Please note: All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this story, some of which are dangerous or illegal.
Please keep in mind the difference between fantasy and reality.

Maria and the Seven Sacraments
Chapter One:
by Janus
Copyright 2005


Arcadia Hills is a gated community in northern California. Approximately eighty families call this neighborhood home, with its tall trees and thick shrubbery enforced by a discreet wrought iron fence. The 300 strong population is secretive to the point of reclusion: visitors from the outside world seeking to contact anyone inside Arcadia Hills are often rebuffed, sometimes kindly and sometimes not. Indeed, contact with the exterior world was rare, for the community has its own school system, security force, and commercial zone. Unlike other gated communities, Arcadia Hills neither solicits nor accepts applications from prospective home-seekers. But the general community surrounding Arcadia Hills could hardly complain: the Arcadian residents were never disagreeable or caused any problems…

Chapter One:


Maria followed Father Kelsey as he paced the empty church, his words echoing into the high vaulted ceiling as he lectured her.

“The Seven Sacraments are of the utmost importance to Catholic life,” he told the five-year old girl. “The Sacraments take us home on the path to salvation, they bring us closer to the Lord our Savior.”

Maria nodded obediently. She had heard this lecture many times before from her parents as well as her teachers. Religion was taken very seriously in Arcadia Hills. She hurried to catch up with the priest. Her shoes clicked on the stone floor as she walked. Maria was wearing her new dress shoes as well as a beautifully lacy white dress for her baptism today.

“You are here with us today, Maria, the day after your fifth birthday,” the priest said solemnly. He stopped walking. “Is that correct?”

“Yes, Father.”

“And why have your parents sent you here?”

“To begin my first of seven sacraments.”

“Correct,” the priest intoned, and the two resumed their walk through the church. Father Kelsey was a rather bulky man, his balding head covered with a few sparse salt and pepper strands of hair. His looked rather large and incongruous next to Maria’s small form. She had big and brown inquisitive eyes that peered out from her face, framed by her long straight brown hair parted directly in the middle. “As you know there are Seven Holy Sacraments. What is the first?”

“Baptism,” Maria answered.

“Yes. Baptism,” Father Kelsey nodded thoughtfully. “Baptism, which cleanses from original sin, providing rebirth and regeneration. It is necessary for salvation. What is next?”

“Anointing the sick.”

“Anointing of the sick. It bestows grace on those who are sick, old, or dying. It forgives sins and aids in the physical healing of the body. Tell me another,” he commanded.


“Yes, penance,” the priest sighed. “It removes the penalty of sins committed after baptism. An ongoing process throughout one’s life, an eternal struggle. Next?”

“Holy Eucharist,” Maria said promptly.

“Or First Communion,” Father Kelsey told her. “In which Christ is re-sacrificed and the benefits of Calvary are continually applied anew to the believer.”

He paused. Without prompting, Maria said brightly, “Confirmation?”

The priest nodded somberly. “Confirmation. The most powerful of all the Holy Sacraments. The Holy Spirit is bestowed on the Catholic by an agent of God. It seals the believer to the grace of the Catholic Church.”

The man and girl walked in silence for a moment. “That is five sacraments,” Father Kelsey said. “The remaining two, as you know, are Marriage and Holy Orders. You are familiar with marriage, I’m sure. Holy Orders is less well-known but it is the most powerful calling of all, when ordinary men and women are bestowed with the special grace and spiritual power for leadership in the Church.”

“Yes, Father,” Maria answered dutifully.

They continued walking to the rear of the church until they reached a large wooden door. Maria knew it led to the rectory, where the seven priests of Arcadia Hills resided.

“But today,” the priest said, fixing a grave look on the girl, “you are to be baptized, for that is the first sacrament. Are you ready, my child?”

“Yes, Father.”

“For baptism is the most undemanding and most simple of all the sacraments. But it is the most serious as well, for it is the first step in the Journey to Christ. Here in Arcadia Hills, we are all Christians, and to be baptized is not only to be Catholic, but it is to be Arcadian. Are you willing to accept this responsibility?”

Maria blinked. Being only five years old, she had a hard time understanding what the priest was talking about. But her parents had told her to go with Father Kelsey and obey him like a good girl. “Yes, Father,” she responded.

“Good,” Father Kelsey said, opening the door. “Follow me to the private chapel. We will prepare you for your baptism.”

Maria followed him as he led her through the living quarters of the rectory. They soon entered a small circular chapel. In the center of the room was another vaulted ceiling, though not quite as high as those in the church. Two rows of simple wooden pews were arranged in a circular fashion, all focusing on a simple kneeling block beneath the skylight in the center of the chapel.

“Kneel, my child,” Father Kelsey instructed her. Maria walked to the center of the chapel and knelt on the hard wooden block. The late afternoon sunshine shimmered through the skylight, illuminating her form. Maria carefully arranged herself on the wooden kneeling block, making sure her white knee-high socks weren’t slipping. The hemline of her white dress was long enough to graze the stone of the floor as she knelt.

Father Kelsey came and stood in front of her. He had changed into a plush maroon robe that almost touched the floor. “You have come to experience the baptismal ritual and you shall have it,” he intoned, his deep voice filling the room. ”You have come seeking salvation and you shall find it. Brothers, join me.”

Maria watched curiously as six men filed into the chapel, each wearing a long robe like Father Kelsey except they had their hoods drawn. Upon reaching the center of the room, they formed a circle around the girl. Maria felt a shiver of fear run through her as the unknown hooded men surrounded her. But then Father Kelsey signaled to them and they removed their hoods. The five year old girl sighed with relief as she recognized the two other priests of the Church of Arcadia, Father Sean and Father Jeremy. The other men she recognized as the deacons.

Father Kelsey spoke. “This innocent will join the Catholic Church and earn her salvation. In the name of God, she will begin her journey. Brothers, are you ready?”

The six men nodded. Maria swallowed a lump in her throat, feeling nervous again. “Then let us begin,” Father Kelsey declared, “Let us pray and call forth the Holy Spirit so we may baptize this girl.”

The circle of men closed around Maria until they formed a tight circle with each man standing about two feet from the little girl. Maria bit her lip to keep from gasping as the holy men opened their robes, revealing their nakedness. Each man’s penis was erect, standing at attention as the shaft pointed at little Maria.

“Let us anoint the Tool of God,” Father Kelsey said softly. A small bottle of perfumed oil was produced. Maria watched dumbstruck as each man applied the oil to his penis until it glistened from the skylight’s sunshine.

Each man then took his penis and made a fist. They looked at Father Kelsey for direction. “Let us pray,” he ordered them.

Maria knelt, motionless, as the men began to stroke the lengths of their hard penises. She had seen her own father’s penis on several occasions but it never looked like this, nor did he ever touch it like these men were doing. The room was filled with a quiet squelching sound as the seven men masturbated around the five year old girl.

Nervously, Maria thumbed at the lace sleeve of her delicate white dress. Her mother had told her that the baptism might be scary but that she should be brave. Licking her dry lips, Maria tried to draw up her courage. This was odd behavior indeed and the men’s penises looked quite funny, being so hard and shiny and sticking out straight from their bodies… The purplish, knobby tip of each penis was pointed directly at Maria.

Maria knelt as the men continued their ministrations. One minute stretched into two, and then five. At the ten minute mark, Maria shifted her weight uncomfortably on the wooden kneeling block. Suddenly one of the men stopped his motions and only held his penis. Then another man stopped his movement as well. Curious, Maria turned her head slightly and found the men behind her had stopped stroking their penises as well. Only Father Kelsey, directly in front of her, continued fisting his long, hard penis.

“Maria,” he said, his voice suddenly raspy, “you must tilt your head backward. Yes, that’s right. You must look straight up at the sky, at God Himself, and you must keep your eyes open, but your mouth closed. Be perfectly still. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Father,” Maria said, doing as she was told. She tilted her head backward until she was looking up at the skylight high on the vaulted ceiling. The blue sky was clearly visible through the clear glass.

“Brothers,” Father Kelsey asked, “are you ready? Let us anoint this girl with the power of the Holy Spirit invested in us.”

Still looking straight up, Maria saw the circle of holy men close even tighter around her until their penises were directly over her face which betrayed a hint of fear. The men began to stroke their penises again. They stood so close that Maria felt even her eyelash could brush against a penis if she blinked.

Suddenly, Maria felt a hot substance land on her cheek. She flinched, but she heard Father Kelsey’s commanding voice: “Be still! Your eyes must be open, your mouth shut!” Maria did her best to comply as she felt something hot and burning land on her other cheek. When it began to drip down her neck, Maria realized it was some sort of fluid.

The penis directly above her, the one she could see best, confirmed her theory. Maria watched as a burst of white fluid sprayed from the slit on the dark red tip of the penis. The fluid traced a trail across her face and it felt hot where it landed.

And then suddenly there was no end to it. Maria watched, awed, as all the penises within her view exploded in rapid succession, each issuing a spurt of that hot white fluid. She blinked swiftly, for strands of it were stretched across her eye, held up only by her eyelashes. Maria felt the liquid land everywhere else too: her chin, her forehead, her upper lip. The five year old was soon covered in semen.

It occurred to her suddenly that the holy men were indeed baptizing her. But now with water but with this fluid from their penises. She briefly recalled how Father Kelsey had referred to the penis as a “Tool of God”. It was true then, they were anointing her with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Her head still tilted back, Maria craned her eyeballs to see Father Kelsey, his penis directly over her chin. She saw that his face was now quite red and beads of sweat were forming on his temples. “Receive…” he gasped, “you shall receive the Holy Spirit now…”

Maria saw another flash of white as the priest ejaculated on her face. It shot so powerfully that some landed on her forehead. She felt some of it go up her nose and onto her tightly pursed lips. Each spray felt like warm sunshine on her face and the little girl imagined herself receiving the blessing of God.

Finally it was over and the men withdrew. Maria tilted her head straight again. Immediately, she felt all the sticky fluid start to drip down her face. Some of it dribbled from her chin and landed on the chest of her lacy dress. She looked around and saw the holy men had closed their robes and drawn their hoods again. Only Father Kelsey stood unhooded before.

“My child,” he said, “you are now baptized in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Be proud: your journey has begun.” And for the first time, he smiled at the little girl.

Maria, her young face dripping with semen and her neck crusty with rapidly drying semen trails, smiled back at him.

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