Please note: All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this story, some of which are dangerous or illegal.
Please keep in mind the difference between fantasy and reality.

A Halloween story
Written by Janus
Copyright 2013

“Erin, are you almost ready?” There was a knock on her bedroom door. “Your friends are here. They’re waiting for you.”

“Just a minute, mommy,” Erin answered. She couldn’t stop admiring herself in the mirror. Her parents had agreed to let her buy any Halloween costume she wanted as long as she spent her own money. The nine year old girl hadn’t hesitated to purchase the costume she had always dreamed of: a beautiful bride’s dress in a pure, blinding shade of white. The lacy bodice may have been a little too tight and the hemline a bit long, but Erin didn’t care one bit. A flowered headpiece completed her look, letting a bountiful swath of curled, brown ringlets of hair fall gracefully past her shoulders.

She looked like a princess, Erin imagined. A beautiful princess, wearing a delicate dress as clean as sparkling, untouched snow. Erin grabbed her oversized plastic pumpkin, the perfect size for bringing home her candy. She looked in the mirror one last time before detaching the heavy veil from the headpiece and lowering it over her face. She was ready.

Daniel’s hands were shaking. A ball of ice had formed in his stomach when he unlocked the door to the foreclosed house. Only once inside the abandoned house was he able to breath deeply and try to calm himself. He was shaky not so much from fear (well, perhaps a little) but from excitement. It was still an hour from dusk but Daniel knew once the sky darkened a bit more, the streets would be filled with kids trick-or-treating.

Not just kids, he thought as pulled of his jeans, revealing a pair of black skin-hugging tights. Girls. Dressed up in revealing costumes, he hoped. He took off his dress shirt. Under it, Daniel wore a similar skintight shirt that emphasized his broadly muscled frame. From a bag, he pulled out a long, black cape that secured around his shoulders.

He loved Halloween. Folding up his clothes, Daniel went over his plan once again in his head. As a real estate agent by day, it had been no trouble at all for him to find a foreclosed house and gain access to the key code box. As a pedophile, it had been even less trouble to dream up a scenario where he could indulge in some exhibitionist fantasies.

Daniel secured a black Zorro-style mask to his face. Now he was a virtually unrecognizable man in a house that wasn’t even his own. He undid the slip-pocket fly to his tights, letting his manhood hang loose and free. His black cape could easily conceal the front of his body, but he could easily push it aside with his elbow, thereby exposing as much as he wanted. He was ready.

“Come on, you guys! There’s some guy in the house at the end of the block and he’s letting people take as much candy as they want!”

The news had traveled quickly, repeated in hushed tones among the children as if they were talking about someone who was walking on water. One passing group of trick or treaters repeated it to another until the message resembled a classic “telephone” game where the original meaning was becoming more and more jumbled.

The first time Erin’s group heard it, the message was that someone was handing out money. Then another group reported that he was dressed like a serial killer too. Yet another group claimed that the man was passing out unopened jumbo sacks of candy. Finally, the rumor changed to a man who was handing out full-size candy bars, the kind you get in movie theaters, and he would give more than one if you asked.

“Well, we have to go now,” Ashley declared. She smoothed the front of her cheerleading costume. “I wouldn’t mind whole bars of candy.” Erin nodded, as did the other two girls in the group. It was common for them to let Ashley decide what to do. The clump of girls headed for the house at the end of the block, ignoring the other houses in between.

“I hope he doesn’t run out,” Becky said. She was dressed as a Native American.

“There are so many trick or treaters tonight,” Lauren said worriedly. She tugged at the whiskers of her cat mask. “He might run out.”

“Do you think he has Kit Kats?” Erin asked, moving aside on the sidewalk to let another group pass. “I love those giant Kit Kats.”

“Hey, are you guys talking about that last house down there?” someone from the passing group asked. The two parties stopped briefly on the sidewalk.

“Yeah. Is he really giving out whole bars of candy?” Ashley asked. ‘

The other girl, dressed in a sleek Catwoman outfit, nodded. “He is,” she confirmed. “But…” She trailed off.

“Tell them!” the other girls in her group burst into giggles.

“He’s… uh, you might not want to go because he… well…” the Catwoman girl stammered.

“What?” Ashley demanded, perplexed.

“You can see his cock hanging out!” blurted a girl dressed in a devil costume. The group of girls burst into a fresh blast of laughter.

“His co…” Lauren started, before catching herself. “You mean, like his wiener?”

The other group of girls tittered some more at the childish term, making Lauren blush under her cat mask. They started walking again, sidestepping Erin and the other girls on the sidewalk. “Don’t say we didn’t warn you!” Catwoman called over her shoulder as her friends hooted derisively.

The four friends remained still, indecisive. “Do you think they were just joking?” Becky wondered with uncertainty.

“I don’t know,” Lauren said. “Why would they make that up?”

“Oh, of course they were joking,” Ashley announced. “They were a lot older than us. Didn’t you notice? They were probably trying to get us to act like babies. Let’s go.”

“Are… are you sure we should?” Erin asked timidly.

“Well, why not? It’s not like he’s trying to kidnap anyone. Those girls didn’t seem scared, did they?” Ashley reasoned. She began walking toward the house again. The other three girls followed, but Erin, walking slowly, brought up the rear. As they approached the front walk to the house, another group of trick-or-treaters rounded the corner. Erin recognized them as another group of girls from school.

“Hi Ashley!” an Eskimo called out. It took Erin a moment to recognize Anne who sat two rows behind her at school.

“Hi Anne! Did you hear? This house is passing out whole bars of candy!”

“We heard that too,” Anne responded.

“Did you hear the… other thing?” Erin asked.

“What?” Anne’s group, composed of another five girls from school, perked up at the strange tone in Erin’s voice.

Motioning them closer, Ashley cast her eyes about conspiratorially before whispering, “Someone told us the guy handing out candy has his wiener hanging out!” There was a brief silence among the group of nine year old girls before raucous giggles broke out.

“No!” Anne said, laughing.

“Yes!” Ashley contradicted. “We just passed a group of girls and they told us so!”

“Do you think it’s true?”

“Come on,” Ashley said boldly. “Let’s find out!” She started up the walk to the house, with nine other pairs of feet following her. Having grown in numbers, the group of girls was now easily ruled by groupthink. They showed hardly a bit of hesitation as they climbed the short set of stairs to the porch.

Except Erin. She had remained still on the sidewalk. Not even following the group of girls up the walk to the house.

Ashley must have sensed her absence. “Erin? Aren’t you coming?”

“Umm…” Erin tugged uncomfortably at the collar of her white wedding dress which suddenly seemed tight. “You guys… go ahead. I think I’ll wait here.”

“What?” Ashley said, mystified. Then it dawned on her. “Are you afraid?”


“You are!” Ashley crowed. “You’re so scared of seeing this guy’s wiener that you won’t come with us.” The other girls in the group began to smirk.

“No, I’m not…” Erin began to defend herself but Ashley turned and led the girls up the walk.

“Let’s show her,” she heard Ashley saying. “I bet there’s nothing funny going on with this guy at all.”

Erin watched helplessly as the group of girls marched to the house and rang the doorbell. The door opened immediately. She saw a dark figure dressed in a mask and cape, visible only from the waist up since the other girls were crowding around the door. Judging from their reaction, however, there didn’t seem to be any untoward behavior at all.

After a moment, the man waved at the group of girls and shut the door. Triumphantly led by Ashley, the group of girls returned to the sidewalk where Erin still waited miserably. “You really missed out,” Ashley told her. “He said take as many as we wanted. I got a whole Snickers, Almond Joy, and Nut Roll. The big kind of candy bar too.” She held open her bulging pillow case to prove herself.

“I got a Kit Kat and Caramello,” Lauren chimed in.

“He gave me three Three Musketeers,” Anne giggled at her quip.

“And you know what?” Ashley said. “We didn’t see his wiener at all! You totally missed out.” The other girls burst into laughter. Erin felt her face burning from the humiliation.

“Fine!” Erin stormed up the walk to the house. “You guys wait here and I’ll go get my candy!” She defiantly walked up the porch steps to the house and rang the doorbell. Behind her, she could still hear her friends giggling.

Erin didn’t think her embarrassment could get any worse. But it did.

The door swung open. Before she could even finish saying “Trick or treat!”, Erin heard Ashley yell loudly from the sidewalk.

“Look out for his wiener, Erin! Look out!”

Her face turning scarlet with rage and humiliation, Erin turned to glare at the other girls only to see them run across the street to the next house. Returning to face the man at the door, Erin didn’t know at all what to say.

“Happy Halloween!” the man said cheerfully as if he had not heard. But Erin knew he did. She could tell from the crinkling laughter in his eyes visible behind his black mask. “I’ve got a whole pumpkin full of candy, and way too much too. Why don’t you take as much as you want?” He stepped forward, holding a plastic pumpkin full of candy before her.

“Thank you,” Erin said primly. She took a Kit Kat. “Can I really have another?”

“Of course,” the man nodded amiably.

Erin hesitated a bit before selecting another Kit Kat. Her eyes spied a box of Milk Duds poking up from all the other candy. Why not? He said to take as many as she wanted. Her fingers rummaged through the candy to find her prize. Instead of finding the hard edged box of Milk Duds, however, her fingers closed on something else. Unlike the candy that was crinkled in wrapping and cool to the touch, this object was warm. And smooth. Her fingers closed around it. Erin’s eyes went wide.

Daniel made his decision in a heartbeat. Before he could think about it logically, he took Erin by the shoulder and whisked her inside the house. He shut the door. Locked it. Turned off the porch light.

He had been shaking when he first entered the foreclosed house. But now his knees were positively knocking. He had flashed young girls before but that was the extent of his illicit activities. He never touched them, or took pictures of them. He had never even tried to talk to them. But Daniel knew chances likes this weren’t likely to happen again.

He knew. He knew she was the one.

When Erin had started up his walk, Daniel could hardly believe his luck. The large group of girls before Erin were attractive, but he had decided it would be wise not to “accidentally” flash them, particularly since the last group of girls had walked off in stony silence. And he was positive they had seen his cock and balls dangling behind his dark cape.

With great interest, he had surveyed the group of girls loitering on his sidewalk. Usually the kids just zoomed off to the next house, but not this group. They appeared to be discussing something. Even though he couldn’t hear them, he could easily read their body language to determine something was happening within the group dynamics.

A thrill shook his spine when he saw one of them, and only one, coming up his walk. Most kids were accompanied by watchful parents but this group clearly was not. Working quickly, Daniel squeezed his erection into the strategically placed hole he had carved in the plastic pumpkin that served as his candy container. The doorbell rang. Hastily, he scattered a few candy bars, partially concealing his pulsing manhood, before opening the door.

When he heard the girl on the sidewalk mockingly shout about his “wiener”, Daniel knew the gig was up. His first instinct had been to slam the door shut and run. But that would have given him away. It would have made him look like he had something to hide. So he patiently let Erin choose her candy. He hadn’t planned on using the pumpkin tonight, but decided to risk it since she was alone.

His body surged in excitement when her soft fingers grazed his cock. He couldn’t believe it, however, when her fingers closed around it. When she looked up at him, Daniel didn’t only see confusion on her face. He saw much bigger things. Surprise. Recognition. Shame.

What was most important was what he didn’t see: fear. A normal girl would have recoiled once she realized she was holding his cock. Instead, Erin merely stared up at him with an expression of guilty surrender, like he had caught her with her hand in a cookie jar. It was at that moment he knew. He had a live one.

“So…” Daniel began, fighting to keep his voice calm. The two of them stood in the empty living room facing each other like gunfighters in the wild west. “I heard your friend. She said your name was Erin. Is that right?” Instead of responding, she cast her eyes at the ground, silently acknowledging that he was right. “My name is Daniel.”

She still said nothing so he moved to peer out the front window. “Looks like your friends went on trick-or-treating without you. They’re gone.” Daniel leaned against a wall, keeping the pumpkin at crotch level. Though there weren’t any lights on in the room, there was just enough streetlight and moonlight to see by. His voice sounded a little boomy in the empty room. “That was a big group. I wonder how long it would take for them to miss you.”

The girl still didn’t say anything. In the dim illumination, her white dress shone like a beacon. Daniel couldn’t help devouring her with his eyes. She was lovely, like a delicate prairie flower, all slender figure and straight legs. Her face was only partially visible under her heavy veil but Daniel could make out her finely-boned cheekbones and pertly sculpted nose.

“Would you like some more candy?” he offered, approaching where she stood.

She shook her head.

“Are you sure? There’s a lot of it.” He moved close so the pumpkin was within arm’s reach. She wouldn’t take the bait though. The hushed chatter of a group of trick-or-treaters made them both turn to the window. Daniel saw an assorted collection of ghouls, goblins, ghosts, witches and werewolves dashing past on the sidewalk. He decided to try a different tack.

“I’m surprised you won’t take any candy, Erin,” he began. He moved to other side of the room so they were once again facing off on opposite sides. “There sure are a lot of trick-or-treaters out there. Everyone likes candy, especially kids. And even girls like yourself. I bet you love candy, don’t you?” She didn’t answer, but Daniel could tell she was listening.

“Of course you love candy,” he continued. “It’s perfectly natural. There’s nothing wrong with eating candy, everyone does it. And sure, I bet your mom doesn’t let you eat candy all of the time. But a little candy here and there never hurt anyone. I’m sure even your mom herself loves eating something sweet and chocolatey now and again. Just like those kids out there in costumes. Just like you. So why don’t you have some candy?”

He shook the pumpkin, letting the contents rattle a bit. He watched Erin closely. Had he been wrong about her? Had he read her incorrectly? When she had grasped his cock that first time, her expression clearly revealed that she was hiding something. Surely…

To his delight, Erin took a step toward him. Her slight figure in the white dress made her seem like a ghost. The padded soles of her ballerina style slippers glided silently along the bare wooden floor. Hesitatingly, without looking at him, she reached into the pumpkin. Daniel held his breath as the crinkly sound of shuffling wrapped candy filled the room.

His cock had been flagging since she entered the house, but there mere sight of her moving toward him had sent a surge of blood rushing through his organ. By the time her little fingers grazed his shaft, he was once again rock hard. As before, her fingers closed around him with a steady assurance. The warmth of her hand felt divine. She even gave him a tentative squeeze, to his great delight. Perhaps he was imagining it, but Daniel could swear he felt her fist imperceptibly move along his shaft, as if she were jacking him off.

“You’ve done this before.” It wasn’t a question. Daniel stated it as a fact. “With who?”

She didn’t answer.

“Brother? Uncle?”



Finally, Erin shifted her weight from one foot to another. She stared at the floor, though she didn’t let go of his throbbing cock in the pumpkin. Daniel’s heart raced. What the hell, he thought. Might as well make it worthwhile, particularly considering the trouble he would be in if he ever got caught.

“Would you like to see what I look like compared to daddy?” he asked Erin. She quietly let go of him and removed her hand from the pumpkin. With great fanfare, Daniel carefully extracted his erection from the pumpkin. He had flashed many young girls in his day, but none had been standing close to his cock as this. If he took a small step forward and thrust his hips, his jutting manhood would have touched Erin’s veil.

He stood still, savoring the moment. Though she wasn’t looking at his face, he could see Erin’s eyes dancing across his cock. “Is this what daddy looks like?” he asked her.

Her eyes met his for the first time since they had initially met in the doorway. Erin nodded, then looked away again. Though she otherwise stood still, Daniel noticed her hands were clenching and unclenching in subconsciously nervous gesture.

“I bet daddy taught you a lot of things,” he mused. Erin’s chin snapped up, her eyes once again locked with his. Clearly he had struck a nerve, for he recognized her expression from the doorway when she had first touched his penis. It was the same combination of recognition, guilt, and shame that she had quickly tried to hide.

Seeing his opening, Daniel pushed forward. “Why don’t you show me what daddy taught you?” he asked, lifting her veil back to reveal her face.

He swallowed in anticipation. The air in the room suddenly seemed thick, like liquid. She still remained silent, although her eyes were no longer staring at the floor. They were locked on his cock. He watched, enraptured, as the young girl bent over slightly and parted her lips.

Daniel shuddered in bliss at the feel of her small, warm mouth engulfing the tip of his cock. Heaven! He was in heaven. Erin’s fingers closed around his shaft, squeezing it, as her tongue tentatively swirled against the underside of his erection. He could see her mouth puckered around his smooth shaft, her dainty pink lips a beautiful contrast to the veins that bulged along the length of his cock.

Long minutes passed. Daniel didn’t say anything, other than a silent prayer of thanks to Erin’s father. The little girl was clearly well-versed in pleasing a man. Though he had never before made physical contact with any underage girls, Daniel had watched his fair share of illegal child pornography downloaded from the internet. The most disappointing videos were the ones of clearly reluctant girls who were mechanically going through the motions of sex. The best, however, were the ones who displayed an embryonic passion, an implicit understanding of their undiscovered desires and blossoming sexuality.

Erin, he was certain, would have fallen into the latter category.

It was evident in the skillful dexterity in which she touched him. Evident in the quiet confidence she exhibited as she stood partially bent over before him. Evident in her poise when she for a moment gagged on his manhood. Evident in the sensual manner in which she let his throbbing erection rest on her parted lips as she briefly gathered herself.

Daniel could already feel himself on the impending edge of orgasm. Erin only took a break for a few seconds before resuming her work, causing him to throb involuntarily. He let out a low moan of pleasure. He was getting close all right. This little girl, so pure in her wedding dress costume, was going to make him blow his load.

To his surprise, Erin paused long enough to quickly ask him, “Do you want me to swallow it? Or do you want it on my face?”

Daniel blinked. The mere act of hearing this little girl ask such a question was such a turn on that could feel his orgasm closing in fast. Too stunned to think about it, Daniel blurted out, “On… on your face!”

Erin quickly got down on her knees. Her hands were still rapidly stroking him off but she was no longer orally pleasuring him. Instead, she tilted her head back and gazed at him with expectant, knowing eyes. The sight of this innocent young girl expertly jacking him off was too much. She knew what was coming, he realized, and she was ready.

“Oh goddd…” Daniel groaned. The first wave of his orgasm was pure warmth. He wanted to close his eyes to enjoy the feeling, but he wanted to see Erin take his load. His cock began throbbing powerfully in the little girl’s hands. He watched with delight as his erection scored a direct hit across Erin’s forehead. More pulses and more spurts followed, leading to a smattering of white strands that wove across the girl’s face.

Erin dutifully continued milking his cock even once it started to grow soft in her hands. Exhausted, Daniel leaned against the wall for support. She dribbled the last few drops of his milky semen onto her chin where, he was delighted to see, several strands had criss-crossed her parted lips.

Finally, she let go of him and stood up. Daniel had seen pictures of young girls with cum on their face before. But never in real life. And never was the girl covered in HIS cum. The thought filled him with a sense of accomplishment.

“Damn, Erin,” Daniel said admiringly. “You sure are a good girl, aren’t you? How did your daddy get you to be such a good girl?”

He was surprised to see a brief look of confusion pass the girl’s face, followed by an embarrassed expression. Following a hunch, Daniel knelt down in front of Erin so they were at eye level. Without hesitating, he reached a self-assured hand under the hem of her white dress. He navigated past her knobby knees, her smooth thighs. Past the elastic waistband of her underwear.

Daniel couldn’t help but smiling a little at the generous moisture he found between her legs. It certainly wasn’t a flood that soaked panties. But it was ample. He reveled in the feel of her hairless crotch and the soft folds of her girlhood. Enjoying himself, he briefly explored his first little girl before focusing on her clit.

The effect was immediate. Erin stiffened but he saw her adjust her feet so they were wider apart. Even though he had just cum, Daniel felt his drooping cock perk up a bit. He put a hand at Erin’s back, just above her bum, to support her as his finger pressed more insistently at her nubbin of flesh.

“Oh…” Erin gasped silently. Her back was arching now against his supporting hand. The little girl, her face still covered in his seed, stared at him with wide, uncomprehending eyes. Daniel couldn’t believe it. He had been fondling Erin for less than thirty seconds and she was already going to…

“Oh!” Erin gasped again, a little louder this time. Enraptured, he watched as the young girl began trembling in his arms. Her hairless slit felt noticeably wetter than when he had started but he didn’t stop the unrelenting pressure against Erin’s baby clit. Her tortured face was the picture of ecstasy as pure sexual pleasure exploded within her body.

Daniel imagined Erin riding the wave that was his finger pressed tight against her puffy folds. Even as her orgasm subsided, her coaxed as much as he could from the little girl, delighting in every shake and shudder from her body. She was relaxed in his grip now, like a limp noodle, but Daniel found himself once more with a full erection

Erin felt drained. The second she had first touched this man’s cock in the pumpkin, she wondered if the universe were playing some strange trick on her. Despite the shock of the situation, Erin had felt a twinge of excitement when her fingers closed on his thick cock, followed by an even more overpowering surge of guilt.

Erin so desperately wanted to be a good girl. To be pure. But… it felt so good. It felt good when daddy touched her. And it felt good again when this stranger touched her. Touching a penis always made her feel a little dirty inside, but if that was the price to pay for her own pleasure? So be it.

The dilemma, however, was always the crushing sense of remorse that invariably followed each of the young girl’s orgasms. Her breath now returning to normal, her heightened senses falling back to reality, Erin became aware of the man’s supporting grip at her back, his other hand still wandering inside her underwear. Erin flinched. The nine year old girl’s hyper-aware clit was far too sensitive to be touched so soon.

The man, (Daniel, he called himself), mercifully withdrew his hand. “Sorry,” he shrugged. This surprised her because he seemed genuinely apologetic. She felt him set her back on her own two unsteady feet. Erin’s senses were suddenly overwhelmed by her present surroundings. The damp chill of the empty house sent a shiver down her spine. The foreboding darkness of the room became pervasive, threatening her with its obfuscation. The heady, masculine scent of Daniel’s seed covering her face made her nostrils wrinkle from its acridity.

Assaulted by these myriad sensations, Erin withdrew both inwardly and outwardly. It was as if her mind was finally catching up to where she was and what had happened. She took a step away from Daniel, trying not to look at his prominent erection, but he grabbed her wrist. Once more, he reached under the hem of her white dress.

“Don’t be afraid,” Daniel told her softly.

Erin steeled herself, wondering what would happen next.

She felt him tugging at her underwear. Once they were bunched around her ankles, the little girl warily stepped out of them. What happened next surprised her. The man began using her underwear to wipe away the numerous strands of semen he had deposited on her face.

“You’re a pretty girl, Erin,” he told her as he worked. “Beautiful. And talented too.”

Erin obediently held still as he cleaned her up, bemusedly listening to his praise. She didn’t know what to think. It was an oddly thoughtful gesture on his part, even if he was soiling her own underwear in the process. She was still sticky, and pungent, even once he wiped away as much as possible, but she now looked presentable at least.

Once he was done, Erin expected him to toss her filthy underpants into the trash. But instead, Daniel held open her underwear at floor level, spreading the elastic waistband with his fingers. It took Erin a moment to understand what he wanted. Put them back on? She could see the firm resolve in his gaze. Pushing aside her revulsion, Erin reluctantly stepped into the underpants, letting him pull them up her legs. As she expected, a chilly wetness greeted her the moment the cotton underwear made contact with her skin. The persistent dampness of the cotton fabric felt very unpleasant between her legs and against her bum.

Daniel then smoothed the front of her dress, rearranging it neatly so it once again hid her feet as it fluttered against the floor. He gently pulled at her veil until it was covering her face, just as it was when she had rang his doorbell. Finally, he handed Erin her plastic pumpkin full of candy, but not before dumping his own stockpile Halloween treats into hers.

Erin struggled a bit under the weight of her pumpkin. It was so heavy with candy now that even the plastic handle was straining against its contents. Daniel then stood up and put his hand on the doorknob to the front door. Breathing relief, Erin realized he was dismissing her. She demurely followed him to the door but he didn’t open it.

“How about a kiss goodbye?” Daniel suggested. He waggled his hips, making his erection sway obscenely before the little girl. Erin took the hint. Reluctantly, the nine year old raised her veil and planted a quick kiss on his organ. It felt hot against her lips.

“Thanks, Erin,” he said, pulling his cape to cover himself before opening the door. “You know…” he began. He stopped, leaving the door only cracked open. “I could ask you to keep this all a secret. Because we both could get in a lot of trouble if you told anyone about what we did.”

Erin stopped in her tracks and looked up at his Daniel’s face. His face was serious, but it wasn’t threatening. Nor mocking. He opened the door wide before continuing, “But I don’t think I have to ask you to keep it a secret. Because I know you liked what we did together.”

Erin was already bounding out the door when he said this last part. She heard it loud and clear though. The young girl was glad for the dark night and her obscuring veil. Both hid the way her ears burned from embarrassment. The crisp Halloween air felt nippy on her bare shoulders and only served to accentuate the saturated wetness of her underwear. Erin briefly considered scouring the block to find her friends. After a moment’s consideration, she started home instead. After all, her pumpkin was already filled to the brim with candy.

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