Please note: All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this story, some of which are dangerous or illegal.
Please keep in mind the difference between fantasy and reality.

Grandpa the Magician
Chapter Two
Written by Janus
Copyright 2003

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The next day Beth woke up and her mother served her breakfast. Then she watched cartoons as her mother got ready for work. Grandpa has woken up early and gone for his daily morning walk. He returned just as her mother was kissing her goodbye and rushing out the door.

"Good morning, Grandpa," she shouted as she ran to give him a hug. Her little blond ponytail flopped behind her and she still wore her pajamas. The old man squatted down level with her and hugged her back.

"Ooof," he grunted as she threw her full weight into him. She kept her arms wrapped around his neck and swayed back and forth, like any energetic six-year old full of Froot Loops.

"What do you want to do today, pretty baby?" he asked her. Beth giggled and cocked her head in response, holding her left ear out to him.

"Hmmmm," Grandpa said thoughtfully, looking into her ear. "Why, what this shiny thing in there?" And he plucked a quarter from her earlobe. Beth let out a joyful yell and extracted herself from him to run off and retrieve her piggybank.

When she came back, Grandpa was sitting in the armchair so she clambered up into his lap, strategically presenting her right ear. Again, a quarter was produced and another crow of delight sounded. Both of Beth's nostrils produced quarters as well. But when he looked in her mouth, Grandpa shook his head and said, "I'm sorry honey, there's doesn't seem to be anything in there."

Beth was crestfallen, but Grandpa quickly moved on and lifted her pajama top a bit. "But look what I found in your belly button!" The quarter clinked into the piggybank. Beth quickly forgot about her treasureless mouth as her grandpa unbuttoned a few buttons of her pajama top and reached inside. His fingers explored her flat chest until they reached one of her small nipples. She giggled as her grandpa began to rub both nipples in earnest. Two more quarters soon joined the rest in her piggybank.

Then Grandpa firmly slid her off his lap and stood her before him. "And where else, honey?" His heart almost melted as the six-year old pulled out the elastic waistband of her pajama bottoms and and arched her back a bit, pushing out her tummy.

"I bet there's more down here, Grandpa!" Chuckling the old man let his hand slip into her pajama bottom. She wore no underwear so his fingers made a beeline for her pussy lips. His index finger settled into the cleft of her labia and stroked her tiny, almost imperceptible clitoris. Beth involuntarily arched her back a little bit more as he touched her.

As he did yesterday, he let his fingertip come to rest at the entrance of her vagina, wiggling in her soft baby folds. Beth smiled impishly at him. She liked the way his finger felt on her peehole. It made her feel warm and safe.

"I don't think there's anything in here, young lady," he apologized. "Maybe we'll have better luck on the other side." So saying, he turned her 90 degrees. Then, with his right hand still stroking her pussy, he let his left hand slip under her elastic waistband and ran his finger up and down her butt crack.

Kissing her cheek, he whispered, "Why don't you stand with your legs further apart, honey? That way I can search better..." The little girl obediently shifted her legs apart, effectively spreading her ass cheeks and exposing her rectal opening to his probing hand.

Grandpa felt his excitement grow as his middle finger diddled her anus while his other hand continued to massage her labia. He noticed Beth was now standing on her tippy-toes as his hands worked their magic inside her pajama bottoms. In addition, he felt a slight moistness growing on his right hand as it playfully parted her puffy pussy lips and rubbed her slit. Beth's gaze was anxiously riveted down at his busy hands, though she showed no passion or fear, only curiosity.

Stopping, he began to pull both hands from her pajamas. "I don't know, Beth, there doesn't seem to be much ..."

"Oh no, Grandpa," she interrupted. "Don't stop yet! You have to keep trying!"

"All right," he sighed, pretending to be exasperated. He let his right hand rest on her belly. "Why don't you lean over a little bit?"

The girl quickly bent all the way over to lie on his leg. Grandpa took the opportunity to ease her pajama bottoms down so they hung by her knees. His erection rose at the sight of the little girl spread out before him. He quickly licked his pinkie.

As he did yesterday, he let his pinkie slide in up to the fingernail, the walls of her rectum sucking at his finger. Beth laughed as he wiggled it inside of her.

"Nothing here, Beth."

"You have to look deeper inside, I bet."

"Are you sure, honey?" Grandpa let his finger slide in a bit more, to the first knuckle. He licked his lips at the feel of her rectal walls clutching his digit. Hearing no protest, he let more of his finger slip into her until he had completely buried his pinkie in her asshole. Beth lay silent on his lap. She had played with herself in the past and her grandpa's pinkie was much larger than even her biggest finger. It felt like a big worm was inside of her, squirming among her insides. It wasn't an unpleasant sensation, only strange. She still felt the warm feeling inside of her, but she didn't notice it as much for she was trying to categorize the feeling of this intruder in her poophole.

"Are you okay, darling?" Grandpa asked. He was worried he had gone too quickly for the little girl.

"I'm okay, Grandpa," Beth replied. "Are there any quarters?"

Grandpa laughed. He withdrew a tiny bit of his finger and then gently thrust it back in, gently fucking her asshole to accommodate her to the sensation.

"I do believe there are quarters, little Beth," he said, smoothly withdrawing his pinkie. He opened his palm in front of her face. "Look, there's two of them!"


The game was repeated every morning for the next several days. Beth's ears, nose, chest, and belly button always produced quarters without fail. But the girl was disappointed that her grandpa was never found any in her mouth anymore, or her pee-pee. Her poophole still surrendered quarters, but they too were becoming more and more rare.

One day, she complained to Grandpa about the ever-decreasing productivity of her poophole. "Why can't you find quarters in there anymore, Grandpa?"

Today, Beth was wearing shorts and a loose fitting tank top that tended to reveal her baby nipples. Her Grandpa's eyes twinkled as he looked into her inquisitive face. "I'm not sure myself, Beth. Perhaps my pinkie is too short and I've reached all the ones that I can using it."

Beth rolled her eyes at him. "Oh Grandpa," she said, swatting him. "You have other fingers that are a lot bigger." So saying, she grapsed his big hand and pointed at his middle finger.

"See? This one is this much longer than your pinkie." She indicated the difference in length with her own hands.

Grandpa nodded. "Okay, little Beth," he agreed. "I'll try with a longer finger. Are you sure you won't mind? What if it hurts?

Beth shook her head immediately. "It won't hurt!"

"All right you greedy little rascal. Why don't you help me by sucking on my finger and getting it wet so I can search easier?"

Beth dutifully opened her mouth. Grandpa stuck out his middle finger and let her engulf him. She could only get him in to the second knuckle. He swished his finger in her warm mouth.

"That's right dear, suck hard on it. Like a popiscle! Use your tongue..."

Beth little tongue playfully caressed his tongue as she sucked with all her might. "That's a good girl," Grandpa murmured as he pushed a lock of her blond hair behind her ear. "Why, look here!" He brought his other hand to her mouth removed his finger from her, producing a quarter.

Beth's eyes went wide. "Yay! You found one in my mouth!"

"It was way back in your mouth, dear. That's why I couldn't find them before."

"So maybe you'll be able to find one in my poophole too if you use your big finger!"

Grandpa chuckled at her. She certainly didn't need any encouraging. Now used to the ritual, Beth pulled down her shorts so they lay around her ankles and flopped down onto his lap. With his free hand, Grandpa spread her little ass cheeks and began probing with his dampened middle finger.

Beth lay contentedly in his lap. By now she immensely enjoyed these games with her grandpa. It was like she was at the doctor but she felt nothing but love for Grandpa's gentle administrations. She felt him trace a circle around her hole first, tenderly massaging it. Then she felt the increased pressure and she relaxed to let him enter.

Beth could tell right away that his middle finger was a bit bigger than his pinkie. She had to concentrate a little more to let him slip inside. When he reached the first knuckle, he paused.

"Is this okay, sweetie?"

"Yes, Grandpa."

He resumed his slow entry. Beth felt him rotate his finger as he moved deeper and deeper into her. Like a screwdriver, she thought. Sometimes he would stop, withdraw his finger a little bit, then push it back in, and repeat the process. As he did this, she felt her rectal canal relax some more. Suddenly, his finger presser harder and slipped in to the second knuckle. Beth involuntarily gasped.


"Did I hurt you Beth?" Grandpa asked worriedly.

Beth hesitated a second. It didn't hurt really, it just surprised her. She arched her head to look at him and shook her head.

Grandpa began to slowly withdraw his finger. He said, "Just to make sure Beth, I can put something slippery on my finger. It'll make it go in smoother."

"You mean like when daddy puts oil on my bike chain?"

"Exactly." Beth watched her Grandpa, ever prepared, as he pulled a tube of K-Y jelly out of his cardigan pocket. Flipping open the cap, he began to apply it to his middle finger until it was shiny. He squirted a little onto her poophole too and began rubbing it in. Beth squirmed in his lap.

"That tickles Grandpa!"

Grandpa laughed and continued his rubbing, delighting in the now smooth velvety feel of her asshole. He reached over and tickled her ribs too, making her yelp.

"Shall I start looking for quarters again, sweetheart?" he asked.

Beth nodded. She felt his big finger push up against her puckered hole. At first her asshole was stubborn and resistant, but the K-Y did its job. She felt a portion of his finger slip in. As before, he used an in and out motion that spread the slippery jelly inside her anus. Before she knew it, her Grandpa's big middle finger was completely inside of her. She felt it moving about inside of her as he flexed his finger this way and that. As he explored, she became aware of parts inside her body that didn't know existed. Walls here, obstructions there...

"That feels funny Grandpa."

"Do you want me to stop?"

"No..." Beth trailed off. Grandpa gazed down at his little grand-daughter in his lap, his middle completely buried in her rectum. As he swirled his finger and explored inside her, Grandpa used his free hand to massage the tent in his pants. While barely finger-fucking Beth in minute movements, Grandpa shifted his hand so he could feel her pussy with his thumb. He rubbed her baby clit a little and let his thumb glide up the puffy lips of her labia to probe gently at the entrance to her vagina. Was it moist? Grandpa was sure he detected a tiny bit of moisture forming at the door to her girlhood.

Deciding it was enough for today, Grandpa reached into his pocket with his free hand and withdrew three quarters. Reluctantly, he began to extract his finger.

Beth turned to look at him as she felt his finger retreating from her anus. She felt the last of his finger pop out of her.

"Did you find any?"

Grandpa held out his hand to her. Beth whooped and grabbed the quarters. They joined the rest in her ever growing piggy bank. Standing before Grandpa, hands clutching the piggy and shorts still around her ankles, Beth turned to her Grandpa.

"Now what, Grandpa?"

Grandpa gazed at the little girl, his eyes moving to the beautiful, hairless slit between her legs. Reaching over he pulled up her shorts and let them snap against her waist.

"Well, Beth, that's all for today I think."

"Oh." Beth said, disappointed. "But we'll play tomorrow, right?"

"If you like this game, Beth, we can play it all summer!"

"Hooray," Beth cheered. Her little brow furrowed suddenly as her eyes came to rest on the little tent in her grandpa's pants.

"What that, Grandpa?" she asked, pointing.

Grandpa smiled at the inquisitive little girl pointing at his cock. "Why Beth, that's my special tool," he replied evenly.

"What's it for?"

"Finding quarters, of course! It helps me find quarters when my hands need help."

"Can we find more quarters today?"

Grandpa shook his head and said good-humoredly, "I think you've got enough for one day. But we'll play tomorrow, I promise."

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