as Mackenzie walked by. She could feel their eyes on her back as she walked away. The same happened with a group of young boys playing in the sand. Mackenzie felt terribly ashamed. She passed by a man wearing dark sunglasses. She couldn’t see his eyes but she could tell he was staring at her young body by the way his head followed her movement. Mackenzie held her hands in front of her crotch, hoping to hide her privates.

“Gosh, Mackenzie,” Allison remarked. “Look at all these people. You must look really good because everyone is staring at you.”

Mackenzie pretended not to hear, not wanting to give her sister the satisfaction of humiliating her. Instead she asked, “What are we doing today? Can we just lie down on the sand and suntan?” There was an unmistakeable hint of hope in her voice as she asked the question.

Allison laughed. “Oh no, Mackenzie,” she said, rolling her eyes. “That would be way too easy. Here…” Allison pulled a cell phone and a hands-free headset from her backpack. “I brought your cell phone. I want you to clip it to your belt and put on the headset. Then go walk on the boardwalk.”

Apprehensively, Mackenzie did as she was told. The cell phone clipped easily onto her swim skirt. She left Allison and began walking toward the boardwalk. She passed another couple and the man openly stared at her. Mackenzie giggled when his girlfriend elbowed him hard in the ribs but her mirth turned to shame as she heard the woman mutter, “What a little slut.”

Mackenzie’s heartbeat quickened in nervousness as she reached the crowded boardwalk. With so much traffic coming and going, she found that she was actually less conspicuous in the large crowd. A wave of relief passed over her. But then her cell phone rang.

“Hello,” she said, activating the headset.

“Hi Mackenzie!” Allison said in mock enthusiasm. “How’s my little slut sister doing?”

“Shut up,” Mackenzie said quietly. “What do you want?”

“Okay, here’s the deal, Mackenzie. See that bench you’re approaching? Why don’t you have a seat on it?”

Mackenzie scanned around the vicinity. Allison must be watching her from afar but she couldn’t locate her sister. She sat down on the bench, demurely crossing her legs. “This isn’t so bad,” she thought, “no one can tell I’m wearing bodypaint here.” The bench was in front of a oceanside hotel and faced the water.

“Now what?” Mackenzie asked.

“Mackenzie, Mackenzie,” Allison said chidingly. “Why so ladylike? Why don’t you uncross your legs?”

“Do I have to?”


Sighing, Mackenzie uncrossed her legs. She kept her knees closed though.

“Good,” Allison told her. “Now spread your legs.”

“People are going to see!” Mackenzie protested.

“I told you already, that’s the point!”

Reluctantly, Mackenzie let her knees fall open an inch.

“Wider,” Allison commanded.

Her legs parted a bit more.



“Little bit more.”

Finally, the ten year old girl was sitting with her legs spread almost two feet apart. Mackenzie felt completely open to the elements as she sat with her crotch so obscenely exposed. She looked down at herself. Allison had painted even the interior of her ass cheeks but Mackenzie had protested when Allison tried to paint her anal rosette and her inner labia.

Considering the current situation, Mackenzie wished she had let her sister completely paint her privates. The upper part ofher slit was red like her skirt but the interior was a luscious shade of feminine pink which caused Mackenzie feel like she was drawing attention to that part of herself. Any possible subterfuge of the painted bikini bottom was shattered by her the moist pink folds of her immature pussy.

“Good job, Mackenzie,” Allison told her, “you’re giving everyone a great view.” Mackenzie glanced up at the passersby. No one had really seemed to notice yet, thankfully.

“Now,” Allison said, “I want you to rub your clit.”

“What?” Mackenzie screeched into the headset. Her heart started pounding in her chest.

“You heard me. Touch yourself.”


“Do it, Mackenzie,” Allison ordered her. “That’s right. Just like that. Rub your little clit like you mean it.”

Grudgingly, Mackenzie moved her right hand to her crotch and gave her clit a few tenative swipes. The ten year old blushed furiously as she diddled herself on the public bench. A family walked by. The adults didn’t notice anything but Mackenzie saw their 4 year old son stare at her as he passed.

Allison continue to direct her. “That’s good. Just use your finger, don’t cover up your crotch with your hand. We don’t want to obscure anyone’s view, do we?”

An old man walked by and he stopped to gaze incredulously at this ten year old girl masturbating before him. He stared for a long moment. “Wow,” Allison said laughing into the headset. “You can practically see this old man tenting in his pants! Good job, Mackenzie!” Mortified, Mackenzie made brief eye contact with the old man which was enough to make him move along, though he stopped after a few paces to look at her again.

“Tell you what, sis,” Allison said. “If you can give yourself an orgasm on that bench, you’re off the hook. Free as a bird. No more blackmail.”

“You mean it?” Mackenzie asked.

“Of course. But you have to give yourself an orgasm.”

Mackenzie swallowed hard. She wasn’t sure she could get sexually excited in a situation like this. Nevertheless, she decided to try anyway. Her finger pressed insistently against her little pleasure nubbin as she sat with her legs spread. She tensed as a couple walked by with a stroller but they didn’t notice what she was doing. Mackenzie sighed in relief and continued her efforts.

But anxiety set in again as a group of senior citizens approached. Instinctively, Mackenzie started to close her legs but she heard Allison speak over the headset.

“Naughty naughty,” she playfully scolded her little sister. “Legs spread. Or I tell everyone that you get off with tampons.”

The senior citizens shuffled by her. She heard some gasps and some women say, “Oh!” Ashamed, she looked at the ground and bit her lip. A woman came next, right on the heels of the elderly people. She was holding her six year old son’s hand and he was staring at the little girl’s spread legs. The woman huffed her breath in outrage when she saw what he son was staring at. She slapped a hand over his eyes and dragged him off, turning to give Mackenzie a dirty look.

“Allison!” Mackenzie pleaded. “This is too much. Can I stop?’

“You can’t make yourself come?”

‘No! I want to stop!”

“Fine,” Allison said. “Stand up. You should be able to see an ice cream stand. I’m right next to it.”

Gratefully, Mackenzie closed her legs and stood up. She hurried to meet her sister, carefully cupping her crotch to cover herself up. Allison grinned as she approached. “Come on,” Allison said. “Let’s walk around the beach some more. And for god’s sake, Mackenzie, stop cupping your crotch like that. You look like you have to pee or something.”

Reluctantly, Mackenzie moved her hands to her sides. The urge to cover herself up was overwhelming though. She felt so exposed and uncovered with the wind teasing her bare crotch and ass. She wanted to go back to the hotel room but Allison was relentlessly moving through the crowded beach.

Unenthusiastically, Mackenzie followed her sister. “Wait,” Allison said, grabbing her arm and steering her, “let’s go this way.” She led Mackenzie up to a young man, probably in his twenties, who was lying by himself on the beach. He was well-built, very muscular and tanned.

“Excuse me,” Allison said. The man opened his eyes and blinked at the two teenagers standing before him. “My little sister’s shy and she wanted me to tell you that she thinks you’re cute. Really cute.”

Mackenzie’s jaw dropped in disbelief. The man propped himself up on his elbows and smiled. “Really?” he said. His eyes focused on the ten year old girl blushing before him. Mackenzie saw him look her over and then do a double take as his eyes bugged out on her exposed crotch.

“Hey, wait…” the man said. Mackenzie stormed off furiously. Allison caught up with her several paces later.

“That was great!” she crowed. “You should have seen the look on that guy’s face! If you had stuck around, you would have seen him pop a boner too, you know.”

“Shut up, Allison!” Mackenzie spat. “I hate you!”

They continued walking. They reached the end of the beach so the two sisters got on the boardwalk again. “Mackenzie,” Allison hissed. “See that old couple sitting on the bench? Go ask the man what time it is.”

“Why? You’ve got your watch.”

“Just do it,” Allison ordered. “Then ask them if they like your swimsuit.”

“No!” Mackenzie protested. “I’m not doing this anymore!”

“Get off with tampons much?” Allison asked her, smiling.

Seething, Mackenzie walked up to the couple. They appeared to be in their late seventies. “Excuse me, sir,” Mackenzie said. “Um, do you have the time?”

The couple looked up at her. “It’s… 12:30,” the man told her, checking his watch. He smiled at this pretty young girl. She seemed nervous for some reason.

“Oh, thanks,” Mackenzie croaked. The elderly woman smiled at her warmly. “Um, do you like my swimsuit?”

“Of course!” the man told her, amused by this precocious girl. “It’s charm-“ He broke off in mid-sentence as he noticed the bikini bottom was only painted on. Mackenzie watched as their faces changed from warm kindness to paled astonishment.

“Why…” the old woman began, unable to finish her sentence.

“I’m sorry!” Mackenzie squeaked. She hurried away and caught up with Allison who had been watching from afar.

“That was hilarious,” Allison chuckled. “I thought they were gonna have a heart attack.” They walked in silence for several minutes.

“Can we go back to the hotel now?”

“Mmm, maybe,” Allison said. “It depends on if I can think of other ways to show off your hot bod. Ooh, I know!”

Mackenzie scowled and looked at her sister crossly.

“Stop here, Mackenzie,” Allison told her. “I want you to face the ocean. Good. Now I’m going to walk away. Then I want you to bend over and touch your toes.”

Suspicious, Mackenzie scanned the surroundings. If she stood here, her back would be facing… a restaurant whose windows overlooked the ocean. Looking inside, she could see several table of people eating lunch and enjoying the ocean view.

“Allison!” she complained.

“Just pretend you’re adjusting the straps on your sandals,” Allison suggested.

“How long do I have to keep bending over?”

“Umm, how about the time it takes you to recite ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star?’”

Mackenzie set her jaw, irate. Allison winked at her and started walking away. Swallowing hard, Mackenzie bent over and mooned the people in the restaurant.

“Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder where you are…” Alison muttered to herself. She had never realized how long it took to recite. The blood was rushing to her head. She could only imagine the diners in the restaurant as they looked out the window and saw her bare painted butt.

Allison stood a safe distance away, admiring her little sister as she poked her little butt into the air. Her asshole was clearly visible, as was her puckered slit. Allison couldn’t believe she had gotten away with torturing Mackenzie to this extent. She glanced in the restaurant window and was pleased to see several people staring at Mackenzie’s exposed privates.

Finally, Mackenzie straightened. Her face and ears were red with humiliation as she pretended not to notice the people in the restaurant gawking at her ten year old body.

“You are such a mean jerk,” Mackenzie accused her. “I would never do anything like this to you!”

“Poor kid,” Allison said in mock sympathy. “I’ll be nice. It’s only been an hour but I’ll let you go back to the hotel and change now.” Mackenzie followed as Allison led her back to the hotel. Her painted slit and ass were still on display but at least she wasn’t spreading her legs or bending over anymore. People still gaped at her but it was nothing compared to the humiliation of masturbating in public.

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