Please note: All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this story, some of which are dangerous or illegal.
Please keep in mind the difference between fantasy and reality.

The Dream Job
Chapter One
by Janus
Copyright 2005

Nancy Sullivan was excited. In her hand, she clutched a piece of paper onto which she had jotted down the address of the doctor’s office. Today was her first day at work as an intern. After several empty years of waitressing, Nancy had finally gotten the courage to return to college. She had enrolled in nursing school, which had been her original dream before she got sidetracked ten years before.

It was a cool summer morning in Boston as her feet bounced happily along the sidewalk. At last she arrived in front of a classic brownstone building. A small sign read “Dr. Ruth Parker, M.D.” Nancy bounded up the steps and knocked on the door.

She was a bit nervous. Nancy was twenty-nine years old and it had been odd to return to school with the younger twenty-something students who made her feel older than she was. Despite her age, however, Nancy could have easily passed for a regular undergrad student. She had a slim figure and an oval face with clear, creamy skin. Her blond hair was styled simply and brushed against her shoulders.

A woman opened the door. “Hello,” she smiled warmly. “You must be Nancy, right?”

“Yes, that’s right,” Nancy replied as she entered.

“I’m Lisa, the receptionist,” the woman told her. “Come right in, we’ve been expecting you. I’ll go get Dr. Parker.”

Nancy studied her surroundings. It was a rather small office. There was a desk for Lisa and a small waiting area with a few chairs and magazines. Nancy noticed however that there were several toys and children’s magazines strewn about the waiting area.

“Hello, Nancy,” an older woman entered the room. “I’m Dr. Parker, please call me Ruth. How are you?”

“I’m fine, thank you,” Nancy answered.

“Welcome to the clinic,” Ruth said. “To tell you the truth, you came at a very good time because my regular nurse Denise just went on vacation last week. You’ll get plenty of experience since you’ll be the only nurse for a while!”

“That’s great!” Nancy smiled, hoping to come across as warm and dynamic. “Er, I’m sorry but what kind of medicine do you specialize in? We’re assigned these internships and it didn’t say on the form what you do exactly.”

“Well, I have a general practicing license as a pediatrician,” Ruth told her. “But I also specialize in urologic disorders. Hence most of my patients are young children and a good number of them have urinary dysfunctions since they’re referred here by other doctors.”

“Oh, I see,” Nancy answered. Inwardly, the young woman suppressed a blush as her heart skipped a beat. Nancy didn’t consider herself a pedophile, but she had always been turned on by the thought of young boys. It had always been her secret fantasy to have sexual play with a younger boy.

“Well,” Ruth said, “I’m going back to my office to prepare for the day. Our first patient is coming in at 8:30 so Lisa will get you the paperwork in order for you to be ready as well. She’ll also get you acquainted with where everything is at our office.” Ruth smiled again and retreated to her office.

Nancy followed Lisa as she gave a tour of the office. It was a really a small office so there wasn’t much to do. Afterward, they sat down at Lisa’s desk as she pulled up the first patient’s file.

“His name is Andrew Dennison,” Lisa informed her. She skimmed his file. “He’s coming in because his mother is worried about a possible urinary tract infection.”

Nancy nodded. Lisa continued, “Your main duties will be the general nurse stuff: checking his blood pressure, temperature, pulse… I’m sure you know the drill. The only thing you’re probably not used to is the urine sample part.”

“Will I be in charge of analyzing it?”

Lisa shook her head. “Oh no, we send the samples out to a special lab at the University for that. No, it’ll actually be your job to help procure the urine samples.”

Nancy’s heart fluttered. “Procure?” she repeated. “What do you mean?”

“We had a problem for a while with our urine samples being tainted due to improper technique with the patient, with the container, with whatever. Sometimes the kids’ genital area wasn’t properly hygienic to begin with, sometimes there’s an insufficient sample… We even had one case where the patient’s mother scooped the cup into the toilet for the urine sample!”

“I see.”

“So,” Lisa continued, “your job will be to make sure there are no problems with the samples. Make sure the container remains sterile and seal it properly. Be sure to disinfect the genital area with a hygienic wipe, particularly if the patient is an uncircumcised boy.”

“Okay,” Nancy said, feeling her ears blush a bit. Even the mere thought of seeing a young boy’s penis made her hormones jump. She hoped she would be able to contain herself.

Nancy didn’t have much time to dwell on her duties, however, because Mrs. Dennison and her son arrived. Lisa sat down at her desk and greeted them, handing Mrs. Dennison the proper forms to fill out. Nancy waited awkwardly behind the desk and watched the young boy prowl about the waiting area as his mom filled out the paperwork.

Finally, Lisa turned to her and smiled encouragingly. Taking her cue, Nancy stepped forward and tried to slow her rapidly beating heart. “Hello, Mrs. Dennison, Andrew,” she said warmly. “If you’ll please follow me…”

She led them into the exam room and shut the door. Her training took over as she took Andrew’s temperature and blood pressure while his mother sat in a chair in the corner of the room, reading a magazine.

Nancy tried to be friendly and reassuring as she worked. “How old are you, Andrew?” she asked, though she already knew the answer.

“Six,” he replied.

“Wow, six years old. How is your summer going so far?”


“Do you like to play any sports?”

It wasn’t easy conversing with a six year old boy but Nancy was busy with her own duties so the clipped nature of the conversation didn’t bother her. Finally, however, it came time to proceed with the urine sample.

“Andrew,” Nancy said, a slight tremble in her voice, “I’m going to need to take you into the next room now so we can, um, get your urine sample. Okay?”

“Okay,” Andrew said, only half understanding what she said.

“Did you want your mother come too?” At this, Mrs. Dennison raised her eyes from her magazine but she said nothing.

“Ummmm, no,” Andrew said after a long moment.

Nancy’s heart fluttered as she ushered Andrew into the adjoining lavatory with the sink and toilet. There was a door but Nancy wasn’t sure if she should shut it. Andrew waited in the immaculate white tiled room as Nancy opened the sealed and sterile urine container.

“Okay,” she croaked, “could you take your, um, pants off, Andrew?”

Without hesitating, Andrew unselfconsciously unbuckled his belt and jeans. He let them fall to the floor. Nancy couldn’t believe she was standing with this little boy, his jeans around his ankles and his boyish white cotton underwear visible to her roving eyes. She knelt down in front of him, trying not to stare at the little bulge beneath his Fruit of the Loom underpants.

“Uh, you’ll need to take those off too,” she said. Nancy was glad Mrs. Dennison was in the exam room or else she surely would have noticed Nancy’s burning red ears.

Andrew tugged at the waistband of his underwear and they joined his jeans around his ankles. Nancy inhaled slowly as she stared at his little penis, perfect and pink. There was no trace of pubic hair, of course, and his penis was no larger than her pinkie finger.

“Okay,” Nancy said, unwrapping a hygienic wipe. “I just need to make sure you’re clean here…” Her hands trembled as she took a few tentative swipes at Andrew’s penis, gently swabbing the darker pink tip of his glans. Her cheeks were now scarlet. She glanced up at Andrew and saw the boy innocently watching her as she timidly worked.

Finally, she tossed the wipe into the trashcan and took the container. “Um, now I need you to pee into this cup for me, okay Andrew?” Nancy stammered slightly as she spoke and hoped that his mom wasn’t listening too closely. She positioned the cup beneath his penis.

A thin stream of yellow fluid began to trickle out of Andrew’s penis, slowly gaining strength. Nancy watched, awed, as the little boy peed into the cup. His urine fizzed at it collected in the cup and she could feel the warmth of it as she held the plastic container. His stream slowed to a trickle again as Andrew’s bladder emptied. The container was almost half full by the time he finished.

“Okay!” Nancy said brightly. “Um, good job. You can pull your pants back up.”

Nancy gave Andrew’s penis one last longing gaze before he pulled his underwear and jeans back on. They left the lavatory and rejoined Mrs. Dennison in the exam room. She was still engrossed in her magazine.

“If you’ll wait here,” Nancy told them, “Dr. Parker will be with you shortly.” She left the room, closing the door behind her. Lisa was waiting for her in the reception area.

“Well, how did it go?” she asked.

“Pretty good,” Nancy said.

“Super!” Lisa said, handing her another file. “The next patient is coming in fifteen minutes.”

The rest of the day passed in a blur. Nancy’s wildest dreams came true as she worked with patient after patient. All were boys. The oldest was eleven years old and the youngest was four. Ten patients came that first day and Nancy got to see ten beautiful little boy penises.

It wasn’t until patient six that Nancy began to get a little bolder. His name was Robert Walters and he was nine years old. It was now late in the afternoon and although Nancy was physically tired, she still couldn’t wait to administer the urine sample part of the exam. Robert’s mom had decided to stay in the waiting room so Nancy had the nine year old boy all to herself.

All the exams went by without incident until it came time to procure the urine sample. Nancy always remembered that part the best. Now she was kneeling in the lavatory, breathlessly waiting, as Robert pulled his pants off.

“I am never going to get tired of this,” Nancy thought to herself. She felt her hormones surge as Robert’s pink wee-wee came into view. The twenty-nine year old nurse had been getting progressively more and more horny as the day went by and now she could feel her mouth water as she tried not stare at this boy’s exposed crotch.

“First, I’ll need to clean you, okay Robert?” He nodded. Nancy unwrapped a hygienic wipe and dabbed at his penis. It had been hanging limp but as Nancy swabbed, she noticed it rise to attention.

“Oh my god,” Nancy thought amazed, “he’s getting a hard on!” Enthralled, Nancy continued to clean at Robert’s penis until it pointed out of his crotch at a ninety degree angle. Even hard, his penis was no longer than two inches but Nancy couldn’t believe how adorable it looked. She felt a hint of moisture between her own legs.

“Robert,” Nancy said taking the container, “I need you to pee into this cup for me, okay?”

“Okay,” the nine year old boy said. Nancy held the cup up to his penis but since he was erect, his shaft was not properly aimed into the container.

Gathering her courage, Nancy said, “Let me help you with that.” Before he could protest, Nancy’s free hand moved to his penis. The touch of his soft skin beneath her fingers was electric. Another wave of sexual excitement swept her body. Gently, she angled his stiff penis downward into the container.

“Okay,” she told him. The cup began to fill as Robert relaxed his bladder. The warm heat from his penis felt like it was burning her finger tips. Nancy could even sense the flow of urine through his urethra as she delicately held his little penis. She was filled with an aching desire.

Robert finished peeing. Her heart was racing as Nancy tried to breathe at a normal rate. Gently, she shook the last few drops from Robert’s penis before releasing him. Reluctantly, she eyed his crotch as he pulled his pants up. “Professional,” she thought to herself. “You have to be professional.”

Nancy went home a little after five o’clock that day, exhausted but excited about her internship. She immediately masturbated once she was in the privacy of her apartment. It didn’t take long for her to reach orgasm and her mind was filled with the images of all the little boys she had serviced that day. Even her dreams were occupied with the thoughts of watching young boys urinating into cups.

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