I love this site!  Based around the writings of an English teacher (that's nationality, not subject) and her very incestuous family.  Includes all sorts of character biographies and background material, with a mixture of admitted fiction and stories presented as real life.  Whether you believe it's real or not is immaterial - it's all convincing enough, and it's definitely worth visiting.  Be warned, there are some quite strong themes dealt with in amongst the humour and sexiness.


All the text graphics used on my site were produced using the free online heading maker available at this site.  Well worth checking out.


An excellent source of mail-order clothing for cross-dressers.  UK-based, but an international community.


A site specialising in archiving links to sex mpegs.  The movies themselves are usually only 10 seconds long, but there's a good range to choose from, you rarely encounter false links, good descriptions are provided, and there are constant updates.  Worth a look.


A predominantly gay-sex based story archive, also encompassing a large number of cross-dressing stories, and a bit of bestiality (again featuring mainly gay sex).  Stories very well categorised.


Another UK-based mail-order clothing site, dealing primarily in, suprisingly enough, sexy footwear, but also catering for other types of fetish clothing.  Items ordered take ages to arrive, but they're good quality, and in my experience reliable.



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