Please note: All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this story, some of which are dangerous or illegal.
Please keep in mind the difference between fantasy and reality.

The Camping Trip
Written by Janus
Copyright 2008

Lauren had always been her father’s daughter. She adored him and always spent as much time as possible by his side. If he was working on his car, she would be the one handing him tools. If he was watching football, she would park herself on the couch to snack on pretzels and root beer with him.

It was late Friday afternoon and the eight-year old girl was sitting alone in the last row of a jostling Ford Explorer. Aside from her father who was behind the wheel, there were four other men in the car. The man in the passenger seat was also her next door neighbor, Albert Walls, although everyone called him Chief since he was the chief of police of their small rural town. In the second row of the SUV, three men sat together tightly, laughing and elbowing each other as they drank from beer cans. One man was Lauren’s uncle Richard but she didn’t know the other two men.

The Ford Explorer was crammed tight with sleeping bags, tents, coolers filled with ice and food, fishing poles, and other outdoor supplies. A large camper was hitched to the back of the SUV which gamely chugged up the winding mountain roads. Through her window, Lauren observed the pine trees growing thicker and taller as they came closer and closer to their remote destination. She wished she didn’t have to be on this camping trip with her dad and his friends.

“Hey, little Lauren!” one of the men called. It was Albert. “We’re pretty far from anywhere now and there’s no more traffic. How would you like to come sit on my lap?”

The other men crowed and toasted loudly with their beer cans. Lauren hesitated. Her father glanced at her in the rear-view mirror. “What’s the matter, honey?” he asked. “Don’t be shy now. You wore a skirt like I told you, didn’t you?”

“Yes, daddy.” Knowing it was inevitable, Lauren undid her seat belt and carefully maneuvered her way through the moving car toward the passenger seat.

It had started when she was six. That was when her father insisted on taking Lauren for a “father-daughter” camping trip. Her mother, suspecting nothing, agreed to the trip. It had been a hot July weekend and Lauren remembered spending most of it in the tent with her father, the two of them naked as jaybirds. It was on that trip that she touched his penis for the first time and he returned the favor by exploring her privates.

Reaching under her skirt, Albert unceremoniously removed her underwear and tossed them onto the dashboard of the Explorer. Lauren knew that she likely would not wear underwear again for the remainder of the weekend. Albert pulled her onto his lap and began stroking her little knees. The three men behind them were still chatting boisterously but paid no attention. Lauren’s dad, meanwhile, kept one eye on the road as he fiddled with an air vent, showing no concern as Albert’s hands wandered beneath the hem of her skirt.

He had cautioned her to keep it a secret and made her promise to do so several times. Since she loved him so much, Lauren saw no reason not to. She did such a good job that she was rewarded with another father-daughter trip later that summer. Then another before school started.

“Hey Chief! Quit hogging the pretty little girl!” Lauren didn’t have to turn around to recognize this voice as her Uncle Donald’s. Albert slid the young girl off his lap. Lauren stood up unsteadily in the moving car, the tip of her head just brushing the low ceiling of the SUV. Albert has been fondling her for several minutes and Lauren was glad for the chance to stretch her legs because she had been sitting so woodenly in his lap.

“Why don’t you lift up that skirt, sweetheart? Show what you’ve got?” This suggestion came from one of the men she didn’t know. Nevertheless, Lauren acquiesced. Steadying herself with one hand on armrest, the eight year old hiked up her skirt to reveal her hairless slit to the men. They whooped in appreciation. Lauren glanced at her dad behind the wheel but his eyes didn’t meet hers. Though he was looking at her, his eyes did not meet her face. His gaze was fixated on something lower.

At first the camping trips were fun. Lauren had always loved the outdoors. The seemingly endless lake was the deepest blue imaginable and it called to her, the waves hypnotically lapping at the shoreline where she stood. The naked escapades with her dad were nothing but silliness and naughtiness that she didn’t mind at all. It was all fun and games, really. Making his floppy thing get hard and then laughing at how it bounced up and down when her dad walked.

Lauren was now sprawled on the lap of Uncle Donald who was sandwiched in the center of the row between the two other men. Six pairs of hands roamed her slender body, focusing on her flat chest and her hairless crevice. Lauren stared straight ahead through the windshield, her mind divorcing itself from her body. An unknown hand caressed her cheeks and neck for a moment before moving to her mouth. Knowingly, Lauren parted her lips and sucked on the thick and calloused finger. Albert turned in the passenger seat to face the trio of men and their prey, a digital camera in his hand. Lauren blinked uncomfortably as the flash temporarily blinded her. Again and again.

Sometime that first summer, her dad taught Lauren how to make a fist around his hard penis. He showed her how to move her hands along the length of it. Their camping trip began to revolve less around the goofy nakedness of the earlier trips and more on physical touching. Lauren’s dad began insisting that she touch him exactly as he instructed. He would become upset if Lauren complained that her arms were too tired after five minutes. He would act disappointed at first and then become angry after the third or fourth protest. Lauren learned to withhold her objections and do as he said, no matter how tired she was. She didn’t however understand why he was so vehement about the issue.

“All right boys,” Lauren’s dad spoke. “Let’s wrap it up back there.” The SUV’s powerful headlight easily cut through the dusky twilight of the woods as her father pulled into the unmarked campsite.

“Aw, come on George,” Uncle Donald complained. “We were just getting started.” Lauren was still spread-eagled in his lap, sucking someone’s finger. Another hand had snaked beneath her bottom and a dry finger had was roughly testing her puckered anal opening.

“Plenty of time for that later,” Albert told them, taking one last look between Lauren’s spread legs. “Let’s set up camp.” Reluctantly, the men stopped. They clambered out of the Ford Explorer. Lauren inhaled deeply of the cool, pine-scented air. The men ignored her now and were instead unloading the car in a brisk and businesslike manner. Lauren stood back, arms crossed, still feeling the phantom hands exploring her body. Her dad walked by, playfully tousling her hair as he passed but he didn’t say anything.

After that first summer of camping ended, her father began inviting her to spend time with him in his basement workshop. Lauren was delighted because this area was normally off- limits to her. But instead of working on carpentry or electrical projects as she had imagined, their secret games continued. He made her taste his penis, to lick it like a lollipop. She reluctantly complied. Unknown to her, the six year old girl was starting down a twisted path.

The men sat around the campfire, finishing their dinners and talking. Flickering flames cast dancing shadows across the ground and the empty beer cans that littered the area glinted dull and metallic in the dark. Lauren half-heartedly nibbled at her hot dog. She knew what come next once dinner was finished. One of her dad’s friends, Richard she learned his name was, had been hungrily eying her all night.

“Fellows, I’m getting bored,” Albert announced. Glancing at Lauren, he continued, “and I think our little lady is bored too. Why don’t we play a game?”

The men heartily voiced their approval. “What kind of game?” Paul asked. This was her dad’s other friend.

“How about hide-and-seek?” suggested Uncle Donald.

“Why not?” said Lauren’s dad. “I remembered the accessories this time.” He stood up, a little slow on his feet from all the beer, and stumbled to the car.

“Hide and seek?” Richard asked, perplexed. “That doesn’t sound like much fun to me.”

“You’ve never played OUR version of hide and seek before,” Uncle Donald grinned at him. Her father returned with a plastic bag. He distributed to each man a kitchen timer.

“What the hell?” Paul squinted at the object in his hand.

“You’ll see,” Albert reassured him.

“Get comfortable boys,” Lauren’s dad encouraged. Albert and Donald, having played this game before, were already unbuttoning their shirts and undoing their belts. “Lauren,” her dad motioned, “why don’t you come here sweetheart?”

To his credit, her father did attempt to make things pleasurable for Lauren by occasionally focusing his attentions on her young body. Try as he might, however, her dad never managed to elicit so little as a sigh from his daughter. He could lick her tiny clitoris or finger her smooth, pink valley for over an hour, only to find Lauren blankly staring at the ceiling despite his efforts. It seemed that in his cycles of abuse, he had inadvertently disconnected something, perhaps psychologically broken something inside her. Lauren could tell he was frustrated with her, that he expected something from her, but she simply couldn’t understand what he wanted. After a while, he just gave up and was content to train her to better orally pleasure him.

Lauren stood motionless, goosebumps forming on her skin, even though she was inside the camper. The eight year old was naked except for a blindfold securely wrapped around her head. Her hands meanwhile were bound behind her back by a thick rubber band. She took a tentative step forward.

“Come on, Lauren, hide and seek!” a voice called.

“Yeah, hide and seek the erection!” another voice chimed in. Snorts and guffaws erupted, each coming from a different direction. Lauren took another cautious step forward. She had played this version of hide and seek before with her dad and his friends during previous camping trips. First the men would take off their own clothes. Before choosing their hiding places however, they would strip her, blindfold her, and tie her hands behind her back. Then it was up to her to blindly maneuver through the camper to seek out the men.

It wasn’t that difficult actually. Lauren reached forward with her foot, tapping around, until she identified the cabinet next to the mini-fridge. She had been in this camper so often that she knew the layout by heart. Plus it wasn’t very big so there were only so many places to hide.

It was a short six months later when, alone with her father in the basement, Lauren tasted his semen for the first time. When it hit her tongue, the young girl gagged and spit it out, much to her father’s chagrin. Now things were changing and she began to have second thoughts about being daddy’s little girl. For one thing, she didn’t particularly enjoy this new game they played. It was far too lengthy. Lauren didn’t like the aching that developed in her jaws as he thrust in and out of her mouth. He wouldn’t let her stop until he made those funny noises and sprayed that stuff in her mouth, that foul, bitter-tasting stuff. Lauren told her father straight out she didn’t like doing this. He would nod contritely and apologize. But a few days later she would be coerced to do it again.

She edged into the bathroom, the tile cool against her feet. She walked forward until her knees bumped into the toilet. No one was there. Lauren was carefully backing out of the tiny room when she thought of a place she forgot to check. Extending a foot, Lauren poked it through the shower curtain, balancing unsteadily since she was unable to use her hands. Her foot made contact with a hairy shin.

Unfortunately for Lauren, finding was only half the game. Using her shoulders, she pushed aside the shower curtain and awkwardly moved to a kneeling position. Accepting her fate, Lauren blindly nosed forward until she felt a thigh against her chin. The little girl’s lips brushed along the hairy leg until she located the man’s crotch.

The eight year old couldn’t see but she could feel his fleshy sack against her nose and the tube of flesh that dangled over it. Her lips traveled downward along the length of him until she finally located the helmet-like tip. Without hesitation, the young girl opened her mouth and engulfed him.

“Mmmm,” the man sighed in appreciation. There was an electronic beep, signaling he had started a five minute timer. Lauren felt the penis growing erect in her mouth as she serviced the unknown man. Her jaws were just beginning to ache when the timer beeped again, indicating the five minutes were up.

Lauren knew the next rules of the game. Now she had to guess who the man was. It wasn’t her dad. She had performed oral sex on him enough times to instantly recognize his shape and musk. She knew it wasn’t Donald because his legs were always smooth, not hairy. That left Albert, Paul, and Richard. The little girl, having never met the last two men, had no clue of any discerning characteristics of their crotch area. She had to guess.

“Paul?” she said hopefully. The timer beeped in reply, meaning she was wrong and that man had started another countdown. Now she had to continue the blowjob for another five minutes or until he had an orgasm, whichever came first. Those were the rules.

Lauren resumed the task at hand. The minutes slowly ticked by and her jaw grew progressively more sore. The penis, whoever it belonged to, was now fully erect and its girth forced her to stretch her tired jaw wider than ever before. At last the timer beeped, offering her a reprieve and a second guess.

“Richard,” Lauren said with weary certainty. She had fit Albert in her mouth all too often and her jaw had never been this sore afterward.

“Aw damn, kid,” Richard chuckled. “And you were doing such a good job!” Lauren stood up as he edged past her. “But since you didn’t make me come, I get to hide again! Better luck next time.” As a parting gift, Richard massaged her bum briefly before forcefully jamming a finger into her dry anal rosette. Lauren gave a soft cry at the unexpected intrusion, the sharp pain making her hips twitch. His finger still embedded within her, Richard turned the girl around, rotating her in the direction of the bathroom door.

“There you go,” he laughed. “Just a head start so you can find your way out of the bathroom.” He roughly extricated his coarse finger, eliciting a wince from the little girl. And then he was gone. Lauren ruefully took a moment to traced he violated and tender bumhole, making sure it was all right. Her bound wrists allowed her that much and she wished she could massage her throbbing jaw as well. Grimly, she resumed seeking.

The next summer, Lauren turned seven and accompanied her father on more camping trips. The trips had been elevated to the status of “traditional” and Lauren couldn’t back out now. Young as she was, Lauren could tell something had changed in her father’s demeanor. He wasn’t as kind as he used to be. But she could tell when she was pleasing her father and these little games seemed to make him nice again. So she steadfastly endured, coming home exhausted each Sunday, her dad having molested her day and night, whenever he pleased really, for the entire weekend. Nevertheless, the young girl was now an expert at manually and orally pleasing him and she had learned to swallow copious amounts without gagging when he ejaculated.

And so it went for the following hour. The next man Lauren found had pubic hair so coarse that it felt like sandpaper against her chin and lips. As her lips felt along his shaft, she discovered he was uncircumcised but she wasn’t taken aback. Her father had introduced her to an uncircumcised man when she was seven.

She correctly identified him as Paul. Having flushed out the two wildcards, Lauren was able to easily name the rest of the men she “found”. The blindfold couldn’t hide the fact that Albert was the least well-endowed and thus easiest to fit in her small mouth. Or that Donald could never refrain from making little moans as Lauren worked his shaft.

That autumn, Lauren went on her first hunting trip with her father and his buddies. For the first time, the seven year old was roughly finger-raped both vaginally and anally. It hurt. Though her father appeared upset with the man who had done it, Lauren was disappointed when it turned out he was only pretending to be mad. The long weekend ground on and she learned new phrases like “double-fisting” and “circle jerk”. Before the trip, she hadn’t known what it meant to “sixty-nine” someone but she did once she returned home.

When the blindfold was removed ninety minutes later, Lauren blinked and squinted as her eyes adjusted to the bright light of the camper. She had serviced all five men, the last being her father. At that point, there was no longer a need for the timer or the guessing so Lauren dutifully performed oral sex on him for twenty long minutes until he finally groaned and shook and erupted in her mouth. The other men had gathered around to watch as the blindfolded eight year old worked and they cheered lustily at the conclusion.

More hunting trips took place that season. Her mother never questioned why her husband insisted that his daughter accompany him and four friends on a trip to the deep woods. Perhaps it was simple naiveté or fear of what she might learn but her mother never asked Lauren how the trip went. Instead, the little girl picked up on small survival strategies like drinking lots of water to stay hydrated when servicing the men. She learned to bring extra t-shirts, far more than she thought she might need, to replace the ones encrusted with stains. She made sure to bring a full-size bottle of shampoo, not the travel size, because she knew it took a lot of lathering to wash the semen from her hair.

The thick rubber band was removed from her wrists, freeing her hands. Lauren couldn’t decide which to do first: scratch the itchy trails of dried semen on her chest and chin or massage her numb wrists and hands.

Her eyes slowly adjusted to the bright light, allowing Lauren to glance hesitantly about the room. Her dad, completely spent, lay passively flaccid but the little girl was dismayed to see the other four men with full erections. The mere sight made her jaws ache in sympathy.

“That was fun, don’t you think Lauren?” Richard asked. He knelt down next to her and stroked her hair. Laura’s lips were red from all her exertion, he noticed, and they even seemed a little plump and swollen. His cock twitched involuntarily.

Uncle Donald moved behind her. She felt his large hands cupping her behind as a finger slipped between her cheeks. “I bet you wouldn’t mind playing another game,” he murmured in her ear.

“I bet I know a game that you’ve never played,” said Paul. He stood directly in front of her and stepped closer until his erection was touching her cheek. He used his tool to playfully poke the silent child, smearing his precum on the little girl’s forehead. “Have you ever heard of bukkake, Lauren?”

She shook her head. Not wanting to miss the fun, Albert guided her hand to his midsection and wrapped her little fingers around his erection. The long night was just beginning.

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