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Ashley at the Mall
Chapter Four
Written by Janus
Copyright 2003

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Chapter Four

Ashley turned her head to look up and down the empty mall concourse She was getting impatient. Since her mother refused to drive her to the mall, Ashley was forced to take the bus which picked her up fifteen minutes late. And then upon arriving at the Mall of America, she found it virtually deserted. After wandering around the mall for half an hour, she saw mostly old ladies and women with strollers. Giving up, she finally parked herself on a bench outside of Abercrombie.

It was too nice outside, that was the problem, Ashley thought. Everyone's outside spending time in the sun instead of being at the mall. Ashley wished the mall was full of people because she missed having people look at her. She missed all the strangers staring at her and eying her young body. It made her feel proud.

She was wondering if she should just go home when she saw a man walking down the concourse, window shopping. He was dressed completely in black, with slacks and a long sleeve shirt despite the hot weather. It wasn't until he came closer that Ashley noticed the white collar around his neck. He was a priest, she realized.

Modestly, Ashley crossed her legs. She felt a slight twinge of shame for dressing like this in front of a holy man. Today she wore a tight black skirt that ended a good three inches above her knees, paired with a tight black tank top. She had opted not to wear a bra today but inexplicably she now wished she had. Suddenly shy, she nervously pushed a lock of her blond hair behind her ear.

"Excuse me," the man said. "Do you have the time?"

"The time?" Ashley repeated. "Oh sure... it's 11:30," she said checking her cell phone.

The priest nodded at her. "Why are you at the mall today?" he asked.

Ashley blushed a minute, thinking of the real reason she had come to the mall. "Oh I don't know," she replied vaguely. "I just wanted to go shopping..."

"I see," he said, gazing at her. Ashley felt a little uncomfortable by his penetrating gaze. He was a very tall and solidly built man with dark blond hair that framed his face and square jaw. She looked away but when she glanced back, she saw that he was looking at her chest.

"My name is Caleb," he said, introducing himself. He extended a hand.

"I'm Ashley," she replied, shaking his hand.

"How old are you Ashley?"


"Ashley," Caleb said, "let me be blunt with you. I'm part of the Youth Ministry Intervention Program at my church. My job is to find kids, troubled kids, and give them guidance."


"Do your parents know you're here at the mall today, Ashley?"


"Do they know how you're dressed? Did you leave the house wearing those clothes?"

Ashley blushed. She felt embarrassed for offending this man, even though she didn't know him. "Um, no..." she replied truthfully.

He nodded, studying her intently. "I see a lot of girl like you, Ashley," he told her. "Girls who made bad choices when they were younger and now they're pregnant or on drugs or kicked out of their homes. They've been raped and abused and assaulted. Is that what you want to happen?"

Ashley thought a minute, contemplating what would happen if any of those things happened to her. "No," she answered.

"I can help you," Caleb said to her. "Why don't you come with me back to my van and I can give you some pamphlets and phone numbers?" He took her by the shoulder and Ashley found herself standing up.

"It's just over here in the parking ramp," he told her. They began walking toward one of the mall exits. "Don't worry, there's no obligation of any sort. I just want you to know that help and support exists if you want it."

As they walked, Ashley considered the things she had been up to that week. She thought about when David took pictures of her in Camp Snoopy and how she had been naughty, spreading her legs so he could see between her legs. Then there was the businessman who had let him touch his penis in the movie theater. And finally Mr. Brandt who made her take his penis in her mouth in the restaurant. Ashley hadn't really given any serious thought to what she had been doing. All she knew was that it made her feel good and special to do these things. And plus she always got money afterwards.

They exited the mall and began walking up a flight of stairs in the parking ramp. Caleb was probably right, Ashley thought to herself. If she continued doing this, she would probably get into a lot of trouble. But at the same time, she felt conflicted.

"But I felt like such an older person when I did those things," she mused. "It was like being a teenager! And it felt good, too, when Mr. Brandt was touching me in the restaurant." Even the thought of it sent a shiver of pleasure down her spine.

They arrived at Caleb's van. He unlocked the door and climbed in. Ashley waited while he rummaged through a box of papers.

"Come on in," he called over his shoulder. "Have a seat. It might take me a minute..."

Ashley climbed into the van. It was a little bit darker in there since they were in the parking ramp, but there was enough available sunlight for her to see clearly. It had quite a roomy interior, especially since some of the seating had been removed. All that remained in the van was a long seat at the rear, two swivel chairs, and then the driver and passenger seat. Ashley sat down on the long seat at the back of the van.

"Here we go," Caleb said, producing a manila envelope. He sat down in the swivel chair and turned it so he could face her. "There's a lot of information in here. Phone numbers, informational meetings, and so on." He handed her the envelope.

Ashley took it. "Thank you."

"Ashley," Caleb began. "I can't help but notice that you didn't seem surprised when I approached you. This wasn't the first time a man approached you in the mall, was it?"

She looked at him bashfully, wondering if she should tell the truth. "No," she said softly.

Caleb sat back in his chair. "No, I didn't think so. Not with the clothes you're wearing. I can see your nipples poking through your shirt and I'm sitting all the way over here." He grinned at her.

Ashley blushed deeply and folded her arms over her chest, trying to hide the blossoming buds on her chest. Caleb laughed at her.

"Now, now, I'm a man of the cloth, there's no need to be ashamed in front of me. Take your hands away now, that's it. The female form is a beautiful thing, particularly on a young girl whose body is developing and changing in ways she doesn't understand."

Ashley willed her arms to move back to her sides. She was still uncomfortable, especially when she saw how he stared at her chest when he spoke.

"Sit up straighter, Ashley," he told her. "Let me see your chest."

Shyly, she straightened her back and pushed her chest out slightly. Caleb nodded in approval.

"Beautiful indeed. Such demurely developing breasts, just sharp little points on your chest."

Ashley flushed at his comments, but out of a combination of pride and embarrassment. She saw him flick his eyes up and down her body. Then he spoke again.

"Tell me then, Ashley. What have you done when you've met these men at the mall?"

Ashley hesitated a moment. Seeing her hesitation, he spoke again. "You don't need to feel shy. You must tell me if I am to help you."

"Well," she began. "There was this one man that took me to the movie theater."

"And then what happened?"

"He... let me touch him," Ashley said, embarrassed.

"You mean you touched his penis?"

Ashley blushed and looked away. "Yes..."

"Did you like it? Tell me the truth."

"Yes..." Ashley said, biting her lip.

"I understand," Caleb told her. "It's natural, especially at your age, to feel curious about the opposite sex. The problem is when you do it with people who are harmful to you, do you understand what I'm saying?"

Ashley nodded. Caleb continued.

"I've spoken to many young girls. They've told me stories about pedophiles who have molested them, made them do things they didn't want to do. Then there's child prostitution where the girls do sexual things for money. Have you ever done anything like that?"

"Well, yes..." Ashley admitted.


"I wanted the money," she said truthfully.

Caleb nodded. "I've known girls who'll expose themselves for say, fifty or sixty dollars. And then it goes on. One hundred to touch. Two hundred for a oral sex. Even more money for intercourse. But you can't do that anymore, do you understand?"

"Umm, okay," Ashley agreed.

"Why the hesitation?"

"I was just thinking about the money."

"You need to learn to break the cycle, Ashley. You need to learn to reject the money." Caleb leaned forward in his seat. "We can do a lesson right here. Do you want to?"


"First," he told her, "we have to identify your cycle and how you approach the situation when someone offers you money. To do that, we have to do some role-playing. Do you understand?"


"All right, we'll pretend I'm one of those men you met in the mall. Now I'll offer you money to do things and then you'll have to do it."

Ashley blinked. "But just pretend do it, right?"

"No, no," Caleb shook his head, "we have to make it realistic to break the cycle so I will be offering you real money and you will be acting it out in real life."

"Oh," Ashley said, taken aback.

"But you'll get to keep the money," Caleb reassured her. "And then later, we'll do the role-playing again but we'll try to keep it clean. This way you'll understand the difference between the rewards of greed and virtue."

"Oh, ummm..." Ashley hesitated still. She felt uncomfortable with the priest's proposal. Wasn't the entire point to stop misbehaving?

"Look here," Caleb said, pulling out his wallet. He opened it and thumbed through a thick stack of green bills. "Just to prove to you that I do indeed have the money."

Ashley thought a moment. "What harm could it do?" she thought to herself. He wanted to help her. And she would even be getting some money out of it! She might even get enough to buy a whole new outift. It was too tempting to resist.

"Okay," Ashley agreed. "What do you want me to do?"

"I'll give you ten dollars if you lean back and spread your legs," Caleb said, handing her a ten dollar bill. Ashley took it and put it in her purse. Then she leaned until her back rested again the seat and slowly parted her legs. She watched as Caleb's eyes zoomed to the area between her legs. She knew her skirt was short enough so that he could see the plain white underwear she had chosen to wear today.

Caleb continued to gaze for a few seconds before speaking again. "Ashley," he said quietly, "I'll give you twenty dollars if you take off your top." He held out a bill.

Ashley paused. She glanced out the windows of the van. Caleb had parked the van in a corner of the parking ramp and the spaces around them were mostly vacant. The mall entrance was a good fifty yards away and the nearest car was about the same distance. Besides, this was part of a lesson to help her behave. She reached out and took the twenty.

A little nervous nonetheless, Ashley's heart skipped as she tugged her skinny arms through the armholes of the tank top. All her previous encounters had taken place in relative privacy but this time she was in a van with windows. Biting her lip, she pulled the top over her head.

Ashley shook her head to free her ponytail from the shirt. She sat up straight now, letting the pointy nubs on her chest stand proud while keeping her legs spread so her underwear was visible. She looked back at Caleb to find his eyes were still roaming her preteen body. He gazed at her perky, immature for a long moment before his eyes traveled down her slim torso with her perfectly flat stomach. Ashley watched his eyes move lower down her body, pausing at the hidden treasure beneath her white underwear and then moving on to her skinny legs and knobby knees.

"He seems to be enjoying giving the lesson," Ashley thought to herself as she spied the telltale bulge in Caleb's pants. He was starting to breath heavier as well. She watched as he reached into his wallet again.

"Another twenty dollars if you remove your underwear, Ashley."

She didn't hesitate, instead she took the bill and added it to her now full purse. Leaning back again, she raised her rear off the seat and hiked up her skirt so she could reach her underwear. She saw Caleb's eyes remain glued to her crotch as she presented it to him. Hooking her thumbs into the waistband, she pulled her white underpants off in a smooth motion. She tossed her underwear onto the seat next to her discarded tank top.

Caleb was now leaning forward, his eyes devouring every inch of the hairless crotch that was thrust out before him. In the middle of the puffy lips of her labia, her darkened slit parted slightly to reveal her undeveloped inner labia, the thin lips barely formed but glistening with a hint of moisture. Ashley remained in this position for a long minute, letting Caleb gaze between her legs.

"Ashley," Caleb said, "do you ever masturbate?"

Ashley nodded.

"I'll give you fifty dollars if you masturbate for me." He counted out two twenties and a ten. Ashley stuffed the bills into her purse. Reaching down with both hands, Ashley slid her hands down her smooth tummy and over her black skirt, still hiked up around her waist. She caressed her legs for a moment before letting her fingers wander towards her inner thigh. Finally, she moved a lone finger between her legs and dipped it into the opening of her vagina. Collecting some moisture, she ran her finger up towards her darkened slit, enjoying the feeling as she brushed her immature clit. It was such a delicious feeling that Ashley continued to rub her clit in a lazy circle, feeling the electricity build inside her.

She watched as Caleb's gaze remained glued to her crotch. He still leaned forward, eagerly watching her every move. It made Ashley feel sexy to see this grown man so obviously turned on by her. In her previous encounters, she hadn't had this level of privacy and it was exciting to expose and touch herself like this. Not taking her eyes from the priest, Ashley continued to stroke her baby clit with her middle finger while her other hand moved down to the entrance to her vagina. Her index finger idly probed the young depths of her girlhood. Beads of sweat were forming on Caleb's forward. Gently, she slid the finger into her warm hole, letting her twelve year old vagina suckle her digit.

Ashley moaned softly, partly from the pleasure of touching herself but also from seeing Caleb's expression as she slid her finger into her wet hole. The priest's face was the look of pure lust as she penetrated herself. Ashley began to slowly slide her finger in and out. She had done this often before but she always took great care not to hurt herself since she was still a virgin and didn't want to lose it to her own finger.

The penetration, combined with her playful clit manipulation, began to have its desired effect. Ashley's back spasmed and arched as her touches sent shocks of electricity through her body. The young twelve year old girl took a deep breath, relishing the sexual energy flowing through her preteen body.

His eyes still roaming her body, Caleb leaned back in his chair. Ashley watched as he fumbled with his pants and zipper. Totally turned on, she watched as he pulled his penis out from his slacks. The twelve year old gazed at his organ, now familiar with male anatomy after her encounters at the mall. His hard penis stuck straight out from his body. Her eyes drank in every detail: the thin blue veins along the shaft, the large purple helmet, the little slit at the tip of it.

"Ashley," he said, stroking his erect penis, "I'll give you one hundred dollars. If you let me put my penis in your vagina."

Ashley wasn't expecting this. Oral sex was one thing. Intercourse was quite another. "Oh. Ummm, well..." she hesitated.

"Two hundred, then."

"I don't know..." Ashley said, her fingers no longer pleasuring herself. "What if it hurt," she thought to herself. "I've only put my finger in there and it's tiny compared to his..."

"All right, Ashley," Caleb said, getting impatient. "Four hundred dollars. That's my last offer."

Four hundred dollars was a lot of money. But still... Although she had been bold before, Ashley felt a little nervous and scared about losing her virginity. "Umm, it's not that I don't want to... do... that," she stammered, "It's just that, you know, I'm kind of..."

"Five hundred dollars," Caleb said, a hint of fire in his eyes.

"I don't know..." Ashley said. "Couldn't we just do other stuff instead?"

Caleb closed his eyes and exhaled a long breath. She noticed that he never stopped fisting his penis. "All right, Ashley," he said, not opening his eyes, "if that's what you want."

He stood up, stooping since the van's ceiling was too low for him, and pulled off his pants. Ashley watched as it bounced up and down with his movements. Once he finished removing his pants, he quickly unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his muscular chest and arms. Naked now, he moved over to where she still sat, legs sprawled open. Kneeling down before her, he moved one hand between her legs. His thumb sought out her little clitoris and found immediately. Ashley bit her lip as he began to massage it firmly. "It feels so much better when someone else does it," she thought, recalling the time with Mr. Brandt.

"Does this feel good, Ashley?" he asked.

"Yes..." she responded.

"Good," Caleb said. And then, without warning, he slapped her across the face. Hard.

Ashley's initial reaction was shock but then her nerve endings responded and the pain flooded her body. She lifted a hand up to touch her cheek but Caleb responded by slapping her with his other hand. She screamed. The force of the blow knocked the preteen girl onto her side. Tears welled up in her eyes.

"Wh-what are you doing?" she screamed at him.

"I'm going to put my penis inside your vagina," Caleb told her forcefully. "Whether you let me or not doesn't matter. But I can make it more pleasurable for you if you cooperate." So saying, he spread open her legs.

"NO!" Ashley yelled back at him. She tried to kick him away, but he was holding her legs. Squirming in the seat, Ashley managed to twist herself out of his grip. She tumbled from the seat onto the floor. Getting up quickly, she tried to back away. Caleb was too quick however and caught her by her wrist. She tried to pull away and hit him with her free hand. The grown man was too strong for her however.

Ashley sucked in her breath as he punched her in the stomach. The tears rolled down her face as she fell to her knees.

"I pulled my punch that time," Caleb told her. "Try anything again and I won't hold back." He rolled Ashley onto her back, pushing her skirt back up around her waist. Kneeling before her, he spread her legs and positioned his penis at the entrance to her vagina.

Ashley wrapped her arms around her aching tummy as she gazed at this man before her, poised to take her virginity. Her vision was still blurred by her tears but she could clearly see his muscular body leaning over her. She felt him rubbing his penis against her pubic area, spreading her now evaporating moisture against his hard organ.

"P-please..." Ashley begged, "I don't want to. I'm a virgin..."

Caleb smiled at her, and now she saw the evil cruelty in his expression. "I know," he said. And then he thrust into her.

Ashley screamed. The pain from his punch was nothing compared to this. With one powerful thrust, he had ripped through her maidenhood, stretching her vagina wider than it had ever been before. His massive penis was buried to the halfway point inside her. Her instinct taking over, Ashley tried to wriggle out from beneath Caleb but he caught her wrists and pinned her down.

"How does that feel, little girl?" he asked her.

"Pleeeeease," Ashley implored, "take it out! It hurts! Please..."

Caleb withdrew a bit, giving Ashley a moment of relief, but then he thrust forward again, penetrating her deeper. The twelve year old screamed again. Her dry vagina clasped tightly around the intruder that painfully tore her open. Ashley clenched her eyes shut but tears still trickled out down her cheeks. Caleb began to move in and out of her.

"Do you like that, Ashley?" he teased her. "Do you like my cock fucking your little pussy?"

Ashley was unable to respond, her senses overwhelmed with pain as he sawed in and out of her. Feebly, she tried to fight him but his strong arms still held her down. She was helpless.

Caleb was now fucking the preteen girl in long, authoritative strokes. She moaned each time he buried his penis fully inside her. She could feel him hitting something in her lower abdomen and it only added to her pain. Each stroke felt like sandpaper rubbing against her raw insides.

"Are you ready for something different now, little girl?" Caleb asked her. "Because I am. How about a little doggy-style?" He pulled out of her completely. Before she could react, he flipped her over onto her stomach and raised her up so she was on her hands and knees. Holding her tightly around the stomach, he let his penis brush against her clit.

"I'm gonna fuck you 'til you scream," he whispered into her ear. So saying, he slid into her again with a powerful thrust. Ashley moaned from the pain. He began to fuck her energetically now, pumping into her with abandon. The twelve year old tried to will away the astonishing throbbing pain. She closed her eyes but even then she saw stars as her brain nerves prickled with the stinging between her legs.

Still, it wasn't quite as painful as that first thrust when he broke her hymen. Ashley soon realized why as she felt a some fluid dribble down her leg. Looking back, she saw a thin trickle of blood running down her thigh. "My blood is lubricating his passage," she thought grimly.

"Yeah," Caleb whispered in her ear, "how does it feel when I fuck you hard like this?" He thrust so hard his body smacked into her butt, pushing her forward.

"Aaaahhh, oh, ow, ow," Ashley screamed, her fingers digging into the hard linoleum of the van's floor as she felt the priest's penis drive into her. The preteen girl gasped in pain as he repeated the move, withdrawing and barreling into her, jolting her entire body forward. His hands closed around her skinny hips, holding her immobile while his penis ravaged her young body.

"Yeah," Caleb said, pumping faster, "oh yeah, you've got a hot little pussy, Ashley. A real... hot... and wet... little... cunt..."

Ashley heard him curse as he thrust faster and faster. And then she felt it. His penis contracted and expanded inside of her, and she felt a creeping heat spread throughout her vagina. His semen, she thought. He ejaculated inside me. The twelve year old imagined the thick, ropy fluid she had seen when watching a dirty movie at her friend Laura's house. That's what's inside of me.

Caleb groaned loudly as he thrust into her one final time. Ashley took a tiny breath as her torn tissues had a chance to recover. Without a word the priest pulled his penis out of her, a clingy trail of blood and semen following him. Ashley collapsed on a heap on the floor of the van. Rolling over slightly, she gazed at his penis covered with her blood. It was too much for the young girl. She passed out.

When she came to, Ashley found herself still lying on the van floor although the vehicle was moving. She didn't move. Instead she replayed the events in her mind. Was it true? Had she really been raped by this priest? She looked down at her body and winced. Her skirt was still hiked up in bunch around her waist and her stomach still hurt. She moved her legs a little bit and found her private parts were quite tender.

The van stopped moving. Then the engine was turned off. Ashley slowly sat up as Caleb, stooped low, walked back to her. He was fully dressed again. Squatting down in front of her, he watched her impassively for moment.

"Well, Ashley," he said to her. "Did you learn a lesson today? Are you going to dress up like a slut and go to the mall again? Tempting men with your young body?"

Ashley didn't look at him. "No..." she said softly.

"Good," Caleb said. "Because if you do," he reached between her legs and shoved one finger into her tender and throbbing vagina, "this is what will happen."

Ashley winced as he fingerfucked her for a few seconds. Gasping, she felt more tears come to her eyes. Finally, he withdrew his finger. He tossed her shirt at her.

"Here," he said. "Put this on. I looked in your purse and found your address. We're parked down the block from your house."

Ashley put her shirt on as he slid the van door open for her. Limping from the burning pain between her legs, Ashley managed to exit the van. The door slid shut. Grimacing, she hobbled onto the sidewalk until she was at the passenger side window.

"Wait," she croaked. "You still have my purse. And my underwear."

Caleb, sitting behind the wheel, laughed at her. "Well, Ashley, just to make sure you get my point, I'm keeping your purse. And your underwear will be my trophy for today. I helped you."

"But what about the money in my purse?" she protested stupidly.

"It was mostly my money anyway," Caleb scoffed at her. "Now you better get on home."

Before Ashley could protest further, the van pulled away from the curb. She began the slow, painful walk home. As she limped along, her mind thought about the unfairness of everything that had happened. At least he could have returned her purse without the money, she reasoned.

By the time she reached her house, Ashley was taking tiny steps to avoid the pain. In addition, a trickle of semen was running down her leg so she had to get inside and clean up before her mom saw her. Sneaking in, the twelve year old safely got upstairs to her bedroom and got ready to shower.

After she was done, Ashley wrapped a towel around herself and went into her bedroom. Reaching into her secret hiding place, she pulled out all the money she had been saving. Forty-five dollars. "Just enough," she thought to herself, "just enough to buy a new bus pass."

The End


I apologize if the violence was a little jarring. If you're a Buffy fan, you should have known it would happen if the priest's name was Caleb.

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