Please note: All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this story, some of which are dangerous or illegal.
Please keep in mind the difference between fantasy and reality.

Grandpa the Magician
Chapter Four
Written by Janus
Copyright 2003

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Chapter Four

A week had passed since Grandpa had given little six year old Beth her first orgasm and Beth had jerked off her Grandpa. In the days afterwards, Grandpa did not take out his special tool again, nor did he excite Beth to the point of giving her an orgasm. He pulled quarters from all the usual places: eyes, ears, nose, mouth, chest, belly button, and her lovely puckered asshole. Every day, he slowly wound up his little grand-daughter, but never allowed her to experience the same bliss she had that one day. Beth, for her part, was happy enough to shake her piggy bank and marvel at the growing weight of the quarters in it. The games she played with Grandpa were pleasurable but she hadn't experienced the same level of ecstasy as she had in the previous week. While she was aware that she never reached the same heights as last week, Beth was unsure how to voice this concern to Grandpa. He was still using the same methods of searching as last week, so that couldn't be it...

This morning, Grandpa had successfully produced quarters from her mouth and nose. He was now massaging her baby pussy, moving from her peehole and up to the end of the slit and then down again. Beth liked it when he searched down there, despite the fact that he had only found quarters there once. Sub-consciously, she arched her back as she stood naked before her Grandpa, allowing a better angle for his finger.

Beth felt the warm feeling rising in her stomach. Just when she felt the sensation start spreading outward, Grandpa stopped. The same thing had happened every day for the past week. With a disappointed expression, Beth looked at Grandpa.

"Don't you think there are any quarters in my peehole today, Grandpa?" she asked hopefully.

"I'm not sure, honey," Grandpa shook his head. "We haven't found anything there in a long time. Do you think we should keep trying?"

"I think so, Grandpa," Beth said encouragingly.

"I know there's another way to get the quarters out of there too, honey. I bet I could use my mouth and just suck them out."

Beth considered this prospect, picturing it in her head. "You mean it would be like a vacuum cleaner?"

"Right. Do you want to try?"

"Okay," Beth said, temporarily forgetting her sexual frustration. She was pleased at the idea of trying something new to find more quarters. "What do I do?"

"Why don't you just lay down like this on the couch and relax," Grandpa directed. "That's right, do you want a pillow? Good, good, spread your legs. Good girl. Now let's see what your Grandpa can do."

Grandpa licked his lips in anticipation. Beth lay spread-eagled before him, her puffy labia was deliciously spread. Her tiny little clit crowned the top of her slit while below her glistening pink pussy gave way to a mysterious-looking dark opening.

Leaning in close, he paused to inhale her scent. Little girls always had such a distinctive scent, a mixture of soap, perspiration, and urine. Licking his lips again, Grandpa extended his tongue and had his first taste of his grand-daughter Beth.

He almost fainted from lust as he slowly ran his tongue from her vagina up to her clit. His erection tented out in his pants. Just like her older sister, Beth tasted as sweet as honey. Using his hands, he spread her labia and began licking in earnest.

Beth lay still on the couch as she processed the new sensations coursing through her. She had felt her Grandpa's breath on her peehole and then his tongue began licking between her legs. The feeling was altogether different from when Grandpa had used his finger. His tongue was much more active in its explorations and was more, well, slippery. She felt his lips close on certain parts between her legs, squeezing parts of her skin that produced great waves of warmth and tingles in her.

In particular, Beth felt a powerful sensation when Grandpa would focus on a part just above her peehole. His lips would clench this little knob of flesh there and squeeze, causing Beth to sigh each time. She was aware of a growing wetness between her legs, which felt like she had peed herself. But there was no time to worry about that now. The little six year old felt herself rising in the air again, just like last week. She closed her eyes.

As she rose higher and higher in ecstasy, Beth felt her grandpa wiggle his tongue against her. All of a sudden, she felt the squirming intruder slip inside her. She was surprised! She never knew there was an opening down there. It wasn't her poophole and it wasn't her peehole, that she knew for sure. Grandpa's tongue was exploring a place in between the two and she sighed again as it flickered inside of her. She felt his thumb start to rub that special spot above her peehole.

Beth sighed deeply. Grandpa's tongue began to snake in and out of her while his thumb insistently tickled her. The pleasure emanated from between her legs and spread to her entire body until the little girl felt oddly warm. It was as if she had been running around the backyard several times and she could feel the blood rushing throughout her body.

She then felt Grandpa's tongue withdraw from inside her and move up, tickling her peehole before settling on the special spot that his thumb had been pushing.

Beth gasped suddenly. Grandpa's tongue was delightfully wet as it played with her button. It felt like a warm creature was rubbing against her. Again she felt his lips close around her special spot and her hips jerked and rose into the air when he sucked on it. Beth felt herself soaring higher and higher off the ground now, as if she was holding onto a helium balloon. She sighed again.

Suddenly it felt as if the balloon gained extra power and now was a rocket. If before she was rising slowly, now she was moving fast like a jet plane. Grandpa's mouth continued to massage her special spot and his lips squeezed and sucked on her harder. But then she felt something at the entrance to that hole, the one she didn't know existed until just a few minutes ago. Guessing it must be Grandpa's pinky, her breath stopped as she felt it push inside her, inside the spot between her peehole and her poophole.

The warmth inside the six-year old girl exploded. Grandpa's tongue was flicking quickly at her special spot and his finger inside her gently was flexing and probing when she felt wave after wave of pleasure crash through her. Eyes clenched shut, Beth's legs jerked involuntarily and her back arched, all the better to present herself to insistent pressure of Grandpa's tongue.

The warm feeling and waves slowly ebbed away, leaving Beth completely satisfied. She felt again as if she had just woken from a long sleep and was now spending time lying in her bed before starting her day. But this time, she felt a drop of sweat roll of her temple and her breathing began to slow. It was like she had been exercising. Grandpa gently pulled his finger from inside her. Beth opened her eyes.

Grandpa's smiling face rose from between her legs. "Was that nice, sweetheart?

"Yes, Grandpa, that felt very nice!" the six-year old agreed. "I felt like I was floating! What happened?"

"Well honey, when you feel good like that it means your body is making a lot of quarters. Look!" Grandpa opened his hand and in his palm lay eight quarters.

"Wow!" Beth breathed. "Where did they come from?"

"From inside you, where my finger was," Grandpa explained patiently. "I used my tongue to tickle your special spot and then my finger was able to go inside of you to get the quarters out."

"You mean this spot right here, Grandpa?" Beth reached between her spread legs and pushed her finger into her still wet pussy. It slid in easily.

"That's right honey," Grandpa smiled at his granddaughter innocently fingerfucking herself.

"Do you think there's more inside?" Beth asked anxiously as she slid her finger in deeper.

Grandpa fixed his gaze on Beth's little finger as it slipped inside her completely. "You can try all you want honey," he told her. "It never hurts to try."


Grandpa and Beth played their special game together all summer long. Every morning, Beth would bend over in her Grandpa's lap while his fingers explored the inside of her. By the summer's end, Beth was able to comfortably take Grandpa's big middle finger in her butt and his index finger almost fit completely in her hairless, little girl pussy. Sometimes Grandpa would make the tingles overcome Beth until she squealed and her fists would clench tight. At other times, Beth was content just to gather the quarters Grandpa found inside her.

For her part, Beth became adept at using her hand's on Grandpa penis. The old man would sit back and she would reach unzip his pants and pull out his penis, stroking it until it became hard. Beth would then squeeze and pull at it until the white cream game out. Sometimes Grandpa would even get on all fours so Beth could milk his penis and pretend he was a cow. They both laughed when playing like that.

Just before school started however, it was decided that Grandpa would move back to Florida before winter came. Beth's mom was worried about her father enduring the cold Minnesota winters. Grandpa decided she was right and arrangements were made for him to return to Florida. When they dropped him off at the airport, Beth bid her Grandpa a tearful goodbye.

After Grandpa was gone, Beth tried to play the game by herself. Without Grandpa, it wasn't as fun and she never found any quarters. The little six year old grew very frustrated with herself.

"What can't I find any quarters by myself?" she wondered. "Maybe it's because my fingers are too small."

Beth began looking around the house for items that might extend her reach. She was smart enough to start out small. Beginning with pens and pencils, the little girl would experiment, trying to see how deep she could get them inside her. These things slid up her poophole easily enough, she was able to take almost the entire pencil her first time. But her cunnyhole, as she called it, was less cooperative. Only a few inches of the pencil would go in before stopping.

Discouraged, Beth concentrated on her poophole instead. She still never found any quarters but after a few weeks of experimentation, she forgot that was the main reason she began inserting things in the first place. The experimentation now became a sort of obsession: how big an object could she push inside her?

The toothbrush handle went into her poophole quite easily. It was about the same size as Grandpa's little finger, although the handle kind of burned and chafed her when she inserted it. Remembering how Grandpa would use the slippery stuff on his finger, Beth decided she needed the same. Her finger went in much easier when it was coated with olive oil (the best she could find). Now equipped with a lubricant, Beth began to experiment with everything she could find: chopsticks, oversize novelty pens, screwdriver handles, candlesticks, the leg of her Barbie... All these things slipped inside her with ease.

The winter melted into spring and became summer. Beth turned seven. Once the temperature became warmer, Beth found all the toys she could possibly need in her father's garden. She found the zucchini and cucumbers, all growing in various sizes, perfect for her needs. She started out small, choosing the baby ones. Armed with a bottle of olive oil, Beth began to experimentally insert vegetables. The zucchini had a nice smooth skin that slid in quite easily but sometimes Beth preferred the cucumbers because they had little prickles on their surface that tickled her poophole when pushed it in and out.

Late that summer, Beth was practicing with a cucumber, about the size of a hot dog. The prickles on it tickled her in just the right place and she found her cunnyhole was a little damp, just like it was when Grandpa played with it. Exploring with her fingers, Beth found the sensitive special spot that Grandpa always focused on with his finger or tongue. One hand worked the prickly cucumber in and out while her other hand tickled her special spot. As she fingered herself, Beth thought about the time Grandpa used his mouth on her.

The thought of Grandpa's gentle mouth excite the little girl even more. Suddenly she felt that familiar sensation, the one she hadn't felt in so long. A roaring wave built up in her body. Beth find the pleasure only mounted as she rubbed her special spot harder and faster. The prickly cucumber was tickling her little poophole so nicely. Beth felt the pleasure explode inside her as she grew lightheaded from the tingles electrifying her seven year old body.

Beth slowly regained her breath. She found her fingers touching her special spot were very wet. Although she felt more satisfied than she had been in a long time, Beth wished her Grandpa was with her to explain everything that was happening. She pulled the cucumber out of her poophole, knowing it was no substitute for her Grandpa's warm, loving finger. Beth sighed, wondering if he would ever move back with her family...

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