Please note: All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this story, some of which are dangerous or illegal.
Please keep in mind the difference between fantasy and reality.

Maria and the Seven Sacraments
Chapter Two:
by Janus
Copyright 2005

Maria stood patiently in her pew as the congregation finished singing the communion hymn. She was careful not to fidget. After all, she was six years old now, six years and three months to be exact. On the day after her sixth birthday, the little girl had gone to the Church of Arcadia to complete her second sacrament: Holy Eucharist.

Holy Eucharist was important. During this sacrament, Christ was to be re-sarcrificed and given to the receiver. The blessing and benefit of the Eucharist were to be continually applied to those of faith but at the Church of Arcadia, only the chosen girls who had not yet received the sacrament of Confirmation were allowed the sacrament of Holy Eucharist.

Maria had been able to participate in the Holy Eucharist each week since her sixth birthday. She had done it almost a dozen times now but the young girl still felt excited each time she received it.

Then it was time. Maria brushed her long brown hair behind each ear and stepped forward from her pew, joined by a dozen other girls in the congregation. Everyone stood silent as twelve deacons filed quietly into the church, lit only by the candles that decorated the walls and altar. The deacons, wearing long robes and hoods that disguised their identities, lined up shoulder-to-shoulder on one side of the altar. The twelve girls did the same on the other side of the altar.

Father Kelsey signaled to the congregation to kneel in their pews. The twelve girls did the same, their stockinged legs protected by padded kneelers. Maria watched closely as the deacons began their Holy Preparation. Each deacon’s hood and robe was but a single garment, there were no sleeves but Maria knew that underneath the robe, each deacon was massaging his Tool of God.

The little girl wished she could watch but the deacon’s robe was too thick and billowing for her to glimpse what was underneath it. Instead, she obediently kneeled quietly, her back straight and her hands clasped in prayer . The congregation was likewise silent.

Suddenly, one of the deacons gestured. Immediately, the girl directly across from him stood up and hurried across the altar to kneel before him. Maria watched with great interest as the deacon parted his robe to reveal his penis, very hard and long, that he was still stroking. Dutifully, the girl in front of him opened her mouth wide in an O shape and moved close so that her lips were only inches from the angry purple tip of his penis.

The deacon continued stroking his hard tool for a moment before moving forward and letting his penis slide into the girl’s mouth. She closed her lips around it. The deacon didn’t push too far inside her mouth, only enough for the head of his penis to disappear. He kept stroking until everyone heard his quiet gasp.

Maria remembered her surprise on her sixth birthday when she received the Holy Eucharist for the first time. That day, she was so surprised that she gagged a bit and let some of the Holy Eucharist fluid spill onto her dress and onto the altar floor. Since then, however, she had been careful not to let that happen again.

This girl was likewise careful as well. There was no sign of any fallen white fluid when the deacon stepped back, withdrawing his penis from the girl’s mouth. She kissed the tip of his tool, right where the little slit was on the tip to make sure she got any white fluid that had belatedly dripped out. Then she stood up and returned to her place with the other girls.

One by one, the remaining deacons completed the same exercise. Maria watched as the girl next to her was summoned over to the deacon. She, too, kneeled obediently and received his Eucharist in her mouth and kissed the tip to catch any stray drips before returning to kneel next to Maria.

Finally, it was Maria’s turn. The deacon across from her gestured that he was ready. Her heart skipped a beat as the six year old girl stood up and scampered across to kneel before him. Trying to control her breathing, Maria watched as the deacon parted his robes to reveal his large penis. His fist ran along the shaft of it, preparing his tool to impart the Holy Eucharist in her mouth. Like the other girls, Maria opened her mouth as wide as she could.

The little girl gazed down the tip of her nose so she could watch this penis being fed to her. When she felt the rubbery tip against her tongue, she closed her mouth, letting her lips wrap tightly around the shaft. The deacon’s penis felt warm against her lips and tongue. The taste of his masculinity was strong in her mouth, but familiar too since she had done this each Sunday morning for the past twelve weeks.

Unquestioningly, the little girl waited, her mouth effectively attached to the tip of the hard penis. She didn’t have to wait long. The deacon inhaled sharply, and Maria tightened her clamp-like lips even harder around his penis. She felt the thick fluid land on the back of her tongue. Maria was excited but she didn’t let herself panic. Carefully, she swallowed the holy liquid, letting it slide quickly down her throat. Another spray of hot liquid quickly replaced what she swallowed, then another. The six year old girl knew she would gag if she swallowed at the same time as the deacon spurted so she patiently waited for him to complete the exchange.

Occasionally, she would wait too long and there would be too much of the white Holy Eucharist fluid in her mouth. In cases like these, the worse danger was letting the creamy liquid accidentally drip out of her mouth once the deacon withdrew. This time, however, Maria was lucky. The felt the final weak spurts deposit the last drops of the Eucharist in her full mouth and then she swallowed it all.

The little girl loosened her tight lips and let the deacon withdraw his penis. Maria then leaned forward and kissed the glistening tip. It was good that she did so because a small blob of white sap had appeared at the tiny slit in the deacon’s penis. She was always fascinated by the idea of the Holy Eucharist issuing from this little opening. Maria scrambled to her feet and returned to her kneeler.

She licked her lips, tasting the salty white fluid that had touched her lips when she kissed the deacon’s penis. It was funny how she could never taste anything until after the fact when she was kneeling once again. The bitter, mineral-like taste of the Holy Eucharist remained in the six year old girl’s mouth as she clasped her hands to pray. Maria felt very holy indeed for receiving such a special gift from God through the deacon’s tool.

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