A Master PC tale: With Great Power
By Zebukia Rogers

Part One

"You know frank, sometimes the winds outside don't chill the bones half as bad as the tempests in a man's soul."  Said the dark hared man at the bar. The bartender snuggled on up to listen to his tale, everyone had a tale and on a rare occasion they were actually good.

"What if I told you I could have any woman I wanted tonight?" With that the barman's interest was peaked. The guy didn't look like much, really average the kind a guy you see on a street and don't remember 5 minutes later. "I was normal once an average Joe, single, horny dreaming every night for some girl to come into my life and turn it around." With this the guy's eyes opened wide as if looking through a hazy portal of the past. "It started small as most things do...."

An email pinged as a new file came across, clicking on it he saw that there was a note attached only saying "you need this" it seemed to come from Dave, a friend of his, but the header codes seemed scrabbled when reflected upon it later. The file took forever to download. When it was all on the hard drive, he examined it then started it up figuring it was one of Dave's latest game files.

After the install had run an icon appeared on the desktop. Clicking it brought up a black background and a header tool bar. No Documentation seemed to be indicated in the files except for the conspicuous question mark for help. Quickly running an anti viral program he determined it was safe enough and sat down to read all that he could.

An hour later he was still sitting, staring in blank amazement at the screen in shock at what the program purported to do. It could make anyone within a 100 miles do the programmer's bidding and could change anyone into a slave. He guessed it would change the person physically and mentally. It could heal the sick and deranged, its power was seemingly limitless.

To test it out he typed in his own name to see what would happen. As he hit enter an image came up circling slowly in a globe. It even had on the clothes he was wearing. Quickly just to make sure he ran through the complete lockout sequence to make sure only he could edit his own data. Then triple screened the password and encoded the program, better slow and safe then fast and dead he figured.

He started wondering in who else's hands it had found itself. It was a quick decision he made to quickly purge his area up to hundred miles of the program. He typed the commands for anyone that had the program to destroy any back up they had and then repeat his commands. Finally they were ordered to purge the program from their systems. He went further and added the command that if anyone ran across the program his or her minds would look past it. As if it didn't exist any emails with it they would delete, and any sites they found it on they would email a second address He'd set up for emergencies.

He then retired to his study to figure out the ramifications to himself and his sex life specifically. Besides the mere existence of the program was enough to give anyone a bowel movement. The thoughts of the sex and orgies he could have were well foreword in his mind but there was another nagging thought in him wanting to know what he might found himself in or even if he had the right to alter another's life. With this program he could cure all the sick around him. He could make the poorer lives better. But did he have the right? "Who hears when a sparrow falls?" He said to himself still wondering who had given him the right to alter people's lives and destinies.

After a while he returned to the keyboard enhancing the lockouts on the system in general and himself specifically. He didn't want to take any chances. So he set about trying to make himself immune to as much as he could. Hypnosis was one of the first things he blocked, next was chemicals, He'd always had a fear of medications and Dr.'s. Next he started to enhance his appearance. The selector gave me the ability to make the changes from as little as one second to 10 years. First he corrected his vision to above norm. Then to lose fat and gain muscle, this change would take place over about a week so people wouldn't be as apt to notice and think he had been exercising and also made it so no one would think anything of it. Next he made his hair a little softer and more fuller. It would also grow in, in about a week and made it so his beard would only grow to about a day's stubble then stop growing until shaved.

He had never approved of fighting and never placed much faith in his own abilities. But that was one of the first things that he added, to protect himself and the program, next a greater IQ and knowledge of a few esoteric subjects. Yes, Like all men he was a bit vain, he also gave himself a larger penis. He only increased the length to about 8 inches erect and about 2 1/2 inches in circumference. But after he was done he had to think long and hard what he would do with his new found endowment. With the program he could make any girl do anything and think they loved it, but he would know that it was a lie. He had a lot to think about and perhaps even more to learn about himself.

It was heavenly, smooth creamy skin against his flesh. Licking and nibbling along the length of her neck kissing and teasing her ears. Bringing his kisses on around to her mouth. The motion was like the gentle swell of the waves as they rocked together on the bed. He couldn't remember her name or where they had met but she was his to do with as he pleased. Today she could be a brunette tomorrow a blonde and a red head and still could only desire Him. Stroking her back with his left hand he gently massaged her breasts with His right.

The motion was wonderful and as he shuddered to an orgasm. Then he looked into her eyes. And saw they were as clear and blank as glass. Her flesh was stretching in his hands like warm putty that you could mold into anything but would never retain a shape.

Screaming himself awake at this point his heart pounding like the hammers of hell as he realized it had only been a dream. No this was a nightmare. And the hammering wasn't only his heart but hoof beats traveling into the night to spread the terror across the night-blackened land. That had to have been the worst night of his life as he realized he could have anyone physically but not mentally. With this power over people's lives could he control himself or even trust himself to use it wisely? As again he sat mesmerized by the screen he remember all the wrongs that he had done and that had been done to him. Remembering the names that were accused of infamy and calumny. He also remembered the names of those who stood against the barbarians at the gate.

Then the phone rang...

Hours earlier...

Loud music was playing as the party was still winding up. One of the tall boys pushed himself from the milling crowd to great the newest girl to come into the living area. He was brutally handsome 6' 8" 260 pounds of muscle. She was short about 5'4" with smooth creamy skin and no more than 95 lbs. wet, her hair was straight she was dressed to thrill a tight black mini dress just above the knees and a blue blouse on top.

" Hiya, Rianna you here to party with me" Said the boy.  " I got what you need baby a little motion in the ocean " His body started to sway to the music almost in a hypnotic way.

" No. John I'm just here to unwind from the week I still don wan nothing to do with you." Her eyes slid past him to other men in the room ones who she could tell were maturer and less slimy. Pushing her way past the momentary obstacle she found her way to the dance floor and some of her friends. They started to wave and sway to the motion of the music. One of the other girls bent forward to Rianna and spoke.

"Hey what you wanna do that for he's the Big man round here after that last football game." Looking askance at him she continued. " Sides I would sure like to receive some of the passes he was sending out to you"

"Hey Frank, see that girl over there." Motioning with his head to the dance floor John continued. "I want you to give her a few specials when she's up here ok"

With a knowing look Frank winced "Sure but I was hoping you'd lay off tonight I was hoping to meet a girl tonight?"

"You can have her when I'm done how's that"

With a sigh Frank replied "I guess that'll have to do. Guess that means I get to blank her memory when I leave to Huh..."

As the night drew on it was inevitable that Rianna would grow thirsty from the heat on the dance floor and the wild gyrations she put her body into. She casually approached the bar and as she got there she was greeted by a warm smile as the frats designated bartender and driver handed out another beer. "Can I get the pretty lady a drink? Perhaps something as sweet as she is? " A sweet bubbly giggle rose from her as she smiled. "Sure how about a strawberry daiquiri"

With a knowing grin he set to work. "I saw you come in. Heh, nice to see John doesn't make all the girls swoon." Adding a twist of this and a dash of that he soon produced a frosty glass to cool her down. "Seriously why are you here alone?"

"What makes you say I'm alone?" She replied with an eyebrow raised as she took a sip. "Um. This is very good can't even taste the alcohol in it."

"Well you dance with most of the guys and even some of the girls." He looks at her appraisingly. "You are also pretty, no I'd say gorgeous and if I was a guy with a gorgeous girl like you... I wouldn't let you out of my sight" The whole time Rianna was finishing the drink.

"Oh what a marvelous story teller you are" she smiled. "But my heart is with someone who doesn't even know I exist." A melancholy look crossed her face as she continued. "He's my best friend and I'm afraid if we tried anything we'd both mess the friendship up. Could you fill my glass again with that wonderful elixir you made for me?"

With a sad look in his eyes frank started to comply with her wish. His mood dampened by the inevitable. When he had a sudden tremble in his fingers dropping the glass and the drink he had given her shattering it and scattering the contents on the floor. "I'm such a klutz let me get that and I'll make you something sweeter and better for you" As he bent over to pick up the shards he didn't see the looming figure behind her or hear the words that set her feet moving in an almost shambling gait.

When he straightened up he saw that she was gone and the look in his eyes was of terror for what he prayed had not happened to the pretty lady he may have helped send to the devil.

The door shut to john it sounded like a thunder of doom. He knew that it sealed her fate. Especially after the way she acted in front of all of his frat brothers. "

"Pardon me is this Mr. Gray?" came a disapproving female voice from the end of the receiver.

"Yes it is. Who is speaking?" He knew it had to be important or a crank call and if it was a crank well this time he might be able to teach em a lesson. "This Nurse Barnett at the hospital. Sir, do you know a Miss Knight?"

A concerned look overcame his face. "Yes I do! Has she been in an accident! Is she ok?"

Like acid her reply ate into his nerves "She is ok now but she would like You to come down. We aren't sure exactly what happened but if you could please hurry." With that the line went to an insistent buzzing.

Not even thinking of the computer he left throwing on clothing as he went out the door.

The End of Part One.