Please note: All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this story, some of which are dangerous or illegal.
Please keep in mind the difference between fantasy and reality.

Jeremy - Chapter 6 - Breaking the Seal
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Written by Janus
Copyright 2015

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After the episode in the camping tent, Pam was expecting the usual carousel of emotions that happened every time she pushed the boundaries with Jeremy. But the feelings never came. Or, rather, the negative emotions never came. Instead, she spent long and pleasant hours thinking of what happened: how he trembled in her arms, how he woke up snuggled against her breasts, how he bashfully moved away when he realized his erection was pressing against her leg... The memories made Pam swoon like a young girl at her first boy-band concert.

Either her conscience had gone rogue or Pam had made peace with everything that had happened. It was incredibly freeing. Let the pieces fall where they may, she decided. After all, Jeremy would have mentioned it by now if he had any misgivings about what had transpired between them. He certainly wouldn't be cajoling his parents into letting Pam take him on a five-mile hike, which was what she was doing today.

“Pam, really, be honest,” Jeremy's dad told her. “There's still time to back out. Are you sure you want to do this hike with him?”

“It'll be a breeze,” she assured him. They were standing at a trailhead shaded by tall oaks and maples. “It should only take a few hours, plus I could use the exercise. We just need to follow the trail and it will lead back to your house, right?”

“That's right,” he answered. “It gets a little hilly at the end but nothing too strenuous. This all started with that tent from his grandma. I wonder how long this outdoor living phase will last.”

They glanced at Jeremy who was strapping on a knapsack next to his dad's parked car. “I'm almost ready!” he called. “I just have to put on my pack belt!”

“I'm surprised he's not wearing your old boy scout uniform,” Pam observed.

“Yeah, but...” William trailed off when he saw Jeremy fitting the coonskin cap to his head.

“Ah yes,” Pam nodded. “Can't forget that.”

“His grandma gave him some birthday money too,” William sighed. “He wanted to spend it all at that expensive sporting goods store. You know, the one based in Washington state?”

“All right, let's go!” Jeremy said, trotting up to them, his knapsack bouncing on his back.

“Jeremy, you listen to Pam,” his dad instructed him. “If you come home with a broken bone, I'm going to strap you to your bed for the rest of the year. Got it?”

“Got it,” Jeremy replied cheerfully. Pam stifled a laugh as his dad shook his head and got back into the car.

“See you guys at home,” he waved as he drove off. “Have fun!”

“Bye dad!” Jeremy shouted. “Come on, Pam, let's go.” He began hurrying down the trail. Pam scrambled after him.

“Whoa, hey,” she said, trying to catch up. “Let's remember to pace ourselves. This is a long hike, Jeremy.”

“So what?” he called over his shoulder. He picked up a thick branch and began using it to swat at the foliage along the path. “Don't worry, I brought supplies for both of us.”

Supplies? “Jeremy, your dad said to listen to me,” Pam reminded him. “You're going to trip if you hike too fast. You know what's going to happen if you break your arm?” They entered the canopy of a willow tree that towered over a meandering stream. Its dangling branches enclosed the two of them like an umbrella.

“Oh, my dad was just joking around,” Jeremy said dismissively. “He's not really going to strap me to the bed. That's child abuse.” Using his tree branch, Jeremy neatly sliced off several willow boughs that dangled from the tree.

“Would you stop that?” Pam asked, trying to contain her exasperation. “You almost hit me. Why do you always have to be so destructive?”

“Sorry,” he said, tossing aside the branch. Now deprived, Jeremy dropped to his knees to examine the pebbles that lay scattered near the stream.

“Anyway,” she continued, “if you trip and break your arm, your parents aren't going to be mad at you. They'll be mad at me.”

“No, they won't. They really like you!” he insisted. Having gathered a handful of pebbles, he began slinging them at a stack of wooden logs in the stream. The stones made a sharp sound as they whizzed through the air before plinking against the weathered tree bark. “They always talk about what a good influence you are on me. Hey, do you think these logs in the stream are part of a beaver dam?”

“I have no idea,” Pam said. “But if it is a beaver dam, maybe you should stop throwing rocks at it.” He surprised her by putting down the rest of the pebbles in his hand. They began hiking again, this time walking side-by-side at a much more reasonable pace. Jeremy could be unpredictable like that. Holy terror one minute and then meek kitten the next. She could never figure it out.

“That's a really sharp outfit you're wearing,” Pam commented. Besides new hiking boots, Jeremy was also wearing a pair of army green cargo shorts and a metallic blue and silver button-down shirt. The coonskin cap didn't quite fit the rest of his modern-day outfit though.

“Isn't it great?” he enthused. He stopped to show her all the pockets in his shorts. “There's more than I know what to do with! Plus, feel my shirt. It's a breathable cotton blend that wicks away moisture but also contains a special polyester for 100% UVA and UVB blocking.”

An illicit tingle raced up the back of her neck when he took her hand and placed it on his chest. “Um, that's really high-tech,” said Pam. “I see you've been reading lots of sporting goods' catalogs.”

“Yeah. How did you know?” he asked with disbelief. “Anyway, I got all this other neat stuff too. Check this out.” He lifted his shirt to reveal a belt with numerous accessories strapped onto it. “See? I've got a compass, pocket knife, first aid kit, waterproof matches, and a safety whistle right where I need them.”

Pam pretended to be interested in his new toys, but in truth she was admiring his flat stomach and belly button. “Wow,” she said approvingly. “It's like you're Batman.”

“Yeah, it's awesome,” Jeremy said, shrugging out of his knapsack. “Are you ready for a break?”

“Um, haven't we only been walking like five minutes?”

Jeremy ignored her as he dug through his knapsack. “I have beef jerky and trail mix,” he said, stuffing a handful in his mouth. “You want some?”

“No thanks, I'm not hungry.”

He produced a water canteen, the old-fashioned kind that looked like a tambourine. “You should at least have some water,” he said, still chewing. “Did you know eighty percent of wilderness deaths happen from dehydration? I think it was eighty percent.”

“I'm good.” Pam watched to make sure he didn't start choking on the enormous handful of trail mix he had stuffed into his mouth. That was exactly the sort of thing that would happen to him. She was relieved when he swallowed several gulps of water.

“Okay, we can keep going now,” he said. The trail began winding up a small hill covered in ferns. The forest was completely silent except for the occasional sound of a stray bird chirp. Pam realized how relaxing it was to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city. She was just beginning to enjoy herself when she discovered Jeremy lagging several feet behind her.

“You okay back there?” she said, pausing for him to catch up.

“Yeah, I'm fine,” he answered, using the tone she recognized as being anything but fine. “Um, Pam? Do you think you could carry my backpack for a while?”

“Sure,” she said, taking it from him. Her arm immediately sagged under the weight of the back. “Oof! Did you pack bricks in here?”

“It's just supplies,” he said innocently. “You never know what you'll need. I brought snacks, water, my slingshot, a firestarter kit, my dad's hatchet, maps and a rain poncho.”

“A rain poncho,” Pam repeated, looking up at the clear blue sky.

“It's for emergencies!” He looked her up and down. Pam had worn a t-shirt and shorts, plus her old and beat-up pair of running shoes. “What did you bring?”

“My phone?”

“Oh,” Jeremy said. She could tell she had disappointed him.

“You're right,” she told him. “Better be safe than sorry. Can I have some beef jerky?” They sat on a log for a few minutes. The meat was over-salted and leathery but Pam didn't say anything. She accepted when Jeremy offered a drink from his canteen.

“I feel better now,” she told him. “Shall we continue?” Jeremy's pace picked up considerably once he was free of his backpack. The tail of his coonskin cap waved jauntily with each step he took. Pam, on the other hand, definitely felt the burden. She was relieved when Jeremy called for a water break, despite the fact that it had been only fifteen minutes since the last one. After the short pause, they resumed hiking until they reached a heavily pined section of forest. The refreshing scent gave her a boost of energy.

“Hey, want to see a magic trick?” Jeremy asked as they walked. He began digging in his cargo pockets. Pam raised an eyebrow when he pulled out a pair of handcuffs.

“If you think I'm putting those on...” she began.

“No, no,” he reassured her. “It's a trick where I put them on like this.” He placed his hands behind his back and cuffed the links into place. “See, I'm locked up right? Go ahead and check.”

Pam humored him. “Yes, you're handcuffed all right. Let's stop for a second though.” She had a vision of him somehow crashing down the path and tumbling off a cliff. “All right, let's see your magic trick.”

Jeremy began wriggling his hands behind his back, biting his lip in concentration. Pam waited patiently. A minute passed. Jeremy grinned at her, although some of his bravado was gone. Another minute.

“Uh, do you need a hand?” Pam asked.

“No, it's just...” Jeremy trailed off. Embarrassed, he said, “Could you check my back pocket? There should be a key in it.”

Pam tried not to laugh since she knew it would make him mad. She reached into his back pocket but found it empty, although she it was not unpleasant to feel the curve of his bum. “Nothing in your back pocket,” she reported.

“Try the other one.”

She did. It was empty too, save for the curve of his backside. “Nope.”

“That's weird,” said Jeremy. “Could you try my front pockets?”

Sighing, Pam complied. His hip pockets were empty, although her hands got dangerously close to his crotch. In his cargo pockets, all she found was a stick of gum and two rusty nails. “There aren't any keys in here either, Jeremy,” she told him.

“Um, uh oh,” he said. His face had been red from embarrassment, but Pam could recognize the worried look on his face. It made her apprehensive as well because Jeremy never worried about anything.

“All right, Jeremy, the joke is over,” she said. “Where are the keys?”

“I don't know!” He smiled sheepishly. “If they're not in my pockets, I think I...”


“I guess I forgot them at home.”

Pam counted to ten, making sure to breathe deeply the whole time. “At home.”

“Uh huh,” he nodded.

“But these are toy handcuffs, right?” she persisted. “Isn't there a safety latch or something?”

“Um, no. These are real. My dad ordered them online for my Halloween costume last year. Remember that? It was when I dressed as a cop and Ashton was wearing that hippie -” Pam held up her hand to cut him off. “They're authentic police handcuffs,” he added brightly.

“That's really not what I wanted to hear, Jeremy.” She moved behind him and knelt to examine the handcuffs. They looked authentic all right. Luckily, he had not applied them so tightly as to cut off his circulation. “Well, at least one of us is prepared,” Pam said, pulling out her phone.

“What's that?” Jeremy asked over his shoulder. “Did you bring a blowtorch or something?”

“No, Jeremy, I'm calling your dad,” she told him. “We've only been hiking thirty minutes. At this point, the easiest thing to do is return to the trailhead and have him pick us up.”

“But then we won't get to hike,” he complained.

“You can't hike with your hands cuffed behind your back!” Pam exploded, unable to hide her exasperation. “And besides... oh shit.”

Jeremy's eyes widened. “Did you just swear?” he chuckled. “You just said a bad word!”

“Be quiet, Jeremy,” Pam warned him. Her tone made him immediately stop laughing.


“I don't have any cell phone service.” Pam stared at her phone as if it were a dead rodent.

“Oh,” Jeremy said, finally serious. “What are we going to do?”

“Looks like you got your wish,” Pam shrugged. “We keep hiking. Come on.” She took him by the arm.

“But how am I going to get my hands free?” Jeremy asked, not quite catching on.

“We'll unlock you once we get home and find the keys.”

“What if I need to use my hands?”

“You should have thought of that before you put on the handcuffs.” Pam held his arm as they walked to make sure he didn't stumble. She felt like a sheriff escorting an outlaw. At this pace, she calculated that it would take them another two hours to reach his house. Her jaw tightening, Pam couldn't keep the scowl off her face but at least it kept Jeremy quiet. She was loudly broadcasting her displeasure at this turn of events and, amazingly, he was picking up the signal.

They walked in silence for fifteen minutes. “Maybe this isn't too bad,” Pam thought. “We're making better pace than I would have expected. Maybe it will only take ninety minutes?” The thought brightened her mood, but she soon sensed that Jeremy was slowing down. At first she thought it was her imagination, but it soon became apparent that she was leading a balky kid.

“Um, Pam?” Jeremy asked.

Pam instantly recognized his tone of voice. “Oh god, what is it now?” she asked. It was the “please don't kill me” voice he used when he knew he had done something wrong. She last heard it when he spilled White-Out all over the back seat of her car. She stopped and turned to face him.

“I, um...” Jeremy was looking at the ground.

“What is it, Jeremy?” she said patiently. “I'm sorry I snapped at you. I'm not mad. What's up?”

“I, uh, have to pee,” Jeremy said, avoiding her gaze.

“Oh-kay,” Pam said. This was the last thing she had been expecting. “Um, what do you want me to do?”

“Well, I guess you have to...” Jeremy's ears were burning red now. “Can you, um, take it out for me?”

Pam glanced up and down the path. They hadn't seen another soul yet, but it would be just her luck to have someone happen by at this moment. She unzipped his fly, sending an abashed wave of giddiness to her knees. Wanting to hide her feelings, Pam muttered, “I really can't believe I'm doing this.”

“You're not going to tell anyone, right?” he said nervously.

“Trust me,” she told him, “I would definitely prefer if this stays between the two of us.”

“Wait,” he said, just as she was about to reach inside his unzipped fly. “I don't... Can you stand behind me when you do it? I don't want you to see me, you know, down there.”

Pam did as he asked. She was now standing directly behind him, her arms reaching around his sides, stretching to meet between his legs. “This must be what it feels like to be a guy,” she thought. It was more difficult than she imagined since she was flying blind. She had to feel around until her fingers met the rough edge of his zipper.

“This would be easier,” she said, “if I could see what the heck I'm doing.”

“Well... I don't want you to see my thing,” Jeremy said.

Pam's heart skipped a beat as her fingers reached inside his fly. “It's not like I haven't seen it before, Truth-or-Dare boy,” she retorted. The moment she said 'Truth or Dare,' Pam felt something lurch against her fingers through his cotton underwear. Something alive.

“Well, I saw you when we played Go Fish,” he returned.

“Please be quiet,” requested Pam. Her fingers were running along his cotton underpants, trying to find the seam of the fly. Though she was certainly enjoying herself, Pam was beginning to feel a bit light-headed. Best to get this over with as quickly as possible, she thought to herself. There it is... Using both hands, Pam was successfully able to fish out his penis. It felt warm in her hand, but she didn't dare hold it for too long.

“Okay, she said, taking a few steps back to give him some privacy. “You pee and, um, let me know when you're done.”

Jeremy looked at her over his shoulder. “Don't stand so close.” Pam retreated a few more steps and pretended to study the lichen growing on a tree. Even so, she could hear the hesitant sound of tinkling. It lasted barely a second though.

“You made me do all that and you're already done?” she asked. “That was nothing! I've seen tiny infants that can pee more than you.”

“You're listening to me?” he said accusingly. “Don't listen!”

“Sorry, I couldn't help it,” Pam mumbled. “Are you done?”

“Um...” Jeremy was blushing red again. “I'm, um, peeing on my new boots because I can't, uh, aim.”

“I don't understand,” Pam said.

“You know,” Jeremy said shamefully. “I need my hands to aim it. And I can't, so...” He trailed off again.

“Oh.” It finally dawned on her what he was trying to say. He was blushing so much that Pam knew what he wanted her to do, but was too embarrassed to ask. She stepped behind him again. “Don't worry, I'm not going to look,” she said as she blindly reached to his midsection. Her hand searched until it found that familiar and warm knob of flesh. Gingerly, she pointed it upward and waited.

And waited. He wasn't peeing. “Uh, go ahead,” she said, uncertain.

“I'm trying,” Jeremy said softly. “This is... I've never had to pee like this before so it's... hard.” His face got even redder as he realized what a poor choice of words he had made. Perhaps it was just coincidence, but Pam could feel him becoming erect in her fingers. Her breasts were lightly pressing against his back as she stood behind him. She wondered if he could feel her heart pounding.

“Uh, it's okay,” Pam encouraged. “Take your time.” She could see that Jeremy had closed his eyes. Apparently it was taking all his concentration to pee. He was fully erect now, his penis throbbing in her hand from time to time. Pam hoped he couldn't feel how sweaty her palm was getting. His hair tickled against the underside of her chin as she stood behind him. Trying to ignore it, Pam instead found herself inhaling the alluring combination of faint shampoo, bright sunshine, and a sweaty young boy.

“Ah...” Jeremy sighed. The sound of tinkling resumed. Pam held him, fascinated. She could feel the buzzy sensation of pee flowing through his penis, as if she were touching a water pipe in her basement. For the first time since she was a little girl, Pam had a genuine pang of penis envy.

“Um, could you aim it a little higher?” requested Jeremy.

“Like this?” Pam asked.

“Yeah... that's good.” He continued peeing for what was, Pam thought, an inordinately long amount of time. She finally heard (and felt) the stream slowing. Unable to resist, she peeked over his shoulder and saw the last drops trickling from him. Jeremy grunted quietly, the sound coinciding with a throb of his penis as he pushed out the final straggling drops. Pam was enthralled.

“Uhhh,” he murmured again. His penis moved again in her fingers, twitching upward as a few more golden drops were expelled. Pam felt an ache between her legs, as if someone had just landed an arrow directly on her bullseye.

“All done?” she asked brightly.

“Yeah,” he said. “Um, can you give it a little shake?” Breathlessly, Pam did as he asked, wiggling her fingers to shake his penis. Wickedly, she wondered if this could be her full-time job. Maybe she could volunteer for a boys' soccer team with broken arms? “Okay, okay, that's good,” he told her. “You don't need to shake it anymore.”

“Oh, right,” Pam said, blushing. “Let's get you squared away...”

Getting a penis out of the fly had been difficult enough, but Pam had no idea the reverse would be an even tougher assignment. Obviously, it was her first time putting away a penis so it took her a moment to master holding open his fly while using her other to shove him back inside. The fact that he was erect made the mechanics much more difficult. “Okay, let's see here...” she puzzled. The fly of his underwear simply refused to stretch far enough. Pam redoubled her efforts.

“Ouch!” Jeremy said.

“Sorry!” Pam said with alarm. “Did I get you?”

“Watch the zipper!” Jeremy said, making a face.

“Sorry,” she repeated. “I've never done this before, so...”

“Ow! Stop it!”

“Um, okay,” Pam said, taking her hands away. “It's obviously too hard to put it away when it's, um... hard. Maybe we should give it a minute?” Tapping her foot, Pam resisted the urge to hum the Jeopardy! theme song. Jeremy faced away from her, his arms straight at his side, but she could tell he was embarrassed.

Surely that was a minute, Pam thought. She peered over his shoulder. His silver shirt partially obstructed the view, but his erection still pointed as straight out as a stick from his body. Pam poked it with a disbelieving finger.

“Oh rats,” Pam said. “Jeremy, do you think... I think I would be able to do a better job of putting it away if I could see what I was doing. Is it all right if I... come around in front of you?” He nodded. Pam moved to his front and knelt down. Her face was now level with his erection. A wild temptation filled her mind as she imagined taking him in her mouth.

“Stop staring at me!” ordered Jeremy, his face blushing some more. Busted.

“Oops,” Pam excused herself. Now it was her turn to blush. “I was just thinking about how to... solve this. All right, let's see...” She tried to maneuver his penis back between his fly. It was somewhat easier now that she could see, but the conundrum remained the same. His penis had simply gained too much volume to be stuffed back into his underwear. After a few fruitless (yet tantalizing) minutes, Pam gave up and sat back on her heels.

It was a strange situation to say the least. Here was a ten year old boy standing before her, his hands cuffed behind his back and his erection poking through his unzipped fly. Jeremy was looking at her with a helpless expression. She could tell he was deferring to her adult expertise, so she tried to project an air of confidence.

“Well, it will eventually go away,” Pam said, remembering not to stare at him down there. “When it does, I'll help you put it away. Until then, let's do this...” Pam untucked his shirt, smoothing it across his lower waist. Unfortunately, it wasn't quite long enough to completely cover his crotch. Pam tugged his shirt to straighten it but, despite her best efforts, his penis still poked out and up from beneath the hemline.

“Well, it's better than nothing, right?” she asked cheerfully.

“This is so embarrassing,” Jeremy mumbled.

“That's the spirit!” Pam said, taking him by the arm and leading him down the trail. They walked in silence for several minutes. Every so often, Pam would casually glance down at Jeremy's midsection to monitor his progress. She kept expecting it to go down, but each time she looked, his erection was as prominent as ever. She didn't know preteen boys could stay like this for so long. The tagline from the male health commercial filled her head: “Seek medical attention if you have an erection lasting longer than four hours...”

Hopefully it wouldn't come to that.

“Fresh air feels good, doesn't it?” Pam asked, breaking the silence.


Pam tried not to sigh. It was going to be a long walk. She couldn't tell if he was grumpy or embarrassed so she lamely patted his shoulder. If only this had happened in his backyard tent, she pondered. All they needed was a little privacy...

They were making their way through a twisted portion of the hiking trail when it happened. Pam heard a twig snapping up ahead, but thought she had imagined it. A frantic squirrel darted toward them, stopping short and then fleeing the trail once it discovered its path was blocked by the two humans. Pam's amusement at the woodland creature disappeared when she heard human voices filtering through the woods.

“Someone's coming!” Jeremy said fearfully. His frantic eyes darted around the path. “We have to hide!”

“We can't hide,” Pam said. It was impossible. To their right was a hilly slope that stretched upward at too steep a rate to be climbed. To their left was the stream. The voices kept approaching. Pam saw the bright blue flash of someone's t-shirt up ahead. Thinking quickly, she plucked Jeremy's coonskin cap off his head and artfully hung it on his erection.

“Pam!” Jeremy exploded.

“Quiet!” She dug in the backpack and pulled out one of the maps. The map unfolded like a broken accordion just in time.

“Oh, hi there!” a voice said. Pam turned to see an older woman with two girls in tow.

“Oh, hi!” Pam replied, letting the open map dangle it front of Jeremy like a partition. It wasn't much but, combined with the coonskin cap, it was all the protection she could muster. “Out for a hike?”

“Oh yes,” the woman said, gesturing at the girls. “My grand-daughters asked me to go on a nature walk. They're Girl Scouts, you see. I decided the exercise would do me good.”

“Oh, me too,” Pam said agreeably. The two girls appeared a bit younger than Jeremy, but she could swear she could see one of them staring with confusion at the coonskin cap that magically clung to Jeremy's midsection.

“Is this your son?” the woman asked.

“Ha ha, not at all,” Pam laughed nervously. “I'm just his, um, babysitter.”

“Well, he's quite handsome,” the woman complimented.

“Yes, he sure is,” Pam agreed once more. The older woman seemed like the especially chatty type. Not a good sign.

“Are you lost?” she asked, pointing at the map.

“Not lost,” Pam reassured her. “I was just getting a snack out of my backpack but this got all tangled.” She was desperately trying to think of a way to end the conversation when one of the girls saved her.

“Grandma!” she called. She had wandered over to the stream. “There's a turtle over here!”

“Really?” the woman hurried over.

“Have a nice day!” Pam called, grabbing Jeremy by the shoulder. In her haste to hide Jeremy's erection, Pam had completely forgotten that he was wearing handcuffs. She glanced behind her and saw one of the girls scrutinizing them with a perplexed expression as she saw Jeremy's hands bound behind his back. Pam grinned weakly, shrugging her shoulders and holding her hands out. “Boys...” she mouthed, rolling her eyes. With a breath of relief, she saw the girl laugh knowingly before she turned to rejoin her grandma.

“Well, that was close,” Pam said after they put some distance between themselves and the three hikers.

“One of those girls was staring at me,” Jeremy said gloomily.

“Cheer up. She probably just thought you were cute.”

“I mean she was staring at my coonskin cap.”

“Oh yeah,” Pam said. “You probably want to put it back on your head, am I right?” She unhooked it from his erection and arranged it on his head. Sneaking a peek, she was dismayed to see he was still hard as ever. Once again, Jeremy caught her looking but he didn't say a word.

“We're almost home,” she said encouragingly. “Plus, it's got to go away sooner or later, right?”

“No,” Jeremy muttered crossly. “The only way to make it go away is to...” He caught himself and stopped.

Pam felt her heart flutter. “How, Jeremy? How do you make it go down?”

“Nothing,” he said gruffly. “We should keep going.”

He was about to resume walking, but Pam stopped him. Holding him by the shoulders, she asked softly, “Jeremy, I want to help you. How do you make it go down?”

Jeremy wouldn't look her in the eye. He stared at a moss-covered boulder as he spoke. “Sometimes I touch it... and... I don't know...” Jeremy was fumbling with his words, blushing. “I get this... real tingly feeling,” he confided. “And it makes it go down.”

“Otherwise it just stays hard?” Pam asked, playing along. It was exciting her to speak so frankly with Jeremy.

He nodded.

“Do you want me to help... make it not hard?” She swallowed, her mouth suddenly very dry. “I don't mind.”

“I don't know,” Jeremy said. “It's really embarrassing.”


Again, he blushed. “I just feel... I always feel like such a pervert when I do it. I know I'm not supposed to.”

They stood in the forest, silent. Pam felt as if they were the only two people on earth. “Want to know a secret, Jeremy?” she whispered. “Everyone does it. Touches themselves, I mean.”

Jeremy's eyes widened. “What? Everyone?”


“Are you making this up?”

“I'm not making anything up,” Pam told him steadily. “You and your friends probably talk about it all the time, right? Jacking off? Jerking? Yanking the crank?” Jeremy chuckled nervously as she listed out as many euphemisms as she could think of. “Choking the bishop?”

“Yeah, we joke all the time about doing that.”

“Well, your friends aren't joking. They're actually doing it too. They just won't admit it.”

“How do you know?”

“Because I told you. Everyone does it.”

“Even you?” For the first time, he looked her in the eye.

Pam blushed a little. “All the time,” she admitted conspiratorially.

“I didn't know girls did it.”

“Trust me, they do.” Pam glanced down at his midsection. Perhaps it was just her imagination, but his penis had seemingly gotten harder, if anything. It was sticking straight up, pointing proudly at his chin. “Do you want me to do... it? I won't tell anyone. I promise. Just tell me what to do.”

She saw Jeremy swallow, then lick his lips in a nervous gesture. “There's... um.. There's a bottle of Coppertone in the backpack,” he told her.

Pam shrugged off the knapsack. Setting it on the ground, she rummaged through the bag and produced the familiar bottle of suntan lotion. “What do you do with it?” she asked, playing dumb. Her pulse was racing.

“Um, I... put some on my hand so it's slippery,” Jeremy directed. Pam felt a small twinge of sympathy. The ten year old boy was clearly feeling guilty over his masturbation habits. She remembered feeling the same way at his age.

“Like this?” Pam asked.

“Yeah... Then I use my palm... just, you know, press your hand against, um, it. And then rub up and down....”

Pam knelt in front of him and did as he instructed. She was confused at first because she expected him to use the classic jacking-off fist motion. Instead she found herself rubbing her open palm against his erect penis. As if she were waving at someone. “Is this... okay?” Pam ventured.

“Uh huh.”

His penis felt delightful against her hand. She could feel the young boy pressing back against her palm as she waved. Waving off. Had they just invented a new euphemism together? Pam could feel a growing wetness in her panties. It was exciting enough to be helping Jeremy masturbate, but the fact that he was still otherwise fully clothed lent an unexpected thrill to the proceedings.

“Ah!” Jeremy gasped, taking a step backward. He abruptly bumped into the thick trunk of an oak tree. He remained leaning against it as Pam continued waving.

“Jeremy? Are you okay?” she asked. She kept forgetting that his hands were cuffed behind his back. It occurred to her that he couldn't make her stop. The realization only made the sweet aching between her legs grown more unbearable. Pam desperately wanted to touch her clit, but she resisted.

“It's... okay,” Jeremy stammered. His eyes were closed now as he leaned against the tree trunk. “It's okay, Pam.... It's okay... Pam! IT'S OKAY!”

Pam stared with wonder as Jeremy began shivering uncontrollably. A strong convulsion shook his body as she felt his penis press against her palm, as hard as ever. Having witnessed the male orgasm before, Pam was surprised at how different Jeremy's climax was. Instead of repeatedly pulsing under her hand, she only felt his erection powerfully throb once. And instead of the expected warm wetness from his penis, she felt... nothing.

“Still too young for that,” Pam realized. It never occurred to her that a male orgasm would be different depending on his age. To this point, all of her partners had been at least teenagers. Not so for Jeremy, obviously, who was now the youngest notch on her belt. His orgasm had been so innocent and pure that Pam almost felt like crying. It was the same way she felt when she saw the first tulip shoots pushing through the frozen ground in springtime.

Jeremy's eyes were still closed. She could see the exertion in his breathing as he slumped against the tree trunk. “Are you all right?” she asked with concern.

“I just want to sit down for a bit,” he mumbled. Pam carefully guided him to a tree stump. She sat down first. He then surprised her by sitting down on her lap. Bemused, Pam cradled the heavy-lidded boy. One minute he was laying his head on her shoulder. The next thing Pam knew he was snoring lightly in her arms. The telltale scent of Coppertone tickled her nostrils. The sweet smell of success, Pam thought to herself.

They sat like that for ten delicious minutes until Jeremy stirred on her lap. “Oh... hey,” he said, blinking sleepily at her.


He smiled at her, a sweet grin that was somewhere between embarrassment and pride. Pam glanced at his fly. His erection had, of course, subsided, although even the sight of his penis in this state warmed Pam's heart.

“We did it!” Pam said. She felt like a girl who finally got to see the inside of the boys' treehouse. Jeremy nodded, resting his head on her shoulder again. “Hang on there, buddy,” Pam said, prodding him. “Come on, we need to get home.”

“Sorry,” Jeremy mumbled. “I always get sleepy afterward....”

Pam couldn't believe how cute the young boy was right now. “I know,” she said. Taking him by the shoulders, she guided him into a standing position. “Come on. You can do this.” When she was certain he wouldn't topple over, Pam carefully took his soft penis in her hand. She had an overwhelming urge to kiss it (just a little kiss, her clit pleaded), but resisted. With deft fingers, she quickly slipped it back inside his underwear and zipped him. Throughout all this, Jeremy stood perfectly still like a docile lamb.

Pam got to her feet, sweeping the forest dust from the bottom of her shorts and strapping the knapsack onto her back. Jeremy watched with a pleased yet tired expression on his face as she got ready to resume their hike. They had another mutual secret to keep now. She could tell from the way Jeremy was looking at her that he liked what they had done. Before they started walking again, Pam brushed aside the hair under his coonskin cap and gave him a quick kiss on the forehead. He was short enough that she had to bend down to do it, but it was still a tender moment.

“What was that for?” Jeremy asked, startled out of his dreamy state. They resumed their hike along the well-worn forest path. But instead of answering, Pam just smiled and took his arm, making sure he wouldn't trip as they began the last leg toward home.

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