Please note: All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this story, some of which are dangerous or illegal.
Please keep in mind the difference between fantasy and reality.

Kelsey's Choice
Chapter 2
Written by Janus
Copyright 2006


Wednesday was a mixed day for Kelsey. She was relieved that Tuesday was over and that she was free of Trevor. But by late afternoon, the little girl realized that Thursday was looming close. Kelsey became increasingly anxious throughout the evening. Even her mom noticed how much she was fidgeting. “Are you okay, sweetie? You hardly ate any dinner. Are you feeling sick?”

Kelsey sat tight-lipped on the sofa. Her knees were locked shut and the hem of her dress was carefully tucked beneath her legs. She was so embarrassed of not wearing underwear. The seven year old longed to tell the secret, to tell her mom what was happening on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

“Mom… Trevor’s been touching me and I don’t like it.” Kelsey had imagined these words a million times in her head. But each time she opened her mouth to speak, the words just refused to come out. She would be gripped in an intense anxiety that silenced her.

“No, mom,” said Kelsey. Did her mom notice her brief hesitation? Did she see Kelsey’s hands balling up and shaking? “I’m okay,” she told her mom. “It’s nothing.” As soon as she spoke these words, her internal conflict would just stop short of boiling over. Now she would simmer until Thursday morning.

Kelsey woke up at the crack of dawn the next day. Her mom was still asleep so she waited under the covers, listening for the alarm clock in the next room. Eventually, her mom would rise from bed and stumble to the bathroom. The water pipes squealed in their usual morning matter, closets were opened and shut, dishes clanked in the kitchen. Then the doorbell rang, freezing Kelsey’s heart.

She heard pleasantries murmured as her mom and Trevor greeted each other. Two minutes later, her mom crept into her room, right on schedule. “Are you already awake, sweetheart?” she whispered. She tiptoed to the bed and planted a kiss on Kelsey’s forehead, not noticing that it was damp with sweat. “You be a good girl for Trevor, okay?” She gently caressed her daughter’s hair for a moment before kissing her on the cheek. Then she left the room, leaving Kelsey feeling chilled with a sensation of dread.

The front door opened and shut, followed by a low clunk as her mom locked the door. Kelsey could now hear Trevor downstairs. He was heavier than her mother and made more noise as he walked. Leaping into action, Kelsey threw aside her bed sheets.

Quietly but quickly, she grabbed her clothes for the day. By now she had grown accustomed to skipping her underwear drawer. She hastily grabbed a dress off a hanger in her closet and hurried into the bathroom.

Safe! The door closed with a reassuring slam. Kelsey carefully locked the door, checking twice to make sure it was properly secured. Satisfied, she began brushing her teeth. Once that was out of the way, she undid the buttons on her white nightgown and wiggled out of it. Kelsey had just stepped out of her nightgown when the doorknob rattled. Her heart froze.

“Who is it?” she said, knowing full well who it was.

“Hi Kelsey, it’s me,” Trevor replied. “What are you doing?”

“Taking a shower.”

“Okay. Can I come in? I just have to use the bathroom quick.”

“Um…” Thinking fast, Kelsey turned on the water. “Too late,” she called through the door. “I’m already in the shower. Can you wait?” The doorknob rattled again, making Kelsey jump in alarm. Couldn’t he just leave her alone?

“Come on, please? Just jump out and unlock the door for me.”

“I’m almost done,” Kelsey told him nervously. “Just a minute, okay?” There was silence from the other side of the door. Hoping he was gone, she scurried into the shower. She quickly cleaned herself, her hands shaking as she soaped her lithe body. Afterward, she dried herself off in record time and put on her dress before leaving the bathroom.

She opened the door cautiously, peeping down both sides of the hallway. It was empty. Tossing her nightgown on her bed, she took a deep breath and went downstairs.

“Why good morning sunshine!” Trevor said breezily as she entered the kitchen. He was reading the newspaper and sipping his coffee.

“Good morning,” Kelsey said shortly. She couldn’t bear to look him in the face so she moved to the cupboards and hunted for her favorite cereal.

“How was your shower?” Trevor asked. He touched her wet hair. Kelsey stiffened at his touch on her head. “Aren’t you a good girl, getting ready without being told?” Choosing not to respond, Kelsey made herself a bowl of cereal. She sat down at the table and reached for the comics. An awkward silence ensued.

“Well,” said Trevor finally. “I think I’m going to take my own shower now.” He stood up and gulped the rest of his coffee. Kelsey breathed a sigh of relief as he left the room. She had finished her cereal and was still browsing the comics page when she heard Trevor calling for her.

“Kelsey? Can you come here a minute?”

Warily, she got up from the table and went to the bottom of the staircase. “What?” she yelled up the stairs.

“I need your help,” Trevor called back. “Could you come up here?”

She paused at the foot of the stairs. Did she really have to go up there? Could she simply refuse? Sensing her hesitation, Trevor yelled down, “Come on. It will only take a minute. I promise.”

Reluctantly, she trudged up the stairs. The bathroom door was open just a crack. “What?” she asked. The door swung open completely and for the fourth time, she saw her future stepdad completely naked. She tried to look elsewhere while talking to him but it proved difficult. Her eyes were drawn like magnets to his hairy chest and potbelly, moving even lower to his…

“Come on in,” Trevor said, taking her by the shoulder. “Sorry to bug you kiddo but I’m going to need your help today.” His hair was still wet, slicked back, and fine drops of water still streamed down his body. “I hurt my back yesterday and now I can’t even bend over anymore,” he told her. “Can you do me a favor and dry me off?”

He handed her a towel. Kelsey took it, stone-faced. He spread his arms and she began dabbing at his chest with the towel. She had to stretch to reach his shoulders and neck. “Thanks a lot, Kelsey,” he told her appreciatively. “I didn’t know how I was going to dry myself after my shower today!”

He turned to let her dry his back. She glanced briefly at his butt, making herself blush with embarrassment. Trevor was now relatively dry from the waist up so Kelsey dawdled, not wanting to further her embarrassment by drying him… down there.

“Okay, now my legs please,” instructed Trevor, turning around again. The seven year old girl recoiled slightly as his limp penis whirled back into her view. Kneeling on the tiled floor, she started with his feet and worked her way up. She didn’t dare go any higher than his knees.

“All right,” Kelsey said, standing up. She turned her head to avoid looking at his midsection. “All done,” she said, handing him the towel. He didn’t take it from her.

“Aren’t you forgetting a spot?” Trevor asked her. To make his point, he moved closer to the little girl until his crotch was only inches from her. He wiggled his midsection, making his organs jiggle in Kelsey’s face. Trevor laughed. Kelsey didn’t.

“Oh,” she said, thwarted. Reluctantly, she dabbed at his dangling tube of flesh and the surrounding area. She fought the urge to make a face.

“Come on,” he encouraged, “you can do a better job than that, can’t you? You have to dry it underneath too. Don’t be afraid to use your hands, Kelsey.”

Deciding to get it over with, she did as he instructed. Using only her fingertips, she moved his penis out of the way and swabbed his hairy sack. The little girl then moved to the underside of his shaft, wrinkling her nose at the wrinkled and oddly pebbled skin. While she worked, Kelsey noticed that the tube of flesh that she delicately handled seemed to be, well, growing. At first she thought it was her imagination. But sure enough, his penis which had felt limp in her fingers seemed to be getting bigger.

“Can you dry underneath my balls too?” requested Trevor. “It’s important to get dry under there too.” Kelsey complied. She tried to move his ample sack aside with one finger but it was too squishy. Faced with no other choice, Kelsey cupped his sack with one hand and worked the cotton towel underneath.

His penis had now almost doubled in size. There was no questioning about it’s growth now. Kelsey watched tight-lipped as her stepdad’s erection blossomed before her. By the time she finished drying off underneath his balls, Trevor’s shaft was no longer dangling but straight, jutting out from his body. It pointed straight at her.

“Can I go now?” Kelsey asked nervously.

“Well…” Trevor said, considering. “As long as you’re here, how about you help me out with one more thing. It’ll just take a second, really.” He reached into a duffel bag and pulled out a clear plastic container with a white lid. “Remember what I told you the other day? How I was making money by donating my sperm? I’ll need your help again, if you don’t mind.”

He undid the lid and handed Kelsey the container. “Your job is to hold the container,” he told her. “It’s a really important job! You have to make sure to catch all that white juice when it comes out, okay?”

“Okay,” Kelsey said reluctantly.

Trevor pulled another small bottle of something from his duffel bag. He squirted something from it into his hand and began rubbing his penis which was now completely erect. The veins were bulging from it and the tip of it was a darkened pink color. Kelsey was reminded of that first day she saw it, just last week.

Kelsey waited uncomfortably as her stepdad openly masturbated in front of her. She tried to look elsewhere but her eyes kept darting back to his manhood. It was like a morbid curiosity that the seven year old simply could not control.

“Mmmm,” Trevor sighed. “This is so nice… Hey, Kelsey, you remember what happens if I keep doing this, don’t you?”

She nodded mutely. “All my white spunk comes shooting out, right?” he laughed. “Isn’t it cool when that happens? You love watching me shoot my wad, don’t you?” Kelsey was too embarrassed by his vulgarity to answer. She didn’t really understand what he meant but she instinctively knew it was adult talk not normally meant for little girls. Her hands fidgeted as they grasped the plastic container.

“You remember where the juice comes out, right?” Trevor asked her. “Here honey, show me where it comes out.” His fist paused its stroking and he lifted his penis. Bashfully, Kelsey pointed at the tiny slit on the tip of his stiff organ.

“Right!” said Trevor proudly. “You’re such a smart girl. So beautiful…” He resumed his stroking. For a long moment, the man and girl stood without speaking, the room silent except for the soft slapping sound of Trevor’s flesh.

“Okay, Kelsey,” Trevor breathed. “You better get that cup ready, baby.” Hastily, Kelsey raised the container to the reddened tip of Trevor’s penis. Remembering last time and how he missed the cup and sprayed the sink, the little girl carefully positioned the cup until the head of his penis was inside the rim.

“Oh yeah, here it comes,” Trevor hissed. Kelsey watched the first spurt arc neatly into the container. It was followed by several more streams of white fluid. By the time Trevor was finished, the container had a substantial amount in it. Kelsey didn’t move, unsure of when how long she should keep holding it there. There was nothing shooting out anymore except a thin dribble oozing free.

“Oh god,” murmured Trevor. He stepped back and leaned against the wall, drained. Kelsey eyed the strange milky white substance in the container.

“Did people really pay for this stuff?” she wondered. “Enough to buy jewelry?”

“Whew,” Trevor said. “You did a really great job, Kelsey,” he told her. He took the cup from her and glanced at its contents. “Boy. A really good job,” he repeated. He capped on the lid and tossed the container back in his duffel bag.

“Can I go now?” Kelsey asked.

“Go?” Trevor said, sounding surprised. “If you want to, I guess.”

Kelsey turned to leave but he stopped her. “Wait,” he said. “You’ve been such a good girl. You deserve a treat. Don’t you think? A reward for being such a good daughter.”

“Oh,” Kelsey said, taken aback. “Um, what do you mean?”

“Hold on,” Trevor said. He quickly rinsed off his hands and then dabbed at his now wilting penis with a wet washcloth. “Let’s go downstairs,” he said, wrapping a towel around his waist and taking his duffel bag.

Kelsey didn’t know what he had in mind but she definitely had a bad feeling about it. Her misgivings were confirmed when Trevor turned on the TV. He fished out a DVD from his duffel bag.

“What are we watching?” Kelsey asked. She already knew the answer but prayed she was wrong.

“A movie,” Trevor told her. “Come on, sit down. No over here. Want to sit on my lap?”

He pulled the unwilling girl onto his lap. Kelsey flushed, aware that he was wearing nothing but a towel. She wore only a cotton dress and her lack of underwear made her feel especially exposed. Trevor pressed “play” on the remote.

“Kelsey,” Trevor told her, “you’ve been doing a wonderful job of helping me out. You don’t even complain about these adult jobs you’re helping me with. Since you’re helping me with so much grown-up stuff, I thought that you’re old enough now to watch an adult movie.”

Kelsey swallowed hard. It was true, she was quite curious about both male and female anatomy but she wished she didn’t have to learn about it with Trevor. Anyone but him. The TV came to life. Kelsey watched, her eyes widening, as a naked man and woman began kissing and touching.

Unlike the other day, Kelsey could clearly see what was happening this time. The seven year old girl stared at the exposed body parts she had so rarely seen in her young life. The woman’s uncovered breasts were full, her nipples hard as the man sucked on them. Kelsey watched in wonder as he moved lower, past her flat tummy to between her legs. Unlike Kelsey, this woman had a strip of hair between her legs. She thought it looked funny.

The little girl watched, engrossed, as the man performed oral sex on the woman. She had never seen female genitalia up close before. Kelsey didn’t even notice that Trevor had now positioned her so she was reclining against him. She was too busy watching as the woman began stroking the man’s penis, making it erect before she opened her mouth and…

Kelsey was simultaneously captivated and revolted as the woman took the man in her mouth. It had never occurred to a little girl to do such a thing. Everything they did seemed gross and ridiculous. Yet fascinating. She couldn’t stop watching.

Trevor began massaging her knees but Kelsey paid no attention to him. His hand moved beneath the hem of her skirt. It wasn’t until he was stroking her inner thigh that Kelsey realized he was touching her.

“Trevor?” Kelsey said, feeling the familiar anxiety creeping in. “I don’t know if…”

“Shhh,” he cut her off, placing a hand over her mouth. At the same time, his other hand closed in and made contact with her hairless slit. Kelsey winced at his touch. It wasn’t painful. Just… different. It felt weird to be touched by someone else down there.

“It’s okay, Kelsey,” Trevor whispered in her ear. He was holding her tight against him as he fondled her. “Just relax and watch the movie.”

Having no other choice, Kelsey did as he said. She lay sprawled on her stepdad’s lap, her legs askew as he explored her delicate folds. Onscreen, the man and woman were doing something different now. Kelsey’s eyes bulged as the man moved his hard penis between the woman’s legs. She watched breathlessly as it disappeared inside her.

“Where did it go?” Kelsey asked, shocked. “Trevor, what are they doing?” She temporarily forgot her discomfort.

“They’re fucking, Kelsey,” he told her. “That’s what adults do.” Kelsey blushed when she heard him say the dirty word. It was a forbidden word, that much she knew. Until now, Kelsey never knew what fucking was.

“Why are they doing that?” Kelsey asked naively.

“Because it feels good,” Trevor said simply. “You understand, don’t you? Like how I’m touching you now. Doesn’t that feel good?” He dipped his finger to the seven year old’s pink slit, gathering the small quantity of moisture she was producing. It didn’t matter, it was enough lubrication for his finger to arouse Kelsey’s budding clit.

“Kelsey?” Trevor asked again. “I asked you a question. Doesn’t this feel nice?”

“Y-yes,” Kelsey said. He was doing it again, giving her the same good feelings she first experienced in their shower together.

“You like it when I do this, don’t you Kelsey?”

“Y-yes.” She felt ashamed for saying it. There was no denying it now. Kelsey wanted Trevor to touch her. Her leg muscles were straining as she spread them wide. She wanted Trevor to touch her, she loved it when Trevor touched her, he was making her feel so nice, so warm, so wonderful…

“Uhhhh…” Kelsey moaned helplessly as her stepdad fondled her to orgasm. The hazy pleasure inside her reared mightily before crashing down. Instinctively, Kelsey clapped her hand over Trevor’s dancing fingers, she never wanted this feeling to stop. The seven year old girl buckled and squirmed as she blissfully rode out her climax.

But once it was over, Kelsey’s newfound lust was slowly swept away by her conscience. All the emotions that had been subdued by her arousal came trickling back. Guilt. Shame. Embarrassment. Awkwardness.

Kelsey became aware of her surroundings. The TV was still playing the dirty movie but Kelsey found it almost made her nauseous to watch it now. Her dress was hiked up almost to her chest. She became aware of Trevor hairy midsection against the delicate skin of her backside. His towel had fallen away and his penis was hard again. It pointed straight up from between her own legs as she straddled him.

“Um, Trevor?” Kelsey said uneasily. He didn’t respond. Instead, he moved his penis closer to the juncture of her own legs until she felt him poking at her. She felt the rubbery tip of it against her pink skin as he polished her hairless slit. Kelsey reclined stiffly as he prodded her with his erection. She suddenly felt him push harder against her, with more pressure and with a sense of urgency.

“He’s going to put it in me!” Kelsey realized with a start. He wanted to do what the man and woman on TV were doing. He was thrusting hard now, his hard penis banging against her too-small vagina. His purple head probed to Kelsey delicate pink slit and pushed hard, just barely penetrating the seven year old girl.

“Ow!” Kelsey yelped in pain. Her adrenalin was surging now and she broke free of Trevor’s grasp. Lurching off his lap, she cupped her privates frantically, wondering if something was broken.

“Kelsey?” Trevor said, surprised. “I’m sorry! Are you okay?” He reached out to touch her but Kelsey backed away.

“Leave me alone!” she screamed, rushing from the room. She ran upstairs to her bedroom and locked the door. She considered barricading the door but stopped when she realized Trevor was staying downstairs. Lifting the hem of her dress, Kelsey tried to look between her legs. Tenderly, she felt her crotch and was relieved to find her hand free of blood.

Taking a deep breath, Kelsey tried to calm her racing heart. She had to tell. She had to tell her mom. “Tonight,” she thought, “I’m going to tell her tonight what happened.” Her resolve was broken, however, when she remembered how Trevor had touched her, how he made her want it. How she didn’t even want him to stop.

“It’s my fault,” Kelsey thought miserably. “I wanted him to do it. I can’t tell now. I’ll just get in trouble.” Frustrated, she wondered how the rest of the summer would turn out.

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