Please note: All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this story, some of which are dangerous or illegal.
Please keep in mind the difference between fantasy and reality.

The Sleepover
Written by Janus
Copyright 2010

"Bet you can't do this!" Melissa balanced herself on the living room carpet and did a headstand. Jack, her cousin, watched as she carefully raised her swaying legs into the air.

"I can too," Jack contradicted. "Watch." He tried to do a headstand but toppled over before he could get his legs straight in the air.

Melissa laughed. She had always loved Saturday nights but this one was particularly special because she was having a sleepover at her cousin Jack's house. She had known Jack for as long as she could remember. Since they were the same age and lived only two towns apart, the two children had practically grown up together.

Jack gave up on the headstand. "Well, I bet you can't do this!" He climbed onto the sofa and leapt across the coffee table into an armchair.

"Can so!" Melissa followed his lead but the distance from the sofa to the armchair was deceptively far. She fell short of the armchair and landed on a stack of pillows. Jack laughed at her. "Let me try again!" Melissa insisted.

"Hey, you two," Uncle Thomas stuck his head into the living room. He watched the two kids jump around on the furniture. "Hmm, that explains why the couch gets so saggy in the middle..." he mumbled to himself. "Hey, it's already nine o'clock," he informed the kids. "Are we skipping bath time tonight?"

"No!" Jack protested. "I want to show Melissa the Super Bubbles!"

Uncle Thomas raised an eyebrow. "Aren't you guys getting a little old to be taking baths together?"

Melissa and Jack looked at each other. "Why does that matter?" asked Jack, mystified.

"Well, you're seven years old now and..." Seeing their blank faces, he gave up. "Okay, never mind. Fine, if you're going to take a bath, you better do it now before it gets too late."

The kids scrambled upstairs to the bathroom. Without a hint of self-consciousness, the two children stripped off their clothes. They had been taking baths together for a long time so seeing each other naked was not a big deal. In truth, their bodies were not that terribly different from each other anyway. Melissa had curly brown hair that hung to her shoulders while Jack's was short and blond. There was the obvious anatomical difference between their legs but otherwise they both possessed the same slim builds and bone structure.

Jack turned on the water. "Mommy got me this new bubble bath and it's great. It makes like a million bubbles."

Melissa began stretching as they waited for the tub to fill. "Jack, I bet you can't do this." Standing on one foot, she reached behind her and stretched her leg back until the sole of her foot was almost touching her head.

Jack tried but he could only get his foot about waist high. "Where did you learn that?" he asked, disappointed.

"Ballet class," Melissa replied.

"Well, I don't take ballet so it's not fair."

The bath was ready so they stepped into the warm and sudsy water, continuing their playful quarrel. They had a contest to see who could hold their breath longest underwater. Jack won so he felt a little better about not being able to stretch as well as Melissa.

The Super Bubbles lived up to their name as a thick layer of bubbles began to form on the surface of the water. The two kids had great fun playing with the suds. "Look at me!" Jack proclaimed. He had crafted a beard of bubbles that dangled from his chin. Melissa laughed.

"Wait, how about this?" she quickly scooped up some bubbles and fashioned a bikini that covered her flat chest and between her legs. "I'm a fashion model!"

"Here," Jack said, piling bubbles on her head. "I'll do your hair."

"Careful!" Melissa squealed. "Don't get it in my eyes. It will sting."

Jack rummaged in the bin of tub toys and handed her a pair of scuba goggles. "You can put these on to protect your eyes."

Melissa adjusted the goggles until the elastic band held tight against her head. Then Jack began heaping bubbles on her again. When he was done, the bubbles were so thick on Melissa's head that she was unrecognizable.

"Cool!" Jack shouted.

"I want to see!" Melissa stood on her tippy toes in the sudsy water to see her reflection in the bathroom mirror. She was amazed. It was as if her head were made completely out of bubbles.

"It's your turn," she told Jack. "Do you have another pair of goggles?" He nodded and dug in the bin of toys. Triumphantly, he pulled out an identical pair and put them on. Melissa went to work, carefully gathering bubbles in her cupped hands and heaping them on Jack's head. When she was done, they both looked in the mirror.

"Neat!" said Jack. Both children were now bubbleheads. He laughed and waved at his reflection.

Melissa studied the mirror. "Look," she said. "If use our hands to cover up between our legs like this, you can't even tell us apart." It was true. With their hands cupping their crotches, both kids looked the same: scrawny shoulders, flat chests, and slim thighs.

"I know," Jack said, inspired. He cupped some bubbles and began covering himself up between the legs. Understanding what he was doing, Melissa did the same. They looked in the mirror again and laughed. Now they were bubbleheads wearing bubble underwear.

"Daddy!" Jack yelled. "Come see!"

"What?" his father yelled from the living room.

"Come see me and Melissa!" Jack shouted back. "I bet you can't tell who is who!"

They both tried to keep from laughing when Thomas entered the bathroom. "Well!" he said. "Has anyone seen my son Jack? Or my niece Melissa?" The children's giggles burst through their clenched teeth. "Oh, I get it!" Thomas nodded. " One of these is Melissa and one is Jack. Hmm, which one is which?"

He stroked his chin thoughtfully. The kids stood still as he knelt to scrutinize them. He even took a close look between their legs but it was no use. So instead, Thomas took a deep breath and blew at the thick mound of bubbles between the legs of the first bubblehead.

Melissa giggled as she felt his cool breath on her skin. His breath pushed the bubbles away until he was face to face with her hairless slit. "Ah ha!" Thomas said. "Girl parts! That must mean..." He used his hand to brush away the suds on the other bubblehead, revealing Jack's baby penis. "Bingo!"

The kids laughed. Melissa watched as her uncle thoroughly brushed away the bubbles between Jack's legs before tweaking Jack's penis between his fingers. Jack laughed even harder.

"Did you want to take a bath with us too, daddy?" he asked.

"No thanks, sport," Thomas replied. "Why don't you to finish up and we'll play some Wii before bed?" He filled a pail with tub water and dumped it over both of them, eliciting further shrieks. Then he left the bathroom.

"Do you usually take baths with your dad?" Melissa inquired as they began rinsing the suds off.

"Sometimes," Jack nodded. "Don't you take a bath with your dad?"

"No," responded Melissa.

"Why not?"

"I don't know," she shrugged. "I never asked him, I guess."

"I like taking baths with daddy," Jack told her. "Sometimes we like to..." He trailed off and looked away quickly.

"What?" asked Melissa.

"Nothing," Jack replied. "I forgot."

"Oh." They continued rinsing off. "Your wiener is sticking out," she observed.

"I know," Jack answered.


"I don't know," Jack said without much conviction.

"It wasn't doing that before," she remarked.

"I know." Changing the subject, he asked, "Doesn't your dad's wiener ever stick out?"

"I don't know. I've never seen it," Melissa told him.


"We don't take baths together, remember?" she reminded him.

"Well, don't you ever..." Jack trailed off again.


"Nothing," he said. Jack bent and pulled the stopper from the drain. With a loud gurgle, the water began swirling away. The two seven year olds climbed out of the tub and began toweling off. Melissa noticed that her cousin's wiener still kept sticking out but she didn't say anything. She could tell he didn't really want to talk about it.

Once they were dressed in their pajamas, the kids went downstairs to play videogames. It was extra warm in the room because of the fireplace. After a few games of Super Mario, Jack began to unbutton his pajama top.

"Jack, what are you doing?" his father asked.

"I'm taking off my pajamas," replied Jack. "It's too hot in here."

"Jack..." His father raised an eyebrow. "Maybe not tonight? We have company over after all."

"Melissa doesn't mind," Jack said. He looked at her. "Do you?"

"No," she shrugged. "I guess it's fine."

"You don't have to wear your pajamas either?" Jack told her. "When we play Wii, Daddy and I usually..."

He was interrupted by Thomas, who cleared his throat loudly. Melissa was surprised to see her uncle glaring at Jack who was blushing a little now. "Nothing," Jack said. He slithered out of his bottoms.

Melissa wrinkled her brow, a little mystified by this secret conversation between father and son. In any case, Jack was right. The blazing fireplace was making the room almost uncomfortably hot so she too took off her pajamas. Both kids were now naked as they jumped and gestured with their Wii controllers. Stealing a glance, Melissa noticed that Jack's wiener was now normal looking again and not sticking out like before.

After a few games, Jack got discouraged by a particularly difficult level so he just watched while Melissa played. Then she got tired of it too so the Wii was turned off.

"All right, you two," Thomas said. "Is it time for bed yet?"

"I'm not tired!" Jack declared.

"Well, what did you want to do?" his father asked.

"Ummm," Jack thought for a moment. Clambering up his father's armchair, the boy whispered in his father's ear. Melissa couldn't hear what they were saying but she saw Uncle Thomas shake his head reproachfully at Jack. Undeterred, the boy whispered in his ear again. Finally, Thomas sighed.

"Melissa," he said. "I need to talk to you about something." For a moment, the seven year old wondered if she was in trouble. Her uncle continued, "I've known you for a long time, ever since you were a baby. I know you're a smart girl. A girl I can trust. Isn't this right?"

Melissa nodded.

"That's why I want to trust you now," her uncle glanced at Jack who was sitting on the side of his armchair. "Jack and I... have a secret. It's the most special secret in the whole world. Only the two of us know this secret but since you're his favorite cousin, Jack wants you to know too."

He paused to let this sink in. Melissa had been listening carefully and now she noticed how intently her uncle was gazing at her. "If we tell you our secret, will you keep it Melissa?" he asked her. "It will be our special secret. Only the three of us will know and you can never tell anybody. Jack has kept this secret safe. Can you promise to keep it safe too?"

Solemnly, Melissa nodded. She felt happy that her uncle trusted her enough to confide. "I promise," she swore. Jack clapped his hands and jumped up and down.

"All right," Thomas smiled at her. "Our secret, Melissa, is that Jack and I like to play special games together."

"Special games?" Melissa asked, puzzled.

"Special adult games," clarified Thomas. "Now I understand if you don't want to know any more about our secret. Are you sure you want to learn more about games for adults?"

"I guess so," Melissa said.

"And you can keep it a secret?" her uncle asked her. "Because that is the most important of all. Can you keep our special adult games secret?"

"Yes," she promised again.

"Good," Thomas said. "I just want to say that you'll find some of the things we do to be strange and confusing. But I just want you to know that I love you and care for you and I would never do anything to hurt you. All right?"

"Okay," Melissa said.

"Can we start now?" Jack asked impatiently. He was jumping up and down in anticipation.

"All right, all right," his father consented, laughing. "What do you want to do first?"

"You should take off your pants," Jack told him.

Melissa watched as her uncle stood up and unbuttoned his jeans. It felt strange to be watching him undress. She had never seen a naked adult until now. Her uncle was a largely built man, somewhere in between muscular and bulky. The little girl couldn't help but stare at his hairy crotch. She was used to seeing Jack's smooth and pink boyhood.

"Look," Jack said. "I know how to make daddy hard." So saying, he took his dad's penis with both hands and began rubbing up and down. Melissa watched with great interest as Jack made good on his promise. Her uncle's wiener had been hanging limp at first but now it was growing before her very eyes. Soon it became straight and stiff, like a lead pipe sticking out from his midsection.

"How did you do that?" asked Melissa.

"Daddy taught me how," Jack answered smugly. "You just have to know how to touch it the right way."

"Yours is sticking out now too," Melissa pointed out.

Jack looked down and shrugged. "Sometimes it gets hard all by itself."

Baffled, the young girl looked between Jack's legs and then between her uncle's legs. Jack's penis was pink and innocent, while her uncle's was dark and... angry-looking almost. The coarse hair surrounding his erection gave it the air of a wild animal. Moreover the sheer difference in size made her uncle's penis appear almost like a menacing weapon. If Jack was the size of her pinky, then surely her uncle was the size of her forearm.

"Daddy, I want to show Melissa what I can do," Jack pleaded. "Can we show her what I did last week?"

"All right," his father consented. "Why don't you lie down and I'll get you ready?"

Jack eagerly lay down on his back. Then, demonstrating the preternatural flexibility of youth, he spread his legs wide as if he were doing the splits in mid-air.

"Bet you can do that," he told Melissa.

She shook her head. "I can too!"

"Well," Jack said, "I bet you won't be able to what I'm about to do." The boy held his legs wide open as his father knelt before him. Melissa felt a little odd about seeing her cousin so unabashedly bared before her. Taking baths with him was one thing but this was quite another. She could clearly see his pink little wiener and the funny ball of skin. Moreover, in this spread eagle position, she could also see his brown bumhole which winked from between his slim butt.

She watched as her uncle uncapped a bottle containing a clear liquid and spread it on his fingers. Then, amazed, she watched as he began spreading the liquid on Jack's puckered hole, even slipping a finger inside. "What are you going to do?" she asked finally.

"Daddy's going to put his wiener inside me," Jack told her proudly.

"What?" Melissa said, shocked. Her uncle was now rubbing the liquid onto his shaft. She compared his large erection with Jack's little bumhole. "Bu-but... really?" the seven year old stammered in astonishment. "Is it really going to fit? Why would you want to do that anyway?"

"It's part of adult games," her uncle told her. "I said you might find things strange and confusing, didn't I?"

"Yeah," Melissa conceded doubtfully. "But your wiener is so big!" She just couldn't imagine why anyone would want to do such a thing.

"It will fit," Jack said confidently, answering her other question. "Daddy and I had to practice for a long time but last week we made it fit for the first time."

"That's right," Thomas answered. He was now stroking his wiener with his hand and it glistened.

"What's that stuff on your wiener?" Melissa pointed.

"You mean my penis?" her uncle clarified.

"What's that stuff on your penis?" she corrected herself.

"It's lubricant," he said. "It's going to make my penis nice and slippery so I can put it in Jack's bum." He held out a finger to her. "Here. Make a fist around my finger. Can you feel how slippery it is?"

The little girl innocently jacked off her uncle's finger. "Yes," she replied.

"So imagine your fist is Jack's bottom and my finger is my penis," he told her. "The lubricant makes it easier to slide right into Jack. Get it?" Melissa nodded. He positioned himself at his son's backdoor. "Are you ready Jack?"


Fascinated, Melissa watched her uncle rub the dark red tip of his wiener on Jack's tiny brown opening. His rosette disappeared behind the firm pressure of her uncle's shaft. For a moment, Melissa didn't think anything was going to happen until Jack's slim cheeks seemed to open even wider.

"Ahhh," her cousin gasped. She looked at him in surprise. His face was a mask of concentration and effort.

"Are you okay, Jack?" she asked worriedly.

"It's okay," Jack breathed.

"Does it hurt?" Melissa bit her lip.

"N-no..." Jack lied. "It's okay... Daddy... ahhh!"

His father had pulled out slightly. Melissa could see now how Jack's tight brown hole was clenched around his father's fat head. He thrust gently. A little bit more of him disappeared.

"That's about how much we fit in last time, Jackie," her uncle said. "Do you think you can do a little more?"

"O-okay," the little boy agreed.

He was rewarded with another gasp. Melissa could only watch in amazement as her cousin allowed himself to be impaled. Her head swam as she tried to grasp what was happening. Not in a million years would she have guessed that a man could make his wiener disappear into someone's behind. But it was true. Little by little, her uncle's hard tool was vanishing as it entered the seven year old boy.

Finally, her uncle spoke again. "Good boy, Jackie. That's about half now. How does it feel?"

"R-really big..." Jack admitted.

"It doesn't hurt?"

"Not anymore," Jack replied. Correcting himself, Jack quickly said, "It doesn't hurt at all."

"Good boy," her uncle said. Melissa noticed her cousin's wiener was sticking out again. Her uncle must have noticed too because he reached down and began stroking Jack's little penis. He began rocking his hips gently. "Feels nice, doesn't it Jackie?"

"Yeah, it does," Jack answered. And he was telling the truth. At first, Melissa could easily discern her cousin's obvious discomfort as he was being penetrated. But now she could see a calm and oddly satisfied expression on Jack's face. Uncle Thomas was making the same face too as he tweaked and stroked Jack's pink wiener.

Jack looked at her. "See," he said smugly. "I bet you can't do this."

This time, Melissa had to remain silent. Gawking at the substantial erection partially buried in Jack's bum, she wasn't sure she wanted it inside her. The seven year old felt certain it would split her open. But despite her misgivings, Melissa also felt something else deep inside her. She felt prickly all over, as if she had an itch but didn't know how to scratch it. The peculiar feeling seemed to be centered right between her legs, where she felt an odd wetness...

Her uncle caught her staring. "Well, what do you think, Melissa? Want to give it a try?"

"Oh, um, I don't know," Melissa demurred, paling at the thought.

He tousled her hair. "I was just kidding," he smiled. "It took Jack and I a long time to get here. I know you could do it one day if you wanted, but not today." She grinned weakly at his joke.

"But you know," he continued, "I bet Jack's not too big for you."

"Really?" Melissa's ears perked up at this. In truth, she had felt a little left out of the proceedings. She certainly didn't want Uncle Thomas' big wiener in her behind but she couldn't help but feel outclassed by Jack.

"Of course," her uncle replied. "An adult's body and a boy's body need time to get used to each other. But a boy's body and a girl's body should fit together perfectly, especially when they're the same age like you two are."

"I want to try it!" Jack declared. Melissa nodded too. Her uncle laughed and withdrew from Jack's tight bum, eliciting only the merest grunt from the seven year old. Then, Uncle Thomas took her by the wrist and directed her to lie down on the living room floor.

"Jack," he spoke to his son, "why don't you grab the bottle of lube and get yourself ready?" The seven year old boy nodded and complied, liberally squirting his miniature penis.

Uncle Thomas meanwhile sat down on the floor next to Melissa. Resting his back on the couch, he spread his legs and then pulled Melissa close, letting her rest her head against his thigh. The young girl felt a little weird laying in such an intimate position with her uncle. Nevertheless, he was her uncle and he was an adult. Surely he knew best? Even so, Melissa froze when she felt his hard erection throb behind her neck. Shifting again, he moved to let his shaft spring free so it was now against the side of her head. It jutted stiffly from her curly brown hair, rubbing her temple, its dark red tip just visible in her peripheral vision.

"Spread your legs like this," he directed. He took an ankle in each hand and began easing her legs back until her toes were touching his shoulders. Even though she had been naked in front of her uncle and cousin before, Melissa felt very exposed now. Her body was so close to being folded over that she could plainly see her own hairless slit and the pink nether region that sprawled beneath it.

Jack knelt between her legs. Melissa could see how his little wiener stuck straight out again and glistened with lubricant. "Move a little closer, Jack," his father directed. "You're not going to put it in her bum, you're going to put it here."

"What's that?" demanded Jack.

"It's her vagina," his father said. "That's where you put your penis. You don't have a vagina so I have to put my penis in your bum."

This answer seemed to satisfy Jack. He positioned his baby penis at the Melissa's pink entrance so that his nubbin of a head rested against her immature lips. She could feel the heat of him against her hairless skin. Jack looked again to his father for guidance. "Aim higher," he directed. "You'll want to take a higher angle... that's right. Now push in gently..."

Melissa felt a slight pressure between her legs. And then, before she knew it, Jack's little penis slipped inside her. "H-he's inside me, right?" Melissa said, amazed. It didn't hurt but it did feel strange. Never before would she have guessed that a boy could slip his wiener inside her.

"Yes, he's inside you," her uncle told her. "How does it feel?"

"I... I don't know," replied Melissa. She couldn't exactly describe what she was feeling. It felt nice and warm inside her. Deep down, she knew she wanted something but didn't know what. Her eyes met with Jack's. She could feel an odd bond forming between them.

"How about you, Jackie?" his father asked him. "Do you like it?"

Jack beamed and nodded. "It feels really soft and squishy."

"Why don't you try going in and out?" his father suggested. "Pull out a little, not too much... Nope that's too much. Put it back in... Okay, pull out just a little this time... Good, now back in. Keep going."

With his father's coaching, Jack began thrusting in and out of Melissa. Neither child really understood the ramifications of what they had done, what they were doing. Melissa inwardly sighed as her cousin repeatedly withdrew and plunged. It felt very nice. Jack's steady rocking motion was calming but thrilling at the same time. The two seven year olds made eye contact again, and each instantly understood the pleasant expression on the other's face.

Melissa felt very satisfied. She imagined it would have been nice to keep doing this forever. But unexpectedly she saw Jack's expression change. He suddenly began shivering and convulsing.

"Daddy!" Jack cried out in surprise. "It feels..." The boy's next words were cut off as a massive shudder rippled across his body from head to toe. Melissa didn't understand what was happening so she just watched Jack tremble. His eyes were shut tight as his hands grasped at nothing. All the while, however, he never stopped moving inside Melissa.

Finally he stopped. The seven year old boy withdrew from the girl with the faintest 'plop' and settled back on his heels. Disappointed, Melissa wished he would have stayed. "Daddy!" he said accusingly. "You didn't tell me I could get the nice feeling by sticking it in there!"

"Of course you can," his father replied mildly. "Did it feel good?"

Jack nodded.

"Really?" Melissa asked. "But you were shaking and stuff. It didn't look like it felt good."

"It did," Jack insisted. "It-"

"Melissa," her uncle interrupted, "would you like me to make you feel good too?" She nodded. The little girl didn't like how her cousin knew so many things she didn't. Melissa was used to being good at everything.

"Just relax," her uncle urged her. "Keep your legs spread..." He let go of one ankle and moved his hand between her legs. The seven year old felt an odd surge of... something... as he began fondling her.

For several blissful minutes, she lay still as her uncle touched her. The beseeching itch for which she had no name only grew stronger. The itch had faded when Jack withdrew from her but now her uncle was awakening it, nurturing the sparks to life. The little girl coiled and uncoiled beneath his fingers, his touch paradoxically relieving the itch and making it worse.

"Jack, come here," her uncle said in a low voice. Melissa watched wide eyed as her uncle opened his mouth and engulfed her cousin's tiny penis. His mouth remained glued to Jack's crotch for a long while before pulling away. The little girl was surprised at the result. Jack's wiener had been soft and dangling before going into his father's mouth but now it was sticking straight out again.

Her uncle gestured with a flick of his head. "Go put it back inside your cousin," he said. Eagerly, Melissa spread her legs wide in anticipation. Obediently, Jack moved back to his previous position and arranged himself. With a thrust, he entered the seven year old girl.

Melissa was in heaven. Between Jack's rocking motion inside her and her uncle's attentive touch, she felt almost delirious with pleasure. It felt so warm... so nice...

"Ahhh!" Melissa suddenly gasped. It felt as if a bright beam of light was piercing her. Her head grew fuzzy as a swarm of delightful sensations assaulted her senses. Unable to control herself, Melissa began shivering. Shivering! Finally she comprehended what Jack felt earlier. Triumphantly, the little girl rode the waves of her first orgasm, feeling as if her very being was vaulted into the sky. It felt like nothing she had ever experienced before.

Little by little, she eased down from her peak. Gradually, Melissa became aware of her surroundings again. She could feel the itchy carpet against her back. Her uncle's hard wiener felt hot against her ear as it rubbed her temple. And she could still feel Jack, small and hard, inside her body.

"Did that feel nice, sweetheart?" her uncle peered at her.

One last shiver tickled her spine. "Oh yes!" Melissa told him. "It felt so nice... What was it?"

"That's the nice feeling you get when you play adult games," he told her. "So you see why adults like to play it, don't you?"

"But I like to play it too!" Jack interjected.

His father laughed. "Yes, it feels nice so kids like to play it too."

"I want to show Melissa how I can make you feel nice," Jack announced.

Not at all inclined to dissuade him, Jack's father got up and seated himself in the armchair. Jack knelt before him. "He likes it when I suck on it, like this," Jack demonstrated to his cousin. "Or sometimes I move my hand on it like this."

"Oh," Melissa said. She didn't exactly like Jack in the role of teacher but had no choice but to accept being the student. "You just keep doing that?"

"Yes," acknowledged Jack. "You just keep doing it and then Daddy makes his cream?"

"What?" asked Melissa. Now she was really confused. Cream?

"Just watch," Jack told her.

It didn't take long. A few minutes later, Melissa heard her uncle sigh. "Get ready, Jackie," he murmured. "Get ready... Oh!" Astonished, Melissa watched as Jack opened his mouth. His hand continued moving along her uncle's shaft and, sure enough, several streams of creamy looking fluid began to spurt from his wiener. Some shot right into Jack's open mouth but some stray shots landed on his chin and chest. Melissa was enthralled. Her uncle was shuddering just like she and Jack had earlier, except he was also groaning loudly.

Jack turned to her proudly. "See?" Melissa didn't know how to respond but she had to admit she was impressed. A small dribble of fluid still leaked from her uncle's penis but Jack put his mouth on the end of the fading erection and licked it clean.

"Is it really cream?" Melissa asked, her curiosity getting the better of her.

Jack used his finger to wipe off some of the fluid that had landed on his chest. "Here," he said. "Do you want to try some?"

Melissa tentatively licked the dollop of white fluid from Jack's outstretched finger. "It doesn't taste like cream," she noted.

"I know it," Jack replied. "We just like to call it cream anyway."

The little girl swirled it in her mouth a bit before swallowing. "Well, I bet I could make it come out too," Melissa told him.

"Let's stop bickering, huh kids?" Jack's father announced. He meant to make his voice sound firm and authoritative, but he was completely spent. Try as he might though, he couldn't keep a silly grin from breaking out as his head lolled back on the armchair. It felt like he had won the lottery. "I think we'll have plenty of time to figure out who can do what," he told the children.

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