Please note: All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this story, some of which are dangerous or illegal.
Please keep in mind the difference between fantasy and reality.

Grandpa the Magician
Chapter One
Written by Janus
Copyright 2003

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Grandpa was thrilled to be playing this game with his granddaughter. Just as he had with her older sister, Grandpa used the old "magic" trick of pulling quarters from a person's ear and expanded it until it involved caressing the more intimate parts of the little six-year old in order to find more quarters. And like her older sister before her, Beth willingly participated in the game.

Grandpa had already magically found quarters in Beth's ears, nose, and mouth. He hinted that that was all he could find in her holes until Beth indicated the hidden treasures inside her underwear.

"Do you really want me to look inside your underpants Beth?" Grandpa asked.

The girl rolled her eyes. "Of course I do! I know you can find more if you look!"

Little Beth stood before her grandpa, smiling at him, as he gently pulled her panties down. Obediently, she stepped out of each leg, leaning against his knee for support. Beth liked this new game with grandpa and she liked having a full piggybank that would jingle and rattle as she shook it. She also liked being touched and when grandpa touched her before, it made her feel nice and special inside.

"So Little Beth, you think you have more quarters in you somewhere?" he asked her innocently.

Beth jumped up and down excitedly. "Oh yes Grandpa, I know it! You have to find them!" Being only six, Beth felt nothing strange about standing before her grandpa in a dress with no panties on.

"Okay honey," Grandpa replied. "Why don't you lift up your pretty dress for me and I'll keep looking for a quarter, okay?"

Beth grabbed her skirt and pulled. Grandpa's eyes travelled down her body. Her belly button was cute and wrinkled outie. He continued his downward gaze and smiled as he saw her hairless little-girl slit poking out from between her legs. He felt his cock twitch in his pants. Beth watched him expectantly.

"Let's see what we can find, hmmm?" His hands caressed her tummy and circled her belly button. Beth giggled. He let a finger explore her navel as he maintained an intent, studious expression.

"Aha!" he exclaimed, producing a quarter. Beth beamed and reached for it eagerly, dropping it into her piggy bank with a loud clink. Granpa returned his attention to her tummy, gently stroking her tummy as he moved closer to his prize.

Beth felt a little naughty and excited as she stood holding her dress up, letting her grandpa explore her. She felt his hands go lower and lower until finally his fingers reached her peehole. Lightly but insistently, her grandpa began to rub her slit.

"Do you think there's anything in here?" Grandpa asked as he rubbed her pussy. The little girl looked up at him, still smiling but her face betraying some confusion and curiosity at the odd feelings beginning to rise in her body. Grandpa too felt the heat rise in his own crotch.

She nodded at him. "I think so, Grandpa. Maybe."

Grandpa continued stroking her puffy lips, rubbing a little harder now. He thought he could feel her baby-sized clit beneath his finger. Her perfectly pink baby skin contrasted with his aged and callused digit as it dug deeper and deeper into her. He found the entrance to her vagina and let his finger wander in just a little bit. It wouldn't go very far, but he reveled in the warm and humid flesh surrounding his finger.

Despite the warm feeling coming from her stomach, Beth was getting impatient. "Is there anything down there, Grandpa?"

Her grandpa continued his rubbing a few moments before responding. "I'm afraid not honey," he replied, watching as her face fell. "Why don't you turn around and I'll see if there's anything in your poophole?"

Beth turned, still hoisting her hemline so her grandpa got a clear view of her tiny butt. He let both hands cup her behind as he squeezed her luscious butt cheeks together. To his delight, Beth automatically leaned forward a bit. He pulled her buttocks apart revealing her brown puckered anus winking at him. Leaning in himself, he inhaled her sweet six-year old scent.

"Okay, let's see what I can find." Beth leaned forward a little more to give her grandpa better access. The old man smiled to himself, thinking how compliant Beth would be by the end of the summer. He let his thumb run down her crack, gliding over her poophole, and following the path as it returned to her baby vagina. He couldn't help himself as he arrived at her labia, slding between her lips and massaging her girlie clit again.

"You already looked there, Grandpa," she reminded him.

"Sorry honey," he murmured, letting his hand glide back to her butt. This time he let his thumb focus on her rosy anus, drawing little circles around it.. Compared to his thumb it was quite small, but he was sure he could accommodate it in due time. He pressed a bit harder with the flesh of his thumb. Her rectal canal gave way a bit, but wouldn't admit him, he was still too big. Oddly enough, he could have sworn Beth pushing her body back at his thumb, as if she wanted him more pressure.

By now, grandpa had a little tent in front of his pants as his hard cock throbbed inside his trousers. Beth, however, was oblivious to this as she was faced the other way. He diddled her asshole a little more as he thought. He hadn't intended to penetrate her with his fingers, either vaginally or anally, for at least a few more sessions. But seeing that she seemed to be eager... He lifted his free hand to his mouth and sucked on his pinkie, coating it with saliva. Switching hands, his moistened little finger began to knead her puckered hole. He always carefully trimmed his fingernails and he was thrilled to see her brown anus start to grip his finger. His finger was barely inside her, perhaps just a quarter of his fingernail, but he felt like he was in heaven as he watched his six-year old grandaughter obediently bent over before him.

Beth was enjoying the sensation of her grandpa's finger on her poophole. She knew it was dirty and naughty, but she liked to play with herself down there, especially after taking a bath when she knew her hand wouldn't smell funny if she played with her butt. She leaned over a little a more and ever so slightly let her butt lean back against her grandpa's loving hand.

When she felt him switch hands, Beth could tell the difference right away. This time he was using his pinkie finger and it felt a lot more slippery than his thumb did. Suddenly remembering, she asked him, "Have you found any quarters yet, Grandpa?"

Her Grandpa, peering down at his pinkie finger massaging her hole, replied, "Not yet, darling, but I think I might have something ..." So saying he increased the pressure and let his pinkie slip into her anus, just the fingertip, less than an inch. Beth felt his penetration and giggled as he wiggled his pinkie inside her.

"That tickles Grandpa!" she laughed, swaying her butt from side to side. Grandpa laughed too as his free hand gripped his cock through the material of his trousers and gave it a few pumps. His breath was coming fast now. He twirled his pinkie inside her and enjoyed its tight grip. He knew he had to end this soon, or he would cum in his pants. Reluctantly, he slipped his finger from her anus.

"Got it!" he crowed as he produced a quarter and held it out in front of the little girl. Beth squealed and grabbed it, dropping her dress to reach for her piggy bank. Grandpa quickly adjusted his cardigan so it hid the tent in his pants. He wanted to take it slow and savor his grand-daughter.

Beth turned to him and shook her piggy bank, listening to the jingling inside. "Can we find more quarters, Grandpa?"

"Oh, I don't honey. Don't you think you've had enough?"

"But it was fun, Grandpa! Do it again!" she pleaded.

"All right, you little scamp," Grandpa smiled and reached for her, hugging with his left arm. With his right hand, he produced a quarter from behind her ear.

"Here's one!" And he dropped it in her piggy bank for her. He looked into his grand-daughter's face, delighted at the disappointment he saw there.

"Graaaandpa," she pouted.

"What?" he asked innocently.

Beth pushed at his chest, trying to find the words she wanted to say. "Can't you... look in other places?"

Her grandpa laughed and kissed her cheek. "You silly goose! We're done playing for today, but I promise you we'll play again soon. Okay?"

"Tomorrow?" Beth asked hopefully.

Grandpa kissed her cheek again and hugged her tight. "Yes, little one, we'll play again tomorrow. But now let's put your underwear back on and get lunch ready. Does that sound good?"

"Yeah, Grandpa!" the little girl cheered, as she kissed her grandpa.

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Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four

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