Please note: All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this story, some of which are dangerous or illegal.
Please keep in mind the difference between fantasy and reality.

Mistaken Identity
Written by Janus
Copyright 2008

Jamie watched as her dad’s softball team convened near the pitcher’s mound and lined up for the traditional post-game handshake. They had lost 2-1 in 12 innings during a very competitive game between the two teams. Even though Jamie was only the water and equipment girl, the defeat still stung. She had attended all the Wildcats’ games this season and was thrilled when her dad’s team reached the playoffs. To lose now, only one game away from the championship title, was a great disappointment.

Jamie could see the frustration on the men’s faces as they shook hands with the winning team. Sliding off the bench, she began gathering the stray bats, gloves, and softballs that had scattered around the dugout. Her thin arms struggled beneath the heavy load of sports equipment but Jamie gritted her teeth and steadfastly lugged the gear to the bench.

The eight year old girl had always been a tomboy at heart. Ever since she could walk, she would toddle after her older brothers in the backyard, doing her best to join in their games. She had enrolled in soccer and softball as soon as she was old enough. The young girl had even briefly played on the all-boys peewee football team but her mom made her quit after seeing the number of bruises and scratches on her daughter’s body after the first game.

“Hey, son, here’s a few more bats from your team,” a voice called. Jamie turned to see a man from the other team deposit a few bats near home plate.

“Okay,” she called back. Jamie was often mistaken for a boy but it never bothered her. The man could hardly be excused though since tonight she was wearing a baseball uniform and her normally shoulder-length brown hair was tucked up neatly into a baseball cap. With her slim hips and flat chest, Jamie had often played complete soccer games where the opposing soccer team never caught on to the fact that she was a girl.

Jamie even wore an athletic supporter and protective cup underneath her pants. This was something that had started during her short tenure with the peewee football team. All the other boys wore one and Jamie was too self-conscious during practice to be the only player clearly missing a protective cup. Much to her parents’ amusement, Jamie began wearing the athletic supporter more often to her other sporting events. The cup made her feel safer, although from what she didn’t know.

Now that the game was over, most of the players were packing up their things and drifting away to their cars. Jamie spied her father talking with the umpire near the pitcher’s mound. They both glanced her way as they spoke. Jamie guessed they were talking about her. Her suspicion was confirmed when her father motioned for her. She trotted toward them.

“Jamie,” he said, “this is Mr. Davidson, he’s the league’s head umpire this year.”

“Hello,” Jamie said politely.

“Hi there, Jamie,” Mr. Davidson said. “The Conference game and Championship game are both tomorrow night. We sure could use a ball boy like you to help out during the games. Would you be willing to give us a hand, son?”

Jamie and her father shared a secret smile. Her dad knew that Jamie enjoyed being mistaken for a boy and he had learned long ago not to correct someone to the contrary.

“Sure, I can help,” Jamie nodded.


“I’ll drop Jamie off tomorrow afternoon at 3 o’clock,’ her dad told the umpire. “Will that be work out?”

“Just fine, just fine,” Mr. Davidson agreed. “I can arrange for him to get a ride home if you’d like. Otherwise, we should be done by 8 o’clock or so.”



[Much later]




“Man, these guys are such slobs,” Mr. Davidson said, surveying the messy dugout. “Help me out, will you Jamie?” Together they began gathering the items scattered about the bench: water bottles, pouches of tobacco chew, a few gloves, and other sundry items.

“All right, I gotta get to the umpires’ meeting for the next game,” Mr. Davidson said. “Jamie, would you mind running this stuff into the locker room and telling the guys to claim their stuff?”

Jamie was taken aback. She had always waited outside while her father was in the men’s locker room. “Uh, me?” Jamie said nervously. “Well, I, um…”

But Mr. Davidson was already walking away. “And tell those guys that they have 45 minutes until the next game,” he called over his shoulder. “They don’t want to be late for that, believe me.”

Jamie slowly piled up the Hornets’ things in her arms. “I’ll just drop off their stuff quick and they’ll never notice I’m in there,” Jamie thought to herself. She approached the door, forebodingly labeled “MEN”. Hesitantly, she entered the men’s locker room. The hallway was dimly lit but she could smell a mixture of familiar and unfamiliar smells: bleach, sweat, soap, deodorant…

Inching in, she peeked around the corner. She saw several rows of lockers and benches, as well as the showers. Jamie caught a glimpse of a man’s bare behind as he sauntered into the showers. Meekly, she lowered her eyes to the floor and quickly deposited the pile of stuff in her arms on the nearest bench. Jamie was hurrying out of the locker room when she bumped into someone.

“Whoa, hey there kid,” a man said. Jamie recognized him as the Hornets’ coach. “Sorry about that. Whatcha doin’ in here? Dropping off some of the junk the guys forgot? Hey, thanks.”

“You’re welcome,” Jamie muttered.

But the coach wasn’t listening. He shouted, “Hey you guys! I want all of you to shower, got it? I don’t wanna small your stink in the dugout like last time. And wear clean uniforms too! We brought extras for everybody. Don’t let me catching you wearing your dirty uniform!”

Jamie was edging past him toward the exit when he spoke to her again. “Hold on there, ball boy kid. Maybe you could do me a favor. What’s your name, anyhow?”


“Jamie. Listen Jamie, I can’t bear the thought of sitting in some stinky dugout with these losers for nine innings. Here take this,” he thrust a clipboard and pencil into her hand, “I want you to stand outside the shower and check off names of everyone who comes out. I want to make sure we got all our guys fresh for the championship game. Got it?”

“Oh,” Jamie stumbled over her words, “well, you see… uh… I’m not… I mean, I’m actually…” But the coach was ignoring her, his attention turned to the outfielder who dropped the catch in the final inning.

Jamie stood frozen for a minute, unable to decide what to do. But the coach noticed her. “Hey, kid! Ball boy Jamie! Let’s hop to it, huh?”

Resignedly, Jamie trudged over to the shower area. One of the players walked by her, wearing nothing but the towel around his neck. Jamie pulled the bill of her baseball cap down and moved her head so low that her chin was practically brushing her chest.

She stationed herself at the entrance to the showers where steam billowed out, along with the sound of deep male voices and splashing water. The eight year old girl was hoping no one would notice her but the coach dashed her hopes once again.

“Listen you guys,” he shouted, cupping his hands to his mouth. “I mean it, EVERYONE in this locker room is going to shower. The ball boy is here checking off names of everyone who comes out of this shower. Anyone whose name does not get checked off will be running laps. Got it?”

Jamie pursed her lips and blushed as ten sets of eyes focused on her. There was a vague murmur of assent from the players.

“Dammit,” a man said, coming up to Jamie. “That guy seriously needs to take the baseball bat out of his butt, huh kid?”

Jamie opened her mouth to reply but her words were lost when she saw the man remove the towel around his waist and hang it up on a hook outside the showers. The eight year old had seen her brothers naked before but never a grown man. She was shocked at the sheer hairiness of it, the fat tube of flesh that seemed so out of proportion compared to the other penises she had seen.

Thankfully, the man shuffled into the showers and did not notice her amazement. One by one the other players who hadn’t yet showered followed suit, each man hanging his towel on the hook before casually hitting the showers. None of them had the slightest idea of the show they were putting on for the stunned ball boy. Jamie tried to keep her eyes on the clipboard but she couldn’t help peeking as the men walked past her. The eight year old was amazed at the wide differentiation in sizes and shapes.

The next ten minutes went by quickly as the men shuffled in and out of the shower. Jamie tried to keep her eyes glued to the clipboard as the men exited and mumbled their names to her. The baseball cap’s bill was pulled low over her forehead, thankfully shadowing her blushing cheeks. She had trouble finding one man’s name and he leaned in close to glance at the clipboard, causing Jamie’s shoulder to graze his bare thigh and move dangerously near his…

“Hey kid,” the coach was walking across the locker room to her. “How are things going? Let’s see who paid attention to me,” he said snatching the clipboard from her hand. “Hmmm…” He scratched himself as he studied the list.

“Ball boy!” a voice called. Jamie turned to see the Mr. Davidson sticking his head past the locker room door. “Come on, kid! We need your help out in the dugout.”

“Okay,” Jamie said. “I’ll be right out. I, uh, just need to use the bathroom first.”

But the little girl discovered something terrible. There were two proper bathroom stalls but, for whatever reason, neither one had a door. In addition to these privacy-lacking stalls, there was also a long trough that Jamie couldn’t comprehend. It was too low for a sink and there were no faucets besides.

“Hey, what’s the matter ball boy? You ain’t never peed into a trough before?” Two ballplayers approached her, both laughing. She watched as they bellied up to the trough and reached toward their crotches. Though their backs were facing her, Jamie understood immediately what they were doing. She glimpsed a thin stream of urine between the legs of one of the men.

“See?” One of the men turned his head and winked at her. “Easy. Give it a try, kid.” The men chuckled but it was good-hearted laugh, not a mean one. The men resumed their conversation as they urinated, forgetting her almost completely.

Suddenly, there were footsteps behind Jamie. “Hey there, kid,” a man said. “Are you waiting or something? If you’re not gonna go, I’m gonna.”

He gestured toward the trough. There was just enough room for one more person next to the two men already there. “Oh, um,” Jamie shrugged. Realizing she was trapped, Jamie walked up to the trough and moved her hands to the front of her crotch. The strong scent of urine in the trough was unmistakable, pungently assaulting her nostrils. She prayed she was correctly mimicking the motions. There was no stream of pee, of course, so she prayed no one would notice that either.

Out of the corner of her eye, however, Jamie couldn’t help but peek at the two men next to her as they casually peed. Each man was brandishing his penis and the eight year old girl was fascinated at the thin stream of yellow liquid that burst forth from each one. She couldn’t help but feel a little jealous in spite of herself.

But they soon finished. Jamie stared straight ahead as they buckled up and put themselves away. Another man took their place and Jamie once again spied as he nonchalantly pulled out his penis and started peeing. Once again, Jamie was surprised at the variation in male anatomy. In the girls’ locker room at the YMCA, she had often seen naked females but they generally seemed quite similar. Young girls were virtually identical with their tiny slits while mature teenagers and women might have had some hair down there. Men though…

The man next to her cleared his throat. Jamie realized she was staring and blushed. She mimed putting away her imaginary penis and zipped up her pants before making a quick getaway. “I’ll just have to hold it,” Jamie decided. She quickly exited the locker room, thankfully not encountering anyone on her way out. On the field, she found Mr. Davidson who instructed her to scan the foul ball area for stray softballs.

By the time she was done, the championship game had already started so Jamie took a seat in the bleachers to watch. The game went by fast with the Bluebirds quickly taking the lead. It wasn’t much of a contest and they won handily by a score of 6 to 2. After the final inning, all the men on the team started whooping and hollering, celebrating loudly in the dugout as cigars and beer cans were passed out. They soon retired to the locker room leaving Jamie and Mr. Davidson to clean up the dugout.

“Man, these guys,” Mr. Davidson said, shaking his head in disgust. The dugout was a mess of empty cans and forgotten equipment. “They win one local softball tournament and they think it’s the World Series.” They began cleaning up.

“I’m going to carry these to my car,” Mr. Davidson said, pointing to the large water coolers. “They’re too heavy for you though so I’ll just do it myself in a few trips. Do you mind gathering up this gear and taking it to the locker room? There shouldn’t be too much.”

“Okay,” Jamie said. She made small pile of three softball gloves, a bat, a sports bottle, and two bags of chewing tobacco. “This time,” Jamie thought to herself, “I’ll just leave the whole pile in the door and not even come in.”

And that was exactly what she did. Except before she could leave, someone from the Bluebirds spotted her. “Hey,” he yelled, his voice slightly slurred with inebriation. “The ball boy came to help us celebrate!”

A cheer erupted from the locker room and Jamie found herself being led by the wrist back into the locker room. The little girl was shocked to see the several men sitting naked on a bench and drinking beer. Her ears turned red as she lowered her eyes to the floor, hiding as much of her face as possible behind the bill of her cap.

“Want some beer, ball boy?” someone asked her. An open bottle was thrust into her hand. Jamie took it, not quite knowing what to do.

“Come on, take a swig,” a man urged her. Jamie recognized him as the pitcher for the Bluebirds. Except his face was quite red and he smelled strongly of alcohol. And he was naked.

“Nah, he’s too young to drink,” another man interjected. “Here kid, go like this…” He took the bottle from Jamie’s hand, closed off the neck with a thumb, and gave it several shakes. Beer sprayed everywhere. Trying to avoid it, Jamie stepped blindly backward, bumping into someone and nearly tripping. Hastily, her hand snatched at the air in search of something to break her fall. What she grabbed was…

“Whoa!” a man yelled loudly. “The ball boy just grabbed a handful of my cock!” The room exploded in laughter and catcalls. Blushing furiously, Jamie let go of the flesh in her hand like it was a hot coal. Having no choice, she righted herself by gripping the man’s bare thighs which felt disgustingly hairy.

The whole room was laughing at her. Jamie peeked from underneath her bill just enough to see the crowd of drunk men in complete hysterics. She wanted to crawl into a hole and die.

“Hey,” a voice cut through the din. “Leave the kid alone for Christ’s sake. He didn’t come here tonight to be laughed at by you assholes. Why don’t you guys get cleaned up and take it to the bar?”

Jamie felt some a pair of hands on her shoulders that directed her to a small office, separated by a window from the rest of the locker room. She glanced up and saw the friendly face of the catcher of the Bluebirds. “Why don’t you wait here,’ he suggested. “The guys should be clearing out in a few minutes.”

Jamie nodded and took a seat behind a desk, still feeling completely mortified by what she had done. Through the window she could see the players getting dressed, albeit only from the waist up. Some caught her looking and made funny faces as they walked by but otherwise she was left alone. Soon the locker room was empty. The catcher stuck his head in the door.

“You doing okay?” he asked.

Jamie nodded.

“Don’t let these guys get to you. They get a little cocky after they win.”

“It’s okay,” Jamie said.

“The umpire came by looking for you,” he continued. “He said to tell you he was waiting in the parking lot to give you a ride home but I told him I could drive you. Is that okay?”


“Great. Is it okay if I shower and change first?”


He turned to leave, appearing to hesitate a moment. He stuck his head back in the door. “Actually, would you mind helping me? This equipment is kind of hard to take off.”

Jamie slid off the chair and followed the catcher to a bench. “Hey thanks,” he told her. “My name’s Kevin by the way. What’s yours?”


“How long have you been a ball boy, Jamie?”

“Since I was six. I usually do it for my dad’s team.”

“That’s cool. So you like softball huh?”

“Yes. I play soccer too. I play for the intramural league.”

“Oh yeah? What team?”

“Little Devils.”

“Oh yeah,” Kevin smiled at her. “I actually follow a lot of little league sports. The Little Devils are a really tough team. I’ve seen you boys playing before.”

“Yeah. We practice a lot.”

“I bet. Here, can you help me take off this chest plate?”

Jamie stood on the bench and undid some of the buckles for him. “Thanks,” Kevin told her. “I’ve got some bad arthritis in my fingers,” he showed her his hand, “and it always swells up after games. I usually have to ask someone to untie my shoelaces!” The chest plate came off. It was heavy and Jamie struggled to lift it off him. It fell to the ground with a heavy thud.

“Man, my shoulder is so sore,” Kevin declared, wincing as he gingerly rotated his arm. “Jamie, would you mind helping me unbutton my shirt?” She had to stand on a bench to reach the top bottom. Kevin shrugged his shoulders to let the shirt fall to the floor and then kicked off his shoes.

“Thanks. Could you undo my pants too? You don’t mind, right?”

Jamie raised an eyebrow at his request but nevertheless complied. With a light touch, she unbuckled his pants, careful not to make too much contact with his body underneath the sturdy cotton material. Kevin was now wearing nothing but his athletic supporter. Jamie noted how hairless he was compared to the other men she had spied on. His chest and legs were completely bare, emphasizing his slim muscled figure.

“You ever see one of these before?” Kevin asked. He was pointing to his jockstrap.

“Yes,” Jamie replied. “It’s an athletic supporter. I’ve worn one before.”

Kevin’s eyes lit up. “Really? You? Protecting the old ball sack, huh? Good for you.” Jamie wasn’t sure what he meant so she laughed along. “Um, I’m wearing one right now,” she said lamely, hoping it went along with his joke.

“No kidding?” Kevin said in wonderment. “I don’t believe you. Show me.”

Jamie blushed deeply. “Oh no,” she demurred. “I can’t show you. But I am. I really am.”

“Then how come you won’t show me?” Jamie grinned bashfully in response. “You’re not shy are you? Come on. Nothing wrong with showing me. I mean, I’m standing here in front of you in my jockstrap, right?” Kevin held out his arms and turned in a circle, the open back of the athletic supporter exposing his bare butt to Jamie.

“Um, no, it’s okay,” Jamie repeated. “I’d really rather not.”

“All right, fine,” Kevin said, switching gears. “I’m going to take a shower. Are you taking one too?”

“No thanks.”

“Come on, kid. Ball boys are running around getting stinky all day long. They need to shower too.”

“I’m okay,” Jamie insisted, wishing he would drop this line of thought.

“Well then,” Kevin said brusquely, “I’m not sure I can give a stinky ball boy a ride home in my clean car.”

Jamie immediately understood his threat. She briefly considered how long it would take to walk home. It was several long blocks and she wasn’t even certain of the right way.

“Or,” Kevin spoke, his demeanor nice again, “maybe this. Maybe just prove that you’re wearing an athletic supporter. Show me. I still don’t believe you.” He tapped his foot in faux impatience.

“You want to see my supporter?” asked Jamie, uncertain.

“Yep. Take off your uniform. Let see it.”

“Then you’ll give me a ride home?”

“Uh huh.”

“And I won’t have to shower?”


Leadenly, Jamie considered her options. Showering was clearly out of the question. Showing Kevin her athletic supporter seemed reasonable enough. The crotch of the supporter would certainly hide her girlhood and the protective cup would add an extra layer of protection. Her bum would be exposed due to the open back design of athletic supporters but surely it was impossible to distinguish between a boy and a girl from the rear?

Sighing, Jamie adjusted the cap on her head. It was imperative to keep it, lest he discover her long brown locks. “I wish I didn’t have to do this,” Jamie thought as she began unbuttoning her shirt.

“Let me take that for you,” Kevin said as she pulled off the top. Before she could respond, he snatched the shirt from her hand. She could feel his eyes on her bare chest. Suddenly, an alarm went off in her head. “Maybe he knows!” Jamie panicked. “Maybe he’s trying to trick me…” The eight year old quickly scrutinized her chest, wondering if she had somehow sprouted breast buds in the last few days. But no, her chest was as flat as ever, her pink nipples small and unassuming as a boy’s.

Kevin was still tapping his foot, waiting. Steeling herself with a deep breath, Jamie undid her pants and let them slip to her ankles. Kevin was already reaching to retrieve them before they hit the ground. Jamie quickly realized her mistake: she would be unable to get dressed again until he relinquished her clothes. Her heart sank as she watched him secure her clothes in his locker.

“Well, I’ll be darned,” Kevin smiled. “You ARE wearing an athletic supporter. Go like this, Jamie.” He spread his arms and turned in a circle again. Jamie shyly followed suit, spinning in a very quick circle.

Kevin laughed at her. “Don’t be shy, Jamie. Do it more slowly. Here…” He took her hand and held it above her head, twirling her like a ballerina. Jamie was mortified. Kevin, however, was devouring her slender thighs, her slim bum perfectly framed by the athletic supporter straps.

“Wow, Jamie,” Kevin said admiringly. “I guess you’re a big boy now, huh? Wearing a jockstrap? You must have some valuable family jewels in there, buddy.”

Jamie smiled politely, not understanding his joke.

“All right, kiddo,” said Kevin. “You probably want to go home so I’ll hurry up and take my shower.” In a flash, his athletic supporter was off and Jamie found herself face to face with his bare privates. Despite the awkwardness of the situation, the eight year old peeked at him from beneath the visor of her baseball cap., unable to overcome her natural curiosity.

She had seen well over a dozen sets of male parts throughout the afternoon but Kevin’s was different. While the previous men had been hairy messes of bulging flesh, Kevin was remarkably well groomed down there. His hair was nearly trimmed, allowing her to clearly see his dangling thingie. Underneath was a shaved and bulbous sack. The other men had been so hairy that Jamie could see only their peepees, leading her to wonder if the sacks were something only young boys, like her brothers, possessed.

The little girl was so caught up that she didn’t even realize she was staring until Kevin cleared his throat. Her eyes immediately snapped up to his bemused face.

“I saw you earlier today, you know,” he spoke softly, conspiratorially. Jamie felt the blood drain from her face. “I saw y9ou. Staring at the other guys in the shower. You were supposed to be keeping track of the names on the clipboard but you couldn’t help being curious, could you? Couldn’t help staring at all those naked men.”

Jamie swallowed hard, grimly tasting the bitterness of getting caught. Kevin was slowly inching toward her so she took a step back. The little girl wondered how much trouble she was in. There was a moment of heavy silence in the locker room, punctuated by a steady dripping sound from the showers.

“It’s okay,” Kevin patted her shoulder. “It’s okay to be curious. I was too at your age. Curious about men’s bodies. It’s nothing to be ashamed about.” He moved a little closer, prompting Jamie to take another step backward. Kevin continued, “You’re a growing boy. Your body is changing and you’re curious about other men. You wonder what their bodies are like. Am I right?”

“Um, Kevin?” Jamie stuttered. “Can I… can I have my clothes back?”

“Come on, Jamie,” he said, ignoring her question. “We can stop playing games. You’re seeing me naked. Why don’t you take off your athletic supporter and show me what you look like?” He reached a finger inside her elastic waistband, causing Jamie to flinch and jerk her hips away.

“Kevin…” she dodged to move away from him but he followed.

“Don’t be shy,” he urged. Come on. Who do you think is bigger down there? You or me?” He cupped his sack and penis, obscenely displaying himself to the little girl. Jamie was now backing her way down a row of lockers that ended against a wall. Cul de sac.

“Please, Kevin, I don’t…”

Maybe you’re worried that you would lose?” he interrupted her. “I hate to brag but you’d be right. I can make my cock a lot bigger than it is now. Want to see?”

Jamie shook her head but watched nonetheless as he began stroking his penis. The little girl shivered and wrapped her arms around her bare midsections, wishing she was wearing more than just a baseball cap and athletic supporter. Goosebumps dotted the skin of her bum. A sense of terrible foreboding filled her as she reached the end of the lockers, her back now against a wall.

Kevin was not joking about making his thing bigger. It was plain to see it had easily doubled in size now, swollen so much that it stuck straight out from his body. Jamie might have laughed at the sight had she not felt such dread in her spine. Kevin moved closer until his body completely filled her field of vision.

“So,” Kevin spoke, his voice husky. “What do you think, Jamie?” He waved his erection at her, only inches from her face. The little girl easily caught the scent of his unfamiliar male musk.

“Um, it’s nice,” she began. He cut her off by stepping even closer and letting the length of his thing rest against her flushed cheeks. The little girl held her breath as she felt its throbbing heat.

“How’s that?” Kevin asked her. “Is that nice too?” He began caressing her with his tool, drawing a line from her ear to under her chin, then along her other cheek, the angry red of his helmet a sharp contrast to her fair, lightly freckled skin. Disgusted, Jamie tried to turn away but Kevin gripped her head tightly, forcing her to face straight ahead. She pursed her lips in disgust as he danced across her pink lips brushing the underside of her nostrils. He traced her eyebrows next, nearly poking out an eye in the process.

“Mmmm, you’re such a handsome boy, Jamie,” Kevin purred. “Don’t you like this? I like it. A lot.” His penis now returned to her tightly closed mouth, her lips tight over clenched teeth. “Please Jamie,” he breathed. “open your mouth?”

But Jamie refused. She tried to twist her head away but he held tight. “Jamie,” he said warningly. “Don’t be like that. Don’t you want to be a good boy? I’ve got a little treat for you, you know…” The eight year old watched as he began to fist his erection, pumping it until a glistening drop of fluid appeared at the tip. It looked like a teardrop.

“Don’t you want to taste my nectar?” he offered. “Lots of boys love it. Come on. Just a tiny taste. Open your mouth for me, Jamie.”

Her stomach churned at the thought. That was where pee comes out! Not daring to open her mouth, Jamie shook her head with a vigorous “Mmmpf.” Kevin shrugged and moved himself back to her closed mouth. Just before he made contact, Jamie closed her eyes. Nevertheless, she felt sickened as she felt his burning tool wipe the sticky liquid on her lips.

“All right,” Kevin sighed. “I’ve tried being nice, Jamie. Last time. Please open your mouth?”

She steadfastly refused. He responded by pinching her nose shut. She held her breath as long as she could but of course it wasn’t enough. After sixty seconds, Jamie couldn’t help herself and relaxed her jaw to inhale a desperate gasp of oxygen.

It was a slim opening but it was all Kevin needed. With one hand still holding her nose and the other firmly immobilizing her head, Kevin expertly thrust his hips forward, jamming his erection between the eight year old’s lips.

“Urrgh,” Jamie gurgled in repulsion. Her tongue grazed the underside of his penis, prompting her to desperately flatten it in her mouth to avoid as much contact as possible. But it was a losing battle. The little girl was still desperate for air and her pinched nose meant that panting through her open mouth was the only option.

“There we go,” Kevin soothed. “There we go. Now that’s not so bad, is it?” He had embedded enough of himself to give Jamie a mouthful though several inches still remained outside her lips. He rotated her cap so the brim covered her left ear rather than her forehead. Miserably, Jamie raised her eyes to glare at her tormentor.

“You should consider yourself lucky,” he told Jamie. “My first time going down on a guy was a lot tougher. Sure I was about your age but that man was so big he could barely fit it in my mouth. Man, were my jaws sore afterward!” Kevin paused to enjoy the feeling of Jamie’s tongue flickering beneath his penis. She wasn’t quite sucking him off as much as she was holding her mouth open as he made incidental contact.

“My cock isn’t quite as fat as other guys,” Kevin admitted. “Otherwise you’d be sucking on my like a lollipop whether you wanted to or not. But I have other methods of persuasion.”

He released his grip on her nostrils, allowing Jamie to gratefully inhale a breath of fresh air. Still gripping the top of her head, he moved his other hand beneath her chin, moving her mouth to a different angle. He slowly thrusted forward.

A rush of panic descended upon Jamie when she felt Kevin force more of himself into her throat. She tried to push him away but the little girl was no match for him. Slowly, inexorably, he pushed deeper into the squirming girl. She was powerless to stop him.

When he had finally pushed deep enough to trigger her gag reflex, Jamie began to hyperventilate as her adrenalin surged. Kevin slipped a thumb just inside her jaw to prevent her from biting down on him as her throat involuntarily convulsed around his member. He kept it there for three seconds before carefully withdrawing just enough for Jamie to regain control of herself.

It felt a lot longer than three seconds to her. Tears streamed down her cheeks and mucous clogged her nose. Jamie tried to cough but she still had a mouthful of him. She then tried to swallow the pooling saliva in her mouth which caused her tongue and lips to close tightly around him.

“See, Jamie,” Kevin intoned. “That’s the hard way. That’s the way for bad boys. Do you understand?” She raised her eyes to look at him but her vision was blurred by her tears. She nodded anyway.

“Outstanding,” Kevin said evenly. “Would you like to hear what good boys do? Good boys suck on it like a lollipop. They kiss it. They lick it. They love the way it feels in their mouth. Why don’t you try that, Jamie?”

She felt him loosen her grip on her. It was her choice now. Hesitantly, the little girl tried to close her lips around his throbbing member. Her tongue just barely made contact with his helmet when Jamie remembered the glistening teardrop he had spread on her lips. It was too much. Blanching, the repulsed girl squirmed to get him out of her mouth.

“I warned you, Jamie,” said Kevin, his voice thick. Without warning he surged into her again. Jamie immediately gagged, her throat once again going into convulsions as the foreign object embedded itself deep in her esophagus.

Kevin was beside himself with pleasure, enjoying the feeling of the boy’s throat muscles involuntarily massaging his cock. Quite frankly, he didn’t care if Jamie wanted to be a good boy or bad boy. If he chose willingly to give a blowjob, then great. If not, Kevin was just as content to trigger the boy’s gag reflex with his skinny erection.

This time her buried himself in Jamie’s throat for much longer. Five seconds ticked away, a seeming eternity for Jamie. Tears were streaming down her face now, her breathing coming in ragged gasps. Her hands were still pushing at his midsection, slapping his legs, pulling at his arms. All to no avail.

At the ten second mark, Kevin finally eased off. He knew that any longer might cause vomiting which he definitely didn’t want. He withdrew completely from her mouth, letting go of her head as well. Jamie’s hand immediately went to her throat, feeling for her damage while her other hand protectively covered her mouth. She coughed violently several times before turning to spit onto the locker room floor.

Kevin regarded her impassively for a moment. He spied a forgotten water bottle on a bench behind him. He didn’t know whose it was but it was still half full so he handed it to Jamie. She took several grateful sips.

“Are you okay, Jamie?” Kevin asked. She met his gaze but didn’t answer. He sighed. “Is this your first time? You haven’t done this before, have you?”

Jamie guardedly took another sip of water before shaking her head.

Kevin sighed again. “I didn’t want it to be this way. I wanted to be gentle with you. I really did. I didn’t want it to be like my first time.” He stepped close to her again so that his erection was inches from her face. “You know just as well as I that I could easily force this into your mouth again. Shove it into your throat until you gag. So I’ll ask you again: are you going to be a good boy or bad boy?”

Jamie stared at his pulsating organ. Before today, she had never even seen one of these on a grown man. Now she had seen many and was faced with a terrible decision. Putting a hand to her throat, Jamie had a searing flashback of the pain and panic when he forced himself deep inside her mouth.

Kevin regarded Jamie with delight. He could see the wheels spinning. He loved doing this. Giving them a choice.

“Good boy,” she whispered.

“You’re a smart one,” he told her. “A smart boy. Now prove it.”

Jamie’s lower lip trembled. Her mouth opened and closed. Suddenly unsure, she glanced up at Kevin.

“Kiss it,” he suggested. “Kiss and make up. Let’s be friends now.”

Jamie leaned in a little closer. After a brief moment of hesitation, she gave him a quick peck down there.

“Good,” he said. “How about another?”

She complied.

“Not bad,” Kevin conceded. “You watch TV? Movies? You know how they kiss on TV? Why don’t you try it like that?”

Jamie gritted her teeth. She knew what he meant. Closing her eyes, she gave him a long and lingering kiss on the side of his thing.

“See that’s not so bad, is it? Can you lick it? Like an ice cream?”

She blanched again. Sticking her tongue out just slightly, she gave him a quick swipe.

“You’re a fast learner, Jamie. Good boy,” he said approvingly. “Now. Pretend it’s a lollipop.”

Reluctantly, Jamie opened her mouth and let him enter. She closed her lips around his helmet but her tongue remained in a recoiled state, unwilling to taste him. The man and girl remained like that for a long moment. Kevin cleared his throat and thrust his hips, plunging several inches, just enough to graze the back of her mouth. The wordless message was not lost on Jamie. She forced her unwilling tongue forward.

Kevin smiled at his small victory. Jamie was now suckling at his cock like a newborn baby calf learning to nurse. Clasping his hands behind his head, Kevin sighed in pleasure. He loved this too. He eyeballed the cup of Jamie’s athletic supporter, wondering if he had a baby erection hiding in there. He couldn’t wait to find out.

Jamie, for her part, was beginning to grow accustomed to the motions. She was taking no more than the head of his penis, sucking it a moment and letting her tongue press it to the roof of her mouth. The little girl was glad he wasn’t forcing it deep into her throat. Given the choice, she had to admit this was much more preferable.

The taste of it faded in her mouth as she worked. When she had first started, the taste of his musk and sweat had been unbearable. The flavor was unlike anything she could describe. It had been strong and pungent at first, causing her to suppress the desire to gag as her tongue swirled against him but now it didn’t taste much like anything at all.

“All right, that’s enough,” Kevin informed her. Taking her by the hand, he led her back to his locker. “Kneel on the bench,” he directed. “Rest your hands on it too.” Perched on the bench on all fours, Jamie meekly waited as he rummaged in his locker for something before moving behind her. Craning her neck, she saw Kevin kneel down and disappear.

“This is weird,” she thought. “I wonder what he’s… oh!” The eight year old girl felt something warm and wet pressing against her little rosette. Craning her head again, she could only see Kevin’s hairline as his face pressed against her bum.

“He’s licking my butt!” she realized with shock. The sensation was not altogether unpleasant but it certainly felt strange. She felt his tongue worm its way inside her, wiggling and flickering all the while.

“Jamie, you are one sweet-tasting boy, you know that?” He had stopped and now stood behind her. She watched as he squirted something into his hand and then applied it to his firmly erect penis. “Don’t worry,” Kevin said. “Since you did such a nice job with you mouth, I’m going to be gentle with you. Besides, you should consider yourself lucky. I didn’t get to have lube my first time.”

All this was lost on the eight year old girl. Having no idea what he was talking about, Jamie instead had to watch to discover what was about to happen. He was rubbing his now slippery helmet against her puckered hole when she realized what he meant to do.

“No, wait,” Jamie began. “WAIT! NO!” She felt the pressure increase as Kevin bore down on her anal opening. She tried to resist but it was futile against his well-lubricated tool. He penetrated her.

“OH!” Jamie gasped, mostly in surprise. Kevin soldiered on, pushing deeper into her. “OH! OH!” This time her exclamation was in pain as he stretched her uncomfortably.

“God, please stop,” Jamie pleaded. “It feels… Oh! Oh god. Oh god. Please stop.”

“Relax, Jamie,” Kevin said. “It’s going to hurt more if you resist. Take it easy now. There’s just a little bit more…” He plunged deeper, eliciting more groans from Jamie. Kevin was surprised. Normally, he could fit at least three-quarters of his cock into a young boy but with Jamie he seemed to be bottoming out at the halfway mark.

No matter though. Jamie’s asshole was as tight as any he had experienced before, bearing down on him in a lovely warm grip. Kevin remained still for a few minutes to allow the boy time to adjust to the new sensation of a cock up his ass. Doing some quick math, Kevin calculated that this was the 11th boy under the age of ten that he had deflowered.

The slight ache in his balls let Kevin know that he was ready to come. He pulled his cock out of the boy, producing another low moan from the boy that made him swoon with lust. He liberally applied more lubricant to his erection before wiping his hands on a towel.

When he withdrew from her bum, Jamie briefly wondered if that was all he had planned to do. It felt unpleasant and painful, like a difficult bowel movement but only in reverse, but it had been nothing compared to the misery from when he forced himself deep into her throat. Her hopes were dashed, however, when she felt him re-position himself at her anal entrance.

“Ahh…” Jamie breathed. Kevin penetrated her again with a slow and confident thrust. The additional lubrication eased his path and this time Jamie did not resist his intrusive entry. It didn’t really hurt anymore. It just felt very… weird… to have something in her behind that was going in instead of out. Jamie twisted away, ever so slightly, but Kevin grabbed her by the waistband of her athletic supporter.

Jamie knelt silent as he began fucking her. He breathed heavily behind her, the only other sound being the odd squishy sound of their slippery flesh meeting. Kevin was now sawing in and out of her pink, puckered rosette in smooth strokes. He still felt enormous inside her but not quite as big as when he had initially penetrated her virgin bum. The eight year old wasn’t in any pain but she felt much discomfort nonetheless. It was mostly rooted in the embarrassing fact that a man was doing this to her. And she didn’t understand why he would want to do such a thing.

Kevin was enjoying himself greatly. Jamie’s tightness felt wonderful around him and adored the way the boy still wore his baseball cap and jockstrap. It made it all the more alluring that he was fucking some eight year old boy in a locker room. He began to imagine what was beneath that athletic supporter, envisioning Jamie’s baby pink penis and how he was going to let his tongue play games with it. The thought drove him over the edge.

Jamie felt his pace increasing in intensity and speed. He began rubbing her shoulders and back making Jamie grimace at his touch.. She heard an animalistic grunt from Kevin followed by a deep thrust that made her gasp in surprise.

“Uhh,” Jamie moaned. Again, it wasn’t pain exactly but… a feeling of great fullness. Unknown to her, Kevin had worked almost all of his length inside and he was practically bottoming out, his scrotum brushing against her athletic supporter. “Uhhh,” she gasped again. It almost felt like she had to go to the bathroom…

Kevin however mistook her moans of discomfort for arousal. The thought of the ball boy getting turned on while getting reamed was too much for Kevin. “Oh yeah…” he grunted. “God, your ass feels so good Jamie…” He frantically began fucking harder.

“Oh… Uh… Uh… Oh Jamie, oh yeah, kid… come on… take it…” Jamie heard Kevin moan, unaware that he was having an orgasm. His surging cock sprayed the innocent eight year old girl’s insides with semen. Jamie meekly stayed on her hands and knees, listening as he made more funny sounds.

“Did he hurt himself or something?” she wondered. His animal sounds continued for several seconds before he finally slowed, then stopped, burying himself inside her with one last thrust. They remained that was for a minute, intertwined, as Kevin caught his breath.

“Oh geez,” Kevin exhaled loudly. Jamie felt him withdraw from her. The little girl pursed her lips and inwardly sighed. At last! Gross. It was so gross. Why did he want to put his thing in her? Why on earth would anyone do such a thing.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the feeling of a strange wetness emanating from her bum. Cautiously, Jamie reached back and her fingers touched a slippery liquid that was oozing from her loosened rosette. Inspecting her hand, she found it was a strange white substance.

“Pretty neat, huh?” Kevin was grinning at her, watching as she examined his seed on her fingers. “I bet you’re too young to be making that stuff, aren’t you? But I bet you’re not too young for it to feel good, are you?”

He moved close to her and kissed her on the lips. A real kiss. A wet kiss. She felt his tongue slip past her closed lips. Surprised, she did not resist, letting him kiss her deeply. She had never been kissed this way before.

“I know you’re probably curious about what just happened,” Kevin said, his face just inches from hers. “I’m going to make you feel so wonderful…” He briefly kissed her again on the lips before moving lower to her chest and tummy, leaving a trail of gentle kisses along the way. His lips nibbled the inside of her thighs as his hands stroked her knees.

“Um, Kevin?” Jamie said. “I really want to go home now… Can we just go?”

But he wasn’t listening to her. Kevin’s face was now hovering just above her crotch. “Oh Jamie,” he breathed. He slipped some fingers beneath her protective cup, “you’re going to thank me for-“

He stopped. Jamie saw the look of mad bewilderment on his face. “What the fuck?” he pawed between her legs a moment before roughly yanking her athletic supporter down to her ankles. Jamie’s crotch was hairless as he expected but where he expected to find a penis and scrotum he saw… nothing. Just a bisecting slit between her legs that led to a distinctly unfamiliar pink valley.

“Jesus Christ,” Kevin said, leaping to his feet. He grabbed Jamie’s baseball cap and tossed it to the floor. He watched wide-eyed as her brown hair tumbled free, falling almost to her shoulders.

“Christ,” he said again. “You’re a…” He didn’t finish his sentence. Instead he began frantically dressing. Jamie watched him with a blank expression. He was only wearing jeans and an unbuttoned shirt when he slammed his locker shut and began backing out of the room.

“I, uh, shit…” Kevin said, hopping as he tried to jam a sockless foot into a shoe. “Look, uh, I’m really… Oh god. Don’t tell anyone…” Still carrying his other shoe, Kevin hastily exited the locker room, letting the door slam behind him.

Gingerly, Jamie stood up. She took a few tentative steps, her bum still feeling a little funny from what he did to her. The young girl made her way to the drinking fountain where she drank thirstily, eager to get his bad taste out of her mouth.

Addendum: Jamie’s father came looking for her when she didn’t come home. He hurried her to the emergency room after she told him everything that happened. Kevin was arrested a week later. He was tried in court and the judge found no reason for leniency during the sentencing since his DNA was a positive match for the semen samples that hospital staff collected from Jamie. Kevin is currently facing 15 consecutive life sentences for first-degree sexual assault of a minor.

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