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2011 September 22

After a Good While...

Rember when I said frequent updates? Apparently I meant monthly, as that seems when I'll usually be updating. Sometimes I'll try to post more than once a month, but monthly is the safest thing to expect, as busy as my life is. I hope you enjoy my new one-shot story, What Tom Did! It was a lot of fun to write! No worries, though, I'm getting back on the Naked In Homeschool wagon ASAP! ;)

2011 August 23

Quick Status Update

Hey all! Just a few quick notes, then I'm off to bed. I'm hard at work on both chapter 1 to NIHS as well as a new short story. The short story is closer to being done, and will probably be published in the next few days. I've also created a facebook page, and made some other minor tweaks including a donate button and a comment box on all story pages. Yup, you can now leave comments! :)

2011 August 6

Officially Online

My website is now online. I have the prologue posted for Naked In Homeschool. Much more to come. Contact me if you have any suggestions, questions, or requests!

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2011 September 22

One Hit Wonders

What Tom Did

See what happens when Tom corrupts Tori's mother into his own personal sex slave, dragging Tori herself into the fun and games. (MFf, Mf, MMMFf, ped, inc, exhib, voy, reluc, ws)

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2011 August 6

Naked in Homeschool

Prologue - Sunday

Judy, a conservative mother and homeschool teacher, decides to enroll her children in "The Program" to ensure they get a proper education. Though she denies her own arousal at the idea, things soon get out of hand. (FM, ped, inc, NIS)

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