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Master PC: the Urge for Self- Loving


It took us nearly three days to get all of Philip and Camille’s victims back into their normal shapes. Most of them, having been homeless before their change, we set up with new identities and some false cover memories. The others, surprisingly, turned out to be other Users! Camille had made it a personal goal to hunt down and enslave any other User she came across, which was apparently what she’d had in mind when she came to the hotel. These poor slobs I returned to their normal states after making them turn over their computers to me, which Peter replaced. In this fashion, we acquired some 15 copies of the Program, most of them being along the lines of what Sherman had used on Pam and Becca. We covered up their memories of having the Master, along with returning all of their families to normal.  Peter, of course, had to spend most of those days in his conference, but his nights were filled with helping us out.

 Most of the copies of the Program we ran across were password protected, including, unfortunately, the one belonging to the fucker that had altered Pam and Rebecca. We tried to get around any possible problems by having that bastard return them to normal, but their altered selves had been set as their default. Any attempt, even one by James, the User himself, to return them to anything below their current state would wipe the hard drive, which we discovered to our sorrow. However, neither of them was more than marginally upset, since they’d discovered how much they did indeed love each other. I felt some guilt over this turn of affairs, since it was inevitable that someone would booby-trap their copy to prevent tampering by anyone. Being stuck in their current state, my twins and I offered them a place to live, away from any unpleasant memories here in Portland. They accepted, since they were still committed to helping others who’d been altered with the Master PC.

 After we’d finished dealing with Philip’s messes, Jackie and I helped the pack up their stuff and move into the condo a floor down from Suzanne and Daphne. Peter still had his conference, after all, and there was still plenty of time for us to see the sights, particularly with our lovebirds/tour guides. There’s nothing quite like running through a forest in the rain, chasing after three gorgeous, naked women. I highly recommend it if you ever get the chance.

   A couple of months later, Peter and I were helping Amy install bookshelves when the matter came to a head. Becca had been standing back while Peter and I drew level lines on the wall. I could feel her eyes burning holes in my ass, and I smiled towards the wall. Finally, she broke down in tears.

 “Boys? Can we talk?” she asked. I turned to my twin and raised my eyebrow, and he nodded. We set down the level and our pencils and turned around, a quizzical expression on our faces.

 “What’s up, Becca?” I took the initiative, Peter playing Mr. Silence. “Shelves too high, or something?”

 “No, they’re fine. It’s just that, well, I’ve been having some doubts.” She fidgeted in place. Pam was at work, so we weren’t likely to be interrupted. She’d gotten a job with a lawyer’s office as a paralegal, since she had a degree in it. “ I mean, you two are the nicest guys I’ve ever known, not to mention cute as hell. I’d have drooled to get my hands on either of you before Sherman got his slimy hands on me and Pam. Now, even though I wouldn’t turn either of you down if you asked, (Peter and I blushed to the roots of our hair at that), all I really want is to be with Pam. The worst part of it is, I don’t know if my feelings are artificial or if they’d have developed like this over time.” She started weeping, and it was our turn to fidget. Dammit, it was things like this that made me sometimes want to smash all the copies of the Program I could get my hands on. I went over to her and hugged her. She sniffled into my shoulder. “I’m sorry, fellas. It’s just that whenever she’s not around, I get to thinking about what might have been.”

 “It’s OK, shhh.” I rocked her back and forth. Peter tapped me on the shoulder, and I looked at him.

 “Maybe you could do something for her, bro. REALLY show her what could have been, instead of letting her stew over it in her head.” I tracked his thought. It was possible for me to replay the past in my scrying crystal, and I could even alter it to see other possibilities. However, it wasn’t something I wanted to walk blithely into. I could do even more damage to her ego, but I couldn’t stand having her like this. I asked Peter to call Pam at work and ask her to come home ASAP, it was an emergency. He did so, and half an hour later, Pam burst in.

 “What’s wrong? Where’s the emergency.” Seeing me holding Rebecca, she sprinted over. “What’s wrong, baby?” She wormed her way between us, and I backed off. Becca started crying harder at seeing her girlfriend like this. Pam looked up at me, questioningly. “What happened, chief?”

 “Becca’s been twisting on a hook of maybe, Pam.” I explained what Becca had talked over with us. She looked stunned, but turned back to her lover, and kissed her.

 “Love, I’m sorry. Is this why you cry at night?” Becca nodded. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner? I’ve been asking for weeks what’s making you unhappy. I thought it was something I’d done.” Oh hell, now I had two crying women to deal with. I had to get control of the situation, and fast. Peter had bailed on me, going upstairs, the little fink. I cleared my throat, reminding them of my presence.

 “Girls, I think I might have some more light to shed on the situation. If you’ll both come upstairs, I might be able to shut off those waterworks.” I squirmed under their tear-streaked gaze, which only made them laugh.

 “You’ve got a real problem with women crying, Jay.” Becca sniffed, wiping at the tears with her sleeve. Her gaze dropped down to my groin. “It gets you all bothered.” She smiled maliciously. I couldn’t help it, crying women make me horny. She said to Pam, “We should do this more often. I like seeing such a confident boy lose his cool.”

 “Yeah, it’s fun making him dance.” Pam wasn’t being very nice either. I ignored both comments, and gestured them out the still-open door. We went up the stairs, and seeing such nice asses squeezed into tight jeans wasn’t helping my hormones any.  In the condo, we went through into the lab. Much to my surprise, Peter had been making all the preparations I’d need. He’d drawn the blinds and had some nice relaxing incense burning.

 “Thanks, Pete. I thought you’d just ditched me.”

 “Would I do that? I don’t leave crying women any easier than you do, idiot.”  He pulled one of my spellbooks off the shelf and tossed it at me, catching me right in the gut. “ I even looked up the spell you need to use.” His show of affronted dignity made us all laugh. We sat down in the chairs he’d pulled up to one side of the room, and I pulled my scrying crystal out. I hadn’t used the thing in weeks, ever since the Wizard had sent me a congratulatory note for cleaning up Portland that nearly blew out the windows. Having the Wizard like you is better than having him pull pranks on you, but it’s almost as dangerous.
I cleared my mind and opened the book to the page Peter had marked for me. I incanted the spell, and the far half of the room filled with fog. To the left, we saw a diagram of the past as it had happened, with little diagrams explaining what happened when in the lifetime of the girls’ relationship.

 “Okay, let’s rewind to just before Sherman entered your lives.” I focused, and the highlight that had been around the present lit up. I ‘rewound’ the recording, for lack of a better term, to six weeks before Sherman had gotten the Master PC.  “Okay, now we’re at the point where you two started, um, experimenting.” The right side of the room was filled with what appeared to be a dormroom, and the girls were sitting on the floor, playing with each other’s breasts. I looked over, and both of them were blushing furiously. “Now, we’ll alter things just a bit. I’ll set the conditions to reflect what would have happened if Sherman hadn’t gotten his hands on the Program.” I spoke another stanza in the language of magic, and the diagram on the left half of the screen split, showing the point of divergence. “Now, let’s get some highlights of THIS timeline.” I advanced the reel forwards a few months. The picture changed, now showing a completely different room, this one looking like a living room. The Pam we were watching was sitting on the couch crying, with Becca sitting next to her. “Okay, now I’ll let it play.”

 “What’s wrong, Pam?”

 “Mark dumped me. He said I was the worst lay he’d ever had.” then-Pam sniffed and blew her nose into a Kleenex.

 “That dickhead. He probably wouldn’t know a good lay if it broke his nose.” then-Becca shifted closer, hugging Pam. “Besides which, there’s more to love than sex.” Pam broke down again, alarming then-Becca.

 “I’m sorry, Becca. It’s just that it hurts.” Becca’s hands spasmed on her back. “You’re my best friend. Thanks for being here for me.” She kissed Rebecca’s cheek. Surprisingly, Becca returned the favor, but on her lips.

 “I have a confession, Pam. Ever since we were playing around in college, I’ve wanted to take our relationship a little farther. The guys I’ve been with, some were wonderful, some not so, but I’ve always held something back. I think I’ve been in love with you for a long time now.” Rebecca’s image blushed. “I don’t want to take advantage, I just wanted you to know that someone loves  you.” Pam’s image looked up at her, and it was plain to see the emotions playing across her mind; embarrassment, amazement, and more than a little lust. She took Rebecca’s head in her hands, and returned her kiss, with some heat. I froze the movie at this point.

 “It was bound to happen, Becca. However, let me give you a little teaser…” I advanced the film two years into the future, and we were now looking at a loft apartment, much like their old one. Books were still everywhere, but there wasn’t a feeling of squalor to it. There was a single bed, and in it, an image of the two of them making love was clear. “Should I let it run?,” I asked, teasingly. When I looked, I saw the two of them wrapped in an embrace very like the one on the screen. “Guess not,” I muttered to Peter. He just smiled, and the two of us got up to leave. When I went past them, however, a hand snaked out and grabbed my hand. I stopped, and looked at the pair.

 “Thank you, Jay. That was all I ever needed to hear.” The tears running down Rebecca’s face this time were tears of happiness, not sorrow. I smiled gently, and made to keep going. Her grip, however, tightened. “But if you think I’m letting you off with just that for thanks, you’re sadly mistaken.” She looked a question at her lover, who enthusiastically nodded. Pam got off of Becca’s lap, stood up, and gave me a kiss that left me no doubts as to their intent.

 “And if you think either of us is letting you two out of our sight, think again!” She grabbed me by the front of my jeans and tackled me to the floor. “What do you think we talk about when we’re thinking of our fantasies, you silly boy?” she whispered into my ear. “Why else would I have been borrowing your erotica?” Her hands were snaking up my shirt to rub against my nipples. I heard Peter making a token protest, and an answering thump made me turn my head. He’d been pinned much as I had.

 “Well, if you’re that serious about it, far be it for me to stop you,” he said to his partner with a grin before he started peeling off her shirt.

 I looked back at Pam, and we snickered at his predicament. However, she had more than merriment on her mind. She kissed me, hard, and I heard a tearing sound as she ripped my shirt apart. “Anxious, are you?” I asked. I’d almost forgotten that she’d been altered to have enhanced strength as her arousal increased.

 “You betcha, boyo.” She wasted no time in giving my jeans the same treatment. She pulled the remnants off with a growl and tossed them across the lab. Rebecca’s howl of lust made me glad I’d soundproofed the condo, but it also sent a charge of lust racing down my cock. Pam latched onto it like it was filled with ambrosia, making me moan. Peter did me the favor of reaching over and dissolving her clothes so that I saw her naked frame in all it’s glory. I slapped his hand in thanks, and gave her my full attention. She growled her own thanks to Peter around a mouthful of dick, then curled herself up between my legs. She had one small hand wrapped around the base, and was swirling her tongue around the head of my dick. I ran my fingers down her cheek, loving the softness of her skin.

 “I thought you were supposed to be submissive,” I gasped. She pulled her mouth off me long enough to reply that it only applied to Becca before she went back to work. She worked me over for a few minutes, coaxing me almost to the brink of orgasm. When I’d come to the brink, she pulled back, still holding me in her fist while looking at my eyes.

 “ I love your eyes, Jay. They’re so expressive, I can see how much you like this..” she said softly while stroking me with her hand. I inhaled sharply, and she straddled me, guiding my dick into her depths with assurance. “That’s better, isn’t it.” She sat up proudly, and I put my hands to her breasts. She covered my hands with her own, and leaned forwards, pressing all of her warm skin against me. “But I like it better when you’re on top.” I took the hint and rolled us over. Her legs stretched out, ankles locking behind my back. I sank my cock slowly into her, stopping when I was sheathed in her. She moaned, but she bit down on my shoulder when I reached down to touch her button. I called her a little wildcat, which made her smile.
“Harder, lover!” she hissed at me. I drew back and pistoned in and out of her, eliciting a higher pitched wail.
She continued to urge greater force, so I obliged, still using my slickened  thumb to rub at her clit. My other hand I used to grab her head, to hold it still for me to drive my tongue into her mouth. She moaned into my mouth, and I savored the sensation. It only took a few minutes for my fingers to drive her altered body into climax after climax, finally ending when I came into her. I rolled onto my side, still staying inside her. We were both panting from the release when she pulled me close and urged me to look at our partners. I reluctantly pulled out of her, and scooped her up before sitting us down in one of the chairs.

 Peter and Becca were rutting like wolverines in heat; the sheer erotic violence of their coupling was awesome. They’d rolled clear across the room, one partner seeking to establish dominance only to be upstaged by the other. The sheer amount of muscle Rebecca had was tantalizing; she was built like Ms. Universe, but still undeniably feminine. Peter was having to work against that kind of mass, but his enhanced strength helped him. He rolled them over, and held her arms against the floor while he drove his cock into her, and she was screeching in heat. Pam, meanwhile, had sat herself down facing the spectacle. Her manual efforts and the show itself had made me harden again, much to her pleasure.

 “You like to watch, don’t you?” she asked over her shoulder as she slipped me back into her sex. In answer, I pulled her back to me, crushing her tits in my hands. She started moving up and down on me, her eyes still focused on the others.

 Rebecca had used Peter’s superior position to regain some of her strength, and turned the tables, pinning him beneath her heaving flesh. She howled in victory, and got an answering growl from her mate. Her fingers were driving into the floor, digging into it. Her legs had been spread wide, her toes matching her fingers’ actions. She was fucking him as hard as he’d done her, and within minutes, the pair of them were screeching in unison as they came. Becca collapsed atop Pete, her muscles fading as she did so. She wrapped her arms around his chest as they tried to get enough energy to move. Pam was mirroring the ferocity of their sex act by driving me viciously into her with sudden jerks. I clamped my mouth down on the back of her neck, hard enough to tantalize but not enough to hurt. She hissed in pleasure, and our world sank away to driving the other to madness. I reached around and cupped her clit between two fingers while using one of them to reach inside her box. She howled at this, and I grunted against her neck, pleased.

 I heard footsteps, and left off long enough to look up. Rebecca had recovered enough to stand up and move over to us, and was now making out with her girlfriend, pinching her nipples as she did. I felt Pam moan as she submitted to Becca’s lust, and used my body to drive her over the brink. She came, hard. I noticed motion across the room, and saw Peter sneaking up behind Becca.  She was almost as aroused as her lover, and he used her distraction to drive into her from behind. She howled in lust as he slammed home, breaking her away from Pam’s mouth. He threw his muscles into the act, and bent her to the floor in front of the chair. He was holding onto her shoulders, violently taking her with her consent.

 Pam was making mewling sounds from seeing her dominant lover mastered, and I acted on an idea. I wrapped my arm around her stomach, holding her in place while I stood and moved us over, facing the others. I set us down close enough for the girls to touch each other, smiling as their lips locked together with a will. I used my vantage to drive further into Pam’s cunt, feeling the cry boiling out of her mouth and into her lover’s as I did. Peter and I drove them to howling fits, and when they broke from their kiss and rested their heads on the floor, we both blew our loads. I pulled out and rolled over onto my back, pulling Pam on top of me, holding her head in the crux of my shoulder. Peter rolled the two of them onto their sides, with him facing me, her head pressed into his chest. We smiled at each other, and kissed our newfound lovers.

 While we lay there recovering, I heard the phone ringing. I frowned, wishing that whoever it was would hang up. I heard the machine pick up, but instead of the telemarketer I expected, Suzanne’s voice came on. I used a short spell to make it louder.

 “Peter, Jay, if you’re there, pick up the damn phone!” she screamed. “Daphne’s in labor, but there’s something wrong! We’re at Lexington General Hospital, but try my cell first!” she paused momentarily. “Shit, the doctor’s just come out. I’ve got to go, but you two need to get down here quick!”

 A bolt of sheer nervous energy energized me, and I shot up, dumping Pam to the floor. Peter looked askance at me. “What’s wrong, bro?”

 “Daphne’s in labor, but there’s complications. We’ve got to get to the hospital quick!”

 He shot up as quickly as I had, and we helped the girls up, apologizing for our abruptness. “Which hospital they at?” I told him, and he cursed. “We’ve never been there, and this time of day it’ll take us half an hour to get there!”  He dashed across the room and returned with my clothes, which he’d repaired. Tossing them to me, he manifested his own into being, as well as some things for the ladies. “No help for it, we’ll have to drive, unless you want to fly!” I shook my head. Flying, even with magic, makes me nervous. I only did it when I had no other option or was too emotionally disturbed to notice. Pam jerked on my arm, breaking my train of thought.

 “I’ve been to Lex Gen, Jay. Can we use your Door to get there?” I blinked a few times, having forgotten all about the Door. I kissed her hard in thanks. Peter, having heard this, was already hauling the Doorway out of the storage closet. Rebecca grabbed the other side, and together they set it up in the corner.

 “Where were you in the hospital, baby?” Becca asked.

 “The claims department, but I did use their bathroom…” We all laughed at that. Broke the tension, and I was able to think better afterwards. We had her open the Door into the bathroom, and while we waited for it to clear, Pete and I both gathered up some of our tools that we might need. I’d needled him when he told me he was building a tricorder, but I was grateful for it now. We stashed that device, some of my charged crystals, and a pocket-sized camcorder into our pockets. When the bathroom cleared, the women went across, and taped an Out Of Order sign on the door. The last thing we needed was for someone to try and use the can and end up in my lab. I saw Becca’s all-clear sign, and we went across. I dropped an invisibility spell over us, and we left the bathroom. A small use of Peter’s power made sure the door wouldn’t open for anything less than a blowtorch.

 We hauled ass down to the Information Desk, and I slipped over the counter to see where Daphne was listed. ICU. 2nd floor. Shit. We were on the third floor! We bailed into the stairwell, not bothering with the elevator. We burst through the door, nearly scaring the life out of some hospital staff coming by. I extended my spell to cover the girls, and we slipped past the guard at the door. I cautioned them to be quiet while I went and found Suzanne. I found her in the ICU waiting room, wringing her hands and screaming with rage. Luckily, we were alone, so I put a do-not-come-in across the doorway and dropped my illusion spell.

 “Suzie? I came as soon as I got the message.” She nearly broke my ribs when she grabbed me. “What’s wrong?”

 “The doctor says he’s never seen anything like it. She’s been at 10 cm dilation for over 2 hours, and they can’t even see the head. They’ve tried C-Section, but every time they try, the knives break! He.. he told me that if they can’t get the baby out soon, they could both die!” she broke at saying that. Knives breaking? Baby not moving? Could it be that the magic that made Daphne pregnant had leeched into the baby? His rage and fear at being born could shape a magical energy field into doing just that sort of thing. Fuck, I was going to have to get them out of here! Suzanne was going to have to be brought into the whole thing, and at the worst fucking time. I held her for a moment while I mentally called Peter and we cobbled together a plan. Finally, when we had it down to a workable solution, I pushed Suzanne back  a half-step.

 “Suzie, do you trust me?” I asked, since our plans all hinged on Suzanne’s agreement. If she didn’t go along, things would get out of hand way too fast.

 “Of course I do, Jay. Why are you asking this?” Her tears were breaking my composure.

 “Because I’ve got to ask you help me do some unbelievable things.” I steeled myself, took a breath, and finished. “We’ve got to get Daphne out of here. If she stays here, she and the baby will both die. I can get the baby out, but I can’t do it here. I need your help to get Daphne out of here, and you’ll have to come with us.” Had it been a less serious situation, the look on her face would have been funny.

 “But Jay, you’re not a doctor. How can you do something a physician can’t?” she asked.

 “Because I’m NOT a doctor. I’m a Wizard, Suzanne.”

 “Jay, this isn’t funny.” Her tears were drying up, turning into rage. “I know you don’t like being helpless, but that’s no reason to make light of this. Daphne could die, and the baby too!” She balled up her fist and slugged me across the jaw. I shook my head and massaged my face.

 “I’m not joking, Suzie. I really AM a Wizard. And if I don’t get Daphne out of here, she WILL die. These doctors can’t help her.” When she started to swing again,  I dodged and heard Peter sending a thought to me

 ‘Jay, she’s too hysterical to listen. I’m in the room with you, so drop the spell on me.’ I did as he asked, and he became visible, as did the girls, who were right behind him. He stepped up and grabbed Suzanne, stopping her from coming after me again. “Stop it, Suzie! He’s not kidding, he’s a Wizard!”
She dead-stopped at that.

 “Peter? When did you get here?” Her face, red with anger, twisted in confusion behind the screen of her flaming hair.

 “Same time as Jay did. Now, will you please stop trying to smear him across this room and listen?” He shook her for emphasis. She slumped in his grip, and started sobbing. He held her for a moment, and the girls said hi. “Before you ask, they came in with us. Now, which room is Daphne in?”

 “IC number 4.” She turned around in his arms and looked at me. “I’m sorry, Jay, but it’s a little hard to believe you’re a Wizard. But if Peter says the same thing, I’ll buy it. Now, what do you need from me?” I hugged her for a moment.

 “I need you to go up to the third floor and wait near the Out Of Order women’s bathroom. That’s how we’re getting out of here. Don’t ask how, just do it, please. I promise, I’ll explain it all later. Right now, we need to focus on Daphne and the baby.” She set her mouth and nodded. “Also, call Jackie and tell her I need her. Tell her we’ll be at the house, and she needs to get there fast.” She pulled her cellphone out of her pocket and started dialing as she walked. “And Suzie?” She turned around mid-stride. “I love you.” She smiled and kept going. “Okay, troops, here’s what we’re going to do; Peter, I’ll need you or Becca to carry Daphne, I’ll be too busy. Whichever of you isn’t occupied will clear the path for us. Pam, I need you to start destroying physical evidence once we get underway. I’ll tell you when to start, and I’ll help you with it. Everyone clear?” They all nodded, and we started stealing a pregnant woman from a hospital.