Master PC: Wireless

by Dr. Fakes

Chapter One

At first I thought the email and the attachment were a scam. You know, just junk mail that you get and delete all the time. But right before I hit the delete key I noticed the name of the attached file, Master PC Program.

Now, I had heard of something like this over the Internet but just thought it was one of those urban legends of the net. The program was made to allow the user to alter basically the reality around them. Usually this involved mainly people you wanted to um, change. I figured what the heck, so I saved the attached file on my laptop and then executed it. If something went wrong I could always reformat my hard drive and wipe the file off it.

Once I ran the .exe file the machine flashed all kinds of characters all over the screen for several minutes. It didn’t look like a normal install routine. In fact, it looked more like something out of those “Matrix” movies. This lasted maybe 10 minutes. I was starting to think it was some kind of virus when my laptop restarted itself. Once it rebooted completely I noticed a few changes. The wallpaper on the desktop had changed to hundreds of those little characters. I couldn’t seem to change it like I normally do.  I also had one new icon on the desktop simply labeled, Master PC – Wireless. Now my laptop was hooked into my home wireless network so it must have detected that when it installed.

Well, here goes nothing I thought as I double-clicked the new icon.

It first brought up some big disclaimer form like most software does at the start. I very briefly browsed it. Something about not responsible for any unintentional changes, can be dangerous if used incorrectly, yadda, yadda. I clicked the accept choice at the bottom and then a registration box came up. At the top it said, program must be registered to function. All it wanted was my name and date of birth. So I typed in my name, Mark Bradford and my date of birth.

After 10 seconds it accepted the registration and then a new screen came up looking like some type of large form. Lots of boxes, some with choices, but most just blanks to be typed in. At the top of the screen in bold it said, Main Interface Menu Screen. The first box choice was Subject Name. The next box choice was relationship to MPC owner. Below this was a list of physical characteristics, measurements, colors, etc. Then some mental thought characteristics, IQ, habits, quirks, preferred clothing, sexual drive level, and so on. Also, there was a box for whether the subject will notice the changes. The last couple of boxes were things like key words to initiate changes, key word to reverse changes. There was even a time delay box to delay processing for any amount of time required. And at the very end a big button called: “execute.”

I sat thinking this over for a couple minutes. I still really wasn’t buying all this. But, I figured I could try something small and see what happened. I decided I could start with me. I just typed in my name, for relationship I just wrote, me. I left most things to ‘no change’ except the weight box. My weight had climbed higher than I preferred this past year and thought that I could lose 20 lbs.  I quickly entered the info and then took a deep breath before I hit the execute button.

The laptop flashed a few characters again and then a message that said, ‘command sent.’  Immediately, I felt my waist shrink and pants loosen up.  I ran into the bathroom and with shock realized I was thinner!  This was unbelievable! I didn’t understand how this was possible, but began thinking about all the possibilities.

Now, I have been married a long time.  My wife's libido had dwindled to almost non existance over the years.  She was also plain looking and dressesed conservatively.  Sometimes she was moody and difficult to get along with.  I thought about what would make her more interesting and desirable.

Having a day off, I started to think how I could use this little program to spice things up a bit.  My wife would be home from work in about an hour, so I got started on her ‘changes.’  I entered her name, Laura.  I decided against any drastic changes, figuring a few modifications would be fine for a start.

I dropped her weight down to 130 lbs and made her a few years younger.  Then I shrunk her waist a few inches.  The biggest change I made was to her personality matrix.  I increased her desire for sex by multiplying her sex drive by five and increased her energy level off the charts. I then dropped her IQ a bit.

After some thought I also made her very obedient and open to suggestion.  I changed her preferred clothing to tasteful, but sexy... and I made her more overtly womanly and sexy in the way she moved and acted.  I even changed her language to a bit dirtier.

I checked the box to make it where my wife wouldn't notice any of the changes and lastly, I setup two key phrases for initiating and reversing the changes.  To used ‘you’re sexy’ to initiate and 'back to basics' to reverse the changes.  I hit the execute button and the machine again tossed out some characters and took a few minutes to say, ‘commands sent.’

Then I waited.

Laura got home a few minutes later than usual and seemed tired and wrung out.

“Was it a bad day at work, honey?” I asked her.

“Oh, just the usual problems. Too many meetings and too many people with silly ideas,” Laura replied.

We talked a bit in the bedroom while I watched her change out of her plain, drabby, work clothes.

“Well, your home now, so relax... and maybe I can help with that.” I declared and started to rub and caress her neck.

“I don’t have time for that silly... I still have more work to do,” Laura responded, pulling away from me.

Well, here goes nothing I thought to myself...

“But, you’re sexy.” I told her and almost instantly Laura’s whole body shook.  She fell back onto the bed and her eyes rolled back. “Laura!  Laura, can you hear me?  How do you feel?” I asked with slight concern while she just lay there.

“Oh, Mark. I feel so weird. Whew, ugh….” Laura mumbled while she rocked back and forth on the bed.  Then she shocked me by reaching up and cupping her tits.  “My breasts... my tits... yes, my tits feel so tingly now.  Oh, wow!  Mmmm, yes.…”

I watched in fascination as my wife's extra pounds seemed to melt away... her skin tightened up... and she appeared to regress in age.  I just sat there on the edge of the bed in awe as the program ran and my wife changed before me.

After a few minutes, my wife woke with a huge grin on her face.  Then she quickly stood up.

“My body is on fire, Mark baby.  I’m not sure why I feel so weird, but really good at the same time.” Laura declared while she ran her hands down along the sides of her more shapely body.

“You look real hot to me.” I responded, smiling.

“Well, baby... if you really think I’m that hot and sexy than maybe you should prove it.” Laura replied and then she wiggled her ass over to me, dropping her slacks on the way.

“But I thought you had some work to do?” I replied, teasing her.

“What work?  This is much more fun and exciting than any silly old work.” Laura responded and then pushed me down on the bed and began to undress me.

“You sure about this honey?  I thought you were kind of tired?” I asked, grinning.

“No way baby.  I need you right now.  I feel great!  And my body feels soooooooo good. I’m horny as a cat in heat!” Laura stated as she continued to work my clothes off.

“Well, if you say so.  Let me help reciprocate and help you with your underwear.  Hey, your bra seems tight on you...?  And your panties seem loose.” I declared playing ignorant.

“Oh, Mark... who cares.  Just get me naked so I can feel your hard cock inside me,” Laura replied as she helped me unhook her tight bra.

Now, Laura had never acted or talked like this before so I was convinced that not only the physical alterations of Master PC had worked, but the mental ones worked as well!  It was amazing! “You know, Laura... It might be a nice change for you to start off giving me a blow job.  I’d really like that,” I stated.

“Sure thing sweetie pie. I’d love to do that and taste your big, huge cock in my mouth,” she responded and then eagerly went down on me and started to suck on my hardening dick.

The old Laura would never have done this for me and I couldn't have been happier.  As she continued to suck on me, my mind raced in all sorts of directions, thinking of one possibily after another.

“Oh, baby your so huge! I love sucking your cock so much.” Laura groaned.

“Keep going, Laura.  You’re doing great,” I responded, groaning myself.  I reached down so I could rub her firm tits.

“Oh, keep rubbing my nipples, Mark.  Get them real good and hard.  I love the way you make them feel,” Laura whimpered as she heated things up even more.

“Laura, stand up now and lean over the end of the bed.  I want to fuck you like a little doggie... my little poodle!” I cried, really wanting to fuck her bad.

“Oh, yes, Mark!  I’d love that... Arff. Arff!” she barked while she leaned over to present me with her ass.

I rammed my big cock into her moist cunt, causing her to cry out in ecstasy.

“How does my cock feel now, Laura?” I asked her while pumping her good.

“Mark, oh god!  It feels so great in my wet cunt.  Please fuck me!  Oh, god yes!  Fuck me, hard!” Laura shouted at the top of her lungs.

I pumped her for a long while and she stayed right there with me.  Our bodies were dripping with sweat and Laura was having the best fuck of her life.

“Oh, Mark. I’m going to cum!  Oh, yes... Yes!  I feel it!  Oh, god it feels so fucking good. Yes, baby. Oh, yum, yes! YES!!” Laura whimpered and cried as she spasmed.

“Lay back down on the bed Laura. I’m going to cum all over you and you’ll love it!” I commanded.

“Mark, give me that cum. I want it all over me. I’ll lick it all up!"

I then spurted my load all over her face and chest... all the while Laura giggled and beamed with excitement, really loving it.  Then she cleaned herself all up by licking herself like a cat.

“Wow!  That was great, Mark.  You really know how to fuck a girl.” Laura declared.

“Well, you make it easy doll. Why don’t you go take a nice warm bubble bath... you’ve earned it.” I told her.

“Oh, that sounds wonderful.  I love bubble baths. They make me feel so pretty and sexy.” Laura responded and then she got up and headed to the bathroom.

I couldn’t help but notice how much nicer her cute ass looked as it wiggled and swayed.  Seconds later I heard the bath water running.

I smiled.  My wife had changed for the better.  I was pretty pleased how this first real use of the Master PC program had went. I slipped my pants back on and cleaned up a bit.  I let Laura enjoy the bath for about a half hour and then went in to see her. She was leaning back in the tub with bubbles covering her fine tits. Her eyes were closed and she had the biggest grin on her face.

“Hi, doll... are you enjoying yourself?” I asked her.

“Oh yeah, but not as much as I enjoyed our fucking.  That was wonderful Mark.  The best I can ever remember.” Laura replied.

“Well, I’m glad you enjoyed it. We should do that all the time. Would you like that?” I asked her.

“Definitely!  My little pussy gets so lonely sometimes... and you really know how to make me squeal.” Laura replied as she started to get up. “In fact, maybe another go right now would be fun.”

Laura then wrapped her wet arms around me and her wet tits felt good against my bare chest.  She started to nuzzle my neck and lick my ear.  This was fucking great!  Then we started to kiss and Laura surprised me by reaching down and grabbing my hardening cock and began pumping me.

“You like that Mark?  Do you like little Laura stroking your huge, firm cock?” she asked.

“Oh, yeah baby.  It feels great.” I responded as I grew hard and huge again.

I then started to finger-fuck her pussy, making sure to rub her clit.  She grew even wetter as a result!  Then Laura started to moan and press down on me.

“Oh yeah, Mark.  My pussy feels so wet and hungry for your cock again!"

I bent her over the bathroom counter while she stuck her ass out and spread her legs.

“Fuck me hard and deep, Mark!” Laura cried.

“Ok baby... spread that fine ass for me,” I cried in response.

Laura did as I told her and then I rammed my dick into her.

Immediately, she yelled out... “Oh god, Mark!  That feels soooooo fuccckkkkiinnnngggg goooooood!  My pussy is on fire and I can feel it dripping down your big cock!  Oh, that feels sooooooo good, baby!” Laura cried out over and over again.

I watched her fondle her big tits while I continued to fuck her.  She spasmed and screamed my name, “Mark, oh Mark I’m cumming. Oh yes! Yes!”

“Yeah, baby.  Here comes my hot stream!” I cried out a second before I exploded in her.

After a few minutes of recovery, we pulled apart.

“That was great again, Mark.  I feel so warm inside. You really know how to fuck a girl.” Laura declared in-between labored breathes.

“Glad you enjoyed it, babe.” I replied.

I thought now would be a good time to test the reverse command, thinking it might also be an interesting wake up spot for Laura.

“Hey, Laura... here is a towel to dry off a little.  I don’t want my baby catching cold.” I commented while handing her a big towel.

“Well, ok sugar... but you were keeping me pretty warm with your big chest next to my tits.” Laura responded as she started to dry off.

“I’m sure I was... but now, it’s time to get ‘back to basics.’” I told Laura.

Immediately, her body shook again and I could see her weight go back on her body while she grew older at the same time. Within seconds she was back to normal.

“What happened? What am I doing in the bathroom? Why do I feel so weird and warm inside?” Laura asked me, looking very confused.

“Don’t you remember? You wanted to take a bath to relax a bit before you started on your work.” I responded.

“Now, Mark... are you saying I dozed off in the bath?” she asked.

“Well, maybe... I just came in to check on you, but you know, since you're already undressed maybe we could have a little fun?  Would you like some company?” I asked in response as I stepped next to her.

“Not now, Mark... I told you I have a lot of work to do... and I have a bit of a weird headache, too.” She stated, while she wrapped a towel around her old body.

Yep, it seemed that Laura was back to normal without remembering anything about what happened.  This Master PC program was really going to help me out.

“Mark, please leave so I can get dressed and get my work going.” Laura added, scooting me out of the bathroom.

“Sure thing, honey... I’ll be down in the basement doing some computer work if you need me.” I replied, smiling.

As I made my way towards the basement stairs, I started to think about how else I could use the program.  I grabbed my laptop and then headed downstairs.  I wondered how big a change it could handle.  One thing that popped in my head was Laura’s mom, Mary.  She was an older woman of course, but I kind of had always fantasized what it would have been like to screw her when she was younger.  I know she’s my mother-in-law, but there was something still nice and sexy about her.  I think she kind of liked me as well, but would of course never do anything since I was married to her daughter.  Sometimes she would flirt with me, call me her baby or baby cakes.  Mary sometimes would hug me a bit longer than appropriate when we visited her. I know she had a slight attraction for me.  She was divorced for some time now... and didn’t live very far from us. Maybe now was my chance to have a little fun with Mary.

Chapter Two: ME & MARY

I let Laura get her work done and she went to bed fairly early.

I did my night owl thing and started to explore the MPC program more on my laptop. It seemed to have an infinite set of possibilities. First thing I did was password protect the file and program.  I didn’t want anyone else to have access to it.  I decided I would experiment a bit more on me.  I entered my name of course and started to look over the parameters and settings.  I decided to increase my overall muscle mass by 50% and make my muscles twice as efficient.  I dropped my body fat to almost zip and lessened my age by 10 years.  I also put in a comment for no one to notice the changes in me unless I told them to, ‘remember the old me.’

I then worked on my maleness.  I made my hair longer and darker.  I decided to increase my cock to twice the normal size. Now, I was pretty big already but this made me huge.  I made my sperm production increase ten times with no downtime between ejaculations.  I also decided to double my testosterone production.  I decided to eliminate my need to shave my face (which I hated to do) but I made my chest more muscular and hairy.  Lastly, I decided to be able to give off powerful male pheromones at will by just saying the word ‘gigolo.’  This would make me very desirable and attractive to any woman near me... to the point where they would barely be able to resist me.  I then hit the ‘execute’ button.

The changes happened fast.  I felt my muscles get bigger and they tingled some at first.  My chest filled out and got hairier.  Then my cock grew and I could barely keep it tucked in my shorts.  It was almost painful tucked away in there.  My hair grew and got really dark. I popped over to a mirror and admired the ‘new me.’  I was quite the stud now.  I felt extremely horny too.  It must be the increased testosterone and sperm production in my system.  Well, I just would have to wait until tomorrow.

I now noticed the MPC program also had another page tabbed in called ‘materials and goods.’ I clicked over to it and now saw I could basically order any type of material good I could think of. If the item was large I could designate a location for it. This was all turning out to be too good to be true. I again started small. I ordered some new more stud clothing for me (leather stuff mainly, tank tops, boots, silk pajamas and robe, etc.). Amazingly it also had a cash section. I decided I just had to try that so I typed in $5000 with a denomination in 50’s. I told the program to deposit items a foot in front of me on the floor and then hit ‘execute.’ Maybe 3 seconds went by and ‘poof’, it all showed up.

This thing was fucking amazing! I hid most of the money in a small shoebox I had tucked away in the closet. I slipped off my clothes, still admiring my new body. Then I pulled on the silk pajamas. My cock really liked the silk rubbing against it. I got quite a hard-on just moving up and into bed. I almost wanted to wake Laura and have a go at her, even in her current ‘plain-Jane’ state. But, I thought I would wait for tomorrow and Mary.

The sun on my face woke me. Laura was already dressed and gone for work. She obviously didn’t notice anything different about me. I just realized the word commands were still in place for Laura. Well, it was pretty doubtful anyone would tell her ‘you’re sexy’ at her work.

I got up and got in the shower. Man, I was even hornier than last night. I thought my dick was going to explode. Just the warm running water was giving me a big hard on. Again, I resisted the urge to masturbate right there. I wanted to wait for what I had in mind for Mary. I slipped on my leather thong over my big cock and felt the back of it ride up my ass. I then put on the leather pants and pulled on a white tank top – muscle shirt. I slicked my long hair back with some gel and was good to go. Then I grabbed the phone. I called my office and said I had some personal business come up and I wouldn’t be in the rest of the week. I grabbed the charged up laptop, my cell phone and headed to my car.

Now I had already decided Mary would be my next woman to ‘change’ for the better. While I drove over to her condo I started to think of what changes I would make. When I got near here place I parked just a little ways back from her driveway. She didn’t work anymore so I knew she would be at home. I had setup Mary’s home PC and wireless network. So I knew easily how to access and connect into her router with my laptop from the car. It seems the MPC program version I got did require wireless access to the Internet. I got connected in to Mary’s connection and activated the MPC program. Then I started to work on Mary’s new look. She was now in her late 50’s and overweight. Mary had sagging breasts and a big ass and thighs. She had short hair that was dyed dark brown because she was graying a lot. But that would all change very soon. I decided to do something like this for her:


I noticed that last command option was in there. It allowed me to just change her mind back and forth, but keeping the new body and physical effects. She would still have to obey me though. I hit the ‘execute’ key. This took almost 5 minutes to process. Mary’s wireless connection wasn’t the best so that maybe was why. When it finished I drove up to her place. I gathered up the laptop and went to the door.

Mary appeared a few seconds after I rang the bell.

“Oh, hi Mark. What a nice surprise. What are you doing here at this time?”

“Well, Mary... I had the day off and thought I would come over and check on your PC and make sure all is well.” I told her.

“Well, that’s sweet of you. Come on in. I was about to make some lunch too. Do you want me to make a sandwich while you get started?” she asked while greeting me with a big hug.

“Sure... that would be great, Mary.” I replied and then stepped back a bit.

“Good.  A big boy like you needs to keep up his strength.” Mary responded and headed off to the kitchen.

I went upstairs and sat down at her PC. I pretended to work on the PC for a few minutes. Mary called up to me, “Do you want spicy mustard on your sandwich Mark?”

“Sure. I like spicy things, Mary.” I called back to her.

In another couple of minutes she came up with the food and drink for me.

“Here you go, Mark... I hope it isn’t too spicy for you.  I got a bit carried away with the spicy mustard.”

“No problem.” I replied and we started to eat.  I noticed Mary had some mustard on the corner of her mouth.  I reached over and wiped it off with my finger. “Do you want this bit of mustard?” I asked as I put my finger near her mouth.

“Well, okay,” Mary replied and then bashfully licked my finger.

Wow, guess I was right about the attraction.  Mary was in her usual dark slacks and a sweater.  I couldn’t last much more. Time to get this party started.

“You know, Mary, you are still one hot mama.” I told her.

“What…?” Mary asked as she fell back off her chair to the floor.  Just like Laura, her whole body convulsed and shook.  It was hard to tell how fast her body was changing with all those clothes on.  I could see her face transform to a much younger face and her hair grew long and dark.

“Oh god, what’s happening to me? Oh, ugh, mmm….” Mary gasped as she rocked around on the floor.  Her lips puffed out greatly and she seemed to lick them a lot and moan a bit for the next few minutes. “Oh, fuck!  My tits feel so weird and big... and my pussy is sooooooooo wet.”

I saw her eyes open and I helped her stand up.  She got up very easily, for she was no longer an old woman with legs and hip problems.

“Hey Mary, how are doing?” I asked.

“Fuck, I’m just great baby cakes!  But why am I wearing all these awful clothes?  I’m too warm for this damn sweater and this bra just broke off my big titties.” Mary responded while she reached inside her sweater and pulled an old white, under wire bra out.

“I don’t know baby. Maybe you should get them off now?” I responded, smiling.

“You bet I will,” Mary replied as she pulled off her slacks and sweater.  “What’s with these fucking granny panties too?” she asked me.

“No idea, honey,” I replied.

Her body was amazing now.  Her tits were big and firm.  Her hourglass figure was so sexy and her ass perfect.  She even had the pierced belly button.  Mary now looked like a busty pornstar from the Internet.  I loved how her long hair reached down to her little waist just above rear.  Just her face had somewhat the look of her former self.

“Come here, sexy.” I commanded her.

She smiled as she wiggled her ass over to me.

I grabbed her tightly around her tiny waist and pulled her close to me.  Mary’s big new titties pressed up next to me as I kissed her long and hard on her big lips.  Kissing my altered, sexed up mother-in-law was very hot.  My dick was getting a hard on fast.  She kissed me back intensely, probing my mouth with her tongue.  I guided her into the bedroom and we flopped down onto the bed.

“Oh Mark, baby... you're so hot!  I love your rock hard body next to my titties!” Mary cried out as she ripped off my shirt.

She seemed really hot for sex now and quickly got my pants off.  I started to rub her body up and down my legs and chest. Her big tits felt good.  This was so awesome!

“You know, baby. I’d love you to do a little sexy dance for me.  I know how you love to dance and strut you stuff.”

“Oh, that sounds great!  Let me go get my ass ready.” Mary responded and dashed into the walk in closet. “Mark!  All these clothes suck!  They’re like old lady clothes and all fucking huge!  Well, I’ll just have to make do,” she then declared and I heard her ripping stuff up.

After a few minutes she told me she was ready.

“Play me some strut music, Mark!” Mary yelled out to me.

I grabbed my laptop and started to play “Naughty Girl” by Beyonce.

“Oh, I love my girl Beyonce! She said as she came out in a silk flowery robe that was ripped off at the bottom making it barely cover her ass.  She began to dance to the beat like a pro. “Shake it Mary. You look very hot baby.” I told her. She giggled as she swayed her hips and ass to the beat of the music. She twirled a few strips of cloth she had around her neck and then came over to me sitting on the end of the bed.  Mary flipped one of the strips around me and pulled me close to her.  She then turned as wiggled her ass down into my lap. I was really loving this!

“You like my ass, Mark?  I think your little man does down here.” Mary commented as she rubbed my cock.

Then she pulled back some and started to lower her short robe exposing her big tits slowly.

“You go girl!” I yelled and whistled at her.

The song got near the end and Mary slowed down a bit in time with the music. She finally dropped the robe completely. Now she just had on a smile and some jewelry on her wrists and ankle. She wiggled and pranced all over the room as the song finished up.  Mary’s big gold hoop earrings bounced as she rocked her head, flipping her long hair back.  I was so hot for her now.

“Do you want me now, baby?” She asked pushing me back on her bed.

“Oh, yeah... Mary... I want to fuck you so much,” I groaned.

“Goodie.  Cause I’m so hot for you too, Mark.  I want you to fuck me over and over again.” Mary replied, adding, “I’m a bad girl and I want you take me and make me scream!”

Mary pulled off my thong with her teeth.  My cock sprang out and was huge already.

“Oh, let me suck you Mark!” Mary begged as she put her big lips over my cock. She started to go down on me like an old pro. I got real big and hard as Mary continued to suck me. “Oh, Mark.  Do you like Mary sucking you off?  I love doing it.” Mary asked.

“Oh, yeah... sweet thing. You're doing great. Oh, wow! Your big puffy lips feel so good on my hard dick.” I responded.

“Cum in my mouth, Mark.  I want your hot load on my tongue.  I’ll swallow all the cum you can give me Mark.” Mary replied in-between sucking my dick.

“Get ready, Mary.  Oh, yeah baby.  Here I cum for you!  Oh, ugh, yeah…” I cried out as I exploded big into her waiting lips and mouth.  She took it all in swallowing my huge load. “Did you like my load, Mary?”

“Yes, Mark.  It tasted sooooooo good. I loved swallowing it all down like a bad girl does.” Mary replied as she licked the last off me and her big lips.

“Now Mary, it’s your turn to get off.” I declared.

“Yeah, lick me, Mark. Warm up my wet pussy real good, baby.” Mary begged as she got on all fours on the bed with her ass high in the air.

I spread Mary’s pussy and started stroking and licking her clit.  She started moaning and pressing her pussy into me.

“That’s so good Mark. My clit is throbbing baby cakes. You making little Mary so horny and wet.” she whimpered as I continued.

“No problem, sugar.  You're my horny little slut, aren’t you?” I asked.

“You bet I am baby.  I’m a slut who loves getting her pussy eaten by my big stud, Mark.” she cried in response.

I could feel Mary’s pussy and clit throbbing and starting to spasm under my tongue.  I pulled away for a second.

“Don’t stop baby!  Make me scream and tingle all over. Oh, ughh,….” Mary groaned as she rubbed her tits and her pussy.

“I think it would be better to see what I am fucking right now.” I said as I slid under her.

“That’s better...” I said as I grabbed her tits and squeezed them some.

“Oh jesus, Mark.  It feels so good when you rub my big titties like that.  My nipples are so hard right now, baby.” Mary groaned in response as she enjoyed me fondling of her tits.

I rubbed her more and she pressed into me, kissing and nuzzling my chest.  I could feel my own nipples tighten up now too.  I had an idea right then as we were pleasuring each other.

“You know, Mary honey, maybe you should ‘clear you head.’

I had given her the mind reversal phrase in the middle of our foreplay.  Her head rocked some and her eyes glazed over for a second.  Then...

“Oh my god, Mark!  What’s going on here?!” Mary asked as she pulling away from me.  Her body of course was still that of a centerfold model, but her mind and memories were back.

“Well Mary... I thought you wanted to have a little fun.” I responded innocently.

“What? Are you nuts?!” Mary yelled at me, jumping out of the bed and backing away from me.  This was getting interesting.  "Get some clothes on, Mark, and then get out of here!  And why do I feel so... strange?” Mary asked.

Mary walked over to her closet door mirror and gasped.

“OH, no!  What happened to my body?  I look so young, and my breasts are so big now!  I never had hair this long, either!”

"You look great!" I replied with a smile.

“What's going on with my body?  I don’t feel any aches or pains anymore, and I look so different.  My face looks so young and these lips are huge!  I barely recognize myself.” Mary cried while touching her mouth.

“Well, Mary... I made some changes to your body.  I thought you would like it better this way.” I replied.

“What?!  Are you kidding?  This isn’t possible.  You have turned me into some kind of supermodel, fantasy version of myself. Did you drug me or something?” she asked in disbelief.

“Oh, no... nothing that crude.  Just made a few changes to make you better off for me to have fun with.” I responded.

“Now, Mark.  Please stop talking like that.  I want you to tell me how to fix this right after you cover up more and then I don’t want you here anymore,” she stated as she tried to toss a blanket over me on the bed.

“No, Mary.  I think you and I are going to have some more fun right now.” I declared.

“Please... You have to be kidding.  I don’t know how you did all this, but I think you should leave right now before I call the police.” Mary cried.

“Come now, Mary... Isn’t the new you so much better than the old, sagging body you used to have?  I could just be your young ‘gigolo’.” I told her as the male pheromones released.

“You do smell so good to me!  Yes, yum…. But, oh god I don’t know.  This isn’t right!  I mean... what would Laura say if she saw us here right now?” Mary asked as she looked as if she were about to cry.

“Laura never needs to know about this.  Now, Mary, you have to do what I tell you.” I commanded.

“I, no, I can’t... but I feel like I have to,” Mary whispered.

“Good, now come over to me here on the bed.” I instructed her. “Good girl," I added when she responded.  "Now, I'm going to lay back down here and you are going to screw me like I am the sexiest man you've ever seen.” I commanded.  I laid back down on the bed and got ready for her.

“Oh, I can’t help myself.  I think I want you inside me, but that is so wrong.” Mary complained while she climbed on top of me.

“That’s right Mary, baby.  Fuck me good with your tight, wet pussy.  Stay close to me too girlie.” I told her and then she starting to pump up and down on my hardening dick.

“Oh, Mark please let this stop.  I don’t want to be here like this.  How are you making me do this?  Please, no!.” Mary responded while she rubbed her tits on my chest.  Our nipples pressed up against each other and started to harden too.  Her body still had all it’s increased sex drive and female enhancing.  So, she was kind of a victim to both her amped up body and my commands.

“Now, Mary... I want you to enjoy this fucking.” I told her.

“No, Mark.  Please let me go.  Even though this feels so good having you inside me.  I don’t want to, but I love how your big dick feels in me. Oh, no. God, what am I saying!?” Mary groaned, babbling away as she pumped me faster.

“That’s real good, doll.” I groaned in response.  Fucking Mary, my mother-in-law, was so fucking hot!  I couldn’t hold my load any longer. “Here it comes Mary... Oh, yeah doll... that’s good baby.  I’m giving it to you right now, Mary!” I cried as I ejaculated a huge load of cum into her wet, quivering pussy.

Mary cried out with an explosion of her own!

“Now, Mary... tell me what you think about that?” I asked.

“You bastard!  How could you do this to me and make me into some kind of mindless whore for you?!” she asked, slapping my chest with her hand.

“Now, Mary... I know you loved it, but just to make you feel better I’m going to make your old mind go away.” I said to her.

“NO!  Please not that.  I’ll be good just let me keep my mind!" Mary cried, pleading.

“Mary, ‘clear your head.’” I said to her.

Mary rocked her head some and then smiled a huge smile. “Oh, baby. I feel so warm and wet. You are such a big stud. I’d love for you to fuck me in the ass.” Mary proclaimed as shifted positions in order to lay her wet pussy across my bare chest.

“That might be arranged, but you know what... I feel like going out to shop... what about you?"

“Oh, Mark... you spoil me!  You know I need new clothes!  I could try stuff on and you could tell me what looks hot on me.”

“I think it all will look hot on you now, Mary.  Go try and find something to put on for right now and we’ll get going in a few minutes.” I responded.

“Sure thing baby cakes,” Mary responded and then she gave me a quick kiss before wiggling her fine ass and headed for the closet to get dressed.

After I pulled my clothes back on, I decided to make a quick call.  I decided we would make a quick stop on the way.  My sister-in-law, Sandy, lived pretty close by.  She was a bit of a cutie, skinny without many curves.  She was married to Mary’s son, Bill.  I always thought she would be real hot in the sack.  I think it was time to find out if I was right!


 It took about 45 minutes to get over to Sandy’s house. She was a stay at home mom so I knew she would be home. I told Mary to sit in the back seat on the way over and just play with herself. I think she must have cum three or four times on the way over.  Mary was really enjoying her new youthful body and increased sex drive.  I parked down the street a bit before we got to Sandy and Bill’s house.  I decided to pull out the laptop and start working on the new “Sandy.”

Now, Sandy was cute, but had a real boyish figure.  She was average height and actually was a bit thinner now than when Bill and her got married years ago. She had very small tits and no real hips or ass to speak of.  She had a cute face, but something in the way she acted and carried herself always screamed ‘MILF’ to me.  She had nice dark hair and wore a fair amount of makeup.  She also had a sexiness that I had always liked.  Maybe some of it was due to her rich up bringing. It made her a bit of a snob but she always had great clothes and lots of nice jewelry to wear. Generally she had always been pretty nice to me but I think she always find me a bit of a geek. Well, we will see if we can change that thinking a bit now.

I decided to make a few overall changes to my profile in the Master PC program.  I made my dark hair a bit longer.  Then I added about 20 percent more muscle to my body overall.  I also pumped up all my hormone production to a higher level.  I decided I needed a few overall command words in case of an emergency.  Since this program seemed to be able to handle anything, I went for broke.

First, these word commands only would work for me (the other commands so far I had left open). To begin, I put the phrase “Freeze action.”  This would halt everyone and all action around me up to 100 feet, for 5 minutes.  Might be good to use to get out of a jam.  Then I put the another big command in, “Control override.”  This I programmed to change everything back to the way things were prior to me using the MPC program.  I figured that would do it for now.  I then started to work up a profile on Sandy.


That seemed like a good start.  I decided to add that last comment part as a test.  If I could just alter physical attributes on my command it would make this MPC use even easier.  I hit the ‘execute’ key.  I got an error message about ‘no wireless connection detected.’ Oh, I would have to run this from inside Sandy’s house.  That should be fine. I drove up and parked. Then I told Mary to wait in the car for about 10 minutes.

“Well, ok Mark. But I’ll be so lonely without you.” Mary replied while teasing me by rubbing her tits some.

“Listen to some music doll.  Just wait for a couple of songs and come on in then.” I told her while I grabbed my laptop and went to the front door. I also tucked my digital camera in my pocket. I thought it might come in handy later on.

Sandy answered the door a few seconds after I rang the bell.

“Oh, hi Mark. What brings you over here during the day?” Sandy asked me.

“Well, I was running some errands around here and thought I would just stop in and say ‘hello’ for a minute.  I haven’t seen you guys in awhile.” I responded as I went inside.

“That’s nice of you to stop by... Bill is at work of course and the kids are at school.  But Cathy will be home later on.  She only has a half day today.” Sandy replied.

Cathy was their daughter. They had a younger son as well. Sandy had on her usual tight black slacks and a red tank top.  She looked pretty hot even now.  I couldn’t wait until the MPC program made her even better.

“I had told Bill I would give his PC kind of a look over.  Make sure you haven’t picked up any nasty viruses or anything.   I’ll just take a quick look at it.” I told Sandy as I put my laptop down on their desk next to Bill’s laptop and wireless connection.

“Oh, sure... go ahead.  I know you are the ‘king’ when it comes to all that electronic stuff.  I’ll get you a Mountain Dew.  I know you like your caffeine when doing that stuff.”

“Thanks Sandy, you’re a doll.” I told her, flirting a bit.  I quickly opened up my laptop and ran the MPC ‘execute’ command again.

This time it was working.  It said ‘processing – 6 min. to completion.  I could already feel the slight changes in me happening. My muscles felt a bit heavier and I was getting even hornier. The effects on me were coming pretty quick and didn’t require any command words.

Sandy then brought me over the drink.  I quickly lowered the top of my laptop and started to ‘pretend’ to work on Bill’s machine some.  It was kind of hard to concentrate now.  I was really hyped up and horny sitting near my next ‘babe' victim.

“That really hit the spot Sandy, thanks.” I declared as I took a long drink from the cold can of soda.  I could tell Sandy was looking at my more ‘stud-like’ clothes and body and wondering what was up.  In fact, I think she kind of seemed to like the new me.

“Mark, have you been exercising or lifting weights?  You look bigger and stronger and your clothes seem to fit differently on you.  Don’t get me wrong, I think you look real good.  Maybe even younger, too.” Sandy whispered.

“Nice of you to notice.  I have been trying to get back into shape some and I thought it was time for a little change in my attire. I’m glad you like it.  Here, feel this bicep.  I’ve really been working on my girls.  I mean to say, curls.” I said, smiling at her.

“Working on girls, huh?  Very funny Mark,” Sandy said as she felt my big bicep with her hand. “Wow! Very impressive.  You know Bill has been doing some weights and things, but he gets so busy with work and all.  He travels a lot right now and I don’t think he has enough time for it.” Sandy responded as I continued to work.

I could tell she liked the ‘new’ me.  This was going to work out very nicely.

“Well, everything is looking pretty good on your PC and I don’t see anything that is a problem.” I stated as I stood up and finished off the drink.  I think it was time to start cooking!  “You know, Sandy, you're looking pretty good too... and I don’t know how you stay in such great shape yourself.  I mean... you are a fine looking woman and if I was Bill, I wouldn’t be leaving you and going out of town so much.  Nope, I would stay in town so I could be close to a babe like you!” I added, moving closer to her.

“Now, Mark... that is very flattering of you to say, but it’s not that bad with Bill traveling.  I do take care of myself, the house and the kids.  It all keeps me pretty busy.  I don’t really have time to do anything special for me.  I do try to eat right and not too much.  Maybe that helps.” Sandy responded, backing up a bit and hitting her ass on the edge of the desk.

“You know, Sandy... I could do something special for you.  If you know what I mean.” I stated as I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her in close to me.

“Mark!  What are you doing?!  Please, let go of me!  I hope I didn’t give you the wrong idea.  I mean, what would Laura say?” Sandy asked while trying to break my hold.

I decided to give her small ass a little squeeze then and being now that I was much stronger, I could easily hold her and keep her close to me.  “Now, come on... Sandy... I saw the way you were looking at me.  I know Bill is gone a lot and you must get pretty lonely here.”

I could feel my cock growing under my tight pants, especially now that it was huge, and with all my increased hormones I was easily aroused.  It was hard to keep it in check.  I pressed up tighter to Sandy and pushed my growing cock into her crotch.  I could tell she felt my dick pressing up next to her.

“Oh god, Mark... please!  This has gone on long enough.  You should let me go and leave.” Sandy responded while continuing to struggle.  Just then I heard someone come in the house.

“Hello. Where is everyone?  I want to party.” I heard Mary’s voice call out.

Mary came into the kitchen/office area and saw me and Sandy locked together.

“Now baby... that’s no way to treat Mark.  He’s only trying to give you what all us girls want.” Mary told Sandy as I watched Sandy look over the ‘new, improved Mary.’

“Oh my god, Mary?!!  Is that really you?  What happened to your body?” Sandy asked in stunned amazement, not believing her eyes.

“Oh, my lover boy here Mark just made me the way I always wanted to be.  I feel so sexy and alive now... and I know these clothes aren’t the best, but I couldn’t find anything really good to wear.  I just had to settle on this lacey slip top and black jean cutoffs.  The top was too long so I trimmed it short so it just covers my big titties.  I had to put a pin in the jeans to keep them up on me.  After that I cut them off real short.  Oh, but I did find a nice pair of black heels to wear.  I love the way my ass shakes when I walk in these things!” Mary responded while she strutted by us.

“Mark, I don’t know what’s going on or what you did to poor Mary, but please you should all leave. This is nuts!  I can’t believe you could do this to Mary.  I mean, she's Laura’s mother!”

“Oh, please, Sandy.  Don’t be so quick to judge me and Mary.  She seems to really like the new body I gave her.  You know, I think you might feel different if you got the same kind of treatment.  Then we could loosen you up and make you more friendly.  Would you like to look like Mary does, Sandy?  Haven’t you always wanted a more shapely, curvaceous body and to be really sexy for men?  Then you can have a go at me, like I’m sure you always wanted.” I declared. I know the MPC program had completed by now, so all it would take was my trigger words.

“No!  I am fine with the way I am.  Even if I’m not some kind of porn queen like you made Mary into... and I certainly don’t want to have anything to do with you, Mark.  You have gone crazy!  I don’t understand or know how you did this to Bill’s mom.  I mean she was so old and now to see her looking like some kind of bimbo slut.  It’s just not natural.  So stay away from me...  both of you!” Sandy responded, backing away from me.

“Well, Sandy... I think you still need to see for yourself what you are missing.  You know, Sandy... I always thought you were a ‘hot MILF.’ And I want you to keep an ‘open mind’.” I decided to give her both the body activation words and the mind reversal.  I wanted to see and hear her own reactions to the changes.

Just then, Sandy grew very flush and I could see her body beginning to change and reform itself.  “Oh, no. I feel so weird! What are you doing to me?  My body is like on fire.  I’m getting so dizzy.” Sandy groaned as she started to waiver and spin around the room.

“Come here Sandy. Let me take you into the bedroom and you can watch yourself get the body you always must of dreamed of in your mirror.” I told her, directing her into the bedroom. She was easy to move now and didn’t resist my suggestions. Mary followed us in. Eager to watch also, I think.

I sat Sandy down on the end of the bed and she could see herself in the dresser mirror. “Oh, god. My chest is so heavy and tight now. My bra is killing me. What have you done? I think my hair is growing even and my lips feel are tingling. My heart is racing! But this bra is going to cut into my chest. I have to get it off.” Sandy said as she reached up under her tank top and unhooked the tiny bra. “Oh, god that feels so much better. My breasts are getting huge now. And oh my, I have pierced nipples with rings! What have you done to me!?” It was obvious her tits were growing fast. I could see them pressing out on the too small tank top now, lifting it up. You could see the rings on her nipples as well. I also watched her hips and ass filling out. She would have to get those pants off soon too or I would have to cut them off her.

“Now Sandy baby. Just go with it. I think you will really like the new you. You are going to be very hot and sexy. But you better get some more of those clothes off doll, I think they are going to burst off you soon.” I told her.

“God, I don’t want this. I don’t want you to see me half-naked, but I have to get this stuff off like you said. I don’t seem to be able to stop myself.” Sandy said as she quickly got up and unzipped her pants and slid them off. The little black panties she had on were being stretched out by her growing hips and ass. They would almost look like a blank thong on her soon. Her hair was much longer now and had lovely curls cascading down her back. Her lips were even fuller and I could see her nipples expand under the (now tiny) tank top she still had on. Her face was close to the way it was, just more sexy and accented in the big lips and cheeks.

“Now, you are looking pretty fine there girlfriend!” Mary said to Sandy as she walked over next to her. “Maybe even good enough for Mary to show a good time to.” She said as Mary rubbed Sandy’s tits and gave her hot ass a smack too.

“Mary stop that please. This is all so insane. Look at me now. I look like some kind of Playmate or porn model! Not the mother of two kids who has been married for years. I don’t know how you did this to my body Mark. But you are going to have to fix it. I mean these breasts or tits are so huge now. I was always so small up top before, but now look at me! And my hips and ass are so curvy and much bigger now. So much I think my panties are going to rip off me. Even my hair is so longer. And I’ve got this golden tan – all over it seems.” Sandy said as she reached under her now tight tank top to check out her tits. “Oh, god I have to say these breasts do feel nice to touch. But it’s still not me.” She said as she touched her new assets more.

“Sandy, little dollface it is your body now. I think you look really hot. Better than ever! I mean women would kill to have that kind of bod. Some spend years working out and getting high priced plastic surgery and still don’t look half as hot as you do right now baby. But you really need to put on the proper out fit to really show off your new equipment. I’m sure you have some real sexy clothes stashed away here. I want you to find something real sexy to show off in right now. Maybe something Bill got you a long time ago for a birthday or Valentine’s Day gift. What do you have around that might suit your body now?” I said to her. She still had to do what I asked, even if I had left her mind open to all this.

“Well, I have this piece of lingerie. It’s actually something called a ‘teddy,’ I think. It’s black and very shear and is very high cut over the hips. I think it snaps down in the crotch. I never wore it because Bill had gotten me the wrong size. It was way too big in the bust area, plus it was really too racy for me to wear. But I’m not even sure it would fit this body. My breast are so huge now. Please Mark, stop all this.” Sandy begged me.

“No, I think we’ll have some more fun now babe. That teddy sounds perfect doll. Go find that and slip it on now. I won’t peak, too much. Oh, and try and find some black high heels to wear too. Lingerie and heels is a great combination on sexy chicks like you! And take Mary with you. She can help you change and get ready.” I told Sandy.

“Oh, I don’t want to go put that lingerie on, but I can’t seem to help myself. My body is so hot now. I think I’m even starting to like it. These clothes just feel weird and unpleasant on me now too. Besides, I do want to please you Mark, and I need something to wear that fits better. Oh, what am I saying?!” Sandy said as she went into the walk in closet in a slight daze.

“Don’t fight our big stud here, Sandy dear. He really is making us better off. I’ve never felt more sexy or alive. And he is so good in the sack. Now let’s get you into something that shows off those sexy curves you’ve got.” Mary said as she followed Sandy in to change.

I fiddled around in the room while the two girls got Sandy changed. I could hear them giggling some and whispering to each other. This was all going better than I had thought it would. Sandy was just offering a little resistance to make it exciting and I think her body was even hotter than how Mary’s turned out. It probably helped that she was younger than Mary and probably easier to change. First, I got to screw my new, sexy mother-in-law. She seemed to really be enjoying her new shape and personality. And now soon I would have little Sandy, my sexy sister-in-law as my latest plaything. This MPC program was making me quite happy. I was starting to wonder if there was anything it wasn’t able to do. I popped on the radio for a bit of music just as the girls came out.

Sandy looked fucking amazing! She had the black teddy on and even some garters and black stockings up past her knees. It was pretty snug on her new shapely curves. The lacey half cups on top could barely keep her big tits contained. She also had found some black high heels that really made the outfit smoke! Sandy looked better than any lingerie model or porn star I had ever seen right now. “Turn around some sexy Sandy and show off that hot outfit for me. You know what would really be hot. For you to now be a redhead. Sandy, I want your hair to become a beautiful dark, red color now.” I said, to test the comment in the MPC.

Almost instantly Sandy’s hair changed to a gorgeous dark red color. It still was long and curly down her back but the color was even better. It really looked great with the hot black lingerie on her.

“Oh, no! How did you do that to me?” Sandy said looking in the mirror and running her hands through her new color of hair.

“It was easy baby. Now you can see I am in charge here. Oh, one more thing. I want you to have long nails with red nail polish that are about 2 inches long, right now.” I said to Sandy. Again almost all at once Sandy’s nails grew long and became polished red.

“No, no. With each thing you do to me Mark I feel like I’m becoming even more some kind of pleasure toy for your amusement. These long nails are so weird feeling. I’ve never had nails this long or this color before. I would never wear my nails like this. I mean I am a respectable wife and mother. Aren’t I?” Sandy said touching her new nail and running them through her beautiful new red hair.

“I’m glad you are seeing what I’m getting at. Sandy, both you and Mary are now built for my fun and pleasure. But, I know deep down you are starting to like it. Now, I’d like you to do some poses and act like a sexy model for a few minutes for me. You know, like you imagine all those lingerie and Penthouse models act and pose during photo shoots. Bend over some and turn, just show off all your curves and sexy body for me. I’m going to get my digital camera out and snap some hot shots of you.” I told her as I grabbed my camera out of my pocket.

“Well, if you really want me to pose for you Mark, I feel I have to. This lingerie feels so strange on me now and I still can’t get used to this body. I keep bumping into things with these big breasts. It’s funny though, they really don’t feel too heavy on me. I thought such large ones would weigh me down, but they don’t.” Sandy said as she started to pose and strut while I snapped some photos. She was doing really well for a former housewife and mother. Definitely more of a sexpot underneath it all, I think.

“That’s real good Sandy. Keep posing for the camera and showing me that sexy body you have. And Mary have a seat and watch. In fact Mary, I want you to ‘clear your head’ now.” I said to Mary giving her the keyword to flip her mind back to it’s original state.

“Oh, god what is going on here! What is Sandy doing dressed up like that? And what happened to her body?! Oh, no what happened to my body too?!!” Mary said jumping up and looking in the mirror.

“Mary it’s all good baby. I’ll even let you now remember everything that has happened since I first came over today to see you. But, sit back down on the bed while sexy Sandy shows off her stuff for us.” I told Mary as I continued the picture taking.

“I remember it all now. Somehow Mark made me look like this. He changed my whole body and figure. Look at these breasts I have now! And now he did it to you too, poor Sandy. Oh, god he did this to me and then he made me suck his dick. I couldn’t stop myself. And he made me make love with him. I tried to resist, but I couldn’t stop him or myself. He has some kind of control over us. Oh, Sandy dear. Look what he did to you!” Mary said, almost in tears.

“I know Mary. I can’t stop any of this either.” Sandy said as she bent over in another seductive pose while I snapped another picture of her fine ass.

“Oh, jesus ladies. I give you both hot bodies and make you better than you ever have been and this is the thanks I get. I mean come now. You both can probably have any man now and make a killing doing modeling, porn or whatever.” I told them both.

“I don’t want any of that. I want to have things back the way they were.” Mary pleaded with me.

“Nope, I don’t think so. This is much more fun! In fact, it’s time we get little Sandy really into the spirit of things. Sandy, remember to keep an ‘open mind’ please.” I said to her, swapping her mind for the new, nympho one I had set up.

Sandy’s head shook a bit and her face glazed over for a second. Then she smiled. “Like, I feel so hot in this sexy teddy Mark! Oh my god, it’s so bitchin! Thanks for taking my picture, baby. Oh, I want to just suck you off right now doll. I am so horny! It’s like I haven’t fucked anything in ages. My pussy is so lonely and wet too.” Sandy said to me. She was completely changed over now. And she was all mine!

“Hey Sandy. Why don’t you come over here and sit on my lap a minute.” I told her.

“Sure thing stud.” Sandy said as she wiggled her ass over to me and sat on my lap facing me.

“Oh, Mark leave her be please. She’s not herself. I mean look at her. Sandy would never dress like that or sit half naked on your lap.” Mary said to me trying to stop all this.

“Sandy is going to love having my big cock inside her. Won’t you doll?” I said.

“I thought you’d never ask Mark. I’m so wet and horny. Like I need you so bad now.” Sandy said as she quickly unsnapped the bottom of her teddy. I also had dropped my pants and shoved my now huge dick up Sandy’s waiting pussy.

“Oh, yeah Mark! You are really making Sandy feel so good. I’ve never had anything better in my wet slit before. Slide it in real deep baby. Make little Sandy your bitch.” Sandy said as she started to ride up and down on my monster cock. I could feel myself throbbing inside Sandy. It felt better than any fuck I had ever had before.

“Let me feel those big tits Sandy. Keep riding me doll.” I said to her as I put my hands around to the front of her. I grabbed her tits and fondled the nipples and rings. Sandy was loving it and really starting to go now.

“Oh, I can’t watch this anymore. Sandy please, what are you doing?” Mary said.

“Mary, I want you to sit there and watch us. But, no more talk from you right now while we have out fun.” I said to her. Instantly she shut up. I could tell watching her son’s wife fuck another man was driving her a bit nuts. Especially if that man was married to her own daughter, Laura. Well, I’d put her mind at ease soon enough.

Sandy was really giving it to me good. Her whole body was into it now and she arched her back against me as she pumped faster. “Oh, yeah I’m cumming now baby. My clit is so hard it’s going to burst I think. Oh, yeah Mark. Give it to me good. Ram it in me stud. Oh, oh….” Sandy said as we both climaxed. I shot a monster load into her. She spasmed on me as she had multiple orgasms in her tight pussy.

We sat for a minute and Sandy expertly turned around on me. She began kissing and licking my chest and neck. “That was so fucking awesome! Mark you sure know how to make a girl feel great.” Sandy said as she put her arms around me. She pulled me close and her big tits felt great against my chest. After a few more minutes I had a new thought.

“Sandy, I think Mary is kind of sad over on the bed there. Why don’t you go over and make her happy. I think Mary would like you to eat her little pussy for her too. Sandy would you like that honey?” I asked her.

“Sure I would, stud. Mary is a real hottie. I mean look at those tits on her. And she does look like she could use some company.” Sandy said as she moved off me and over on to the bed next to Mary. She reached up and started fondling Mary’s big tits under her lacey top.

“Stay away from me Sandy. Please, wake up! Mark is making you do these things. Look what he did to us. Look at your body Sandy!” Mary said to Sandy, trying to resist her.

“I don’t know what you me Miss Mary. I feel better than ever! My bod is hot baby. And you’re not so bad yourself sugar.” Sandy said to Mary as she started to unbutton Mary’s tight shorts.

“Now Mary. Just go along with Sandy. Here, I’ll make it easier for you. I can tell you something to make you loose and free like Sandy is now. How about that?” I said.

“No, please. I’ll play along. Just let me keep my mind. Sandy please don’t pull my shorts off. I don’t even think I have on anything under them.” Mary said as Sandy pulled more of Mary’s clothes off.

“I think I liked you better Mary when you were a sexy little bimbo. You are too much work now, like this. So I want you to ‘clear your head’ again.” I said.

“Oh, no! My mind,…” Mary said as her mind switched back. Again, she became her previous sexy, little fuck-doll self. “Oh, Sandy that’s right. Strip all this junk off me now baby. Then rub Mary’s big titties raw baby. Oh, that feels so good. Let me make you feel as good as I do too baby!” Mary said as she pushed Sandy’s tits out of the teddy and started to fondle and lick her nipples with the little rings attached. “Yeah, let me get these tight little hot pants off my ass too.” Mary said slipping out of the shorts.

“Ok, you two just enjoy each other and feel each other up. I’m going to shoot some cool pictures for you. Maybe I’ll even start a web page and get some bucks posting your hot bodies all over the Internet.” I said as I took some more pictures of my two new sexy, bimbo slaves.

“Yeah Mark. I’d love to show off for the whole world. I feel like so good now. Mary keep rubbing my titties. My nipples are getting real hard. And it feels so good! Let me lick your wet cunt Mary while you rub my tits.” Sandy said as she got on top of Mary with her head in Mary’s pussy. Mary was under Sandy opposite with her hands and head buried in Sandy’s luscious new tits. Basically, your standard 69 type pose. I snapped a few more pics of them going at it.

I started thinking and again, I was amazed by all this. I had turned both my mother-in-law Mary and my sister-in-law Sandy into hot sexy, bimbo brained, little sluts. Their bodies were just like I had described on the MPC program and I could get them to do anything I wanted to now. I mean I really had changed them for the better. Mary was so much younger now and her body was better than it ever was. I took away all her aches and pains and made her into a sex goddess. Sandy was free of all her responsibilities of being a mom. I’d give her more fun and pleasure than Bill ever did. She could enjoy her sexy new body with no guilt. Sure, they would be upset if they knew what I was doing as I saw already. But what they don’t know now won’t hurt them. Plus I could put everything back if I wanted to. Even my own body I had been able to change for the better. In fact, I was starting to think that this MPC program was capable of anything.

“Oh, yes, yes Sandy. Lick my pussy raw baby! Stick you tongue deep inside me.” Mary moaned to Sandy.

“I sure will honey. Mary you have the sweetest tasting little snatch. And my big melons are just on fire from all your sucking and rubbing on them. It feels so wonderful! This is like so totally awesome!!” Sandy told Mary as she moaned as well.

I let my two new babes go at it for awhile after I took a couple of last pictures. I told them to enjoy themselves and I went downstairs for a beer. I grab a Heineken out of the fridge and sat down on the couch in Sandy’s Great room. Yep, this was all going just great. Just then I heard someone come in the back door.

“Mom, is anyone around? I’m home. Someone said as I heard footsteps coming from the kitchen towards me.

“Well, hello Cathy. How nice to see you.” It was Sandy’s daughter Cathy, home from school. Now this was getting complicated.


Up to now I had turned both Mary my mother-in-law and Sandy my sister-in-law into hot, sexy, bimbo sluts for my fun and amusement. They were upstairs right now enjoying their hot new bodies and getting each other off. Now Cathy (Sandy’s daughter) had come home. She was a cute 14 year old girl who looked much like her mother. She was wearing her private school uniform of a white blouse, plaid skirt and long socks. She had short dark hair and was starting to develop a bit of her own figure. But, much like her mother she never would have very big breasts or be very curvy. I had always found girls in private school uniforms very hot. Kind of like forbidden fruit, so to speak. I doubted she had much experience with boys yet – let’s see if I can change that.

“Oh, hi Uncle Mark. I didn’t know you were coming over today. Do you know where my mom is at?” Cathy asked me innocently.

“Well, I think she is upstairs helping your grandmother - with something. I think they working on a little ‘project’ together. Why don’t you have a seat and we can catch up. I’m sure they will be down soon.” I said pointing to the couch.

“Well, ok sure. I do have a lot of school work to do, but I guess it can wait. You know Uncle Mark, you look different to me. And what’s with the new clothes? I mean they are kind of cool and all – but just don’t seem to be you.” Cathy said taking a seat while carefully adjusting her skirt over her skinny legs..

I sat down over by the laptop. I was going to try to work on the MPC program while we chatted. “Oh, I’ve just been working out some and decided I needed a change.” I told Cathy as I accessed the MPC. I had always wondered what it would be like to screw around with Cathy, as well as Sandy. Granted she was still a bit young, but with the MPC program I think I could change that.

“I was going to ask if you were having some kind of midlife crisis because you do seem a bit old to be wearing that kind of stuff. Although you don’t look as old for some reason today. And you do look like you have been working out.” Cathy said, still questioning things more. I could tell she was secretly looking at my new shape and ‘package.’ That would make things all the easier.

“Well, I’ll take that as a compliment. I started to enter the info for Cathy into the MPC when I heard footsteps coming downstairs. Obviously the girls had gotten bored without me. Oh, boy. This was going to be hard to explain.

“Oh, Mark. Mary and I were getting a little lonely without you honey. We thought we would come and see what you were doing. We miss you baby.” Sandy said as both Mary and her came downstairs and over by Cathy and me. I could see Cathy’s wide-eyed expression seeing her bimbo mother and slut grandmother looking like porn queens now. Cathy looked almost speechless. Her eyes got real big as she took in the sight of her mother and grandmother transformed like they were now.

“My god. Mom and grandma, what happened to you? Your bodies are so different. I can’t even believe it’s really you. Look at your hair too mom. It’s so red, long and curly now. And what are you wearing? Mom, why are you and grandma parading around in that slutty lingerie? Especially in front of Uncle Mark. I didn’t think you even liked to wear that kind of stuff mom. What’s going on here??!” Cathy said jumping up off the couch.

“Oh, hi honey. Didn’t know you were home. Well, you see Mark made your grandma and me into his little sexy slut, playthings. We have great big titties now and real curvy hot bodies. Oh and I love hot clothes, and have no worries anymore. I feel so much better now than before Mark changed me. And your grandma does too. Isn’t that right Mary?” Sandy said to her freaked out daughter.

“You bet Sandy dear. I love my new body so much. And I especially liked licking your pussy Sandy. Would you like to see grandma’s new awesome tits Cathy?” Mary said pulling down the front of her lingerie.

“No, of course I don’t want to see them. You all are nuts. I need to get out of this crazy house.” Cathy said getting up fast and trying to get to the door.

“Not so fast young lady. Mary grab Cathy and hold her down on the couch please. She is going to join our little party.” I said.

“Sure Mark. Cathy is going to love this!” Mary said grabbing Cathy’s arm and tugging her back down to the couch. I made a real quick adjustment to Mary’s physical strength in the MPC so she would have no trouble holding on to little Cathy.

“Grandma please let me go! I don’t want to see you and mom like this. I have no idea how all this happened, but it’s not natural. Please Uncle Mark, can’t you make them normal again? I don’t know how you are doing this, but please this isn’t right.” Cathy said to me as she squirmed a bit in Mary’s grip.

“Now Cathy, this is normal now for your mom and grandma. I don’t see either of them complaining at all about it. I made them better than before and they love it! In fact, I think before we get started on you I’ll show you how much your mom really likes all this now. Sandy I want you to give me a lap dance in front of Cathy. I want you to bump and grind and really get into it for her.” I said as I started an MP3 file on my laptop to get the right rhythm for Sandy to strut her stuff. I picked out a little J Lo song that really had a great beat to it.

“Sure babe. I’d love to lap dance for you Mark.” Sandy said as she started to bump and grind to the beat. She twirled around the room showing off her hot body for all of us. Mary held Cathy down while her mom flaunted her sexpot body for me. She dropped a few little pieces of her outfit, just the stockings so far as she continued her sexy dance for us.

“Now Sandy, tell little Cathy here how you love the way I have made you. Tell her how you feel and that you love it so much more than your old life. How you love being my sexy little bimbo too.” I told Sandy.

“Oh, my god yes. Like, I love dancing and strutting for you Mark. I would never dance like this for Bill or dress slutty for him. But it feels so good now. I can’t even think about going back to my old flat chested, boy-like shape. I love my ass and big titties so much now. Let me rub them on your chest Mark while I sit on your lap baby.” Sandy said as she came over to me and straddled me as she continued to wiggle and grove to the beat. She had pulled down her teddy as she rubbed her tits on my face and neck. They felt really soft and warm on me. I could already feel my cock getting hard and tight in my pants.

“Mom, please stop that! What would dad say about this? Grandma please, stop holding me down so hard. I don’t want to be here. I’m scared of what Uncle Mark will do to me.” Cathy said.

“Keep holding that little girl down Mary. Now, Cathy I am not actually going to do anything to your body or mind. I think I’m going to try something a little new. I am going to let your mom here fix you up. I think she would love to help you along in your ‘development.’” I said.

“No please. I don’t want to be like them. I don’t want to become another play thing for you. I couldn’t handle anyone doing anything to my body. I’m your niece your sick bastard!” Cathy said.

“Well, you don’t have much choice young lady. Now Sandy, stop your sexy little dance for a bit and sit by me at the computer.” I said as I pulled another chair up for Sandy.

“Sure Mark, you big stud. I’d love to help you out.” Sandy said as we sat down and got started.

I quickly entered some basic information on Cathy into the MPC program. I put the usual name, relationship info in. I put in basic info about obedience to me after program was complete and the usual appetites for sexy clothing and flaunting your body off. Then I quickly worked up a basic female image. I put Cathy’s name on the image and added slider controls for her basic measurements. I added a color brush tool for eyes and hair color as well as a slider for hair length and curl. Lastly I put in three final slider controls. They were for age, sex drive, and intelligence. Lastly, I put a comment in for all the ladies to forget about the MPC program in about 30 minutes. I then initialized the program.

“Oh, Mark I’m getting bored. What are we going to do about my little baby daughter Cathy over there. She is starting to pout now I think.” Sandy told me as she leaned over pulling up her teddy a bit now. I could see little things already starting to happen to Cathy.

“Well, doll look here and I will show you. Now I want you to take this little computer mouse here and adjust these slide bars. You can make Cathy really hot like you and Mary. It’s up to you on how far to change her. I might suggest some things myself. She could really use a bit of work though. I don’t want her to feel out of our little group.” I told Sandy.

“Oh, goodie. This looks like fun! I don’t know if I’m smart enough to handle all this ‘puter stuff. But I will try for you Mark.” Sandy said as she got in front of the PC and started to play.

“Mom! Please don’t touch anything there!! I’m feeling weird already.” Cathy said as she started to flush in the face. I could see things starting to work on her already.

“Now baby. Lets fix you up real good for your Uncle Mark. First let me fix up that chest of yours. So flat like mom’s used to be. This should help. I’ll slide this bar thing over to the right.” Sandy said as she moved the slider over to about the 42C range I saw.

“Ouch! My chest! It hurts. Oh god no! Look at my chest! What’s happening to me?!” Cathy yelled to us. We all watched as Cathy’s chest grew large, full tits almost instantly. She wasn’t wearing a bra so the tits just pressed out on her white blouse. A couple of buttons popped off in the process. She looked kind of weird now with still such a young face and such large tits.

“That’s a good start there Sandy. Nice knockers on you now Cathy. The little girl is going to be a big, hot woman soon. Aren’t you honey? And I’m sure she will just love it!” Mary said holding Cathy as we continued.

“Yeah! This is like, so fun! Now, lets give you some nice hips baby for a big strong man to hold on to. And make your waist wafer thin.” Sandy said as she worked the sliders. I think Cathy’s hips flared out to about a 38 size. Her waist became super small now around 21 inches or so as Sandy moved the slide controls. Her skirt could barely contain her new wide, shapely hips. It also was slipping down some now off her very thin waist. She now had a blouse that could barely hold her new tits and a skirt riding so low on her hips you could almost see her little cunt. She still looked like a young girl in a pornstar body right now.

“Oh, mom. What did you do to me?! My tummy and body feels so weird. I look almost like you and grandma do now. I can’t believe this still. My body feels so strange. I never have felt like this before. I can’t believe this is me still. But, I have to say it does kind of feel nice in a way. Oh, geez what am I saying now. I can’t seem to help myself anymore.” Cathy said as she ran her hands over her new shapely curves.

“Sandy bump that slider for sex drive up three or four notches and drop the intelligence a few clicks I think.” I suggested to Sandy.

“Sure sugar. That will really help my little girl feel hot! Good idea Mark baby.” Sandy said as she moved the tools.

“Oh, my. I feel so strange again now. Mommy, what are you doing to me?! I shouldn’t be feeling like this. I think I’m starting to feel a bit like you and grandma maybe are. But, it’s still not right to do this to me – maybe, I don’t know.” Cathy said as she wiggled around a bit. She started to move sinuously on the couch. Cathy’s eyes blinked and fluttered as her whole body arched several times. She continued to fondle herself, now starting to rub her tits more and more.

“Mary, I think you can come over here with Sandy and me. Leave Cathy there. I don’t think she is going anywhere right now.” I said.

“Ok, Mark. Whatever you say baby cakes.” Mary said as she wiggled her ass over to us.

“This is great Mark honey. My little girl is shaping up just fine now. I’ll make her about 19 years old. I want her to have long blonde hair I think too, with baby blue eyes I think. You know blondes have more fun right?” Sandy said as she made the changes in the program. Everything worked to transform Cathy very quickly. Her hair got very long and blond and of course her eyes went from dark brown to bright blue. Her face aged a bit gaining some higher cheeks and fuller lips. Her whole body got more sexy, with shapely legs and toned arms. Cathy had now become a young hot sexy, blond bimbo. At least in her appearance. She looked like a young college girl. Only with the body of a porn star. Time to try some things out.

“Well, that’s good work Sandy. You and Mary go have a seat on the sofa there. Now, Cathy. I need you to listen to me and do what I say. Come on over her to Uncle Mark and let me take a look at what your mommy did to you.

“Ok, Uncle Mark. I feel funny still, you know. But, I like how I feel. I never thought I would ever look so pretty. You know. It’s like I’m all new! But it feels so wonderful. I don’t know why I didn’t want this. This is so much better now!” Cathy said as she wiggled her hot new body over to me. She looked smoking hot!

“Yep, you look fine dear. Your Uncle Mark is very happy with how your mommy made you. But, those clothes must really be bothering you. They don’t fit very well anymore do they?” I said

“No, they don’t. I really hate them now. They are so ugly and don’t fit at all. This blouse barely covers up my big new titties does it?! And I really want to get naked for you Uncle Mark. I’d love to show you my sexy new body. I’m feeling so itchy inside, like I need you so bad!” Cathy said to me.

“Why don’t you do a little strip tease here for me in a second Cathy. But, first I want to thank your mommy for doing such a fine job on changing you for me.” I walked over to Sandy and Mary. “Great work Miss Sandy on your lovely daughter.” I said as I bent down and gave Sandy a big wet kiss. I also started to rub Sandy’s tits and cunt some.

“Oh, Mark lover. That was no problem. Oh, baby that feels so good.” Sandy said as I continued to rub her. As her nipples and clit got hard I whispered in Sandy’s ear, “Thanks for keeping an ‘open mind.’”

“Oh, god! Stop that Mark!! What are you doing to me again?” Sandy exclaimed to all of us. I had put her mind back to normal.

“Just thanking you for the great job you did at changing little Cathy her for me.” I said to Sandy.

“Oh, no. I remember. I did that on your PC. I couldn’t stop myself. It felt right at the time. What have I done to my little baby!! Look at her now! She’s become like us Mary. Another slut for you twisted pervert to toy with. Please Mark can’t you stop all this now?! Leave my girl and all of us be.” Sandy said.

“Oh, mommy. I love what you did for me. I’m a big girl now. And I really want to get into Uncle Mark’s pants too! Hehe!!” Cathy said, giggling some.

“Well, Sandy you did a great job on your little slut daughter here. Maybe you really wanted her to be like this. I think deep down you wanted to have a little slut in the house to parade around in skimpy clothes with. Someone to talk about boys with and go shop for hot, sexy outfits together. Just remember, you moved the controls and did all this for little Cathy.” I said, letting it sink in to Sandy on how she made her daughter into a sexy bimbo now.

“I didn’t mean to do it. For some reason I wanted to make her into almost a real life Barbie doll for me to play with I think. I mean look at her. Her breasts are so big. They never would have been like that – ever. Mark, please make my little girl normal again! I’ll do whatever you want from me. Even sex. But, please turn Cathy back normal to the way she was, if you can.” Sandy said starting to get up a bit.

“I have to keep saying, this is normal for all of you now Sandy. Now stay seated there. In fact, I think grandma Mary will get the first chance to help little Cathy be a new woman. Mary come on over here and help Cathy out of these terrible clothes while she dances for you. And you Sandy stay put and just watch them. No more talking from you for awhile now.

“I’d love to help my little grand daughter out of these terrible rags. Come her baby and wiggle that hot little ass for me.” Mary said as she went over by Cathy. Cathy began to wiggle and dance like an old pro. She slipped out of the blouse and skirt with Mary’s help. Her body was smoking hot and she was loving all the attention on her now. Mary was stroking her skin all over and started to dance with Cathy as she started to lose some of her clothes as well. I was getting pretty damn excited watching the two of them get off on each other and dance around.

“Come here you two. Give Mark some of that loving.” I told them as Sandy watched us. I thought about having Sandy join us, but it was kind of fun having her watch her new bimbo daughter pleasure her uncle. Mary and Cathy quickly got my clothes off again and started to take turns sucking on my big cock. I was getting really huge from this of course as I rubbed both of them back. I had one finger in Cathy’s moist little cunt which was dripping all down my hand. My other hand was alternating between Mary’s nipples and her mouth. Mary seemed to really enjoy sucking on my cock, finger or whatever she could.

“Oh, Uncle Mark. My pussy is so wet and hungry for your big cock. Please give it to me before I die. I need you so bad now! My body is going to explode.” Cathy said to me between my rubbing her clit and grabbing her firm ass.

“Sure thing baby. Bend over the coffee table her so mommy can watch her little girl enjoy herself.” I said to Cathy. As she got over the table, Cathy stuck her ass up high and I quickly rammed my big dick into her tight, wet pussy lips. Cathy screamed in pleasure as I entered her, gasping and moaning as I started to pump her good. She rocked back on me as we started to really go to town. Mary had leaned up next to me as we fucked and I continued to fondle her breasts.

“You like that don’t you Cathy? I know you love Uncle Mark inside you now. In fact, I think this is the best you have ever felt baby. Isn’t it?” I said.

“Oh, yeah! It’s so wonderful Uncle Mark. My little pussy is on fire. Oh, yes! God yes. You feel so big in me. You might break my hot little cunt.” Cathy said.

“Oh, I don’t think so doll. Hey, Sandy go grab my camera fast and snap some nice porn pictures of me fucking your little girl here. Make sure to take a lot of them from all kinds of angles baby. I want you to work hard at it!” I told her. Sandy didn’t like it, but she had to do what I told her to do.

“I want some Mark loving soon too, baby. I’m so wet!!” Mary told me as Cathy and I continued our fun.

“Soon enough doll.” I told Mary as I rammed into Cathy more and more. Sandy was snapping pictures of us like crazy now. Even crawling under the glass coffee table and getting some interesting shots that way. She was truly and completely obedient to me, as they all were. Cathy was really starting to get excited now and I could feel her start to orgasm.

“OH GOD! Oh, that feels so fucking great! Oh, YES!! I’m cumming again Uncle Mark. Please keep going! YES, YES!!!” Cathy exclaimed as she quivered and spasmed around me. I could feel Cathy’s pussy muscles squeeze around me as she screamed in pleasure. I started to cum then and I decided to give Mary some fun as well.

“Here you go Mary. Open wide and Mark has a big surprise for you.” I told her as I quickly pulled off Cathy and shot my big load into Mary’s waiting mouth.

“Oh, yummy. Mmmm, I love that taste baby. Give Mary all your cum stud.” Mary told me as she licked her juicy, wet lips covered in cum.

I sat back on the floor and pulled both Cathy and Mary next to me. My hot, sexy mother-in-law on one side and my new, bimbo niece on the other. They looked so hot now, and it was all thanks to my little computer miracle program. Again, I started to think the fun I could have was only limited by my imagination. Thank god I have a pretty wild imagination. I was starting to feel a bit bad for poor Sandy there. I figured she had enough of this.

“Ok, Sandy I think it’s time for you to join the fun again. Time for an ‘open mind’ Sandy baby.” I told her the mind reversal command again. She gave her head a quick shake and then smiled big at me as she sat down the camera.

“Oh, Mark. I feel so great again! Please don’t make that stupid old Sandy brain come back anymore. She spoils all my fun. Mary and Cathy look like they had all the love. Don’t you like little, sexy Sandy anymore?” Sandy said coming over by us.

“Sure I do babe. In fact, I think we need a bit of alone time. Mary you and Cathy stay here and have a little fun together. Sandy and I are going up to take a little shower together.

“Ok, honey. Don’t be long stud.” Mary said as she grabbed Cathy’s ass and pulled her in close.

“Oh, my grandma. What big titties you have! Hehe!!” Cathy giggled as she and Mary embraced and started to fondle each other.

Sandy giggled some as I chased her up the stairs. I swatted her cute ass as she wiggled it in front of me. We went into the bathroom together and Sandy quickly removed her remaining lingerie. There was a big mirror on one wall and Sandy seemed to enjoy seeing the two of us in the reflection. I was of course a pretty big stud now with a huge package. And Sandy was of course still a super sexy, big-titties bimbo. We looked damn good in the mirror together. I started to pull Sandy in to me and grabbed her big tits from behind her. They felt really good and I was already getting another hard on.

“That’s what I needed. God, Bill never felt anywhere near as good as you Mark in all our years together. How did I ever manage to get off from him? Come to think of it, not sure I did very often. Hehe.” Sandy said as she pressed up against me and started to stroke my big cock.

“Well, baby. I’m glad you like it. Here let me lick that sexy cunt of yours. I bet Bill never did that either.” I said as I got down on my knees in front of Sandy and started to lick her pussy out. I could feel her clit start to throb under my tongue.

“Ugh! Oh, yeah honey! That’s the spot! You right Bill never would do this. But enough talk about that. It seems so long ago. You are all I want now Mark.” Sandy said as she leaned back. I licked her more, getting her very wet. As she moaned in pleasure, I continued to rub her tits as well. I could feel her nipples get firm under my fingers.

We started to move into the shower as we continued our foreplay. I flipped on the warm water and it quickly covered our bodies. Sandy was an excellent lover, now free of all her inhibitions. She was a sex goddess and I was her lover god. I decided to play the part a bit more now as well.

“Sandy I want your tits to now grow to 50DD in size. And I want your hair blond like your little girls and I want you to be as tall as me.” I whispered to her as we continued to pleasure one another. Almost instantly Sandy’s tits and body reshaped itself to my new specifications. Since I had previously entered in the program the ability to change her at my whim, it was easy to make her anything I wanted.

“Oh, Mark. I feel even more sexy now. And I love looking you right in the eye as we fuck our brains out.” Sandy said to me. She then mounted me with her wet pussy and I shoved my huge dick inside her. Her head tilted back and she moaned and screamed as we began to screw more intensely.

“Oh, yeah!! Give it to me baby. Sandy’s your bad fuck bunny and she needs you bad! OH, YES!!! Your such a big stud. Little Sandy can barely hold you!” Sandy said as we started to plateau.

“Yeah, I know my big bimbo loves to fuck. She never has had a fuck like this before. Sandy might even pass out from all the cum she is about to get up her pussy!” I said as I rammed her and blew my load inside.

“OH MY!! My pussy is loaded now baby. It feels so good inside me. OH, I’m cumming now too baby! YES, YES, OH, ummmm!” Sandy said as she came multiple times with me deep inside her. Sandy almost did pass out from it I think.

After several minutes more of cooling down in the shower we got out. I grabbed a towel and gave one to Sandy. We dried each other off and Sandy wrapped the towel around her and tried to tuck it into her massive cleavage. The towel could barely contain her now huge breasts, but she didn’t care. As we started to look around in Sandy’s bedroom for some kind of clothing that might work for us, I got an idea.

“Well, I think it’s finally time for a little shopping trip. We all need some new clothes and I’m sure you would enjoy trying some new things on that hot bod of yours. Right Sandy?” I said to her.

“Sure I would stud. All this old crap I have both won’t fit and is so dull. I need some sexy things to wear and show off for you.” Sandy said.

“Yeah, it’s definitely time for the mall. But one stop first.” I said.

“Where do we need to go first, honey?” Sandy asked.

“Well, it’s time to get the wife back into the swing of some fun. Let’s pick up Laura on the way!” I said as I smiled at my fucking hot sister-in-law. Yep, this day was getting better and better all the time.

Mark has gotten quite good with the Master PC Wireless Program. He has altered several women he knows in both body and mind. Now they are little more than sex puppets for his amusement. But, he is slowly realizing he wants more. And he is wondering if the program has any real limits.


I told all the girls to get some clothes on and spent some time with the laptop and Master PC program before they came back. Sandy didn’t think she had much that she would like to wear but I told them all to go find the sexiest and hottest stuff they could manage. I was thinking of how to make using the program easier. I had noticed that the program had to be in a wireless network range to function but the changes on the girls stayed in place even outside the wireless area. I noticed this on Mary when we drove over to Sandy’s house. So basically I just needed to activate the program in a wireless zone and it would be good to go. I heard the girls giggling as they got dressed while I worked on the program. I decided that since the program was basically limitless, I just needed to make it easier to operate. I had already tested this out partially on Sandy. Now, by just verbalizing commands to her, I was able to change her at my whim. I thought, why make Sandy just that way? Why not all the women I knew or ran into? Of course it sure would make things easier. I opened up the main Master PC Interface and added the following information to the various fields: That seemed pretty good. I wasn’t exactly sure the program would be able to handle such a wide ranging set of commands, but I thought it was worth a try. I hit the ‘execute’ key and waited. Several minutes went by and several pages of characters went by on the screen. I actually thought the machine seemed to be overheating as it continued to process the commands I had entered. Then I noticed some text appearing on the screen: Commands received and sent. Parameters outside normal safety limits. Alteration commands only effective on subjects in visual range of controller Mark Bradford and in a wireless network area at the time of the verbal commands. Power consumption and network load will be high. USE with Extreme Caution!! If you wish to finalize this command set press the ‘enter’ key.

That was a bit odd, but it did seem to take the parameters I had sent. I tapped the ‘enter’ key and the screen blanked for a few minutes and finally came back with: Command Set Completed. I then yelled for the ladies that it was time to get going. I think they had been having trouble finding items they liked in Sandy’s limited wardrobe. But then they came down the stairs all together giggling like a bunch of high school girls. I thought they must have been able to find something for their new sexy bodies to wear.

I saw Mary first. My mother-in-law had on a tight, white T-Shirt tied just below her big tits. She obviously couldn’t find a bra as it was easy to see her nipples through the thin shirt material. The shirt also left her tight middle bare showing off her belly button. She had on some tight cut-off jeans that hugged her ass very well and were pulled down to ride on her hips.. Also, I noticed she had on a ton of gold jewelry. Especially bracelets and big hoop earrings. She also seemed to find some gold colored high heels – maybe from some old costume party. She also had on quite a bit of makeup. Some deep red lipstick on her new big lips, some blush and some blue eye shadow. She looked like some kind of white trash porn star now.

“You look great Mary. I love how that shirt barely hides your big titties. And that’s a lot of gold you got on there baby!” I told her.

“Thanks sugar! I love all this flashy, sparkle on my hot bod baby! It makes me feel so sexy Mark. These little jeans are tight on my ass, but I kind of like the way they rub my pussy when I strut in them.” Mary said giving me a big squeeze as she came down the stairs. Even before all the changes Mary loved a good hug. And it felt so much better now with her firm, big tits pressing up next to me. I think I was getting a hard on again, already as I grabbed her ass and pulled her close. She giggled as I swatted her on her rear as she moved next to me.

Sandy was the next one down. I noticed she had on a tight “Hooters” shirt and a pair of tight dark red leather shorts. She had a belt on also with a big silver buckle. She had on a pair of high white boots too. She also looked like a part time porn star and ‘Hooters’ girl in this outfit. Her tits were pressing out on the very tight, small and thin fabric of the shirt.

“Nice look Sandy. Looks like you would love taking a bunch of horny guys orders in that get up! You know, teasing them and enticing them with that awesome body you have now!” I said examining her closer.

“Oh, you bet baby. Bring on the studs with the hot meat for me to handle. I found this old little shirt stuffed in a drawer upstairs. It’s pretty tight but I love how it feels on my titties right now. I think Bill picked it up on a business trip once. I always wondered if he went to places like “Hooters” to look at all the sexy girls. I even wondered what it would be like to work there. But of course I never even tried on this shirt until now. I would have been to embarrassed before, but not anymore. Now I have my chance to show off with my new hot body! All thanks to you Mark. These shorts are riding up my wet little cunt, but I like the feeling. Oh, it’s really making my pussy juicy!” Sandy said giving her cunt a quick rub.

Last I saw Cathy coming down. She was all in black. She had on an obviously too small black tube top that barely held her huge tits in. It was easy to see her awesome cleavage from her large boobs squeezed into the top. Must be something Sandy used to wear a long time ago. It left her cute midriff bare as well. And she had on some black leather tight pants. She had them riding low on her wide hips and I could see a thong above it. Her feet had some hot black ‘fuck-me’ type high heels on. Wow, Sandy had some pretty hot clothes tucked away. I always knew she was a bit more of a slut than she let on. Cathy also had put on some big silver hoop earrings and lots of makeup. She had big red, juicy lips and very dark eye shadow. She almost looked like some kind of goth porn girl. Hard to believe this was my young little niece all sexy and changed now in front of me. She sure didn’t look much the little school girl from just a couple of hours ago now.

“Cathy you look smoking hot too! I love the makeup and the thong that’s showing babe. Nice touch there.” I told her.

“Thanks Uncle Mark! It was like so much fun putting on makeup and stuff. And mommy did have some sexy stuff we found stuffed in the back of her closet. This thong still even had a price tag on it still. Like she never wore something super sexy like this. Can you believe that? If I had been more like grown up before like mommy I sure would of worn stuff like this – all the time. Of course I didn’t have the body for it until you helped uncle Mark. Mom used to be such a prude anyway, before you changed us all uncle Mark. Now we are so much better and happier now. Mom even kept saying while we found these clothes that all she wanted to do now was party and fuck all the time now! Hehe! Isn’t that funny?! Mom never was like that before. But I like her a lot better now!” Cathy said as she pulled up the thong a bit more on her hips.

“Well, that’s great baby. I’m glad you all like it. I guess Sandy you had some hidden secrets buried in your closet and mind before I helped you all change and let loose. Is that right Sandy?” I asked her.

“Well, yeah Mark, I guess so. You found me out, you big stud! I always wanted to wear hot stuff, even with that old boy shaped body I used to have. I was always to shy or afraid to try. But now that I’m looking like a fucking blow up porn doll I can’t help but wear sexy stuff. It’s all I want to wear. No more old crap clothes for me anymore! Time for Sandy to strut her stuff for all the studs out there! And it feels so good on my awesome body now! I just love showing off to you now.” Sandy said posing a bit for me and turning her body around.

“And you still don’t care what Bill might think about all this Sandy? About what I did to you and Cathy? You sure you want all this and like things better now baby?” I asked, testing her once more.

“Fuck yeah. You made us so hot and free. I never felt better. And Mary’s so young now and sexy too. As for Cathy, you made my little baby all grown up and hot. Why should I not like that? I never want to bother fucking Bill again anyway. Not when I can have a hot stud like you filling up my wet pussy.” Cathy said as she grabbed me around the middle and pulled me close. I grabbed her ass in her tight shorts and pressed up next to her big tits inside the “Hooters” shirt. Sandy kissed me then and probed my mouth with her tongue. I smacked her hot ass and pulled away after a minute or two.

Now Cathy you and your mom have a seat. I need to try a little test out on grandma Mary here.” I said to the women. Of course Mary sure didn’t look much like a grandma anymore. I decided to test out my new commands a bit on the girls before we headed out.

“Oh, goodie. Are we like going to play a game or have sex again Mark?” Mary said smiling and bouncing her titties up and down excitedly.

“Well, kind of. It’s sort of like make believe. I’m going to tell you some things and your going to become exactly what I describe. I’ll be able to make you even prettier!” I told Mary.

“That’s like so fucking awesome. I love my boobies and stuff that you did. I feel so hot and sexy. Make me even better Mark!” Mary said.

“Well, let’s see. How about a first test. Mary I want your tits to grow to 50EE in size now. But still be firm and not sag. They should grow now!” I finished saying as I watched Mary’s tits almost immediately grow bigger and fuller. They almost broke the T-shirt she had on right off.

“Oh, yeah. God that feels so good baby! I could feel them growing on me. It was so like cool! I just loved it baby!!” Mary said as she quickly fondled her new bigger tits.

“That’s great Mary. Now I know what would be a lot of fun. I want your face to change to look like your daughter Laura. You can keep the bigger lips and your own voice, but I want just your face to look like my wife and your daughter right now.” I said smiling at Mary. Again, the change happened quickly and Mary’s face turned into Laura’s. A bit sexier with the lips and makeup, but she looked like Laura in Mary’s sexy new body.

“Did it like, work Mark? I could like feel my face get all weird and stuff. Let me run and see. Mary ran into the nearby bathroom and looked in the mirror. “Oh, wow. I look just like my little girl. Except all sexy and hot in this body. This is so bitchin’! I always wondered what it would feel like to look younger like my Laura. Of course my little girl never had a hot bod like this one!” Mary said coming back in the room.

“Yeah, you look real hot babe. Come on over and give Mark a big wet one!” I told her. Mary wiggled her ass over to me and I pulled her in close. It was wild kissing Mary with Laura’s face planted on her. Especially with Mary’s voice and her new hot body. As her tongue probed my mouth I thought of new things to try on the other babes I had made. After a couple of Mary’s big wet kisses I told her to go have a seat.

“Ok, your turn Sandy. Come on over here and stand next to me.” Sandy bounced over in her little ‘Hooters’ outfit and stood smiling next to me.

“Oh, Mark are you going to make me more sexy too?! I’d love you to do that. I feel so fucking hot now, but I know I can be even hotter. It would be great to be even a bigger bimbo slut than I already am I think.” Sandy said giggling and smiling some.

“Well, ok Sandy. I think I can arrange that. You know I have seen a lot of Asian type girls at ‘Hooters.’ I think I’ll make you Asian now. Yes, that’s a good idea. Sandy I want your face to turn into a hot Asian whore. You should have dark eyes, long straight black hair and become a bit thinner overall. Shrink down a couple of inches too but keep your sexy figure. Yeah, I want you to end up looking like a hot Asian porn star that works at ‘Hooters’ right now.” I said to her.

Again the changes happened fast. Sandy’s face became oriental and her hair changed into deep black long tresses flowing down her arching backside. Her eyes became almond shaped and very dark as her face rounded some. She thinned out like I had said and got a bit shorted. She looked like she could do a whole platoon of marines now all by herself. There really wasn’t much left of the old Sandy now.

“Oh, man that was weird. I feel so odd, but so cock hungry too now. I’d love to serve some army guys some beer and let them paw all over me in this outfit. Yeah that would be fucking hot!” Sandy said as she also ran to look in the mirror.

“How do you like the new you Sandy? I think you look like a real Asian whore now baby!” I yelled at her from the other room.

“Oh, I love it Mark. I love my hair and eyes. I look like a some kind of geisha whore right now! God, it feels so good.” Sandy said coming back and tossing her arms around me. She gave me a kiss on the neck and started to fondle my cock outside my pants.

“Well, Sandy let’s finish you up. I now want you to talk like an Asian whore would. I want you to have a real dirty mouth and try to attract and guys by talking to them or showing off your hot body. Now, I want you to start acting like that now and try it out on me.” I told her. I could see her head shake a little then she got a big grin on her face.

“Oh, you big stud guy. Me not know English good, but me know hot to fuck real long and good! Sandy fuck you real good. Me love you to shove dick up Sandy’s hot ass. Shit, I would love that dick in me right now big man. I fuck you so long and good baby!” Sandy said sounding just like a cheap Asian whore now.

“That’s great Sandy. We’ll do that real soon baby. I want you to screw me with that new hot oriental body. But right now you go sit your hot Asian ass over by Mary and I’ll take care of your little girl Cathy now. Come on over here little girl.” I told Cathy. She came over giggling and bouncing her big tits a bit.

“Oh, uncle Mark are you going to make me even hotter too? I’d love to be changed into something really cool, you know. Like a hot model, or singer or something cool. Whatever you can.” Cathy said, eager to please me.

“I think I know what we can do for you Cathy. Let me try this. I want you to turn into that pop princess Britney Spears. You can have her face, hair, and general look. But keep your bigger tits. I want you just your eyes to stay your own. Just so there’s a little Cathy left there. But, I also want your voice to change into Britney’s. You should also have some of her mannerisms and abilities, like singing and dancing. Stuff like that. Yeah, that sounds good. Basically you’ll be the new porn Britney! Change now Cathy.” I said. Again the changes were pretty quick. In a couple of moments Cathy had completely transformed into Britney, except with bigger tits, Cathy’s eyes still and with the slutty clothes on. She looked amazing!

“Oh, I can feel my body all different like, you know. How do I look, y’all?” The new Cathy or Britney asked. She fondled her hair and twirled it while she turned around for all of us.

“You look hot baby. Come on over here to mommy and let me see your fucking hot ass. You be able to do many GI’s real good now girl. You can do them big time and bring mama the cash like the fucking whore you should be. Just like mom loves to do the big GI men!” Sandy said to Cathy as Cathy ran over and showed her Asian whore of a mom now her new look.

“Oh, baby Mark. I’d love to fuck you one more time. I love being just like Britney now! Let me dance a bit for you baby, baby!” Cathy said as she danced in front of all of us. She moved just like Britney in her videos. This was too wild! Cathy continued to dance and shake her ass in front of all of us. She flipped her long blonde hair around and was having a ball as the new Cathy with Britney’s look.

“Oh, baby Cathy. You can fuck me one more time or anytime now. You all look so fucking hot now. Mary has Laura’s face on her fucking hot older body. I turned my bitchy sister-in-law Sandy in an Asian street whore. And I got her little girl Cathy now looking like that pop idol Britney Spears. This is really freaking amazing! And best of all is that you women all just love what I did. Don’t you?” I said looking at what I had turned all these women into. I was going to have even more fun with this program now with how easy I had made it to use.

“You bet we do Mark. You made us all so fucking hot. I never want to go back to my old body. I want to stay hot and young forever.” Mary said as she rubbed her cunt some.

“But you know I want to make a few more adjustments I think. Ok girls front and center. I want all three of you to line up here in front of me now.” I said as the bimbos lined up in front of me. God, they all looked so hot. Now to make some tweaks.

“Oh, Mark. You make us real good whore’s for all the GI men now. Me love to suck you long.” Sandy said in full Asian whore mode.

“Well, Sandy I like most of your new look but I think I just want you a little Asian. I want most of your old face back I think. But keep the darker eyes, and black hair. Also, let’s make that ass of yours a bit rounder. And keep the cheap oriental whore type talk Sandy. Change now baby.” I said as Sandy quickly altered. You could tell it was Sandy now more and her ass stuck out and got nice and plump.

“My ass feels so nice now Mark. Me loves it lots! Me love to fuck you long time Mark!” Sandy said rubbing her ass some.

“Great baby. In a bit. Now Mary I think I really want your old face back, but make it real young. Like when you were about 17 years old baby. Yeah, and I want it to still have big lips and that sexy pout I know you can do. You know, a real sexy, hot 17 year old you. But of course with a body like you never had in your life. Change now Mary.” I said as Mary’s face became her own once more, but real young and sexy. She looked amazing! Her teen face on a bimbo sexpot of a body. An awesome combo I thought.

“Oh, I feel even younger. Thanks stud!” Mary said rubbing her teen face.

“That’s perfect Mary. I love it! Now you two have a seat and I’ll finish up on Cathy or should we say Britney here.” I said. Just then there was a noise from the other room.

“Hey honey I’m home.” Someone said.

“Oh, god. Sounds like Bill is home. What a pain in the ass.” I said. I heard footsteps coming towards our little group.

“Hubby home now. Maybe he let me love him long time too. But I don’t think Bill is expecting such a slut wife. Hehe!” Sandy said smiling some.

“So where is everyone,…..oh god!” Bill said walking in on all of us.

“Oh, hi Bill. What’s happening?” I said.

“What the hell is this? Mark who are these women here with you in my house? They look like hookers or something!?” Bill said staring at the bimbos I had created.

“Well Bill. It’s kind of complicated actually.” I said stalling a little bit.

“Oh, he’s kind of cute Sandy. I can see why you married him. I never realized what a hottie my son was.” Mary said coming over to where Bill and I stood.

“Look lady, I don’t know who you are or what game you are playing, but keep away from me.” Bill said moving back a bit.

“Come on baby. Don’t you recognize your hot little mama?” Mary said getting close to Bill now.

“Oh my god! Mom!?! Is that you somehow? What happened?! You look so different. I mean I guess I see your face still – but that body!?! And those clothes?! And your breasts! Did you have some kind of surgery? What the hell is all this?!” Bill said shaking his head and pulling back some from Mary.

“Well Bill I just thought I would help your mom out and the girls here. I mean don’t you recognize them at all?” I said smiling at all of them.

“Yeah honey. You like me much better now I think. Me can show you good time baby! Real hot and good time stud! Don’t you see it me Sandy – you fucking wife!” Sandy said coming over as well.

“Jesus! Sandy is that you?! Why are you dressed like that?! And what the hell happened to your body and face?! And the way you’re talking! You look like some kind of cheap oriental whore now! Look at your long hair and that body?! How is this possible?! What is all this?!!” Bill said, getting even more worked up.

“Mark make me hot babe now! Me love it! I love to sucky men long time! Me suck you right now if you want Bill.” Sandy said as she moved closer to Bill and tried to grab his crotch and unzip him.

“Stop that Sandy! If that really is you under there. What the hell is going on here?! Mark what did you do to my wife and mother?! Is this all for real?!!!” Bill said getting even more worked up now. I could see he wasn’t pleased.

“Ladies, tell Bill all about what we have been up to. I need to do something quick.” I said as I grabbed the laptop and started to type.

“Of course this is all real honey. My little boy just can’t understand how is mommy could be this hot and sexy. In fact, I think you actually might want to screw your hot little mommy now wouldn’t you baby?! Actually, that’s sound hot to me. I’m getting wet even thinking about it!” Mary said to Bill as I typed fast into my laptop.

“No mom! That’s nuts!! Why are you all acting like this?! Not to mention how you look now. Mark, I want some answers!! And who is this Britney look a like here?” Bill said to me.

“Maybe you should talk to your little girl there Bill. Don’t you recognize Cathy? I know I made her a lot different but I’m sure you can still see her in her eyes. Isn’t that right Bill? Take a real close look at Britney or should I say the new Cathy over there. Hehe….” I told him as I continued to work. I could see Bill looking closely at Cathy, especially in the face.

“Hi daddy! Look at what uncle Mark did for me! I mean it’s me Cathy. But he made me like that hot Britney Spears girl. You know the one that does all the hot videos and stuff. I just love it! Aren’t I like all pretty and stuff now?! Don’t y’all think so? Oh baby, baby I just love it!” The new Cathy or Britney said to her father as I typed in some commands fast.

“It can’t be you Cathy. Your not old enough to have that kind of body! And your face?! Even your voice is changed? Your eyes do look like Cathy’s but it can’t be her.” Bill said not believing his little girl could be this porn version of Britney Spears in front of him.

“Well, Cathy. I think you can go back to your normal voice now. Go ahead and do that. But keep that cute southern drawl you’ve got now. Change now for me.” I told her as I worked a bit more on my laptop.

“Ok, thanks uncle Mark. That’s might kind of you. Now daddy, can’t you tell it’s me Cathy?” Cathy said in her old voice for Bill.

“Oh god, no! My little girl. What has happened to you. I mean is that really you in there Cathy. How can this be? You do look just like that singer now. But your voice now and your eyes?! But that is impossible! What the hell have you done Mark?!!” Bill said getting upset now. I finished typing and hit the ‘enter’ key. I noticed a few of the usual symbols dance across the screen of the laptop.

“I don’t like that tone Bill. In fact I think you should just have a seat and listen to me now.” I said. Then I watched Bill move to the couch and sit down.

“Why did I do that? It’s like I couldn’t stop myself. What are you doing to me Mark?” Bill said.

“Oh, just kind of like I did to the ladies. You are under my control now. In fact I can do pretty much anything I want to you or the ladies. Isn’t it great?!” I said smiling at him. I had entered the parameters for Bill into the Master PC program. I now had him under my control as well. I could mold and manipulate him in any way I wanted.

“No it’s not. This is crazy Mark. Please, you have to stop what you are doing and fix all this. I’m begging you!” Bill said to me.

“Now, that wouldn’t be very much fun. In fact, I think you should be able to join in the fun now too.” I said.

“What?! I don’t want any part of this. Please Mark stop. Let us all go.” Bill said.

“Nope. Not going to happen Bill my boy. In fact, I want you to tell your daughter Cathy to fuck me. Yeah, that’s what I want right now. I want you to tell her to give me the fuck of my life here and now. Do that and you should want to watch her do me too. That’s all you should be thinking of. Tell your daughter Cathy to please me right now. I even want you to encourage her. You won’t like it, but you will be powerless to stop it. Describe what she should do for me. Use your wildest ideas Bill. Again, tell Cathy what to do and watch us do it while all the while you are hating me for it. Ok, Bill. Change and do it now!” I said. Of course since I had just finished using the Master PC program to alter Bill, he had no choice but to obey me. I saw Bill’s face get confused and shake a bit, then it kind of went blank. Bill then got a big grimace on his face that almost looked unreal. He looked weird now, but I was sure the commands took.

“You heard uncle Mark Cathy. I want you to fuck his brains out. Make uncle Mark very happy baby while daddy watches. I think you can fuck him good with Britney’s hot body. Do it baby while daddy watches your hot ass fuck your uncle now” Bill said, not able to stop himself. He grimaced a bit more after he looked over at me.

“Ok daddy. I know you all would love to watch me to. Come to Cathy uncle Mark. I want your big cock inside me right now.” Cathy said as she quickly pulled off her clothes. I noticed her body looked sweaty and shiny from all the dancing around she had been doing. I slipped off my pants and move towards Cathy. I sat down on a nearby chair.

“Go ride him Cathy. Daddy wants to see you slid your pussy over uncle Mark’s big juicy cock. You can’t wait to feel him inside you.” Bill said as he encouraged his daughter to fuck me. This was pretty wild now. If Bill only could stop what he was saying, he would never do this.

“That’s right Cathy. Sit your fine ass on my lap and spread those legs so I can slide my big dick up inside Bill’s little girl. I know you’re already wet from wanting me baby. Isn’t that right Cathy?” I said as Cathy started to mount me. She faced away and slide her warm, wet pussy over my erect cock. She felt so good on me. I almost exploded right then, but held back as Cathy started to ride me up and down like a pro.

“That’s great honey. Give your uncle a great fuck baby! God! What am I saying? I can’t help it. Fuck him Cathy. Fuck your uncle like the cheap whore you are. Just like your mom is now!” Bill said, not knowing how to stop what he was doing.

“Oh god uncle Mark. You feel so fucking great in me. You’ all are going to make me scream like a baby, baby! Fuck me uncle! I want to cum right now baby!” Cathy said humping on my dick faster and faster now. She spasmed fast and I also then exploded inside her quivering pussy.

“Oh yeah Cathy. That’s the way to fuck baby. You gave uncle Mark a great fuck I think.” Bill said. He still had the crazy grimace on his face.

“Now lick your uncle’s cock and balls clean Cathy. Be a good little tramp and clean him up good baby! Yeah, just do it girl. God, I can’t stop myself!!” Bill said, turning a bit red in the face.

“Mmm, you taste so yummy. I love sucking all the cum off your big cock uncle Mark.” Cathy said as she moved to clean me up with her big mouth and tongue. Her long blonde hair almost tickled as she deep throated my huge cock. She was becoming quite the cock sucking pro I thought.

“Great job Bill and Cathy. That was fucking hot! I loved it baby. Now, let’s see. What do we do next?” I said thinking how to reward Bill. I had a good idea.

“I did what you asked. I couldn’t help myself for some reason. How could you do that to my little Cathy??” Bill said.

“Oh, I think she liked it just fine Bill. And you were very good and helping motivate her too.” I told him.

“I couldn’t help it. I was compelled somehow. Now please let us all go and make things right Mark. PLEASE!!” Bill said to me.

“Nope! Don’t think so. In fact Bill I have a few ideas on our next little game.” I told him as he began to get a worried look on his face.

“Mark, Mary is a little lonely. Maybe I could get some loving now?” Mary said.

“That’s a great idea. Just what I had in mind actually. Mary I think I’ll let you fuck your son Bill. But, not this older Bill. Let’s change him and make him younger and a big stud now too.” I said.

“Oh goodie. I’d love that.” Mary said.

“No more please Mark! Oh, my god Cathy! What did I do to you baby?!!” Bill said, almost crying a little.

“It’s ok daddy. I love fucking now with my hot body. And uncle Mark is such a stud!” Cathy said.

“I’m going to kill you Mark. I don’t know how you are holding me or doing all this, but I’m going to stop you! And I’m certainly not going to do anything with my new porn mother you have made Mary into.” Bill said, just seething.

“Give it a rest Bill. I think I’m going to change your body now. Now, I want you to become about 20 years old again. But I want you to have the body of a Chippendale dancer. Yeah, with some nice pecs, abs, and butt muscles too! Yeah, that would be pretty funny. Bill as a young Chippey dancer. Change now!” I said to him.

“No, please I don’t want to. Please don’t do this! Ahh, what’s happening to me?!!” Bill said as his whole body started to transform as I described. His face got younger and I could see his body shifting and remolding under his clothes. It was kind of hard to tell under the suit he had on.

“Oh, god. What’s happened to me?! I feel so weird. Even my voice sounds a little funny. How are you doing this Bradford??!” Bill said.

“Yeah Bill, I think you look a lot better. Don’t you think so girls.” I said.

“Oh yeah dad. You look like a real stud now.” Cathy said.

“Yeah honey. I wish you had been that hot when we were hitched. I would have loved you real long time then. I hope you have big long dick now too!” Sandy said.

“But it’s kind of hard to tell how much you changed Bill. Maybe my little boy could pull off those clothes just like those boy dancers do. I’ve been there once or twice I think!” Mary said.

“Why you little slut Mary. Didn’t think you had that in you. But that’s a great idea. Bill dance like the Chippendale guys do and pull off all your clothes now for us. And I want you to really want to dance. You won’t be able to stop yourself. You’ll just be thinking of how to strip and dance for the ladies her. Really turn them on with your stud body. Start now Bill!” I said to him.

“God, I don’t want to strip but I can’t seem to help myself. I can feel my new muscles pressing out on these clothes. My shirt is so tight now. I got to dance and get out of these clothes right now.” Bill said as he began to strip for all of us. He danced and wiggled his new firm ass and muscles for all to see. Bill was grinding like a pro. He couldn’t help but do what I said thanks to the program. He tossed his clothes to the girls as he stripped everything off quickly. Mary, Sandy and Cathy were loving it. They were hooting up a storm as he stripped for them. Once he was completely naked it was easy to see he had a nice sheen of sweat when he was done. His body was just like I had changed it and described. He looked like a male model or something now.

“That was great Bill. But I think you are lacking in the dick area a bit though. Not sure that will keep the ladies happy.” I said.

“Yeah, Bill was always a bit small down there. Hehe.” Sandy said to us.

“Well, not for long. Bill I want you to have a big thick cock now. I want it to grow to about say 10 inches and be much thicker. I also want you to get erect very easy whenever a girl gets near you. Change now Bill my boy.” I said, enjoying this even more.

“No please don’t. I don’t want a big,….. ouch…..oh, fuck no! Ouch, oh god. Please god no!!” Bill said as he watched his dick grow like I had described.

“Ok, that’s great. But, I think I have tortured Bill’s poor mind enough. From now on Bill you are going to be a big dumb stud. You’ll fuck anything with a pussy. Old women, young, black, white. In fact, you’ll even love to fuck your own mom. Your IQ will be real low now – about half what it was, but your sex drive will be huge. Yeah, let’s triple the sex drive and double your testosterone too. And of course you’ll answer only to me still. I’m your boss completely. Change now Bill!” I said.

“No, not that. I need to focus! Got to try and remember,….Cathy,….my mom….arghh….my head…..hurts. Oh god! Why me feel weird now!? Hot fuck babes I see now. No, I should not say,…. Can’t stop thinking. Only need sex! Yes, sex! Fuck! YES! Me would love to fuck one or two! Not care that one is mom I think. Just want to put big cock in her pussy. Maybe screw blonde tramp girl too. My cock is so big. Me love big cocks now to fill pussy with.” Bill said as the changes completed.

“Don’t say anymore stud! Mommy is coming right over.” Mary said as she moved over to her hot dumb stud son now. She pulled down her shorts and got on his big dick.

“Oh god. Mom feels so good on me. Love her big tits in my face. Something weird about this, but it feels so good now!” Bill said as he started to screw his mother in front of all of us.

“That’s it Bill have a ball.” I said as I grabbed Sandy.

“Oh, Mark. Since me hubby busy screwing mom. Could I suck you long time now?!” Sandy said to me.

“Oh Bill. Is it ok if your wife sucks my dick now?” I said, smiling.

“Yes sir, Mark. Me fuck mom while you fuck wife. Me love fucking!!” Bill said, barely making much sense.

“Actually Sandy. Not really in the mood for it now babe. Why don’t you and Cathy have a seat and just feel each other up for a bit. I’m going to grab my camera and watch Bill and Mary fuck now!” I said as the other girls started to get it on. I grabbed a camera I had brought with me and decided to take some shots of the lovers.

“Oh, Bill I love your hard body on my big tits. Mommy really loves your big cock deep inside me now too honey! Shove it in there deep! Bill Fuck mom’s pussy good!!” Mary said rocking up and down on Bills huge dick. I snapped off a few pics while they went at it.

“Bill, you having a good time stud?” I asked him.

“Yes, sir Mark. I love screw mom hard now.” The new dumb Bill said to me as he continued to thrust deep into Mary.

“Well, if that’s true let me make her more like the mom you know. Mary I want your face to change to it’s old normal self. Older, wrinkled and all. But you can keep the hot body for now. Change now Mary.” I told her.

“Ok, Mark. I just want to keep screwing my boy here.” Mary said as her face got old once more. It was really funny to watch Mary screw this new stud son in her hot body but old face. I clicked off a few more pictures of the two of them.

“Mom, lick my pussy please.” I heard Cathy telling Sandy as mom and daughter started to have some hot lesbian action on the couch. I watched them a bit and took some pictures of them as well. After several more minutes of the lovers going at it I decided it was time to get going.

“Ok, folks time to break it up and get going. I think I want to go get the wife now. She should be home by now from work and we can go over there and have a big party!” I told all of them.

“Oh, goodie! I get to see my little girl.” Mary said jumping up and down making her huge tits bounce and jiggle for all of us to see.

“Yep, Mary that’s right. I want all of you to go out and get in my car.” Bill pulled his clothes back on as did the others. They all looked like tramps so much now it was funny. The girls primped up a bit as they wiggled out the door. Bill the cave man trailed after them. I grabbed my laptop and followed them out.

After we all got in I backed out of the drive and headed home. I had to settle the horny babes down a few times on the drive over. Bill especially seemed to either want to screw one of them or jack off in the car. I told him to sit and wait until I told him he could have some more fun.

“We going to see sister now boss?” Bill asked me as I drove.

“That’s right. We are going to my house. Laura should be home now. What do you think of her?” I asked him.

“She not as pretty as other girls. Me would still like to fuck her, but she not have big titties like mommy does now.” Bill said to me.

“Oh, don’t be so sure Bill. Maybe we can help her out in that department.” I told him. After a few more minutes I pulled into my driveway. I popped open the laptop before we went in. Yep, I was close enough to the house for the wireless signal to work. I could still see random characters pop on the screen as the program idled.

“Let me see. I don’t want to shock Laura with all of your new looks at once. Let’s fix you up a bit. Bill you don’t look too different, just a bit bigger. Mary, I want your body to tone down. I want you to have the shape you did at 25. Your tits can be a bit bigger, say two cup sizes. Change now.” I watched as Mary’s body became a lot more normal. She still had on the tramp clothes and her tits were bigger, but her face was still the old Mary, so that would work.

“Oh, Mark. I feel so ugly now. Please give me back my slutty body.” Mary said to me.

“Soon Mary. Real soon. Now, Sandy you still look like a big asian whore. I actually want you change completely back to your old body. Again, like Mary, you can keep slightly bigger tits. Say two inches more and two cup sizes. Especially since you were such a flat chested thing before. Change now Sandy.” I told her. She transformed into her old body too, just like nothing had happened. The slightly bigger tits looked real small under her T-shirt now.

“Oh god! I’m so boyish now again. You’ll change me back too, right Mark. I hate my old figure!” Sandy said.

“Sure thing babe. In a bit. Now last but not least what to do with Cathy.” I said.

“Oh, please uncle Mark. Don’t make me a little girl again. I love being older now! And I love my hot Britney body so much now. I love my big tits and wet pussy! I would hate for you ‘all to change me back!” Cathy said.

“Sorry Cathy. You need to be changed the most, at least for a little bit. The Britney thing is kind of old now anyway. Since you like being older, how about I make you look like Laura’s neighborhood friend Susan. Yeah, that would work. She’s an older woman but kind of cute. Cathy I want you to now look like Laura’s good frined Susan. Change now.” I told her. Cathy quickly lost her Britney look. Her hair got dark and shot and she aged quite bit. She lost her hot figure and her tits and ass were gone. She looked funny in the black clothes she had on now. But she did look just like Susan from down the street.

“Geez, uncle Mark. Why did you make me into this old lady? I hate it. She ain’t got no tits or nothing!” Cathy said.

“Don’t worry Cathy. It’s just for a little bit. Ok, let’s all go inside. This should be a lot of fun. Remember, just like always do what I say inside.” I reminded them. We all got out and headed in. I could see Laura’s purse and knew she was home.

“Hey, Laura honey. I’m home and I brought some friends over.” I yelled out. I could hear her coming down the stairs as we stood around in the family room. I set my laptop over on an end table.

“Hi. Oh, Mark. I didn’t know mom and Sandy & Bill were coming by. Oh, hi Susan. Wow, we have a houseful. Why do you all have those weird clothes on? Is there some kind of party I forgot about?” Laura said looking over the group and slut clothes the girls had on. Laura of course was in her normal after work clothes. A pair of jean and T-shirt. She didn’t look any different now even after my little experiment on her last night.

“Yeah, the party’s going to be right here honey!” Mary said to her daughter.

“Mom, you look different. And you too Sandy. Do you both have some kind of fake boobs under your costumes? You look bigger now.” Laura said not understanding of course what had been going on.

“Nope Laura. It’s all me! Do you like them?!” Sandy said pressing on her tits for Laura to see.

“What are you doing Sandy? Why are you acting like that? Did you get a boob job or something?” Laura said, puzzled by it all.

“Now time enough for all of that later let’s all have a seat.” I said as we all sat down.

“There’s no room for me! I’ll just have to sit on Mark’s lap I guess.” Cathy/Susan said as she wiggled over and sat across my legs. She wrapped her arms around my neck as she pressed up close to me.

“Susan! What are you doing?! Get off my husband!” Laura told her getting a bit red in the face now.

“It’s ok honey. I don’t mind.” I said pulling Cathy/Susan in close with my arm around her waist.

“Well, I mind! What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” Laura said to me.

“Just having a little fun dear. Something you never seem to want to do anymore.” I said to Laura as I rubbed my hand up and down Cathy/Susan’s leg.

“Well, I don’t have to sit here and watch. I’m sorry everyone. But I have to go.” Laura said getting up.

“Bill, grab your sister. She’s not going anywhere.” I told the caveman Bill.

“Yes, boss.” Bill said moving over to Laura and grabbing her tightly from behind.

“Let me go Bill. What are you doing?!” Laura said as she struggled against Bill’s tight grip.

“Bill, why don’t you check out your sister’s tits and body a bit while you’re holding her there. See what you think!” I told him.

“What the hell?! What are you saying!??! Bill, don’t touch me. Let me go now!” Laura cried out.

“Ok, boss. Me love to grab sis and feel her soft parts.” Bill said as he grabbed Laura from behind and cupped her tits. She wiggled and squirmed but he had her held tight.

“Oh, my god! Why are you all doing this?! Mom! Sandy!! Help me! Do something!!” Laura said.

“Now honey. If you’re brother wants to feel you up, you should be a good little sister and let him.” Mary said as she watched.

“Damn! I think Bill likes your tits better than mine Laura! Look at him go!” Sandy said. While this was going on, Cathy/Susan and I were fondling each other some more. Laura struggled but couldn’t get away from her brother.

“Wow, Bill I guess you do want your sister. Why don’t you rip that T-shirt off her now. Let’s see what she’s got.” I told him. He grabbed it and ripped it off like it was nothing. Laura now stood held there just in her white bra and jeans for all of us to see.

“Please, please stop this! Why are you telling him to do all this Mark?!” Laura said to me, tearing up a bit now.

“Because you need to let loose Laura. You’ve not been much fun for awhile now. Well, except last night. Remember what we did last night? You were a hot babe then Laura.” I told her.

“What are you talking about? I took a bath and went to bed.” She said as Bill continued to hold her and grabbing a feel now and then.

“Laura not as pretty as other girls were. Mark going to make her better now?!” Bill said to me.

“What a great idea Bill! Especially since Laura seems to of forgotten all about the fun we had last night. I know, let’s fix that first. Laura I want you to now remember all of what I did to you last night. Remember now!” I said. Laura’s head shook and she got a big shocked look on her face.

“Oh my god! I remember now! You turned me into some kind of slut! I don’t know how but my body was transformed some and you made me fuck you! Oh, god! And I licked up your ejaculation and everything. That couldn’t of been me?! How is that possible and why didn’t I stop you?!” Laura said.

“Because you couldn’t baby. I just wanted to have a little fun. Make up for lost time and all. But now we are really going to have some fun. Since you’ve been so cold to me lately I think we need to fix that. And your body. You’ve kind of let yourself go a bit you know. I didn’t do much last night, but I think it’s time for a new Laura now!” I said.

“No please Mark. I mean you can’t do that. Oh, god! Is that what happened to mom and Sandy?! Did you change all of them somehow too?” Laura said.

“Now you’re catching on Laura. But, I saved the best for you. You are going to become my personal Barbie slut doll. In both body and mind!” I told her.

“Oh, Jesus no! Mark why are you acting like this?! Bill, please help me!” Laura said.

“No. Me do what boss Mark says now! Me love to touch girls all the time. Me want to fuck!” Bill said as he fondled his sister a bit more.

“Time enough for that later. Now, Laura listen closely. I want you to freeze in place. You can still move your head and talk but your arms and legs are frozen. Just stand there, now.” I said as I watched Laura’s body go stiff a bit.

“Oh, no! What did you do Mark!?!” Laura said.

“You can let go now Bill and have a seat by Sandy.” I said.

“Please honey. I’ll be better. You don’t have to do this. I’m sorry I haven’t wanted sex very much. I’m just so tired always. And I’ll work out and get my body back in shape too. Please! Stop!” Laura said.

“Nope, too late Laura. Now where to begin. Let’s start with your overall age. I want you to become 20 years old again. Yeah, that’s a good age I think. Change now Laura.” I said. Laura’s body got younger and tightened up some. I watched her whole body change to that of a 20 year old in just a few moments.

“Oh, god! I feel so weird. Everything feels tingly. But, please stop now Mark!” Laura said.

“Here Laura. Let me turn you a bit so you can see your reflection in the window.” I said as I got up and moved her frozen form a bit towards the bay window. Yes, the lighting was just good enough for her to see herself in the reflection.

“Oh my god! Look at me. I’m young again. But this isn’t right. Please it’s not natural.” Laura said.

“Now, Laura I will continue to mold you. I want your tits to be huge, but firm and high. No sagging for you. I always have loved big tits as you’ll see from the others. Yours Laura should become about a 48DDD cup. Yeah, change your tits now.” I said as Laura’s tits grew and changed into the proportions I had said. Of course her old bra snapped off as her new tits grew huge and beyond it’s capacity.

“Oh, my god! What have you done!?!” Laura said as she stared down to her new massive chest.

“Just giving you what all women dream of. Most girls would pay big money for a chest like that. Your tits were ok before but now you really have some huge tits to play with and tease all the guys with.” I said.

“Oh, nice tits honey! Almost like mommy used to have before we got here.” Mary said to Laura.

“Oh no! You did change them too!” Laura said.

“You don’t know the half of it. In fact, Mary and Sandy. You can have the bodies back that you had before the last change I did in my car. Both of you change back now!” I said and of course the ladies got their sexy, hot bods back.

“Thanks Mark. That feels so much better” Mary said.

“Yeah, me loves it big time!” Sandy said as she started to rub up next to Bill on the couch.

“Oh, and Susan or should I say Cathy. You can change back into the Britney clone now. But I want you to have your own face pretty much. A real sexy, version of your face Cathy. You know with big lips and so on. But your body can go back now.” I said. Immediately Cathy got the sexy Britney look back with her own face, albeit a lot hotter looking than ever before.

“Oh, goodie! Thanks you ’all!” Cathy said.

“Oh no! That was really Cathy looking like Susan?! No, not my niece Cathy too! God Mark! She was only 14 years old! What have you done to her!!” Laura said to me.

“Well, not anymore Laura. And she’s already done things 14 year olds never do, I’d say.” I told her. I was having a ball. I felt great having all this power over these women in my life. And any woman for that matter. It was intoxicating!

“Now back to my future Barbie doll, Laura. Honey, I now want you to get a real hot hour glass figure. You will need to get taller first, like about 5 foot 11 inches I think. Yeah, stretch out that short torso and get a nice curvy shape. I think a nice 22 inch waist would be great along with some curvy 36 inch hips. I think about a size 4 overall. Yeah, that will do nicely. Change now Laura.” I told her. Her head tossed a bit as the changes started working. She grew about 5 inches and got the hourglass shape of a goddess. She shaped up overall and lost quite a bit of weight. I was quite pleased with the result. The jeans she had slid down low on her hips since they were many sizes to big now.

“Shit! Look at my body now! How can I stop you Mark?! I have no idea how you are doing all this?! My body is being perverted into some kind of weird fantasy shape for you. God, this is insane. You’re insane!!” Laura yelled at me.

“Insane?! Now why is it insane to give woman bodies most would kill for?! Or have to pay lots of money and get surgery to achieve. I’m just making things the way they should be. Women being the hot sluts they are in order to please their men, like they should. Deep down you women are all really like this. You pretend to not want us men and not care how you look. But I know better. I know you all would just love to look like hot models. The kind in magazines. You women wear clothes to tease us and then never give us what we need and want! Well, now I’m getting exactly what I want Laura. A hot slut of a wife to do anything I can dream up!” I told her.

“You are nuts Mark. Women don’t want this!” Laura said.

“Oh, I think the girls here would disagree.” I said.

“That’s right aunt Laura. Uncle Mark made us all like pretty and stuff. Then we can fuck guys all the time like we should. I just love it now!” Cathy said.

“Yeah honey. I was an old woman and Mark here made me young and hotter than I ever was. If I have to suck some dick now for it, well that’s fine. In fact, I’d love a big cock in my pussy right now!” Mary said to her daughter as she put her hand down her shorts. She started to fondle her pussy while Laura and I watched.

“God, mom! What are you doing?! Stop!! You messed with their minds or something. That’s it!” Laura said.

“Oh baby. I just gave them what they wanted. Now they’re mine! Just like you will be soon Laura.” I said.

“No! You can change my body, but I still have my mind! And I’m not going along with this insanity!” Laura said.

“Sure you will. Don’t you recall last night?! Now, let’s work on the details. Laura I want your face to thin out some more and lengthen a bit. You should have real thin eyebrows, a cute upturned nose and big, juicy pouty lips. With some higher cheekbones too. Yeah, all that should change now.” I said, again sending new changes over to my wife. Her face contorted as the changes took place. She was looking gorgeous now. Her face was still there some, just enhanced. Of course her body was a lot different. Now, just a few more things to fix up.

“God, my face hurt while you did that. There’s not going to be much left of me when you’re done is there? I hope you’re enjoying this. I hate you!!” Laura asked.

“Now Laura. Is that anyway to speak to your husband? I sure don’t think so honey. It’s still you anyway. Just a real sexy and slutty version of little Laura to play with!” I said, smiling back at her.

“Keep going uncle Mark. Aunt Laura is looking mighty purity right now!” Cathy said to me.

“Yes, she is. Now Laura, I want your mouth to widen some so you can have a big toothy smile. And I want your teeth to be sparkling white! Your tongue should be able to stretch a few extra inches too, when you need to use it in certain way. Oh, and I want you to have nice long fingernails, say about two inches. Painted a deep red color. Change now again baby!” I said. Again, the changes continued to amaze me. Laura changed into what I had just described.

“Oh god! Look at these nails. They’re so long! How ridiculous! How can women ever do anything in nails like these anyways?” Laura said.

“Well, you’re going to find out Laura. I think they look great. Now, a few more things. I want you to have real long hair now of course. Down to just about your waist. And I want it to be slightly curly with lots of body to it! Let’s make it a nice dark brown shade. Oh, and let me remove all your other body hair. That’s right baby. No leg hair, arm hair or even pussy hair. Except for your nice thin eyebrows and lashes. Yeah, you can have some nice long eye lashes too! Change now babe!” I said. Again, the program did what I wanted. Laura’s hair grew very long, darkened some and curled up a bit. It was even falling into her face and cheeks now some. And even though I couldn’t see it, I’m sure her pussy was as clean and smooth as a baby’s butt now.

“God, look at me. I can’t see exactly in the window but I barely recognize myself. You really have turned me into some kind of porno slut for your amusement! How is all this happening!? It’s unbelievable. This body feels so strange on me now. I feel so weird. God, I hate to say I almost like it! No, NO! That’s not right! This isn’t me!” Laura said.

“See Laura. I told you all women really want hot sexy bodies deep down. Even girls like you that never want sex, even with their husband.” I said.

“God, Mark. Do you hear yourself!? I mean look what you have done to me and the others. This isn’t normal! This isn’t right!! What do you think this is going to all lead to Mark?!” Laura asked me.

“To me fucking your hot little body anytime I please. Oh, and you loving it and begging for more! That’s where this is going.” I said.

“I really doubt that. You’re insane. I’ll get out of this somehow.” Laura said.

“Ok, yeah. Sure you will. Now back to business. Laura, I want your ass to be a big heart shaped ass. Something you can wiggle at all the men around town. Oh, and let’s give you a tattoo. I know you never have liked those. Let’s put a circle, like a stamp on your right ass cheek that says inside it, ‘Mark’s Fuck Bunny.’ Yeah, that would be great! Change that now too.” I said and the changes worked into her. Her jeans stretched out from the new big bubble butt I just gave her. It looked great on her, even in the jeans.

“Ouch. My rear felt weird there! God, why do you keep doing all this?! Mom, please someone do something.” Laura said.

“Nice ass there honey. You got that from your mommy! Hehe! I want to see that tattoo Mark gave you.” Mary said giggling a bit and running over to Laura. She loosened Laura’s jeans some and slid the right side down. Sure enough the tattoo I had described was there.

“Mom. Help me. Please!” Laura said, begging her mom.

“Why baby. You look so much better than before. Hotter than any of us now I think! I’m proud of my little girl. Or should I say, ‘fuck bunny.’ Love the tattoo baby! Hehe!” Mary said as she wiggled back over to the couch.

“Ok, I think that’s pretty good. Yeah, quite the hot body you’ve got there now honey. Really, really fuck worthy I would say. But you’ve been stuck there for awhile now. In fact, Laura I now release you from your frozen state there. You can move about.” I said and I could see her slump a bit and almost loose her balance in her new body shape.

“Good! Now I can get out of here.” Laura said reaching down and grabbing her torn T-shirt. She slipped it over her head and tried to get it over her new massive chest. She managed it but, it was a real tight fit. You could see her nipples poking out on the thin fabric as she tried to get her bearings.

“You’re really going to leave our little party sweetie? After all I did for you. Don’t you want to take that new hot body out for a test ride on me.” I said, smiling at her as she tried to learn to walk with her new big tits, and longer frame.

“No, I’m leaving you to your insanity Mark. I’m going to get help and come back for the others.” Laura said heading to the door.

“Well, I was hoping you would have fun with this but I can see you still are the same old Laura. Even if you are in a new amazingly sexy and fucking hot body! So I need you to freeze again Laura now!” I said. She was locked in mid stride towards the door.

“Now let me check out my handiwork.” I said as I came over to her and felt her great new rack of tits and firm ass. They felt amazing! Even better than the other women.

“Oh no please Mark, let me go! What are you doing? I thought you were going to let me go?!!” Laura said as I felt her up some more.

“Nahh. I was just hoping to get you to do all this by yourself. But I can see you need some encouragement!” I told her.

“No god, no! Please Mark. I won’t tell on you. Just put us all back the way we were now.” Laura said to me.

“Speak for yourself Laura. I love my new sexy shape!” Mary said to her little girl.

“Way to late for that sweets. Now that you have a body to die for we need to work on your personality. Loosen you up some. First, I want you to start talking real dirty. I want you to have a real dirty mouth and talk like you think a porn star or hooker might talk. You know, to attract guys and turn guys on while watching them in a porno or something. You have to talk like you mean it too. Pretty much like you have never thought about talking like before. Let it all out. Make guys desire you by sweet talking them with your slut vocabulary. Start talking now like that Laura while I check you out some more.” I told her. Laura’s face contorted and her head shook from side to side. Then she licked her lips and kind of got a glassy look on her face.

“Oh, god my mind is changing. My words! I can’t fucking think. Shit what’s happening? Oh, god he fucking did it! I can’t help saying this shit now. Can’t stop it! Well, fuck me! I guess this is how a slut like I am talks. Guys are such fucking studs anyway. And with these tits and ass they can’t resist my charms! Oh, fuck yeah baby. I love feeling your big man hands on my titties. Press them good. I’m feeling so wet now baby. You want my pussy, don’t you stud!? Or maybe you want me to just fucking stand here while you paw me! Whatever turns you on baby. This whore doesn’t mind at all. No wait, that isn’t me. But fuck yeah it is! I’m not sure, feel so fucked up now,….” Laura said, resisting a tiny bit.

“Wow! I’m impressed Laura. No one has resisted this much before. You really are a cold fish. Well, I think I can fix that too. Laura I want your females hormones and sex drive to increase. Let’s say by about 5 times normal levels. Yeah, that should do it. Oh, and let’s get you a bit dumber. Drop your IQ level in about half. You won’t be super dumb, just a bit of a dumb whore from now on. And I want your feminine traits to increase by about three times. That includes how you walk, move, act, and what you think about. You’ll be a dumb slut who only thinks about guys, sexy clothing and how to please her hot little body. You’ll love doing just girl type stuff now. Shopping, taking a long bubble bath, dancing, posing for pictures, all that kind of stuff. All this should make you a big, sexy Barbie fuck doll, just like I said you would be. And you’ll feel so much better for it. Yeah that should do it for now. Change your mind to all that now Laura and you can unfreeze once all the changes take place.” I told my wife in her new body. As usual, her head twisted a bit and she shook her hair out. Then I could see Laura get a big smile on her face as her body loosened from it’s stiff state. She wiggled her ass and started to rub her hands up and down her new body!

“Fuck Mark. I feel so bitching hot and sexy now. I just love this hot piece of ass you turned me into baby! God, why did I fight it. This is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I never really wanted sex much before, but with this body it’s all I can think about now. Hehe!” Laura said twirling around bit and wiggling her ass for me.

“Nice rump there dear.” I told her.

“Shit, it sure is sugar lips. Let me pull these dumb old jeans off. God, it’s hard to get them over my ass now baby!” Laura said as she tugged the jeans off her pretty wide hips and fine ass I had made for her.

“Oh, Mark maybe you can rip these old stupid white panties off me now baby.!” The new Laura said to me. So I grabbed them and pulled them off her ass. I could see the sweet tattoo on her butt cheek and also saw her pussy was smooth as silk now.

“You look so fucking hot Laura! You’re everything a guy could want! How do you feel baby?” I asked.

“Like I said, I feel so fucking great. But, I’m such a slut now Mark. Let me go see this Barbie body you were so nice to make me into.” Laura said as she wiggled her ass into the bathroom. She flipped on the light and looked at herself in the big mirror there. I watched her turn around a bit and check out her new look from various angles. She really looked hot. Just a little of Laura left in there, but the rest of her was just a pure fantasy fuck girl for me. And I loved it!

“I really like your new hair honey. How does it feel?” I said

“I love it baby! It tickles my hot ass because it’s so nice and long. Oh, god why was I fucking fighting this Mark. I love how I look now!” Laura said.

“You sure? I could put you back the way you were.” I told her.

“No freaking way hubby! These tits and ass are going to be so much fun to have! I can wear all kinds of slut outfits. Lingerie, bikinis, tight shorts and tube tops! Just everything I never could wear or wanted to wear before. God, I just want to thank you so much for making me such a hot piece of ass now baby! Thank you, thank you!” Laura said leaping up on me and wrapping her legs around my waist. She had her arms around my neck and started kissing my neck and nuzzling me. She felt great and was so light in my arms now. Her new big tits were pressed up hard next to my chest. She then moved to kissing my mouth and worked her long tongue inside me. My cock was getting hard from my new sex goddess wife pressing up next to me.

“Come on baby. Let’s run upstairs and have some fun. The rest of you just stay down her and fuck each other for awhile. I’m going to take the new Barbie Laura up to our bed for the best fuck of her life!” I told them all.

“Oh, have fun dear. Mark is such a great fuck!” Mary said to us as I carried Laura up to our room.

“Now baby! How do you want it?!” I asked her as I quickly pulled my clothes off.

“Fuck me up the ass Mark. I want to feel your big cock deep inside me.” Laura said smiling at me.

“Ok baby! Here I come!” I said as I pushed her down on the bed and started to ram my dick into her. Yep, this sure wasn’t the same Laura anymore!