by Jack and Jeannie Duncan

While the contents of this page are FOR ADULT EYES ONLY, if you are looking for hard core aggressive sex, you still may not be in the right place. Our intent here is simply to celebrate the fun and pleasure to be had in the physical expression of friendship between a man and a woman.


The stories presented here are of events some of which actually happened, some could have happened and some are just wishful thinking. We prefer to forget which are which.

We have taken some criticism about lacking graphic details of sexual activities but both Jeannie and I feel we should stay with the balanced mix of physical pleasure and emotional involvement that we feel best expresses the joy we find in sharing our lives and selves with friends.

Most of the following were written by us but we have invited some of our close friends to add their stories - both factual and fantasized.


BLACKMAIL Two sultry schemers enjoy their vocation.


In a small town in the north woods, a lad named Jack is introduced to the procedures and pleasures of the adult world by a charming and caring neighbor lady. When he finishes high school, Jack goes on to university where he meets his wife-to be, Jeannie. The two spend their college years years together studying, screwing and discussing the relationships between love, sex, personal space and marriage.

An attractive opportunity to test their philosophies satisfies the two that they are safe from petty jealousies so they get married and move to California where new adventures await them. As Jack and Jeannie set about establishing a place in the competetive world, they form a friendship with their devious landlords who lead them into to some interesting hanky-panky.

In time, the pair purchase a home of their own and for the following several years dedicate their lives to making a family. Life is good but eventually Jeannie rebels at the idea of becoming a soccer mom and draws Jack into a flamboyant relationship with a like minded woman and her husband. The four way affair generates opportunities for other adventures, some of which are chronicled in the attached library of favorite stories, while a high school reunion presents opportunities for Jack to make up for a poor performance in his younger days and for Jeannie to make the acquaintance of Jack's boyhood friends. Later, Jack falls victim to a conspiracy when he yields to a seductive proposition from a coworker.

Eventually, Jack's job uproots them and takes the young family northward to Seattle where, on the surface, the social atmosphere appears to be considerably more conservative. A trip on one of the area's loveboat cruises provides a delightful break in the period of adjustment. Acceptance into the local social scene begins with a developing friendship with a neighboring couple, Laura and Malcolm, who introduce them to a group of neighbors who play some rather interesting games.

Of course the couple have social interests other than sexual. They run into a couple from Jeannie's past who introduce them to their boating club and take them sailing on weekends. They join the club and before long, Jack finds himself victim of the feminine intrigue common to such groups.

Most of the following were written by us but we have invited some of our close friends to add their stories - both factual and fantasized. We are particularly pleased by the warm reception given the contribution of our friend Jessie. We're trying to persuade her to contribute more. Jessie is a cute little button, rather shy, and we knew her for over a year before discovering that under her prim and proper exterior lies such an appreciation of life's pleasures. I suppose that to some, we might appear to be rather stuffy too - on first meeting.


RETRIBUTION Fiction by Jack: Not much action but you might run into this situation some day.

BUS TOUR Jeannie and Malcolm take a little trip together and make new friends.

MATCHMAKING Jeannie and Jack meddle in the sex lives of some friends.

HISTORY Excerpts from Jack's diary covering the first venture over the boundary between casual sex and swinging.

SWINGER'S BALL Jeannie and Jack find themselves at an unconventional convention.

SCREEN TEST (by Jeannie) Fiction - but it could happen to you.

FORTY DOLLARS (by Sam Davidson) An old friend tells of recovery from personal tragedy.

HAIR-DO Jack recalls an incident from earlier days.

BLUFFING (by Jack) Don't challenge any woman unless you're ready to follow through.

THE CIM (by Jeannie) There's no action in this story but it does present a neat way to get things rolling.

THREE STARS (MF by Jack) May you be lucky enough to run into this ladies luncheon club.

NEW RULES (MF by Jeannie)The story, as recounted to Jeannie, of the expansion of Laura's sexual horizons.

HAZEL (MFMF by Alex Ross) Jeannie's brother-in-law confesses to swinging

PERFECT (MF) by Jeannie) No life is ever so perfect that one more luxury can't improve it.

GREENER (MF by Jack and Jeannie) What the grass is on the other side of the fence.

NICE VICE (MF by JACK) The ladies of the hospital auxiliary decide that a cake sale will not raise enough money to cover their ambitious plans for upgrading the maternity wing.

EXECUTIVE ACTION (MF by Jack and Jeannie) This one is pure fiction. We really don't know any such people but what would you do if you found yourselves in this situation? Honestly!

VARIETY IS THE SPICE (FM by Jessie B.) Concerned neighbors help brighten up life for a depressed housewife. (Jessie asked if we would post this, her maiden effort. Be sure to give her your opinion. JandJ)

MORE JESSIE (FM by Jessie B.) This is a continuation of Jessie's 'VARIETY IS THE SPICE'.

JESSIE AND THE FISHBOWL (MF by Jessie B.) Jessie continues to expand her horizons.

JESSIE REVISITS THE FISHBOWL (MF by Jessie B.) Jessie takes one step closer to playing the game.

JESSIE IN THE FISHBOWL Jessie takes the big step.

HAD MF: Old schoolfriends share memories and other things.

MIRIAM Jessie's husband tries his hand at fantasy - or is there more in Jessie's past than she's been admitting to?

WEDDING PARTY Jeannie reminisces on a dear friend's wedding.

ANNIVERSARY PRESENT MF: Thoughtful wife comes up with ideal present for twenty fifth anniversary.

OOPS! Serves you right for eavesdropping. MF

EDDIE Double sting. MF

SUNSCREEN (FM by Jeannie) Oceans and lotions stir up some emotions.

HELL HATH NO FURY Jack experiences the revenge of a slighted woman.

EMJAY Jeannie and Jack add another couple to their circle of very close friends. MALCOLM Jeannie and Laura help each other out on occasions

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There'll be more

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