Hello and welcome to my internet bedroom!

 My name is Jade and I love to fantasize! I thought that I would puts some of these fantasies on paper. I hope that they'll turn you on as much as they have me!

I'm an educated lady with a very naughty side. If we knew each other offline you might never believe that I have this wild streak inside me and all these stories to tell.

I intend to write in a bunch of different areas including but not  limited to incest, light BDSM, exhibition, bisexuality, homsexuality and lesbianism, and much more.  I might even post some scenes from tevelision, books, or movies that I would love to see happen. Every story will have warnings so please don't read anything you'll find offensive.

I lust for feedback, so please tell me if my stories got your motor running. I also take requests for stories, so tell me what would turn you on the most. My email is Jade@NoWorries.com

DISCLAIMER: These are fantasies and have NO bearing on real life.

This site contains fictional works and images that include descriptions of sexual acts. If you are
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