Please note: All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this story, some of which are dangerous or illegal.
Please keep in mind the difference between fantasy and reality.

Kelsey's Choice
Chapter 3
Written by Janus
Copyright 2006


It was a long weekend for Kelsey from Thursday to Tuesday. The seven year old girl felt quite grateful for her break from Trevor. She tried not to think about what had happened but her mind was inevitably drawn back to the events of Thursday. The dirty movie they had watched together stood out in particular. Despite the traumatic ending with Trevor, Kelsey often found herself wishing she could watch the movie again.

Nighttime was another issue however. He had invaded her dreams. Each night, she relived past events with him. She dreamt of showering with him, both of them naked, and he would force her to wash him. He would turn to face her, revealing a vicious snake where his penis was normally. Even though it was coiling and hissing, Trevor would make her touch it nevertheless and Kelsey would wake up shaking in the dark

In another dream, they would be sitting together on the couch. He would be molesting her again, eliciting the same feelings of arousal and shame from her young body. Then he would try, in the dream, to put his thing inside her again. He would thrust against her body, stabbing her, but Kelsey found the sensation to be not at all unpleasant. In fact, her dream self seemed to be welcoming his advances. Unlike the other dream, Kelsey would wake from this one feeling very frustrated, yearning for release. This confused her greatly. She couldn’t understand why she felt such extreme ambivalence to her sessions with Trevor.

On Tuesday morning, however, Kelsey felt considerably more confident as she listened to her mom get ready for work. Over the weekend, she had convinced her mom to buy her new underwear and shorts, telling her she was outgrowing her old ones. For the first time in over a week, Kelsey was wearing underwear again. She relished the return to normalcy. The addition of shorts to her wardrobe meant she would no longer be confined to summer dresses only, another welcome change.

Extra caution was employed while in the bathroom. Kelsey checked three times to ensure that the door was properly locked. It was a good thing too because a few minutes into her shower, she heard the doorknob rattle. Then a knock on the door.

“Hello? Kelsey?” he called. He knocked on the door again.

She ignored him. After a few more knocks on the door, it was silent so she assumed he left.

When she came downstairs, she didn’t even bother to look at Trevor. Instead, she rummaged through the cupboards, searching for the Pop Tarts. She found her favorite flavor and then used the kitchen chair to reach the cupboard with the tumblers. Kelsey was aware of Trevor’s eyes on her as she moved through the kitchen. It wasn’t until she was pouring herself a glass of orange juice that he tried to talk to her.

“Hi there,” he said. “I really had to use the bathroom just now. How come you didn’t answer?”

“I didn’t hear you,” Kelsey said shortly. She quickly finished her orange juice and grabbed her Pop Tarts. “I’m going over to Mandy and Laura’s house today,” she announced. “Mom said it was okay if I go over there today. See you later.”

“Hey, wait a minute,” Trevor said as she headed for the door. She ignored him and made a hasty exit out the back door. Relieved that he wasn’t following her, she crossed the Van Owens’ yard and rang the doorbell. Mrs. Van Owen greeted her warmly and let her in.

The rest of the day passed uneventfully. Kelsey stayed there all day, eating lunch with Mandy and Laura and goofing off for the rest of the day. They watched TV together and played on the computer, a luxury since Kelsey had no computer at home. At 5:30 she finally left and returned home, where she found her mom making dinner in the kitchen and Trevor already gone for the day. She breathed a sigh of relief.

Kelsey had planned a similar strategy for Thursday. She showered behind the locked door as usual and, as usual, Trevor knocked on the door asking to be let in again. “How stupid does he think I am?” Kelsey thought to herself, annoyed. She got dressed, luxuriating in the ability to wear underpants again. Hurrying downstairs, the young girl wondered she and Mandy and Laura would do today.

Trevor wasn’t in the kitchen like usual. Instead he was watching TV in the living room. “Hey, Kelsey, come here a minute,” Trevor said as she passed.

“I want to get some breakfast fir…” Kelsey’s sentence was stopped short when she glanced at the TV screen. Trevor was watching one of his dirty movies again. The seven year old girl felt a surge of curiosity and excitement as she briefly watched the two adults having sex.

“Don’t you want to sit down with me?” Trevor asked, smiling warmly. He patted the seat next to him on the couch. Recalling what happened last week, Kelsey backed away warily in spite of her curiosity. Her eyes were still transfixed on the TV screen however so she didn’t react quickly enough when Trevor snatched her wrist.

“Hey!” she exclaimed.

“It’s okay, Kelsey,” he told her. Roughly, he pulled the struggling girl onto his lap. “Come on, just calm down sweetie.” He stroked her hair. Kelsey thrashed and twisted with all her might but Trevor held her strongly this time.

“Calm down.” He clamped an arm over her midsection and his other over her arms. “Calm. You like watching these kinds of movies, don’t you?”

Kelsey’s eyes fell on the TV screen again, focusing on the man and woman as they moved animalistically against each other. Her curiosity was winning. She was still resisting Trevor but only half-heartedly now.

“That’s it, sweetie,” said Trevor softly. He nuzzled the back of her neck. “Calm down. Calm down.”

Admitting defeat, Kelsey let her body recline in Trevor’s lap. The images on the television were hypnotizing almost. Slowly, Trevor relaxed his grip on her and began stroking the back of her neck. His caresses were gentle and soothing. Soon, Kelsey was as docile as a kitten as she and her stepdad watched the porno together.

“I shouldn’t be doing this,” Kelsey thought to herself. “I should get up and leave now.” Despite everything he had done to her, Trevor’s touch was still dismayingly comforting and relaxing. Combined with the illicit movie, it made it hard for Kelsey to want to leave. She could feel that tingle happening between her legs.

Trevor’s fingers traced outlines on her face, playfully circling her eyes and nose, caressing her lips, before moving to her sensitive neck. “That feels so nice,” Kelsey shuddered as he stroked her chest. He moved lower, past her waist, all the way down to her knees before he started massaging her thighs. Kelsey swallowed hard. She was completely torn now. The young girl wanted so badly to feel those warm waves of pleasure again but her mind was locked in conflict with her body.

His hands moved to her knees, parting them. Kelsey let him do it. Then his hands returned to her waist. “Oh…” she breathed. “He’s going to unzip my shorts.” Instead of alarm, Kelsey’s aroused body responded with a flood of anticipatory heat. She watched as his hand dipped into her unbuttoned shorts.

“Mmm… ehhh…” Kelsey couldn’t stop herself from making noises as she felt Trevor’s fingers rubbing against her cotton-clad mound. “I sound just like the woman in the dirty movie,” she thought. Trevor wandered lower over her underpants, probing against the cotton until he found her hairless slit. He pressed against her clit, eliciting the same noises from Kelsey. She realized it felt even better when she moaned like they did on TV.

“Oh… oh…” Kelsey murmured, her young body quivering with its newfound sexual responses. He was teasing her now, his touch alternating between soft and hard. Kelsey opened her knees a little more. It felt good but she knew it could be even better. Recalling the heady intensity of full contact, Kelsey found herself wishing he would put his hand INSIDE her underpants.

It was wicked thinking such thoughts. Kelsey didn’t care though. The seven year old girl was too far down the road to turn back now. Her body was keening in sexual arousal, loudly demanding release. Kelsey’s blood rushed in her ears. She wanted it so urgently but had no words to express her desire.

“Uh… Oh…” Perhaps her sighing would communicate what she wanted? It must not have because Trevor was distinctly touching her more and more lightly. Her hips buckled, thrusting her puffy mound higher in search for more direct contact. Trevor instead backed off some more, his hand just barely caressing between her legs now. Kelsey watched, frustrated, as Trevor maddeningly extricated his hand from her shorts.

Breathing heavily now, Kelsey was crushed with disappointment. But she was confused too. Wasn’t this what she wanted? Not to be touched by Trevor anymore? He stopped on his own accord and she should have been grateful. He sat up on the couch and slid her off his lap. Subdued, Kelsey quickly buttoned her shirts and zipped up the fly.

“Well, I think that’s enough for today, don’t you think?” Trevor asked her. He reached for the remote and switched off the TV. She stared at the ground studying her own feet. “What’s the matter, Kelsey?” Trevor asked her. “You seem a little put out. Something bothering you?” He lifted her chin until she met his gaze.

“It’s nothing,” Kelsey said bashfully. Her feet fidgeted.

“Are you sure?”

She hesitated. “Yes.”

“Well,” Trevor said, trailing off. “What are you doing today?”

“I… I don’t know.”

“Do you think you can help me with something?”

“Um, maybe. I don’t know,” Kelsey said. “What?”

Trevor reached into his duffel bag and pulled out the familiar plastic container. “You don’t mind holding this for me do you?”

“All right,” said Kelsey, resignedly. Trevor began undoing his pants. “Are you going to do it right here in the living room?” Kelsey asked, surprised.

“Well, sure. Why not?” His jeans fell to his ankles, followed by his underpants. Kelsey demurely looked at the floor. Remembering her dream, she worked up enough nerve to peek at his midsection. Half-expecting to see a hissing snake, the little girl instead saw Trevor’s now familiar penis.

He got it slippery and began moving his fist over it in his usual way. Sitting down the very edge of the couch, Trevor let his fleshy sack dangle between his legs as he masturbated for Kelsey. “Hey, come here,” he told her. “Why don’t you sit down right here on the ground, right in front of me? That’s right. You’ve got the cup ready, right?”

From her vantage point on the floor, Kelsey was now practically at eye level with his genitals. She watched him touch himself and realized that she no longer found it as disgusting as she had two weeks ago. On the contrary, it was no different than watching the man from the dirty movie. It was just as fascinating really. And it even gave her the same tingles as watching the movie…

“Okay baby, get ready, huh?” Trevor said breathlessly. He groaned loudly. Kelsey held the cup to the tip of his penis, watching as he started shooting into it. “Oh god, oh god…” Trevor moaned as he shot his load. Kelsey waited until he stopped his movements before taking the cup away. Her nostrils caught a whiff of the clear yet milky contents of the container.

“Whew,” Trevor said, flopping back on the couch. “That was a good one.” He closed his eyes. Kelsey waited silently for a long moment until it seemed clear that he was intending to take a nap.

“Um, Trevor?” she began hesitantly. “Uh, what do you want me to do with… this?”

“Just put it on the table,” he said dismissively. “Here. Here’s the lid.” He tossed it to her. Kelsey capped the lid on the plastic container and left it on the coffee table. Trevor was already breathing deeply now so she crept from the room, wishing there was a way she could relieve the uncomfortable itching between her legs.

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