Copyright (c) 2001-2003 by Jafar

Submitted for your approval ... Jafar's favorite MC stories. Knowing the stories that I like will help you determine if my favorite flavor of MC is interesting to you (and thus my stories worth reading); if you like my stories, these have a similar flavor of MC. (One of these days I'm going to compose a "Philosophy of MC" essay ....)

I didn't submit these to Simon's EMCSA for two reasons. First, I'm just listing the best stories without a detailed analysis of the what's and why's of each. Second, even if Simon bar Sinister does not like to be flattered, I'm sorry, the best MC story of all time was written by him.

You'll notice that one name dominates the list, with no less than nine stories below. Yes, I am a big fan of Downing Street's.

I also greatly admire all the works of Deirdre, an author of numerous tales where reality unravels and people find themselves doing unexpected sexual things. Reading her stories is like watching one of those animation flip-books, where you are presented with a series of quick images, each one more unexpectedly sexual than the last.

Finally, I can tell you there is a very good author coming soon. He is thinking of going by the pen name of Grimm's Other Brother. He's let me read what he's completed on his story so far, and it will definitely be worth catching when he releases it! I'll keep you posted.

If you follow any of the links below to read the stories listed, give thanks to Simon and his Electronic Mind Control Story Archive. All of us that share this fetish owe him gratitude for his work in creating and maintaining the EMCSA!

Live well.


All We Like Sheep: by MC Woodsmoke.
by Deidre.
Extra Effort:
by RC.
by Deirdre.
Harry Boobday: by Downing Street.
I Want: by JLS. (Vies for number 2 of all time, except it is too short!)
Lovebright Academy: by Downing Street.
Mind Field: by unknown. (Vies for number 2 of all time.)
Office Referral: by Daphne.
Poolside: by Heimdall.

Promise: by Sevenfactorial.
Rest Boy: by Tas. 
Simon Says: by Downing Street.
The Slave Pit: by Traffic Man. (The last two chapters are the best.)
Sleep Time: by Downing Street. (The number 2 MC story I have ever read.)
Slut Sounds: by N Trance
Summer Holidays: by Downing Street.
Sweet Smell of Lust: by Caesar.
Tommy Takes Charge: by Blackie.
The Treatment: by Simon bar Sinister. (The number 1 MC story I have ever come across.)


Absolute Obedience: by Simon bar Sinister.
Biker Weekend: by unknown.
Bimbo Eyes: by Downing Street.
The Book: by Blackie (the Homer of our genre, with his unfinished Odyssey)
Bracelet: by Deirdre.
The Break: by Candle.
Card Games: by Doctor Pinch.
Channel 497: by Big Daddy Five.
Cindy: by Laura Leigh.
Classroom Surprise: by anoymous.
College: by Deirdre.
Cromwell's Court Case: by Downing Street.
Crossed Wires: by unknown.
Deal: by Deirdre.
Dip: by Deirdre.
Disabled Powers: by Caesar.
The Evil Doctor Avery: by Mind Control Fan.
The Experiment: by E.
Free Will 504: by Chris A.
For the Good of the Order: by Hunter Jackson.
Friendly Takeover: by EyeOfSerpent.
Gemini: by Cherysse St. Claire.
The Glass Ceiling Cracks: by Big Daddy Five.
How Long Until You Find a Strong Man, Princess: by Why Now.
The Humiliation of Jane: by unknown.
Hypno-Poem: by Mesmer.
The Hypnotizing Megan Chronicles: by Chase the Wind.
In Evil Company: by The Flying Pen.
Infidelity: by Parker.
The Learning Center: by MC Woodsmoke.
Loose Circuit: by Henri Ticket.
Lunch: by Deirdre.
Maid Service: by Daphne. Aka Maid, to Order
Maryanne's First: by Maryanne.
Minor Sexual Sins: by Screwtape.
Movie Mania: by Downing Street.
My Wife the Professor: by Not Yet Famous.
My Wife's Therapist: by Ernest Scribbler.
The Nude Models: by HappyAndre.
Oral Exam: by Downing Street.
Prince City: by Simon bar Sinister.
Shockingly Black: by EyeOfSerpent.
Shocking Pink: by Sara H.
Showtime: by Fury.
Sim Folks: by The Sinner.
Stripclub Bimbos: by N Trance.
Subliminal Submissives: by Simon bar Sinister.
Tales of the Institute: by Blackie.
Three Day Weekend: by Chris A.
TV Guide: by The Sinner.
Unlocked Inhibitions: by T.
Wetware: by Marlissa.