Chapter 2 - Keith

(m-solo, mm, mut. mast, oral)
14 May 2004

School in England was quite a peculiar experience. For a start, I'd never been in a boys-only school. And then there was the whole bit with uniforms (navy blue shirt and dark grey flannel trousers), compulsory sports, and rules, rules and more rules.

Classes were intense, as were the compulsory sports. Being rather tall for my age, I got drafted into rugby (number eight) and basketball.

The promiscuity was a little strange to me at first, the communal showers, changing rooms and so on, but I got used to it after a while. We slept in a dormitory with twenty beds, and had our usual shares of pillow fights after lights out, which would earn us the wrath of the Prefects (older boys assigned to keeping the peace — no easy task with about seventy rowdy teenage boys to take care of). At night, once the rowdy bits were finished, there would be the creaking of the bedsprings as various boys relieved themselves. At first, I was shy of masturbating where others could hear, and I would sneak off to the toilets, but after a few weeks, I figured that when in Rome, burn it, and started tossing off every night like everyone else.

One day, I was back at the house early, and decided to take the opportunity to have a leisurely bath (usually, we were so pressed for time that showering was the faster option). The bathroom had two rows of four claw-footed bathtubs, and I went and ran the one in the corner furthest from the door. Once it was full and had a nice head of foam, I stripped and slid into the hot, relaxing water. Closing my eyes, I drifted backwards until only my head remained above the water. Lazily, I started playing with myself, and was soon stiff. I'd always enjoyed wanking in the bath, and this was the first time I had the opportunity here at school, being alone for once.

After about five or ten minutes, Keith (who was in my form for maths and slept in the bed next to mine) came in and started running the tub to my right. He was a very pretty boy, blonde with — here we go again — green eyes. Damn, I thought to myself, and stopped my strokes. Keith slid into the bath, and we exchanged a few trivialities. My cock was aching for relief, though, as my erection didn't seem to want to go away. Fuck it, I decided, and resumed my masturbation. There was enough foam that even if he sat up, Keith couldn't see what I was doing. However, my stroking set up a rhythmic lapping sound, and I reckoned that he'd soon figure out what I was doing. Bugger!

I stopped stroking again, but then noticed that the sounds were continuing, coming from the other tub!

"You wanking?" Keith asked. "It's okay, I always wank in the bath as well."

"Uh okay," I said, and shrugged. I picked up where I left off. Even though I'd gotten used to everyone tossing off in bed, this time it seemed sort of kinky.

"Don't you hate the mess in the water, though?" he said, grinning at me.

"Yeah — usually, I come over the side, I hate the way the spunk floats around all stringy."

"I hadn't thought of that," he said.

We continued tossing for a few minutes in silence, but I knew I was going to come soon. I announced this, and Keith said he was about to come as well. I didn't care anymore, so I got up on my knees, still holding my cock in my hand. Because the tub was against the wall, I had to do this facing Keith but I didn't care, I had to come. Keith's eyes bugged a bit when he saw my cock with my fist pumping up and down.

"Wow! You've got a big one!" he exclaimed.

"You think so?" I asked.

"Yeah! Way cool!" he replied, getting up on his knees as well. His cock was still pretty much hairless, with just a few wisps of blonde pubes above the base, and his balls were completely bald. I already had some hair all over, but I actually found his cock quite pretty to look at.

"Yours is very pretty, though," I said, still pumping.

"Thanks, I — Aaah! Here I go," he exclaimed, and shot three or four loads onto the floor between the tubs. Seeing his little dick spurting was kinda cool, and set me off. I shot really hard, and my first salvo sprayed all the way across, landing on his belly and dribbling down to his cock, followed by my second shot. The others weren't so hard, and joined the drops of his come on the floor between us.

"Oops," I said. "Sorry about that."

He grinned and wiped my sperm from his belly and cock with some of the bathwater before climbing out. "That was impressive," he said. "I wish I could shoot that far."

"Practise makes perfect," I said, grinning.

We towelled off and got dressed, and then went to do our homework. I was thinking about what had happened, and wondering if it was gay to jerk off in front of another boy. I remembered Aviva, and reckoned that, since I still wanted to do things with girls, probably not, but failed to come to a definitive conclusion. That night, I didn't wank in bed, it felt sort of weird, lying next to Keith after what happened in the bathroom.

The next day, Keith and I were walking back from classes, and I suggested sneaking off for a smoke. Smoking was, of course, strictly forbidden, which is why most of us would sneak off at the first opportunity.

Keith said why not, but he didn't have any smokes and couldn't afford any (his parents had enough trouble footing the school fees, and he was perpetually short of pocket money — not a problem I was afflicted with, luckily). No problem, I said, he could have some of mine.

We left the path and walked down a short incline into a small wood about half a mile from the house. I'd found a clearing that was further sheltered from the road by a little hillock — very convenient to sneak smokes.

We sat down on the grass, and I lit up before handing him my pack. The weather was warm, the sun was shining, all in all a great day. We smoked in silence for a while, and then Keith said: "You ever done it with a girl?"

"Done what?" I asked mock-innocently.

"You know, fucked."

"Not quite."

"Like, what, then? Do you have a girlfriend back home?"

"Yeah, I think," I said.

"So what did she let you do? Did you ever see her naked?"

"Oh sure. We've kissed, and played with each other."

"You mean, she let you touch her pussy?"

"Yeah. And she wanked me off and sucked me off, too."

"Wow!" he said. "What's it like?"

"Completely brilliant," I said. I could see our talk was having an effect on him, as there was a bulge in his trousers. Actually, remembering about Aviva, and her mouth on my cock was giving me a painful hard-on too, and I absent-mindedly rubbed it through my trousers.

"I've got such a hard-on," Keith said. "I need to have a wank." Without further ado, he unzipped his trousers and pulled them and his underwear down to his knees, his cock standing at attention. Thinking what the hell, I quickly followed suit. My cock was about an inch longer than his, and thicker. At the time, I think I must have been a tad over five inches, but I'm not sure, and I've grown quite a bit since then.

"You've got such a big boner," he said, grinning and pumping his hand up and down. "I think it's cool, tossing off in front of each other, it makes me come harder."

"I wish my girlfriend was here," I said. "It's even better when it's someone else doing it."

Keith seemed to think for a few moments, and then — I was shocked — he just reached out and grabbed my cock. Having someone else's hand on my cock felt really good, so I let him continue, imagining in my mind that it was Aviva doing it.

He was still stroking his dick with his left hand, and on impulse I decided to return the favour. I reached for his cock and started wanking him too.

"God that feels good," he said.

We speeded up our action, and soon he moaned and came, his spurts flying out onto the grass. I quickly followed, sending thick streams of come about three feet.

"That was really great," he said. "Thanks, Jack."

"You're welcome, Keith," I said.

We smoked another cigarette each, and then made our way to the house.

That night, I tried out having a wank in bed, but it wasn't the same. I quickly brought myself to an unsatisfactory orgasm and fell asleep.

Our smoking and mutual masturbation sessions quickly turned into a daily habit. Whenever the weather was warm enough, we would even strip completely, and get a tan. It's really surprising we never got caught, but I wasn't going to complain about such luck. And the possibility of getting busted added an extra dimension of thrill to our sessions.

It was one of those warm, and therefore naked, afternoons that Keith asked me what it was like to be sucked off by Aviva. I said it was the most amazing thing.

"I'll do you if you do me," he suggested. I thought about it for a while. Did I want his cock in my mouth? And what if he came in my mouth? But I also wanted him to suck me off so I could imagine it was Aviva...

"Okay," I finally said. "Lie back."

He reclined on the grass, and I knelt between his legs. I looked at his dick up close, and I must say I did find it very pretty. Tentatively, I licked him from the base to the tip, tasting his pre-come. It wasn't too bad, in a sort of salty, musky way, so I opened my mouth and slid it over his knob.

"Fucking hell that feels good," he said, grabbing the back of my head and trying to shove more of his dick in my mouth. I pulled his hands off and removed my mouth.

"No shoving," I said, "or I'll stop."

"Sorry, sorry," he apologised. "It's just — that was so amazing!"

I returned to my task, sliding about half his length into my mouth, and swirling my tongue under the head. I grabbed his shaft with my left hand, and started stroking him while moving my mouth up and down. I soon had a good rhythm going. With my right hand, I caressed his hairless balls, twirling them around for a while. Keith was panting. Then, I slid my middle finger down to his puckered arsehole, and pushed my finger against it. It opened a little, and I pushed in to the first knuckle.

"Holy shit!" he cried out, and I suddenly felt something warm and sticky hit the back of my throat. I quickly pulled off his dick, and watched the remaining spurts shoot up into the air and land on his belly. His semen had a weird taste, but not as bad as I feared. To make sure, I licked some off his cock and balls, and found that it wasn't that terrible. Maybe next time I'd let him come in my mouth properly.

"Fuck me that was amazing," he said, his breathing calming down.

I lay back on the grass next to him, and said "my turn."

Keith scooted between my legs, and approached my rock-hard cock. Pre-come had dribbled freely down my shaft, and he spread it around, slicking me up before licking me from my balls to the tip.

I lay back and closed my eyes, imagining Aviva's sweet face as his mouth engulfed my cock. Since I was quite a bit thicker than him, he only managed to get about two inches in, but made up for that with enthusiastic pumping. His mouth felt really good on my dick, I knew I wasn't going to last long. When I felt his finger probing my arse, I almost came; I spread my legs out, and tried to relax my sphincter. He paused briefly to lick his finger. This time, it pushed in easily, and he shoved it all the way into my arse, pumping in and out matching his strokes on my cock.

"Aaah yes!" I cried as my orgasm overtook me. I shot two huge gobs down his throat before he managed to pull away, and I sent the rest onto his face and chest. He pulled his finger out of my twitching arse, finally, and cleaned himself up with some paper hankies.

"Your spunk isn't gross like I thought it would be," he said.

"Same with yours," I admitted.

"Having your cock sucked is just the best," he said.

"I actually enjoyed sucking yours. Next time, you can come in my mouth if you like," I said.

"Okay, then you can do the same." Leaning over to me, he then surprised me by kissing me. I felt the tip of his tongue probe my lips, and opened my mouth. Our tongues intertwined, and our hands roamed up and down each other's bodies. Soon, we were both erect again. I had an idea, and turned over so I was facing his cock and mine was close to his face. Lifting his left leg up for better access, I licked my finger and started lubricating his arsehole before shoving my finger in. This time, I pushed as far as it would go before taking his cock in my mouth. Keith mirrored my actions, and soon we were sucking away and finger-fucking each other's arses. We kept this up for about ten minutes before we came simultaneously in each other's mouth. I let him finish coming before swallowing his thick cream. It really wasn't so bad, more of an acquired taste. Keith didn't manage to swallow all I unloaded, and some had dribbled out of his mouth. He scooped it back into his mouth with a finger before swallowing it all.

"Phew," he said, "that was intense!"

We smoked a few more cigarettes and chatted about this and that before getting dressed again.

"Do you think we're gay?" he asked.

"I don't know," I replied, considering this. "I mean, I miss my girlfriend, so I reckon that makes me bi..."

"I've never done anything with a girl, so I guess I must be gay until further notice..."

"But you would do girls if you could, right?"

"Uh — I guess so..."

"Maybe we'll find a way to find out," I said in a reassuring tone. As it turned out, it wasn't to be long before such an opportunity presented itself...

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