Please note: All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this story, some of which are dangerous or illegal.
Please keep in mind the difference between fantasy and reality.

The Rest Stop
Chapter Four
Written by Janus
Copyright 2004

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Amanda found herself dozing and moving in and out of consciousness. Every so often she would fall in to a light sleep but she would wake up, remembering that she was supposed to be touching her little button as the man directed her. At first she had been only taking tentative swipes with her finger but after some experimentation, Amanda found that it felt nice to rub her button. It was like scratching an itch.

She did feel confused by the odd moisture that seemed to be wetting her underpants. It had been dry down there at first but the eight year old girl could tell there was some slickness between her legs now as she rubbed her button. It felt nice to do it but it was relaxing her so much that she was falling asleep. Restlessly, she kept shifting position to keep herself awake.

Her father notice his daughter's lack of sleep. "What's the matter, Amanda? Can't you sleep?"

"I'm not tired, Daddy," Amanda replied, stifling a yawn.

"You should really try to rest, sweetie. It's 2:30 in the morning," he told her. "We've still got a long ways to go towards morning."

"How much longer?" Amanda asked, fearing the answer. Even though she was speaking to her father, the eight year old girl was still diddling her baby clit. Subconsciously she was enjoying the stimulation although she was somewhat confused by the growing wetness between her legs.

"About three hours or so," he told her, looking at her through the rearview mirror. He saw Amanda blanch. "Honey, are you okay?" he asked, concerned. "If you want to go to the bathroom again, we can stop."

"No!" Amanda said anxiously. She pulled her hand from her jeans. "I'm fine!"

"Well honey," he said, slowing the car, "I need to stop and get gas anyway. You and Travis should use the bathroom while you can."

He pulled up to a gas pump. Shutting off the engine, he woke up Travis who was slumbering peacefully in the passenger seat. "Travis," he said, shaking his shoulder gently. "Wake up and take your sister to the bathroom."

Amanda's hands were shaking as she tried to undo her seatbelt. Her fingers were so clumsy that she had difficulty opening the car door. A pit of dread formed in her stomach as she and Travis walked to the restroom together. It wasn't until she was walking that she realized how much moisture had formed between her legs. Even so, her body was as tense as a tightened string on an instrument as they approached the rest stop building.

Even Travis noted her apprehension. "You okay, Amanda?" he asked sleepily. "You look sorta pale." The stopped in front of the men's restroom. Amanda gazed up at her older brother with frightened eyes.

"Y-you go ahead," she stuttered. "I don't have to go. I'll wait in the car."

But Travis grabbed her shoulder as she turned to leave. Steering her into the restroom, he said, "Come on, Amanda. Dad will be mad if he has to stop for you to go."

Amanda's was filled with despair as Travis led her into a stall. Before closing the door, she pleaded with him, "Travis, just this once, please don't leave me alone? Please?"

Hearing the fear in her voice, Travis relented. "Okay, okay," he promised her. "I'll wait right here, okay?"

Relieved, Amanda sat down on the toilet and relieved herself. She could hear Travis fiddling around by the sinks and she was reassured by his presence. Amanda flushed the toilet and pulled up her jeans. Just as she opened the stall door, however, someone entered the restroom.

Click-clack, click-clack went the sound of his boots.

Amanda froze. She looked up and saw that the stranger had just entered the restroom. Her face went pale but she saw Travis was right there, leaning against the sink and waiting for her.

The stranger smiled at the both of them. "Goodness," he said, "you're traveling late, aren't you?"

Travis yawned and nodded. "Overnight trip to Boston," he told the man.

"Long trip," he said thoughtfully. "Young man, here's a dollar. Why don't you go buy some hot chocolate for yourself and your sister?"

Travis's eyes lit up. "Really!" he said, taking the dollar bill from the man. "Thanks, mister!"

"You're welcome."

"Amanda," Travis said, heading for the restroom exit, "you finish up and wash your hands. I'll go get the hot chocolate, okay?"

Alarmed at being alone with the stranger, Amanda immediately protested, "No, wait for me! I'm done!"

"Wash your hands," Travis said over his shoulder. "I'll be outside." And then he was gone, leaving the man alone with Amanda. He smiled at her.

"Hello, Amanda," he said, moving towards her. "Why don't you get back in the stall and I'll see if you've been a good girl?"

Amanda shrank as he approached her. Unable to refuse, she let his hand on her shoulder guide her into a stall. He closed the door behind them, the latch making a sturdy `click' as it locked.

"Take off your pants, Amanda."

Miserably, the little girl unzipped her jeans and let them fall to her ankles. The man squatted before her and touched her bald slit. Amanda tensed as he fondled her.

"Wet," he said, smirking. "You did just what I told you to. Good girl." He continued to stroke her undeveloped lips for a moment, relishing the feel of her puffy slit against his rough finger. "Since you were such a good girl, I've got something for you too," he told her.

Amanda watched, shocked, as he undid his own pants and let them fall to his ankles. The eight year old girl stared, stupefied, as she stood face to face with his penis. It dangled only inches from her and she felt instantly repulsed by it. Amanda had only seen one other penis in her life and that was her brother's when they were younger. But this man's penis didn't resemble Travis's at all. It was wrinkly, much bigger, and it rested on a bed of coarse hair, unlike Travis's small and pink peepee that didn't have a hint of hair.

"Like it, Amanda," he asked her. Lewdly, he took his penis in his hand and began stroking it in front of the little girl. Amanda watched as it grew hard and even bigger in his fist. "Come on," the man told her, "let's both have a seat, shall we?"

He sat down on the toilet and then pulled the reluctant girl onto his lap. Amanda could feel his penis, hard and warm, as it brushed against her butt. The man arranged her on his lap and positioned his penis so it pressed hard against her hairless cunny. It was long enough to extend all the way beneath her slit and still rub against her thigh as she sat.

Amanda sat stiff and wooden on the man's lap as he began to fondle her again. He marveled at how wet she was and wondered if she had made herself come in the car. Inhaling the sweet scent of her hair, the man began to rub her clit with strong, sure strokes. The little girl bucked gently in his lap and she subconsciously spread her legs wider. He knew it must be feeling good for her.

As the man grinded her little button in to her pubic bone, Amanda couldn't help but feel tingly as tiny shocks went through her body. She didn't like him and she didn't like him touching her between her legs, but the young girl couldn't defend herself from the blissful warmth building inside her body. All the rubbing and fondling Amanda had done herself in the car had primed her body for an orgasm and the eight year old girl couldn't resist the waves of pleasure lapping at her.

Amanda let exhaled a quick breath and stiffened in the man's lap. His fingers were relentlessly fondling her and it was all coming to a head. Looking down at the man's hard penis jutting obscenely from between her legs, Amanda had her first orgasm.

"Ohhhh..." Amanda moaned, scared at the overwhelming pleasure that crashed into her. The man held the girl tight around the waist as her body went straight in his arms. Her legs kicked up in the air and she writhed and bucked in his lap, rubbing her bald slit nicely against his hard cock.

Amanda started to come down. As she became aware of her surroundings again, she could feel heart beating rapidly and she felt flushed. Every muscle in her body was loose and relaxed. Amanda wished she could feel that sensation again. No sooner had the thought occurred to her then Amanda felt deeply ashamed. Did she actually like what this man was doing to her?

The stranger's grip around her waist loosened and she slid off his lap. "Put your pants on," he directed her. "Your brother is waiting outside with some hot chocolate. Doesn't that sound nice?"

Amanda slowly pulled up her pants, still feeling dazed after her first orgasm. The man still sat on the toilet with his penis jutting up lewdly from his crotch. Amanda avoided looking at it. Pursing her lips, she turned and let herself out of the stall.

Outside she found Travis contentedly sipping hot chocolate. "Here's yours," he said, handing her a paper cup. "What took you so long anyway?"

Amanda didn't answer. She felt very sleepy now and her eyelids refused to stay open. She trudged back to the car and set the hot chocolate aside in the cupholder. Her father started the car and soon the car was gently humming down the highway again. Wiped out from her first orgasm and too scared and confused to articulate what she felt, Amanda fell into a deep and dreamless sleep.

Links to the entire series of The Rest Stop:
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Chapter Four
Chapter Five
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Chapter Eight

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