Please note: All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this story, some of which are dangerous or illegal.
Please keep in mind the difference between fantasy and reality.

Megan Becomes an Altar Girl
Chapter Three
Written by Janus
Copyright 2003

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Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three

Megan paused, her finger about to press the doorbell to the rectory. A small voice inside said, "Don't press the doorbell. Go home. Never come back." The twelve year old bit her lip, trying to decide what to do. After she left Father Edward yesterday, Megan had felt nothing but pure dread fill her body. Father Edward had humiliated her yesterday, made her be naked underneath the altar robe. Then she had to watch those sex movies with him and he made her sit on his lap. And then he started touching her.

Megan's throat constricted. She willed herself not to start crying here on the porch of the rectory. She remembered the strange feelings that shook her body, the conflict of wanting to be touched and wanting him to stop. She felt dirty and ashamed for feeling such ecstasy when the priest touched the area between her legs.

But he was an adult, she reasoned. Surely he had reason for doing such things to her. Perhaps it was all part of becoming an altar girl. Taking a deep breath, Megan pressed the doorbell. Father Edward's smiling face appeared, framed by the little window in the door. He opened the door and Megan stepped across the threshold.

From that moment on Megan moved robotically, as if she were watching her own body move of its own volition. Mechanically, she followed Father Edward. The two hours were such a blur that Megan didn't fully realize it was noon until she was standing outside the rectory, unlocking her bicycle.

Nothing had happened. She and Father Edward had done the chores and then they went to the church for a rehearsal of mass. They had put on the altar robes and vestments, but this time the priest did not ask her to fully undress before putting on the robe. Indeed, the day seemed so normal that Megan began to wonder if she had imagined all that had occurred yesterday.

The following day, Friday, was the same. Megan went to the rectory, Father Edward cheerfully talked to her, they did some cleaning, they put on the robes and practiced... And that was all. Since it was Friday, Father Edward insisted they have some Coca Cola and cookies before Megan went home at noon. That, too, passed without incident. As she biked home, Megan thought that perhaps those two times the priest touched her were just isolated events. Her heart felt much lighter.

Megan was in such a good mood that on Monday morning she arrived fifteen minutes early at the rectory. Father Edward seemed surprised to see her.

"Why Megan!" he said, breaking out into a grin. "Fifteen minutes early for work! Aren't you such a good girl!"

They went to the church. "We might as well let the chores wait," Father Edward decided. "Let's put on the robes and rehearse. I won't do any prompting this time so we'll see how well you know your duties."

They put on the robes. Megan liked the way she felt in the robe, like she was special and holy. Adjusting his collar around his neck, Father Edward directed her for the opening ceremony.

"All right, Megan. Now you walk down the aisle first, and don't forget to pick up the cross. I'll be right behind you."

Megan picked up the cross that was taller than she was, although it wasn't very heavy. Slowly, she began walking down the center aisle. On either side of her were rows upon rows of empty wooden pews. Her footsteps echoed lightly in the vacant church. Reaching the altar, she placed the cross in the holder in the ground and then turned to take her place to the left of the altar. Father Edward was still walking slowly down the aisle. She watched his vestments flutter and waver majestically around him. The robe was so long that she couldn't even see his shoes as he walked.

Father Edward took his place at the altar and said the opening prayer. He went to sit down at his chair while Megan took her place at the altar server station to the side of him. They allowed a brief moment to pass, accounting for the First and Second Readings, before Megan lifted the heavy book that lay on a table beside her. Father Edward stood up and Megan positioned herself in front of him, still holding the heavy book. The priest opened it to the appropriate page and Megan lifted the book slightly so he could see the words. He began to read the Gospel.

When he finished, Megan closed the book and resumed her place at the altar server station. Father Edward stepped up to the altar to begin his sermon. In the past rehearsals, he usually just let a moment of silence pass before continuing on to the next part. This time, however, he bowed his head and waited. Megan waited too until she heard the priest whisper to her.

"Megan," he murmured. "My shoelace is untied. Come tie it for me."

Meekly, the preteen girl walked quietly to the altar and knelt before the priest. His robe billowed about him and Megan found it hard to locate his shoe.

"Um, Father?" she began, "I can't seem to reach your shoe..."

By way of response, the priest lifted his robe slightly. Megan bent down lower trying to detect his shoe until she was on all fours. As she reached underneath his robe, however, Father Edward let his robe fall so that it draped over her back. Megan's upper torso was now hidden underneath the heavy cotton material.

Feeling the robe fall around her, Megan froze at the sight before her. On her hands and knees, she had located the priest's shoes but now saw that above his socks there was nothing but his bare leg. He didn't have his trousers on. The material of the white robe was translucent enough to allow adequate light for her to see clearly. The hairy legs stretched upward, but Megan's line of sight was cut off at his knees due to the robe. She felt the familiar dread fill her tummy. His voice spoke to her through the thin robe.

"Megan. Kneel before me."

Megan hesitated, the panic rising in her body.

"You heard me," the priest commanded her. "Get on your knees. NOW." Megan almost flinched at the edge in his voice. It reminded her of the day he made her wear the robe with nothing on underneath. Slowly she rose to her knees, letting more of the robe fall around her.

First she saw his lower leg, his shinbones pointy beneath his leg hair. Then she his kneecaps, knobby and crooked. Moving on, still rising, she held her breath as his meaty thighs came into view, thick and even more hairy than his lower leg. Biting her lip, Megan straightened her back until she was kneeling before the priest, her face level with his crotch.

He wore no underwear. His penis hung wilted before her, obscuring his hairy scrotum with two golf ball shaped objects underneath the crinkled skin. Megan looked at his male organ with distaste, wondering what was going to happen next.

"Touch me, Megan," the priest's voice said. "Use your hands. Do it. Now."

Swallowing her fear, Megan's hand reached out and grasped the lifeless penis dangling before her. It felt quite warm in her hand and the minute she touched it, she felt a stirring in it. Simultaneously amazed and appalled, she watched as it became erect in her fingers. It expanded, rising like a flower to the sunshine, until it pointed straight out from his body. Then it lengthened slightly, poking out from his crotch and curving upward somewhat. Megan stared at the hard penis before her. It was no longer lifeless but instead throbbed with blood in its swollen glory only inches from her face.

"Use your hand," the priest repeated, a ghostly voice coming from beyond the robe. "Close your fingers around it and make a fist. Yes, yes, like that. Now rub up and down."

Appalled, Megan did as she was told. Both her hands held the Father Edward's penis as she began a jerking up and down motion. The skin of his penis slid along the hard shaft underneath. The darker brown tip of it pointed directly at her eye and she gazed back at it, studying the little slit on the end.

Above her, Father Edward moaned softly but surrounded by a sea of white cotton, Megan couldn't see him. However, she could smell the musky scent emanating from between his legs. It was a strong and sweaty but foreign odor that the twelve year old had never encountered before. Her hands slid mechanically around his penis, feeling it jerk in response to her movements.

Suddenly, Megan felt the priest's hands on her head. The cotton material of his robe closed around the back of her head and she felt his palms and fingers touching her. The preteen's body stiffened in apprehension.

"Megan," Father Edward murmured. "Open your mouth."

Before she could respond, Megan felt his hands press against her head, pulling her closer to him while his crotch thrust towards her. His hard penis banged against her closed lips, shut tightly. Megan squirmed and tried to turn her head but the priest held her head too firmly.

"Megan," Father Edward said, his voice bristling, "open your mouth."

Father Edward's penis still brushed against her lips. The musky scent was stronger than ever now. Grimacing, Megan shifted her gaze downward to look at the erect penis before her. Her stomach turned as she noticed the clear drop of fluid that had formed near the slit on the tip of his penis. She felt Father Edward's hands squeeze her head until it began to hurt.

"I won't warn you again," the priest whispered menacingly. "Open your mouth now."

Fearfully, Megan parted her lips slightly, letting the tip of his penis enter her mouth. The priest sighed as her moist inner lips caressed him. Her mouth only partially open, his penis now chafed against her teeth. His hands tightened again around her head. Megan reluctantly opened her mouth a little more. Father Edward sensed the motion and pulled her head closer to his crotch. His penis surged into her unwilling twelve year old mouth until Megan felt it lodged against the roof of her mouth.

The frightened preteen pulled her tongue back as far and low as possible to avoid touching the priest's penis in her mouth. Her lower jaw hung loosely to avoid completely closing her mouth around the hard and throbbing organ.

"Start sucking, Megan," Father Edward commanded. "Just like you saw in the movie I showed you."

A brief thrill ran through Megan's body as she recalled the tingly sensation when she had watched the movies. But then she remembered the way the priest touched her body and the fear that came with it. In her lapse of concentration, her mouth closed around his penis as she inhaled sharply from the memory.

"Mmmmm, yes, just like that..." the priest moaned above her. Megan's lips closed completely around his penis and she sucked at it gently, listening to Father Edward's appreciative noises. Her tongue finally brushed against the underside of his penis and she tasted the salty taste of sweat. Realizing what she was doing, Megan felt nauseated and ashamed of herself. Tears were beginning to form in her eyes when Megan felt the priest's hands draw her head back, letting some of his penis slip from her mouth.

A wave of relief washed over the twelve year old. But before his penis was completely withdrawn from her mouth, Father Edward pulled her towards him again, forcing the hard shaft back into her mouth. The priest continued this in and out motion, his meaty pole thrusting in and out of her mouth. The tears rolled down Megan's cheeks as she let her mouth be abused by the priest.

"Yes, Megan, keep your lips tightly closed. Use your tongue, my dear, yes, mmmm."

Father Edward's hands pulled insistently at her head. Each time he tugged her head at his crotch, more of his penis slipped into her mouth. The shaft glistened with her saliva. At first, the tip of his penis merely banged against the roof of her mouth but the priest changed his angle and now Megan felt it sliding deep into her mouth until it brushed her tonsils. She felt her gag reflex start to kick in. Father Edward, sensing her predicament, only doubled his efforts. His hard rod now reached her throat almost and she began to gag.

"Ohhhh, yessss," the priest moaned, as Megan's throat closed convulsively around his penis. Megan instinctively tried to swallow but her mouth and tongue only closed tighter on the priest's penis. He groaned, louder now. Humiliated, Megan felt drool start to drip from her closed lips tightly holding Father Edward's penis. She tried to relax her throat muscles to accommodate the intruder.

In the sea of white, billowing canvas around her, Megan felt as if she had been transported to some strange place. All that existed was the lower half of this man before her and his hard and erect penis pumping in and out of her mouth. But the air was beginning to get stale underneath his robe. Megan felt her lungs begin to burn and she felt like she was suffocating. More tears streamed down her cheeks as her jaws began to ache from sucking.

Father Edward's hands now held her head held tightly as he quickened his tugging. His hips thrust faster as well, plunging more and more of his penis into her mouth. Crying, Megan gagged each time he hit the back of her throat. She tried to cough but again her mouth only tightened harder on the penis lodged in her throat.

"Yes, Megan, keep sucking just like that," she heard Father Edward say. "Ohhhhh, yes, I feel the Lord coming near. Don't stop, mmmm..."

Father Edward gasped. He stopped his in and out motion, pressing his penis hard into her mouth. A muffled whimper of panic escaped from Megan's stuffed mouth. His penis twitched several times and another moan came from the priest. His penis jerked again in rapid succession and Megan felt a hot liquid shoot into her mouth. Megan felt her throat spasm in response as fear and nausea overcame her. The fluid pooled in her throat and she had no choice but to swallow. Revolted, she felt it slide down her throat.

The penis continued to throb in her mouth, each time sending more warm liquid into the twelve year old girl's mouth. Gagging and choking now, Megan felt the priest's grip loosen on her head and she managed to turn her head. His penis finally free of her mouth, the crying preteen girl coughed, trying to breathe, but only inhaling the musty air that had collected under the priest's robe. Tears spilling down her cheeks, Megan felt the burning taste of bile rise in her throat. Doubling over at Father Edward's feet, she threw up a mixture of vomit and semen onto the hard tiled floor of the church.

Father Edward stepped backwards, his robe trailing over her body until Megan felt the cool, fresh air against her face. She inhaled sharply, smelling the scent of her own vomit puddling beneath her. The twelve year old lay sprawled before the altar, coughing and catching her breath. Father Edward watched her impassively.

When Megan finally recovered, he knelt next to her and pulled her up to a sitting position. Her face was red and wet with tears but she didn't look at him.

"Megan," he said softly, "why don't you go ahead and go home. I can clean this up."

He helped her to her feet. She stood shakily for a moment before yanking at her altar robe, trying to get it off. The priest helped her pull it over her head. Once she was free of the robe, Megan ran down the aisle, toward the exit. Father Edward watched her young, lithe figure dash from the building until he heard the door slam shut, signaling her departure.

****************************** EPILOGUE: The rest of the summer flew by. Megan came every weekday to work at the rectory with Father Edward. She dreaded each day but what made it worse was that she never knew what to expect. Some days, nothing happened at all. They would do some cleaning and rehearsing and then she would leave. On other days, Father Edward would make her watch a sex movie and sit in his lap. He would touch her. Other times, she merely knelt before him at

the armchair, her head bobbing up and down on his penis.

On the bad days, Megan could hardly recall getting dressed or biking to the rectory. Or even Father Edward greeting her at the door. All she remembered was Father Edward's hands caressing her, or her mechanical movements when he made her touch or suck him. She used to cry each time she biked home after leaving the rectory, but by summer's end she pedaled silently home, her face a combination of despair and sadness.

Megan looked forward to school starting, if only because it meant she wouldn't have to work at the rectory anymore. The first day of school was indeed pure relief for the twelve year old girl. She felt safe again. But when school ended, she was walking her bike past the rectory when she heard a voice call out to her.

"Megan!" Father Edward waved to her from his window. Megan came to a stop in front of the rectory porch. The priest came out the door to talk to her.

"How was the first day of school?" he inquired, stepping down the porch stairs.

"Fine, thanks," Megan replied, shrinking as the priest came near. He put his arm around her. She flinched.

"I can tell you're tired, Megan," Father Edward told her. "Would you like to come inside for some milk and cookies?"

The mere thought of going inside the rectory made Megan's heart race faster. Her hands tightened around the handlebars of her bicycle.

Stuttering, she said, "Um, I, uh, don't know, Father... I..."

Father Edward cut her off. "I insist, Megan. It's the least I can do since you worked so hard for me all summer." Taking her by the shoulders, he directed her toward the house. Megan tried to resist, holding onto her bicycle.

"We can just leave your bike on the porch," the priest said reasonably. "No one will steal it." So saying he pried the bicycle from her grip and carried it up to the porch.

Feeling defenseless now, Megan's hands nervously open and closed at her sides. The priest took her by the shoulders again and led her up the stairs. Megan felt her body automatically follow him.

They entered the rectory. Closing the door, Father Edward told Megan, "You know, you're always welcome here. If you want, you can come by every day after school..."

Links to the entire series of Megan Becomes an Altar Girl:
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three

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