Jane Urquhart

      These pages include several different kinds of things:

      The Janey Stories -- the ones Janey wrote herself

      Jane Urquhart's Stories -- the ones that aren't about Janey

      Stories Others Wrote About Janey

      I've also included a little note on "How I write."

        Then there's The Saga of the Easter Bunny, which may give
             you some notion of just how nutty writers can be.
             Perpetrators include Lord Shon, MichaelD, JimmyHat,
             Neos Fyllo, Vickie Morgan, See-El, Lord Lucan and yours truly.

       An addition:  You can now read Miles Naismith's Lucy Stays,
            a finalist for "Best Story July '98-July '99" in Maria's  Clitty
           contest, in glorious HTML, right here.

       And here are some links to other people's stories. I like mine
           best :-), but I like some written by these authors, too.
           Incidentally, they aren't all "vanilla," so you'll have to look
           for story codes when you get there.

   Anne747    (includes a very good list of links)

  Bear's Den   (includes Kim, DG & M1ke Hunt)

  Miles Naismith     Poison Ivan     Kristen     MissBehavin

  Crimson Dragon     BillyG     Mat Twassel     Desdmona

  Sensual Venus     EroticHa -- Erotic stories that are funny

   You might also want to look at the ASS Hall of Fame, a site dedicated
   to the memories of contributors to the alt.sex.stories groups who have
   left us in one way or another.