Master PC: Oops!

By Paladin (

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All characters and situations are fictitious.

Friday Night-

'What the...?' I was working at the computer late on a Friday when I spotted an odd e-mail that managed to get through my Spam filters. It was from an anonymous sender and the message was simple: "Try this program. You'll love it!". Attached was a huge zip file.

I almost deleted it, but something about it caught my attention, so I figured what the heck. I was planning on re-formatting the laptop anyway. I transferred the zip file to my laptop and opened it up.

After several long minutes of buzzing and whirring, a screen finally appeared: "Welcome to Master PC, the program that makes you a virtual god to those around you! Would you like to get started, view the tutorial, or get help?" Hey, I'm a guy! I don't read manuals and I don't need no stinkin' tutorials! I opened the program and saw what looked like a drawing program with a large central window and a box asking for the name of the 'intended target'. Target? Maybe I should read the tutor... nah! I typed in my wife's name ("Marie") and was astonished to see a picture of her appear in a window. She was sleeping in the picture, wearing her flannel nightgown but otherwise seeming to float on an invisible bed. Oddly, the nightgown was translucent, almost invisible and I could see her body in great detail. As I watched, awed, it slowly rotated. I clicked a small control to make the image stand up.

Incredible! Possibilities began to flit through my head- someone set up a web cam, it was a prank of some sort, it was just an incredible coincidence that the pre-loaded model and my wife looked exactly the same down to surgical scars... I began to examine the controls to get an idea of what this program really was. Hmmm- some of the controls allowed me to change the way the image looked! Wow!

Forgetting the impossibility of all this for a minute, I began to play with the image, morphing it in several ways. The image started as a woman of 47, who looked a bit younger in some ways, and a bit older in others. She was medium height with a skin tone that looked olive in some light, reflecting a partially Lebanese background. Her wiry dark hair was short and graying but her body was slim and toned. A few droopy areas and some sag, but not bad overall. Her breasts were small to begin with but have deflated further after gravity and 4 kids were finished with them. She was beautiful to me, but I was still intrigued by the possibilities the program seemed to offer. A small pop-up asked me if I wanted to save the initial settings. I brushed it aside with hardly a thought. The pictures were intriguing, but hardly flattering or worth saving.

First, I used a slider bar to 'youthen' her overall. I dropped her age to 19 and watched with amazement as the image changed- her hair darkening, skin tightening, breasts re-inflating, wrinkles I had not even noticed before erasing. Cool! Of course, even as a teen she was not a beauty queen. Not ugly by any means, just not... well, just not real noticeable. OK, what else can the program do?

I found a bank of controls that allowed me to play with various characteristics and started to try them out. I started with her hair. I made it longer and silky, like those 'waterfalls' of hair in the shampoo commercials. Hmm, this did not look right against her face now.

I reduced her nose, enlarged the eyes a bit- changing them from a hazel to an incredible grass green at the same time. Lessee... re-arch the eyebrows a bit... You know, when she was a child people often wondered if she were Oriental. I decided to play with that so I tilted the outer corners up a tiny bit and added the small fold to the inner eye. Wow! Mouth- smaller, thicker, pouty lips, tweak the cheekbones and jawline.

I opened a window with a few Asian models to help guide me and I quickly had a beautiful, young, erotic, Oriental-looking face that still looked a lot like Marie. This was too cool! Obviously, it was an advanced morphing program, and I could not wait for the next step.

I turned my attention to her body. The overall design was OK, but I changed the fat/muscle ratio and overall weight to create a long, slender figure. I turned her skin tone an exotic dusky hue that fit in well with the overall Asian theme. Her feet and hands were now a lot smaller than they originally were and that was perfect for my purposes. Her strong muscles gave her some curves and definition, as well as a delightful ripple in her taut tummy.

I flared her hips a bit and enlarged her buttocks a bit to create a beautiful 'bubble butt' with a pair of dimples just above the rounded cheeks. Then I began to inflate her breasts. Now, I love big boobs, but this body just did not look quite right with a pair of FF's, so I started from 'A' and gradually inflated them, keeping them firm and round. I got a bit beyond a 'D' and they looked perfect- big and buoyant, but still in proportion to her. I noticed a check box that offered to automatically compensate for the size by adjusting back and other muscles, so I clicked on that. Her torso widened a tiny bit to accommodate, but otherwise everything was looking good.

I went over the image again, tweaking details- smallish aureole, perky nipples, long fingernails, slightly more defined calves, longer eyelashes, and so forth. At the end, I had a picture that would rival any that Mike James might make! God she was sexy! I had a picture of a young Asian woman of about 5' 5" with flowing black hair, measurements that were 36D-20-32, and the muscle tone of a trained gymnast.

Just about then, I noticed another set of controls- ones that claimed to work on internal issues. I opened them up to discover a whole section of controls for health, sexuality, cognition, and so forth. Huh? I began to open them one by one and diddled with them as I went. Fast healing, resistance to sexually transmitted diseases, incredible aerobic capacity and stamina... Wow! Without really thinking about it, I began setting them to create a sex slave. Suddenly, it hit me- I was creating a virtual girlfriend! Duh!

I went back and began to create a woman that loved and worshipped me, a veritable Geisha to go along with the Asian look. A woman skilled in lovemaking as well as housekeeping and fine art. A woman of great intellect and wit, but totally subservient to and constantly aroused by me. I was getting turned on as I clicked control after control in my quest for the perfect Geisha.

Finally, I was rewarded with a screen that asked me if I wanted to execute the changes, and asked me when to start them and how long it should take. I figured that the more time I gave it to process, the more realistic the simulation would be. I told it to start immediately and to take 30 minutes. I figured that if I liked the results, I could always do another and let it process all night.

I went to get a late night snack and then swung by the bedroom to get my robe when I was stunned to see what was happening... Marie was lying in bed, but it was not really her! The person in our bed was a lot younger, with a halo of jet-black hair fanning out over the bed around her vaguely Asiatic-looking face! I pulled back the sheets to see her body flowing within her gown. Her breasts had already grown enough to make the nightie snug across her chest, and her hands and feet were visibly different as well!

Oh my God! What was going on here? How could this be happening? My thoughts were spinning in my head as I stared at her in astonishment. Suddenly, her eyes popped open and, upon seeing me, she suddenly leapt form the bed and bowed at my feet.

"Greetings, Master. How may this one serve you?" Her voice was musical, yet sent a shiver of arousal down my spine. She just sat there, forehead touching my toes, hands and forearms firmly planted on the carpet.

"Stand up, Marie! What happened to you?" I yelped as I helped her up. She stood like a cat stretching- perfectly balanced grace and power. Her incredible green eyes looked into mine as she replied.

"Master? This one does not understand? This one just wishes to serve you as ever. Please, may this one pleasure you?" As she spoke, her delicate hand was touching the cloth over my crotch without placing any pressure on me. I cold feel her warmth through the thin fabric. I nodded permission and she gasped with joy as a smile bloomed on her exquisite face.

She led me to the bed and helped me lay in a comfortable position, propping me with pillows. I actually began to relax as she slid the ill-fitting gown off her lithe body and approached. She lifted her breasts and asked me if I liked them and wished to taste them. I said yes and she positioned herself so as to let each teat dangle enticingly above my face as her hand undid the tie of my pajamas and slid into them to find my almost quivering cock.

Her hand was small, warm, and ever-so-gentle. It barely touched my rather smallish manhood and coaxed it to painful rigidity. The feelings were incredible- her feathery touches, the taste and sensation of her pillowy breasts and rock-hard nipples, the soft murmurings she whispered hotly in my ear... Oh god, it all felt so good! I was being swallowed up in this overwhelming sensation of being engulfed in a warm cloud, with hot currents of pleasure shooting though me. I barely noticed that her other hand was caressing my nipples, neck, and an especially ticklish spot on my side. The sensations changed as the bed rustled and her perfectly formed mouth replaced her hand on the head of my cock. She licked at it with tiny cat-like strokes while gently squeezing and releasing the shaft with her long fingers. When she went from licks to swallowing the head, I almost lost it, especially after her tongue began to press and rub on the sensitive flange. I probably would have cum then and there, but she pressed a thumb against the underside of the shaft, right at the base and held it back.

She continued bobbing her head on me for a few more minutes, alternately sucking and licking and using her hands in some creatively erotic ways when I blew my load. She aimed my ejaculate onto her creamy breasts, and rubbed it in while making a deep purring noise. She licked her fingers clean, then carefully licked and sucked me clean.

By now, it was about 3 in the morning. I had cum hard, had been shocked to see these changes, and should have been wired, but I am ashamed to say that I fell fast asleep in the comfortable afterglow of orgasm, especially with her softness beside me and her loving caresses lulling me to sleep. I had some wild dreams that night, but one thought nagged me... I could not put my finger on it, but something was trying hard to bother my bliss.

Saturday Morning-

The next morning, I woke late as usual for a weekend. Marie was not beside me, which worried me for some reason. Suddenly, I snapped upright in bed! Oh... my... GOD! What if she found the computer? What will the KIDS think about all of this? I scrambled out of bed to see the laptop still open and humming along, seemingly unchanged from yesterday's activities. I started to close the programs and stopped... Could I... SHOULD I use them to 'adjust' the kids so I can leave Marie like this, just for another day or so? I called up the kid's profiles and used cut and paste to tell each of them that 'mommy had left for the weekend, as she had planned to do for some time. A family friend, Nika, was going to stay and help out. Nika is from Japan, so ignore any odd things she may do. Treat and obey her as you would your mother. Ignore anything that you see her do with or near me that may seem inappropriate'. I sent a similar message to Marie so she would play along. Thinking about how ripples of lies like this keep growing, I suddenly realized I'd have to do the same to other friends and family that might try to reach us over the weekend. Man, I probably should have just taken Nika away for the weekend.

Nika? I was thinking of her as a separate person already? Eh, it might be easier this way. I heard rustlings in one of the kid's rooms, and it occurred to me that I was naked at the computer. I shut it down and took it into the bathroom with me as I prepared to shower. You know... this program works so well, I wonder if it will work on me? I re-opened it once I was locked in the master bathroom and called up MY profile. Again, the 'save' screen popped up and a nano-second before I dismissed it, it suddenly hit me that I might want to save my settings before I changed anything. Again, I had a small nagging sensation that I was missing something, but I could not pin it down and saved my specifications.

OK, first things first. I weighed well over 400 lbs. I brought myself down to 210 and boosted my muscle mass, height, etc. so I ended up looking perfectly proportioned, but big. Youthened down to about 32, tweaked healing, aerobic capacity, power, speed, etc. Wow- this was so cool! I'd be a master at almost any sport I tried! Got rid of any need for glasses, fixed a bunch of medical problems, even some I did not realize were happening. Then, I gave myself a big cock. I always thought mine was too small, so I gave myself one that was about 9" long, 3" thick at erection, and still about 6" long limp. Nice big balls, no hair on most of my body, etc.

When I was done, I looked enough like myself to still be able to use my ID and be recognized in passing. Not bad, not bad. A few quick commands to have the kids and others think it was normal to look like this and the weekend was going to be fun! Now, where was Nika in all this, I suddenly wondered?

When I opened the door, reveling in how things felt in this new powerful body, I was greeted by Nika kneeling outside the door, wearing on of Marie's old dresses, but with accessories and touches that changed it from a teacher's dress to a courtesan's wrapping. Her hair was up in an elaborate do, and her make up was exotic. She looked lovely and incredibly fuckable! She led me to the guest room, where she had apparently been working since late last night. It was gorgeous- colorful draperies, fresh flowers, candles, diffused lighting, light music, even some hint of fragrances in the air. In the middle was a bed strewn with pillows and flower petals, and a study chair nearby had been outfitted with soft cushions.

"Master has changed?" Nika asked. I assured her that it was still me and she nodded once (Duh. I forgot to change her memory of me!) "Does Master like Nika's room?" I assured her that I did. "May Nika now fully service Master?" This third person thing- I don't know. It was irritating somehow, but also sent shivers down my spine. Nika led me to the chair and asked me to sit as she began to methodically undress us, touching, kissing, licking, or sucking me every second of it. She seemed especially excited by my new cock- staring at it when it came into view, almost hypnotized by the power that radiated from it.

She broke off her gaze and brought out a bowl and some washcloths. She gave me a sponge bath with warm scented water that had some mint or something in it that left me feeling fresh and clean. Starting with my feet, she then rubbed in a mild fragrant oil over every square inch of my body, skipping my cock and balls for now. She then had me lay on a low table in the room and proceeded to massage me top to bottom, then she stepped up on the table and literally walked on me! It felt incredible! As she was stepping off, I rolled over and snagged her hips, dragging her pretty hairless pussy over to my lips. I plunged my tongue deep inside her as she screamed out in pleasure. Her hips began to pump against my face almost immediately as I brought her to a quick and vocal orgasm. "Master! You are wonderful!" Nika gushed as she melted on top of me. This servant stuff was fun, but I really wanted to touch and please her as well.

She quickly revived and I took command again, standing up and lifting her to my waist, my cock brushing her pussy as it stretched wide so she could wrap her legs around me. I lowered her onto me, but I was so big and she was so tight that she just sort of sat there, cock pressed against her lips for a long second as her juices leaked out. Then, she just sort of relaxed open and slid down an inch onto me- it was tight and red-hot! I sank fully into her, relishing the sensations of stretching a young cunt to its limits combined with the sensitivity I gave myself. God, even my toes were tingling! I pulled back with an audible slurping noise, then plunged in again nice and easy. Again- a bit further and faster, then back I picked up a building rhythm that soon had my banging her loud and hard with her body convulsing with shuddering orgasms rolling through one after the other and her screaming her head off! She was a wildcat, thrashing and twisting, milking every ounce of pleasure from our rutting. When I came, it left me lightheaded and giddy. I literally saw stars as previously unimaginable amounts of hot sperm blasted into previously unreachable depths of her tight cunny.

God, I collapsed in a heap beside her, one of her big tits laying hot and heavy on me as she cuddled to my side. Even with my new power and endurance, this had been a workout. A knock on the door... "Hey, Dad? Are you about ready? We have to go to my game."

After a quick clean up- accomplished in large part by Nika's talented tongue, I was up and at'em. The kids greeted Nika with joy and squeals of "Aunt Nika!" They seemed oblivious to what we had been doing. So far so good! For the rest of the morning, I hauled kids around while Nika did some shopping. By the time we got back, she had cleaned and mildly redecorated the house AND had a light and delicious late lunch spread for us. The new décor included several elements of 'feng shui', like the use of mirrors, water, fruit, and so on. Nice. Comfortable, fresh... and oddly Marie-like. It was getting harder and harder to think of Nika as Marie- but every so often, I saw a mannerism or phrase Marie might use, making the situation more surreal. The afternoon was spent with housework, homework, some TV and playing some basketball outside. Nika fit in like a beloved aunt who visited often. She rolled on the floor with the kids, helped with homework, and watched TV... but she also fixed and brought in some snacks and would not hear of us helping her clean up. An odd mix of familiar and subservient.

Saturday Evening-

After a delightful and entertaining dinner, where Nika managed to get each person to share a high point of the day and otherwise keep up a stimulating conversation, we watched a movie together and ate spiced popcorn. The kids went to bed a bit later than usual, but hey, it was a long weekend and they finished their homework. Nika cleaned up and we watched the news and some TV. I was just sitting there, casually stroking her breasts, face, hair, etc. as she just as casually was tracing my cock and balls. Suddenly, she got a big grin on her face and said "Master, may this humble one please you?" By now, I recognized that her use of the third-person was a gimmick- she had not used it at all in front of the kids. I agreed and waited, curious to see what her creative mind came up with this time.

She sat in an effortless tailor position at my feet and lovingly removed my shoes and socks. To my amazement, she began to suck my toes. HOLY...! My cock lit up it was being jump started by a rocket! Wow, that felt weird! She licked, massaged, and sucked my feet until I almost came from it alone! She worked her way up my legs, and let me tell you! When she sucked at the backs of my knees, then again where my legs meet my body, I thought I was going to die!

She spent a long time nuzzling my cock and balls with her nose and mouth. Kissing it, licking it then blowing on the wet spots, gripping the shaft with her mouth and humming! Wow! It was hard to hold back, but I managed somehow.

With my new body, and her incredible flexibility, I suddenly realized we had a whole new world of sexual positions available to us! I asked Nika if she had any special positions she wanted to try out and her eyes lit up! "Master, if it is not to presumptuous for Nika to suggest, This one would like to try the Butterfly position!" I asked her to prepare us for this. We went to her bedroom and she had me sit on a thickly padded carpet, leaning back on my arms.

She knelt and sucked on my slightly softening hard-on back to full bloom, then squatted onto my lap, facing me. She had to wiggle a bit to get my large cock-head inside her tight lips, but she rubbed her moist slit on me until the lips opened and began to engulf me. She pressed her hips down, sliding along my shaft with glorious sensations for both of us. When I was fully nestled inside her, she shifted her position a bit and sat comfortably on my lap and wrapped her arms around me to shower me with kisses. Then, she began to lean backwards and the sensations on my cock shifted. I felt myself pressing into her in an unfamiliar way, pressing up against the area the 'G-spot' is supposed to dwell. I swear I saw the head of my cock bulging out just above her groin.

It felt odd but exciting to me, but it must have felt wild to Nika. She was yelling and thrashing, pumping up and down with her legs as she circled her hips, like she was trying to grind me to a nub! Sometimes, she would sort of catch my cock at a bit of an angle, and the bending sensation would be unbearable, then suddenly, it would spring out straight and feel incredible!

She began to orgasm- loudly and wetly! She was so juicy that we were making loud slapp slurping sounds. I felt her nectar running down my crotch as its heady fragrance overwhelmed me. She was coming over and over- once they started, she could not seem to help herself. She was panting, sweaty, and grimacing as if in terrible pain, yet she kept on smashing herself down on me. I had been holding back by using my new powers, but I could not restrain it any more and came like a volcanic fire-hose- blowing huge wads of boiling sperm deep in her wild womb. She screamed and went rigid as a massive orgasm swept over her. Wasted, she threw herself forward to just sit on my lap and cuddle as both of us caught our breath and shivered through the aftershocks of small orgasms.

When she finally regained enough strength to stand, she was shivering lightly from the exertion and fatigue. I carried her to the shower where we warmed up as we cleaned off. Later, we lay in bed, we ended up having sex a couple more times that night, albeit in less exhausting positions! I slept like a baby that night.. except for the nagging sensation of forgetting something important.

Sunday Morning-

It came to me in the shower. Nika was washing my back and acting like a dressing servant and I was sad that I'd have to lose her to bring Marie back for work tomorrow. Suddenly, it hit me like a freight train! I had not saved her original settings! Oh dear lord! THAT is what had been nagging me all weekend! I changed about three hundred different settings to get Nika- there was no way I was going to remember all of her original settings! I saved MY settings, of course, because by then I knew what the demonic little program was, but with the perfect clarity of hindsight I saw myself ignoring the 'save' command when it came up for Marie!

I pulled on some pants and stumbled out of the shower, leaving Nika a bit confused at my disjointed comments. I pulled out the laptop and feverishly began to try to rebuild Marie (this time taking care to save Nika!) I started hitting problems almost immediately. How tall was she? I grabbed her purse and found her ID- OK, that helped with some of the questions... cheek bones? I grabbed some family photos and that helped with some others.

I was trying to work things out question by question, guessing far too often. I figured that if I got her body a little wrong, no one would notice it. In fact, I intentionally let it a little younger and more voluptuous than it had been. Her face... man it was hard to rebuild something like this! I could not get the eyes or mouth quite right. Even the hair was off somehow. Every change subtly affected a dozen others!

I tried to get the questions that created personality back to the original settings... but man! I had changed so many things! I decided I had to stop and see where I was at, so I saved this all as 'Marie 1', and hit the commands to make it so.

Sitting quietly on the chair, Nika began to... well, 'melt' I guess is how you would describe it. Her features and body seemed to crawl into new configurations as I watched. When it was done, 'Marie 1' was sitting there. "Hi Marie! How are you feeling?" I asked.

"Um... kind of strange." She replied. I had not gotten the voice quite right. Hers sounded 'lighter', sexier than 'my' Marie's did. She did not look quite right either- too young and Caucasian. We talked for a few minutes when I noticed that Marie was absently rubbing her pussy. OK, so some of the sexuality settings were not quite right, either, but... maybe that did not matter quite so much? No, this was just not right. I might be able to pass Marie 1 off as a cousin or something, but never as Marie.

Back to the computer. Skin tone, nose, eye shape, voice, interests, and so on for about 30 minutes. Save as 'Marie 2', execute. Marie seemed to shiver, then 'inflate'. When she looked up she was quite angry. "What's going on here?" She demanded in a much rougher voice than she ever had. She was bigger, rougher looking, and very aggressive in her body language. She stood up and stormed out, mumbling each step. Oh, man! I quickly erased 'Marie 2' and restored 'Marie 1'. I tweaked her mentally a bit to be calm, honest, and obedient to help get me through this. I tried to find some combination of commands that would act like 'restore memories previous to (date)', but nothing seemed like it would help.

OK, let's take this step by step. I brought 'Marie 1' back in and had her dress in some of 'my' Marie's clothes. I adjusted her body size and general shape to fill the clothes properly, and locked the changes. I played with her feet, legs, stomach, butt, shoulders, etc. to get a healthy body that filled the clothes well, looked like Marie, and would still be pleasing to me. I ended up with something out of Playboy when naked, but decided to leave it at that for now. Marie was sufficiently modest that few people knew what she looked like under her conservative clothing.

Skin tone and texture was next. Tweak one element, execute, evaluate, re-tweak. It took me about a hundred steps to get close enough that I felt safe. Save and lock. Hair- same thing, but a bit faster. I erred here on the side of softer and a bit thicker. Now, just ears- OK, I was getting the hang of this now. By doing one thing at a time and evaluating how it affected Marie I was getting closer and closer, saving each little step along the way. The eyes, nose, and mouth still looked a bit off- they offered hundreds of options for each, and while each was pretty accurate, they did not quite work together the way they used to. I kept at it, aiming for 'close and nicer than originally'. I figured that if I missed on the side of prettier, she would forgive me, I would not feel so guilty, and people would be more likely to overlook the differences.

Now had a woman who looked a lot like Marie with her clothes on, although for some reason, she looked 'fresher', and I could not get that corrected without making her look too old or coarse somehow. From the neck down, she had a lithe, toned body with a very nice butt (I toned down my preferred butt because it was too obvious under her clothing) and great legs (her legs were always nice, now they were nearly flawless. It was just easier to leave them like this). Her breasts were fuller and more buoyant which made it look like she was wearing a WonderBra or something, but I thought I could get away with that. At least they were still fitting in her A-cup bras! The temptation to go with B's was great, but way too hard to explain since Marie would never consider breast surgery.

Now, for the mental stuff. Marie's personality and memories were still there, somewhere, I hoped. I had to wade through several days worth of changes, and literally thousands of options. It was so frustrating- I kept feeling like I was on the verge of getting it right, and when I executed it, it did not work the way I was hoping. Somehow, her libido or something was running too high and I could not find out how to tone it down. This was all mixed up with her hormones, inhibitions, taboos, self-image, and hundreds of other options. Several times, when I brought Marie up, she would talk dirty to me, or launch herself at me. God, we must have fucked four or five times in those couple hours. She would be aggressive, then kittenish. She just wanted to cuddle lovingly, then she would demand it in her ass. Some things were coming back- a lot of her memories seemed to be opening up, and her behaviors other than sexually were pretty close, but I must have been missing something in her sexual make-up.

Going on the 'if I can't restore it, make it better' theory, I decided to leave her a bit sexually aggressive, but boosted her modesty a bit to try to help her keep things under control in public. I saved everything, then had her take a short nap so things could 'reset' properly. Hopefully, she would wake up as Marie. I reset the kids and myself, then created an enhanced version of me- fast metabolism to burn off the excess weight and build good muscle, bigger cock, etc. I told myself to take a nap also while things executed.

Sunday Afternoon-

I woke up and got out of bed feeling like someone strapped sandbags to me with my weight back. Damn. Oh well, it should not last too long, I hope. I got up and checked on the kids (they had calmly made lunch, did their chores, and were waiting for Mommy to wake up after coming back from her trip), and waited for Marie to wake up.

When she did, she unfolded out of bed like a tentative deer. Her movements were a lot more sinuous and graceful than before. I was a bit concerned, but also entranced by her flowing movements. She smiled at me, then realized she was naked and blushed as she pulled her old robe on. "Hey, honey! How was our weekend?" she asked. I found out as we talked that she had some well-constructed memories of being away for a day and having Nika over. She dressed as we talked- a bit more revealingly than usual, but nothing too outlandish or worrisome.

She went to the spare bedroom, and announced that she thought she'd leave it like that for now, and pronounced a similar satisfaction with the living room. She found the kids in the family room playing the computer and listening to music. They had a warm reunion, sharing stories of the weekend, hugging, kissing. Marie seemed more inclined to roll around with them on the floor than before, but otherwise OK. She started dinner with the kids helping with the table and errands, and then started on her lesson plans for the next week of school (complaining a bit that she can't imagine why she did not start them earlier). In general, the night went pretty well. Her folks called and things seemed relatively normal. They did comment that she seemed to have benefited from her vacation and sounded happier than she had in weeks.

That night, she started to give me a blow job shortly after I settled into bed- the only time she had ever initiated sex OR touched my penis orally. It felt wonderful! The sex afterwards was warm, wild, and loud! She was different, all right, but so far, I was not going to complain!

Monday Afternoon-

School day mornings are always a rush to get everything ready and coordinated, and this was no exception- except that Marie seemed cheerful throughout it. She was also much better organized than usual so the day started without a hitch- and she fondled my crotch as she kissed me goodbye.

That night, however, she came home depressed. When I asked her what was wrong, she sat down and pulled me into a cuddling position to hold her as she recounted her day. "Everyone just kept looking at me and asking me what was different about me" she sniffled. "Even my best friends thought I looked different and was acting oddly, but I don't think I was. The principal asked me in her office, then told me it was none of her business if I had gotten surgery to look younger or anything like that, but that I should think about how changes like that will impact my classroom. She said that I should know better than to allow boys of that age to see my nipples- oh, honey! I didn't realize that when I wore this bra my nipples might show. I don't think they used to, but they do seem a bit puffier for some reason. The principal then asked me in a very quite tone if I was using drugs! She said that I was behaving appropriately, but there was a difference that she and others had noted. I explained about taking a short vacation, but she did not seem to believe that it explained enough.

"Honey, I am so afraid! What if I loose my friends? Or if they ask me to take a drug test? Or if she f... f... fires me?" Marie was crying by now and I held her, rocking gently. My mind was awhirl with this. Man, I messed things up so bad! How could I make it all better? Drugs? My god! Drugs? Hey! I excused myself after she had calmed down.

Marie was using Estrogen Hormone Replacement Therapy... what if I created a story that she was using an experimental form with side-effects that covered the changes? I could even change her further and have it all happen under the guise of these side effects! I pulled up the laptop and set to writing the story. I used her school directory and address book to convince her, all of her co-workers, relatives, and close friends to accept this story. Then, I re-opened her file and created a new one that would allow her to further change over the next few months slowly as she continued to be affected by the 'experimental drugs'. Oh, yeah- I also worked on her doctor. Good thing I remembered that or her next physical would be a disaster! I had totally forgotten to restore a few surgical scars that the doctor would have caught immediately!

The rest of the evening went OK. Her mom called to ask how the drugs were working and they chatted about it for several minutes. Whew! That seems to have worked Ok. The rest of the night went well, and we again nearly broke the bed with sex before falling asleep.


Tuesday night Marie came home radiant. She looked a bit younger and was almost glowing with health. She told me that everyone apologized for forgetting about the new drugs she was trying, and several wanted to get in on the trial. She was so sorry that it was a locked trial, and they all understood while commenting on how jealous they were that it was working so well. Even the principal apologized, but snuck in a comment about being extra careful about how she conducts herself for class.

She was so happy that she told the kids to start their homework and pulled me into the spare bedroom. "We've got time for a quickie, and I have been day-dreaming about your cock all day! Fuck me. Fuck me now!" she insisted as she pushed me on the bench and dropped her slacks. I pulled down my pants and underwear in record time and she just sat on my lap just like Nika had done just a couple days earlier! In fact, she was moving just like Nika had- twisting, tilting her hips, lifting and dropping! I played with her nipples through her blouse and bra and man-handled her butt as I pulled her into me faster and faster.

I came deep inside her as she bit her hand to keep from yelling in her own orgasm. She kissed me and stepped in the bathroom to freshen up. She tossed me a warm towel before she closed the door. I cleaned up in time for us to leave the room together. Our kids were snickering, but Marie just smiled at them as we settled into the evening routine of dinner, chores, homework, and TV.

By the End of the Week-

The rest of the week was like living a dream. Marie was happier than she had been in years, and every day I saw a small change in her. By the end of the week she was complaining that her bra was a bit snug, and some of her clothes did not fit real well. With summer coming up, she decided to hit the thrift stores for some different looks. (She had always economized on 'play' wear, and spent her clothing money for nice and work clothes). Some of the stuff she got was a lot of fun! Snug, revealing, sexy- I enjoyed the fashion show she gave me that weekend. I had not managed to perfectly re-create my beloved Marie, but at least the version I had was happy, and she kept me happy as well. My co-workers noticed the difference in my looks and attitude as well and I simply told them that it was the love of a good woman.

As for the program, it is still there. Nika's profile is safe, and ideas for other experiments keep flitting through my dirty mind. I'll see a pretty woman on TV or in the store and think about what settings I would need to accomplish that look. I was already thinking about trying out one of my favorite models this weekend. I wonder what sex with Katie 'Jordan' Price will be like?