Please note: All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this story, some of which are dangerous or illegal.
Please keep in mind the difference between fantasy and reality.

Kelsey's Choice
Chapter 1
Written by Janus
Copyright 2006


Kelsey stood waiting in the hallway, wiggling her toes in agitation. The seven year old girl desperately had to use the bathroom but her mother’s fiancé, Trevor, had just settled in for a bath. She wondered if Trevor would notice if she snuck in and peed.

Trevor and her mom had just gotten engaged two weeks ago, the marriage being scheduled at the end of summer. Kelsey imagined it would be strange having an extra person around the house since it had been just her and her mother as long as she could remember. Kelsey could tell her mother was happier though. Ever since Trevor asked her to marry him, her mom was much more cheerful and smiled a lot more often.

He even volunteered to come look over Kelsey during summer vacation. Trevor worked the graveyard shift and claimed it would be no problem for him to come watch Kelsey two days a week.. “You’re sure you won’t mind watching Kelsey this summer?” her mom asked Trevor every Tuesday and Thursday morning. Her mom usually employed a rotating cast of friends to stay with her daughter during summer vacations. She was overjoyed when Trevor offered to watch Kelsey, imagining herself in a future domestic lifestyle.

Despite her mom’s happiness, Kelsey was nervous about interrupting Trevor’s bath. Her mom often asked her if she liked Trevor and Kelsey always answered yes. Not because she genuinely liked him, but because she didn’t want to disappoint her mom. Truthfully, she felt ambivalent about Trevor. But she always tried to please him, if only because it would please her mother.

She thought about going next door to the neighbor’s house to use their bathroom. Kelsey often went over to play with her neighbors Mandy and Laura, two girls who were her age. She reached for her shoes but her bladder protested. Realizing she couldn’t wait much longer, Kelsey hobbled to the bathroom door and timidly knocked. “Hello?” she called. “Trevor? Can I go pee? It’ll just take a minute.”

“Sure, Kelsey,” he responded through the closed door. “Go ahead.”

She let herself into the bathroom, temporarily lost in the haze of steam that billowed inside. Locating the toilet, she quickly pulled down her jeans and sat down. Sighing in relief, she released the pressure in her bladder.

“I bet that feels good, huh?”

Surprised, Kelsey searched through the billowing steam. She realized that Trevor hadn’t pulled the curtain shut for his bath and he was watching her as she relieved herself. More importantly, she could tell he was naked, despite the hazy mist of steam in the air.

“Oh…” Kelsey stammered. “Um, yes.” She paused. “Sorry, I didn’t know the curtain was open.” Kelsey stared at the wall as she spoke, trying not to look at the naked man in the tub. She knew that male anatomy was different from a female but she had never seen a real, live man before. The seven year old certainly didn’t want to see her future stepdad naked.

She finished peeing and reached for the toilet paper. Out of the corner of her eye, Kelsey could tell he was watching her. Self-consciously, she swiftly wiped herself off. Then, as quickly as she could, she hopped off the toilet and pulled her pants back up, knowing that Trevor was still staring at her.

“Okay,” she said staring at the floor, “sorry to interrupt your bath Trevor.” Even though she was looking at the bath tiles at her feet, Kelsey could still glimpse the tan skin of Trevor’s body in the bathtub. She felt her ears redden as she reached for the doorknob.

“Hey, wait, Kelsey,” Trevor said. “Come here. I want to ask you something.” Unwillingly, she shuffled closer to the tub, keeping her back to Trevor. “Come on,” he said, “turn around a second.”

Embarrassed, Kelsey turned and faced him. She tried to focus on his face but even his bare chest distracted her. “You want to go get some ice cream later this today?” Trevor asked her.

“Um, okay,” Kelsey nodded.

“I thought you’d want to,” Trevor smiled at her. “Hey, what’s the matter? You seem a little nervous or something.”

“It’s nothing,” Kelsey said, shifting her eyes from the floor to the sink.

“Hey, I’m sorry,” Trevor said. “I hope you’re not embarrassed. I know I’m not embarrassed at all. Have you ever seen what a man’s got between his legs?”

Kelsey blushed five shades of red. “No.”

“Well, take a look,” Trevor encouraged. “Come on, I don’t mind.”

“No, it’s okay,” Kelsey said turning to leave the bathroom. But Trevor grabbed her wrist. Reluctantly she turned and looked as his midsection. Trevor was holding his penis, making it bob above the water. Kelsey immediately thought it was ugly, all purple with veins sticking out of it. But Trevor was smiling at her expectantly.

“Have you ever seen one so big?” he asked her.

“Um, no,” Kelsey said, a little grossed out.

“Did you know it can move all by itself?” Trevor asked her. “Look.” He took his hand away and made it pulsate in the sudsy water. Kelsey watched as it bobbled in the water like periscope.

“That’s nice,” she said finally. “I have to go now.” Kelsey quickly exited the bathroom before he could say anything. The cool airway of the hall rushed into her lungs and she realized how hot and stuffy it had been in the bathroom. With distaste, she thought of Trevor’s ugly looking penis and how he had made her look at it. Hopefully, that wouldn’t happen again.

But on Thursday it did. Kelsey had been a little apprehensive since the last time she stayed with Trevor. As soon as Kelsey’s mom left for work, he announced he was going to take a bath. Kelsey was watching cartoons when she heard Trevor calling her name from the bathroom.


She ran to the bathroom where the door was still slightly open. “Yes?” she called back. She could hear the water running in the tub.

“Could you come in, please? I need to ask you something.”

Cautiously, Kelsey pushed the door open. She was stunned to see Trevor standing naked before her. His midsection was directly at her eye level. His penis was floppy and hung over the dark hair between his legs, as well as a fleshy sack that she hadn’t noticed yesterday.

“I can’t find the shampoo,” he told her. “Have you seen it anywhere?”

“Oh, I think it’s over here,” Kelsey said, looking at the ground as she walked. She felt terribly embarrassed to see Trevor naked again. She located the bottle of shampoo under the sink and handed it to him. Meekly, the young girl exited the bathroom, making sure to pull the door shut behind her.

“That was weird,” Kelsey thought to herself. Her cheeks were still burning with embarrassment from the encounter. She wondered if she should tell her mother about these incidents. These encounters with Trevor were making her very uncomfortable but she wasn’t sure what her mom would do about it. What if her mom got mad at her instead for walking in on Trevor when he was in the bathroom? Kelsey decided not to say anything to her mom.

After he was done in the tub, Kelsey took her own shower. Afterward, she tied on her bathrobe and went to her room to get dressed. When she opened her underwear drawer, however, there were no clean undies to be found. In fact, the drawer was bare. Surprised, Kelsey’s hand touched the rough wooden sides of the vacant drawer to confirm her eyes weren’t playing tricks on her. Her laundry hamper was also completely empty.

She went to the kitchen where Trevor was busy doing the dishes. “Um, do you know if my mom did laundry this morning?” Kelsey asked timidly. “I can’t find any of my underwear.”

“Oh that,” Trevor said, turning off the water and drying his hands. “I meant to tell you Kelsey. I’m sorry, yesterday I did the laundry for your mom but I guess I wasn’t used to your washer and dryer. I accidentally shrank all your underwear and had to throw them out.”

“Oh,” Kelsey said, unsure of how to proceed.

“Don’t worry,” said Trevor. “I’ll buy you some new underwear, I just haven’t had time yet. But don’t tell your mom this, okay? I don’t want her to get mad at me.”

“Okay,” Kelsey said. “Umm…”

“In the meantime,” Trevor continued, “I’m sure it’s fine if you don’t wear underwear for a few days, right? It’ll be our secret. I promise I’ll bring you some underwear the next I come on Tuesday.”

“Well, okay,” Kelsey said dubiously. “I guess I’ll go get dressed.” She returned to her room. But another discovery awaited her. Kelsey couldn’t find any of her jeans or shorts. She searched through her closet and dresser but they just weren’t there. She went back to the kitchen.

“Um, Trevor,” she said hesitantly. “Have you seen my jeans? I can’t find them anywhere.”

“Oh, I put them away for you,” Trevor told her. “It’s summertime! Summer means dresses and skirts for pretty little girls like you. I put your jeans away in the attic. You won’t need them until September I bet.”

“What about my shorts?”

“Shorts?” Trevor said, confused. “Were they in the same drawer as your jeans? I’m sorry, I must have accidentally put them away too. Is that okay? You don’t mind wearing dresses, do you?”

“I guess not,” Kelsey replied. Resignedly, she returned to her room and pulled out her favorite summer dress. It felt strange to be wearing a skirt with no underwear. Kelsey felt like she was naked as she left the security of her bedroom.

She was just about go downstairs when she heard some funny noises. It sounded like people moaning and groaning. Kelsey realized it was the television. Stooping down, she peered through the stairway railing to see what Trevor was watching.

The seven year old girl was shocked. He was watching a dirty movie. Kelsey had heard kids at school talking about dirty movies but she had never seen one herself. She imagined this was as dirty as movies got. A couple was naked on the TV and they were kissing and mashing their bodies against each other. Scared of getting caught spying, Kelsey held her breath. She knew it was wrong to be watching the movie but she couldn’t help herself. The seven year old girl was fascinated by what was happening on the TV. She watched as the man moved his hips against the woman, both of them moaning and making funny noises.

Finally, she crept away, her heart pounding. Kelsey sneaked into her bedroom and shut the door quietly, finally allowing herself to breathe normally. It felt tingly between her legs, like she had an itch down there. “How long is he going to watch that dirty movie?” Kelsey wondered. Fifteen long minutes passed. She could still hear the adults making their funny noises on the TV.

“Maybe if I make lots of noise, he’ll hear me coming and he’ll turn it off,” Kelsey thought to herself. So she exited her bedroom, making sure to open and shut the door loudly. Then she stomped to the landing, pausing a moment before thudding slowly down the stairs. It worked. By the time she reached the foot of the stairs, Trevor was pretending to read a magazine on the couch. The TV was turned off as if nothing had happened.

“I’m going next door to play with Mandy and Laura,” said Kelsey to Trevor. “Is that okay?”

“Sure,” Trevor smiled at her. “Just be sure to come home in time for lunch, okay?”

Kelsey went out the back door. Instead of crossing the yard to Mandy and Laura’s house, however, she went and sat on the swing set in her own yard. She didn’t really want to go play with her friends with no underwear on. It felt funny enough to be naked in her own backyard with nothing hiding her bottom but the thin cotton of her dress. Kelsey blushed with deep embarrassment when she thought of how she saw Trevor naked in the tub, his stiff thingie sticking straight up. “Next time he sits for me, I’ll stay away from the bathroom when he’s in the tub,” Kelsey decided.

On the following Tuesday, however, things got much worse. Kelsey was taking a shower when she heard the curtain slide open. Trevor stepped in and joined her. The seven year old girl was too shocked to say anything.

“Hi Kelsey,” said Trevor. “I thought you might want a little help in here.” Without waiting for an answer, he picked up the bar of soap and began lathering up her shoulders. Kelsey was embarrassed beyond words. It was bad enough to have to see Trevor naked but for him to see her naked as well… She wished he would go away.

His hands soaped up her back and behind before moving on to her flat chest. Kelsey held still as his slippery hands worked the lather into her front. “Turn around,” Trevor directed. “Hold your arms out.” She did as she was told, turning and extending her arms to form a T. She was now facing Trevor’s naked body, staring at his bare midsection. Involuntarily, her eyes flickered down at the male organs between his legs.

He washed her arms one at a time. Kelsey flinched as he tickled her armpits. Then Trevor knelt down to wash below her waist. Time seemed to stand still in the tub. The steam and mist swirled in the air like smoke. Kelsey felt his hands slide down her legs, all the way down to her ankle, before slipping up the inner tract of her legs. Her heart fluttered as he brushed her inner thigh, dangerously close to her privates.

“Okay,” Trevor said. A wave of relief washed over the little girl. He must be finished, she thought.

“Why don’t you turn around again?” Trevor instructed her. Defeated, Kelsey turned, facing away from him again. “Bend over a little bit,” he told her, pushing against the small of her back. “There we go… just a little more. Perfect.”

Kelsey was deeply embarrassed. She was practically mooning her stepdad now. She flinched again as his soapy hands slid into her crack, his fingers pressing against her puckered hole. No one had ever touched her like this before, not even her mom. She endured his fondling for a long moment.

“All right, kiddo,” Trevor finally said. “We’re almost done! I just have one more place to wash. Why don’t you turn around and face me again?”

Kelsey straightened and turned apprehensively. She lifted her head slightly to look up at Trevor. He was grinning earnestly at her. The seven year old girl noticed his penis was slowly starting to inflate. Before it had been dangling between his legs but now it was stuck out a little more. It looked swollen too.

He dropped into a crouch so that he was eye level with her. “I just need to wash between your legs for you,” he told the little girl. “Let’s prop up your foot to make this easier.” He took Kelsey’s ankle and lifted until her foot was resting on the side of the tub. She watched as he picked up the bar of soap and began working up a lather.

Kelsey stiffened at his touch. His hands poked and prodded the puffy folds of her crotch before delving into her hairless slit. The soap provided lubrication as his fingers touched her innermost parts, reaching so far back that he tickled her anal rosette again. He rubbed this length of her privates for almost a minute.

“Don’t worry,” Trevor told her. His eyes remained locked on her bald slit as he spoke. “It’s very important for little girls to be sanitary down here. I’m going to make sure it’s as clean as possible.” He let the shower spray rinse away the lather between her legs. Then he picked up the soap bar and began scrubbing again.

Kelsey waited uncomfortably as he washed her. She had always been shy about being naked around others. When she and her mom went to the YMCA swimming pool, the little girl had always insisted on changing into her swimsuit at home and even wearing her wet swimsuit on the way home in the car. Kelsey didn’t like the thought of being naked in the YMCA locker room with all those strangers. Sharing a shower with Trevor, therefore, was unbearable for Kelsey.

Particularly since he was touching her. His hands were deeply exploring and soaping up parts of her that she only gave a cursory wash herself. She felt a little dizzy so her hand gripped Trevor’s shoulder for support. Perhaps it was the humid steam of the shower but Kelsey felt very strange inside. The young girl was still mortified that her future stepdad was exploring her intimate areas but there was a growing sensation of arousal nonetheless.

Subconsciously, Kelsey spread her legs a little wider, allowing Trevor to stroke her freely. His finger was concentrating on just one small area between her legs but the seven year old girl felt as if her entire body was being massaged. Confused, Kelsey wondered if she was about to faint. Her heart was racing and she was breathing faster and faster.

The strange sensations continued to build in Kelsey’s body as Trevor molested her. Her fingers were digging into his shoulders now, not for support but because of the strong little shivers that were sensually attacking her. She noticed that his penis was completely hard now, sticking straight out between his thighs as he squatted before her.

Kelsey had a flashback to two days ago when she spied on Trevor while he watched the dirty movie. She remembered the man’s stick-like penis that he poked inside the woman and the moans they made. She also remembered the strange tingles and itchiness she felt between her legs, which was how she felt now.

Only it felt much, much better now. The young girl’s body was enveloped in a warm, muted glow as she had her first sexual experience. Trevor’s fingers slid insistently in and out of her hairless slit, producing pleasure that Kelsey had never felt before. The seven year old girl was blissfully riding a cozy wave of arousal when it suddenly seemed as if someone switched fast-forward on the VCR. The intensity of the tingles between her legs ramped up sharply and exploded, completely catching her unaware.

“Ahhhh… ahhhh…” Kelsey gasped as her body slipped into its first orgasm ever. Her fingers were now squeezing Trevor’s shoulder so hard that she was leaving red marks on his skin. She felt wonderful, completely wonderful as the pleasure rippled throughout her inexperienced body.

Then the pleasure suddenly stopped and Kelsey was returned to reality. Standing in the shower with her stepdad. Naked. His swollen penis visible. Kelsey’s bliss was swept away and replaced with awkwardness. She didn’t want Trevor to be there, she didn’t want him to share in this extremely personal incident that she had just experienced.

“Okay, I think you’re clean now,” Trevor said, standing up. “Now it’s my turn, right?” He handed her the bar of soap. Silently, Kelsey began lathering his stomach and chest. He was too tall for her to completely reach so he squatted down again to allow her to wash his shoulders and back. Her small hands slid across his hairy chest, the little hairs following her palm.

Then Trevor stood up and Kelsey knelt to wash his legs . She didn’t dare venture higher than his knees though. “Okay,” she said, putting down the soap. “I guess I’m done now.”

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Trevor asked her. “You’re supposed to wash EVERYTHING. It’s only fair, don’t you think?” His hard penis was still jutting out of his midsection. He stepped close to her and poked her shoulder with it. The message was clear.

Reluctantly, Kelsey picked up the soap. She took a long time to work up a lather in her hands, hoping he might change his mind. He didn’t. Seeing she had no choice, the little girl tentatively began swiping at the hard penis with her fingers, touching it as little as possible.

“Be sure to do a good job,” Trevor instructed. “It’s important for men to be clean too. Why don’t you use both hands? Don’t be afraid to grip it either. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt me!”

Pinching her lips in distaste, Kelsey did as he said. She closed her fist around his erection and began working the length of it, the soap making a slippery job of it. She eyed the funny sack at the root of his penis. Trevor noticed her gaze.

“Don’t forget to clean my balls too,” he told her. Swallowing hard, Kelsey hesitantly touched the sack. Indeed, there did seem to be balls inside it. Holding his penis out of the way with one hand, the seven year old girl lathered up his scrotum, noting the heft of the wrinkly sack as she lifted it to wash underneath.

“Okay,” Kelsey said, “I think it’s clean now.” She put down the bar of soap and prayed that he wouldn’t ask her to wash his behind too. The little girl couldn’t imagine doing that.

Thankfully, Trevor nodded in agreement. “Thanks Kelsey. Wasn’t that fun? We should do this every time I’m sitting for you.” She didn’t respond. “Why don’t you go dry off and I’ll finish up in here?”

Grateful, Kelsey nudged the shower curtain aside and made her escape. Still dripping, she grabbed a towel and ran to the safety of her own room to dry off and get dressed. As she toweled off, Kelsey realized she was shaking. Her hands searched the empty dresser drawer before she remembered her underwear predicament. With some consternation Kelsey slipped into a summer dress, still feeling naked beneath the thin cotton.

“Kelsey!” Trevor called. “Could you come here a minute, please?” He was still in the bathroom.

“What does he want now?” Kelsey thought to herself. The bathroom door was half-closed so she knocked.

“Come in,” Trevor replied.

Cautiously, she pushed the door open and took a tentative step inside the bathroom. As she feared, Trevor was still naked. He had dried off but his penis was still hard, pointing straight out from his body.

“I thought you might like to watch something,” he told her. “Do you know how babies are made?”

“Ummm, sorta,” Kelsey stumbled.

“Well, it’s simple,” Trevor said. “A man puts his penis inside a woman’s vagina. Then he shoots his semen inside her. You know what semen is, don’t you?”


“Well, it’s this white juice that comes out of a man’s penis. When it gets inside a woman’s vagina, she becomes pregnant. Easy, right?”

“Ummm, I guess so,” Kelsey said, wondering what this had to do with her. It at least answered some questions. The dirty movie Trevor had been watching was a movie about people making babies, apparently.

“Well, it turns out a woman can go to the store and buy semen if she wants,” Trevor continued. “Maybe she doesn’t have a husband. Or maybe she doesn’t like her husband’s semen.”

“Oh,” Kelsey said.

“So she goes to the semen store and buys the kind she wants,” Trevor said. “This is where guys like me come in. I sell my semen to the store. They pay me a lot of money. I thought I would use the money to save up for a nice wedding ring for your mom. Wouldn’t that be nice?”

“Yes,” Kelsey said. Her mom didn’t have much jewelry but Kelsey knew how much she enjoyed it. “She’d like that.”

“So I have to get the semen out of my penis,” Trevor said. “How would you like to watch?”

“Uh, well… okay I guess,” Kelsey faltered.

“Just don’t tell your mom, okay?” Trevor asked her. “I want this wedding ring to be a surprise. This will be our little secret, okay?”

Kelsey nodded. Trevor picked up a bottle on the counter and squirted something into his hand. “This is some slippery stuff that will help the semen come out,” he told her. Then he pointed to a plastic container. “I’m going to squirt it in here when it comes out. Now watch…”

He took his penis in his hand and began stroking the length of it. Soon it was glistening with the slippery stuff and his fist was sliding comfortably. Kelsey still felt strange about Trevor’s nakedness. She wasn’t sure what to make of his male organs. His penis reminded her of a branch sticking out of a tree, except it was grounded into the straight, dark hairs of his crotch as well as that funny sack with the balls inside.

“Man, that feels nice,” Trevor muttered as he masturbated in front of the seven year old girl. Kelsey still stood several feet away from him, not daring to move any closer. She could see what he was doing without any problem.

“Okay, Kelsey,” Trevor said. “Watch real close now… here it comes… oh God yeah, here it comes…” Kelsey watched impassively as Trevor moved the tip of his penis close to the plastic container on the counter. Just as he had predicted, a spurt of white fluid shot into the container. It was followed by another spray but this one went high, missing the plastic cup and landing on the sink counter. All the while, Trevor’s fist never stopped working his erection. Kelsey watched as he milked the final drops into the container.

“Ahhh…” Trevor sighed. “How was that? Pretty neat, wasn’t it?”

Kelsey didn’t answer. Trevor picked up the container and held it out to her. “Here, want a closer look?” he asked, waving under her face. Kelsey glanced at the slimy white puddle in the cup. Her nostrils detected a funny scent, like bleach.

“That’s nice,” she said finally, stepping backwards. She wished he would take the gross cup out of her face. Trevor set the container back on the counter and snapped the lid on it.

“I’m going to go outside now,” Kelsey said, backing out of the bathroom. The little girl quickly fled before Trevor could say anything. She wandered aimlessly in the backyard, filled with anxiety. Kelsey didn’t like her situation but she didn’t know what to do. Tell her mom? What if telling on Trevor would make her mom angry? It would be Kelsey’s fault for disrupting her mother’s happiness.

“I can keep it a secret,” Kelsey decided. “I can make Mom happy. Maybe Trevor will leave me alone next time.” She decided to pretend everything was normal. But that was hard to do when she was in her backyard without any underwear.

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