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Please keep in mind the difference between fantasy and reality.

Ashley at the Mall
Chapter Two
Written by Janus
Copyright 2003

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Chapter Two
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Ashley returned to the Mall of America the very next day after her encounter with David. She had followed the same routine as always: bringing along a change of clothes so she could switch from her mom's sensible clothes to something more to her own tastes. Today she was wearing clothes she had purchased with the money David paid her: a pair of tight yellow shorts that hugged every crevice of her body and a lace-up white shirt that was open almost to her belly button.

Ashley had informed her mom that she was meeting friends again, but the reality was that she was at the mall for a solo trip. She had confidence now. She ignore the high school boys although they were openly gawking at her now. A few even made comments to her but she had bigger fish to fry now. Instead she looked to the older, adult men at the mall. Some were with their wives or girlfriends, but she noticed that the bulk of them were aimlessly wandering the mall. Some appeared to be on lunch break, some were unemployed, and some were clearly there for the eye candy.

Ashley was walking by the arcade when she spotted a man wearing a business suit. Slowing her pace, the twelve year old gave him ample time to look at her. Out of the corner of her eye, she knew saw him look her up and down, devouring every inch of her preteen body. While true that she didn't have much to show off, she was quite an exhibit regardless. The yellow shorts cupped her skinny butt, emphasizing her slender tanned legs. The front of the shorts hugged her crotch so well that her plump vaginal lips were enticingly visible through the thin material. Meanwhile her breast buds sometimes poked free from her lace-up shirt depending on the direction and angle of the observer.

As he passed behind her, Ashley pretended to drop her purse. Bending over to pick it up, she pushed her butt into the air, letting it wiggle slightly in front of the businessman. With a forced clumsiness, she kicked her purse as it landed, spilling the contents onto the carpeted mall floor.

"Here, let me help you with that," the businessman said as he stopped to help her pick up her things.

"Thanks," Ashley said gratefully as he handed her a few items. He was wearing a dark suit and a nice red striped tie. His curly, brown hair hung neatly yet flippantly over his ears. He looked quite young, probably in his late twenties or early thirties. Ashley smiled at him.

"Are you having fun at the mall today?" he asked her?

"Kind of," Ashley replied. "I wanted to find a job because I wanted more money to buy clothes. But everyone says I'm too young to work."

"That's too bad," the businessman said. "How old are you, anyway?


"Really?" the businessman said, surprised. "I thought you would be a couple of years older at least. I never met such a pretty twelve year old."

Ashley smiled at him, pleased that her outfit made her look so good. "So," she said, "what are you doing here today?"

"I'm just going to see a movie," he said, gesturing toward the theater floor. "I thought I might go see the new Matrix movie again."

"Really?" Ashley said. "I wanted to go see that too but no one will take me."

"Well," the man said, considering a moment, "would you like to go with me now? My treat."

"Okay," Ashley said. They began walking to the movie theater section of the mall. On the escalator up to the fourth floor, Ashley spoke.

"I'm Ashley, by the way."

"Pleased to meet you, Ashley," the man said. She noticed he didn't offer his name. That was fine, she decided.

As they approached the ticket booth, Ashley slipped her arm into his. He didn't react adversely, aside from stroking her hand for a moment. The movie was scheduled to start in two minutes so they quickly bought their tickets and headed for the theater. Since it was a weekday matinee, the theater was completely empty. Ashley and the businessman settled into their seats just as the previews began.

Just as the movie began, Ashley excused herself to go to the bathroom. Trying to move past the businessman, Ashley groped his upper thigh for a moment, pretending to be unable to see. To her delight, he responded by placing his hands on her hips to help her get past him. Exiting the theater, the twelve year old mulled over her next move. She didn't really care about the movie since she had already seen it and the man didn't seem terribly interested in it either.

On her way back into the theater, Ashley undid the lace-up part of her shirt, letting it hang loosely on her skinny twelve year old frame. She walked back up the aisle to the row where the man sat. As she squeezed past him again, her shirt fluttered open, revealing her developing breasts underneath. She wasn't sure how much he could see in the darkened theater so she lingered for a moment in front of him. Pretending to be blinded, she groped at him again, this time pressing her hand fall just to the side of his crotch.

Ashley settled into her chair again. She set her hand on the armrest and the businessman began to stroke it. The young girl felt excited by the contact. She had never made out with anyone in a theater before. She was thrilled that an older man would be so attracted to her.

Even then, it was quite a surprise for her when the man guided her hand over to his lap where he closed her fingers around something warm and hard. Ashley was shocked. In the darkness, he had pulled out his penis without her knowing it. And now in the empty theater, she was jacking him off.

The tempo of her breathing increased rapidly. She had never touched the male organ before although she and her friends had often talked and giggled about it. But now she was touching a real male penis, long and thick in her small hand. It was very warm to the touch. She let her fingers run along it, exploring the hard shaft and tip. Ashley wished she had more light so she could examine it more closely.

Her hand traveled lower until it touched the sack of skin at the base of his penis. That must be his balls, she thought to herself. She caressed the length of the businessman's penis again, squeezing it experimentally at various points. Ashley noticed that his breathing become heavier and more labored.

Sighing with pleasure, the man wrapped his hand around hers. From his instruction, she learned to grip his entire shaft with her fist. Then he showed her how to move the skin up and down over his hard penis. Ashley could hardly believe she was jerking off this older man in public. He took her other hand and showed her how to caress his balls. Ashley felt herself getting a little wet as she jacked him off.

After a few minutes, the man's hips were moving slowly in time with her motions. His was moaning softly as well. Ashley watched, fascinated, as this stranger got closer and closer to coming. She scrutinized his face as the different masks of passion passed over his visage.

Suddenly his penis twitched rapidly in her hand. A moan escaped his lips, "Oh God, Ashley... ooohh Ashley, don't stop, don't stop..."

The preteen girl was elated to hear this grown man moan her name and be so completely under her control. He moaned again and his penis pulsed, hot in her hand. She felt a few drops of wetness fall on her hand, and then even more wetness as some fluid dribbled down the length of his shaft onto her thumb and forefinger that gripped his penis tight. He finally stopped pulsing in her hand, but she didn't let go.

She watched as his breathing slowly returned to normal. He pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped the fluid from himself and her hand. Ashley let go of his penis and sat back in her chair.

"That was incredible," the man said softly.

"Really?" Ashley asked. "I've never done that before."

The businessman sighed. "Well, you should definitely do it more often." He pulled his wallet out of his jacket pocket. Thumbing through some bills, he presented her with a pile of cash.

"What's this for?" Ashley said, taking the money.

"You said you were here looking for a job. Since you didn't find one, I thought I had better compensate you for a job well-done." Ashley watched as he took a long, loving look at her chest which was still visible through the unlaced shirt. "I've got to go though," he told her. "I have to get back to the office. You can stay and enjoy the movie though." And he got up and left.

Ashley watched him leave. The movie still played on, although she paid no attention. Remembering the cash in her hands, she quickly counted it. All twenties. Ten of them. $200. Pocketing the money, Ashley got up to leave the theater, not forgetting to lace up her shirt again. Exiting the theater, the young girl headed for her favorite stores spend her money.

Links to the entire series of Ashley at the Mall:
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Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four

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