Please note: All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this story, some of which are dangerous or illegal.
Please keep in mind the difference between fantasy and reality.

Feeding Caitlin
Chapter One
Written by Janus
Copyright 2004

I love my daughter. I really do. From the moment she was born and I saw she was a baby girl, I swore to myself never to hurt her. I had known, since my teens, that I had this attraction to younger girls. They were so forbidden yet so alluring. But I promised myself that I would never hurt my own daughter.

And I never did. Caitlin is eighteen years old now. She was valedictorian of her graduating class and just moved out last week for her first year at Cornell University. I admired Caitlin greatly throughout her childhood (and now too, of course) but I kept my promise in never hurting her. I never touched her inappropriately, I never abused her. She's grown up to be a beautiful young woman that I'm very proud of.

In my mind, though, she'll always be that pretty ten year old girl, always laughing and smiling, running around our backyard and leaving dust clouds wherever she roamed. Even though I never laid a hand on Caitlin, she still occupied my thoughts and fantasies, not without a certain degree of guilt.

I say I never hurt Caitlin and that's true, although my slate is not altogether clean. I admit I took certain liberties as her father that were outside the norm. I just couldn't help myself.

It started when Caitlin was an infant. It was late at night when I was heating up her formula on the stove. It was my turn to feed her so my wife could get some sleep. Before giving her the bottle, I tested the temperature of the formula by squirting some onto the back of my hand. It was definitely the right temperature, warm but not hot.

I was about to wash the formula off my hand when I saw how the glistening white fluid on my hand unmistakably resembled semen. The warm temperature of the fluid only served to reinforce the illusion. It was at that point that this perverse idea took hold of me. The thought of my baby girl tasting my semen made my cock twitch as it began to harden in my pants.

Swallowing hard, I tried to shake the idea from my head. I know, I know, it was sick! But the more I thought about it, the more it turned me on. And the more I rationalized it, the more forbidden it became and, in turn, more alluring. My cock was rock hard before I finally threw caution to the wind.

I would need some lube. I didn't want to contaminate the formula with K-Y so I grabbed a bottle of olive oil (organic, mind you) from the kitchen. I knew my wife was asleep so I just eased my sweatpants down and freed my rock hard cock. I returned the bottle of formula to its hot water bath on the stove to maintain its temperature.

Carefully, I applied some olive oil to my palm and began to fist my cock. I was careful not to get any on the tip of my penis. I didn't want to contaminate my semen. I began to jack off in the kitchen. The thought of what I was about to do turned me on immensely and I could feel my scrotum tightening in no time at all, signaling my impending orgasm.

I grabbed an empty baby bottle and unscrewed the top. The head of my cock just fit inside the opening. The sheer perversity of what I was doing pushed me over the edge and I came into the bottle, shooting several spurts of milky, white semen into the baby bottle.

When I was done, I set the bottle aside and washed the olive oil off myself as best I could. After drying myself off, I picked up the baby bottle and examined my handiwork. Several teaspoonfuls of semen had collected in the bottle. My hands shook as I picked up the bottle of formula and transferred its contents into the baby bottle with my seed.

With a clean spoon, I stirred up the contents. Screwing the nipple top back on the bottle, I hurried to Caitlin's room where she was already awake. Scooping her up in my arms, my heart started beating like crazy as I offered her the bottle. Like any hungry infant, she closed her lips around the rubber nipple and began sucking. I watched enthralled as she drank every drop. After she was done, I burped her and laid her down in her crib where she promptly fell asleep again.

Back in the kitchen, I examined her baby bottle and was amazed to see she had drained it dry. Not a drop remained in the bottle. My cock twitched in horniness again as I though about my baby girl drinking my semen.

So began my little secret. At least twice a week until Caitlin stopped bottle feeding, I would feed my daughter baby formula laced with my own semen. I just never got over the thrill of watching her tiny lips sucking on the bottle and drinking every drop. I had several masturbation sessions just thinking of baby Caitlin swallowing my semen.

But baby Caitlin eventually grew up into toddler Caitlin and I was greatly disappointed the day my wife retired the baby bottle. At first I was a bit dismayed but soon found out my semen mixed wonderfully with Caitlin's baby food. I worked at home while my wife had to commute thirty minutes to work each day which meant I was usually in charge of feeding Caitlin.

And feed her I did. Mashed carrots, pureed peaches, applesauce... I was no longer fifteen years old which meant I was usually limited to one orgasm per day. Thus, for at least one meal per day I spooned a bit of my milky come into Caitlin's waiting mouth. I can't explain how erotic it was to feed Caitlin a spoonful of strained turkey and gravy that had a dab of my white semen spicing it. She certainly never seemed to mind, always opening her mouth wide for the next bite. I felt like an adult bird feeding its young.

But as any parent knows, by the time you master one aspect the baby moves onto a new stage. Caitlin soon graduated to solid foods and was eating things like string beans and Cheerios. At this point she was two years old and my feeding games stopped, mostly because I was starting to feel guilty about what I was doing. Really, what was I doing? Feeding my semen to my baby girl? I started to feel ashamed of what I was doing. I think part of the reason was that Caitlin was starting to talk, or at least babble. She was clearly becoming her own person and I felt ashamed to be corrupting her. I swore never to do it again.

As it turns out, my stay with morality turned out to be short-lived. From the time she was two until she was five years old, Caitlin never had a drop of my semen pass her lips. But it began again one day when my wife and I were driving home from grocery shopping and Caitlin was in the backseat.

"Mommy," our little girl asked, "what does semen look like?"

My wife and I exchanged glances. Two weeks ago, Caitlin had been given the book "Where Did I Come From?" because she had asked the Big Question. We read it to her and explained it the best we could. Caitlin seemed satisfied but every so often she would ask a random question about sex. The other night before bed she had asked, "Do ovaries beat like my heart?"

"Well, honey," my wife said truthfully, "it's white." We had decided not shelter our daughter from the facts of life, no matter how uncomfortable it would make us feel.

"Oh," Caitlin said. She thought a moment. "You mean like snow?"

"Yes," my wife answered. "Except it's a liquid."

"Oh," Caitlin said again. She looked out her window and watched the passing scenery for a few minutes. My wife and I exchanged glances with the hidden message of "Do you think she's done now?"

She wasn't.

"So semen looks like milk, Mommy?"

"Yes, Caitlin, that's right, like milk."

"Does it taste like milk too?" There was no stopping her now.

"Um..." my wife's ears were slightly red now, as were mine. "You know, honey, I'm not sure..." I could tell by my wife's expression that she was praying that this line of questioning was over.

"Hmmm," Caitlin said, "I wonder what it tastes like..." She looked out her window again but I could tell she was still lost in thought. My wife quickly rummaged in the glove compartment and produced a cassette tape of children's songs. She popped it in and the strains of "Michael Row the Boat Ashore" filled the song.

"Caitlin, want to sing along?" my wife said, hopefully.

Caitlin smiled and nodded. The questioning was over, thankfully, but my mind couldn't get off it. As I drove home, I wondered if, somehow, Caitlin subconsciously knew I had been feeding her my semen. I had honestly put it behind me and had actually come close to forgetting it happened. But as my wife and Caitlin sang, memories flooded back of ejaculating in Caitlin's baby bottle and feeding her spoonfuls of diced pears laced with semen. By the time I pulled into the driveway, my hard-on was tenting my jeans big-time.

That night I had fitful dreams of holding my weeping cock up to Caitlin's little pink lips as I shot my come all over her face. When I woke up, I was drenched in sweat and feeling more than a little guilty. This was my daughter, for god's sake!

Since I was already up, I rolled out of bed and slipped on my robe. I went downstairs to let the dog out and start making breakfast. While waiting for the coffee to brew, I heard the shower start running upstairs, meaning my wife was up and getting ready. A thump and the sound of running footsteps meant Caitlin was awake now too, washing her face and brushing her teeth while her mom was in the shower.

I retrieved the cereal to get Caitlin's breakfast ready. When I pulled the milk out of the refrigerator, I remembered again what Caitlin has asked yesterday. All it took was that simple thought and my cock was already semi-hard while I felt as horny as hell. All I could think about was Caitlin swallowing my seed as a baby.

With shaking hands, I grabbed an empty cereal bowl and the trusty bottle of olive oil. I parted my robe slightly and freed my erection from my boxers. In no time at all, my palm was lubed with olive oil as I started jerking off furiously. I just couldn't help myself. I had to get relief and there was nothing that would get me off more than the thought of feeding Caitlin my come again.

I was so horny that it took no time at all before I felt the familiar tingles that signaled my impending orgasm. My hand ran the length of my hard cock with urgent strokes. I was just about to come when I heard the sound of small feet bounding down the stairs.

"Good morning, Daddy!" Caitlin beamed as she bounced into the kitchen. Thankfully, my back was to her as I stood facing the countertop. My orgasm struck the second Caitlin entered the kitchen. It was too late to stop so I grabbed the empty cereal bowl and squeezed my cock tight as my come spurted into the bowl in long and ropy strands.

Behind me, I heard Caitlin pull up a chair to the kitchen table and start rifling through the newspaper, searching for the comics. Shamelessly, I milked my cock for every drop as my five year old daughter sat not three feet from me. When I was finally done, I quickly wiped my hands on my robe and discreetly tucked my penis back inside my boxers. At that very moment, my wife entered the kitchen.

"Good morning, sweetie," she said, stopping to straighten Caitlin's sleep-tousled hair. Quickly I grabbed a box of Frosted Flakes cereal and poured some into the bowl, hiding the puddle of white semen.

"Um, here you go, Caitlin, dear," I said as I set the bowl of cereal in front of my daughter. I handed her a spoon and poured the milk for her. I wondered if I looked nervous or suspicious.

"Thanks, Daddy," Caitlin said. Her eyes were still glued on the comics as she picked up her spoon and began eating. My wife started bustling about the kitchen, packing her lunch, but I sat down with a cup of coffee to watch Caitlin eat. I scanned the bowl of cereal, wondering if she might notice the foreign substance.

She suspected nothing at all. I watched as my daughter, her face puffy from sleep but bright-eyed and alert, ate her cereal. With each spoonful that passed her lips I would imagine my semen, mixed with the milk, swirling on her pink tongue before slipping down her throat. I was unbelievably turned on.

Caitlin innocently ate every bite of cereal, leaving a bowl half-filled with milk. She knew how all the sugar from the Frosted Flakes settled at the bottom of the bowl so she began stirring the milk with the spoon. I watched, enthralled, as Caitlin picked up the bowl and brought it to her lips. My cock was hard and poking out of my boxers as I watched my little girl drink up every drop of the milk, her Adam's apple bobbing as she swallowed. Finally, she set the bowl down and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

Finished with breakfast, Caitlin returned her full attention to the funny pages. Nonchalantly, I got up and took her empty bowl. It was completely empty except for a few stray drop of milk. My excitement grew as I thought of my semen inside my five-year old's tummy.

So began my recidivism. I began ejaculating into Caitlin's cereal bowl as much as four or five times a week. I often wondered if she would notice a peculiar taste but I suspect all the sugar effectively masked the flavor of my semen.

After a few weeks of this, I started to branch out into other foods as well. Caitlin was in kindergarten so she only had a half-day of school before coming home before noon. As such it was my duty to make lunch for her. It was an easy task to surreptitiously masturbate in the kitchen while Caitlin watched television, waiting for her lunch. I flavored everything from Campbell's soup to sloppy joe sandwiches with my semen and served it all to my little daughter who ate up every bite.

About five times each week, Caitlin would eat something laced with my seed. Yogurt, mayonnaise in a sandwich, ice cream sundaes... I never got tired of watching Caitlin eat. She was particularly fond of white cheddar macaroni and cheese and this dish proved to be the setting of one of my favorite episodes.

I had been covertly mixing my spunk with her macaroni and cheese for many months but I always took care to stir it up first. One day, I decided to be bold. While Caitlin watched Sesame Street in the living room, I held a bowl of steaming macaroni and cheese under my cock as I masturbated in the kitchen. I came hard and took great care to aim my ejaculate into the dish. There were a couple times when I got careless and missed.

But this time, I had no problem with the aim. When I finished, I zipped myself up and examined my handiwork. Several strands of semen were stretched across the mound of macaroni, including a rather large puddle in the center. However, since it was white cheddar macaroni and cheese, my milky white semen was somewhat camouflaged. You couldn't tell something was out of the ordinary if you just glanced at it.

My heart beat nervously as I set the bowl on the table and called Caitlin in for lunch. She knew I was making her favorite food so she quickly turned off the TV and ran into the kitchen. I held my breath as Caitlin settled herself into her chair and began eating.

As I hoped, she didn't suspect a thing. Fascinated, I watched as Caitlin ate her macaroni and cheese. She scooped up a spoonful and just before she popped it in her mouth, I saw the glistening strand of semen that adorned the macaroni. It was so hot watching my daughter eat my seed. Caitlin took another big spoonful but it was too much food. I stared, stunned, as Caitlin smacked her lips while a drop of my semen dangled on the corner of her mouth.

Before I could do anything, my precious little girl wiped her mouth with her hand. I almost fainted with lust as I saw her lick the back of her hand clean, her cute little pink tongue snatching up the drop of my milky semen.

After that, I started regularly serving Caitlin mac and cheese with come on top whenever the chance was offered (i.e. when we were home alone). It got to the point where I seriously considered filming Caitlin while she ate her macaroni and cheese. A personal highlight for me was one weekend when my wife prepared some macaroni and cheese for Caitlin. After a few bites, my eight year old little daughter declared that, "It doesn't taste as good as when Daddy makes it."

I was floored. My daughter wasn't only getting used to the taste of my semen, she actually preferred it! In a way it made sense. I had been feeding it to her since she was a toddler. There was a break for a few years but she had been tasting it almost every day for almost two years.

I even broke it down statistically. If I ejaculated one teaspoon of semen per orgasm and gave this to Caitlin five times a week, that amounted to a little over sixteen cups of my semen that she had ingested by age eight. Sixteen cups! This wasn't even counting what I slipped into her baby bottle. Sometimes I would catch myself in the kitchen, looking at the measuring cup and imagining sixteen of them filled with my milky white come, neatly arranged on the kitchen table for Caitlin to come and drink.

By the time she was nine years old, Caitlin wasn't only the apple of my eye but she had also reached what I call "the golden age" of girlhood. This was my favorite age for little girls. Every day, I adored Caitlin's lanky body, slim but not skinny enough to hide her blossoming femininity. I loved watching her as she pushed her straight blond hair from her pretty face, tucking a lock of hair behind her ears. Her chest was flat and her arms thin but I was completely enamored with her.

Despite this, I still never touched Caitlin inappropriately. Admittedly, I fantasized about it all the time but that was as far as it went. When she turned nine, however, some new wrinkles started appearing in my game.

Rubbing Caitlin's toothbrush in my semen was fun but the only problem was I rarely got to watch her brush her teeth. It was easy to execute though. Since I always got up before Caitlin, I just crept into the bathroom in the early morning to masturbate. I would ejaculate into the palm of my free hand and then would take Caitlin's toothbrush and smear the bristles into the puddle of white fluid in my hand. Since the bristles were white, it was impossible to know what had happened.

I did this for several mornings until I finally got lucky enough to see Caitlin brush her teeth. This morning she had left the door open and I stood outside the bathroom and pretended to have a conversation with her. All the while, I was watching the toothbrush inside her mouth and imagine my semen, just fifteen minutes fresh, getting rubbed all over inside Caitlin's luscious nine year old lips.

But as I said, I only occasionally tainted Caitlin's toothbrush. It was much more exciting and satisfying to feed my young daughter my seed. This continued at the same frequency as in past years.

Things really started getting interesting when Caitlin turned ten years old. When she was ten and a half, her breast buds started to sprout. There's nothing I like more than a pair of pointy buds protruding from a young girl's chest. I was obsessed with her chest and was fixated on the desire to see her bare chest.

I schemed and dreamed for weeks with no success. I knew it was out of the question to "accidentally" walk in on her when she was showering or something. It was around that time when I saw those now ubiquitous online ads for the tiny "spy cameras." I bought one and secretly installed it in Caitlin's bedroom. It took some time to find the perfect spot but the camera was small enough so that I was able to install it at eye level, inside a light switch. Caitlin has a special dimmer switch in her bedroom and, with some modifications, the camera was unnoticeable inside it. I hooked up the output to my computer and was pleased to find it worked perfectly. Now I could sit in my den with a perfect view of Caitlin's bedroom.

I'll never forget the first time I saw my 10 year old girl naked. She had just gotten home from softball practice and was getting ready to shower. I watched, mesmerized, as she stripped off her clothing. First she pulled off her shirt, revealing her training bra underneath. Next went her shorts, which unveiled her plain white underwear. Then it became a blur because I was too lost in the moment. One second Caitlin was standing in her bra and underwear and then she was completely naked.

Her breast buds were just as I imagined them, tiny pink and pointed nipples capping a small protrusion of flesh on her otherwise flat chest. Her arms and legs were tanned but her chest and pelvic area were a smooth creamy white. Her butt was still skinny and childlike but I loved her all the more for it. The image between her legs is still burned into my memory. I had seen her little slit as a baby but now it was completely different. Her flat tummy gave way to a puffy mound of flesh, bisected by a dark line. A tuft of pubic hair was sprouting between her legs as well.

I sat frozen in front of my computer for quite some time after Caitlin had left her bedroom to go shower. My cock was rock hard and I had quite a satisfying masturbation session. I saved the results, of course, to add to Caitlin's dinner.

My stories about Caitlin don't end here. I have quite a few more adventures to tell from when Caitlin was developing into a young woman. My next experiences have to do with Caitlin's first period and her discovery of instant messaging. Let me know if you'd like to hear them.

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