Please note: All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this story, some of which are dangerous or illegal.
Please keep in mind the difference between fantasy and reality.

Megan Becomes an Altar Girl
Chapter One
Written by Janus
Copyright 2003

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Megan fidgeted impatiently on the chair in the rectory. The twelve year old was waiting for the school priest, Father Edward, to meet her. Megan was a good student, very well-behaved and very good grades. She was about to finish seventh grade at the top of the class but now that it was almost summer vacation, her parents were worried that she would have too much free time on her hands. After discussing the matter with the teachers, her parents decided that Megan should start volunteering with the church.

"Just think Megan," her mother told her, "maybe you'll be an altar girl! Wouldn't that be exciting to be helping the priest during Sunday service?"

Megan just shrugged her shoulders. She wasn't exactly thrilled with the idea but she was accustomed to listening to her parents. To her, there was no possibility in her mind for dissent against her parents' wishes.

The year was 1974. Civic and community service were natural, particularly in Midwest, and the suburbs of Minneapolis were no different. People commonly attended Bowling Leagues, volunteered for to work with Boys / Girl Scouts, and participated in their church functions. Since she attended a Catholic school, it seemed only natural for Megan's parent to have her volunteer at the school church. Several of Megan's friends had been altar girls and they didn't seem to mind.

The door to Father Edward's office opened. In his 50s, he was a tall man although somewhat stout in girth. Megan had never considered him to be fat but he definitely had some extra pounds on him. Today he was wearing his every priest clothes of dark slacks and button down shirt, along with his collar of course.

"Megan?" he smiled at her. "Come on in."

Megan rose and followed him into his office, a small room with a desk and bookshelves. She took a seat at on of the chairs in front of his desk. Father Edward considered her as she entered the room and seated herself. Megan was a pretty girl with a well-proportioned face and shoulder-length light brown hair. Unlike other twelve year olds, Megan was not perfectly skinny but instead had delicate curves to her. Since she came here directly after school, she still wore her uniform of a plaid skirt (well below the knee of course) and a white polo shirt. Father Edward noted with satisfaction that her appearance seemed very well-kept: her clothes were very clean and unwrinkled and she even comported herself in an obedient and polite manner.

"So Megan, your parents tell me they want you to start working here at the church during summer vacation."

"Yes, Father Edward."

"Are you excited about working here?"

"Uh, yes..."

Father Edward laughed at her hesitation. "Megan, you shouldn't worry about a thing. I understand that it's summer vacation and you want to have fun. But I promise you, I won't make you work the entire time you're here." The priest leaned across his desk and winked at the girl. "You'll see, it will be fun and maybe you'll get to be an altar girl."

Megan shyly smiled back at the beaming priest behind his desk. Father Edward had always been nice to her but she had never talked to him before. It was odd to have such an everyday conversation with him.

"Is it hard to become an altar girl?" Megan asked timidly.

Father Edward waved a dismissive hand. "Of course not. You'll start out helping me at the church, you know, cleaning and preparing and such. Once you get the hang of it, you'll be an altar girl in no time. And won't that be fun?" He grinned at her.

Megan blushed. "Yes Father."

On Monday morning the following week, Megan woke up at 9 am to get ready for her first day working at the church. The schedule her parents and Father Edward agreed upon was 10 am to noon every weekday. After getting dressed in some shorts and a t-shirt, Megan quickly had some cereal before bicycling over to the church.

She knocked on the rectory door. Father Edward opened it, dressed just like last time in his dark slacks and collar. Megan wondered if he had any other clothes besides those. She didn't ask of course since it would be much too impolite.

"Hello, Megan!" Father Edward smiled at her. "You're right on time! We're going to head over to the church to clean up after the 8 am mass."

Once in the church, he took her to the dressing area which held the priestly robes and other religious garments. "We keep all the robes and things over here in the church but the washing machine is in the rectory," he explained. "You can take this box here and we'll carry it back." Megan dutifully picked up the box of robes and followed Father Edward.

"In addition," Father Edward continued, "the communion chalices need to be washed every day but we have to bring those back to the rectory too since there's nowhere to clean them here." On the counter were several empty chalices that the priest took.

"Let's go," he said cheerfully. On the short walk back to the rectory, Father Edward chatted warmly to fill the silence.

"So Megan, do you have other plans for this summer vacation?"

"No, Father, not really. I think we might go camping or something."

"Camping! That's exciting. Do you have a big family?"

"No, Father. I'm an only child."

"Is it lonely to be an only child?" The priest looked at her with concern.

Megan shrugged her shoulders. "A little. My parents both work and they volunteer a lot too. My dad is head of the neighborhood community organization and my mom does a lot of stuff in her Women's Circle group."

Father Edward nodded thoughtfully.

They spent the rest of the two hours doing laundry and washing the chalices. When they were done, there were other odd jobs to do around the rectory like vacuuming and some yard work. When noon came, Megan waited for the priest to dismiss her.

"Noon already!" Father Edward exclaimed. "Megan you've been a great, great help today. I've never had anyone who worked as hard as you!

Megan blushed a deep crimson. Despite her good grades, her teachers rarely praised her. "Thank you, Father."

They walked to the garage where Megan's bike was parked. "I'll see you tomorrow then, right?" the priest asked, wheeling the bicycle to her.

"Yes, Father," Megan agreed. "I'll see you tomorrow!"

Father Edward smiled as he watched the twelve year old disappear down the street on her bike. "She's such a good girl," he murmured to himself.

The rest of the week continued as that first day had. Father Edward and Megan would pick up the cleaning at the church and then head for the rectory where they spent the rest of the time doing work around the house. Megan didn't mind the work and she actually grew to like talking with Father Edward. He spoke to her kindly and never treated her as a child, which she detested. He was the only adult who seemed to take the time to listen to her.

On Friday, they had were finishing up the chalices as well as some dirty dishes left over in the rectory sink. The washing machine meanwhile as taking care of the robes. Megan waited for the priest to move on to the next set of chores. Instead, he plopped down on the living room couch and indicated for Megan to join him.

"Well, Megan," he said, crossing his legs, "I've had a long week and I think we need a break. Don't you think so?"

Megan nodded. Father Edward got up and went to the kitchen. He returned, carrying two bottles of Coca-Cola and a plate of brownies. He set them on the coffee table.

"Help yourself, Megan," he urged. "Want to watch some television?"


Father Edward and Megan sat down, sipping their Cokes and enjoying the brownies. They idly watched TV for a moment. Megan shifted uncomfortably on the couch.

"Shouldn't I be working or something, Father Edward?" Megan asked anxiously.

Father Edward laughed warmly and patted her on the knee. "It's okay, Megan. We've worked hard this week and we deserve a break! Especially you, because you worked extra hard this week."

Megan smiled and flushed at the priest's praise. "As a matter of fact," Father Edward continued, "I have a little something for you..." He disappeared again into the kitchen and came back with a small box, wrapped in a ribboned bow.

"It's for you," he said, offering it to her. "For working so hard."

Megan was taken aback as she took the box from him. Opening it carefully so as not to tear the ribbon, she removed the lid to reveal a golden chain with a tiny gold cross on it.

"Oh Father Edward," she said, "it's beautiful! Thank you so much!"

"You're welcome, Megan. Would you like me to help you put it on?"

"Yes please." Megan turned around and gathered her brown hair into a ponytail, allowing the priest access to her neck. Father Edward unclasped the chain and fitted it around her neck, ensuring first that the cross was well centered on her upper chest. He let his fingers touch the warm skin beneath her throat, pretending to smooth the gold chain against her. He marveled at how soft and silky these young girls' necks always felt.

Megan felt herself flush slightly at priest's touch. Even when at the doctor or the barber, she always felt a tingle when she was touched. Father Edward's hands on her neck made her feel the same way. Megan turned to face the priest.

"Thank you, Father," she said shyly. She was looking at the ground when she said it but she slowly lifted her eyes until she met his eyes and saw him smiling at her. Bashfully, she smiled back at him.

"A pretty girl like you should smile more often, Megan," the priest declared, watching the girl blush yet again. "And you know what else? Next Monday, I think we can start your training to be an altar girl. You've deserved it." The priest reached out and gently rubbed her shoulder. Megan looked at the friendly priest and smiled, this time not as shyly as before.

On Monday, Megan woke up and got ready with a bounce in her step. Even as she cycled to the rectory, she smiled and hummed to herself. Her first week working with Father Edward was lots of fun and now she looked forward to the time she spent at the church and rectory. Moreover today was the day Father Edward said she could start her training to be an altar girl. She honestly didn't care that much about actually being an altar girl, but she did want to please the priest because he was so nice to her. Absentmindedly, she fingered the gold chain and cross he had given to her last week.

Father Edward greeted her warmly at the door as usual. "Hello Megan," he said cheerfully. "Don't you just look like an angel with that little gold chain?" Megan blushed and then he surprised her by giving her a hug. Megan hugged him back.

"Let's hurry and get the church cleaned up and taken care of," he said.

They quickly did the laundry and washing in twenty minutes. Then Father Edward had Megan sit in the living room while he retrieved some boxes from his closet. The bigger one held a 16 mm film projector and the second held numerous reels of film. The priest began setting up the equipment.

"Megan, could you draw the blinds, please?" he asked. Soon the room was darkened and Megan sat waiting expectantly on the couch.

"These are educational films," explained Father Edward. "They were made for both altar boys and girls." He turned off the lights, darkening the room completely. "Why don't you watch the first one and I'll go make some popcorn?"

"Okay," Megan agreed. He left the room, closing the door behind him. The movie started. It wasn't terribly exciting, Megan decided. The narrator talked about the importance of keeping the religious robes clean when wearing, as well as the necessity of helping the priest and being obedient. The voice also discussed the sacred bond between the priest and his altar boys and girls, how they were servants of God and separate from ordinary people. Megan did her best to pay attention, if only because she wanted to impress Father Edward.

The movie lasted only ten minutes. Father Edward didn't return before the end, so Megan switched on the lights and turned off the machine to keep the film reel from flapping against the machine. Curiously, she glanced inside the box that held the other films and noticed there were several other canisters inside. Apparently they had much to watch.

Father Edward returned, carrying a bowl of popcorn and some bottles of Coca-Cola. "All finished then?" he asked. Megan nodded.

"I'll load up the next one," Father Edward said, handing Megan the bowl and a bottle of Coke. Soon the film was playing and Father Edward turned off the lights and seated himself next to Megan. The priest sat down close next to her and, very casually, put an arm around her shoulder while reaching for some popcorn with his other hand. Megan felt a sudden rush as she felt his arm around. Almost childishly, she let herself snuggle in closer to him until her cheek lightly brushed his shirt.

This movie was about the actual duties of an altar server during a service. The narrator stressed that an altar server should never question a priest's orders. Megan again listened intently. She was about to take a drink from her bottle of Coke when she felt something cold and wet spill down her front.

"Oh no," Father Edward exclaimed. "I'm sorry Megan, I just spilled my Coke on you. That was very clumsy of me."

The lights were switched on and Megan indeed had a rather large stain of Coke on her shirt, right on her chest. "Don't move," the priest commanded. He left the room and returned with a dampened towel.

"I'm sorry again, Megan, " he apologized. "I wasn't paying attention. Let me clean you up..." With one hand he held Megan's shoulder while his other used the towel to wipe at Megan's shirt.

Megan stood still through the priest's ministrations. Inwardly she felt some shame that she was still so flat and undeveloped and Father Edward was so clearly seeing her that way now. But the priest used the damp towel to wipe at a rather large area of her chest and when he passed over her nipples, it made her feel strange. Inside she felt a rush of warmth and embarrassment at being touched. She felt her nipples become hard and that embarrassed her even more because she knew they were visible through her thin t-shirt. Megan wanted him to stop but he held her tightly by the shoulder.

"There," the priest said, "I think I got most of it out." He stopped his rubbing with the towel. A wave of relief rushed through Megan.

"Thank you," she said quietly, almost whispering. She felt very self-conscious all of a sudden. Father Edward sensed her discomfort.

"Look, I'm sorry Megan. If you want, we can call it a day and you can go home. There's plenty of time to watch the films tomorrow," he counseled.

"Okay." Megan meekly made her way to the door.

"See you tomorrow!" Father Edward called out cheerfully.

"Yes, Father," Megan replied obediently. "See you tomorrow."

The next day, Megan felt only biked to the rectory feeling a minor sense of trepidation. When the priest touched her yesterday, she felt very confused. On the one hand, she wanted him to stop, but on the other hand his attention made her feel nice inside. Like when he hugged her or put his arm around her.

The priest let her in when she rang the doorbell. She noticed on the kitchen sink that the chalices had all already been washed. And downstairs she heard the telltale rattle and hum of the washing machine. Father Edward smiled at her sheepishly.

"I already did most of the chores," he explained. "It was my penance for being so clumsy yesterday." Megan started to speak but he interrupted her. "Really, Megan, it was all my fault. And to make amends, I got you a little something."

So saying, he led her to the living room where an oblong, flat box sat next to the 16 mm projector. He handed Megan the box. She took it and looked hesitantly at the priest who smiled encouragingly. Opening the box, Megan found inside it a very pretty dress, dark maroon with a pattern of little white flowers. Megan gasped.

"It's beautiful," Megan said, stunned. "Thank you."

Father Edward hugged her. "You deserve it for being such a wonderful girl," he said, holding by the shoulders and looking into her eyes. Megan self-consciously averted her eyes to the floor. "And now, should we get back to the matter of training?"

Megan and Father Edward sat down together on the couch and watched two more 16 mm films. The day passed without incident and Megan biked home that day clutching the box that held the dress.

The following morning, Wednesday, she put on the dress and admired herself in the mirror. The dress fit perfectly and it was still long enough for her to bicycle comfortably in it. She decided to wear it to please Father Edward. He would be impressed and appreciative, she was sure.

"Why Megan, don't you look so pretty today!" Father Edward gushed as he opened the door. Megan blushed at his praise. He had her turn around for him and she did so happily. "You're the prettiest girl in the world," he declared.

They walked to the living room. Megan noticed immediately that the furniture was different. Where the couch had been, there was now only an armchair.

"I had to have it cleaned," Father Edward said. "It was getting too many stains on it." Megan nodded. But in reality, the priest had simply moved the couch down to the basement. He had good plans for Megan today.

"Are there still films to study?" Megan asked.

"Actually," Father Edward replied, "you finished the entire sequence of videos yesterday. I think we just need to practice a church service now for you to become a real altar girl."

"Oh," Megan said. "What about all those other reels in the box? What are those?"

Father Edward nodded thoughtfully. "Those also are educational videos, but not for altar servers. They're a little hard to explain. Perhaps you'd just like to watch one and decide for yourself?"

"Okay," Megan agreed, ever subservient.

Father Edward began loading the reel. "You go ahead and sit in the armchair. I have to make some phone calls so you can watch the first movie by yourself." The reel began to play and he left the darkened room.

The title of the movie was "The Miracle of the Human Body". The film showed a family of four walking along a sidewalk. The narrator asked, "Have you ever wondered how families are made? Where do babies come from? What is sex? We'll try to answer those questions for you today."

Megan felt her heart skip. Her mother had given her a vague talk about families and babies and sex once, but the conversation left her mostly confused. She knew that it involved the sperm and the egg and the area in between people's legs. But that was all. The movie began by showing diagrams of men and women's bodies, describing things like testicles and ovaries. Being a smart girl, Megan understood the terms and location of the internal organs. Bu the shock was yet to come.

"How does the sperm reach the egg?" the narrator asked. "The sperm comes in the form of semen which comes from a man's penis." Suddenly there was a naked man on the screen. Megan's heart skipped again. She had never seen a grown man's penis before. She knew that boys used it to pee but that was all. The onscreen man's crotch was hairy, his scrotum and testicles (she knew the terms now) hung loosely along with his penis. Megan felt a certain warmth inside her, like yesterday when Father Edward was touching her chest.

"When a man becomes sexually excited," the narrator intoned, "his penis grows in size, becoming erect and hard due to the increased blood flow." Fascinated, Megan watched as the onscreen man began to stroke his penis and it indeed grew. Soon it stuck straight out from his body. The man stopped stroking and the camera zoomed in on his erect penis. Megan felt a funny feeling in between her legs, like wetness. Her breathing increased ever so slightly.

The screen then changed and showed a woman lying on what appeared to be a doctor's examining table. She had her legs spread and her genitals were open on display. Megan was still spellbound. She had seen her own body but it was nothing like this woman's with her full breasts and developed crotch. The camera moved in close to show her crotch, which, like the man's, had some hair on it. The narrator spoke but Megan was too lost in her own world to listen. The woman vaginal lips were well developed and much bigger than hers. The woman then reached down with her hands and spread her lips. Megan briefly heard the narrator say something about a clitoris. She was entranced though by the sight of the woman's pink inner lips and the darkened hole of what Megan assumed was her vagina.

The camera then zoomed out and the naked man from before appeared in the same room with the woman. He strode over to where she lay, legs still spread. The camera shifted angle and Megan stopped breathing when she saw the man place his penis at the entrance to the woman's vagina. It clicked inside her head and she realized immediately how the sperm was delivered to the egg.

"Once sufficiently hard," the narrator said, "the man commences sexual intercourse by inserting his penis into the vagina." Captivated, Megan watched the purple head of the man's penis disappeared as it slipped inside the woman. It continued to disappear until the penis was no longer visible and the man and woman seemed connected by their crotches. The narrator spoke again, "Once the man ejaculates, the sperm in his semen will fertilize the woman's egg and make her pregnant. In nine months," the screen changed to an image of the man and woman holding an infant, "a baby will be born, continuing the circle of life." The movie ended.

Megan sat quietly, digesting all the new information. She liked learning about sex but she felt uncomfortable because she had learned about it at the rectory. For some reason, it felt wrong. Father Edward re-entered the room and turned off the machine.

"Well, what did you think Megan?" the priest asked amiably.

Megan blushed, feeling deep embarrassment. "It was okay."

"Did you learn a lot?"

Megan could only nod. Father Edward began rummaging through the reel box. "Let's watch another one, shall we? Together?"

Megan felt her face grow hotter. "Um, I don't know," she stammered. "Don't you think we should... uh, do the chores or maybe... I ... we could, um, practice the altar service stuff for ..."

Father Edward cut her off. "Nonsense," he said firmly. There's always time for that tomorrow." He squinted to read the label on the reel canister in his hand. "We'll watch this one. I think you'll find it much less clinical and cold than the last one." The reels began to whir and wind.

"Now let's sit down together, shall we?" Father Edward seated himself in the armchair. Megan unsure of what to do, stood idly by until he took her hand and pulled her close to him. "I know you're twelve years old Megan, but that doesn't mean you're too old to sit on my lap." So saying, he pulled the reluctant girl onto his lap.

Megan sat stiffly on the priest's lap, wishing she could leave. "There, there, Megan," Father Edward consoled her. She felt her hands on her shoulders, stroking and massaging her. "Just relax honey, that's right lean back and relax..." Megan let herself be pulled down until she reclined against his chest, her bare legs hanging against his. Suddenly she wished she hadn't worn the dress he gave her. Worse, the priest wrapped his hands around her until they were clasped on her belly. She was trapped.

The movie began, but this one was much different from the first. The scene opened on a bedroom where a woman lay naked on the bed. A man entered from offscreen, also naked, and they began to kiss. And touch.

Despite her discomfort, Megan's eyes were glued to the action onscreen. She tried to ignore Father Edward's close proximity to her. Onscreen the action had progressed considerably as Megan watched the woman began stroking the man's penis. Like the movie before, it grew hard in her hand. Megan was aware of that funny wetness between her legs again but this time she felt distressed and embarrassed about watching a movie with her priest. She wanted to leave but at the same time she wanted to stay and watch.

The onscreen couple began to make odd moaning noises as they touched each other. Megan watched as the man moved his hips closer to the woman's. The camera angle changed to show a closeup of the woman's vagina and the man's penis poised to enter it. Megan's breathing stopped again as she watched the penis go into the vagina. While she watched, she became aware of something pressing against her leg.

Megan froze, forgetting the sex scene unfolding on the screen. It was Father Edward's penis. And it was pressing against her leg. She tried to get up.

"Father Edward, I, uh, I need to go ... to the bathroom." Megan sat up but the priest pulled her back down against him.

"Now now, Megan," he said soothingly, "there's no need to be embarrassed. You stay here. With me." The resistant girl reluctantly sat back against his chest. She had slightly shifted position so now she felt the hard penis pressing against her bottom. Worse yet, Father Edward had moved his left hand up to her chest and began to stroke her nipples, like yesterday except this time he wasn't using a towel.

Megan felt her nipple harden beneath the priest's fingers. "What is he doing?" she thought to herself. Inside, Megan knew it was wrong. But at the same time she felt an excitement grow in her body. It felt very wet now between her legs. She wondered if she had wet herself. An embarrassed but pleasurable flush spread across her body. Her eyes returned to she screen where the man was now quickly thrusting his hips, his penis just a blur as it moved in and out of the woman. Both were moaning and sighing.

Megan was so momentarily mesmerized by the sex that she didn't notice Father Edward's right hand move towards her leg and inch up her dress. She unexpectedly felt the pressure of a hand between her legs. Again she froze and forgot about the movie. Father Edward's fingers began to massage her crotch, her underwear soaking up the moisture of her vagina. Megan inhaled sharply when his finger pressed against a certain spot. Her clitoris, the narrator had said? It was no accident either, for Father Edward began rubbing harder and harder at that spot when she had gasped.

Megan faced a dilemma. She wanted to leave the rectory. But instead she was trapped here with Father Edward, with a naughty movie playing and his hands touching her. She squirmed in his lap and became aware again of his hard penis pressing against her bottom. Awkwardly, she wriggled in his lap some more, wanting desperately to leave, to get as far away from the rectory as possible. Unfortunately, her movement only caused Father Edward's penis to rub harder against her butt and he let out a moan, just like the actors were.

Megan's stomach turned and she felt a wave of nausea. Father Edward felt the girl stiffen in his arms, trying to pull away from him but he gripped her tightly against him. He redoubled his efforts, rubbing her clit harder through her now soaked underwear. He heard Megan gasp again and a small whine escaped her lips. She squirmed again, half trying to escape and half giving in to the new sensations overwhelming her twelve year old body. Without stopping his incessant fondling of her clit, Father Edward used his free hand to hold the writhing preteen against him. His arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her snugly against the bulge in his slacks.

Megan's thoughts rushed by her at sixty miles per hour. Father Edward's hands relentlessly stroked her private area, bringing warm feelings rushing about her. Yet she still wanted him to stop. This new pleasure racing through her young body overshadowed her self-consciousness and embarrassment but her deeply seated inhibitions told her it was wrong to do this. Her eyes focused on the screen, locking on the thrusting hard penis. Megan felt that wave of excitement again, when she saw her first erect penis during the first movie.

All of a sudden, the pleasure and warmth building inside her came to a head. It was as if inside her a dam was about to burst, for the pressure was too great. The water forcing against the dam until it couldn't hold anymore, like the insurmountable pleasure that now threatened to drown her.

"Please... Father. Stop... It feels funny...Stop.. I don't... please, please.... St*..."

The dam broke. Terrified, Megan felt the wave rush through her from head to toe. Uncontrollably, her back arched and she whimpered in fear. What was happening? The simmering pleasure had developed into a tsunami that now crashed about inside her. Scared and panicking, Megan wondered how long this would last. It felt like hours. Was she dying? Was this what dying was like? Does it feel like this to ascend to heaven?

Slowly the waves ebbed away inside her and she felt her sense returning. The movie had ended and the screen was black. She heard the flap-flap sound of the film reel as it wound helplessly against the tape flange. Perspiration had formed on her forehead. Then she felt Father Edward's arm holding her wasit, holding her still against his breathing body beneath her. And then she felt it again. The hard bulge in his pants still pressing against her butt. His penis.

Megan scrambled out of the chair. This time, Father Edward let her. In the low light of the room she quickly glanced at his face, seeing nothing but an inscrutable visage hidden in the shadows. Megan looked at the floor.

"Father Edward... I um, I think I should go now..." she trailed off.

"Well, certainly Megan," the warm and familiar voice agreed. "If that's what you want."

Megan's eyes never left the floor. She hurried to open the door, momentarily blind from the bright sun that streamed through it. Straightening her dress, she realized with shame that her underwear was completely drenched, as if she had wet herself. What had happened?

Behind her she heard Father Edward approaching. She pushed herself over the threshold and quickly walked down the stairs of the front porch. She heard him speak.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Megan."

Megan froze at the bottom stair. There was no interrogative tone to his voice. He was commanding, not asking. Megan didn't turn around but she replied, "See you tomorrow, Father." And hearing the door close behind her, the twelve year old rushed to the garage where her bicycle was parked.

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