A Master PC tale: With Great Power
By Zebukia Rogers

Part Two

The doors to the hospital waiting room opened with a faint sigh. He carried the darkness of the outside in with him heavy and palpable like a cloak. He still berated himself for not using the program to check on Rianna.  All through the drive his mind had cast back over the years.

There was the time in North Carolina when they had gone to the mountains to unwind after finals. They had nearly become lovers except for the untimely entry of Shannon, a mutual friend that had gone to relax with them. Like a ghost the memory played back on him.

The pillow slammed into him jolting his funny bone as laughing he lazily threw one back at her. "Oh now you're in for it..." as She launched herself at him swinging with wild abandon. Laughing he stepped into her swing wrapped his arms around her and pushed her back onto the bed. She struggled to get up throwing her dark locks about as she struggled against him. "And now who's in for what you little minx." Smiling he bent forwards and kissed her on the lips The heat flowing between them and seeming to set their souls on fire. His hands began to roam across her back gently massaging the tension from her muscles.
His kiss grew into more than one as he worked his way along her neck to her ear she responded my wrapping him in an embrace. A soft moan broke from her lips only to be stifled when the door opened and Shannon walked in on them. "I
thought we might go get a bi... Opps!" came from her as the moment was broken.  He waited at the admitting desk after pressing a buzzer for an attendant to show. All the time he waited, wondering if he should return home to assess his friend's injuries.

The stark white tile of the bathroom reflected back the bright white.  Hilda was trying to stifle her moans as she caressed herself in the mirror.  Thank god for the family baths she thought as she lifted her right hand to the swell of her breast and ran her hand along it and pinched her nipple. Her left hand all the time lovingly caressing her sex first one finger in her then a second. When suddenly her duty pager went off. Long before she had. "Damn, Pulling her finger out she raised it to her nose and smelled herself then tasted her own nectar. With regret she cleaned herself up hurriedly and straightened her cloths. Still highly aroused, she picked up her pager with a sigh and walked out the door, leaving behind a musky scent.

Nervously Aleric paced the front desk 5 steps forward 5 back. His first notice of the receptionist wasn't to hear her entrance but to smell her as she came to the desk. She carried with her a heady musky scent that promised joy and just a hint of lust. After the delicious smell he noticed her bust as his eyes looked up from the floor and into her face. Her breasts were firm but
somewhat small on her frame, a B cup at best but they were perky and the nipples seemed to have a will of their own already standing at rock hard attention through the material of the uniform. Her lips were thin without a hint of makeup her cheekbones to prominent and harsh. Her voice a high squeaky alto came out "can I help you?" Aleric did a double take in his mind Pretty
from afar but far from pretty.

"Uhm yes I received a call about a Ms Knight" nervously he wrung his hands together "can you tell me where she is and how she's doing?"

She looked down at her computer and mindlessly replied "Certainly if you'll hold on just a moment"

With a beep the reply came to her "yes, She's in emergency let me give you the directions" She then placed her hand on his buttocks and propelled him next to the wall and showed him a map of the hospital. "Ok follow this yellow line and that will get you there." Demurely she flashed her eyes at him. "If you need any help ask for me"

"And you would be?"

With a smile she replied. "I'm Hilda. Hilda Whitby"

With a backward thought he went where she directed. Ok so I have met my first case of where I and the program do a very good deed. Lord she needs help.

When he got to the ER he saw that the bays were full with more patients in waiting. He confidently walked up to the desk to see the Nurse. "Pardon me where will I find a Ms Knight?" Looking up from her laptop she impatiently waved him to a bay on the end. His friend lay in the bed. An IV drained into her left arm and a monitor was hooked up to her heart. Her creamy skin covered in welts and bruises her face once devastatingly beautiful was just devastated.  Both eyes blackening from a broken nose. His mind screamed at him denials of what he saw, anger and bile brewed deep in him for what had been done to his
friend. His mind cast back to a stormy day long past when her smile was brighter than the sun.

"Oh yah gloomy Gus cheer up" Her arm sinuously snaked out as she tapped him on the head with the flowers from her latest admirer. "At least you don't have Atilla the nun chasing after you..." Her eyes sparkled in merriment. She walked behind him then suddenly wrapped her arms around him. "Come on now and take me to dinner before I shrivel to just bones." Smiling at her He stood up from the chair and her holding on riding his back. Smiling he walked with her out the door.

"Excuse me sir the Doctor would like to talk to you" The nurse said from the hall. Turning around he noticed her as if for the first time 5'4" with short bobbed hair dirty blond. Her eyes' were a hazel green. The best way to describe her was sturdy. "Uhm yes Nurse where is he?"

"She is down the hall please follow me." Her walk had no swish or sway to it. She was a most un-feminine lady. He went into the room with the Doctor as indicated by the nurse. "How is she?" were the first words from his mouth.

The Doctor was an older black woman. Very plump whether from age or natural bent it was hard to say. "And you would be?"

He showed his identification. "I'm a good friend, maybe the closest person in her life anymore."

"What about a relative or family member?"

"Well her father was last heard from in Alaska that was maybe 6 years ago, her mother passed away about 3 years ago so It's just her now. What's the problem Doc? What do you need?" A worried look was coming across his face.

"Mr Grey your friend appears to have been assaulted tonight." Looking through her notes she continued. "She has had a great trauma and is currently sedated. We've taken necessary samples of fluids but it appears that she was cleaned up afterwards." Sighing she placed the file on her desk. "We may never catch who was responsible for this"

"Bottom line Doc what can I do to make her better?"

"Stay out of our way. Let us do our job and let the police do theirs.  Don't be hero looking for clues or questions. OK"
Sighing he agreed. But his mind was feverishly working, wondering if he could use the program to bring justice to a quick head.

As he walked from the emergency room he turned his head to see the laptop computer that the nurse had been using. Suddenly a chill ran down his spine and froze his feet to the ground. There on the screen was a globe surrounding a supine figure, the figure of his Rianna. Moving quickly he went to the screen and typed a quick command to see what had been done to her. He exhaled the words "thank god" when he saw that it had only been used to help her heal faster. Next he brought up the entire hospital and made the staff forget the existence of the computer then added the command that all within 50 yards would
obey him. Finally he typed in a command summoning the nurse he had seen using the computer previously.

"Pardon me is this your computer?" She shook her head with an affirmative response. "if you will please follow me There's some questions that I need to ask you" Placing one arm on her shoulder he guided her toward an exit. "This may be easier if we go someplace quiet to talk. Where is the lounge?"

"Over this way?" she replied, without another word she took him through the hallway.

The door to the lounge opened quietly the lock shutting with a click. "May I ask your name Ms?" He asked as he looked her over. She had a serene face no lines from age or worry.

"I'm Brianna Williams." She replied. He noticed her nipples were peaked as she spoke. She continued speaking as he set the laptop computer on the table and started it again. "May I ask who you are exactly and what I should call you?"

Looking up from the computer he was momentarily distracted. "Call me Mr. Smith for now. As for who I am, a concerned party." Once the computer was running he started the master control program. The program had been hidden from the desktop and startup screens it was only found after he ran a find file check on the directory.

As he brought the program. "Brianna can you please tell me the password?"

Without a thought she replied "Certainly the password is Charming" He then typed it in. Typing quickly he made some changes to himself taking off his weight and giving himself a soothing voice that he could use at will.

Finally he typed in Brianna Williams and was greeted with the sight of her revolving form on the screen.

"Now Ms Williams please tell me how you came into possession of this software." He cooed to her.

Willingly she replied "It all began about 3 months ago. My boyfriend's and my relationship changed very soon after I met John. John went missing about 7 weeks ago. I think he grew tired of me and left but when he was gone I found a computer disk with this program."

"Could you please in detail tell me more of how you met John?" With this her eyes grew lost as she began to recount her story.

She awoke that morning to the feeling of her feet and toes being kissed and sucked on by her boyfriend Michah, he began working his way up her leg and inner thigh with quick nibbling kisses. Next he teased her by covering her pussy with his hand, trapping the building heat inside as he licked and kissed the impassioned skin around her pussy already turning flush from the delighted intentions Michah was giving her. She felt her legs slide apart on the smooth satin sheet to give him easier access to her. One of her hand crept to her nipples and began playing with it gently squeezing it between thumb and fore finger while gently pulling it. Her other hand down on her hip began to stroke her smooth skin. Soon it was up messaging her other breast. Her right hand working its way up to her mouth, her lips wrapping gently around first one finger, then as Michah penetrated her sex with a second.

Michah mover his mouth to join his hand, sucking, kissing and licking at what seemed to be the same time. His other hand moving up her belly to her breast and began playing with the nipple and caressing the breast. A moan escaped her lips then. Her pelvis began to shift foreword towards her pleasuring tormentor. Her hips began to buck more and more ridding Michah's
fingers to orgasm her moans and sighs becoming more insistent. "Oh Michah please fuck me now" She knew his cock was hard it had to be after what he's been doing to her.

Still he fondled her breast and lapped at her sweet nectar. She knew that he would begin to fuck her when he was ready. Her hips began to grind into his mouth and tongue. Her body felt like it was on fire. "Oh please Michah I need you now, please, please fuck me."

He began to mount her his cock rigid and quivering with desire, and just before his cock entered her, his whole body went stiff as if all the muscles had locked. A look of horror appeared on her face as she tried to move him.  "Michah what's happened! Honey?"

Then a flurry of applause at the doorway. "Very Nice Brianna." Her head whipped around to the sound and the voice. "Your precious Michah is in my power as are you."

"Get out of here whoever you are..." Straining she tried to move her body and found that she was locked into position. At that her eyes went wild looking for an escape she tried to yell "What have you done to us." But no sound came from her lips.

"Poor, poor baby so helpless before my might." An evil grin suffused his face "you're mine bitch and so is your lover" With his words her eyes grew rounder in shock and tears dripped from them as she saw her lover begin to transform into something new. His penis and scrotum seemed to meld back into his body and formed the lips to a woman's vagina. The hair on his body began to fall off as his head hair grew longer and changed from the dirty brown to a rich auburn. Finally Michah's breasts began to enlarge with pert pink nipples.  They stopped crowing after he now she was at least a size D.

"How do you like my improvements" He said as he looked her in the eyes.  That was when she began to feel her own body changing slowly. Her breasts began to swell she could feel her lips changing shape a tingling sensation all over her body. "You said I was a control freak and you were right now I control the both of you. Michelle..." he said as he gestured at the once Michah. "is not just a woman now in body but in spirit and will remain so forever. She will obey me in all things. And you will obey me if only to keep her in your life as your lover."

He began to strip then taking off his top and then his pants revealing a cock impossibly huge. "Michelle awaken and service me with that Michelle's now lithe and feminine form began to twist and bend her head down to hake in the head of his cock to lick it and nibble it. Brianna's nipples began to peak as she felt her own arousal and smelled the arousal of her once boyfriend. She
felt the lusts building in her as she found she would do anything to join Michelle at play and suddenly she was there bathing John's cock and balls with her tongue. She heard him moaning and his pleasure brought her even more pleasure. She was his to use as he wanted her nipples achingly hard she realized that Michelle's must be the same way. So she leaned in to giver her
some relief first with her hands to massage the hard nipples and tender skin.  Then with her tongue to help ease the stain. Brianna knew then she would do anything to please Michelle even as she heard herself saying it was wrong in the back of her mind she felt it was so right. She was enjoying herself so much she missed Johns evil chuckle as he said "Even where you denied my need for other women now you will enjoy their flesh as much as I do"

Brianna moved her teasing lips down the length of Michelle's flesh until she was massaging, licking and sucking on her vulva. Her one desire to make her lover come for minutes she licked tenderly at the warm flesh then penetrated her fold with a finger.  Working it inside her gently. Then she felt Michelle's body began to tremble as Her first orgasm rose up and claimed her mind. Just as John's come filled her mouth.

"Three weeks later John left us.  And left me a present" Brianna said this with a sour face. " He told me before he left my curse. I was shown the program and told that it was mine to use, but that he had made it so I could never change  Michelle or myself." She lowered her head in shame as she continued to talk I was also made so that I had to use the program to control peoples lives before I could orgasm and that MY nipples and vulva were extra sensitive making it so i would arouse easily. And that I could never tell anyone." Finally at this last realization hope sprang back into her eyes. "I can talk to you about it."

A warm smile suffused her face then a dark cloud of worry settled on her like gloom. "What will you...."

Smiling he said" Brianna who do you want to be."

End Part 2