Please note: All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this story, some of which are dangerous or illegal.
Please keep in mind the difference between fantasy and reality.

Jane's Misfortune
Written by Janus
Copyright 2007

It started out innocently enough. Jane was showering and her bottle of special soap was empty. The eight year old girl had sensitive skin, such that her mother always had to buy a special, non-drying soap for her to use. Jane had decided to throw caution to the wind and use the regular bar soap in the shower. She only wanted to wash her bum that day anyway.

That was yesterday. Now Jane was in the family car with her mother, who was dropping her off at school. It was nearly 10 am. They were returning from a visit to the doctor. Jane had developed an exquisitely itchy and irritated rash on her backside. The little girl had been embarrassed about the doctor examining her back there but was greatly relieved when the doctor prescribed some soothing ointment for her burning anal tissue.

Her mom pulled up to the curb at the school. “Here you go, honey,” she said, planting a kiss on her forehead. “Does you backside feel better?”

Jane nodded. “Here’s the rest of the ointment,” her mother handed her the little white bag from the pharmacy. The doctor said to put it on three times a day so you should put some more on after lunch, okay?”

“Okay,” Jane replied dutifully.

“And here’s a note for your teacher too.” Jane took the piece of folded paper. “I hope you have a great day, sweetie. I’ll see you tonight.”

“Bye, Mom,” Jane said. She watched her mother drive away before slowly walking to the school entrance. The lotion made walking feel funny. It was slippery between her bum cheeks. Wet too. But she was glad it didn’t itch anymore.

Jane’s morning classes were slow and dull. When she got done eating lunch, the third grader visited the restroom before going outside for recess. Once safe in the privacy of a stall, she took off her underwear and carefully applied the ointment. After she finished, Jane pulled on her underwear, remembering to wash her hands before leaving the restroom.

Something was wrong though. As she walked around the playground during recess, Jane could feel the ointment trickling down between her bum.

“Uh oh,” she thought to herself. “I must have put on too much.” Now she sensed it oozing and dripping between her cheeks with every step she took. It felt like a horrible mess.

After recess, the eight year old girl quickly retreated to the restroom. It was a post-recess crowd and Jane had to wait for an empty stall. She meant to clean off the excess ointment but the toilet paper dispenser was empty. Stricken, Jane froze in panic. Now what?

“Let’s hurry up in there girls!” She recognized the voice of the hall monitor. Jane was too embarrassed to ask the girl in the next stall for some toilet paper. Not knowing what else to do, she exited the restroom, ignoring the squishy, slimy feeling in her backside.

The afternoon passed slowly. Jane found if she sat still, she could ignore the foreign sensation. She was glad it wasn’t the day for gym class. Jane watched the clock crawl by until the final bell rang. She quickly gathered her things once it was time to go home. She wanted to stop at the restroom before getting on the bus.

Her plans were foiled, however, when her teacher saw her break out of the line and head to the restroom.

“Jane, where are you going? The buses are this way.”

“I just wanted to stop in the bathroom before getting on the bus.”

“Hurry up, you don’t want to miss the bus, do you?”

Jane hurried into a stall. The first one didn’t have toilet paper. The second one was occupied. The third one didn’t have toilet paper either. Tapping her foot in nervous anticipation, Jane wished the person in the second stall would hurry up.

Flush. Finally! The girl in the second toilet opened the door and Jane hurried into the vacated stall. She had just taken off her underwear when someone came up and knocked on her stall door.

“Jane? Is that you? Hurry up, dear, the buses are getting ready to leave.”

Jane sighed. Rather than put her underwear back on, she decided to leave the off. They were her favorite pair and she didn’t want them to get stained. The bus ride always tended to be a bumpy one and Jane knew she couldn’t sit still for too long on the bus. Reluctantly, she stuffed the underwear into her backpack.

When she exited the school, however, Jane saw the buses were starting to pull out of the parking lot. Her bus, unfortunately, was at the very end of the line. Jane began to run.

“Wait!” she called. “Wait for me!” Her navy jumper skirt began fluttering in the wind, the hemline lofting high as she ran. With a start, Jane remembered she wasn’t wearing underwear. She slowed to a walk and pressed her skirt against her legs. Jane tried to walk as fast as she could but it was too late. She watched her bus pull away from the curb without her.

Jane had missed the bus before. She knew there was a late bus about 45 minutes later. This was the bus for kids with after-school activities or kids who had been punished with detention. She sat down on a bench to wait.

When the bus pulled up nearly an hour later, Jane felt relief wash over her. She climbed on and told the bus driver where her house was. Then it was a matter of choosing a seat. She decided to sit in the middle of the bus. Not at the very back, not at the very front, but somewhere in the middle was always good. She had just settled in when she heard someone in the seat behind her.

“Hi there,” a voice said. Jane looked up. It was an older boy she didn’t recognize. A teenager. This late bus also picked up kids at the high school first.

“Hi,” she said shortly.

“How come you’re riding the late bus? Detention? Did you spill the paste or something?”

Jane immediately recognized the sneering tone in his voice and knew he was making fun of her. She looked out the window and pretended not to hear. The boy switched seats and sat down next to her.

“What’s wrong? Shy?” he elbowed her.“ Jane wished he would leave her alone. She arched her neck to look around the bus but it was empty, except for the driver. She was on her own.

“My name’s Sam,” he said. “What’s yours?” When she didn’t respond, he elbowed her again.

“Leave me alone!” Jane blurted out angrily. She peeked over the seat again to find the bus driver but he was completely unaware.

“Just tell me your name,” Sam said poking her again in the arm, “and I’ll leave you alone.”

“It’s Jane, okay?” she turned to look out the window again but he wouldn’t leave. The bus driver started the engine and they began to move.

No one else had gotten on the bus so Jane was stuck with Sam.

“That’s a nice name, Jane,” Sam said casually. He paused for a moment. “Want to sit on my lap?”

Jane was taken aback. “What?” she asked, not sure if she heard right.

Sam grabbed her by the arm and yanked her onto his lap. Jane yelped in protest but he quickly clamped a hand over her mouth. He slouched low so together they disappeared out of sight from the driver’s view.

“I’m just having a little fun. You don’t mind, do you?” He slipped a hand along her bare thigh, underneath her skirt hem. Shocked, Jane drew her legs tight and struggled.

“Whoa! Calm down now,” Sam told her. “You’re just a wildcat, aren’t you? Just relax. Don’t you want to be my girlfriend?”

He tried to wedge his hand between her clamped thighs but Jane wouldn’t budge. Sam pinched her arm. It hurt so much that Jane whimpered.

“What’s wrong, Jane? Don’t you want to be my girlfriend?” When she didn’t answer, he pinched her arm again so hard that tears sprung to her eyes. “Just spread your legs for me. If you do, I won’t pinch you again.” He menacingly moved his fingers to her reddened arm again and Jane recoiled. Fearful, she relaxed her legs.

Sam eagerly moved his hands along her smooth thighs until he reached the juncture of her legs. He did a double take when his fingers touched her bare crotch. “No underwear,” he said wonderingly. “I guess you’re not as innocent as you look, huh?” His fingers began touching her most private spot. Neither of them said anything for a long moment. Jane could only hear the roar of the bus engine in her ears anyway.

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” she told herself. “It’s like I’m at the doctor’s office again…I’m at the doctor’s office and he’s examining me…” But Sam’s hand was far different. When the doctor touched her, it felt clinical. Professional. Sam’s touch was clearly probing and invasive. Jane was stricken with embarrassment.

“Little girls like you don’t have hair yet, huh?” Sam asked, exploring her. “No real pussy lips either. No bleeding… no hair… Huh. Does your clit still work?”

Jane blushed at his dirty words. He started to rub a part of her that she never knew existed. She felt a strange sensation, a surge of… something… that she had never felt before.

“I guess little girls do have clits that work,” Sam chuckled at her. Jane didn’t know why but she suddenly felt ashamed. Sam probed a little lower, delving toward her bum. Alarmed, Jane remembered too late that…

“Ewww, what the hell?” Sam recoiled as his fingers made contact with her greasy anal rosette. He made a face as he scrutinized his hand, cautiously rubbing the slippery ointment between two fingers. “What have you been up to Jane?”

Jane was scarlet with embarrassment. It was awful enough that Sam was touching her private area but now this! Sam shook her shoulder when she didn’t answer.

“What is this stuff?”

“It’s… nothing,” Jane replied, mortified. “It’s just something the doctor told me to use.”


“I had a… rash.. back there,” the young girl squeaked. “Please… can I get of your lap?” I don’t want to do this anymore.”

But instead, Sam reached between her legs again. She felt his middle finger slip effortlessly between her cheeks.

“Please stop,” Jane pleaded. “I don’t like this, it feels… funny.” He was massaging her puckered opening now. The ointment made it too tempting. Sam only had to apply the slightest pressure before her dimpled opening gave way. Jane gasped as his finger penetrated her.

“Jesus,” Sam muttered. “Hold on kid.” She had been reclining against his chest but he now pushed her forward until she was just sitting on his knees. Sitting up straight, Jane could now see over the seat. She saw the driver sitting several rows ahead.

“Help,” she only mouthed the words. But even if she had spoken, or shouted for that matter, the driver would not have heard her. The engine was overwhelmingly loud.

“”All right Jane, sit back again,” Sam directed. Roughly, he pulled her by the shoulders until she was sitting on his midsection again, leaning against him. With little fanfare, Sam tugged at her navy skirt until her hemline cleared her bottom. Now she was reclining against Sam with nothing separating her bare bum from him except his jeans.

Only something was different this time. Jane could plainly feel something pressing against her backside. Something warm. And hard.

“Let’s see…” Sam said, guiding her hips and adjusting her into place. Jane felt a stiff, tubelike object settle between her greasy bum cheeks.

“This is perfect,” Sam said. “Don’t worry, I’m way too big for you.” He tapped her shoulder knowingly but Jane had no idea what he was talking about. “Now move back and forth. No, not side to side. Like this…”

A wave of embarrassment flooded Jane as Sam showed her what he wanted her to do. She was grinding against the hard object between her legs. “Wiggle your hips more,” Sam ordered. These movements were completely foreign to Jane. She couldn’t understand why he wanted her to do this. “Move like this,” he instructed, gripping her hips again. His hands held her waist and coached her on the movement he wanted. After several repetitions, Jane started to comprehend what she was supposed to do. It was like riding a pretend horse.

Jane's movements were clumsy at first but it only took a minute for her to learn how to coordinate her motion. The eight year old's legs and back gyrated in concert with her hips. She was starting to get a little red in the face but not from the exertion. Feeling very self-conscious, Jane tried not to think about what she was doing, what she was straddling. The little girl knew what it was, she had seen pictures from medical books of naked male bodies. She had never seen a real one though.

Her curiosity got the better of her and Jane furtively peeked down as she obediently ground her hips. Carefully, the little girl pulled aside a length of hemline that hid both their midsections. Jane saw nothing except her own bare crotch and the dirty bus floor beneath Sam's denim clad leg.

Nonchalantly, Jane adjust the movement of her hips to lengthen the stroke of her gyrations. She caught a glimpse of a hairy sack. Again she lengthened her strokes. Looking down now, she saw the fleshy tube extending from the sack.

But then she went too far. Sam's penis had been pressed flat against his midsection, held down only the sliding length of her slippery valley. But Jane, in her insatiable curiosity, had slid too far back. Sam's hard organ cleared her crotch and sprang free. Fascinated, Jane stared at the pulsing shaft that was now pointed straight at her. She saw a dark red helmet and blue veins running the length of it.

Sam was not pleased however. "God kid, don't stop now," he mumbled. He repositioned himself underneath her and impatiently tugged at her waist, jumpstarting her movements. Jane complied. She sensed a certain urgency in his voice. Straddling his tube again, she wasn't sure what was going to happen next.

"Oh Jesus," Sam moaned. "Yeah..." Jane wondered if she was hurting him but she didn't stop gyrating on his lap.

"What on earth is going on?" Jane thought. "It feels hot and... wetter... down there. Did he pee on me?" The warm stickiness spread across her backside.

She was still gamely thrusting on Sam's lap when she felt him touching her waist. She understood that he wanted her to stop. Meekly, the eight year old waited on the teenager's lap as he recovered.

"Oh man, that was sweet," Sam murmured to no one. He pulled Jane off his lap. Instead of sitting, however, Jane chose to stand. She could feel something wet dropping down her backside. As demurely as possible, she rearranged her skirt, being very careful not to let it touch her wet bottom. She didn't want to stain it.

Next to her, Sam's... thing... still hung from his undone zipper. She noticed how it was gently throbbing though it was now coated with a sticky-looking goo. His shirt had ridden up several inches and Jane saw that some strange white puddles decorated his bare stomach as well.

"Man," Sam said after a moment. He ran his hands on his pant legs. "I always suspected girls who didn't wear underwear would be horny and willing."

Jane flushed red. "I do so wear underwear," she replied softly. "I had to take them off at school. I didn't want them to get dirty from the ointment I had to use." The young girl suddenly felt defensive. She could tell Sam was making fun of her again, even though she didn't quite understand the context.

"Where's your underwear now?"

"In my backpack."

"Give them to me."

Jane hesitated but Sam's cold glare changed her mind. She unzipped a small pocket on her backpack and handed him her carefully folded underwear.

The little girl was horrified by what happened next. Sam turned her clean white underpants inside out and proceeded to wipe himself off. He mopped up the puddles on his stomach. Then he cleaned up every inch of his penis before handing the underwear back to Jane.

"Here you go," he grinned at her. Using only her fingertips, she accepted the soiled underpants. "Wait, don't put them away," Sam told her. "I want you to put them on."


"Put them on," Sam repeated. "Hasn't your mom told you to always wear underwear?"

Grimacing, Jane reluctantly did as he said. She was about to step in them when she noticed how heavily stained the crotch area was. Making another face, the eight year old pulled on her filthy underpants. Sam wouldn’t stop leering at her. The soaked cotton felt uncomfortable against her hairless crotch, the wet material clung tightly to her skin. On her backside, the cotton underpants began soaking up the quantity of fluid Sam had left behind.

Crushed, Jane guardedly eyed her tormentor. She could tell he was enjoying her misery. She hated him for it. Her lip was trembling but Jane resolved not to cry.

"All right Jane," Sam rolled his eyes at her. He began zipping himself up. "You can stop glaring at me now. This my stop coming up so I won't bug you anymore." He got up and began walking down the aisle, even though the bus hadn't stopped yet. Jane watched him swagger away. "Hope you had a good a time as I did," he called over his shoulder. Then he was gone.

The bus lurched into motion again. Jane waited several minutes to pass before finally letting the tears roll down her cheeks.

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