Sabrina & Tabitha
Teen Witches
Part 03
By JR Parz


Tabitha fumed as she paced her mansion.  Despite having spent the entire night trying to track them, she failed.  Now, she feared she might be dealing with forces even greater than her own.  Tabitha walked down the hallway to where she had left Salem and glared at him.  Salem stood there - stark naked - a stone statue.  “Damn you,” she shouted at him, blaming him for this mess.  Then she snapped her fingers and brought him back to life.

“Tabitha, please, this isn’t my fault… let me explain!”

Tabitha snapped her fingers again and this time Salem’s eyes lit up, as he was now sporting an erection!

“We can’t have you looking all that now, can we?” Tabitha commented.

“Tabitha!  Give me a chance to…” Salem started to say before he suddenly realized his erection was shrinking.  He reached down and realized it wasn’t just his erection shrinking, but his dick!  “What are you doing to me?” Salem cried as his once ten inches turned to a tenth its size!

Tabitha then brought him to attention and returned him back to stone.

Tabitha then turned and headed back to her chamber.  She missed Sabrina more than she cared to admit.  She really did love the girl, and the emptiness she felt was gnawing at her.  She wondered how Sabrina was holding up given she was laboring under a love spell of unbreakable power.

Tabitha still found it difficult to believe Hilda outsmarted her, and she looked forward to turning the tables on that stuck-up bitch.  The fact that it hadn’t been enough to strip the witch of her witchcraft still amazed her.

When Tabitha walked into her chamber, Zelda stood quietly off to the side with her head bowed.  She scrutinized the teen and decided she was pretty enough to go through with what she had planned for the girl.  Zelda was a definite cutie and very fuckable.  Not the type of beauty that would knock one over, but hot enough to want to seduce her.

"Are you going to tell me where Hilda and Sabrina went?"

"I told you, Mistress, I don’t know."

Tabitha knew that Zelda was telling the truth because she wasn’t capable of lying to her.  Still, she was angry enough to continue tormenting her.  Then she walked over to the cauldron.  The potion was ready.  Drastic events called for drastic measures and she had to prepare for the worst.


Zelda feared for her life now that Tabitha had returned her to her true state of mind.  No longer was she under the slave conditioning and the only reason she called her Mistress was because Tabitha demanded it.

Zelda had seen what Tabitha did to Salem and wondered if this was her fate as well.  She shuddered to think about it.

Zelda flinched when Tabitha stepped in front of her with two goblets.

“I want you to join me in a toast, Zelda,” Tabitha declared.

Zelda looked into the goblet and saw the potion.  She wasn’t sure what it was but she was afraid of it.

“Here, pick yourself a goblet… my way of proving it isn’t poison and we’ll drink at the same time.”

Zelda took the goblet as instructed.  Her instinct told her not to drink from it.
“A toast to Sabrina, who I have fallen in love with,” Tabitha declared and then raised her goblet up to clink with hers.  At the same time, they drank from their goblets and soon Zelda was feeling very strange.

“Now, Zelda… look into my eyes,” Tabitha instructed her, and when she did she felt herself falling into them…


Tabitha felt her own vertigo knowing the potion was doing its work, also knowing that there was no return as once this was done - it was done.


Sabrina popped into her bedroom with Jennifer in tow.  The young actress was still in a sexual daze from the threesome she just enjoyed with both her and Merlin.  Sabrina smiled, as she still feeling the pleasurable tingling from her sex as well.

Sabrina knew that Jennifer would be coming out of the love bug soon, and she had to make sure she was available for some questions.  She didn’t think it was fair that Merlin turn over this responsibility to her, but it wasn’t like she could refuse him.

Sabrina also knew it wasn't going to be easy living away from Merlin, for he really had an affect on her libido.  Fortunately, for the time being anyway, she had Jennifer her to alleviate some of her needs.  She just hoped that her desire for sex didn’t impair her judgment.

Sabrina wondered how Hilda might be making out.  She had asked her aunt to check on a Harvey.  She wouldn’t have put it past Tabitha to do something to him.

Sabrina smiled when Jennifer reentered her bedroom.  The hottie was naked again and looking really delicious.  She giggled over the fact that she still felt a little star-struck still and wondered if that would ever go away.

Sabrina popped her clothes off and assumed a spread eagle position on the bed.  Jennifer didn’t have to be told as she quickly went to work.  It was only later that she noticed that Jennifer’s boobs had grown, and she wondered if Merlin might have given them a growth spurt.


Hilda materialized inside Libby's bedroom just as she was getting fucked by Harvey.  Hilda smiled as Harvey plunged in and out of the hot brunette, and not wanting to startle them, she threw an invisibility cloak around her and proceeded to enjoy the show.

Hilda had to admit that Harvey was a stud as he rammed in and out of Libby.  Her whole body quaked from what she believed were mini-orgasms.  Hilda had to admit that she was finding Harvey quite fuckable and was tempted to trade places with Libby.  Hilda groaned as she began to finger-fuck herself, and it didn't take long before all three of them were crying out with orgasms.

"Who’s there?" Harvey suddenly called out.  Hilda saw him jump out of bed and before Libby could reach for the blanket, she saw that the brunette was pregnant!

Hilda popped clothes back on her body and then rematerialized.

“Who the hell are you?!” Harvey cried out in shock.

“Don’t mind me… I just got caught up in your lovemaking," Hilda replied before she popped them all back to her house.


Merlin rolled his eyes as he listened to the boy’s plea.  If it weren't for the fact that this boy was the son of a personal friend, a mortal friend, he never would have agreed to deal with this… but out of respect to his friend, here he was helping this mortal teen like a third ranked wizard.

While Merlin listened, he found his mind wandering.  Never in his immortal life had he ever felt confused about his feelings.  But his young new sorceress, Sabrina, was constantly on his mind.

"Sir, this girl never gives me the time of day and I really love her.  My dad says you can fix this and I would be like, really, I mean, really, thankful."

Merlin smiled at the boy and sighed.  These teens all had the same request.  "If I place a spell on the girl you desire, it will be forever… are you prepared to deal with this for the rest of your life?"

"Yes, sir… every time I look at some other girl, I only see Sheri.  I can't get her out of my head."

“Tell me about it,” he mumbled, as his thoughts turned to Sabrina again.

"Sir…?  It doesn't have to be a real powerful spell, but just enough to give me a chance with her."

“I’ve already peaked inside the girl’s head, son, and trust me… the only way she is going to be interested in someone like you is via a powerful spell,” Merlin replied with laughter.  Sheri Carson was a stubborn strong willed girl and wouldn’t be easily swayed.

Quite instantly, Merlin materialized Sheri before them.  The girl must have been in the middle of dressing because she was only half dressed.  She didn't have her shoes on, she wore jeans, but she only had her bra on.  Her breasts were small, but they still filled the bra she was wearing.

"Huh… what the… where am I?"

"Hi, Sheri, I'm assuming you know Jimmy," Merlin responded to the girl.

"Jimmy?  Jimmy Peters…?  Ohmygod… what is this?!" Sheri cried out and then blushed and covered her chest when she realized she only had her bra on.

Jimmy, who had only heard of magic, and having never seen it performed before, stood there in stunned amazement.

“You, asshole!” Sheri screamed.

"I... I... I'm sorry, Sheri... I couldn't... I couldn't help it... I... I love you."

"How did you get me here?!" Sheri demanded to know as she glanced around the room.

"I... I want you to love me."

“Like that’s going to happen,” Sheri replied sarcastically.

Merlin sighed, having enough, and then snapped his finger.  Sheri instantly froze in place on the spot.

"Is she alright?" Jimmy asked, shocked at seeing the sexy redhead a frozen statue.

"Of course she’s alright," Merlin replied, and then he waved his arm and Sheri’s clothes suddenly vanished, leaving the girl completely naked.

Jimmy gasped and Merlin had to admit the boy had taste.

“Do you like the girl's tits?" Merlin asked, noting how small they were.

"I love every part of her, she’s beautiful,” Jimmy whispered, clearly entranced with the girl.

Merlin sighed and decided on a different approach.  "Okay, Jimmy, look at Sheri’s breasts and tell me if you like them better."

Jimmy’s eyes lit up when he saw Sheri’s breasts suddenly grow large right before his eyes.  Merlin stopped their growth when they were four times larger.  "Now, do you like them like this, or do you prefer them small?"

"Like this!  They’re incredible!"

Merlin gestured again and the girl's breasts returned to their normal size.  "Okay, Jimmy… that's the size Sheri’s breasts will be by the time they stop growing.  They will grow gradually over the course of the entire summer – that way there is less explaining to do."


Merlin snapped his fingers and suddenly Sheri could move again, and when she saw that she was naked, she shrieked and covered her body as best as she could.  "Why am I naked?” she cried, using one arm to cover her breasts and the other to cover her groin.

"Okay, Sheri, turn to Jimmy and I’ll explain."

Sheri turned beet red as she faced Jimmy.  She knew that he was somehow responsible for her being here.

"You now find Jimmy extremely attractive."

Sheri immediately shook her head no, but then paused in confusion.  "What have you done to me?!" she cried, shaking her head in denial.

"Jimmy also makes you ten times hornier than you ever been before in your life."

Sheri suddenly gasped as a strong sexual desire for Jimmy flashed through her.  The arm that had been covering her breasts dropped, but only to reposition itself so she could caress and knead her sensitive tits!  Her other hand began playing with her very slick slit.  “Oh, god… I’m so horny for you!”

"You want Jimmy to fuck you… and make love to you, don't you?”

“God, yes!” Sheri cried as her hands continued to play with herself.

“You need to have sex with Jimmy, don't you?"

Sheri whimpered as she began fingering herself right there in front of him.  "I... I... I want Jimmy to fuck me!"

Merlin threw his arms up and the girl froze in place again… this time with her fingers buried inside her pussy, her other playing with her little tits, and her head thrown back as if she were in the throes of an orgasm.

Merlin then looked at Jimmy and could see the boy had a hard-on.  "I take it you approve."

"She’s so incredible!"

"Sheri is still very much herself except now she will be so horny for you that she'll basically agree to be your anything."

“Like, over the course of the summer?” Jimmy asked.

Merlin laughed as he zapped Sheri fresh, popped some clothes on her, and then popped her back into her bedroom.  “No, Sheri will feel sexual desire for you the second she lays eyes on you."

"Thank you, sir."

"Thank your father... and tell him I'm one up on him."
After the boy left, Merlin wondered how Sabrina was coming along.  She had specifically told him that she wanted to deal with Tabitha herself, so he made it a point to stay clear of her.  He was feeling horny, and thought to himself; maybe I'll just pop in on her, and see what materializes.


Sabrina smiled as she took in the sight of Harvey and Libby’s naked body.  They were both entranced for the sole purpose of seeing what Tabitha had done to them physically and mentally.  She already knew that there were some things she couldn’t tamper with due to Libby being six or so weeks pregnant.

Sabrina found it strange that Harvey didn’t do a damn thing for her anymore, but the sight of Libby certainly did.  In fact, the sexy brunette was making her wet!  She lightly cupped one of Libby’s large boobs and gave it a squeeze, and smiled when she saw white liquid seep out of her nipple.

Sabrina knew that Tabitha had enlarged her tits, but for the sake of the baby, she would allow Libby to keep them large.  Sabrina then glanced back at Harvey, feeling a slight sadness when she did.  They had a strong relationship at one time… but it seemed so long ago.  Sabrina gazed down at Harvey’s member and blushed.  She had to admit she was impressed, but because their relationship hadn’t progressed to that stage, she wasn’t sure whether it was that large naturally or due to Tabitha.

The first thing Sabrina did was restore Harvey’s originally personality, and then she took away his uncontrollable lust towards Libby.  Without the lust and more of his personality shining through, she could see where Harvey would be able to love and care Libby enough to make their relationship work.  These two were scheduled to be married and it made no sense to break up their relationship, especially with Libby being pregnant.  Sabrina grew heated over the way Tabitha had Harvey treat Libby prior.  Libby had merely been a tool for Harvey to get off on.
Sabrina then scanned Libby's mind and what she discovered shocked her.  Libby was in a lesbian relationship with a high school girl by the name of Sarah.  This shocked her because she hadn’t known that Libby was bi, and this made her wonder.  Did Libby really enjoying licking pussy as much as she loved sucking cock?  Or had Tabitha done something to make Libby feel this way?

Sabrina had to know for her own sake, and dove deep inside Libby's mind and it was then that she discovered the desire Libby had once felt for her!  It had been a year ago, and although it might have grossed her out at the time, it aroused the hell out of her now!

Libby was a beautiful girl, and maybe instead of Libby’s rendezvous with this Sarah, they could meet instead!  Sabrina removed all of Libby’s artificial desires and resurfaced her old ones.  She was pleased to see that Libby still felt a genuine desire for Harvey, and equally pleased to see that her desire for Sarah was only lust based.

Sabrina popped the lovers back into their apartment to allow them time to acclimate themselves to their new relationship.  She would monitor to make sure they were alright.


It had been three agonizing weeks since Sarah had been able to be with Libby and she was a complete wreck, never realizing how lonely she could feel without her touch.  As she sat at her kitchen table picking at her cereal, she was startled when a blonde girl materialized right there in front of her.

"Hi Sarah…"
“How did you do that?!” Sarah cried out in shock.

"My name is Sabrina and we need to talk," the girl replied.


Jennifer lay in Sabrina’s bed staring up at the ceiling.  That intense lust she had felt for both Merlin and Sabrina had finally dissipated.  Finally, she could function without obsessing about sex with them.  First there was Merlin, who was without doubt the most incredible guy she had ever met, and she still felt a pleasurable tingling down under from the thought about him.  But then she met Sabrina, and the blonde hottie with the incredible boobs elicited feelings she never knew existed in her.  Sure, she had wondered on occasion what it would feel like to make it with a girl, what girl in Hollywood hadn’t?  But never did she ever think she would… nor did she ever imagine it could feel this incredible.  Jennifer turned beet red as she recalled her threesome with Merlin and Sabrina.  Not that she was all that experienced in sex, but she didn’t think it was possible to cum so much.

Jennifer found herself reflecting on Sabrina.  To think… the girl was an actual witch.  In fact, a beautiful witch, and now that the obsessive lust that she had felt had left her system, she wondered if she was in love with the witch.  One thing for sure, she was surprised at how comfortable she felt being her lover.

Jennifer’s eyes lowered to her boobs.  With a slight confusion, she brought her hands up and caressed them, noting a bit of tenderness in them.  In scrutinizing them, she thought they looked swollen.  Had they grown some?  Jennifer had always been proud of her large boobs, pleased that she never had to concern herself with getting breast implants.  A lot of actresses had this dilemma, but not her.

With concern, she slipped out of bed and walked to the mirror, and gasped at what she saw.  They had grown, and looked about two cup sizes bigger!  Then with a smile she realized that they were almost as big as Sabrina, and wondered if she had anything to do with this.

Suddenly, she heard a tap at the door.

“Sabrina?” she called out.

“No, my name is Sarah.”

Jennifer quickly put Sabrina’s robe on and opened the door.  There stood a teenager, a bit younger than her, gazing at her like she were some sort of celebrity.


When Sabrina walked into her bedroom, she saw that Sarah and Jennifer were sitting Indian style on her bed and chatting away.  She smiled at Sarah; the teen was even more star-struck than she had been, and in glancing at Jennifer, she wondered if her new sexual orientation might be at play, for she was clearly enjoying the hottie’s attention.

"Well, as you both know now, I’m a witch.  Well, actually, I'm a sorceress, but that only matters to other witches and warlocks.  Now… huh?!  Holy Christ, Jenny!  What happened to your boobs?"

"You mean you didn’t do this?” Jennifer asked, appearing surprised.

Just then Merlin popped into the room.

"Merlin!" Sabrina and Jennifer called out in unison, and Sarah just looked at everyone with confusion.

Sabrina rushed into Merlin’s arms and they hugged and kissed, relishing the feel of their bodies as they pressed tightly together.  Sabrina hadn’t realized until that very moment how much she missed him, and blushed at the realization that she wanted him right there on the spot.

Sabrina turned to Jennifer and Sarah and inflamed with both with a large dose of desire, and then popped her and Merlin out of the room.


Merlin had chuckled over the way Sabrina had taken control.  Then with a mere flick of his mind, he exerted his own control over the young sorceress by flooding her with wet heat.  Sabrina suddenly dropped to her knees and groaned, as her normally strong personality suddenly took a back seat to one of subservience.

A blink later, they were both naked, and he took a moment to appreciate her young beauty.  His erection grew inches away from her mouth and he nodded giving the girl permission.

Despite knowing that the young sorceress had never given a man a blowjob, she attacked his cock like a seasoned cock sucker.  Sabrina used her mouth, lips and tongue to elicit sensations along his shaft he’d never felt before, and for a moment, he wondered where she had learned such technique, but he didn’t want to cum in this hole, he wanted her other hole.

Sabrina suddenly stopped orally pleasuring him and picked herself up.  Then she crawled onto his bed and sexily thrust her beautiful ass up for his inspection.  Never in his immortal life before did he want a girl more.


Sabrina whimpered and groaned from every one of Merlin’s thrusts, as he slammed in and out of her.  Never had she felt more pleasure before in her life as she did that very moment.  Later, during a recovery from a string of orgasms, she tried analyzing her addictive new submissive side.

“Where did you learn to give head?” Merlin asked her out of the blue.

“Last night, Aunt Hilda taught me using a banana.  We went through a lot of them.”

“You learned well,” Merlin responded, pleasing Sabrina.

Then when she regained some energy, she tried exerting some aggression.  She climbed on top of Merlin in an attempt to ride him, but no sooner had she maneuvered herself over Merlin’s cock; he flipped her onto her back and proceeded to fuck her hard again.

Sabrina cooed and whimpered with several more orgasms.

“That was incredible,” Merlin commented as he remained hard imbedded inside of her.  Sabrina was so spent that she couldn’t even move her pussy muscles.

"Please, Merlin, we need to do this a lot," Sabrina pleaded.

"Maybe we can get together twice a week, but you’re going to have to line up a string of girls to make use of in the meantime."

Sabrina sighed with happiness.  Here was the most powerful wizard in this universe, holding absolute authority over her libido.  "Twice a week is better than once a week and I’ll do what you say."

"Have you decided how you're going to deal with Tabitha?"

"Yeah, I'll be ready to move on her tomorrow evening at midnight."

"Do you want any help?"

"No, although I wouldn't mind another session like this one after I'm through."

"I would also suggest that you indulge in plenty of lesbian lovemaking prior to the mission as well."

“Yes, sir,” Sabrina responded, blushing.  She could feel her passive obedience kick in.

"Tabitha is a very powerful witch even with your new powers.  She still may be able to play with that sweet tasting pussy of yours, and this is why I believe you should be thoroughly licked out before locking horns with her."

"Maybe a thorough fucking as well…?" Sabrina asked, smiling.

“That, my tasty little treat is a given.  Now, I won't get in the way of how you handle her.  That is your call.  But I want you to be totally prepared.  I believe you are more powerful than her, but it would be a mistake to underestimate her."

"Alright, Merlin, I'll be careful,” Sabrina replied as she lay snuggled up close to him.

When Merlin started to leisurely caress her breasts, she suddenly remembered Jennifer.  "Oh…?  By the way... did you put some sort of spell on Jennifer's breasts?"

“No…” Merlin responded.

“Well, they’re growing and I certainly didn’t.”

"Uh Oh!"  Merlin replied as he sprung up.


Sarah and Jennifer lay back on the bed and cuddled.  They knew that Sabrina had done something to them to suddenly want each other like they did, but neither one of them were complaining.  This life was so much greater than the greatest fantasy that either of them could ever have imagined.

Sarah found herself reaching over to Jennifer, and cupped her huge breasts, which as surprising as it was, appeared even bigger.  Sarah guessed that Jennifer had grown another additional cup size during their love making.

"Sarah, you're making me horny again... and if you don't stop now, we'll end up 69'ing again."
Sarah smiled at the beautiful actress and kissed her on the mouth.  Both girls dueled for a moment with their tongues as both pleasure and love for one another washed over them.  Then Sarah dropped her mouth down to kiss Jennifer’s nipple, and gave it a playful tug with her teeth.  That was when a gush of warm milk sprayed out and down her throat.

"Jenny, you're lactating!" Sarah cried out.

Jennifer cupped her boobs and squeezed her nipples, and watched in fascination as her milk coated Sarah’s face.  Sarah brought her mouth down on her nipple and began sucking.

"God, Jennifer… you taste great!"  Sarah exclaimed, and then went back to sucking, swallowing more and more of her milk.  Sarah found herself growing pleasantly drowsy and like a baby, suckled on Jennifer’s nipple while she slept, swallowing every few moments as she did.


When Sabrina popped back into her room, she found Sarah’s head nestled close against Jennifer’s boob and sucking her.  She could only imagine how delicious Jennifer tasted.  Then when her eyes traveled down Sarah’s body, she gasped.

Sarah’s breasts had grown too!


Sabrina popped in on Hilda.  "Oops, I’m sorry Aunt Hilda; would you like to be alone?”

"That's alright, Sabrina... I... I just can't help it lately.  I keep on thinking of Zelda and it depresses me to know that she's still Tabitha's slave," Hilda replied with a sigh.

"Well, that's why I'm here.  I’m making a move on her tomorrow night and I was wondering if you wanted in."

Hilda perked up with excitement.

"I need you to act as my decoy... are you game?"

“Most definitely,” Hilda cried with excitement, thinking this was exactly what she was waiting for!  She did feel nervous about going against Tabitha, but she wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

"I have to go out tomorrow afternoon and let's just say I need to prepare.  But in the meantime, I’ll need you to sit with Jennifer and Sarah."

"Sure, honey...but why?  They’re big girls."

"Hold onto your seat for this... but Jennifer is pregnant with Merlin's child."

"She's WHAT?!"

"I'm not kidding, and right now, Jennifer's boobs are as big as beach balls and I'm sure by morning, Sarah's will be just as big."

"What happened to Sarah?"

"She’s been drinking Jennifer’s milk," Sabrina replied with a giggle.  "I'm not really sure how it works, but apparently Jennifer’s milk releases a spell and transforms the girl drinking into a nurse maid for her.  I placed a calming spell on them because I don't want them freaking out and I’d appreciate it if you didn’t mention anything to Jennifer about her being pregnant.  I'll tell her after we get Zelda back and take care of Tabitha."

"Sure, Sabrina," Hilda replied, in stunned amazement.


Jennifer woke first and shifted around to her side.  Confused, she reached up and cupped her... her nipples?!

"Sabrina!" she cried out at the top of her lungs, causing Sarah to wake up startled, and that was when she saw that her new friend was in the same condition, causing Sarah to scream as well.  Both girls held their hands over their new humongous boobs wondering what had happened to them.

Hilda then popped into the room and immediately recited an incantation.  Jennifer felt a comforting lassitude quickly settle over her.  When she turned to Sarah, she saw the same glazed expression from her friend.

Now, not only was she cupping her new tremendous boobs, she found herself caressing them with sexual desire.  She wasn’t sure why her boobs had grown to these incredible proportions, but she did know that they no longer upset her, and nor did they appear to upset Sarah either.

Hilda interrupted her daze by helping her and Sarah to their feet.  Stark naked, thanks to the spell, neither one of them possessed any modesty.  Hilda then recited another incantation, and this time Jennifer was instantly clean and smelling fresh.  It was as if she had just soaked herself in a bathtub.

Jennifer glanced over at Sarah, and saw that her new lover was in the same state.  Then Hilda waved her hands over them again and clothes materialized on them, which proved quite a picture given their newly enhanced attributes.


Thanks to a three hour lesbian lick-feast with a group of high school cheerleaders, and a thorough fucking from her favorite Wizard, Sabrina felt both powerful and completely sated.  She must have set a new record with the number of orgasms she had.

Then Sabrina popped herself and Aunt Hilda into the alternate dimension, something she wouldn’t have been able to do as a mere witch.  She blushed as she surveyed her surroundings, remembering all the sex she had here.

Then she quickly cloaked herself with an invisibility spell that she believed would shield herself from Tabitha, and followed Hilda as she roamed the hallways of her former dwelling.

It didn't take long before she found her Aunt Zelda, who had been turned into a stone statue, standing naked beside an equally naked stone statue of Salem.  In looking at her aunt, she found her strangely erotic, and she felt there was something different about her, and it was more than her new teen body.

“I can’t break her from this spell,” her Aunt Hilda whispered.

Sabrina found herself entranced with her Aunt Zelda, and was surprised that she was feeling aroused by her.  Just as she was about to assist her Aunt Hilda in breaking Aunt Zelda out of the statue spell, Tabitha appeared!  Then everything happened so fast!

Tabitha suddenly materialized in front of her Aunt Hilda, almost as if she were going to hug her, but Sabrina pointed her finger at Tabitha ready to attack.  "Stop right there, Tabitha, its over!"

Sabrina quickly bombarded Tabitha with her ready made spell, and was surprised when she didn’t feel any resistance to the evil witch.  Confused, but delighted, she easily age regressed Tabitha quickly, transforming her back in age!  Tabitha rapidly lost years, shrinking as she did.  The once very beautiful young woman was now fourteen, then thirteen, and then twelve.  Younger and smaller, Tabitha quickly transformed, now appearing eleven, then ten, and just a girl of nine!

Sabrina couldn’t understand why there wasn’t any resistance, but she still didn’t want to take chances, as Tabitha transformed to that of a girl of eight, then seven, and then six.

Sabrina watched her former lover in stunned silence.  It was like looking at herself get younger, and it proved very eerie.  Tabitha stopped age regressing at six years of age, and now stood there looking like she was playing dress-up with her mother's clothes.

Sabrina walked over to the little girl and smiled down at her.  The spell would lock Tabitha in this state forever.  The little girl would not remember anything about her previous life, for what was would forever be gone.  The girl looked up at Sabrina and smiled.

"Hi, wanna play with me?"

"Sure, Tabitha... but not right now, okay sweetheart?  You have to go take your nap."

Sabrina then zapped Tabitha out of her oversized clothes and into pajamas with little hearts on them.  Sabrina then magically made a small bedroom inside her house, and zapped little Tabitha into bed.  The little girl fell asleep the second her head hit the pillow.

Sabrina then walked over to join her Aunt Hilda, who was standing by the statues of her Aunt Zelda and Salem.

"Can you break Zelda out of this?" her Aunt Hilda asked her.

Sabrina looked at the spell Tabitha had used and nodded her head.  Suddenly, Zelda was back to normal.  The teen looked at them and then rushed into Hilda’s arms.

“Thank God, it’s over!"

While her teenage aunts hugged each other, Sabrina found it strange that her body was responding to her Aunt Zelda.  Something about her was turning her on, and she was a little surprised by it.  Then it hit her!  Her Aunt Zelda must remind her of Tammy this dimension!  That had to be it!  Both of them were sweet and innocent looking.  Her Aunt Zelda did not have the vivacious body that she and her Aunt Hilda possessed, for she was slim and athletic looking.

"Hey, where’s my hug?" Sabrina asked, teasing her aunt, and her Aunt Zelda cried with joy as they hugged.  The crushing of her huge tits against her aunt's smaller ones reminded her of the first time she hugged Tabitha, but in reverse.  It was the same erotic feelings, and this confused her.

"What should we do about Salem?" her Aunt Hilda asked.

"Well, Aunt Zelda… any suggestions?"

"Let's make him our mute slave and reduce his IQ to about ten."

Sabrina laughed, thinking her aunt was joking, but when she saw the anger on her aunt’s face, she wondered.

“Maybe we’ll turn him back into a cat,” Sabrina responded, and she popped the four of them out of that dimension and back home.

XVIII. Epilogue

On the same day Sabrina rescued her Aunt Zelda and defeated Tabitha, she told Jennifer of her pregnancy.  The lovely (and rapidly rounding) actress with her newly enlarged milk-leaking breasts, cried out with joy.

Jennifer was the happiest mortal on the planet to know that she was carrying Merlin's baby.  Then Jennifer experienced joy all over again when she discovered she was carrying TWINS!

Sarah felt pleasure in knowing that she would be Jennifer's nursing maid.  Her huge breasts also leaked milk, and the fact that her best friend and lover carried twins meant that she would be nursing a baby as often as Jennifer.

Hilda decided to take responsibility for little Tabitha, feeling a strange affinity towards the cute little six year old.

Merlin offered to take in Hilda, Zelda, Sabrina, Jennifer, Sarah, little Tabitha and Salem into his huge mansion – and they agreed.

Merlin also proposed to Sabrina, who did her own crying out with joy.  Merlin knew by marrying Sabrina that he would be lifting her submissive curse but didn’t mention it to her.  He didn't want to give her the impression that their marriage was for this reason.
On their honeymoon, Merlin was a little surprised that Sabrina acted no differently, and in-between one of their love sessions, he discovered that the little hottie was a true submissive when it came to her role in the bedroom.

Sabrina finally did pop in on Libby, and easily seduced her former nemesis.  Their discreet sexual relationship made both hotties very happy.

XIX. Months Later

Hilda was surprised to see the door slowly open to her bedroom.  Then she saw an outline of her… "Zelda…?  What is it?"

"I... I'm lonely… can we cuddle?"

“Sure, Zelda,” Hilda responded as she lifted her covers for her.

Zelda crawl in to bed with her and that was when she realized they were both naked.  Over the last few months, Hilda had noticed small personality changes in her sister, but not enough to be overly concerned.  However, Zelda being naked was definitely a major change and this surprised her.  Before their enslavement, Zelda never slept naked… and even during their enslavement, she could always see the discomfort Zelda felt at being naked when she went to bed.  She, on the other hand, had always slept in the raw.

There was another thing.  Despite their past sexual relationship while under Salem’s control, she had made it a point to tell Zelda that was over, but she had to admit with her sister cuddling close to her naked body, she was rapidly growing aroused.

Hilda suddenly gasped when she felt Zelda cup one of her large breasts, and then she felt her other hand fondle her growing wetness.

"Zelda…!  What are you... oh god… don’t do this!" Hilda cried, trying to resist, but Zelda continued to play with her, and then when she felt Zelda’s mouth replace her hand, she nearly passed out from the pleasure.

Hilda lay there with her legs spread while Zelda went down on her.  All her protests had vanished under the avalanche of growing lust.  Then she saw Zelda lower her delicious ass over her face prompting her to start kissing… just like old times.

"Enjoy, Hilda… enjoy what comes natural," Zelda commented in-between slurps.

Hilda found her own mouth eagerly sucking Zelda's pussy juice.  They were both eliciting orgasms from one another, drenching each others face.  Hilda knew it was wrong, but it felt so, so good... and it was then that she heard her sister whisper the words, "Misa... Vesul... Remor... Talto…"

Hilda wasn't sure where she had heard those words before, but the thought was swallowed up in the throes of her most intense orgasm yet.

XX. Later...

Tabitha gazed at her reflection in the mirror.

"Not bad," she whispered with a smile.  Being Zelda wasn’t the worst thing in the world, as it provided her certain liberties.  She glanced over at the blonde bombshell, and decided she was one of them.  Whether Hilda realized it yet or not, she was hers now.  The spell she cast was usually placed on virgins, but with one big difference it was still binding.  Instead of Hilda being under an unbreakable love spell like Sabrina had been under, she was under a lust spell.  

Tabitha then paused to think about Zelda.  The poor witch was now a child of six without a single memory of her past existence.  She giggled, thinking how she had turned the tables on them.  Then she glanced back into the mirror and gazed at her perky tits.  She brought her hand up and palmed them, thinking she could never completely cover them like this when she was in her former body.  Not right away, but eventually she would work a growth spell on them and regain some of her voluptuousness.

Tabitha had every intention of enslaving Sabrina again, but she had to admit she felt slightly intimidated with Sabrina's new powers, and Merlin.  She would have to come up with the perfect perfect plan, but in the meantime, with Hilda under her spell, she would take her time.  In fact, there were so many she could enslave while pretending to be Zelda, and her thoughts turned to Libby, who finally got her wish and was fucking Sabrina these days.

“Someday, Sabrina... someday you will be in my power again... I'm not done with you yet… trust me.”

The End of…well... maybe, Sabrina & Tabitha - Teen Witches.