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The Airplane Flight
version one
by Janus
Copyright 2005

Authors's note: This is one version of this story. I have a different version of this story available here.

Molly nervously entered the airplane cabin, following the flight attendant whose smile seemed indelible. The eight year old girl was flying by herself from New York to Frankfurt, Germany on an overnight flight. She was excited. Molly had flown in airplanes before but this was her first solo flight. Her fingers tightened in nervous anticipation around her coat.

The trip was an unexpected Christmas gift from her grandmother. Her cousins lived in Germany but Molly rarely had the chance to visit them. Her grandma had bought the girl a plane ticket but the old woman didn't have enough to send her parents too. It didn't matter because Molly was willing to brave flying alone to see her cousins again.

The little girl tugged self-consciously at her school uniform. Her parents had picked her up from school today to get her to the airport on time and she didn't get the chance to change her clothes. Despite the chill of the New York winter, Molly still wore navy knee-high socks, a plaid jumper skirt, a white short-sleeve dress shirt and a navy vest. As she walked, her sandy brown hair would brush against her shoulders and fall in front of her face. This stray hair was expertly flipped back with a small flick of her head.

"I thought I'd put you in the back of the cabin," the flight attendant called over her shoulder. "That way you'll be sitting right next to me if you need."

"Okay," Molly replied.

"And here we are," the flight attendant said, reaching the last row of seats on the plane. She flipped open an overhead compartment and packed away Molly's carry-on bag. "Did you want a window seat or an aisle seat?"

"Umm, window please," Molly said after considering a moment. She stepped past the aisle seat and sat down. For a moment she hesitated, not knowing what to do with her coat.

"Let me put that away for you," the flight attendant said, taking it. As she neatly folded the coat, Molly remembered something.

"Wait," she said, "can you get my book out of my bag? It's in the outside pocket."

"Of course," the flight attendant said warmly. "Here you go."

"Thank you," Molly said, gratefully taking her book. She loved to read and knew that the book would keep her well-occupied on the long flight to Frankfurt.

"Now you be a good girl and buckle up your seat belt," the flight attendant told her. "I'm going to help the other passengers but if you need me, just push the button, okay?"

Molly nodded. She tried looking out the window but all she could see was the runway. She opened her book and began reading.

"Hmmm, let's see... 44D..."

Molly looked up from her book and saw a man standing in the aisle, a briefcase in one hand and his coat in the other. He was a rather tall man, with glasses and a thick but closely cropped beard. He met her gaze behind his dark horn-rimmed glasses

"Oh, hi!" he said. "I'm sitting in 44D so I guess we'll be seatmates."

Molly smiled shyly at him before dropping her eyes to the book. She didn't like talking to strangers. She tried to read as the man settled in beside her. He wasn't fat but he had a large frame, big enough that when he sat down in the seat he seemed rather scrunched in between the armrests.

"Gosh," the man said, "are they just making planes smaller and smaller these days?"

Molly didn't respond and pretended to keep reading her book. The man kept shifting his shoulders next to her, trying to get comfortable in his seat. Finally he let out a long sigh.

"You know what?" he told her. "I hope you don't mind but I'm going to need to put this armrest up." Without waiting for her answer, he lifted the armrest and tucked it into it's upright position. Now the two seats were one. The man leaned back and rested his head against the seat. "Ahh, that's better," he said.

Molly didn't think so though. His large frame was now invading her seat and his arms were pressed against her own arms, already held tight against her skinny body. Squinching her lips in displeasure, Molly tried to ignore the man invading her space and returned to her book.

She had been reading for several minutes when the captain came on the radio to announce they would take-off shortly. Molly's excitement grew again as the plane began to taxi down the runway. The lights of the cabin dimmed and the engines became much louder. Molly looked out her window as the plane began to pick up speed. And suddenly they were airborne.

Molly craned her head to look out the window. She watched as the New York skyline twisted and turned beneath her. The little girl put away her book, too excited now to read anymore. Next to her, the man had pulled out a laptop and was busy typing away. Curious, she surreptitiously glanced at the screen to see what he was writing. Something about business and numbers. Losing interest, she looked back out the window and stared at the darkening sky.

The flight attendants came by with drinks first. Molly got an orange juice and sipped it slowly. The man next to her got a Diet Coke which he didn't even touch as he typed rapidly. Molly checked her watch and realized only 45 minutes had passed since takeoff. She sat and fidgeted.

Soon, the smell of food began wafting through the cabin. The flight attendants came back with dinner. Molly picked at her beef and mashed potatoes. She ignored the green beans but had a few bites of the apple pie dessert. She watched as the man next to her set aside his laptop and began wolfing down his food. He was done eating in less than three minutes and then he slid aside his empty tray and began typing again.

"He must be very busy," Molly thought to herself. "I wonder what his job is?" She looked out the window again and began daydreaming of what she would do with her cousins in Germany. Feeling a little tired, Molly closed her eyes.

She must have fallen asleep because when she opened her eyes again the plane cabin seemed darker and her dinner tray had been taken away. The man next to her was still typing busily but the rest of the plane seemed quieter. A few lights dotted the rows ahead of her. Looking at her watch, Molly realized it was almost ten o'clock.

"Are you awake now?" the flight attendant appeared in the aisle, peering at her. "Would you like a pillow and a blanket?"

Molly nodded. The attendant reached past her seatmate with a handful of pillow and blanket, which he stopped typing long enough to take and hand to Molly.

"Let me know if you need anything," the flight attendant told her.

Molly snuggled up underneath her blanket and rested her head against the pillow. But she wasn't tired anymore so she reached up and turned on her light. Opening her book, the young girl began to read. She became so engrossed in her book that she didn't notice the minutes fly by.

It wasn't until an hour later that Molly reached the midpoint of her book. Carefully marking her page, she blearily blinked her eyes and stretched as best she could in the cramped space. The man next to her was no longer typing but instead he was watching something on the laptop. Molly glanced at the flickering screen and gasped.

The man next to her was watching a movie. A dirty one. Two adults were naked and kissing and the man's hand was groping at the woman's bare breasts. The eight year old girl was stunned. She had never seen naked adults before, not even her mother. It took her a moment to realize she was openly staring at the screen.

She turned her head away quickly, feeling the blood rush to her face. She crossed her arms and clutched her elbows. "How can he be watching a dirty movie?" she thought to herself worriedly. "Doesn't he know that I can see too? Isn't he worried that someone might walk by?" The little girl glanced at the man out of the corner of her eye. He didn't even seem to realize she was there, his eyes were fixated on the screen.

Molly stared out the window for a moment before quickly casting her eyes to the laptop again. She only saw an instant but it was enough time to recognize the man now had his face near the woman's chest, his mouth sucking at her nipple. Molly was shocked at such behavior. She fidgeted nervously, her hands anxiously wringing at her elbows.

At school, the teachers always said that it was a sin to watch dirty movies. Molly never had the chance to see one although she heard plenty of kids whispering about it at school. Unable to resist, she turned her head slightly and looked at the computer screen.

The woman's legs were now spread open and the man's head was bobbing between her legs. Fascinated, Molly stared at the female anatomy crystal-clear on the glowing computer screen. The woman's open crotch was split by a large and pink gash, completely unlike her own. Dangly pieces of flesh glistened with apparent wetness and the man was licking at a little pink button.

Molly swallowed hard. She knew it was wrong, she knew it was a sin but the little girl couldn't turn away. Between her own legs she felt an odd wet sensation, as if she had wet herself. She wanted to investigate but she didn't dare lift up her skirt with the man sitting next to her. Instead she let her hand slip cautiously under her skirt, hidden by the blanket. Reaching between her slim thighs, Molly pressed a finger to her crotch and found that there was indeed some odd wetness between her legs. Her underwear was still dry but it felt wet and squishy down there.

"Are you watching too?" the man asked suddenly. Molly flinched and her heart sank to her shoes as she realized she had been caught. Guiltily, she pulled her hand from underneath her skirt. Desperately, she looked up at the man and fumbled for words.

"Oh! N-no..." she stammered, her wide eyes looking fearfully into his bespectacled face. "I was just looking for... the flight –"

The man cut her off. "It's okay," he reassured her. He gestured at her plaid skirt. "I can tell you come from a private Catholic school and I know they don't teach you what you need to know there. Come on, you can watch with me."

So saying, the man turned his laptop so that it was facing her. Stunned, Molly looked at the screen and was presented with a view of her first penis. Fully erect.

The little girl's face reddened even darker. "Oh no, mister, it's okay! I don't –"

But he interrupted her again. "Look, I know you've been watching for the past five minutes," he told her. "I know you're curious. Just watch, okay?"

Molly shut her open mouth. The laptop was directly facing her now, tilted away from the aisle, and she couldn't avoid looking at it. The eight year old girl stared at the first penis she had ever seen, a long and hard length of flesh with thin veins and a big red knob. What happened next amazed her even more as the woman took the penis in her mouth and began to suck on it.

Revolted, Molly watched for several minutes as the woman's lips ran up and down the man's hard penis. She saw the woman's bright red lipstick staining his skin. "This is gross!" Molly thought to herself. "She's licking his penis!" She swallowed hard again and noticed that the wetness between her legs felt noticeably more apparent.

Suddenly, the flight attendant appeared in the aisle. She smiled at Molly. "Are you okay?" she asked. "You seem a little flushed. Do you need some water?"

"Oh, um... uh..." Molly stammered for words. The dirty movie was still playing on the laptop but the screen was angled too far from the aisle for the flight attendant to see. Molly's eyes became glued to the screen as she watched the woman run her hand up and down the man's hard penis.

"We're just watching a movie," the man kindly told the flight attendant. Tearing her eyes from the screen, Molly looked up at the flight attendant, half-guilty and half-fearful. Part of her wanted to tell the attendant what was happening but she couldn't form the words.

The man elbowed her gently in the ribs. "You like this movie we're watching, don't you?"

Molly looked at him. His eyes twinkled at her behind his thick glasses. Feeling like a deer caught in the headlights, Molly looked at the flight attendant and nodded.

"Good!" the flight attendant said. "Do you want me to take your blanket? Your face is all flushed. Are you hot?"

"No!" Molly said, clutching the blanket, her only remaining security. "No! I want to keep the blanket," she said holding it close to her body. She realized how exposed and vulnerable she would feel without it.

The flight attendant smiled. "Okay, then. Be sure to get some sleep though! It's still a long flight and it will be early in the morning when we arrive in Frankfurt." With that the attendant disappeared again.

Reluctantly, Molly returned her gaze to the computer screen. The man was now sitting and the woman was straddling him. Both were facing the camera. Molly watched in amazement as the woman reached down, positioned the man's penis between her legs and let it disappear inside her. The eight-year old girl's jaw dropped in astonishment.

"What do you think of that?" the man asked her.

"Um, I don't know," Molly said, embarrassed. She turned away from the laptop and looked out the window. Her young mind analyzed what she had just seen. It didn't seem possible but the man's penis had just slipped completely inside the woman's body.

Giving in, she turned her head slightly, just enough to see what was happening on the flickering screen. Her suspicions were confirmed. The man's penis was plunging in and out of the woman. It was mesmerizing to watch it slide into the woman's body, disappearing like a magic.

"Do you like it? Do you like watching this?"

Molly felt her ears burn. Deep down, she knew the answer was yet but she was too ashamed to admit it.

The man spoke again. "Your underwear is getting wet, isn't it?"

Shocked, Molly turned her head sharply to look at the man. "How did he know that?" she thought to herself.

"I just know," the man said, reading her mind. "If your underwear is wet, that mean you like watching this."

Molly didn't answer but she knew her red ears were giving her away. She pulled the blanket closer around herself.

"Come on," the man said, tugging at the blanket. "Let me see if your underwear is wet." His hand patted her leg and he squeezed her kneecap beneath the blanket.

Alarmed, Molly recoiled and tried to unsuccessfully move away from him and found herself just wedged even harder against the cabin wall. Frantic, she kicked her legs a few times.

"Okay! Okay!" the man said, taken aback. "It's okay. You can keep your blanket." He took his hand from her knee. Molly relaxed a bit, her heart racing fearfully. She wished the flight attendant would return.

"Well," the man said, "if it makes you feel better, I can show you my penis first."

Molly took a second to register what he said. She watched in shock as he unzipped his fly and fished around a moment before pulling his penis out.

The little girl was shocked. She had just seen her first penis while watching a dirty movie and now there was one in real life not more than two feet from her. The man propped his aisle foot up on the seat in front of them, effectively shielding himself from the people across the aisle who were already asleep anyway.

Stunned and miserable, little Molly couldn't avert her gaze. Onscreen, the woman was now on all fours as the man plowed into her from behind but the young girl paid no attention. Instead, she found herself staring at this man's exposed penis, jutting out obscenely from the fly of his jeans. The eight year old girl was surprised by its size. It had been difficult to gauge the size of the penis onscreen but now she couldn't believe how far this penis extended from this man's pants.

"Don't mind me," the man told her breezily. "Let's just keep watching, huh?"

Molly bit her lip in distress. She was now too flustered to even watch the movie. She tried looking out the window but realized with frustration that the reflection of the man's penis was clearly visible in the polished plastic of the window.

Seeing movement, she turned her head to see what he was doing. Disgusted, Molly watched as he ran his fist up and down his penis. Despite her distaste, she couldn't help but curiously watch as he milked his penis. There was even a drop of fluid at the top of it.

"Mmmm, feels good," the man said, sighing. He reached into his bag beneath the forward seat and pulled out a small plastic bottle. Molly watched as he squirted some clear fluid onto his hand before resuming his motions.

"Makes it slippery," he told the little girl. "Feels a lot better like this..."

His penis was now glistening with the slippery fluid and his fist moved much more smoothly along the shaft. Her revulsion won over her curiosity as Molly stared at her feet. "I wish he would put it away," she thought unhappily. "I wish the flight attendant would come back." But the cabin was very still and quiet. Most of the lights were extinguished and there was no noise except the ceaseless drone of the engine.

"Hey, would you like to touch my penis?" the man asked her?

Molly looked at him with disgust and shook her head. She turned to look out the window when she felt him take her hand. Startled, Molly recoiled and snatched her hand away. Her heart raced as the man pushed his elbow against her flat chest, pinning her to the seat. He then firmly took her by the wrist.

"Don't be shy," he told her. He pried open her clenched fist and rubbed his slippery hand against her palm. "It's easy, trust me. You'll like it..."

Revolted, Molly was unable to resist as he guided her hand to his hard penis. He closed his fingers around his throbbing shaft, keeping his own hand tight around her fist. The eight year old girl could feel his flesh burning hotly underneath her fingers. His hand guided her fist up and down his erect penis.

Helpless, Molly watched as her hand stroked his glistening shaft. She could feel every inch of him now. Every pulsing vein, every little bump, every slight curve was apparent now beneath her fingers. The eight year old girl still felt sickened but she couldn't ignore the dancing tingles between her legs. Her thighs were clenched together as she leaned close to him, making her wet underpants more than noticeable.

The man sighed. "You're doing a real good job. I'm going to take my hand away okay? But you just keep doing what you're doing, okay?"

Slowly, the man relaxed his grip on her fist. Then he took his hand away. Conflicting emotions arose within the little girl. She knew she should stop, she knew it was sinful but she couldn't help but enjoy what she was doing. The wetness and tingles were now impossible to ignore and they urged the eight year old girl to continue.

"This is wrong," Molly thought to herself. "This is sinful and I shouldn't be doing this."

But the man's words contradicted her thoughts. "Oh darling, you're the best. That's perfect," the man told her. "You're doing great. Don't stop okay? Whatever happens, don't stop. Do you understand?"

"Yes," Molly replied. Her little fist continued to stroke the length of the man's erect penis. It suddenly felt deliciously good to be so bad. Subtly, the man took her wrist and adjusted her grip so that his penis was pointing directly at her. The young girl naively continued fisting him, unaware of what was about to happen.

"Oh, yes, yes..." the man moaned softly. "Don't stop! Don't stop!"

Molly was caught completely off guard by what happened next. The man's penis began to pulse in her hand. Suddenly, a spray of white fluid erupted from the tip of it, arcing high in the air before landing on the collar of her shirt.

"Don't stop! Don't stop!" the man repeated, begging her. Surprised but fascinated, Molly's breathing quickened as her fist kept milking his cock. Another burst of white fluid spurted from his penis. This one landed on her cheek and brown hair. Molly flinched but didn't stop. More fluid landed on her plaid uniform. And her wrist. Finally, the spraying stopped and the liquid dribbled down the length of his penis and onto her fist.

The man stopped her motions. His eyes were closed and his head leaning against the seat. Molly took her hand away from his spent manhood. With her clean hand she wiped away the sticky white fluid that was dripping down her cheek. The eight year old girl cautiously examined the semen staining her clothes .

"Oh my," the man said, snapping his eyes open. He moved briskly and efficiently now. He reached beneath the seat and pulled out a package of tissues. Quickly wiping up his deflating penis, he zipped himself up. Molly cast a final glance at the laptop screen before he closed it, catching a glimpse of the man plunging his penis into the woman as he lay on top of her.

"Goodness, you're a mess," he told Molly. He pulled out some more tissues and swiftly wiped the pools of semen off the little girl's clothes, leaving behind only dark damp spots. He didn't wipe the blob of semen clotting in her hair though.

"Now young lady," he addressed her, "let's keep this a secret, shall we? It's wrong to watch such sinful movies, isn't it? You don't want me to tell the flight attendant that you were watching a sinful movie, do you? She would tell your parents, you know."

Molly listened, a lump forming in her throat as he spoke. She suddenly felt ashamed again. Ashamed for watching a dirty movie, ashamed for touching a man's privates, ashamed for having gotten her uniform dirty.

"You'll keep all this a secret, right?" the man asked her. "Because if you don't tell, neither will I."

"I won't tell," Molly said softly.

"Good," the man said. "Let's get some rest then. Long flight ahead of us."

And with that, he turned off his light and reclined his seat back, stretching out as best he could. Soon he was snoring gently, leaving Molly feeling confused, frightened and curious. The entire plane cabin was now dark and quiet except for an occasional cough and rustle. Beyond her window, all she could see was a dark expanse. Unable to sleep, Molly clutched the blanket around her as her mind began to unravel the events. The crotch of her underwear still clung wet between her legs and the eight year old girl shifted uncomfortably as she fingered the clump of dried semen in her hair.

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