Master PC Version 2.0

By Pacguy

Okay you know the drill NO MINORS or doing this where it is illegal. This is my first attempt at this so please bear with me. Besides I like the hypnosis more than the sex but then that's what makes this so much fun. But don't worry after this story there will most definitely be a lot more "fun" =) Anywho enjoy and please let me know what you think. (In, Gr, M/F, F/F, MD, MC,)

Version 2.0 Fun at home

Cory woke up to the warm fragrances of his two sex slaves as they snuggled close to him. He could only think of just how 2 months ago these two were the hottest girls in school and how the had spurned him at every chance. But that had changed ever since he had found the Master PC program. Now they existed only to serve him. That and every other girl that Cory wanted.

Tami, the co-captain of the varsity cheerleader, slowly began to move down and give him his morning blowjob. Kristy, the other co-captain of the team, woke up and brought her melon sized tits to Cory's mouth for his early morning drink. This morning her milk tasted like hot chocolate(yum). After drinking and cumming to his fill he got out of bed and headed towards his computer.

As soon as it booted up Cory typed in the name of the new foreign exchange student Mia. While the computer was pulling up her stats Cory glanced over his shoulder to see Kristy and Tami eating out of each other and his cock immediately got hard again. Nothing like the site of two incredibly hot babes fucking each other to start the morning right. Then his computer beeped and grabbed his full attention. The program never beeped at him, so something must be wrong. To his surprise there was a message telling him that he was being asked if he wanted to upgrade to Master PC Version 2.0. There was a little box in the lower left hand corner labeled new changes, so Cory double-clicked on it. Another window popped up with a list of all the new features and Cory was amazed at all the new features.

The new features gave him range over the entire earth, let him use or give super powers and supernatural abilities and affect groups or towns as a whole instead of going person by person.

With this in mind Cory eagerly chose to upgrade. The computer beeped and told him the processes would take a few hours at best so he told it to start right away. Cory then got up and decided that he would stay and wait for the program to download. It's not like he had anything better to do. He then called his sister, her best friend and lover Michelle and his mom Cindy into his room and got ready to have some fun with a little group orgy.

Several hours later Cory's blissful nap was interrupted by his mother shaking him.

"Master, your computer is making funny sounds and I thought you would want to know," she said.

Cory showed his appreciation by slamming his cock into her wet pussy sending her into an earth shattering orgasm that would take a few minutes for her to get over. He watched her lay on the ground twitching uncontrollably(he loved to see people twitching) and could only admire his handiwork. Before he got the Master PC program she was your average forty year old with small breasts, yellow shoulder length hair, and a pretty face. She also had a nasty attitude problem with him and always liked his sister best. Well that changed very quickly once he had control. First he made her boobs the size of beach balls and didn't give her the back strength to carry them. Then he made it so that if she wanted to get anywhere that she had to crawl on all fours dragging her very sensitive tits across the floor. She never got very far before she had to orgasm. Then he did the normal stuff gave her supermodel looks, tight ass, super sensitive tits, cunt, and ass, reduced intelligence, the constant need to have sex with Cory or any girl in particular, and the need to have herself milked every hour. The last one he did just to spite her. But of course she didn't know that. All she knew was that if she wasn't milked then her boobs began to feel like they were getting pleasured all over along with her cunt and ass and that made her writher in pleasure/pain till she was milked.

He smiled again and walked to his computer. The computer displayed download complete, begin installation yes or no. Cory clicked yes and watched as a really busty blonde did a striptease for him while the program was installing. As soon as the program was done installing itself Cory opened it up. He was partially disappointed when he saw that there was very little added to the Master Control Center. Suddenly the help button flashed a few times so Cory clicked on it. Then out of nowhere comes this gorgeous big breasted red head wearing absolutely nothing. All Cory could do was stand there mouth agape looking like some love-struck kid.

"Hello my name is Jenny," she said in the sexiest voice that Cory had ever heard.

"Wha wha.. who are you? No what are you," was all he could ask.

"Why my name is Jenny and I am a 3-D hologram helper. My duty is to show you all the new advanced features of the Master PC program and will help you to use them all and help you to better give your commands to the program," she answered.

"Uh.... okay then, why don't you ummm tell me everything that the new version can do."

"Oh yes you will be very excited to hear of all that it can do," she began excitedly. "First you have the ability to change large groups of people at once instead of going about them one by one. Next when you want to do something to someone, say have them become your slave, the program will automatically reprogram everyone around you to accept this as the norm. Another feature is the extended range of the program. The original limits were 100 miles. Now the entire distance from the Earth to the Moon is at your disposal. And finally the feature that we are proudest of is the ability to give superpowers to people."

"Whoa. We'll then what am I waiting for. I want to have some fun." Cory then hit the back button and clicked on the tab labeled powers. The screen then asked him for the name of the person he wished to give powers to, so he typed in his name. A 3-D image of him appeared on the screen and on the right side was a list of powers and a create a power tool. Cory then browsed through the selection of powers and choose teleportation, hypnosis using his eyes, voice and any other hypnosis device, telepathy, telekinesis, shapechanging, ability to change people and inanimate objects with his mind and just for fun, energy type attacks from his eyes and hands. He then went to create-a-power and typed in "all of the abilities of Neo from the matrix." He didn't bother with increased strength, stamina, intelligence or the usual stuff because he had already covered all those grounds. Next he went to modify and gave himself the complete mastery of all hypnosis techniques and practices. He then clicked send and immediately felt a huge increase in power and knowledge. Far more than he had felt when he had first changed himself.

He felt all this power surging through him, but to tell the truth he had no idea how to use any of it. "So uhhh.... how do I use my new powers?" he asked Jenny.

"Well," she began in earnest , " to teleport from one place or another you must concentrate on either the place or the person and mentally say go and you will teleport there. To bring an someone or something think of that and think bring and it will appear in front of you. To use your hypnotic powers you must be in eye contact with the person or have them in hearing range. Then use your skills at hypnosis and seduce then however you please. As for your telepathic and telekinetic powers as well as your energy and matrix powers, I am not equipped to train you in there use. You may however program them into yourself."

Cory then got back on the computer and programmed the necessary skills into himself. Once that was done he clicked the send button. A box came up asking for the person's name. Cory put his name in it and clicked send. Now he new how to use all of his powers and it felt great.

He then decided to have fun with his new powers. He looked around and saw his sister Emily. She was a tall blonde with HH breast, and insatiable appetite for sex and a love of everything kinky. So he snuck up behind her while she was eating out of her lover. He grabbed her ass and jammed his 12' cock in it and she squealed in pleasure and bit down hard on the clitoris that she was nibbling on. This caused Michelle to scream out in pain and wrap her long sexy legs around Emily's head and cum all over her lovely face. She then cummed all over Cory and they only thing he did was ride it all out.

After more mindless sex Cory decided to try out his powers. He reached down and cupped Emily's tits in his hands and began to massage her nipples. Then he began to slowly pull on her breast making them bigger than was right. He made them bigger than basketballs, then beach balls, and finally extra large pumpkins. By then they were so heavy that she couldn't support them and had to rest them on Michelle's chest.

"My bobbies, they're huge and so soft. Do you want to feel them master." she said.

"No but why don't you play with them and share them with Michelle." he replied

"Oh yes that's a great idea," and she began to pinch one of her nipples while Michelle sucked the other.

"Now mother what should I do to make your life even more fun." he asked. "Oh I know what to do," he said to himself with an evil grin while she withered on the ground trying desperately to milk herself. He then maxed out the sensitivity of her breast and cunt, making it so that the slightest breeze could give her a mind-destroying orgasm. But of course she couldn't cum till she was milked so all that sexual energy just kept piling up. Just because he could Cory started pumping in and out of her sopping wet pussy, driving her over the edge even more.

"Uhhh, milk me please master," she whimpered. She had so much sexual energy flowing through her that her entire body was shaking and trembling. She was about to explode if she wasn't milked. Cory looked down at his pitiful sight of a mother and slowly kissed and licked his way up to her breasts. Then he began to lick and tease her nipples driving her over the edge even more. Just as she was about to pass out he bit down on her nipple and began to suck. The second he started sucking Cindy gave the most violent orgasm ever. Her entire body shook in a huge release of energy making her black out from the pleasure. Cory then got up and looked at his mom lying on the ground twitching uncontrollably in a puddle of her own cum and drool.

Well that was fun but now it's time to for him to get what he always wanted but could never have. Namely two pop princesses and he vanished into the air.

Okay I know that wasn't the best story out there but the next one will be better. Cory's gonna have some fun with to singers, take over his pleasant little town and who knows what else. Any criticism or whatnot feel free to e-mail me at