Please note: All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this story, some of which are dangerous or illegal.
Please keep in mind the difference between fantasy and reality.

Connie Gets Blackmailed - Chapter Three
Written by Janus
Copyright 2003

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Chapter Three

For the next week, Connie studiously avoided her brother. Each time she thought of him, her heart swelled with rage at what he had done to her. She felt dirty and ashamed that she had let her brother touch her between her legs. Worse was the fact that she had almost enjoyed it and had gotten so wet during the touching.

The truth was, Connie had been masturbating every day since the experience, sometimes twice a day. Uncontrollable urges would overwhelm the thirteen year old girl at random intervals and she would soon find herself lying on her bed with her skirt pulled up, her fingers moving furiously over her clit to bring herself to another orgasm.

But before she touched herself, Connie was always careful to lock her bedroom door and check her closet to make sure Brad wasn't sneaking around again. She still didn't trust her brother one bit.

Today, the young girl had cautiously locked her door and was masturbating for the third time that day. Connie never undressed completely, preferring to remain clothed lest she needed to stop quickly if her parents knocked on her door or something. This time, she was about halfway to another explosive orgasm when she heard a key turning in her door. To her horror, the door swung open. Brad stood on the other side, watching her.

Quickly, she pulled her hand from her panties and pulled her rumpled skirt down. Connie felt her face burning red from the embarrassment.

"Hi, Connie," Brad grinned at her. "Whatcha doin'?"

Connie was furious beyond words. She sputtered for a moment before finally yelling, "What are you doing here, you little jerk? I hate you! Why do you do this to me?""

Brad shrugged. Connie saw him put a key into his pocket. "You know you're not supposed to play with the master key," she accused him. "I'm telling on you and dad's gonna kill you when he finds out you've been going through his desk drawers."

Brad ignored her and stepped into her bedroom, closing the door behind him. Enraged at his audacity, Connie curled her hand into a fist, ready to punch him good. Brad dodged by her before she could strike.

"Just hold on," Brad said, moving to the mini TV/VCR combo on her bureau. "I just wanted to show you something."

It wasn't until then that Connie noticed he carried a videocassette with him. A sense of trepidation filled her as Brad turned on the TV and slid the tape into the VCR slot. Expecting the worse, she swallowed hard as he pressed "Play."

She watched as the screen went blurry for a moment and then focused. She recognized Brad's room. The camera was pointed at his empty bed. There was no sound. Nothing happened for a few seconds until she saw two figures walk into the room. Connie felt light-headed from the shock as she saw herself sit down on Brad's bed and lift her skirt, revealing her bare crotch to her brother.

Tears welled up in Connie's eyes. Brad had blackmailed her enough already and Connie knew what his argument would be. Without a prefacing explanation, it would seem as if the thirteen year old had willingly entered her younger brother's room and exposed herself to him. Lifting her skirt to reveal her bare slit to her brother! "I wasn't even wearing underwear beneath the skirt," Connie thought to herself, mortified. "I look like a total slut!"

And then it got worse as, onscreen, Connie began to rub herself. Connie could only imagine her parents asking her, "What were you thinking? Masturbating in front of your little brother?" A pit of fear formed deep in her stomach when Brad knelt before her onscreen. She watched as the videotape replayed Brad's finger slipping into her vagina. Sickened, Connie moved to turn off the TV.

"What do you want?" Connie whispered. She knew she was at her brother's mercy. She just hoped her fate wouldn't be too terrible.

"I want to fuck you," Brad told her, not mincing words at all.

Connie didn't even protest. She knew he held all the cards. "You'll have to use a condom," she said flatly.

"No way," he replied.

"I can't get pregnant!" Connie said indignantly.

"I won't do it inside you," Brad promised.

"How can I be sure that you won't?" Connie asked warily.

"I won't do it," Brad promised. He held out the stopwatch. Connie took it. "Sixty seconds," he told her.

Connie swallowed hard. Each time she thought about what she going to do, her mind revolted and she felt physically sick. Closing her eyes, she tried to think about something other than the fact that she was about to lose her virginity to her little brother. Taking a deep breath, she let her mind disconnect from her body.

Then it became easy. Moving automatically, Connie's hands went underneath her skirt and she pulled her panties off. She was able to ignore that they were slightly damp from her masturbation session earlier. Out of the corner of her eye, Connie saw Brad fumbling with his belt buckle and heard him unzip. She ignored him. Tossing the panties aside, Connie lay back on the bed and lifted her skirt. She felt a surge of shame and embarrassment from exposing herself but she buried the feelings under a blanket of willpower.

Connie saw her brother approach the edge of the bed where her legs dangled off. He had taken his pants and underwear off, leaving only his shirt. She felt another flood of embarrassment as her gaze settled on her brother's crotch. Connie closed her eyes momentarily and used all her willpower to quench the rising emotion in her. "I'm not here," she told herself, "I'm going to let him do this."

She opened her eyes and tried to objectively study Brad's genital region, like a doctor would look at him. Connie noticed he had no pubic hair yet. His penis and testicles didn't look terribly different from when he was two years old and getting his diaper changed. Despite her attempt at control, Connie felt the blood rush to her ears as she watched her brother stroke his penis. She saw it start to perk up and harden. Moving her gaze to Brad's face, she saw that he was intently staring at her crotch.

"It must turn him on a lot to see me down there," she thought to herself. His penis was now sticking out from his body at a right angle. Even fully hard, she couldn't help but notice that it wasn't that big. It was probably the size of her ring finger, only about two inches long and not much thicker either. Connie noticed that the slit on the dark red tip of his penis seemed to be leaking a clear fluid. The thirteen year old girl swallowed hard and tried to focus her mind elsewhere.

"Spread your legs wider," Brad commanded her. Connie felt her body automatically obey him. She wasn't even sure if she was the one that controlled her body anymore.

"Wider," Brad directed. "Move your butt closer to the edge of the bed."

Connie saw him step closer towards her until felt his leg against her own. When he shifted his hips slightly, she felt his penis, hot and erect, push against her leg. She couldn't help but glance at her brother's midsection again. Her curiousity was getting the better of her as she studied his hairless pubic area. His little penis jutted from his crotch while the hairless and pebbled skin of his scrotum hung below. For a moment, she forgot she was looking at her little brother. With some effort, Connie divorced her mind from her body.

"I can't get close enough," Brad said. "What don't you lift your legs straight up and scoot closer to the edge."

Again, Connie automatically obeyed. She lay flat on her back now, her legs opening to a v-shape in midair. Brad shifted his hips again and this time she felt his penis press against her crotch, just inches from its target. She watched as Brad tried to aim his penis, clumsily banging into her intimate parts. She felt his hot penis poke at her clit because he was aiming too high. Then it nosed up against the left side of her slit. She watched Brad's face scrunch up in concentration as he determinedly thrust his hips against her crotch. His penis prodded low against her anal rose. "He's getting close," Connie thought.

Finally, Brad's penis found its target. Connie felt him press against her warm and moist opening. Victoriously, his penis stabbed forward into her vagina. No longer a virgin, Connie gasped as his erect penis stretch apart her vaginal tissue as he buried himself inside her warm hole.

Connie's mental control broke down as she lost her virginity. She was now all too painfully aware that her eleven year old brother had just penetrated her. The young girl could feel her brother's crotch resting against her own, his undeveloped testicles nestled against her butt. She could feel his penis hot inside her as her vagina unwillingly gripped it.

"Okay, Brad," she said, her voice cracking as she started to panic. She started to squirm, trying to free herself from the penis inside her. "That's enough. I don't care if you show that video..."

She was cut off as Brad began to thrust against her. "Oh my God," Connie thought, completely losing her nerve. "My little brother is fucking me."

"Stop! Stop it, Brad!" she yelled at him, still squirming. But it was no use. Brad used his arms to hold her legs close against his chest. She was trapped. She felt him fuck her, his thrusts short but forceful since his penis was too small. Connie could feel her vagina go empty as he pulled out, only to be filled up again as he banged his crotch against her own again and again.

"Uh, uh," Brad panted as he fucked his sister. "Oh God, oh God, uhh, ummm," he moaned.

Connie felt him plunge into her vagina one last time and then his penis began to throb inside her. Alarmed, she realized he was having an orgasm after less than ten seconds inside her. Connie tried to push him away but it was no use. His penis pulsed inside her as she felt something hot against her inner walls. "Oh God," Connie thought. "He's ejaculating inside me."

His penis throbbed again and again. Sickened, Connie watched her brother's face wind up in pure pleasure as he came inside her. Finally he stopped, his limps arms no longer holding her legs tight. Connie took the opportunity to push him away. She felt his penis slip free from her tight hole, leaving her feeling strangely empty.

"Get out of here!" she screamed at him, pulling her skirt down in a vain attempt at modesty. Brad stumbled away from the bed. Connie was disgusted to see his penis flop up and down as he moved. In a daze, he awkwardly stumbled into his pants and pulled them on. Just like his finger the other day, Brad's little two-inch penis glistened with a coating of fluid. Connie felt her anger rise again. Not even letting him button up, she shoved her brother out her bedroom door and slammed it shut.

Alone now, she threw herself onto her bed and covered her face, mortified. "I am no longer a virgin," Connie thought to herself. "I let my little brother fuck me. I'm dirty..." Tears rolled off her cheeks and onto the bedspread.

Cautiously, Connie reached her hand down between her legs and poked and prodded to see if he had hurt her. Nothing. He was probably too small to do any real harm to her. She felt some wetness but when she examined her fingers, she saw nothing but a clear fluid, not the blood that she was expecting.

Connie returned her hand between her legs, still exploring to see if she was hurt. Absentmindedly, her finger found her clit. The thirteen year old was surprised to feel a quiver of pleasure shoot through her young body as she tickled her clit. Casting aside what had just happened, Connie concentrated on the pleasure as she began to masturbate.

"It feels so good," Connie thought to herself. She felt that familiar yet uncontrollable and excited urge as she expertly stroked her clit. The pleasure began to envelope her body from head to toe. Connie sprawled her young body on the bed as her finger furiously worked her clit.

"Ohhh, getting close," Connie murmured to herself. Little pricks of intense bliss were covering her thirteen year old body when she felt something start to drip from her. Still masturbating, Connie used her free hand explore the pink opening to her vagina. Her finger collected a dollop of the fluid that was collecting there and brought her hand to her face to examine it. She was somewhat surprised to see a drop of thick, white fluid on her finger.

Her mind recalled her health classes when the teacher explained the sexual process. "It's Brad's semen," she thought as she studied to the white fluid on her finger. The thought of it on her finger made her feel dirty but instead of embarrassment, the young girl instead felt a surge of sexual excitement. Perhaps it was because she was having some sort of shock reaction. Perhaps it was because her finger still danced frantically on her clit.

Whatever the reason, the thought of Brad's semen inside her vagina made her ever more excite. Pausing her masturbatory pleasure, Connie swiped a dab of semen from her vagina before returning her finger to her clit. The added lubrication of Brad's semen let her finger slide delightfully against her clit. The naughtiness and dirtiness of using her brother's semen only added to her lust. With a moan of pleasure, Connie came hard.

"Oh yeah, oh God, ohhh.... Oh, oh..." Connie wailed in bliss as the orgasm washed over her. All she could imagine was Brad's white semen coated against her clit, pink and erect. Each stroke of her finger produced waves of ecstasy.

"Oh God," was all Connie whispered as she finally stopped, exhausted. The thirteen year old lay still for a moment. She let herself relax for a few minutes before rolling off the bed and standing up. Connie stumbled to her dresser to find some clean underwear. She was about to open the drawer when a glint from behind the partially-shut closet door caught her eye.

Connie opened the door and peered inside her closet. Astonished, she found a tripod and a camera among the clothes and shoes she had crammed into the closet. Looking closer, she realized that the camera was recording and the tape was rolling. Her eyes followed the line of vision of the camera lens. It was pointed straight at her bed.

Connie was stunned. The camera's point of view was from the foot of her bed. She had just masturbated and given the camera a perfect view. She wondered how long the camera had been in her closet. She was aware that Brad knew she rarely used her closet.

And now he had another tape to blackmail her with. Connie realized that it was probably recording when he had sex with her too. It would have made the most sense to take the tape and erase its contents.

Instead, Connie stopped the tape and rewound for three minutes, up to the point when she found the tape. Then, carefully, she closed the door as much as she could before reaching in and pressing the "Record" button. If someone were to watch the tape now, they would never see the part where she found the camera in the closet. Connie went about her business, putting on clean underwear and straightening the mussed-up sheets on her bed. And then she left the room, leaving the camera and the contents on the videotape for Brad to find later.

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