Please note: All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this story, some of which are dangerous or illegal.
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The Rest Stop
Chapter One
Written by Janus
Copyright 2004

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"Hurry up, Amanda," Travis Blackwell said to his younger sister. The two children were walking in the cool night air to a rest stop somewhere in Illinois. Amanda followed Travis into the deserted restroom area and entered the men's restroom with him.

They were traveling on a cross-country trip with their father from Des Moines to Boston to visit their grandparents. Todd Blackwell waited in the car with a watchful eye as his kids trotted to the bathroom, with Travis walking a good ten feet ahead of his little sister. Although eight years old, Amanda was afraid to use the bathroom alone and her older brother had to accompany her, meaning they two kids were forced to use the men's restroom.

In the restroom Amanda made a beeline for the bathroom stall, ignoring the bank of urinals. Closing the door behind her, she pushed her jeans and underwear to her ankles and sat down. The restroom was empty because it was almost eleven P.M. Her father worked the third-shift at a dried-soup packaging plant so they had begun their journey a little past ten P.M.. Amanda was excited because she liked long car trips but the only problem was that she constantly had to go to the bathroom. Her father always said she took after her mother and had to go pee every hour. The men in the Blackwell family apparently had bladders of steel because Travis and her father rarely had to use a rest stop bathroom.

Amanda had barely sat down when she heard Travis yell at her, "Are you almost done yet?"

"No!" Amanda yelled back, her voice echoing throughout the porcelain-clad bathroom.

Travis rolled his eyes. He was four years older than Amanda and he felt much older and wiser since he was twelve years old and she was only eight. "I'm going to look at the vending machines," he yelled to her.

"Wait!" Amanda cried. "I'm almost done!" But it was too late. She heard Travis's footsteps fade away and then the gentle `thud' of the restroom door as it closed behind him. Amanda swallowed nervously as she tried to hurry up. She had always been fearful of using public restrooms and rest stops were the worst. If her mom had accompanied them, she would have escorted her daughter to the ladies' restroom and waited, but her mother had been unable to take time off to visit the grandparents.

She heard the restroom door open and someone entered. The `click, click' sound of boot heels on the tile informed her it wasn't Travis and his sneakers. It didn't matter, Amanda was done peeing anyway. She reached for the toilet paper but found the dispenser was empty. The young girl panicked for a moment, wishing Travis hadn't left her.

"Um, hello?" she said. "Is someone there? I need some toilet paper please." She heard the click-clack sound approach the stall next to her.

"Why, certainly, young lady, I can help you," a voice said. She heard the sound of the toilet roll dispenser unwinding the next stall.

"Oh, thank you," Amanda said gratefully. "Could you just pass it under the wall here?"

The stranger chuckled. "No, no, let me hand it to you. Can you unlock your stall door for me?"

Amanda balked for a moment. She didn't like the idea of some stranger seeing her sitting on the toilet. But she needed that toilet paper and her dad and Travis were waiting... "Um, okay," Amanda said, reaching up and straining to release the catch on the door. "Okay, it's open."

The stranger opened the door and peered in at her. Amanda blushed, feeling embarrassed. The man appeared to be in his forties and he wore a bright orange hunting cap. He seemed quite rugged in his worn pants and jacket vest over his plaid shirt. He smiled at Amanda and she returned his smile, amused by his bushy eyebrows and mustache.

Amanda reached for the toilet paper but he didn't hand it to her. "What are you doing in the men's restroom?" he asked her instead.

Amanda looked at the floor sheepishly as she explained. "I don't like using the women's bathroom all alone. My brother was supposed to wait for me but he left."

"That's not very nice," the stranger said, opening the door a little wider. Amanda felt very exposed, sitting on the toilet before this unknown man. She kept her thighs clenched together and leaned forward, trying to hide her private area.

"Can I have the toilet paper?" Amanda asked politely.

"Well, of course," the man said agreeably. But instead of handing it to her, he stepped inside the stall and closed the door behind him. Amanda looked at him, surprised.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"It's not right for little girls to have to use the bathroom all alone," he told her. "Tell you what, why don't you let me wipe for you?" He reached toward her midsection with the toilet paper.

"Oh no!" Amanda exclaimed, her face reddening even more in embarrassment. Why wouldn't he leave her alone? "It's okay! I can do it myself if you give me the toilet paper."

"Now, now," the stranger said, squatting before her. "Just be a good girl and let me do it..." He parted her knees with his hands. Amanda tried to protest and keep her legs closed but he was insistent. She found herself relaxing her legs and letting them fall open, exposing her hairless crotch to him.

"That's a good girl," the man said to her. He reached between her legs with the toilet paper and gently wiped her peehole, swabbing several times between her lips. "There!" he said. "All clean!"

Amanda noticed he was still staring between her legs, even after he had withdrawn his hand. She shifted uncomfortably on the toilet. The man stared at her bald slit for a long moment, drinking in the plump flesh of her crotch.

"Tell you what," the man said, "I better check and make sure I did a good job..." Before Amanda could protest, the stranger reached between her legs again. This time, she felt his bare finger caressing her privates, stroking her undeveloped lips and quickly probing the depths of her virginal hole.

But then it was over before she could react. The stranger pulled away his hand and beamed at her. "All clean now!" he informed her cheerfully. His demeanor was so friendly and jovial that Amanda found herself smiling too. He stood up and Amanda hopped off the toilet and pulled her pants back up.

"Aren't you such a pretty girl!" the man told her, tucking a strand of her brown hair behind her ears. Amanda smiled demurely at his compliment. Standing only four feet tall, she was indeed a beautiful little girl with her naturally curly hair that fell in wavy ringlets around her pretty face.

The pair exited the bathroom stall together. "You're lucky I came along," he told her as they washed their hands. "You might have been stuck sitting there all night without toilet paper, huh?" He laughed and Amanda laughed with him. The tense moment between them passed and the eight year old girl felt less troubled by what just happened.

"So where are you headed for?" the man asked her.

"Boston," Amanda replied. "We're visiting my grandparents."

"Well how about that!" the man said admiringly. He reached into his vest and pulled out a can of Mountain Dew. "Here, take this," he urged her. "That's a long drive and you'll get mighty thirsty on a drive like that!"

"Thank you," Amanda said gratefully, surprised by his kindness. She was drying her hands now but the man was already done washing and was headed for the exit."

"Take care!" he wished her cheerfully over his shoulder. Amanda waved goodbye. Just before paused before letting the restroom door close behind him. "Say, what was your name, pretty girl?"

Amanda blushed a little. "I'm Amanda," she said shyly.

The man touched the bill of his orange hunting camp. "Pleased to meet you, Amanda," he said, smiling. Then he turned and left. The door shut and she was alone in the restroom again. Wiping her hands on her pants, Amanda left the men's restroom and went to search for Travis. The lobby of the rest stop was completely empty so she headed for the car. As she suspected, Travis was already sitting in the passenger seat with her father.

"Thanks for waiting for me, jerk," she said, climbing into the backseat of the car.

Her father started the car and they began pulling out of the rest stop. "Travis," he said, "you better wait for your sister next time. I don't like her being all alone in the bathroom like that."

"Okay, okay," Travis grumbled. The car merged back onto the freeway and picked up speed. Amanda opened her Mountain Dew and began drinking it as she watched the nighttime scenery whiz past her car window.

Links to the entire series of The Rest Stop:
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