Please note: All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this story, some of which are dangerous or illegal.
Please keep in mind the difference between fantasy and reality.

The Plumber
Written by Janus
Copyright 2010

"Ester, sweetie, could you come with me please?" Sarah asked. Her daughter sat behind an antique office desk, its huge size dwarfing the seven year old girl. The desk belonged to her husband who had a soft spot for the little girl and let her use it whenever she wanted.

"Sure, mommy." Ester put down her pencil. "Where are we going?"

"Upstairs," Sarah told her daughter. "There's someone I want you to meet."

"Okay," Ester said, climbing the stairs after her mom. As the daughter of a congressman, she had grown accustomed to her parents introducing her to people. The polite meetings usually lasted only a few minutes, during which Ester had to remain courteous and well-mannered.

"I... There's a little... well, a game I'd like to teach you," Sarah said haltingly.

"What kind of game?"

"Well, you'll see," said Sarah, choosing her words carefully. "They're adult games."

"Are they fun?" Ester asked dubiously.

"Yes, sweetie," Sarah told her. "They can be fun but... You'll have to trust me and listen to me. And I think... I think these games should be our little secret for now. Okay?"

"Okay," Ester nodded. They arrived at the guest room, which was odd because this wasn't where guests were usually entertained. Sarah opened the door and ushered her daughter inside.

"Ester, this is Mr. Bahr. Can you say hello?" Sarah closed the door behind them.

Sarah knew she was playing a dangerous game. She always had a feeling that one day she would get caught cheating on her husband. But she never would have guessed it would be the plumber who busted her. Not in a million years.

She had been careless. Her first affair was with DeSean, a handsomely muscled college student interning at her office. The infidelity was foolish, but letting DeSean film their exploits was pure stupidity. It was so long ago that they had used an old VHS camcorder. Sarah later hid the videotape in a crawlspace located in a basement closet that was full of junk.

After DeSean, Sarah enjoyed many more indiscretions over the years with other interns at the office. But she didn't let anyone else bring a camera into the bedroom. The smart thing to do would have been to destroy the videotape. But it was her first affair, and it would have broken her heart to think of throwing it away. Over the years, she forgot about the videotape hidden in the crawlspace. What was the harm? No one used VHS anymore.

Unfortunately, the crawlspace also housed the shutoff for the water mains. Sarah came home one day and Matthew, her husband, informed her that the plumber had to empty out the closet to turn off the water. "That closet is just full of junk anyway, right?" he said. "I'm pretty sure the plumber didn't break anything."

Sarah didn't think much of it until that night. She was already in bed, almost asleep, when she remembered with a horrible, sinking feeling of dread. She crept out of bed and hurried downstairs.

The videotape was missing.

Sarah desperately ran her hand along the concrete slabs that lined the crawlspace. Nothing. Except... Her fingers closed on something. It was a card. The plumber's business card.

Sarah hardly slept at all that night. She cursed herself for her stupidity and indiscretion. But the real question was what would happen next. The business card listed the plumber's name, Joe, and his phone number. Sarah didn't want to confront him, but she didn't have a choice. Her husband was a respected congressman and she held an executive position at a law firm. They were both well known at their church and actively participated in the community. It would have been devastating if news of her infidelity got out. So she made the phone call.

Joe arrived promptly at 3 pm. Wordlessly, Sarah let him inside and led him to the den.

"I'm guessing you know why I asked you to come today," she said, securely closing the door behind them.

"I think I do," he answered. She turned to find him sitting behind the executive desk, slyly entertaining himself with the spinning chair.

Sarah held her tongue. He was mocking her, coming into her home and showing her who was the boss. She glared at him for a moment, with his thick workman's jaw and stubble-spiked shaved head. Sarah was not accustomed to taking orders but these were extraordinary circumstances. Knowing she was in no position to argue, she cut immediately to the chase. "How much do you want?"

"You just want to play ball, eh?" Joe grinned. "And here I thought you asked me to come because you were unsatisfied with my plumbing work."

"I'd rather not play games," Sarah snapped.

"Whoa, let's not get snippety," Joe said, holding his hands up. "You know, as a plumber, I've seen my fair share of weird things but... I gotta say, this is the first time on the job that I ran into a congressman's wife getting fucked senseless by, uh, not the congressman?"

Sarah took a deep breath. Part of her had hoped he wouldn't realize who she was. She thought she was able to disguise her disappointment but he picked up on it instantly.

"Ah," Joe crossed his arms. He leaned back in the leather office chair and put his feet on the desk. "I bet you were hoping I didn't know who your husband was. I bet you thought I was just some ignorant blue-collar nobody."

"No, I..." Sarah hesitated. "Could... could you please not put your feet on the desk?"

He sat up properly. "My apologies," he said graciously. "Where are my manners?"

"I'd like to have the videotape back, please," Sarah requested as calmly as she could.

"Sorry," Joe shrugged. "I didn't bring it. It's still in my VCR at home."

Sarah covered her eyes with her hand. "Look," she said, massaging her temples. "I just want to put this behind me as soon as possible. I don't want to take any more of your time. How much do you want for the videotape?"

"What makes you think I want money?" Joe asked. The room was silent for an instant. Sarah raised her eyes and found him evenly returning her gaze. Surely he couldn't mean... She saw his eyes give her the once over.

"I don't..." Sarah couldn't continue. She considered herself. Sarah carried herself well for a forty-four year old mother and wife. She was dressed stylishly in a pencil skirt and fitted button-down shirt. Her dark auburn hair was piled neatly into a bun and, paired with a fashionable set of glasses, struck the perfect balance between feminine youth and wise matron. Was she really willing to sacrifice herself to maintain this image?

"Listen," Joe said, pulling his chair up to the desk, "I'm not really asking that much. All you have to do is spend some time with me. You know, get to know the plumber a little better, right? And besides," his face broke into a toothy grin, "from what I saw, you're a lady who has quite an appetite for sex."

Sarah felt herself blush hotly. She turned away to hide it from him. "Please," she said, hoping to keep the desperation out of her voice. "You can't... I... I've got money. I can give you $25,000. Cash."

"Oh, I know you've got money," Joe said. "You've got enough to make me never have to work again. You've got enough to give me ten times what you just offered. Maybe even twenty times."

"Please... just tell me how much you want," Sarah couldn't turn to face him.

"I told you already though, I don't want money. I want something else."

A deep pit of despair engulfed her. "If I... if I go through with this, then you'll return the videotape?"

"Of course."

"How do I know you can keep a secret?"

Joe spread his hands. "You just have to trust me. Besides, at this point your options are 1) Let me tell my story to the press or 2) Trust me and hope that I won't. Only one of these options has any chance of you saving face."

With her back still facing him, Sarah closed her eyes and set her jaw. She knew he was right. "All right," she said softly. "Fine." Sarah prayed that she was making the right choice.

Hearing him stand up behind her, she turned to face him. "Oh no, please," Joe said, approaching her. "Don't turn around. I kind of liked that view." He placed a hand on her ass and squeezed.

"No, please," interrupted Sarah. "Not in here. We should... Follow me." She felt a bit ill at his touch. Walking away, she could still feel his eyes devouring her body.

They exited the den. Sarah knew her husband wouldn't be home for a few hours at least. The maid was not scheduled to come today, nor were any groundskeepers on the premises. That left only her daughter...

Sarah found her in the study. She poked her head in the room and cleared her throat. "Hi Ester," Sarah said. "What are you doing?"

"Hi mommy," her seven year old daughter replied. "I'm drawing a picture for grandma."

"That's nice," Sarah told her. Beside her, Joe also peered into the study. "Mommy has to take care of... Um, I need to do some work but I won't be long. Can you play by yourself for a little while?"

Ester nodded. She was used to her mom doing work at home. "Okay."

"Good girl." Sarah closed the study door and continued down the hallway. She led Joe upstairs to the guest room which was located in separate wing of the house. "All right," she said, closing the door. "What do you want me to do?"

"You sure are wearing a lot of clothes," Joe commented.

Sarah jaw clenched, making her teeth tap in annoyance. She didn't really care to put on a striptease for the plumber. "Just give me a moment," she said, slipping into the guest bathroom and closing the door. She began unbuttoning her blouse. "What have I gotten myself into?" Sarah wondered. Quickly stripping, she studied her naked form in the mirror. She worked out regularly and was reasonably fit for a woman her age. Her breasts sagged a bit and she had some cellulite on her thighs, but otherwise she considered herself quite attractive. Sarah slipped into a thick cotton robe that hung in the bathroom and re-entered the guest bedroom.

Joe was seated in an armchair in the corner of the room. He glanced at the shapeless cotton robe she wore. "That was fast." He chewed his nail for a moment. "It must be really important to you, keeping your affair a secret, if you're willing to whore yourself out like this."

"I don't see what your point is," Sarah told him icily.

"My point is that I've really got you over a barrel." Sarah's eyes narrowed. There was something in the tone of his voice. She felt she was swimming with an open wound in shark-infested waters. "What if told you," Joe began, "to have your daughter come join us?"

"What." Sarah's voice was flat. She heard him well enough but she didn't want to believe it.

"Your daughter. Ester," Joe said. "I'd like to get to know her better. I want you to go get her."

Something inside Sarah snapped. "Listen to me, you sick fuck!" she seethed. "You are NOT getting anywhere near my daughter! This is between YOU AND ME. You got that?"

Joe just smiled at her. "I got you." He reached into his pocket and pulled out an iPhone. "Check it out." He showed her the screen. "I composed an email before I came here. It's addressed to the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and about a dozen blogs." Sarah paled when saw the subject line of the email: "Proof of infidelity of Congressman's wife."

"And listen to this," Joe said, fiddling with the iPhone. Suddenly, Sarah heard a recording of her voice. It was a bit tinny, but the sound was still remarkably clear: 'You can't... I... I've got money. I can give you $25,000. Cash.'

"Y'see, it's kind of funny in a way," Joe said. "Not only does your husband run on a pro-family values platform, but he also crusades against corrupt public officials. I think the people deserve to know. Should I click send?"

"No!" Sarah shouted. "No... don't." She sat down on the guest bed and held her head in her hands. She couldn't believe what was happening.

"I won't send it," Joe told her, "if you go get Ester."

"Why... what are you going to do?" whispered Sarah. She was on the verge of tears.

"I promise you I'm not going to hurt her," Joe said earnestly. "Maybe just a little kissing. A little touching. Is that so bad?"

Sarah felt like throwing up. Her mind raced to think of another way, another solution. Nothing. She was at his mercy. "I'm not going to leave you alone with her," Sarah said softly.

"Of course not. I didn't expect you to."

Sarah tried to imagine what would happen if the videotape was released to the public. Her husband would be forced to resign from Congress. She would resign also, since sleeping with interns was generally frowned upon. There would likely be a divorce. Their public image would be toxic. She would be unemployable.

Or... she could barter away her daughter's innocence. Ester would be forced to grow up a little faster, but this existence could be preferable to one of public shame and humiliation.

"Well?" he asked.

Sarah slowly stood up. "I'll go find Ester," she answered hollowly.

"Good," Joe approved. "I'm going to get comfortable while I wait for you to come back." He began unbuttoning his shirt. Sarah stared at him with burning eyes but he didn't seem to notice.

* * * * * * * *

"We're going upstairs," Sarah told her daughter. "There's someone I want you to meet."

Grimly, Sarah took her daughter's hand. It was silent as they ascended the stairs to the guest bedroom. "God, she doesn't have a clue," Sarah thought. Ester gamely trotted up the stairs, without a hint of trepidation of what was to come. "She has no idea how much her life is about to change," thought Sarah. "She's walking into this completely blind."

"I... There's a little... well, a game I'd like to teach you," Sarah said haltingly.

"What kind of game?"

"Well, you'll see," said Sarah, choosing her words carefully. "They're adult games."

"Are they fun?" Ester asked dubiously.

"Yes, sweetie," Sarah told her. "They can be fun but... You'll have to trust me and listen to me. And I think... I think these games should be our little secret for now. Okay?"

She slowly opened the door of the guest bedroom. A lump rose in Sarah's throat when she saw Joe, sitting bare-chested in the armchair, although a sheet covered his lower torso. He gazed smugly at Sarah, a glint of victory in his eye. With a wooden heart, she let go of Ester's hand.

Ester smiled shyly and looked at her feet. Sarah ran a hand along her back. "Stand up straight, sweetie," she whispered. Then in a normal tone, she spoke, "Ester, this is Mr. Bahr. Can you say hello?"

"Hello, Mr. Bahr." Ester felt a little embarrassed because he wasn't wearing a shirt.

"Why hello there, Ester!" he greeted her warmly. "Your mom told me all about you. You're even prettier than she said! Please, you can call me Joe, please. I'm just a regular guy. No need to be all formal like your mom says. She's always so polite and formal." So saying, Joe sat up straight as a board and struck a military salute. "Yes, sir! No, sir!" Ester giggled. Happy to see her warm up, Joe continued. "I'm so glad you're here today. Did your mommy tell you what we're going to do?"

"She said we're going to play adult games," Ester replied. A wave of butterflies hit Sarah's stomach. Her knees wavered. Fearful that she might faint, she sat down on the bed.

"That's right!" Joe agreed. "Adult games! I can see you're a big girl now. You're old enough to learn some adult sex games."

Ester's eyes widened. "S-sex games?" she repeated.

"It's okay, sweetie," Seeing her daughter's alarm, Sarah intervened. "Adults play these kinds of games all the time. But remember, you have to keep this a secret, okay? Especially... especially from your father. He things you're too young to learn." Sarah faltered a bit at the end but managed to project some outward confidence. "Don't be afraid," she continued. "I'll be right here with you the whole time, okay?"

"Um, okay," Ester nodded, only slightly reassured.

"So, what do you know about sex, Ester?" Joe spoke. "How old are you anyway?"

"Seven." She blushed at the mention of sex. Ester didn't really know what it was and that embarrassed her.

"Seven," Joe repeated. "And how much do you know about sex?"

"Oh... um, not a... well, not a lot," she confessed.

"Well, if you had to describe sex to someone, what would you say?"

"Ummm," Ester pondered the question. "I guess it's when... people kiss and stuff and take off their clothes?" On the bed, Sarah gritted her teeth as she saw Joe leering at her daughter. He was clearly enjoying Ester's innocence.

"That's how it starts," Joe nodded. "See, I knew you were a smart girl."

"Will I have to, um, take of my clothes?" asked Ester. The question was directed at her mother. Sarah gave a quick glance at Joe who waggled his eyebrows. Disgusted, she quickly turned back to her daughter.

"It's okay, sweetie," Sarah spoke in a hurried tone. She rubbed her daughter's shoulders. "We'll all take off our clothes, okay?"

For the first time, Ester openly balked. "I don't know, mommy. I don't really think I..." she trailed off.

"What's the matter, Ester?" Joe asked. "Are you shy? Don't be shy! There's nothing strange about being naked. Why, if you took away this sheet, I'd be naked right now!"

The seven year old's eyes widened at this revelation. She didn't answer so Joe continued. "It's true! Why don't you come take a peek under the sheet if you don't believe me?"

"Oh no," Ester demurred. "It's okay."

"Please. I insist." This last part was spoken to Sarah. His eyes locked on hers as he raised his chin in defiance, daring her to break the deal.

"Now or never," Sarah thought to herself. This was it. The point of no return in changing her daughter's life forever. What choice did she have? If she backed out now, her husband's career would be over. Her own career would be over. As would their marriage. And social standing. Their lives essentially. And the only way to avoid it all was...

"Go ahead, Ester," she said softly. "It's okay, honey. There's nothing to be afraid of. You're a big girl now, right? Go on and take a look."

Tentatively, Ester approached the man in the armchair. She stopped to pick up the sheet and slowly lifted it. Joe's bare legs came into view. Then his knees. And thighs. Then...

Ester stopped.

"Is that good enough?" she turned to ask her mom.

Sarah and Joe locked eyes again. "No, sweetie." A long pause. "Why don't... why don't you take the sheet off. All the way."

Seeing her mom's firm resolve, Sarah unceremoniously drew the sheet away, letting it fall to the floor. Her eyes gaped at the naked man who brazenly sat with his legs spread wide, purposely displaying his masculinity for the young girl. Ester stared for a moment before her gaze dropped to the floor.

"What do you think, Ester?" asked Joe. "Is it what you expected?"

"I don't know," she mumbled, keeping her chin against her chest.

"Hey. Why don't you look at me when you talk?" Joe reached forward and raised her unwilling head. Ester tired to keep her eyes focused above his shoulders but her peripheral vision kept leading her downward. "What do you think, huh? You ever see a naked man before?"


"Really?" Not even your father?"

"No!" Sarah angrily interjected.

"Hey. Why don't you let the girl speak?" Joe sat up straight and leveled her with a steely eye. Sarah glared at him but held her tongue. "Well, Ester?"


"Well, this is your big chance." Joe chuckled at his own pun. "Don't be shy. Take a gander." He leaned back and spread his legs wide. Ester responded by turning her head slightly to study the wallpaper.

"Still shy, huh?" Joe shrugged. "Mommy, why don't you come over here and teach your daughter about male anatomy? She probably doesn't know what any of this is."

"What?" Sarah asked, not believing her ears.

"You heard me."

Sarah slowly shuffled to the armchair and knelt. "Come here, sweetie." Ester reluctantly crouched next to her mom. "See here?" she asked, pointing. "That's a man's penis. Underneath here," she pointed again, "is a man's scrotum. Inside are his testicles."

"Oh," Ester said. She didn't know what else to say. She blushed at the word 'penis' but she had never heard of the other terms.

"That mother of yours," Joe waved a hand dismissively. "Penis. Testicles. Ha! I call this my cock," he handled himself obscenely before the seven year old, "and these are my balls."

Ester looked at her mother with raised eyebrows. "Those are just.. other names for... male parts," Sarah stammered. She could see the growing doubt and fear in her daughter's eyes. They were exceptionally shifty, as if she didn't know where to look. "This isn't going well at all," Sarah thought unhappily. "I need to be more confident. I need to make her more comfortable..."

"Hey mom," Joe interrupted her thoughts. "Why don't you show Ester what a man's hard-on looks like?"

"I..." Sarah's voice caught in her throat. She saw the confused and frightened look on Ester's face. "Of course!" she said, clearing her throat. Make it like a game, she told herself. Make it fun. Put her at ease. Without hesitating, she took Joe in her hand. "You touch a man's penis like this," she told Ester.

"Cock," Joe interrupted.

"A man's cock," Sarah repeated, blushing a little herself. "There are lots of words for it. You take his cock in you first like this and then you rub it like this." She demonstrated. "And if you keep doing that, it will start getting hard."

"Why don't you give it a try, Ester?" Joe offered innocently.

Balking, Ester blinked several times. "Do I have to?" she asked her mom.

"Let's do it together, " Sarah suggested, not skipping a beat. "Come on, it's easy. Put your hand like this... That's right. Now squeeze it gently. Good. Now start moving your hand up and down like this..."

Sarah couldn't believe she was teaching her seven year old daughter how to give a man a handjob. Outwardly, she had gone into 'speech' mode, the same mindset she had when talking to a large group of people. She effortlessly projected confidence and assuredness which she could see was putting Ester at ease.

"See how it's gotten hard?" Sarah asked, squeezing the cock in her hand. "Pretty weird, huh?" Despite her sunny demeanor, she was fighting the urge to shut her eyes. She couldn't bear the sickening sight of her young daughter handling a man's penis.

"Why does it get hard?" Ester asked.

"Oh, it just does," Sarah sidestepped the question.

"It does," Joe piped up, "so a man can put his cock inside a woman's pussy."

"Pussy?" the little girl said, perplexed.

"Vagina," Sarah said. Her ears were burning now. She never would have imagined that these would be the circumstances under which she would have a sex talk with her daughter .

"Oh." Ester said, confused. There was a pause. "What's a vagina?"

"Perhaps this calls for a demonstration," said Joe with a sly grin. "Why don't you come climb onto my lap, mommy?"

The thought of having sex in front of her daughter was too much. "Don't be ridiculous," she snapped. "You're out of your mind!"

"I'm not," Joe contradicted. "You know, if you'd rather, we can stop all this right now..."

"You said kissing and touching only!"

"I changed my mind."

Ester didn't really understand what they were talking about but it sounded as if Joe would put on his clothes and she would get to leave. She was surprised, therefore, to see her mother slither out of her robe. She was naked underneath. Ester had never seen her mom naked before. Her curiosity piqued, Ester stole a few glances. It was strange being in a room with two naked adults.

"I'm going to need some lubricant," Sarah said shortly.

Joe shook his head. "How about some old fashioned saliva instead? I bet Ester has never seen a blowjob before."

Again, Ester had no clue what the two adults were talking about. She watched curiously as her mom knelt in front of Joe. Her curiosity gave way to shock when her mom opened her mouth and...

"Mom!" she said incredulously. "That's where his pee comes out!"

Sarah was too ashamed to answer. She let her hair fall to hide her face as she fellated the plumber. Joe, clearly, had no misgivings about what he was doing. His cock was rock hard in her mouth. If his conscience was bothering him, it wasn't enough to deflate his libido.

"Ah ha," Joe noted triumphantly. "So Ester, you do know a thing or two about a man's cock."

"That... that's where your pee comes out, isn't it?"

"Right you are, Ester."

The little girl made a face. "That's gross. Mom, why are you putting your mouth on it?"

Sarah was still too mortified to answer. "Your mom's kinda busy, so I'll field that one," said Joe. "For a man, it feels really good when a woman takes his cock in her mouth."

Ester's face was still screwed up in disgust. "Huh."

"You'll see," Joe told her. "I bet you won't think it's so bad once you try it."

"I don't want to try it," Ester asserted.

"Well, maybe once you feel how nice it is when a man puts his mouth on certain parts of YOUR body, you'll change your mind."

Ester didn't know how to take that. Instead she just silently watched her mom continue this puzzling behavior. Her consternation only escalated as her mom positioned herself to straddle Joe. "Hold up," said Joe. "Let's give Ester an unobstructed view. You should be a reverse cowgirl, don't you think?" Wordlessly, Sarah did as he directed, her feet perched on either side of his hips. Intrigued, Ester could now see his erect penis perfectly aligned between her mom's legs.

"Uhhhh," Sarah grunted as she impaled herself on Joe. She had resolved to get this over with as quickly as possible. Though she couldn't bear to make eye contact with Ester, she could feel her daughter's wide-eyed staring as Joe penetrated her. His hands on her hips eased her downward until his cock was fully embedded. Sarah breathed very carefully. She felt exceedingly filled.

Ester was amazed. It was mind boggling to see Joe's penis disappear like that inside her mom. "Mom! What are you doing?" she squealed. "Where... where is it going?"

Too ashamed to answer, Sarah remained silent. She felt Joe's cock twitch inside her. "Hey, mom," he prodded. "Your daughter asked you a question."

"We- ...we're having sex," Sarah weakly told her daughter. Beneath her, Joe shifted his position in the armchair, causing his entrenched cock to briefly withdraw. Shamefully, Sarah felt a hint of regret at his departure. Her body was betraying her.

Ester's eyes bulged. "This is sex?" she said incredulously. Her mind reeled. She had always imagined that sex was merely naked adults kissing under the blankets. She stared at the two adults and their seemingly conjoined crotches. Her mother seemed to be merely sitting on Joe's puffy sack. If she hadn't seen it happen, Ester never would have guessed that she had somehow slipped his penis inside her. But she must have, because now there was absolutely no sign of it.

"So..." Ester began. "So sex is when you... sit... like that?"

Sarah saw Ester's eyes search for hers. Her daughter was clearly curious, confused, and probably a little frightened. "Buck up," Sarah told herself. "Be an adult. The damage is done but don't give her even more hang-ups." She tucked her hair behind her ears so it no longer hid her face.

"Sex," she told Ester," is when man puts his penis in a woman's vagina. They can be sitting or lying down or whatever. " She spoke quickly. Sarah sensed a mounting heat that emanated from between her legs.

"Ester," Joe said, "you said you didn't know anything about male anatomy. Your mom ever teach you about female anatomy?"


"Tsk, tsk," Joe noted disapprovingly. "Well, mom, this is your big chance . Isn't it? Why don't you teach her a little about women? And maybe a refresher course for men too?" He placed his hands under her buttocks and lifted her up slightly, allowing his cock to slip free. Sarah stifled a sharp breath at the sensation. She was relieved Joe didn't notice.

"This is Joe's co- ... his, um, penis," Sarah said, catching herself. She felt Joe drumming his fingers on her back in mock annoyance. "Uh, honey, do you remember what he likes to call it?"

"Cock," answered Ester.

Guilt washed over Sarah as her daughter spoke the dirty word. Any previous arousal she felt instantly dissipated. "Right," she said.

"How about my balls, Ester?" Joe chimed in. "Do you remember what those are? Why don't you touch them? See how they feel?" Ester looked at her mother for approval. Despairingly, Sarah gave a small nod. What choice did she have? Slowly, Ester reached forward and cupped Joe's bulging sack.

"How many balls do you think are in there, Ester?" asked Joe. "See if you can figure it out. Don't be shy. Go ahead. Use both hands." Heartbroken, Sarah watched as her daughter innocently fiddled with Joe's hairy sack.

"Ummm," Ester said. "I think... are there two?" She looked to Sarah for affirmation.

"That's right, sweetheart," Sarah smiled faintly. "There's two."

"Now it's your turn, mom," Joe reminded her. "What have you got to show Ester?"

Suddenly very embarrassed herself, Sarah spoke quickly. "This is my labia. "My clitoris. My vagina." She pointed at each.

"Hey, slow down!" Joe interjected. "Let's try that again. Ester, why don't you come in for a closer look?" He motioned and the little girl obediently knelt in front of the armchair. Gritting her teeth, Sarah repeated herself.

"Labia. Clitoris. Vagina."

Ester watched intently. "So... where does the cock go?" she questioned.

Sarah swallowed hard. She just wasn't used to hearing her innocent daughter talk this way. "Ester, I'd like it if you called it 'penis' instead. That other word is for adults. Okay?"

Ester nodded. "Where does the, um, penis... go?"

Inwardly, Sarah sighed. She wanted this whole thing to be over soon but it seemed to be dragging on forever. "It goes in my vagina," she clarified, pointing. "Here. It goes in here. The vagina is an opening in the woman's body."

"I have one too?"

"Oh, yessiree," Joe spoke up. "You've got a clit too, just like your mom. Why don't you take off your clothes and climb up here so we can find it?"

Ester hesitantly looked at her mother for approval. Grudgingly, Sarah nodded and gave her a thin smile. She saw Ester's eyes take another look at the mated male and female genitals openly on display before slowly unbuttoning her shirt. Sarah took the opportunity to quickly dismount from Joe, eager to get him out of her body.

Ester was now kicking off her jeans. Sarah shivered. The only thing between her naked daughter and this horrible man was Ester's cotton underwear, decorated with tiny, multicolored balloons. "Should I really take off all my clothes?" Ester asked timidly.

"Yes," Joe answered decisively before Sarah could speak. "Mommy, why don't you give Ester a hand?"

Inside Sarah's head, the word "ASSHOLE" blinked on and off like lights on the Las Vegas Strip. Fuming, she knelt next to her daughter. "Don't worry, sweetie," she whispered. "After all, none of us are wearing any clothes."

Ester nodded. She truly seemed at ease with this revelation so Sarah swallowed hard and pulled down her daughter's panties. The bitter taste of defeat and shame filled her mouth as Ester stepped out of her underwear. Completely naked now, the seven year old girl stood awkwardly with her hands at her sides.

"Look at you!" Joe whistled admiringly. "Why you're even more beautiful than your mom! Turn around and let me see." Obediently, Ester spun in a slow circle. Joe's depraved leering made her grimace in disgust.

"Yes, certainly the most beautiful girl I've ever seen," Joe declared. Ester smiled bashfully at his praise. "And I've seen a lot of little girls." Joe winked at Sarah. "I want to see more," Joe told the little girl. "Why don't you turn around and touch your toes? Can you do that?"

She shyly complied. Joe was practically licking his chops as he stared at Ester's pert rear end, the hairless slit crowned by her anal rosette. "Beautiful," Joe said again. "Now come here and climb onto your Uncle Joe."

Again Ester hesitated. It was embarrassing enough being naked with a stranger but sitting on his lap was too much. "Do I have to?" she asked her mom. "I don't really want to play anymore."

"Oh sweetie," Sarah said, her maternal instincts taking over. "If you really don't want..." But before she could finish, she saw Joe reach for his iPhone on the bedside table. Never taking his eyes off her, he flicked it awake.

"... B-but..." Sarah stumbled lamely. "Don't be shy, Ester. Can't you show mommy what a... a... a brave girl you are? Come on, upsy-daisy..." She took Ester by the shoulders and was relieved to find minimal resistance. Hoisting the little girl up, she set her undressed daughter onto the waiting lap of a naked man. Stepping back, Sarah tried to cope with what she had just done.

Ester sat stiffly on Joe's lap, her creamy skin a stark contrast to this pale and hairy legs. "I feel something poking me," Ester complained.

"I think I know what it is," Joe laughed. He lifted Ester off his lap with one hand while adjusting himself with the other. "Let me get this out of your way. Spread your legs a bit, Ester." With a bit of shifting, Ester was now straddling Joe's erection which poked up from between her legs. Sarah's jaw clenched so hard that she thought it would snap off.

"Somebody get a camera!" Joe joked.

"Out of the question," Sarah answered frostily.

"I know," Joe relented. He stroked Ester's bare shoulders. "I was just joking. That's not what we're here to do. We're here to find Ester's... what is it called, Ester?"

"Umm, it's called..." the young girl mumbled. "Uh, my... my click?"

"Clit!" Joe corrected. He reached down between her legs. "Now let's see if ol' Uncle Joe can find it for you."

Sarah's lip curled in distaste as he began probing Ester's hairless valley. He positioned her feet outside his thighs then spread his legs wide, in turn forcing the seven year old girl to spread her legs as well. "See Ester," he told her, "what I'm rubbing here is the opening to your vagina. You feel that?"


"And if I move up a bit... just a bit, now... Here it is. This tiny bump here is your clit. Feel that?"

"Uh huh," Ester nodded.

He began diddling her. "Does this feel good, Ester?" Joe asked.

"Um, I guess so," she answered shyly.

"Do you ever touch yourself down here?" Joe inquired. Sarah gave him an indignant look but he ignored her.

"Ummmm," Ester stalled, giving herself away.

"It's all right if you do, you know," Joe told her in a conspiratorial voice. "There's nothing wrong with it. It's perfectly normal."

"Really?" Ester looked to her mother.

Sarah smiled, though she was feeling torn apart inside. "Of course, sweetie," she told her daughter. "There's nothing wrong at all."

"Well, sometimes I..." Ester paused. "Sometimes I do," she admitted.

"You touch yourself down here like I'm touching you?" Joe clarified.

"Well, no," answered Ester. She felt flustered to be talking about something so personal. "I um..."

"It's okay, you can tell us."

"I like to put a pillow between my legs," confessed Ester, "and then I rock back and forth on it."

"Ah, sure!" Joe exclaimed. "Lots of little girls do that! It's nothing to be embarrassed about."

Upon hearing this, Ester looked once again to her mom for confirmation. Sarah's thin smile felt like it would stretch her face but she managed to nod.

"Tell you what, Ester," Joe told her. "I'm going to lie down on the bed, like this. Why don't you put my cock between your legs like this and then you can ride it the same way you ride the pillow?" Joe quickly stood up, holding Ester in his arms. He then lay down and positioned the young girl without waiting for her approval. She was now straddling him as his cock lay flat against his stomach.

"Um well..." Ester hesitated. Sarah saw the indecision in her daughter's eyes. But they had gone too far now to stop.

"Be a good girl, honey," Sarah encouraged. "Don't be shy! Can you show us how you ride the pillow?"

It was positively obscene. Sarah felt almost sick as she watched her daughter grasp the man's erection and pull it tight against her hairless lips. Tentatively, Ester began jerking her hips.

"Wow, look at mommy's cowgirl!" Joe crowed. "What a grown-up big girl you are!"

Ester's ears perked up at the praise. She looked to Sarah for her approval. Not having any other choice, Sarah nodded at her daughter. "That's good, honey! Good job!"

"Should I keep going?" Ester asked.

"Of course!" Joe insisted. "It feels good, doesn't it?" Ester nodded shyly. "Then I want you to keep riding, cowgirl," he said. "And so your mom doesn't feel left out... Hey mommy, why don't you come sit on my face?" He grinned at her. Reluctantly, Sarah climbed onto the bed and squatted above the plumber's face as Ester watched with great interest. Despite herself, she felt a frisson as Joe's tongue found her sensitive clit.

"Mommy," Ester began, stopping her movements on the hard erection jammed between her legs. "Um... what are you doing?"

"I... This is another adult game," Sarah explained. "He's... um, he's using his tongue."


"Well, sweetie," Sarah stalled. She was blushing now. "He... I... This is one way to, um, make a woman feel nice."

Ester watched Joe with a critical eye. "It looks like he's licking your click," she informed her mom.

Sarah smiled weakly. "Clit," she corrected.

Ester tentatively started moving her hips again, making her own clit grind against Joe's cock. "I'm using this to rub my clit," she told Sarah, pulling the cock against her hairless slit. Sarah didn't know how to respond to that so she remained silent.

Several long minutes passed as mom and daughter faced each other, one straddling a man's face while the other straddled his midsection. Sarah tried her best to dissociate herself from her body. She was successful for a short while but the scales soon tipped out of her favor. Shamefully, Sarah felt her arousal begin to flow as Joe relentlessly performed cunnilingus. She couldn't help it. And to her horror, her daughter was getting flushed in the neck and chest as well. As if to confirm her fears, Ester piped up.

"Mommy, it's starting to feel..." She trailed off, not knowing the words. "I think I should stop now."

In response, Joe nibbled her clitoral hood and slapped her round ass. Sarah knew what he wanted her to say. "It's all right, Ester," she told her daughter steadily. It was hard to speak normally with Joe eating her out. "You can KEEP (!) going. It's all right if ... urrhmmm." Sarah tried to finish her sentence but it came out in a stifled groan. "DON'T (!) stop, okay? Okay, Ester?"

Ester nodded, a bit wary of this erratic behavior from her usually steady mother. Nevertheless the seven year old continued humping the man's erection. More minutes passed. Joe was teasing her now, his tongue tracing lazy circles around her enflamed clit but never touching it. Sarah squirmed in frustration, both sexual and maternal. Every fiber of her being told her this was wrong but she couldn't help it.

"Um, Mommy?" Ester began. "It feels... I'm going to..." Sarah felt Joe's hands push her from her perch against his mouth. She fell into a sitting position on the bed as raised his head.

"He wants to see Ester," Sarah realized. "He wants to see her..."

"Nnnrg!" Ester grunted as the movements of her hips suddenly became frantic. The little girl's rhythm never faltered as she ground his hard erection between her puffy, hairless lips. The two adults watched as the seven year old's orgasm came racing across her body. Sarah was amazed. She didn't know that young girls could come so... so powerfully. Ester's back arched and her head flung back as she shuddered in release.

"She's done this before," Sarah thought to herself. "Orgasms like this... They don't come on the first try. You have to know what you're doing."

As if reading her mind, Joe craned his neck to look at her. "Like mother, like daughter, eh?" Sarah blushed but said nothing. Ester was breathing heavily but her hips had finally stopped grinding against Joe. Anxiously, the little girl looked to her mother for direction. Unable to muster any words, Sarah simply gave her a small smile and nodded.

"I know what mommy wants to next," Joe announced. He got up from the bed and settled himself back into the armchair. "Why don't you climb aboard, Mommy? I think Ester has shown us that she's smart girl that deserves to know more about the birds and the bees."

Against her better judgment, Sarah did as he instructed. Climbing onto his reclining figure, she allowed herself to be arranged into a reverse cowgirl position. Ester sat on the bed and watched them with keen interest. Joe noticed.

"Hey Ester, why don't you come here and help us?"

"Okay," she said agreeably, slipping off the bed. "What should I do?"

"Take my cock," Joe directed. "Okay, now point it where it needs to go."

"Ummm..." Ester faltered, uncertain of what to do.

"It goes..." Sarah's words made her flush with shame. "It goes inside mommy, remember?" She reached a hand to point out the spot but Joe stopped her. Sarah gritted her teeth. "Move it up a little, sweetie," she directed. "Up more...not that much... Now to your left..."

Ester was operating Joe's cock like a joystick. Sarah hated him. She hated how he knew exactly how to humiliate her. How to make her instruct her daughter in the most demeaning tasks. "Okay, down again..." Sarah instructed. Ester eventually held his rubbery cockhead poised at her opening. "Good, now hold it there." Sarah pressed her hips downward and felt her muscles parting to allow him entrance. Finally finding the proper alignment, more than half of Joe's erection slid smoothly into her body.

"Uhhh," she breathed, feeling very filled.

"Are you okay, mommy?" Ester asked.

"Uhhhh," Sarah couldn't answer. She tried to keep quiet but a grunt escaped her as she impaled herself. Her mind rebelled but her body ached with desire, particularly after receiving oral sex from Joe. She smoothly slid down the plumber's hard cock, her hungry pussy eagerly consuming inch after inch of him until Ester had to move her hand out of the way. Sarah felt very full.

"Good," Joe murmured in her ear. "Good. Doesn't that feel good?" Sarah didn't answer. They remained joined like that for a long moment. Ester stared at the union in wonder. It was a strange concept, the thought of a person putting a body part inside another person's body.

"What do you think sweetheart?" Sarah asked, trying to gauge her daughter's feelings. "Is this too weird for you?"

"Is it... Did it really go all the way inside you mommy?"

"Yes. All the way inside."

"Does it... does it hurt?" Ester wondered aloud.

"It doesn't hurt," Joe answered for her. "Your mom like the way it feels. Don't you mommy? And one day you're going to like the way it feels too, Ester."

Ester looked at him skeptically so Sarah spoke up. "H-he's right," she confirmed shakily. "It does feel... good."

"Is it like that nice feeling I get when I ride a pillow?" Ester wanted to know.

Reluctantly, Sarah nodded her head. She could see the wheels spinning in the little girl's head. There was another long silence. Sarah should have felt exposed and sinful, sitting there before her daughter, legs spread with a cock inside her. But instead she just felt lightheaded.

"Start fucking," Joe instructed softly in her ear.

Compliantly, she began fucking him in slow, even strokes. Sarah exhaled carefully, not wanting to give herself away. She secretly felt glad that he had told her to start fucking. Her body had begun to smolder in desire with him inside her. The thrusting ignited it into a full burn.

She tried to remain surreptitious but Joe noticed her change in breathing and her hardened nipples. "Mommy, why don't you show Ester your clit again?" he suggested.

Resignedly, Sarah reached between her legs. She probed for a moment, producing a moment of illicit pleasure as her finger briefly grazed her hidden clit. With both hands she pulled her pink lips wide as her thumbs pushed back her hood.

"Ester," Joe asked, "can you see your momma's little button?"


"Let me see your hand." Joe slurped on the little girl's fingers, making her giggle. "Now, why don't you rub momma's clit? Get it all nice and slippery."

Timidly, Ester looked to her mother for approval. Unable to speak, Sarah gave the slightest nod and closed her eyes. To her credit, she didn't flinch once Ester's tentative fingers made contact. "Don't..." Sarah prayed silently. "Stay in control. Not happening..." She did not want to feel aroused by her daughter's touch. "It's wrong, wrong, wrong," she desperately repeated to herself.

Her mantra worked for a while. Sarah successfully divorced her mind from her body and all she felt was a slight tickle between her legs. "Nothing I can't handle," she thought. But her zen concentration shattered when Joe shifted his hips, allowing him to deeply penetrate her.

"Fuck!" Sarah futilely attempted to regain her mental equilibrium. Instead she fell. Her body suddenly seemed acutely self-aware. Sarah could tell she was lubricating heavily now. Very slowly, she took a deep and deliberate breath. But it was useless to resist. The smoldering within had ignited into a bright flame.

"Uhhh..." Sarah opened her eyes and found Ester gazing at her with unmasked uncertainty. Sarah knew she should reassure her daughter, who was undoubtedly frightened and confused, but the pleasure flooding her brain was also draining any logical thought. A powerful shudder rippled across her body. This time, Sarah couldn't help but flinch as her daughter worked her enflamed clit. Instinctively, she slapped her hand over Ester's, startling the little girl.

"Ahhh!" Sarah started. Self-consciously, the sought to modulate the tone of her voice. "No. No, sweetheart, it's okay. You just startled me. Go ahead. You can touch again. Please? Good girl."

"You slut" Joe whispered in her ear. "You just begged your daughter to keep touching you. This feels good, doesn't it?"

Unable to answer, Sarah merely hissed at him. It was a feral sound of passion and surrender. Any modicum of modesty was swiftly being forgotten. Any concern for Ester's well-being was likewise being swept from her mind. Her body was on fire. And it was demanding her full attention.

A series of little earthquakes originated from Sarah's aching clit, making her gasp. An un bidden moan escaped her lips. She heard Joe chuckle. "Hear that, Ester? That means you're doing a good job. Keep it up!"

Sarah saw her daughter's uncertainty. She felt a devastating guilt for destroying her daughter's innocence but it was this guilt that fueled her arousal which in turn generated more guilt. Wracked by such a vicious circle, Sarah felt as if she would explode from the myriad emotions assailing her senses.

"Feels good, doesn't it," Joe whispered, teasingly tweaking her nipples. "Your daughter has a natural talent for. I just love the feel of her hand on my balls. She's a cock slut too, just like her mother, isn't she?" Sarah gasped as another series of tremors shook her body. She realized that Ester was indeed touching Joe's balls. No one had even asked her to do it.

"You're a slut," Joe said softly. "Admit it. You love feeling dirty. That's why you had to sneak home to get some thick, black cock before your husband came home. You couldn't get enough of that black nigger cock inside your sopping wet cunt. Isn't that right?" He pinched her nipples again, hard this time, so hard that it hazily settled between pleasure and pain.

"Yes..." Sarah breathed. She couldn't help it. She was immensely turned on by dirty talk, and maybe even more by talking dirty herself. The prim and proper wife was nowhere to be found. "I love it... Love black cock..." she whispered, luxuriating in the burn between her legs.

"And how did it feel," Joe continued, "when that monster cock fucked you so hard and deep? How did it feel when it sprayed all that cum inside your tight pussy?"

"So good... so good," Sarah panted.

"Does it feel as good as this does now?"


"Your daughter, your little girl is playing with your clit and it feels unbelievably good, doesn't it?"

"... Yes." Sarah felt wicked for saying it.

"Look at her," Joe clamped a hand on her chin and turned her face to Ester. "Look at her. Is that your sweet, innocent girl?"


"What's she doing?"

"Working my clit."

"It feels so good it doesn't even matter she's a little girl, doesn't it?"

Sarah recoiled. "Oh god... no..." Guilt and lust were waging a war within her. Sarah felt as if she would burst into tears at any moment. They weren't whispering anymore but instead speaking in short, breathy gasps. Ester could clearly hear them but didn't understand a word. Idly, she wondered why they seemed so out of breath.

"Mommy?" Ester said tentatively. "Are you okay?"

"Yes... yes, I'm okay, sweetie," Sarah breathed. "Just don't... don't stop okay? Don't stop, no matter what... Oh! Don't stop! Oh god..." Sarah's vision went white with pure pleasure. She couldn't contain herself any longer. Joe fucked her hard and fast, sending her orgasm to new heights.

"Yes! Yes! Ohhhh..." Ester was a little shocked but she meekly kept rubbing the little button between her mother's legs. Even though the seven year old girl masturbated regularly herself, it was nothing like the sheer passion and violence on display now. Joe's meaty penis was cleaving so fast in and out of her mother that it almost a blur.

Sarah slowly wound down but she easily recognized the feeling deep in belly. It was the post-orgasm feeling that signaled an insatiable desire. Sarah knew that she could be multi-orgasmic if Joe would keep fucking her. She didn't care anymore that Ester was in the room. It was the same carelessness that drove her to so many extra-marital affairs.

"Please," she pleaded over her shoulder to Joe. "Don't stop."

"I have an idea," Joe said, taking her in his arms. He lifted her and stood up, carrying her to the bed in the same manner that he had transported Ester before. Sarah squealed, partially in surprise and partially because his cock slipped out of her when he stood up. Landing on the bed on all fours, she stayed that way hoping that he would take her doggy-style. Sarah looked over shoulder at him, unable to disguise the heat of her lust.

"All right," Joe acquiesced, pulling her hips close. He fully penetrated her in one thrust, making Sarah take a mouthful of bedspread to keep from screaming. But then just as suddenly, he withdrew completely. Sarah's ass wiggled in the air, hoping to find more.

"Don't stop," she pleaded. "More."

Joe's smile was devious. "I'll give you more," he began, "if..."

"What?" Sarah demanded.

"... if you eat out Ester."

Sarah turned to look at her daughter. She almost managed to forget that she was in the room. Ester wore a look of uncertainty on her face. She had no clue what Joe meant by "eating her out". She did feel wary about this sudden change in her mother's demeanor. Ester had never seen her this way before.

"I..." Sarah hesitated.

"I promise you," Joe told her, "the second your tongue hits her clit is when I slam my cock back into you." He let her weigh this out in her mind.

"Ester..." Sarah began. Could she really do it? After all, Ester had already experienced quite a bit today, Sarah reasoned. Was there really any harm in taking it a little further? The damage had already been done. It couldn't be undone, she thought. Deep down, Sarah knew she was using the same logic that had led to so many extra-marital affairs. She ignored it.

"Ester, could you come here please?" Sarah swallowed hard. This was it. The very last line she would cross, never mind all the other lines she had drawn in the sand in the last twenty minutes. "Lie down here, sweetie," Sarah directed. Remaining where she was on all fours, Sarah had Ester lie directly in front of her. Taking an ankle in each hand, she slowly spread the little girl's legs.

"Just relax, okay sweetheart?" Sarah said. She suddenly felt so dizzy that she felt as if she had been drinking. Too late, she told herself, too late. "I'm going to make you feel nice. It'll be like sitting on the pillow, but even better." Before Ester could protest further, Sarah quickly placed her mouth on the hairless pink slit that stretched open before her. Her nose detected the unmistakable tang of a little girl. Joe kept her word, plowing into her again with one smooth thrust.

"Guhhhh," Sarah moaned. He began fucking her hard and deep, his thick cock filling her completely. It was just what she wanted. She grunted, relishing the sheer animal nature of being penetrated on her hands and knees.

"Hey," Joe said, pausing. "You gonna keep eating her out or what?" He withdrew again, leaving her feeling hollow. Sarah's tongue immediately snaked out and caressed Ester immature pussy lips. The girl was so small that Sarah's tongue easily covered the area from her vaginal opening to her clitoral hood.

"Mommy?" Ester said, surprised and apprehensive. "What are you doing?"

"Don't worry, sweetie," Sarah responded, not even looking up. "Just relax, o- OHHHH!" Joe slammed into her once again. He began thrusting violently again but this time Sarah did not stop giving oral pleasure. Her tongue flicked at Ester's tiny clitoral hood, thrumming it side to side before delving underneath to her tiny button of a clit. The seven year old girl became silent at once.

Sarah shivered. Once. Twice. Joe was plunging so deep that she could feel him hitting her cervix, producing a sensation somewhere between pain and pleasure. Nevertheless, little earthquakes were deliciously emanating from between her legs. Her fingers moved to her swollen clit to magnify them.

"Mommy?" Ester began. Sarah ignored her, instead continuing to bathe the little girl's pink nether region with her tongue. "Mommy..." Ester started again. "It feels really funny when you do that..."

In response, Sarah drew as much of the girl's baby clit into her mouth as possible and sucked. Ester's inhaled sharply, her hips contracting in response.

"That's a good mommy," Joe noticed. "See if you can do that again?" He began fucking her shallowly, teasing her. Groaning, Sarah thrust her hips back at Joe, her pussy eager to swallow more of him. But he denied her, providing her only with a scant few inches of penetration.

Frustrated, Sarah redoubled her oral efforts. She repeated her earlier maneuver of sucking on Ester's clit. Once again, the little girl grunted and thrust her hips. Joe rewarded her with several deep thrusts before moving back to shallow territory. Sarah sucked again and the cycle started anew.

Sarah gradually became aware that Ester's taste was becoming more and more intense. The seven year old was flushing red on her neck and chest. When Sarah sucked on her clit for the umpteenth time, Ester wailed and thrusted her hips as usual but this time she did not fall back to the bed, instead remaining at a plateau of bliss. Sarah began lapping rapidly at the nubbin of flesh between her legs.

"Mommy... I... Mommy! MOMMY!" Ester shrieked. Her hips spasmodically pushed up to meet Sarah's lips, searching for more pleasure.

"Uhhh.... Uhhh... YES!" Sarah grunted as Joe began fucking her deep again. He pounded faster and faster. Ester was just coming down from her orgasm when Sarah's began. Her desire swelled and exploded, coming so intensely that Sarah saw stars. It was the most powerful orgasm she had ever encountered, seeming to last for endless seconds. Spent at last, she lurched forward to free herself of Joe's erection. Collapsing on the bed, Sarah protectively covered her sensitive vaginal opening with a hand.

"Oh god, oh god..." she breathed. She was covered in a fine sheen of perspiration and her limbs felt weak. She felt Joe's hand on her shoulder, rolling her onto her back. "No," she pleaded. "No more... please..."

But instead of mounting her, Joe instead straddled her midsection. She was now gazing up at his thick cock that swung like a weapon above her. She could smell her own scent on him. Joe began fisting his erection. Too exhausted to resist, she merely stared at him with submissive eyes.

"I'm glad that was good for you," Joe told her. "To make this good for me, though, I'd like a little help." He reached and grabbed Ester's hand, forcing it around his cock. After her orgasm, the little girl had felt quite embarrassed and conspicuous. Ester looked expectantly at her mother, hoping she would intervene on her behalf but her eyes were glazed over.

"That's good," Joe told the young girl. "Just like that. Use both hands and milk it. Yeah, you're a pro all right..." Ester innocently handled his penis, unsure of what was to happen. She didn't have to wait long.

"Oh god, yeah..." Joe muttered. "Here it comes. Here it comes! Open wide, mommy!" Sarah automatically did as he instructed, surprising herself. She had done this for many lovers before but this time should have been different. The words "slut" and "whore" briefly raced across her mind but it was too late now.

Joe moaned loudly as a burst of white fluid landed on Sarah's cheek. Startled, Ester stopped jacking him off for a moment but Joe quickly covered her hand with his, urging her on. Sarah noticed how her daughter gawked as Joe emptied his load on her face. His pungent semen was bitter on her tongue but she had long ago associated its taste with sex. She swallowed, albeit with a hint of shame when she saw the wide-eyed look of disgust on Ester's face.

"It's over..." Sarah thought to herself. Joe's fading erection now rested against her lips, still dribbling strands of white fluid. Instinctively, she licked his weeping cock clean, triggering fresh feelings of disgust for herself. "Doesn't matter. It's finally over. She's going to be all right. Ester is going to be all right. Everything is going to be fine..." Sarah felt if she could keep repeating this mantra, it would most certainly come true. Wouldn't it?

But as she sat up, sticky and exhausted, an awkwardness settled over the room. Joe lay sprawled on the bed, still naked and dripping, his arm covering his eyes as he recovered from his unexpected sex marathon. Ester sat primly on the bed, her hands between her knees. Unclothed yet unashamed, the young girl was merely waiting expectantly for further instructions from her mother. Suddenly embarrassed, Sarah reached for her robe.


Sarah sat stone-faced, doing her best to ignore the intimate sounds coming from behind the closed door. Her fingernails dug into her palms each time she heard Ester's muffled yelps. She wasn't sure which was worse though: listening to the noises or listening to the occasional silence from the closed door. Closing her eyes, she lowered her head into her hands.

Then she heard a different noise. It was a high-pitched keening sound, surely human but with a feral tone. Sarah blinked. She realized that she couldn't even tell if her daughter was making a sound of discomfort or, as hard as it was to admit, pleasure. It had been a long thirty minutes since the door closed. She wondered how long he would take this time. Sometimes he would spend over an hour with her. Sometimes...

The door swung open. She turned and saw Joe swagger out, still buckling his belt. He grinned at her, a lit cigarette dangling from his lips.

"I thought I asked you not to smoke in my house anymore," Sarah snapped at him.

""You did," he replied, lazily scratching his ear. He deliberately exhaled a large plume of smoke. "She told me it's her birthday today." He paused. "You didn't tell me it was her birthday today."

"It is," confirmed Sarah behind tight lips. "She's nine years old." She stopped. Her hand trembled. "Please Joe. She's just a child. Will you please stop this?"

"I will," he answered. "Eventually. One day, I won't be interested. You might say I'm the kind of guy who likes to play ball when there's no grass on the field." He laughed at his own joke.

"Are you done?" Sarah asked, seething.

"See you next time," Joe turned to leave, pausing at the bathroom door to toss his cigarette butt into the toilet.

Ignoring him, Sarah picked up the basin of water and washcloth by her chair. She entered the room where Ester still lay on the bed in a fetal position. A sheet partially covered her. Despite the last remaining wafts of cigarette smoke, the room plainly smelled of sex.

Sarah set the basin n the nightstand and wetted the washcloth. Ester still didn't open her eyes though a peaceful expression graced her face. A fine sheen of perspiration was visible on her gangly figure. Sarah detected a flush of redness on her chest, which rose and fell rhythmically with her tired breathing.

"Sweetie? Ester?" She gently caressed her hair. "Are you okay?" There was no answer. "Does it hurt?"

"A little," Ester answered. Her eyes were open now in a glassy stare. "He didn't put it up my butt this time... just in my pussy."

"Vagina," Sarah gently corrected her.

"My vagina," Ester responded. Sarah slowly pulled the sheet back. Ester's normally smooth nether region was inflamed a bright shade of red. She still gaped slightly from his presence and a telltale stream of white fluid leaked from her. There was no blood though. She had stopped bleeding long ago. Softly, Sarah began swabbing her daughter with the washcloth.

"He gave me three orgasms," Ester continued impassively. "Once with his mouth and once..." A muffled sob from her mother cut her off. Ester returned to her previous state of silence, wincing from time to time as the washcloth made contact with particularly sensitive spots.

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