The conclusion of The Charmed Ones Trilogy.

You really should read the first two chapters (Phoebe's Awakening & Piper's Passion) of this trilogy before reading this one.

The Charmed Ones Trilogy
Chapter Three: Prue's Prison
by JR Parz

Prologue 01:  Jonathan's Bedroom

Piper found it harder and harder to think.  Every now and then she questioned her new relationship with Jonathan.  What had she'd been thinking?  Why would she tell him that she was a witch?  Why would she allow him to see her use her powers?  Then she sighed.  She did it because she trusted him, but then asked herself why.

Jonathan had walked into the bedroom earlier and found Kristy frozen in time.  Strange as it now seemed, it never occurred to her to unfreeze her.  In fact, she was far too busy masturbating to be concerned about Kristy.

It was then that she told Jonathan about her powers.  Jonathan responded only a little surprised.  Then he commanded her to release Kristy and apologize to her.  Initially, she didn’t want to, but the second she complied with Jonathan’s wishes, she felt an incredible rush of pleasure.

Now, she sat here on the bed Indian style waiting for her punishment to end.  Only if Jonathan had allowed to her play with herself… then she wouldn’t be so bored.  But wasn’t this all a little crazy?  Why would she stay here on the bed?  Did she love Jonathan?  She smiled at the memory of him fucking her.  Was this why she stayed on the bed…?

Piper looked down at herself and saw how wet she'd become.  Oh how she desperately wanted to cum.  Why was she allowing Jonathan to subjugate her so?  And why did it feel so incredibly addicting?

Piper’s thoughts turned to last night again.  Never had she ever felt hungrier for sex than she had with Jonathan.  She blushed even now at the intensity of her passion.  Then this morning she woke to find someone performing cunnilingus on her.  Thinking it was Jonathan, she lay there for a moment or so enjoying it, but then when she realized it was a girl, she pushed the girl off the bed and let her have it.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" she had asked the girl.

The girl was pretty and embarrassed.  Her first thought was that she messed with the wrong witch, thinking of Phoebe.  The girl told her that Jonathan had to go somewhere and that she was there to keep her company.  “Not that kind of company!” Piper thought to herself, and then she wondered if this was something Jonathan wanted her to explore.  She was fully aware of guys fantasizing about two girls together, and maybe Jonathan wanted to indulge in a little threesome.  If this was the case, he was hugely mistaken.  So, Piper had frozen the girl.

Prologue 02:  Amber's bedroom

"Did you like?" Amber asked Phoebe with a grin.

Phoebe smiled at her lover and nodded her head.  Jonathan had been incredible and she blushed at how hard he had fucked her.  It wasn't love at first sight, it had been lust.

"He gave us the day off and wants us to swing by his Estate," Amber told her.

"What are you talking about?" Phoebe asked, suddenly confused.

"Oops… I never mention his last name, did I?"

Then it dawned on Phoebe causing her eyes to light up.  “Tell me I wasn’t just fucked by Jonathan Seavers!"

"If I did, I would be lying," Amber replied with a giggle.

"Oh… my… god… this is incredible!"

I.  Inside Jonathan den at his Estate

"Finished,” Jonathan whispered with a smile.  The last of the three CDs took him the longest, but it was the most important.  If everything went according to plan, Prue would be his within 24 hours.  He picked up a picture of her and grinned.  What was it about her that made her stand out more so than the others?  Was it her confidence…?  Her independence…?  Was it that her eyes mysteriously change color when she was angry?

Jonathan chuckled at his decision to enslave the most powerful of the three witches using her sisters against her.  Phoebe would deliver the first CD, which would prime her and make her less resistant and more agreeable.  COMPLY... SEX... HORNY would subliminally be pumped into her, and eventually render her into a state of perpetual horniness.  The second CD would be delivered by Piper, which would reinforce her sexual desire, but then direct it specifically towards him.  HORNY... OBEY... JONATHAN.  The third CD would seal her fate...but wouldn't be given to her until after she'd been slipped the pheromone-laced aphrodisiac.

A soft knock at his door interrupted his thoughts.

"Yes, come in," he called out.

"Sir, I'm sorry to interrupt you, but you asked me to let you know when Amber and Phoebe arrived," Denise reported in a soft sexy voice.

"Thank you, please send them in," Jonathan replied with a smile.  He took a second to admire the sway of Denise's ass as she walked out the door.  She had been the daughter of a senator he met.  She had just graduated high school when he collected her.  So young and sweet... so pure and docile... of course, these weren’t her initial traits… before she was just plain rebellious.  Now, all she cared about was being his perfect pleasure maid.

As Amber and Phoebe entered the room, he came around his desk to greet them.  "How are my favorite lovelies doing?" he asked with a smile.

II. Phoebe

"Amber, there’s someone in my bedroom that I'd like you to keep company.  She's being punished at the moment and is probably feeling confused.  Feel free to enlighten her as to her new status in life."

Phoebe hadn’t even noticed when her lover exited the room… she was too busy staring at the huge bulge between Jonathan's legs.

"Strip," he commanded her.

"What?" Phoebe asked, snapping out of it.  She was a bit surprised at how Jonathan just assumed she would respond to him, but even more surprised when she realized that was exactly what she was doing… responding to him!  Moments later her clothes lay in a pile beside her.

“You are quite delectable, naked,” Jonathan commented as he unzipped his fly and released himself.

Jonathan then picked her up and in one swift motion impaled her wet pussy down hard on his erect cock.  Phoebe cried out, both from the suddenness… and the intense pleasure she reaped, and then proceeded to cry out in passion with each of Jonathan’s thrusts.

Phoebe felt delicious orgasms conquer her body as Jonathan dominated her every nerve ending.  With each thrust, she felt him master her, and it wasn’t until she cried out with her third orgasm before her premonition of Piper and Prue, naked, kneeling along side of her, gazed up at Jonathan.

III. Jonathan's Bedroom

"Piper!" Amber exclaimed.

"Amber?" Piper responded, turning red with embarrassment.  She wished that she could cover herself and move off the bed, but this was part of her punishment.

"Why are you like this?" Amber asked, stunned.

"Jonathan punished me," Piper replied with downcast eyes.

"He’s got you, too," Amber whispered.

"Huh?  What are you talking about?"

"He has the ability to turn girls into sex slaves."

"No.  It's not like that," Piper replied, shaking her head in denial.  “I… I love him.”

"Love him?  Love him so much you’re embarrassing yourself in front of me?"

Piper turned a darker shade of red.  "He wouldn't have me doing this if I didn't deserve it."

"I suppose he’s done something to you to make you believe that."

"Is Jonathan a warlock?" Piper asked out of the blue.

"A warlock…?  What do you mean?  "Look, Piper... you feel this way because of science.  Jonathan owns you now...just like he owns me... like he owns every attractive girl he employs... like he owns your sister."

"My sister?!" Piper cried out.

"Phoebe is also part of this special club."

"You lie!"

"If I lie, then cover yourself!" Amber cried.

Piper tried covering herself but failed.

"You'll find you can't disobey him... can't lie to him... and your body craves him."

"Jonathan wouldn't do this to me!  I trust him!" Piper insisted as tears welled up in her eyes.

"You trust him because of subliminal conditioning.  He has obviously given you a heavy dose of trust like he gave me an overwhelming desire to please him.  I can't disobey him any more than you can."

"This is crazy!  This can’t happen to us!"

“Why do you think Phoebe fell for me?" Amber asked.

"You did that to her?!  You turned her into a lesbian?!"

"Jonathan did, although to be more accurate, all Jonathan did was surface the feelings Phoebe has had all along."

"Are you trying to tell me my little sister was a closet lesbian?" Piper asked sarcastically.

"Studies have shown 7 out of 10 girls have latent lesbian tendencies, and can easily be seduced under the right setting."

"And you… were you always a lesbian?"

"So, what you’re saying is that Jonathan transformed a perfectly normal heterosexual girl into a lesbian."

"No.  I'm in love with Phoebe for different reasons."

"Care to explain?"

"It doesn't make sense.  One second I'm feeling sorry for your sister because of what Jonathan did to her, but then the next thing I know I'm suddenly desiring her and still am!  Even right now the idea of two girls doing it together does absolutely nothing for me unless the two girls are me and Phoebe!”

Piper smirked as Amber continued her tale.

“I couldn't help myself.  I literally ran over to her house and the sex was incredible.  I love Phoebe, and my desire to be with her grows stronger with each passing day."

“Where is Phoebe?” Piper asked, figuring her little sister must have cast a spell on Amber.

"Jonathan's either fucking her or reading her the riot act or both."

"Fucking men… I hate them all!" Piper screamed.


Phoebe couldn’t believe it.  She sat before Jonathan naked and unable to move.  Subliminal mind control…?  This was incredible!  Jonathan held the CD in his hand and smiled at her.  "Why are you doing this?"

"Are you kidding?  Three incredibly hot witches at my beck and call... do you know how arousing that is?
"But you have plenty of girls and my sisters and I have a responsibility to fight demons," Phoebe argued, and then blushed at how campy that sounded.

"You'll fight demons... not to worry."

"Why did you make me fall in love with Amber?"

"I needed to get you out of the way, so I decided to have you come out of the closet - sort of speak.  I wouldn’t go blaming me entirely though because the bisexual feeling you’ve been experiencing are all you.  If you hadn’t possessed the latent tendencies, I wouldn't have been able to turn you... or at least not as quick.  Speaking of making people fall in love… that was quite a spell you cast on Amber."

"I… I couldn’t help myself," Phoebe whispered, blushing.

"Hey, I’m not complaining.  Now that I’m part of our threesome, I find it quite arousing."

"You won’t get away with this," Phoebe stated.

Jonathan handed her the CD.  Then went on to explain the plan that would enslave her sister.  It was a strange experience to simply agree with him and then repeat the instructions back to him.

"Come with me... there's someone special I'd like you to see."

Phoebe went to reach for her clothes.

"You won’t need those for the time being."

Phoebe blushed and followed Jonathan out the room... down a hallway... and into another room.  "Piper!" she cried, seeing her sister, who just like her, was completely naked.


Jonathon gazed down at the sisters with a smile.  Phoebe and Piper were on their knees before him, both naked and entranced with what was between his legs.  He could tell from the expressions on their face that they were struggling internally.

Jonathon then turned his attention to Amber, who stood quietly watching them.  He didn't doubt for a minute that this was difficult for Amber.  "Go home, Amber... you'll see Phoebe again when I'm done with her."

"Yes, sir," Amber whispered and then turned and left the room.

Jonathan nodded his head and with that gesture, the sisters attacked his cock... no shame, no hesitation, and with a lustful eagerness to do the very best job.  He groaned as he watched one Halliwell sister lick along one side of his shaft while the other licked the other side... and occasionally their lips would touch and he could tell it embarrassed them.

Jonathan didn't want to cum until he was inside one of them, so he had the girls get on the bed and position themselves on their back, one on top of the other.  Then he climbed between their legs and entered one of them... from the sound of the cry, it was obvious it was Piper.

Jonathan thrust deep inside one... pulled out... then thrust into the other, and within seconds both girls were crying out in ecstasy!  Jonathan continued to pound in and out of the insatiable sisters until he himself cried out with his own orgasm.

Much later, as Phoebe and Piper lay beside him in the afterglow, he nudged an exhausted Phoebe.  "Go home and perform your mission."

After Phoebe left, Jonathan turned to Piper.  "Now, for your role…"


Phoebe couldn't believe she was actually going through with this, but no matter what she attempted, she couldn’t resist the compulsion to comply with Jonathan’s instructions in enslaving her sister, Prue.  It was like she was nothing but a puppet due to the conditioning.
As she approached her front door, she remembered Jonathan’s directive that she act normal, "Hi Phoebe.”

“You're not going to believe this," Prue responded when she walked into the living room.

"What?" Phoebe asked.

"Piper went on a date with Jonathan Seavers last night and didn't come home."

"Like, no way," Phoebe responded with a smile.

"She even turned off her cell and I can't get a hold of her."

"I wouldn’t worry, Piper can handle herself... she's the one that’s responsible, remember?  Hey, I was going through some CDs that Amber had and ran across one from Marvelous3."

"They're cool."

"You mind if I put it on?"

"Go ahead."

Phoebe put the CD on and took a seat across from Prue.

"I know this is hard for you to accept, Prue, but I really do love Amber."

"It's not that Phoebs, it’s everything happened so fast.  Hell, I’ve even thought about what it would be like with another girl, so this doesn’t freak me out like you think it does."

"You're kidding?!  You thought about doing it with a girl before?"

Prue responded by displaying her famous grin.

"But… but I thought you were so against it," Phoebe responded.

"Like I said, everything happened so fast and I have my concerns."

"Look, even if there is something artificial about all of this... I can't help the way I feel."

Prue responded with a pause.  "What are you saying?"

Phoebe smiled at Prue.  The CD had played long enough in the background and she felt comfortable that Prue had listened to enough to make the subliminally suggestions work.  "Relax, Prue... nothing to worry about.  Now, why don't you stay here and listen to the CD."

"Listen to the CD," Prue whispered and then stretched back on the couch to get more comfortable.

Phoebe rushed upstairs to the attic and went straight to the Book of Shadows.  Jonathan had told her that she wasn't allowed to use her powers without his permission, but he didn't state anything about doing research.  Quickly, she looked through the pages to look for a spell.  Jonathan not being a supernatural evil made it all the more difficult, but if her hunch proved right, she would be able to participate in a spell as a member of the Power of Three, for the actual spell would be cast from the Power of Three and not her specifically.


Prue knew she shouldn't be on the couch listening to music when she had so many things to do, but when Phoebe told her to relax and listen to the music, it suddenly sounded like a great idea.

As she did, her thoughts went back to Piper.  It wasn't like her to sleep with a guy on a first date.  Phoebe - maybe... but not Piper… and it wasn't like her to not call either.

Prue wasn’t consciously thinking about it, but her hand slid underneath the elastic of her sweats and pressed hard against her groin... pleasurable washed over her.  Why was she suddenly so horny?  An image of Andy appeared and this increased her desire, but when Andy morphed into Leo, she cried out new hunger!

Prue gasped at the implications… she’d been fantasizing about Leo a lot lately and it wouldn't be the first time she fingered herself to his image.

Just then the door opened and she heard Piper yell.  "I'm home."

Prue quickly pulled her hand out of her sweats and sprang off the couch.

"Why didn't you call?" she asked Piper the second she entered the room.

"I'm sorry Prue, I just didn't think of it," Piper replied, adding, "I didn't realize my phone was off until I was half way home."

"Well?  What happened?" Prue asked, suspicious of Piper’s story but deciding not to pursue it.

"I'm in love," Piper whispered with a smile, and then asked, "Where's Phoebe?"

"What do you mean, you're in love?!”

“I can’t help the way I feel.”

“But you just met the guy!"

"Where's Phoebe?"

"Upstairs... but tell me what happened, first?"

"Come to the kitchen and I'll make us dinner while I tell you."

Prue followed Piper into the kitchen.

While Piper chatted about how wonderful they felt, Phoebe entered the room, prompting Piper to start at the beginning.  It was during this time that Prue felt more and more fidgety, due to her increasing arousal.

After dinner, Prue announced that she was really tired and that she was going to bed early.  What she needed to do was cum desperately and needed the privacy of her bedroom.  Before heading upstairs, Piper handed her a CD and told her it was the bomb.  "Listen to it as you sleep... you'll love it."

For a moment, Prue thought it was strange that both her sisters wanted her to listen to music, but she took the CD and told her sister she would.


Piper checked in on Prue and smiled.  Prue lay sprawled on top of her bedcovers, stark naked, with the aroma of sex permeating the air.  The sight and smell of Prue struck her as incredibly erotic and she knew Jonathan would be pleased.  Then she entered Phoebe's room and woke her up.

"What is it?" Phoebe asked her.

"Jonathan wants us to leave now and go to his Estate."

Phoebe slipped out of bed and proceeded to get dressed.

"What about Prue?" Phoebe asked.

"She's sleeping... the CD worked," Piper added, grinning.  “Jonathan told me to write out a note for her... let's hurry."

Piper and Phoebe rushed downstairs where Piper wrote out the note.  She knew she was setting a trap for Prue, but her trust for Jonathan was absolute.  Phoebe appeared unusually quiet, so she turned to her.  "What's the matter?"

"How can you ask that?  We're sex puppets for some millionaire pervert and are helping the creep enslave Prue," Phoebe snapped with anger.

"Listen, Phoebe... Jonathan told me that you were going to have a harder time dealing with this than I would, so you just need to trust Jonathan more."

"Do you love him?" Phoebe asked her.

"I'm not sure if I love him, but I sure to trust him... and I know everything he has us doing is for the better."


The first thing Prue did upon awakening was reach down with her hand and start fingering-fucking her pussy like there was no tomorrow.  Sexual hunger gnawed at her horny being as she desperately needed to cum.  Never, ever, had she felt such need before, but this time, masturbation wasn't helping... and no matter how hard she attacked her clit, she couldn't reach orgasm.

Prue started to cry as she got up and looked down at herself.  She reeked of sex and even this teased her senses.  Prue threw on a robe and went to check on her sisters.

Phoebe and Piper weren't in their rooms and she quickly went downstairs.  She yelled out to them... no one answered.  It was when she entered the kitchen that she saw the note.

"Prue, Phoebe and I went to Jonathan’s... come over as soon as you can."

"Leo!" Prue screamed out at the top of her lungs, and suddenly there was a glowing light and then Leo appeared.

"What is it?!"

Prue gasped at the sight of Leo, as desire washed over her.  "Oh god..." she groaned, trying desperately to control her need.  Leo took a step closer to her.

"Stay away from me!" Prue cried out, causing Leo to stop with a look of shock.

"Where are your sisters, Prue?"

"I thought you could tell when Piper was in trouble?  I thought your role was to warn and protect us?!"

"Prue, talk to me!  Tell me what's going on here!"

"Jonathan Seavers is what’s going on!  He's found some way to turn Piper and Phoebe into his sex slaves and I'm next!"

"What do you mean?"

"Piper's in love with Jonathan Seavers and Phoebe's in love with a girl named Amber.”

"Piper's in love…?  Prue... if this was supernatural, I would know about it," Leo responded.

"So, you're saying he's not a warlock…?"

"He must be using science," Leo replied and took another step towards her.

"Don't come near me!" Prue cried out, taking a step back.

"What is it?!"

"He tampered with me through the music my sisters had me listen too.  He’s done something to me to make me want you."


"Damn-it, this is embarrassing enough without me having to spell out!  He's turned me into a nymphomaniac!  If you get any closer to me, I’ll be begging you to fuck me!"

"Oh no, what should I do?" Leo asked, looking stunned.

"Check on my sisters and make sure they're alright... just don't let them see you!  They’re not themselves and can’t be trusted."

"Okay... I'll be right back," Leo replied and then disappeared.

Prue took a seat on the chair.  Her body still throbbed and she couldn’t help herself.  She needed relief, so she moved her hand down to her wet lips below and entered herself.


Leo materialized inside the Estate and his eyes lit up at what he saw.  Piper and Phoebe were stark naked and masturbating.  How could a couple of witches like this be reduced to such a state?

Quickly, he flashed out of there and back to the Halliwell house, and the first sight he saw there was Prue, sitting at the kitchen table with her robe half off and fingers thrusting in and out of herself fast and hard.

Prue then screamed when she realized he was there and quickly covered herself up.

"I'm sorry, Prue... I didn't mean--"

"Never mind, are they alright?" Prue asked, beet red.

"Yes, they’re together, but like you said, not themselves."

"So, it’s safe to say they weren’t planning an escape then, right?" Phoebe asked, sounding sarcastic.

"No escape plans," Leo whispered, blushing.

"I have to save them and you need to help me," Prue told him.

"Of course I'll help you... what’s your plan?" Leo asked, impressed with the sheer will of Prue.

"You need to fuck me.”


“You heard me… I need relief in order to regain some sanity, otherwise I’ll be useless!"

"Okay," Leo replied, feeling himself harden.

Prue got up from the chair and let the robe slide off her body.  Leo had to admit, she was an incredible beauty.


Prue whimpered, groaned, and thrashed around like a hellion in heat… but despite the heavy pounding that Leo provided her, she just couldn't orgasm!  When Leo finally came, she threw him off her unsatisfied.  Leo left the room to allow her some dignity, and by the time she went downstairs.

"Did you orgasm?" Leo asked when she came downstairs in her robe.

"No," Prue replied.

"I'm sorry."

"Not your fault... he must have done something to me where I can't orgasm with anyone but him.  Let me get changed and we’ll get on with this."

** ** **

Leo flashed them from the Halliwell house to the Seavers Estate.  Piper and Phoebe were in a den that looked like a library.

"Welcome to my Estate... I've been expecting you," a man greeted them from behind.

Prue twirled around and that was when she felt the searing heat of lust hit her full force.  Prue gasped as she dropped to her knees, needing sex desperately.

Jonathan smiled as he walked in front of her.

Prue saw Piper freeze Leo giving her just enough determination to send a strong force straight into Jonathan’s gut, and knock him up against the far wall.

"Phoebe!  Stop her!" Jonathan cried in response, still pinned by her power, and that was when she saw Phoebe and Piper, both kneel down on both sides of her, and begin chanting.  "You’re tired, Prue... stop using your powers... You’re tired, Prue... stop using your powers… You’re tired, Prue… stop using your powers.”

Prue sighed… and stopped using her powers.  Jonathan slid down the wall to the floor.  Then he got up and approached her, and as he did, Prue felt more attracted to him than she thought possible.

"Tell me what you want, Prue."

"You… I... want... you... to let... to let my sisters, go!" Prue cried out with burning hatred.

Jonathan smiled down at her and unzipped his trousers.

"What was that?" he asked.

“I… I want… I want… please, I want you!” Prue cried, finally giving in as the desire for Jonathan crashed down on her.  Prue reached up to get at Jonathan’s dick, but he stepped back from her and shook his head no.

Jonathan then walked over to the desk drawer and pulled out what looked to be a vial of clear liquid and a Walkman.

"Drink this and place this on your head."

Mentally, Prue wanted to ram him full force with her power, but physically, she reached up and took the vial and drank it down... and then put the walkman on.

"Now, you may," Jonathan responded, smiling as he moved in front of her.

Prue had given blowjobs before...but never had she given one with such hunger and need before.  The fact that her sisters stood watching should have bothered her, but there she was licking, sucking, and lapping – only to follow that up by swallowing.

"You're a natural, Prue." Jonathan commented, causing her to blush.  "Now, put my dick back in my pants and zip me up."

Prue did as she was told while remaining on her knees.  She glanced over to her sisters and saw that they were blushing as well.


Jonathan smiled down at Prue as the CD played three subliminally embedded commands.  "PLEASURE SLAVE... OBEY... JONATHAN."

Out in the public, Prue would still be her dominating, strong willed self... but in private, she'd be his docile sexy kitten.  Now, he turned his attention to Leo, someone Piper had warned him about.

"Piper... can you keep him frozen from the neck down?"

"Yes, sir," Piper responded as she waved her arm releasing Leo from the neck up.

"What the…”

"Relax, we need to talk," Jonathan responded.

"What are you doing to her?" Leo asked when he saw Prue.

"Prue will join her sisters."

"I'll stop you."

"No you won't... because if you do, they die."

"You wouldn't."

"Quite the contrary... they've already been conditioned to kill themselves in the event I disappear."

"Why are you doing this?" Leo asked.

"Initially, I wanted Prue... but when I found out she had two equally lovely sisters, and then found out they were real witches... how could I resist?”

“You have no idea what this means!”

“I know what it means to me… and now here’s the deal for you.  Never see them again and I won't kill them."

"But they're needed... you don't understand," Leo tried arguing.

"So I heard... fighting demons and all.  I mean... who knew?  Anyway, I'll still let them play from time to time, but only if you stay clear of them."

"You're sick."

"Ouch... that really hurts… now, leave before I get upset," Jonathan responded with a chuckle.

Leo transformed into a ball of light and disappeared.

"Cool," Jonathan whispered before he turned back to Prue.


Prue opened her eyes in alarm.  Something was definitely different.  Naked, she slipped out of bed and wandered down a hallway.  She passed a pretty girl in a maid's uniform and continued down the hall till she located a huge bedroom.

Prue peaked inside the room and saw her two sisters, who kneeled naked, side by side, staring up at Jonathan.  Prue walked over and kneeled down along side of them.

"I hope you slept well," Jonathan addressed her.

"Yes, master," Prue whispered, and then blushed at her choice of words.

"Here are some new ground rules... While inside my Estate, any time I walk by you you're to assume this subservient position.  Now, something I've wanted to do since Prue joined us – so everyone get on the bed."

Prue, along with her sisters, quickly did as they were told, and then as instructed, positioned themselves face down on the bed with their rump thrust up in the air.

"Prue, with every thrust I give you, focus your mind and thrust the same force into your sisters’ pussies," Jonathan commanded.

Prue cried out when Jonathan entered her... and then like she’d been told, she used her mind to thrust into Piper and Phoebe with the same force, causing them to cry out as well.  When Jonathan sped up, she did... when Jonathan thrust harder, she did... and they did this while experiencing one orgasm after another.


Phoebe lay on the bed in a daze thinking that was absolutely incredible!  She wondered if Prue had ever done this before.

"Stay on the bed," Jonathan commanded them before he left the room.

Phoebe glanced over at her sisters and saw that they were still out of it.  If she was going to try this, it had to be now.

"Prue!  I want to try something and it takes the Power of Three.”

Prue opened her glazed eyes and smiled.

"Prue!  I need your help!" Phoebe cried out, trying to snap Prue out of her sex induced trance.

Slowly, Prue looked back at her.

"I want to try using the Power of Three.”

Prue struggled up into a sitting position and then her blissful smile turned into anger.  "I'm ready…"

Phoebe turned to Piper, "Piper... snap out of it!"

"Leave me alone… I'm not allowed to cast a spell."

"Piper, we need you and you won't be casting the spell... the Power of Three will be casting it."

"I don't understand."

"Piper, we need you!"

"Okay... but you don't have to get so pushy."

"We can't get off the bed, so let’s move around and face the door.  We need to hold hands and I'll start the chant, and then Piper… and then you, Prue."

"What do we have to say?" Prue asked, quickly coming out of her previous condition.

"Three words... but we can't say them until we invoke the spell... it's a one shot deal."

"Okay." Prue replied.

"Piper…?" Phoebe asked, needing to make sure.

"I don't see why we..."

"Piper, trust me!" Phoebe cried out.

"Oh alright," Piper mumbled.

The three of them... still naked... held hands and faced the door.  About twenty minutes later, Jonathan walked in.

"TEM REVEN EW..." Phoebe chanted... then Piper joined in the chant; "TEM REVEN EW..." and then Prue joined in "TEM REVEN EW." and before Jonathan could mutter a single word, everything suddenly altered... and what was, was no longer.


As if they were watching a movie, the three of them saw Prue working at the auction house, but then just as Jonathan appeared, Prue disappeared, and their meeting never took place.

Then they saw Prue with a camera around her neck and working in her new profession as a photographer.

The next scene showed Phoebe attending college and pursuing a career, and the final scene showed Piper, owner of a nightclub called P3, working out a contract with the band called FASTBALL.
Then like magic, the three of them suddenly materialized on their living room floor - naked and on their knees.  "What happened?" Prue asked, shocked at their appearance.

Phoebe giggled.

"Maybe we should try figuring this out after we get some clothes on," Piper mumbled as the three of them darted upstairs.

Once they were dressed they convened inside their attic.  They knew that they had cast a spell of some sort but nothing more.  Whatever the spell did, it had altered their reality.

"Here's the spell that we used," Phoebe told her sisters as she pointed to the page in the Book of Shadows.

"Why would we need a spell like that?" Piper asked.

"It appears that in casting this spell, it changed our lives.  I'm not sure if this was good or bad."

Suddenly a light appeared and then Leo materialized.

"Too bad you weren't here about ten minutes ago," Phoebe stated with a giggle.

“What makes you think I wasn’t?” Leo responded with a smile.

Piper moved into Leo’s arms and kissed him.  At first, Leo acted surprised, but then he eagerly kissed her back.  Piper finally broke off the kiss.  "Is everything alright?"

"Couldn't be better," Leo whispered with a huge grin on his face.

"Maybe you can shine some light on what happened to us," Prue suggested to Leo.

"I've been instructed to update you on a few things but I'm forbidden to tell you everything."

The four of them made their way down to the first floor living room.

"This should be interesting," Phoebe commented with a giggle.

"Actually, it’s quite fascinating.  First off, Prue and Piper, you can thank Phoebe for saving the day."

Phoebe smiled and then giggled.  "Thank you... thank you... once again the weakest of the Charmed Ones is underestimated and has to save the pretty little asses of her sisters."

Both Prue and Piper smiled and in unison responded with "Thanks, Phoebs…"

"As a result of the spell that the Power of Three cast, your lives have been dramatically altered."

"Why have our memories been affected and not yours?" Prue asked.

"White Lighter's are overseers to the supernatural order so therefore immune."

"Is that what we were dealing with here… a supernatural entity?" Piper asked.

"Ah... I'm not at liberty to discuss what it was you were up against, just let you know what is new and old," Leo replied.

"Well, I'm anxious... start with me," Phoebe responded.

"Okay.  Where are you going tomorrow?"

"Huh... I have classes to attend... you know that," Phoebe replied.

"Yes, but before this new reality overruled the old, you weren't attending college and were simply searching for a job."

"Get out," Phoebe replied in disbelief.

"And what are your powers?"

"Premonitions and the ability to levitate... which comes in pretty handy when executing my roundhouse kicks."
"You weren't able to levitate before... and were only a novice at karate."

Phoebe grinned.

"What about me?" Prue asked, thinking that this was pretty cool.

"This reality has you as a highly skilled photographer... the old one had you working in an auction house."

"But I switched careers more than a year ago," Prue argued.

"In this reality, yeah, but not in the old one…"

"What else?"

"You tell me.  What are your powers?"

"Move things with my mind and I can also materialize my psychic self in other locations."

"Psychic travel is new."


Piper was sitting next to Leo. "I don't think I want to know." she whispered.

"Piper... I'll only tell you what you need to know... now, where do you work?"

"I own P3's... you know that."

"You used to work at Quake's."

"That was a year ago!"

"No.  P3's a new reality."

"What about us?  What about our relationship?" Piper asked, blushing.

"We've always loved each other - that hasn't changed."

Piper looked relieved and leaned over for a hug.

"Alright... what happened?"  Prue asked after allowing Piper and Leo a few moments.

"I can't tell you... just know that everything is being handled by my superiors."

"This is sooo strange," Phoebe giggled.

XVI. (Later that night inside Piper's room)

"Oh god, Leo!  Unnnghhhhhh," Piper cried out with her legs wrapped around Leo's back.

Then slowly, she dropped her legs and lay still while trying to catch her breath.

"I love you," Leo whispered.

"I love you, too," Piper replied.

Leo heard the summoning.  "I have to go... they want me for something."

"Just like a guy to make love to his girl and disappear.  You know how I love to cuddle," Piper pouted.

"Sorry, Piper... you know how it is with me being a White Lighter."

"Alright, but hurry back."

"As soon as I can," Leo replied, thinking this Piper was much more understandable.

With a flash, Leo disappeared and materialized in front of the council.  He saw the stern looks they were giving him and he got defensive.  "Hey, I had nothing to do with her reality changing in this direction."

"That's the only reason we don't discipline you... now, feel free to make love to the witch, but you aren't allowed to marry her."

"Understood," Leo replied.  "Have you decided what to do about Jonathan Seavers?"

"Yes, we aren't going to do anything.  He's not an immortal danger and because of that, we decided not to interfere."

"But what he's doing is wrong... I can't just ignore..."

"He practices mortal science.  Leave it alone... that's an order."

"Yes, sir," Leo responded... knowing he now had no choice.

XVII. (Prue's bedroom, while Leo and Piper were again making love)

Prue heard Leo and Piper having sex through the walls and couldn't help herself.  It was like her senses were tuned into Leo like never before and every time she closed her eyes, she saw images of Leo and herself, fucking.

Ever since Andy had died, she had been sexually frustrated... and relying more and more on her fingers.  Tonight, her fingers were fueled by fantasies of Leo while she got herself off.

Prue moved her hand down to her pussy again... which was hot and so, so, wet.  It didn't take but a few rubs against her clit before she exploded to yet another orgasm.


It was on her way across campus when Phoebe saw her... she was blonde and incredibly beautiful.  Phoebe had always been taken with beauty... never discriminating, so it wasn't all that strange that she would find herself gazing at another girl.  Then she blushed when she realized it wasn't just her beauty that attracted to her… it was a desire to be with her sexually.  Was she sexually attracted to this girl?

Phoebe touched on her ongoing fantasy to make it with another girl... and had noticed these feelings growing stronger by the day.  She had read once where girls could have these lesbian fantasies and it was deemed normal, but what about turning fantasy into reality?  Was that normal?

Later on in the library, Phoebe ran into her again, and this time she couldn't resist sitting down next to her.  Never one for being shy, she introduced herself.

"Hi, my name is Phoebe Halliwell."

"Hi... I'm Audra... Audra West."

"Nice to meet you… are you from this area?"

"Actually, I'm on loan from Stockton University."

"Oh... what brings you up here?"

"My major requires research in a major city."

"That's cool," Phoebe replied, thinking that there was something about this girl that reminded her of someone she once knew.  Phoebe found her eyes drawn to Audra's full breasts and like she did with so many other girls, she compared hers to Audra’s.  Then she blushed when she realized Audra had caught her.

“You do that too, huh?” Audra asked with a smile.

“Do what?”

“Compare assets,” Audra replied with a giggle.

Phoebe smiled and turned beet red.


Jonathan Seavers loved the way Alyssa wiggled her ass... she looked incredibly hot in just her g-string.  He loved how her big beautiful tits bounced up and down on her slim frame and her giggle was especially cute.

Alyssa was a student at the local university.  She, along with her two friends, Shannon and Holly, they had been too tempting to pass up.  He had spotted all three of them at a nightclub in the city, and now the three of them kneeled submissively at the end of his bed.
They were his newest sex slaves... all incredibly beautiful and ever so subservient.  They all had dark brown hair and not one of them stood over 5'4".  It was strange how different their personalities were.

Alyssa was carefree and playful... not to mention bisexual.  Holly was conservative and very business-like and Shannon, she was very rebellious and quite the wildcat.  Now, all three of them were his... tamed... and completely subjugated to his will.

Jonathan wondered what was taking Sam so long... he had called to tell him of strange happenings in a small town down in southern California.  What was the name of the town?  Oh yeah... Sunnydale.  And who was the girl that he decided to investigate?  Muffin?  Muffy?  Buffy!  That was it... Buffy... Buffy Sommers!  Sam told him that this Buffy girl was something special... and based on how hot she looked in the pictures Sam sent to him he couldn't argue.

Jonathan groaned as the trio of co-eds worked his hardened member... as they tongued along his shaft, licking, sucking, and kissing all over.  He loved it when they fought for positioning.  Of course, making them crave it helped their motivation.

"Tonight's episode included music by Fastball."

The End.