Please note: All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this story, some of which are dangerous or illegal.
Please keep in mind the difference between fantasy and reality.

Eva's Experiment - Chapter Two
Written by Janus
Copyright 2003

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Chapter Two

Eva's heart stopped. Her mind raced. Who could it be? She had locked all the doors before starting her experiment. The voice was definitely not a familiar one. She tried to speak, forgetting the ball gag in her mouth. All that came out were unintelligible sounds.

"Relax, kid, relax," the voice spoke. "We thought this house was going to be empty. Didn't think there'd be anyone home."

Eva stood still, feeling a nervous cold sweat form on her body. A drop trickled down her back. He had to be a burglar. Swallowing hard, she tugged at the handcuffs around her wrists. It was no use, of course. The chains and cuffs were far too sturdy to be broken.

She heard his footsteps as along the wood floor of the porch. "This is a nice place you live in here," he said. "It's got a lot of nice stuff. Very fancy."

The footsteps approached her, from behind. The voice was right in her ear again.

"We watched your folks drive away this morning. We knew they were going somewhere, but we didn't know they were going to leave their innocent little girl behind."

Suddenly his hands were on her shoulders. Eva flinched, but the hands continued on, the palms caressing her back, moving down until each one cupped her butt cheeks. She squirmed futilely. The hands squeezed her butt.

"Or maybe not so innocent," the voice continued. The hands began to move on her body again. "What's this on your breasts? Decorations? Are you trying to be like early 90s Madonna or something?"

The hands moved to her preteen breasts. She felt him pull the tassels off. The cool air felt nice against her chest. She felt her nipples involuntarily get hard.

"Pretty," the man said. "Very pretty little chest you've got there, little lady."

Eva recoiled again as she felt the stranger's fingers close on her firm nipples. She tried to protest through the ball gag as his fingers playfully teased and twisted the pointed nubbins on her chest. Despite her fear, she felt a rush of excitement from the stranger touching her. She had often fantasized about tying herself up and then being found by a stranger. But that was only a fantasy. Now it was really happening.

Suddenly, a different voice spoke, a higher pitched, more nasally voice. "Hey man, what the hell is going on?"

"Ben," the first man responded, "this is our lucky day."

The other man, Ben, whistled. "Whoa, Andy. She was just tied up here when you got in?

"Oh yeah, tied up and shivering and moaning. I think she was having a good time," Andy replied, his fingers still fondling Eva's chest. "I think we can help her have an even better time, you know?"

Eva felt a an ice ball of anxiety form in her stomach. Truthfully, she had been enjoying the fingers on her breasts. She had never let anyone touch her there before. It made her feel warm inside. But now there were two burglars? Any physical pleasure she felt was replaced by a growing sense of apprehension.

The thirteen year old was so worried that barely heard the next words of the burglars. One of the men (Ben?) spoke. "I'm going to take off her panties, man."

Eva's head jerked up in alarm. She tried to squirm again but the man behind her held her tight. She felt him close his arms around her and hold her close, her bare back pressing against his clothed body. She whined again through the ball gag.

"Come on kid, relax," Andy whispered into her ear. "You'll enjoy it. We promise."

Helpless, Eva felt two hands slip inside the waistband of the leather panties. The hands tugged lightly and she felt the panties start to slip off her. The waistband of the panties slid easily over her flat hips. She felt the panties fall in a pile around her ankles.

The man in front of her, Ben, whistled again. "Andy, you're not going to believe this," he said. "She's got a little toy attached to her clit."

"Yeah, I figured," Andy replied behind Eva, his hands moving to massage her immature breasts again. "I checked around upstairs before I found her. In her parents' bedroom I found a big trunk full of toys and porn."

Eva blushed, remembering she had left the trunk wide open in the middle of the room.

"She must be having a little fun while her parents are away," Ben commented. "Isn't that right, you little slut? Have you been playing with your mom's sex toys?"

Eva felt her blush deepen. They had figured her out so easily. She had violated her parents' privacy and now she was paying the price. Eva inwardly wished to be swept away from this situation. Please, please, God, she prayed, just get me out of here. But how? Even if the police were here, they would find her tied up and blindfolded, with vibrators inserted inside her. How would she explain that? And then the story would get in the paper. All her friends would know...

Tears welled up beneath the blindfold. The burglar's hands continued to stroke her hard nipples but Eva was too distressed to feel them, let alone get any pleasure from his touch.

"Let's see," the one in front of her said. "Maybe I can get this clit thing off her. See what she looks like underneath it."

His hands tugged at the clit tickler. Eva stood still, resigned to her fate. She would have to get out of this herself, even if it meant succumbing to the desires of the burglars. She really had no choice.

Ben finally managed to undo the straps holding the clit tickler. The elastic cords, lightly glued by sweat, peeled away from Eva's body.

"Oh man," Ben exclaimed. "Andy, this is incredible. This girl can't be more than twelve or thirteen. Her cunt just looks so beautiful. Just the lightest touch of hair on her crotch. Oh man..."

Eva felt humiliated by this stranger staring at her private parts. She felt his hands trace the thin outline of hair growing on her crotch. She tried to close her legs.

"No way, kid," Ben said, pulling her legs apart again. He must have been kneeling because Eva felt his knees rest on her feet, keeping her legs spread. She stumbled a bit, catching herself by the handcuffs holding her arms high.

Behind her, Andy spoke. "You really thought this out, didn't you little lady? Tying yourself up like this, playing with your mom's toys..."

Between her legs, she felt Ben spread her vaginal lips. "Andy, she's got some wires or something coming out of her cunt. Man, I think there's something in there!"

Eva flushed again, the blood turning her face a beet red. She felt his fingers probing her crotch. To her embarrassment, she was still quite wet and she knew her fluids were lubricating the burglar's fingers. She stood helpless as the burglar began to finger her crotch, spreading the wetness that emanated from her vagina. Behind her meanwhile, Andy let go of her. He kissed the back of her neck and began heading south, kissing her shoulders, then her lower back. Finally she felt his breath on her butt. His hands ran along the back of her thighs.

"Let's see there," Andy said. "Man, you're right! And there's even another wire going up her butthole! This little slut was really getting herself off!"

Eva hung her head in shame. The burglars tugged at the wires, in turn pulling at the vibrators inside her. Mortified, Eva relaxed her muscles to allow them to pull out the toys from her body. The anal vibrator came out easily, her sphincter relaxing its muscular ring and letting the intruder slip out.

The vibrator in her vagina slid out easily as well, still slippery from all her fluids. Ben pulled slowly at it, making Eva shiver as the smooth jelly of the vibrator tickled her vaginal walls. Soon the vibrator was completely free of her body and it fell to the floor with a clatter.

"Holy shit, Andy," Ben exclaimed, "you gotta see this, all her pussy juice is leaking out of her cunt. Oh man, this is one hot little bitch."

It was true. Eva felt some drops of moisture seep from her feminine opening and run down her leg. The two burglars began to fondle her young body: behind her Andy rubbed his fingers along her puckered asshole while Ben explored her almost hairless crotch. She felt his fingers spread her lips apart.

"Kid," he said, "You have got one pretty little clit. Damn. So swollen and pink, poking out of your hood. Mmmm..." He smacked his lips and Eva felt his breath between her legs.

She gasped as something wet and squirming touched her clit. It must be his tongue, she thought. His saliva coated her clit as his tongue gave her a delicious massage. She felt him close his lips and suck. Eva moaned through the ball gag.

"God damn, this is one hot little firecracker," Ben said, his mouth letting go of her clit. Eva's hips jerked in protest but his thumb began rubbing her clit in broad, firm strokes. Behind her, Andy stopped playing with her asshole.

"I've got a little treat for our slut here," she heard him tell Ben. "Hand me that K-Y over there, will you?"

Eva's hands clenched into fists again as Ben's thumb continued to massage her clit. Her apprehension had dissolved, replaced with a mounting pleasure that radiated from her crotch. Behind her, she felt Andy wrap his arms around her thin, preteen body. Shocked, she realized he had undressed for she could feel his hairy chest and bare skin against her back.

His arms closed around her stomach and she felt her feet lift off the ground. Andy leaned back slightly, letting her back rest against his chest. Beneath her, Ben lifted her dangling legs and positioned them on his shoulders, so that she was essentially straddling him. She held her breath as she felt his hot breath approach her crotch again.

Eva moaned gently as he planted a kiss on her clit. Then his tongue snaked out again and pressed insistently against her. Her sigh was muffled by the ball gag and she closed her thighs firmly around his head. His tongue was wonderfully wet and slippery, probing and tickling her in all the right places.

Andy relaxed his grip on her midsection, letting more of her weight fall on Ben's shoulders. He let go of her with one arm, letting his hand wander back to her budding breasts. For Eva, the simulation was incredible. The clit tickler and nipple tassels did their job, but what was missing was the human element. Here she could feel Ben's breath between her legs as he paused briefly from licking her. She could feel Andy's warm body against her back.

And then suddenly she felt something warm and firm pressing against her asshole. She moaned in bliss, realizing it was Andy's penis. He must have used the K-Y to lubricate his penis because it was all slippery and sliding against her hole. Using his free hand, Andy reached down to position his penis at the right angle.

Eva gasped. She felt the tip of his penis slip inside her tight muscular ring. And then he slid the rest of his penis into her butthole. Eva whined in ecstasy as his warm member filled her rectum. It felt naughty and sexy to have a stranger's penis in her butt while another stranger licked her clit.

Eva felt a rush of pleasure as her orgasm began to boil up inside her young body. Ben closed his lips on her clit, sucking as hard as he could. The thirteen year old felt herself be pushed over the edge.

"Ohhh oohh mfpgod..." the gag muffled her words but Andy knew what the meaning was. Eva opened her eyes wide, seeing nothing but the black blindfold before her. She clenched her thighs tightly around Ben's head as the orgasm coursed through her body, making her sphincter muscles contract on the penis inside her. The thirteen year old lost sense of her body as her brain was overwhelmed with pleasure.

Slowly, her orgasm ebbed away, and she relaxed her leg grip on Ben's head. Her body rested limply against Andy's chest, her arms dangling and held only by the handcuffs that still bound her. Ben got up from underneath her.

"Jesus," he said. "She can come really hard for a kid."

Andy's penis, still rock hard, twitched inside of her. "Let's get that gag off of her," he said.

Eva felt hands tugging at the straps around her head. The ball gag was tugged from her aching mouth. Eva stretched her jaw, trying to relieve the throbbing pain.

"Did you like that, kid?" Ben asked her.

Eva paused, unsure of what to say now that she could speak. "Um, I don't know," she said in a small voice.

Behind her, Andy spoke. "You ever do this before? Get eaten out and fucked up the ass?"

"... No," Eva replied truthfully.

"You're a virgin?"

Eva hesitated again, suddenly embarrassed by this line of questioning. Here she was naked, blindfolded, and handcuffed while two strange men asked her questions about her sex life. "Yes."

"Well, you're not a virgin in your asshole anymore," Andy told her. "And Ben here is going to take care of your other hole."

Before Eva could grasp the meaning of the words, she felt a hard and blunt object pressing at her vagina. She started to protest but without warning, the penis at her crotch surged up into her vagina. The thirteen year old howled in pain at the sudden intrusion.

"Owwwww! Oh God, take it out, take it out!" she pleaded. "It hurrrrts!" Ben penis was much bigger than any of the toys she had ever inserted into her vagina. Perhaps if he had gone slowly it would have been okay. But instead his crotch was now pressed against hers and she could feel the hair between his legs tickling her sparse pubic area.

"Okay, kid," Ben told her. "I'll give you a minute to get used to the feeling. But that's all you get."

Eva winced in pain. The burning sensation had stopped and was now replaced with a dull ache. She could feel clearly now the two penises inside her defenseless holes, both twitching at odd intervals.

"Time's up," Andy said. "Are you ready, little lady?"

Without waiting for a response, the two men began fucking Eva's vulnerable holes. She moaned in despair as the two penises began to pump in and out of her. Andy penis in her butt wasn't so bad because she had sufficiently stretched herself out with her mom's vibrators. But Ben's penis pistoning in and out of her was pure agony.

"Ow, ow, oh God, stop, stop," Eva said as her young body was pummeled by the two men.

"Christ, this little bitch is tight," Andy said. "Is she tight over there too, Ben?"

Ben gasped in pleasure. "Oh yeah, man. This is one tight cunt gripping my cock. Hey, kid, how old are you anyway?"

Eva, caught between the two thrusting men, could barely respond. "Uh, ow, ah uh ah, um thirteen.. oh..." she stuttered, trying to deal with the pain. The men sawed in and out of her helpless body with abandon. With each of their thrusts, Eva's young body was shoved back and forth between the two men.

"And you've never been fucked before, huh?"

"... No ..."

"How do you like it so far?"

"It hurts... stop, please..."

Ben laughed at her. "We'll stop once we're ready to, bitch. But until then..." He moved his hips faster, fucking her hard. Andy mirrored his movements in her ass. Eva groaned as the men began to fuck her in synchronized strokes. Ben would pull out of her vagina just as Andy thrust hard into her ass.

"Jesus," she heard Andy say. "I'm gonna come really hard in her ass. You want that little lady? You want me to shoot my come in your ass?"

Eva felt him thrust one last time into her ass before leaving his penis buried in her rectum. She then felt his penis twitch inside her, his hot semen filling her anus. Andy moaned in her ear, lost in his orgasm.

Ben couldn't contain himself either. Groaning, he pushed deep into her pussy until their crotches were connected. Again, Eva felt his penis pulse deep inside her and she felt the heat of his semen warming her vaginal walls.

The thirteen year old was silent, her thin body sandwiched between the two sweaty men. She felt Andy's penis soften inside her. He pulled himself out completely, leaving her sphincter muscle gaping wide open for moment, stretched by the fucking it had just received. The cool air felt strange on her insides and Eva blushed as she felt his semen drip from her relaxed muscle ring.

"Holy shit," Andy said. "That was the most incredible fuck ever. Little lady, you're better than some women I've known."

Eva was embarrassed by his praise. She waited for Ben to pull his penis out of her. But unlike Andy, however, he remained rock hard inside her.

"Hold on a minute Andy," he said. "I'm gonna give this little kid a good fucking, make her come hard."

Eva was alarmed at this announcement. "No please," she begged, "I can't do that again. Please take it out of me, mister. Please?"

Ben laughed at her again. "Look kid, I know that the first time is never that great. But I'm gonna give you the fucking you deserve. Trust me, you'll love it."

Ben gripped the young girl, his hands supporting her butt. Eva winced at his penis still hard inside her. Ben changed his angle slightly until Eva could essentially straddling his erect penis, her legs wrapped around behind his back. Ben withdrew his hard cock slightly, making Eva whimper.

"There, there," he consoled her. "Is it that bad? Come here now..." So saying, he kissed her neck. Still blindfolded, Eva was surprised by the affection. He began to nibble against her neck, making her feel delightfully warm inside. She gasped as his lips closed around her ear, biting her lobe. Slowly now, his penis began to gently move inside her.

After the rough fucking she had just endured, Eva was taken aback by this gentleness and caring. Behind her, Andy's hands reached to her front to stroke her perky nipples. Eva moaned aloud at his touch.

"Oh yeah, that's right, little girl," Ben said to her. "You like that don't you?"

Eva sighed in approval. Ben's penis was slowly fucking her, not penetrating as deep as he had before. Moreover, from this angle her clit rubbed against his hard pole as it entered her vagina. She felt the familiar tingle rising in her spine from the attention.

Ben was fucking her evenly now in shallow strokes, each one sending a tingle of ecstasy against her clit. His mouth suddenly closed on hers and the thirteen year old felt his tongue probe inside her mouth as he kissed her deep. The desire building inside her, she kissed him back, her own tongue dueling with his.

She broke off the kiss with a gasp, coming up for air. Her breathing was quite irregular now and a gasp coincided with each of his strokes.

"Uh, uh, uh, oh God..." the thirteen year old whimpered as the Ben's cock moved in and out of her.

"Do you like that?" Ben asked her, already knowing the answer.


"Do you want me to fuck you harder?"


"Then say so."

Eva moaned. "Please... fuck me harder..." She gasped as Ben buried his cock in her. It had hurt before but now she relished the full feeling in her vagina. She realized her fantasies had come true. She had tied herself up and then suddenly some stranger found her, naked and vulnerable. He raped her, a painful experience at first, but now she was enjoying his cock in her pussy. Enjoying the sensation of being helpless and at his mercy.

"Oh God..." Eva said, "I love your cock inside me. Fuck me, fuck me..."

Ben was all too grateful to oblige. He quickened his pace, fucking the young girl harder.

"Oh, oh yeah, you're going to make me come. Oh please, I want to feel your cock shoot come into me."

The dirty talk from the thirteen year old girl was too much for Ben. Eva heard him grunt loudly and swear as his cock pulsated inside her pussy. He was coming inside her. The thought pushed Eva over the edge. Her pussy milked Ben's cock of its cum as her orgasm rippled through her body. Gasping, her pussy squeezed down tight on the hard cock buried inside her. Eva tried to wrap her arms around Ben, but her movement was cut short by the handcuffs that bound her to the ceiling.

"Uh, oh, oh..." Eva panted as her orgasm finally faded. Ben's cock was still inside her although she could feel it getting softer. He pulled out of her completely, letting a stream of come and pussy juice flow from her spent vagina.

Eva stood worn out and exhausted, no longer supported by either of the burglars. She could feel her knees shaking from fatigue. Her arms dangled weakly from the handcuffs.

One of the burglars, Andy, spoke. "Well little lady, looks like we're done here. As a favor to you, we decided not to steal anything."

"Yeah," Ben chimed in, "consider it your reward for being such a great fuck.

"We're leaving now," Andy continued, "and we won't take anything but it'll be up to you to explain the broken living room window to your parents. Also, since you're the one that tied yourself up, we'll assume you have a way to get out."

She heard Andy's footsteps approach her. Fingers tweaked her breasts.

"I just love those little girl breasts," he mumbled to himself. She heard him walk away.

Ben approached her next. He kissed her on the lips, just a quick peck. "Bye bye, kid," he said. "I wish I could leave my phone number or something but, you know..." His hand reached down to her crotch and Eva gasped faintly as his finger probed inside her pussy for a moment. Ben withdrew his hand and she felt his finger pressing against her mouth. Opening her lips, she let his digit slide into her mouth, tasting herself and a different taste. It must be the salty and mineral-like flavor of his semen, she supposed.

Ben pulled his finger from her sucking mouth. "Goddamn, is she hot," he said to himself as he walked from the room.

Eva listened until she could hear his footsteps no more. Were they serious about leaving? And not stealing anything? Eva spent a few minutes reflecting on what had just happened to her. When she woke up this morning, she knew she was going to have lots of fun with her parents' toys but she never imagined she would lose her virginity.

Reaching up, Eva felt for the key. By now, the ice cube should have melted so that the key would be dangling free for her to grab. Blindly, she waved her arms, searching for it. Had it fallen? Did the burglars take it? She was about to start panicking when her hands finally closed around the cool metal of the key. The young girl breathed relief.

With a bit more puttering, she was able to fit the key into the cuff and free one hand. At that point it was easy to undo her other wrist. Gratefully, she let arms fall to her sides, massaging her sore muscles. Then she pulled the blindfold off her eyes.

Eva squinted as the late morning light temporarily blinded her again. She sat down in a heap on the porch floor. Slowly the white spots faded from her vision and she was able to see clearly. Examining her crotch, Eva realized Ben's semen was still leaking from her pussy. With a tired smile, she wiped a bit of it from between her legs and tasted it again. Her bondage experiment didn't quite go the way she planned but it turned out to be great fun after all.

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