A Temple to Ishtar

Welcome to my webpage, A Temple to Ishtar. Here you will find works by ASSTR author JS Anonical (that's me!). My collection of fiction (and they are strictly stories of fiction) focus on the relationships of men and women and women with women, cisgender and transgender. My intent is to focus just as much on the romance as with the naughty bits (if not more). Still, this is an adults only site, so do not proceed without reading the below statements.

Given the nature of ASSTR and this website, you must have read and agreed to the following statement (also found on the front page of the ASSTR website):

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Please also see the ASSTR terms and conditions agreement found on ASSTR for further information.

IN OTHER WORDS, you are not authorized to proceed if you are under the age of twenty-one nor may you distribute the stories contained herein to those who can not or would not agree to the above statements.