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The Rest Stop
Chapter Seven
by Janus
Copyright 2005

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After leaving the diner, the Blackwells resumed their road trip. Amanda had peeked over the edge of her window and was glad to see that Roger hadn’t even gotten into his car yet when they pulled out of the parking lot. The eight year old girl even peered back at the rear windshield as the car gained speed on the highway, making sure the familiar red Volkwagen wasn’t following them.

That had been hours ago. Her ordeal finally behind her, Amanda fell asleep. She was dreamlessly napping when she woke suddenly. Something was wrong. She could feel the car decelerating.

“Daddy?” she said, sitting upright in the backseat. “What’s wrong?”

The station wagon was crawling to a stop now and her father steered the car onto the shoulder. “I don’t know, Amanda,” he answered distractedly. “The ‘Check Engine’ light is on.”

They were now at a complete stop on the highway shoulder. Amanda rubbed her sleepy eyes and looked out her window. It had stopped raining. The countryside around them appeared lush and green although the sun was low in the sky, casting long shadows over the empty highway.

Her father turned the ignition again but the engine made no sound. The clock-like ticking of the station wagon’s emergency lights ominously filled the car. Amanda heard her father swear underneath his breath.

“Can you fix the car, Dad?” Travis asked anxiously. Amanda could tell her brother was worried too.

“I’m not sure, Travis,” he replied. He turned the key again but there was still nothing. “You kids wait here while I take a look under the hood.” The two kids watched their father disappear under the hood of the station wagon. He returned a few minutes later and tried to start the car again. Nothing.

“What will we do?” Amanda asked her father, frightened now.

“Don’t worry, sweetie,” her father told her, catching the anxiety in her voice. “I’m sure we’re not far from a service station. We can just walk a bit until we find a phone to call for help.”

“Are we leaving the car here?” Travis asked.

“I guess we’ll have to,” her father replied cheerfully. “Come on! Brighten up. We’re going to be okay. Everybody have their shoes on?”

Her father had just stepped out of the car when they heard a car pulling up behind the station wagon. Curious, Amanda turned to investigate. A shiver of alarm swept through her body as she saw the red Volkswagen.

“Why hello again!” Roger said smiling as he got out of his van.

“Roger!” her dad exclaimed. “I am so glad to see you!”

“Having car trouble, are you?” Roger inquired, peering at the open hood.

“I don’t know what happened,” her dad shrugged. “We were just cruising along when the engine conked out all of a sudden. I think we’re going to have to walk to the next gas station and call a truck.”

“Truck?” Roger repeated. “Walk? No sir! You get your posse in my van and I’ll drive you!”

“Oh now really, Roger…” her father hemmed and hawed for a moment, his masculinity not allowing him to accept the help. Amanda nervously began chewing on a lock of her hair. She didn’t want to get in Roger’s van.

“Well, all right,” her father said conceding. “I guess I don’t want to make the kids walk too far, especially since it’s getting dark.”

“Now you’re talkin’!” Roger grinned.

Travis and Amanda piled into the red Volkswagen van as their father locked up the station wagon. Amanda was surprised to see a miniature kitchen inside the van. There was a small refrigerator as well as a small dining table that jutted from a side wall. Despite these extravagances, there was very little actual space inside the van.

“Sorry, but it might be a little tight in here,” Roger apologized as her father approached and peered inside the Volkswagen van. “Someone can sit in the passenger seat and I can clear some space from the back seat…”

“Travis, why don’t you sit in the front seat?” her father suggested. “Amanda and I will sit in the back.” Travis eagerly scrambled into the front seat of the van. Her father sat down in the space that Roger had cleared but there was still very little room in the backseat for Amanda to sit.

“Here honey,” her father said, “why don’t you just sit on my lap for now, okay?” Amanda climbed up into her father’s lap and settled herself in. Roger started the van and soon they were gliding down the highway again.

“Sorry about the tight fit,” Roger apologized again. He had to raise his voice a bit to be heard over the din of the ancient Volkswagen engine. “I had to pack a lot of junk before I left Colorado.” Amanda glanced about the interior of the van. The rear of the van was piled high with various luggage and duffel bags. On the seat next to her was a large box that clinked and clanked every time the van hit a bump on the road.

“No worries,” her father replied. “We’re just headed for the next gas station, after all.” But when they pulled up at the first gas station, the windows were dark and the station deserted.

“Uh oh,” Roger said, “I was worried about this. Sunday night in the country. No one’s open.”

“Hmmph,” her father said, craning his neck to look through the window. Amanda shifted on his lap. “Do you think there’s a pay phone we can use?”

“There’s one over there,” Roger pointed. “But no phone book.”

“Let’s try the next gas station,” her dad suggested. The van pulled out onto the highway again. But it was the same at the next gas station. And the next one as well. By the time they reached the fifth gas station, Amanda’s dad was clearly exasperated.

“All closed?” he wondered incredulously. “I can’t believe it.”

“Sunday night,” Roger explained apologetically. “Everyone likes to close early, especially out in the countryside like this.” They sat quiet for a moment as the van idled in the closed gas station.

“Tell you what,” Roger said earnestly. “We’re only three hours away from Boston. Why don’t I just give you a ride all the way? I’m going there myself.”

“No, no, Roger,” her dad objected. “You’ve already done too much for us.”

“Nonsense,” he replied. “What else are you gonna do? Even if you find a tow truck, it’ll be dark by the time you get back to your car.”

That was true. The sun had dipped beneath the horizon and the darkness was inexorably deepening. Her father sighed. “Roger,” he said, “you’re the best thing that’s happened to us on this trip. We would be much obliged if we could catch a ride to Boston with you.”

Roger nodded and smiled at the Blackwells. “My pleasure,” he said pulling the van back onto the highway entrance. “My pleasure.”

Amanda had listened uneasily to this exchange. She didn’t want to be in the car with Roger driving but the young girl had little choice. She fidgeted again on her father’s lap, trying to get comfortable. At least she was safe this way with her father’s arms wrapped securely around her. The seat was directly in front of the small dining table in the van so Amanda propped her feet up on the tabletop.

It wasn’t until an hour later that they found a gas station that was open. Roger pulled over to fill up the tank. Her father said nothing about calling a tow truck now. It was almost 8 p.m.

“Roger,” her father said, “how about letting me take a driving shift? You must be tired.”

Amanda’s ears perked up in apprehension.

“Not necessary,” Roger said dismissively with a wave of his hand. But her father insisted.

“No, please, let me drive,” he implored. “Just for an hour. You need some rest. Amanda will have to sit on your lap but don’t worry, she’s pretty light.”

Roger laughed at her father’s joke but Amanda felt a wave of panic overwhelm her. “Okay,” he consented, climbing down from the driver’s seat. Amanda felt her father’s arms on her shoulders, setting her aside as he moved to sit behind the steering wheel. Roger settled himself in where her father sat.

Her father started the car and began to pull out of the gas station. Amanda, however, still stood in the van, not wanting to sit down. “Come on, Amanda,” Roger said, taking her arms. “Upsy-daisy… there we go.”

The eight year old girl sat stiffly in his lap. She tried to keep her bottom close to his knees so wouldn’t have to lean against her molester. But Roger wouldn’t have any of it. Slowly, he eased her small body back until she rested against his chest.

The van sped away from the gas station, away from the illumination of the street lights. Soon they were back in the darkened countryside. Only a hint of light shone from the dashboard of the Volkswagen van. Otherwise, Amanda sat quietly in the dark as Roger wrapped his arms around her slim body.

“I’m so glad we could be together again, Amanda,” Roger whispered into her ear. “Didn’t we have a good time at that campground shower?” His hand rubbed her tummy. “Remember how I made you stand on your tippy-toes as I rubbed you? Remember how nice it felt?”

Amanda didn’t answer. Her father and her brother sat unknowingly in the front seats as Roger continued to caress her. She felt so frustratingly helpless. A great desire to speak out filled her throat but Amanda couldn’t find the strength to say anything. Her dad had to keep his eyes on the road and it was too dark for Travis what was happening.

Roger nuzzled the back of her neck. He inhaled deeply of her clean little girl scent. Despite herself, Amanda shivered as Roger began to gently kiss the nape of her neck. His hand moved to her knee. Desperately, Amanda cast her eyes to the front of the van. It was useless though because she and Roger sat directly in front of the dining table. They were hidden from the waist down.

“That feels good doesn’t it, Amanda?” he whispered to her. The little girl quivered with excitement again as Roger’s lips playfully nibbled her bare skin. The man began to massage her flat chest as she squirmed on his lap.

“You’re so beautiful, Amanda,” Roger told her softly. “So sexy. You love being touched, don’t you? Didn’t you like how I touched your little pussy in the restaurant? Didn’t that make you feel nice inside?”

He ran a hand along her thigh, rubbing her knees which were still clenched shut. Neither her dad nor Travis were aware of the fondling going on. Roger’s actions were well-hidden by the strategically placed dining table. “Answer me,” he whispered again. “Don’t you like how I touch you and make you feel nice?”

Amanda wriggled on his lap. She could feel her bottom pressing against his hard thing inside his pants. Confusion set in as Amanda battled an internal war. She didn’t want to be here with Roger, she didn’t want him to touch her like this but… His lips nibbled again on her neck, sending coursing tingles down her spine. Amanda didn’t want him to touch her but it felt so nice. So nice.

“You don’t want me stop, do you Amanda?”

Silence. “No,” Amanda said in a small voice.

“What do you want me to do?”

Amanda hesitated for a moment. But then she answered by spreading her legs, letting her knees fall outside of Roger’s lap. Amanda felt completely dirty and ashamed but the desire had been building up inside her as Roger massaged and kissed her. Every quiver of sexual energy through her young body headed directly for her crotch. And now the eight year old girl had spread open her legs, inviting the man to touch her.

Roger smiled in the darkened van. He let his fingers caress Amanda’s slender inner thigh, traveling closer and closer to her juncture. Finally, his fingers rested gently on her crotch, still covered by her thin cotton pants. Teasing her, he tapped lightly between her legs.

“Is this where you want me to touch you?”

Amanda could feel her face flushing in embarrassment as he teased her. Her brother and father still sat oblivious only a few feet away. Amanda knew it was wrong but her awakening sexuality was overwhelming her defenses. The little girl lifted the elastic waistband of her pants and underwear, giving Roger a clear path to her hairless slit.

“Please,” she said reluctantly. Amanda couldn’t help it. It felt too good for him to stop now.

Roger obliged. Amanda stiffened, partially in excitement and partially in self-consciousness, as Roger’s finger pressed against her bare pussy. She had already produced a little bit of moisture and it was all Roger needed to start fondling her little pleasure nubbin.

“Ahhh,” Amanda sighed in pleasure. The van’s loud engine drowned out any noise she made. A tremor of forbidden pleasure swept through her body as Roger petted her. It felt naughty to willingly spread her legs and let him touch her while her family sat so close.

Roger continued to stroke her baby clit for several minutes. Amanda could feel the intensity of pleasure rising with each passing moment. She was breathing rapidly now and she could feel Roger’s body hot beneath hers.

“Amanda,” he hissed into her ear, “you’re such a sexy little girl. So naughty. You love this, don’t you? I can feel your body squirming in delight while I rub you.”

Amanda’s mouth dropped open in a silent moan as his finger dug into her little clit. He spoke again. “All your muscles are twitching in pleasure. I can feel you stiffen in my lap each time you get closer and closer to coming for me. Your sweet little pussy getting wetter and wetter…”

Amanda bit her lip. She was close and Roger’s finger was relentlessly diddling her, his hand crammed under the waistband of her undies. A warm wave of heady pleasure exploded in the eight year old girl’s body.

“Ahh… ahh…” Amanda gasped uncontrollably as she came. Her back arched as her head fell against Roger’s shoulder.

“That’s right,” he told her, not stopping, “let me make you feel good, Amanda. No one can hear you, make as much noise as you want.”

Short, high-pitched sounds emitted from Amanda’s throat, guttural and animal sounds of her reflexive orgasm. After what seemed like an eternity, Amanda relaxed in Roger’s lap, her arms and legs hanging limp from her sides. She was exhausted. Her head spun lightly in a technicolor dizziness. Roger’s hand remained under her waistband but she was too tired to get him to remove it. Amanda closed her eyes as a quiet peacefulness overtook her body.

The young girl, wiped out from her powerful orgasm, dozed off. Amanda awoke with a start, taking a deep lungful of air as she tried to recognize her surroundings. She was still reclining on someone’s lap. Roger’s?

Yes, it must have been because she could feel a hand underneath the waistband of her underwear. A pair of fingers began to roughly stroke her pleasure spot. Amanda’s leg muscles tightened involuntarily from the stimulation as her body responded.

“Hello there, little Amanda,” Roger spoke softly into her ear. “Did you have a nice little nap?” The young girl tried to sit up but Roger wouldn’t allow it. His hand moved to her flat chest and held her tight against him as he continued to diddle her.

“My sweet little angel,” Roger whispered to her. “It must have felt really nice, didn’t it, to make you so tired?”

The eight year old girl suddenly recalled the intense feelings that had rippled across her body. The same fluttering sensations were being coaxed from her now as Roger manipulated the area between her legs. Her eyes flickered to the front of the car where her father still sat unaware behind the wheel. Travis meanwhile seemed to be asleep in the passenger seat.

A strong undulation of pleasure tickled Amanda, starting from her spine to her neck. It felt good but Amanda didn’t want to be touched anymore. She tried closing her legs, her slim thighs trapping the hand beneath her waistband.

“What’s the matter, Amanda? Don’t you like it when I make you feel good?”

The little girl squirmed on the man’s lap but held her tight. A slow tingle began to burn beneath his fondling finger. Amanda sat up straight in his lap. Desperately, she tried to control the rising tide of excitement between her legs.

“Let me make you feel good,” Roger cooed in her ear. “I can feel your little pussy getting wet…”

Without meaning to, Amanda let out a little gasp. The rushing blood began to pound in her head. With a flush of shame, she realized she had unknowingly opened her legs wide again, welcoming Roger’s touch. With great willpower she squeezed her knees shut and tried to up from his lap.

“No,” she whined, “stop it. I don’t want to do this anymore.”

His free hand held her tight however. Amanda quivered in his grasp again. The more she fought the rising sexual excitement, the stronger it became. The young girl’s legs relaxed and she spread herself open again. She was getting to close to resist now.

“Uhh… uhh…” Amanda grunted softly, mindful of her father’s presence. Suddenly, it was too much. His finger’s rough abuse of her tiny clit brought the blissful sensations to a head. Against her will, Amanda’s body accepted a powerful orgasm.

“Uhhhmmmm…” Amanda cried out, remembering at the last second to contain herself. She gasped sharply as her body pulsed in sexual release. The eight year old girl felt like she was floating now, disembodied. Exhausted again, Amanda found she couldn’t support her heavy eyelids. She blinked a few times before closing her eyes.

Amanda woke up to the touch of his hand gently petting her puffy lips. This time, there was no confusion when she woke up. She knew it was Roger’s hand touching her but she was unsure of how long she had been asleep. Was it ten minutes? Thirty? It didn’t matter because his finger had parted her fleshy slit and had begun to caress her sensitive pleasure nubbin again.

Too weak to resist, Amanda remained sprawled out on the man’s lap as he molested her. She wanted him to stop but she knew it was useless to defy him. Instead, she relaxed and tried to let herself fall asleep again.

“Maybe if I ignore him and fall asleep, he’ll stop doing it,” she thought to herself. Amanda didn’t have to pretend though because rest was all her tired body wanted. She fell half asleep, not able to entirely escape Roger’s relentless finger between her legs. It was a warm and fuzzy kind of sleep as the tug-of-war played out between her exhaustion and her horniness. The little tingles in her midsection weren’t totally unpleasant.

Amanda dozed like that for the next hour. Just as she thought she could fall asleep, Roger’s finger awoke a buzzing electricity in her crotch and she would slip back to consciousness. But his touch produced such a soothing bliss that she would soon find herself falling asleep again. She must have lost consciousness though because there were several times when she would snap back from her obscure dreamworld to realize someone was fondling her.

Like before, however, the poor little girl’s body could only resist for so long. Amanda was jerked away from her light sleep by a much more powerful sensation. His finger was tracing light circles around her clit. Opening her eyes, Amanda instinctively knew that she needed something. She couldn’t explain it. It was being hungry but not for food. The eight year old girl spread her legs, giving Roger better access to her hairless pussy. She pushed her crotch forward into his finger.

Roger immediately understood and began to stroke harder against Amanda’s engorged nubbin. She moaned quietly. All the teasing over the past hour had awoken the little girl’s sexual appetite. Amanda didn’t like Roger touching her but she did like the sensations coursing through her body.

“Oh!” Amanda cried out. Her orgasm, brewing for so long, swept over her with an unexpected force. She bucked violently in Roger’s lap. Had he not been holding her tight, she would have easily fallen to the floor. Amanda grunted as the orgasm pounded her reluctant body.

Her third orgasm of the night left her dazed. Roger loosened his grip on her and Amanda slid to the floor of the Volkswagen van. She felt her legs touch the cool linoleum and her face rested against Roger’s denim clad leg. In a hazy stupor, Amanda realized she was sitting beneath the small dining table.

In the dim light, she saw Roger pull his pants down around his ankles. An alarm bell went off in the little girl’s head as she saw his hairy legs come into view. He then pushed himself forward until she could see his thick penis pointing straight at her. The illumination was weak but Amanda could recognize the shaft that he had forced into her mouth just this morning at the campground shower.

Still lost in her stupor, Amanda could only watch as Roger’s fist began to stroke his erect penis. She wasn’t sure if he wanted her to do anything so she just watched. The touching and all her orgasms must have really turned him on because it was only a few minutes later when she heard Roger’s muted gasp above her from beyond the tabletop.

His fist was a blur along the length of his shaft. The dim light obscured the details but Amanda saw a flash of white from the tip of his penis. A warm splatter of fluid landed on the bridge of the eight year old girl’s nose. She recoiled as another spurt landed on her cheek. Roger decorated Amanda’s face and hair with several more sprays as she sat passively beneath the table.

Finally it stopped. Amanda felt the thick fluid start to drip from her chin. She could feel a wet spot on her t-shirt, the soaked cotton cool against the skin of her chest. Roger pulled up his pants. He then reached down and pulled Amanda back to the seat as well.

She sat submissively on his lap. Had her father looked into the rearview mirror at that moment, he would have seen his eight year old daughter glistening with several strands of dripping semen. But he didn’t look back. Amanda carefully pursed her lips so the congealing liquid wouldn’t enter her mouth.

Roger pulled out some kleenex and began wiping her off. She let him clean her face. When he was done, he gave her a kiss on the lips.

“You’re such a good girl, Amanda,” he told her lovingly. “So sexy and so obedient.” When she didn’t reply, he kissed her again. “Let’s get some rest before we get to Boston, okay?”

He sat back, his arms chastely wrapped around her waist. Amanda reluctantly leaned back and reclined on his lap. She was tired too. Though Roger had wiped her off, a thin coating of his semen still adorned her cheeks and she could feel it getting crusty as it dried. Amanda closed her eyes and drifted to sleep, not worrying about her excuse when they would finally arrive in Boston and her father would ask her about the stains on her t-shirt and the clump of dried goo in her matted hair.

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