Please note: All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this story, some of which are dangerous or illegal.
Please keep in mind the difference between fantasy and reality.

Connie Gets Blackmailed - Chapter Two
Written by Janus
Copyright 2003

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Connie was doing her homework a week later when she heard a knock on her door. She opened it and scowled as she saw Brad.

"What do you want, twerp?" she glared at him.

Brad held up a manila envelope. "I thought you might want to see these."

Fixing him with a piercing eye, Connie grabbed the envelope. She opened it up and pulled out a single sheet of paper. Her heart sank as she saw what it was. The picture showed her and Carrie lifting up their skirts. Both clearly had no underwear on. Worse, Connie's arm was outstretched to Carrie's body, her finger clearly touching the area between her legs.

"You jerk!" Connie accused. "You said you deleted all the picures!" Tears of frustration welled up in her eyes. She had never felt so mad in all her life. "And you said you only spied on us when we were kissing!" she complained.

Brad shrugged his shoulders. Enraged, Connie began tearing up the picture, continuing until it was in little shreds. "It doesn't matter," Brad told her. "I've got other ones."

Connie didn't care. At least the physical act of destroying the picture felt good. "All right," she said angrily. "What do I have to do this time?"

Brad already knew exactly what he wanted. "I want you to lift up your skirt and rub yourself for sixty seconds," he dictated coolly, "and I get to put my finger inside you while you do it."

Connie couldn't believe her ears. She knew Brad could be a brat but she had no idea he was such a conniving pervert. Still, the thirteen year old was smart enough to know she was in no position to bargain.

"How do I know you'll erase all the pictures this time?" Connie demanded warily.

"I'll let you go through my computer and see for yourself that there aren't any more pictures," Brad promised her.

Connie felt a wave of nausea pass through her as she thought of what she was about to do. Her own little brother was going to put his finger inside her! She gritted her teeth. "Okay then, jerk, let's get this over with," Connie said, reaching underneath her skirt to pull off her underwear.

"Wait," Brad said. "I want to do it in my room."


"Just because," Brad said, annoying Connie even more.


Connie removed her underpants and tossed them aside. The cool air felt strange against her bare crotch, particularly since she was wearing a skirt with nothing on underneath in front of her brother for the second time. The two of them marched to Brad's room where he shut the door behind them. Connie sat down on the bed.

"I've already got the stopwatch," Brad showed her. Connie rolled her eyes and glared at him. He had clearly been planning this out.

"Okay," Connie said, taking the watch. "Sixty seconds." She pressed the button and lifted her skirt.

Brad's eyes zeroed in on his sister's crotch, devouring every inch of her fleshy slit. "Rub yourself," he reminded her.

Connie blushed furiously. With one hand hiking up her skirt, the preteen girl reached down with her free hand and caressed her maturing slit. Mortified that her brother was watching, Connie dipped her middle finger around the entrance to her vagina, lubricating her finger slightly with her own juices. She then moved her shiny finger to her hooded clit and began stroking it gently.

Brad watched with fascination as his sister diddled herself. He watched her finger move near the top of her darkened slit where her growing pubic hair started to spiral out. She started rubbing what Brad assumed must be her clit. The eleven year old boy had seen his fair share of porn to know what the clitoris was and roughly where to find it.

Connie felt horrible and dirty as she masturbated in front of her little brother. She saw the way his eyes were mesmerized by her body, how he looked at her like she was just a piece of meat. She glanced at the stopwatch on the bed. Still forty-five seconds to go. She watched as Brad knelt down in front of her, his face level with her exposed crotch.

Brad reached out and touched her vaginal lips. Connie cringed inwardly at his touch. He traced the outline of her labia before moving inward to her hidden femininity. Despite her ministrations to her clit, Connie felt completely dry. She wasn't surprised then that when Brad tried to push his index finger into her vagina, he didn't make much progress.

What happened next almost made the young girl throw up. She watched as her little brother licked his finger, coating it with his saliva. His very own finger that had just been pressing against her vagina! Connie couldn't avert her gaze as Brad moved his shiny finger back to her slit. She felt him press once more against her vagina and this time his finger sank into her easily.

Connie felt sick. She was still automatically rubbing her clit. Having been distracted by her brother's finger, she forgot her initial embarrassment. She could clearly feel his finger embedded in her vagina, probing her warm and fleshy folds. Depsite her distaste for the situation, she felt a slight shiver of excitement caress her young body. Her body finally began to react to the stimulation. Connie reddened when she realized that her own lubrication was now letting her brother slip his finger into her with ease. She looked at the stopwatch again. Twenty seconds to go.

Brad began moving his finger in and out of her. "My little brother is fingerfucking me," Connie realized, humiliated. However, the warm feelings emanating from her spread legs were urgent and commanding and Connie couldn't help but feel little waves of pleasure sweep over her. Her own finger still danced on her clit and the finger in her vagina added an extraordinary counterpoint as it tickled her sensitive tissue. Connie knew if this went on, she would undoubtedly have an orgasm. Both fortunately and unfortunately, the stopwatch read ten seconds to go. The last ten seconds were the longest of her life as Connie endured her brother's finger slowly moving in and out of her. Finally the clock reached zero and the alarm began to beep.

Relieved, Connie let her skirt fall back and pulled away from Brad's exploring finger. She hated herself for feeling so turned on by the whole experience. She couldn't help but notice how Brad's finger was still shiny, coated with her juices. Suddenly, the thirteen year old felt horribly guilty for letting her little brother feel her up like this. Her nausea turned to anger as she watched Brad nonchalantaly wipe his hands on his pants.

"Okay, you little pervert," she said. "I hope you're happy now. Can I delete those pictures now?" Connie sat down at his computer. She did a search for all .jpg extensions on his hard drive. v "This is the folder," Brad said pointing. Connie was sickened to see that he had entitled it "connie_finger". She deleted it. Inspecting the other search hits, Connie found no other jpgs. She got up to leave.

"I hate you," she said, opening the door. Her eyes burned as she glowered at her little brother. Connie slammed his door as she left.

Brad didn't care. Curious, he sniffed his finger, wondering what his sister smelled like. A sharp and pungent odor greeted his nostrils. Smiling to himself, Brad opened his closet door, revealing the video camera he had hidden inside. He rewound the videotape and wondered what the camera had been able to capture

Links to all chapters:
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three

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