The following represents my own contributions to the erotic story archive that is ASSTR, and should not be viewed by anyone who is offended by erotic literature, or who is under the appropriate age of consent ofor their area.

As with all other author's pages it will be undergoing constant updates, as I post stories.  I don't have as much time to write as I'd like, however, so don't necessarily think that it will be a regular thing for me to post.  It's much more of an as-and-when situation.

This page was last updated on 15th December, 2002.

I've tried to put as much detail in to the story codes as possible, to warn viewers of this page of the content.  If anything in the codes disagrees with your tastes don't read.  It's your own look-out if you ignore the warning and get offended as a result.  For a full explanation of the story codes used on ASSTR, please use the following link:

To go to the stories, please click on the appropriate title graphic.  If you feel like giving me feed-back, please feel free to use the comments form at the bottom of this page.  As with all authors, constructive criticism is welcomed, but abuse isn't.  So if that's your thing, please don't bother.

In terms of copyright for my own work, I hereby give permission for readers to down-load copies of my work for their own viewing, but would prefer to retain wider copyright.  If you want to repost any of my work just ask - I'll almost certainly say yes (but that's not a guarantee), but would prefer to know what's happening where.  I also expect that I'll be clearly identified as the author of my work (UK copyright law applies to all my work, in particular the Copyrights, Designs and Patents Act), and that any fees charged for viewing will come to me (in full!).

So, having said all of that, on to the stories...!


A short semi-autobiographical tale of a young cross-dresser's first taste of forbidden fruit.  Some element of being forced involved, but not rape by any means.  Mm(transv.), oral(1st), nc(?)


A story involving a romance between a young transvestite and her first boyfriend.  Currently only one chapter written, but with scope for expansion.  Mm(transv.), rom, exhib(?), oral(1st)


A short work of fiction involving a transgendered office girl who gets found-out by her boss, and suffers the consequences.  Again, some element of being forced, but not what I'd call rape.  M+/M(tg), bdsm, oral(1st, nc/blackmail), fetish.


My longest work yet, featuring a young teen boy whose mother is convinced by their manipulative doctor to transform her son into a girl. This is part one, which has no intercourse yet, but keep your eyes peeled for updates to the story, and we'll see what happens...! Tg/transv., Mm(fingering), Mm(oral - 1st, nc?), F-solo, m-solo, humil, nosex(so far)


A shorter work, featuring a young transvestite prostitute, and the love she finds with a client one night. Possible room for expansion, we'll see how it's received. Transv., Mm (oral, anal), rom


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