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Please note: All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this story, some of which are dangerous or illegal.

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Written by Janus
Copyright April 1, 2011

Sam waited impatiently in his pickup truck, letting his wipers clear the windshield every few seconds even though he wasn’t going anywhere. Damn! He was missing March Madness basketball! If only his wife hadn’t made him pick up his daughter Abby from cheerleader practice! He finally saw two shadowy figures emerge from the gym so he started the engine. The passenger door opened and two girls slid into the pickup truck, both sopping wet from the pouring rain. “Jesus Christ, Abby! Why didn’t you bring an umbrella or at least a rain slicker? You guys are soaked!” His ten year old daughter looked at him apologetically. “Sorry daddy! I forgot! Is it okay if we give Mikaela a ride home too?” Sam sighed, not bothering to mask his disappointment. What the hell. He already missed the first half of the game anyway. He reached into the space behind the seat and gave the two girls some towels. The girls began drying themselves off as Sam navigated out of the school parking lot. Mikaela sat in the middle with Abby on the passenger side. Sam was just pulling onto the street when a light blue Chevy Nova appeared out of nowhere, causing him to slam on his breaks. “Jesus!!” Sam yelled, instinctively throwing out an arm to keep Mikaela from launching through the windshield. Abby luckily had her seatbelt on. The Chevy Nova swerved at the last second, just narrowly missing the front bumper of Sam’s truck. “That was close!” Sam muttered under his breath. He suddenly realized his hand was still on Mikaela’s chest. The wet material of her cheerleader outfit was wet against his hand and he suddenly realized how much she had grown since he had last seen her. Under the wet cotton, he could feel two firm mounds of budding girl flesh. Shocked at his own thoughts, Sam snatched his hand away. Mikaela didn’t seem to notice. Carefully checking the traffic, Sam began driving. “So how was cheerleader practice?” he asked to fill the silence.” “It was fun!” Abby said. “some of the older boys were there and we all got to do mid-air flips and tosses!” Mikaela nodded. “It was so fun! The would throw us SOOO high into the air and catch us!!” Sam wasn’t really listening though. His eyes wandered from the road to glance at Mikaela’s bear legs under her short cheerleader skirt and he even noticed that her tiny buds were nipping out from under her cold and wet cheerleader shirt that clung to her like a 2nd skin. “Stop it man!” he told himself. “this is your daighters best friend and she’s only ten years old!” But even so, Sam could feel the familiar stirring in his jeans. He glanced over at Abby and noticed that she too was blossoming, although her breast buds were not as big as Mikaela’s. “Mikaela likes it when those boys catch her.” Abby teased. “She likes feeling their hands all over her body.” “Shut up!!!” Mikaela punched Abby who was laughing really hard. “You are such a jerk!” Sam got so distracted by the horseplay in the car that he didn’t see a stop sign. Once again, he had to slam on the brakes so it was only natural to put out his hand to keep Mikaela safe. This time, he let his hand linger a little bit, his finger just barely caressing her plumping womanhood. Maybe he let his hand stay too long because Mikaela looked at him this time. “Sorry.” Sam apologized. “this rain makes it really hard to see so I missed that stop sign.” He began driving again. To his surprise, Michaela scooted closer to him, putting her head against his arm. “Abby is being mean to me,” she said playfully. “you’ll keep me safe, won’t you?” She stuck out her tongue at Abby who rolled her eyes. Sam was quiet. He could feel her hard nipples pressing against his bicep. “Oh, Mr Warner, you feel so warm,” Michaela said. She put her hand on his thigh as he drove. “Whatever,” Abby announced. “I’m going to sleep.” The car sped along the wet highway and Sam couldn’t help but notice how Mikaela’s hand crept closer and closer to his crotch. They hit a pothole, making everyone in the car bounce, and suddenly her hand was cupping him. “Uh, Mikaelea?” Sam began. His cock was getting harder by the minute but Mikaelas hand was not retreating in the least. She was openly rubbing him now through the denim material of his jeans. Sam glanced at Abby but her eyes were indeed closed. She had fallen asleep. “I like you, Mr. Warner.” Mikaeala told him. “Abbys wrong. I don’t like older boys. I like men.” Amazed, Sam could only drive as she unzipped his jeans and freed his rock hard cock. Her hot hand felt like lava as she jacked his 10 inch cock to full erection.. She jacked him off for a moment before dipping her head into his lap. Sam groaned as the preteen girls lips slipped around his rock hard cock. He was in heaven!!! Her tongue expertly flicked against the senstive underside of his rock hard shaft, sending waves of pleasure. Driving on autopilot, Sam was happy when he pulled into his driveway and stopped the engine in the garage. He couldn’t believe it. His daugheters best friend was sucking his cock. Who cared if she was only ten years old?? But than something awful happened. He heard Abby yawn and say, “Hey, where are we anyway? Are we home yet?” Terrified, Sam looked at her and she looked at him before her eyes lowwered to see her best friends lips still wrapped around Sam’s rock hard cock. “Daddy! Mikaela! What are you doing???” she squealed. Mikaela finally sat up but she didn’t let go of his rock hard cock. “I couldn’t help it,” Mikaela said. “Your dad is so hot. You should taste his cock, its so good.” “What!!!” Abby screeched. “Thats my dad!! I’m not sucking his cock!!” Mikaela rolled her eyes. “Thats just because your too chicken!” Sam sat completely still. He was torn. A young cheerleader was jerking him off and it felt great but he was horrified to be sitting in front of his daughter with his rock hard cock exposed. “I’m not chicken!” Abby said. “I’ll show you!” She unclicked her seat belt and crawled over. “Uh, Abby…” Sam began but his next words were cut off by the feeling of his own daughters tongue on his rock hard cock. She was licking it like a popsicle, not deep throating him like Mikaela but it still felt wonderful. Abby’s eyes made contact with his and asking, “Am I doing this right daddy?” So Sam nodded. Mikaela’s tight fist jerked off the lower half of his 10 inch cock while Abby licked the top. It felt incredible! “Um, girls…” Sam began but Mikaela knew what he was going to say. “Oooh, he’s going to squirt!! Move over, Abby, I want some of it too.” Sam could hardly believe his eyes. Two ten year old girls were pressing there cheeks together as they jacked him off, one with each hand. The sight was so hot that he could feel his jizz boiling in his balls. He didn’t care that they were only preteens, he didn’t care that one was his daughter. Sam grunted and Mikaeala squealed as she felt his rock hard cock throb in her hand. “OHHHH GODDDDD!!!” Sam groaned. “OH YEAHHHHH!!!” His hot cum sprayed the two preteen girls, coating there faces and even there hair. Some even landed in their mouths and Sam was thrilled to see his daughter swallow his jizz. It was so hot! “Oh daddy, that tasted so good.” Abby cooed. “Will you make me a woman?” Sam was thunderstruck. “Abby, are you really asking me to…” He couldn’t continue. Abby shyly nodded. “I’ve thought about it for a long time. I’ve even had dreams where you put it in me. Will you?” Unable to help himself, Sam pulled his daughter onto his lap, his hands grabbing at her cheerleader outfit that was still wet from the rain. Soon Abby was naked as she straddled his lap in the small pickup cab. He admired her baby breasts, not able to keep from taking one in his mouth, causing Abby to gasp in delight. Her little pussy was completely bare, nothing but a little slit in the puffy skin of her crotch, and he couldn’t help but reach out to touch her. Abby’s back arched in reaction to his touch and Sam was amazed to find that she was sopping wet. Mikaela watched enviously as Sam guided his 10 inch cock to his daughter virginal opening. “Are you sure you want this baby?” he asked. Abby nodded. “Do it daddy!” Her hairless pussy felt wet against his throbbing cockhead. With a firm thrust, Sam pushed upward, bursting through his daughers cherry and slipping inside her love canal. “OHH DADDY!!” Abby moaned. “ITS … SO … BIG!!” Sam couldn’t believe how tight his now no longer virginal ten year old preteen felt around his rock hard cock. Sam never would of thought he would be the one to make his daughter loose her virginity. He began fucking her with smooth, deep thrusts bringing squeals of delight from the young girl. Not wanting to be left out, Mikaela began massaging Sam’s balls as Abby rode him. “Oh daddy… oh daddy… oh daddy…” Abby chanted with each thrust. He was worried he would hurt her at first but that clearly wasn’t the case so he began fucking the preteen girl for all he was worth. In truth, it did hurt a little when he slammed into her baby cervix but Abby didn’t care. His 10 inch cock felt so great inside her little body. They were both moaning and groaning in a tangle of pleasured nerve endings. Sam knew he couldn’t last too much longer, not with Mikaelas hand masaging his ping pong size balls. She sported a come hither look that told Sam she wasn’t the type of girl who only gave handjobs and massaged ball sacks. “Baby,” Sam said to his daughter, “I’m going to cum inside you now. Is that what you want?” Abby nodded eagerly. “Oh yeah, daddy, cum inside me! Cum inside your duaghter! I want to feel it! I want you to fuck me hard and than I want to feel your hot jizz fill up my cunt!!” Her dirty talk pushed Sam over the edge of orgasm. He felt his balls clench as he rock hard cock shot spurt after spurt of cum inside his willing daughter. “Oh yeah!!!” Abby yelled. “I CAN FEEL IT! I CAN FEEL IT INSIDE ME! OHHH, ITS SOOOOOOO HOT!!! IT FEELS SO GOOD I’M GONNA…” The ten year old girl shrieked as she came hard, impaled on her daddy’s 10 inch erection. Sam couldn’t believe his innocent little girl was now a writhing sexual maniac as she pumped enthusiastically on his rock hard cock. “OH GODDDD!!!” Abby moaned, lost in orgasmic bliss. “It’s so good, so good, ohhhh…” Finally, she dismounted him and collapsed into a pile on the truck seat. Sam hardly had a minute of rest before Mikaela grinned and said, “My turn!” Before he could protest, the ten year old cheerleaeder climbed into his lap and impaled herself with one smooth movement. She was still wearing her cheerleader clothes but she had removed her underwear. Her pussy was invisible behind her short cheerleader skirt but Sam could definitely feel her tight and velvety pussy enclosing on every inch of his rock hard cock. Her nipples still tantalizingly poked from the wet cotton of her top and he longed to taste them. “Oh GOD, Mr. Warner! Your cock is SOOO gigantic!” Mikaela wailed. “ITS SPLITTING ME OPEN!!!” Sam smiled to himself. These preteen nymphets were so hot that it felt like his cock could stay hard forever. He glanced at Abby who was sprawled on the passenger seat, still semi-delirious with pleasure from the affects of her first orgasm. He could see his white cum leaking out of her pink and hairless pussy and the sight turned him on even more. He was filled with the desire to do the same to Mikaela. He opened the truck door and, not removing his rock hard cock from the preteen girl, he stepped out of the truck while cradling her body. He laid the horny cheerleader on the hood of his truck and began fucking her hard. “You want it hard like this, slut?” he said, ramming the full 10 inches of his cock into her. Mikaela gasped in ectasy as he slammed against her cervix. Abby, still naked, stumbled out of the car to get a better view of the action. Suddenly inspired, Sam told her to climb onto the hood. She did so hesitantly, not sure where he was going with this. “Now sit on Mikaela’s face,” Sam ordered. “She wants to taste my cum leaking out of you.” Abby obediently did as she was told. Sam couldn’t believe his eyes as Mikaela began lapping at his daughter’s pussy, still red from being fucked by him just moments ago. Sure enough, dollops of his white jism plopped from Abby’s preteen fuckhole into Mikaela’s waiting mouth. He thrust deep again, bringing another muffled moan from the ten year old girl. The sight of his young daughter getting eaten out was too much and Sam felt his balls contract again with another orgasm. Moaning, Sam’s tireless rock hard cock dutifully filled Mikaela’s preteen twat with a hot load of cum. She must have felt it too because her hips bucked violently, her pussy milking him as her orgasm made her grunt like an animal. “OH GOD!!!” Mikaela shrieked. “YOUR COCK IS SO HOT!!! YOUR GONNA MAKE ME … OHHH!!” The ten year old thrashed about on his rock hard cock like a fish on a hook. When she finally stopped cumming, Sam withdrew his cock from her tight cunt that was so tight there was a pop! sound when he pulled out. The sight of his cum dribbling out of Mikaela’s pounded hole gave him another inspiration. “Come here, Abby,” he said, guiding the girl’s head to her friend’s crotch. “Fair is fair, since she cleaned you out. Why don’t you two girls 69 for a bit?” Sam admired his handiwork as the two preteen girls willingly 69ed on the hood of his pickup truck. Abby lapped eagerly at Mikaela’s pink pussy, devouring both her father’s hot white cum and her friend’s pussy juices. Mikeala returned the favor at the other end. Both girls were now squirming and moaning softly from the sensation. Sam enjoyed the action for a little while before telling the girls to stop and climb off his truck. “Kneel down,” he told them. “I want you to clean me off now.” The two ten year olds obediently knelt and began licking him clean, paying special attention to his dangling ballsack and cock which was still amazingly rock hard. Sam enjoyed the feeling of two young tongues working him over like a popsicle ice cream. But his pleasure turned to alarm when he glanced at the door that connected the garage to the house and saw a figure standing there. Sam did a double take, hoping his eyes were playing tricks on him but they were not. In the doorway stood his seven year old daughter, Alyssa, who was staring at the scene with wide eyes. Trying not to loose his cool, Sam’s voice cracked with fear. “Alyssa? How long have you been standing there?” Abby and Mikaela immediately stopped cleaning his rock hard cock and turned in surprise to stare at Alyssa. But she didn’t answer his question. Instead she tilted her head in curiousity and asked, “What are you guys doing???”

This story is an April Fool's joke. Sorry folks.

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