Please note: All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this story, some of which are dangerous or illegal.
Please keep in mind the difference between fantasy and reality.

Angela the Naughty Altar Girl
Chapter One
Written by Janus
Copyright 2004

This story is based on an email I received from a female reader. Angela was sixteen years old (Or so she claimed. For all I knew she was a cop.) and she told me my "Megan the Altar Girl" series reminded her of her own adventures when she was ten years old. She spelled out most of the pertinent details but asked me to fill out the story as I saw fit. Whether or not it is true is anyone's guess, but it makes for an interesting read.


My name is Angela. I'm sixteen now but when I was ten years old I had an "altar girl" experience but it's nowhere near as graphic or exciting as your "Megan" series. For as long as I can remember, I enjoyed masturbating. I didn't know it was called masturbating but I knew from an early age that touching my privates would produce pleasurable sensations. I knew it was naughty but that only added fuel to my fire.

It was this naughtiness that led me to my first brush with masturbating in public. To be more specific, it happened in the baptismal fountain in my church. When I was ten, I was the head altar server at a church in XXXXX (deleted). This meant it was my job to clean up the church on Friday nights to get it ready for the weekend services.

The priest, Father Terry, trusted me enough to do the job on my own. We had been cleaning the church each Friday night for about six months when he finally asked me do it by myself one night because he had some emergency to tend to. I remember this being a big deal because I was entrusted with the key to the church.

Cleaning the church wasn't terribly difficult. Mostly it meant rearranging the hymn books in the pews and making sure the altar area was neat and prepared. Once I finished, it was time to leave but on that night I found myself standing in front of the baptismal font, hypnotized by the sound of the bubbling water that swirled in the fountain.

The fountain was a recent addition to the church. Looking back, I realize now that the fountain was really just a hot tub. It was a little bit smaller than a normal hot tub, measuring about five by five feet and perfectly square. And instead of plastic, it was made of a nice marble. The jet pumps in it were just like any regular hot tub though. The water itself was heated so it wouldn't be freezing cold to the babies getting baptized.

Anyway, that night alone in the church I just had this sudden urge to feel the water against my body. I knew how nice it felt when I used a hand-held showerhead between my legs. The baptismal fountain had a water pump built into one of the sides and it bubbled and agitated the water just like a spa. I knew this had to be even better than the showerhead. My privates tingled at the thought. Ten year olds can get horny too, you know.

So after making sure all the doors were locked, I took a deep breath and started to take off my clothes. I was your standard ten year old: kind of skinny, a little awkward looking. My brown hair was probably in a ponytail as usual and I probably had some of freckles from the summer sun.

I remember the way my skin tingled and I got goosebumps as I undressed. The immense church was stately and resolute in the way only churches can be. The low hum of the jet pumps and swirling water added a gentle hum to the otherwise silent building. The whole thing seemed so perfect. Who knew when I would next get the chance to do bathe in the church's baptismal font?

I hesitated a little once I got down to my underwear. It felt so weird being half-naked in church! Taking a deep breath, I hooked my thumbs under the elastic waistband and let my underwear fall to my ankles. Stepping out of my panties, I remember a pure shivery thrill of being completely naked in the church. For some reason, I always had these nudist fantasies when I was little. Sometimes I would daydream about living naked in the woods. Showering at the local YMCA was always fun too because I liked being naked in a semi-public place.

Cautiously, I dipped a hand in the water to test the temperature. It was lukewarm, not really hot. It wasn't freezing cold though and that was enough for me. I carefully climbed up onto the ledge of the baptismal font, relishing the feel of the cool air on my privates. It just felt so good! I lowered one leg into the water first, slowly, and then the other. The water felt really warm and inviting on my bare skin so I submerged myself further until the water was up to my thighs. Taking a deep breath, I kept going.

I'll never forget that electric feeling when the water hit my bare privates. The glassy water flowed freely onto my bare skin, tickling my girl parts. I probably squealed a little bit from the sensation of water on my hairless privates but it definitely a squeal of pleasure.

I knelt in the fountain, letting the water go past my belly button and almost to my chest. The warm water felt really nice but I knew I wanted something more. I maneuvered myself toward the bubbling jet pump, my heart skipping beats like crazy because I was so nervous and excited.

I could feel the water rushing by my skin as I approached the pump. I was a couple feet away from it but I found the pump was aiming the water mostly at my belly. Experimenting, I raised myself up off my knees a few inches.

It worked. The water was now shooting out directly at my crotch. It felt ticklish. But even at ten years old, I was experienced with my body. I parted my knees a little and leaned backwards.

Bliss. The pumping water was now aimed directly at my button, as I used to refer to my clitoris. It felt so incredible. Even thinking back on it now, I find myself getting wet. The water tickled me just perfectly, making the tingles start to spread over my whole body.

Inching forward on my knees, I moved closer to the water pump. The closer I got, the more intense the water pressure became and it was making me so excited. The showerhead never felt this good, that's for sure! The water massaged every little inch of my privates and it felt unbelievable.

I pressed my crotch as close as I could to the water pump until it felt almost too intense. Reaching one hand down into the water, I spread my little labia to reveal my button to the pumping water.

That was what did me in. The feeling of the bubbling water directly on my button sent the tingles into overdrive. After about five seconds, I realized I was ready for the good feeling to come (that's what I called orgasms back then). At that moment, my little body on the edge of ecstasy, I remembered what I was doing. Playing with my privates in the baptismal fountain at church! This realization of delicious naughtiness triggered the waves of the good feeling.

Looking back, I can say without a doubt that the orgasm in the fountain was one of the most intense I have ever had. The powerful water drummed mercilessly against my little button as the good feeling washed over me in waves of bliss. I remember letting a single shriek escape my lips and the sound echoed all over the empty church. Someone might have heard but I was too far gone to care.

The good feeling raced through every inch of me. It felt like it lasted a long time too. Usually my excitement would just rise and peak and fall but this time was different. It felt like I stayed at the peak for a long, long time as the water massage my privates. That was the first time the good feeling made me see spots and almost black out. The pleasure was just too intense.

Slowly though the good feeling faded away and the water felt a little too ticklish now as it pushed against my sensitive button. I backed away from the water pump to the far side of the baptismal fountain. I was exhausted and breathing hard.

The rest of the night was a blur that I can't remember much of. I must have climbed out of the fountain dripping wet (and I'm not talking about the water!) but I can't remember how I dried myself off. I do remember walking home afterward with a silly grin on my face, thinking about my naughty secret and hoping I would be alone in the church again...

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