Jane Marwood


The Date:

The newest story by Jane Marwood.

A Governess for Richard:

An orphan boy is caught trespassing by two girls from the Manor House Estate. His subsequent caning and humiliation at the hands and discretion of Jane and Veronica are only the start of his troubles.


Poor Timothy has an embarrssing medical condition that seems to delight his female doctor and her nurses. Under a strict and thorough milking regime, he hardly knows which way to turn.

Punishment 2015

In a time when Women have become the dominant species in social reform. A Young man is sentenced to attend a Punishment Center. His treatment is as humiliating as it is painful!

The Stepford Husbands

A boarding school and academy that is very different. Young Peter's embarrassing first day at school is just the start of his long-term training to make him the perfect partner.

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